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Hey you sense the paradigm shift don’t you? That Grand Cardinal Cross/Zap Zone schizz followed up by a couple wowser of a New Moon Eclipse in Taurus AND then the Scorpio Full Moon just gone means something shifted massively in April, something major began and yet we may not see the full scope of it till after Mars goes Direct and then gets of ‘shadow’ over June.

Speaking of Mars Direct, that is on Monday!Β  That is going to be and feel rad in its own right. But it will also be when the 12 Card Horoscope Tarot Reading on site will be available to all subscribers. So long as you’re logged in, you will be able to see it. I will email to let you know the moment it is there. So far it seems to be accurate and always with something pertinent to say, at least for me.

For instance, i did a reading just to check the “save as p.d.f” function, because someone said it was not working for her and the results i got were super-now and apt. Especially the person/court card showing up in the 5th. So that will be fun & i am so happy to be able to have on-site Tarot finally!

Oh and happy Moon into Sagittarius. I LOVE Moon in Saggo – notice that it also stimulates your natal Jupiter. So you want to be FREE and GROWTH-CENTRIC and TYPING IN CAPS in the bit of your chart/life where you have Sagittarius AND notice that you will be more lucky to have super-lucky-awesome insights and ideas to do with your natal Jupiter.

Get some wind in your hair or blowing through your crib to air it out and do not try to schedule stuff where you have to sit down for aeons or – worse – lie/do ambiguity.

Also, the Weekly Horoscopes from May 17 are now posted – more on this epic paradigm shift. Please make sure you read your Rising Sign as well as your Sun Sign and if you don’t know the former, make Astrodienst your next port of call. It is a good thing to know.

There are also just eight and a half more weeks till Jupiter gets into LEO.Β  Yes, Leo. Subscribers see the Lucky Jupiter Mojo link at the bottom of the Daily Mystic email.


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64 thoughts on “Weekly Scopes & Tarot

  1. Mars direct can’t come soon enough! But I am a little sad, the romantic situation I thought was cooking all thru mars retro turns out to be a load of nothing. The scopes say romance is hotting up, but really it’s dwindling down back to reality. Such a shame! Learning what I can and studying and working hard to make the most of the rest of the time jupiter is in my tenth house …

  2. what a week! saw my ex after 14 months, so it appears that i am doing my saggie which is the 12th house, i’m doing that now. my jupiter in cap is in the 1st house. this stuff w my ex right now is the 12th house. it’s this thing that i need to do to move on from him, and it’s not sex and very much in private, no one’s business thing. with my mercury venus and sun in aries, getting a good dose from mars, venus, uranus and pluto, i think guys are fascinated or something with me — but i have no clue. most of the time i’m not interested in them. since i work with so many guys now, i can’t tell if a guy is interested or not. all of them are friends. i don’t want to read into anything. it would be nice to have a relationship.

  3. Hi Mystic, Would you please consider a modification to the Tarot, for those of us who are completely astro-ignorant ? I would appreciate it, if you would label the houses eg ‘Home’, ‘Money’, etc, rather than just number them. Don’t stress, it may be too late/difficult/wrong/whatever to do this – but if the idea appeals, that would be great.

    • hey i thought about it but decided against it as (a) the words are self-explanatory and (b) people getting (say) the Death card in something they identified as the Home sector would wig out.

  4. OMFG I just bumped into my personal trainer (who is also a Cancer) at the gym and she told me about the argument she had two days ago with her ex. It was like hearing exactly the same argument I had with the Cap, except between her and her ex-man. Geezus. Well I feel better now. At least it’s not ME. It’s the fuqin astro!

    • oh and I did a symbolic purge on the full moon – everything related to the ex, anything he gave me, pictures, the lot – burned out in the back yard accompanied by a little ritualistic chanting along the lines of “die motherfuqer die and don’t ever come back again shitforbrains arsehole”.

      Except for the couch … I didn’t burn that. Well it’s a really nice couch.

        • Oh I was probably over-dramatising for the sake of the story … y’know Leo Merc + Gem Asc and all. It was probably more along the lines of “suffer in yer jocks motherfuqer” or something …

          I probably am hurt somewhere in there, but right now I’m accessing anger. Mainly at myself for not confronting this bullshite much earlier. I was actually taking direction from elsewhere on this one … it’s not like me to hedge my bets and keep my mouth shut. I’m a confronter. All this proved was that my original confronting style works much better for me and from now on I’m sticking with it.

            • Me too for confronting.

              Often it’s spontaneous . Simmer…. simmer… then *BANG*
              Uranus (in 8th) square Saggo moon.

