Astro-Fashion: Dressing For Pluto Rising

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60s fashion supermodel in Pucci

Dear Libra Dress Historian,

i wonder whether you can advise me? i have loved fashion and clothes for as long as i can remember. my tastes are pretty eclectic: i love all styles, harking from eras 1930’s onwards with a soft spot for boho~hippie looks and also very drawn to darker styles (a la Patti Smith) and working man looks (woollen vests, flannies, boots etc). i am inspired by a wide range of incredi-peeps: Frida Kahlo, David Bowie, (especially young) Bob Dylan, The Hepburns, Alex Turner, so many others

Astrologically, i have Pluto on my Libra Ascendant, Sun in Cancer, Moon in Sagittarius and Venus in Leo…

i frequently feel invisible: not in an emotional poor-me kind of way, just matter of fact customer service people & bar tenders never see me kind of way. i wonder whether this relates to my Pluto Ascendant above all else?

I would love to channel my inner Leo a little more but am low maintenance: i definitely dress for comfort.
I want to creatively express my-Self, dress for my soul.

With gratitude,
(to the both of you)
Plutonic Crab

Hello Plutonic Crab,

Thanks for your email- you raise a lot of important questions about dressing expressively and authentically. As far as I can see, Pluto is not your main problem. What Pluto is doing is making you deadly serious about your Libra Ascendant’s Venusian obsessions: external appearances and pleasing others. Those of us with Libra dominants (and I should know, having my Sun and South Node in Libra) often risk losing an authentic sense of self because we are so keen to make a good impression. We enter this warped dimension where we don’t see ourselves from our own perspective, but through the eyes of others. It’s a cliche, but any winning sense of style relies upon self-awareness and being comfortable in your own skin. A willingness to try new things, make mistakes and being able to laugh at yourself when a certain look hasn’t worked the way you’d hoped is also essential. Beauty is so subjective, that you will never please everyone, and perhaps trying to impress others first is making you feel invisible. Your gutsy, independence-loving Saggo moon can act as a counter to your Venusian Pluto ascendant when you find yourself too preoccupied with how your appearance impacts others.

I’ve also noticed your long and varied list of style inspirations. It’s of course totally fine to do a vintage or rock-chick look if you’re having fun and expressing different aspects of your multi-faceted self. Romantic Cancerians especially suit having a few historical references thrown in there. However, take care that these ‘incredi-peeps’ who inspire your style don’t supplant your own sense of identity because you don’t want to disappear in a series of costumes. What I’d advise, is that you try on your existing outfits and differentiate between those that feel authentic to who you are and those that project someone else’s identity.

Now, to the fun part: your Venus in Leo. Done wrongly, Venus in Leo can fall into the same trap as your Plutonic Libra Ascendant, i.e: obsessively targeting admirers without a genuine sense of self. True Venusian vibes can’t be painted on, because they don’t just relate to your appearance but to your feelings about your femininity. So I’d advise that you nurture your feline Venus by starting small, with accessories. Try wearing flame-coloured lipstick, gold or ruby toned jewellery, leopard-print lingerie or sunflower-studded shoes and see how you feel. If your attempts lead to those Leonine stand-out qualities: a mega-watt smile and a purr of satisfaction, you know you’re doing Venus in Leo authentically. If not, identifying what you want from your style as opposed to focusing on what you think others want will help you sparkle.

Good luck, and let us know how you get on!

Katerina Pantelides is a dress historian and writer living in London. A Libra with Neptune rising, she is interested in the relationship between fashion, beauty and the occult.

If you have any fashion dilemmas that you would like to be answered on the blog by our Libra Dress Historian, please send them to

Image:  Veruschka by Henry Clarke

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22 thoughts on “Astro-Fashion: Dressing For Pluto Rising

  1. Pluto Rising + Venus in Leo = Movie Star sunglasses as “must-have” accessory! 😉

    I say shades because Pluto Rising *loves* a cloaking device that allows for a certain degree of impenetrability – you can see them, but they can’t see you – and Venus in Leo *adores* the glam factor. Splurge on something high-end!