              Confront and burn the bridge!! πŸ˜€

            • Yeah … maybe that was the thing. I wasn’t completely sure I wanted to bomb that bridge. Now I’m happy to nuke it into the next dimension.

        • πŸ™‚ thanks … hope you’re doing well and nice to see you floating around. Sorry haven’t said much … immersed in my own shit as you’ve probably noticed. πŸ˜‰

          It will pass ….

          • Thank Gawd for that P.
            So good to have you back.
            I’m so relieved I might even let you spank me. Just take a no. And wait in the queue. Actually no, just jump up the front tell the rest to Fuq off and spank away.

            • Oh c’mon david … I’m sure me keeping my mouth shut was a lovely change for you!

              But yeah … fuq this placcid Stepford wife shit.

  5. Ok, I will share this partly because I think the astro is too amazing not to..
    Well I had an issue with father Fish who is about to yank the rug out from under 18 people so he can feather (scale?) his watery nest.
    It’s unnecessary & selfish to a degree I wasn’t sure he was capable of.
    So being emo I proactively sent Cool Gem in to calmly state my case.
    Result: Refusal to consider my feelings/perspective/others well-being (duh)

    So the astro!
    My Moon in Scorpio at 23 deg was conjunct the Full Moon
    = Emotional sensitivity
    In my 6th House
    = ..to the disorder around me.
    + Near Saturn
    = Problems with my father
    + Near Asteroid Shiva
    = consequences / a lesson across time-space.

    Solution: Cutting ties with the Old Qi Vamp of the Sea. This is so hard for me as I do love him, but it is actually because I love him I have to show him that his actions have power and meaning.

    We don’t take our possessions with us, but we do reap the harvest of our actions. At least this way he has the time to consider redeeming himself before his transits this life. Tough love. πŸ™ But I feel the sweet relief as I disconnect even as I type this!

    Hope all your full moon experiences were bright, phoenix-y and filled with unicorns and rainbows!! Thanks for listening, xx.

    • I am disconnected from important maternal figure (not my birth mother) but I do love her. We always argued about some core stuff even though she really did teach me a lot.
      It’s very complex set of feelings, atmo life is easier if I don’t think about it much…

      • Yes, I can understand that.. I think it is ok to let go when it causes continual distress. How many times do you keep knocking your head against the glass ceiling of someone’s love I don’t know. I know we talk about being a Love Zombie in regards to romantic situations, but I think it can be a real issue in families too.

  6. I just love the Tarot app, Mystic. Personally, I’ve never resonated with the Oracle much at all, but the Tarot I think is really powerful and brilliant.

  7. Is anyone else bored right now? I think I got all worked up about that Full Moon and getting all hyper. Now everything is sort of like a let down because nothing happened. So now I’m bored again. wah…

    • Not bored, physically manifesting my Scorp Moon experience with coldsores, zits and chocolate eating. Eek.

      Am h’oponopono-ing like crazy though..

      • ouchie. Lysine my friend…Lysine kills cold sores dead. and sadly chocolate is high arginine which makes cold sores worse. πŸ™

        Hope you get betters soon!

        • Yep. Chocolate and some nuts enable the virus to replicate in our system more easily, so bam, cold sore. Lysine is related (sort of i think) to arginine but it inhibits the pathway thus inhibits cold sores. It is more abundant in some kinds of food e.g. meat, but if you are dealing with a breakout, take the supplements. Also (I’m sure you know this) check in with deep stress levels – also a trigger. A friend of mine was commenting that probiotics also seemed to help him, I don’t know whether this was coincident with other changes in his life but maybe these helped his body chemistry and immune function too. I know you are v familiar with some of this so don’t want to preach to the converted. X

          • Pi you are extremely smart and entertaining but you will never convince me that dark chocolate is not a health food. Or champagne. Or Tequila.

            Plus I never get cold sores! you see my proof.

            It works for me, lol.

            • Plus I love nuts! eat a lot of raw almonds, but also cooked but unsalted cashews and macadamias (the king of nuts)

            • Oh I AGREE , nuts are like a food group on their own to me and bitter dark choc is like medicine. As is good champagne… But when suffering from the affliction ( mercifully not that often at all touch wood) I had to analyse what was going on πŸ™‚

              Glad you’re having a fabulous time right now btw – love your upbeat comment s right now πŸ™‚ xox

            • I never get cold sores either and have been able to eat all the choco and nuts I want, but some people just can’t tolerate the shift. πŸ™

              chocolate is at the very least food for the soul.