    • I have found my perfect pair of dark sunglasses…very dark green glass lenses, piano-black frames… The search has been long and I hope our partnership lasts for many years! Could this be my prog asc into Leo … Or maybe Pisces Sun needs to protect the eyes more… Anyway thanks for prompting that thought 🙂

      • @Pi
        Nothing beats finding the perfect pair of sunglasses. Style wise they just cover the windows to the soul on those days when we must attend a function but feel vulnerable, sad or tired. I’m inspired by Anna Wintour’s prescription glasses cunningly disguised as aviator shades. I love that Scorpionic fuq you, I’m here and may as well be wearing a burka but I can see you! Not many people know about her congenital eye disease and being incredibly visually challenged. I relate as I am too.
        Used to have the perfect pair of silver aviators but they are getting flimsy, perhaps a tune up at the optometrist will solidify them. Personally I veer between wearing white, crispy cotton tops and blue jeans if I’m feeling Virgo or baggy, shredded jeans with bling and “aint no wifely” vests with as much intentionally bad taste hip hop bling as I can carry if I’m feeling more Sag moon and Sag rising. Black jeans and a rock chick T shirt with studded leather jacket if feeling Lilith in Scorpio and because of my Venus in Leo amazing hair is non negotiable and virtually no make up at all, if any (sag loves to gets sweaty and virgo needs clean) These days I rock my gym clothes even to restaurants tho so I guess my confidence is on the rise.
        Walking into the gym the other day post jog after three nights of way too little sleep I was approached by a woman who runs a legit model agency and asked to join. I was like “are you high? I’m 41” she looked flustered but said there was a lot of work for me in their special bookings section. I checked it out. GTM models. Bumbed into her again today by pure coincidence. Hello North node! Should go to bed but been editing copy for 18 hours virtually non stop and am a bit agitated because after another communique from FF I bared my fangs in a way I’ve never done in my life before.
        Said I still had all his stupid emails and videos backed up on time machine even though I thought I’d deleted them and that if he ever contacts me again I will expose him. Told him that his knight in shining armour front is so Bleak House it’s nauseating and the whole patriarchal hypocrisy, privileged white male thing was so classical and that I was upset with myself for allowing myself to waste so much time, money and energy on him. That I should have stopped when I found out he had a girl friend or married her on my birthday after asking me to wait for a year and promising, asking me to have faith, saying I was his one true love and other such crap. To be manipulated by a chauvinist Freudian psychoanalyst posing as a feminist bleeding heart liberal who is either too weak to live his truth or simply wants the best of both worlds like all the other men who have made me the way I am simply because he can is beneath me. Go save the world, I said but this whole George Bailey act you have going on is just how you want the world to see you. Perhaps you even see yourself that way but truthfully your fear me because I know your dark side and no one else does. Manipulating a woman who you knew was as vulnerable psychologically as me was typical of a controlling male. I bet the shared email address wasn’t your wife’s idea. All jealous and controlling men are the same, liars and hypocrites.
        When a man loves a woman he does not repeatedly lie to her or break promises, he makes an effort to spend time with her and treats her with respect. I never thought I would get over you but I finally am. When I think of you I just feel numb.
        You are not my friend and you never were. You are my enemy.
        Re exposing you if you ever contact me again. I’ve never broken a promise to you yet, bear that in mind next time you feel you simply cannot resist contacting the “Goddess you cannot escape from”

        Harsh I know, maybe excessively nasty but I just felt a need to properly burn that bridge. Chiron stuff I guess….
        Boy I feel tired now..
        Night Pi

        • Just checked and I wrote that during the void moon in Aries, which is where my natal Chiron is – being super pumped by Uranus transit moving into the 5th house and joining forces with my Chiron. This Uranus, Mars thing and Lilith now on my Venus in Leo, trining my moon is certainly living up to it’s reputation. The Uranian flow of ideas and the need to express them via the web is so intense. Reading the sleep article was hard because I’ve been staying up till 4am and rising at 7am, only looking up and going fuq it’s 10pm I need to get food then coming home, planning to sleep but the lure of the screen proves too alluring. Tarrot is backing me up 200% tho. Same cards day after day, saying work hard, success is near, don’t stop now. Oddly tho I constantly get either Death, The Tower but usually the 2 of cups in the 7th house.
          Taurus moon going to bed with a jar of crunchy almond butter now.
          Need to sleep. Cute, tattooed Spanish or Brazilian maintenance guy is coming over tomorrow. I want to Feng Shui the fuq out of my home.
          Walls in bedroom pained or wall papered, pictures hung just change, change change as Neptune is moving into my 4th …and cuz he’s incredibly hot 🙂

        • hey maybe that model agency can fill the financial gap [partly?] left by your ditching that psycho controlling training client the other day.

    • Thank you for your thoughts (and encouragement to go high-end :))
      i do love the way cool sunnies make me feel, but i also value eye contact once i am engaging.
      thank you

  2. Hiya Plutonic Crab Sister.. am a Cancer Sun, Leonine Venus person myself with both Pluto and Uranus in my first and I can so relate. Reading your post makes me wonder what influence the Moon has on dress sensibilities.. mine is in Aqua. I’m guessing yours being in Saggo drives the whole comfort thing?

    With Aqua, I cannot be bored. Hence the multiple dress personalities..
    I’ve run the gamut as well, and have frequent comments from peeps that 7 women live in my closet, aptly called Narnia for its mysterious and ever replenishing contents. Having said that I am by no means, a clothes horse..meaning I’m (thankfully) done putting shite on me that has naught to do with who I am. But why 7 different styles?

    As with you, I love a range of looks, and they’re ALL me. What IS consistent is delivery and how I feel in each of them. I LOVE MM’s advise about “not disappearing into a series of costumes”. Authenticity can be a b*tch to pin down, but it’s only your definition that matters – as well as what looks best on your body.

    I personally love delicate, waify looks.. but I’m built like a compact Amazon with dark skin and curves. I LOOK like I can hurt people. Festooning me in a plethora of boho lace just makes me look as out of place as an assassin on a tour bus. BUT there are touches of it I can work with.. Here are a few points that come to mind on what you wrote:

    *Your Venus in Leo doesn’t necessarily have to roar all the time, a subtle purr works too. Start with that, and leave the “ideas” behind. I think with your Cancerian intuition, you can find what makes the most impact.

    *Personally there is a difference to me between dressing pretty, interesting, fashionably VS dressing sensually. Choose what matters to you. I like to dress to look touchable and inviting, and there’s also a point when one can be so put together you don’t even look real anymore. It can be intimidating. Dressing is definitely self-expression for me, and you want a message you’re good with.

    *What actually IS your day to day situation. Sure, I’m down with wearing ballgowns but I’m typically in a day, either in an office, or at a yoga studio. Weekends are just out and about. What situations occupy your life will lend to practical considerations in dress. And yes that means I have a buckload of yoga outfits.

    *Lastly, don’t second guess yourself too much. Just try things and see how you feel. It’s definitely trial and error, just focus on the fun of it. Be playful. I went through a time when my Libran sister convinced me that being dark, I should only wear light colors. Sod that. Make your own rules hon, and just enjoy yourself.

    • I envy your Narnia closet! thank you for your thoughtful advice. i will definitely keep my intended “message” in mind when buying clothes in future. i’ve never really thought of dressing for creative-self expression in terms of the message i am sending. i suppose its one and the same, but thank you for the fresh perspective.
      my day-to-day is home with two little girls, a trip to the supermarket and hopefully a daily beach walk. not very glamorous or exciting. clothes are my main way of being creative and expressing myself at this time in my life. bit of a frustrated artist :-/
      thank you for the time you spent in sharing your thoughts

  3. I have Pluto conjunct a libra sun in the second house and i am also obsessed with trying to figure out my personal style and not wearing anything inauthentic. I have a Leo north node so my hair is important and I know that i like it below the shoulders with beachy waves – a little undone with volume.

    Start looking at style blogs – you will get ideas that work for you.

    • i can’t seem to get out the door if i don’t feel authentic, as my aqua-man will attest to! i should really make more effort with my hair as i too have Leo NN.

  4. I also suggest thinking of color themes and clothing materials you like and use that as building blocks for styles. Also do you like billowy, well fitted, or a mix of the two?

    • i like your suggestion of thinking in terms of colour and materials more. simplify. sometimes i do wear pieces of material wrapped and draped. even pillowcases as hats and skirts if the fabric pattern inspires me!
      def depends on my mood whether i go for fitted or billowy.

  5. I enjoy hearing Katerina’s input. Being an Aries Sun with Venus in Aquarius, I’m probably going to play devil’s advocate. With Pluto on the rising, I would say change it up and transform yourself so you don’t look like the same person each day/ week/ month. Why choose a few options when one can wear many? Of course, it has to be appropriate to situation such as work etc. Be who you want to be for the day instead of who you should be but probably in a classier version than Lady Gaga’s bacon dress. lol

    • I have a Leo Ascendant sextile Pluto in Libra so I can understand the conflict of light and dark. Some days I have worn the yellow gold accessories and other days white gold, black, or burgundy. I’ve been told I look good in both. I find as I get older more of my Cancer Moon reveals itself thru my physical appearance. Maybe its satisfying your moon sign that will give you satisfaction. But have fun and you can always change things at any time.

      • thanks for reminding me of the pluto transformation vibe! will think on this. thank you also for the idea of dressing to please my saggy moon.good thought. will indulge her a little more i think xx

    • I’ve got pluto first & I appreciate this advice! I go through fazes and change my look about once a year, mainly a reflection of obsessional interests in certain genres / decades aesthetics. I’m a sun aries so I guess that also adds to getting bored quite quickly.

  6. my torro lover has libra rising with pluto conjunct. The libra is mostly swolled whole by Pluto. But he has a scorpio moon, so that helps Pluto stand strong.