          • Nice, Pi! Sexy talk πŸ˜€ , definitely gonna get me some lysine to wash down with my chocolate.
            My body is showing me I can’t contain the negative energy of a situation I mention below.
            Have to let go!

    • Yep I’m bored. Bored of uni. Bored of work. Bored of stupid Cap angst. Bored of how I handle (or don’t handle) shit. Bored of all work and no fun. But probably more important than anything … bored of all this crappy growth and evolve astro. Who would’ve thunk that growth can actually get tedious??? … I’m like yeah yeah whatever I have so evolved these past 6 months and whoopedfriggindoo … Yep I hear you. Bored.

      • yeah i just sort of feel like I was waiting in the pumpkin patch for the Great Pumpkin and he never came.

        Fuck you Pumpkins!!!!!

        gah…what was supposed to happen? I don’t know. Back to the daily grind.

        • πŸ˜†

          Yeah stuff the stoopid pumpkins … I’m movin’ on over to zucchini to see what they’re up to. πŸ˜‰

          • oh gawd i shouldn’t have said i was bored yet. Uranus conjunct moon did someone say? yeah a cray bitch caused all kinds of drama on my social media this morning. Took hours to unwind….still unwinding…

            fuq pumpkins!!!

            • See that’s what happens when you dis the GP! You want excitement? Lol xx

  8. That was one of the toughest full moons I have ever experienced, and these last few weeks have pushed up all the demons and made me party to something I thought was going to be a repetition of old patterns, something I thought would turn out just the same, something I could add to my carefully curated stories of past hurts. My head told me to assume the same stance as always, stand back and take what I now realize is the pontificating moral high ground.
    Instead, everything got broken open. A man I am so in love with just overhauled his whole life to be with me, and in doing so, has lost a great deal and gained a great deal. And I learnt that I had an almost equal amount of crap to deal with, and it got dealt with fast and efficiently I think. And I went with instinct this time and didn’t rush to judge and worked in trying not to assume everything will fail and I am being lied to.

    And it seems that nothing will fail and I am not being lied to and I am not lying and I think I am in love, really, truly in love, for the first time in my life like this.

    But it’s still not quite over. Breathe.

      • πŸ™‚ I am. And taking in Mystic’s continual assertions over the last few days not to behave like a love zombie or in old and past-their-expiry-date ways. It’s hard not to all back to default position, but it’s made easier by having someone who refuses to do that as well.

        • You would know if you were being lied to, you would dream of it, I’m sure.

          Wonderful that it keeps evolving, and frightening too, cos it’s such a big shift!
          May the force keep being with you guys πŸ™‚

  9. “Hey you sense the paradigm shift don’t you?”

    Hellz yeah! stuff is finally happening, things are moving and shifting… Uranus is bringing the new and the weird plus that full moon is only now setting in the west… interview for 3 month 3 days a week contract this morning! fingers crossed

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE that mars is turning direct, and can def feel the shift already, am breathing again and almost back in my skin!…holee cannoli, good to feel almost human again, …and breathe!

  11. I had like the funnest day yesterday, and a lot of things are coming together internally, and certain things are starting to make sense and seem like they were in the right direction all along. Me and my friends were remembering a lot of things, and I realized something pretty important. When my friends came to visit me over in college our conversations get really fucking weird and what not and I would get self couscous that other people could hear us and how random and out of context it would be. I feel like I am at my most truest self around my friends, something that doesn’t come up with most people, so being that in front of people felt weird, like I was out in the open when I was used to being super safe. But yesterday over here back home, I remembered at our lunch table it was way way “worse”, and yah I can’t describe it entirely. They were almost purposefully off putting to others passing by I guess, we are weird people and our table was like this place lots of people avoided because we were scary and sarcastic and overly witty. I am not conveying it correctly, but I remember at the time I was shocked how much I didn’t care and wasn’t embarrassed, it was actually a relief. And it was always constantly funny, fun, and interesting and I didn’t give a damn alienating myself from all these people I didn’t care about anyway. So ya, that was a good thing to remember, I got used to being hidden for the sake of it, and I am not saying I am going to be needlessly difficult with people or something. But screw everyone else, I forgot about being unapologetically myself, I used to see my friends every day all day, and went to seeing them once a month and being all on my own out there, and I think I had to slowly learn to be whatever I am without needing my friends to remind me. I forgot how hilarious it was to be mid crazy conversation no one but my friends and I would even be able to keep up with or understand and looking like a crazy person to people and not caring.

    • and also now that progressed planets got mentioned above, in a few months my progressed moon is going to conjunct my progressed sun at like 2 or 1 degrees aries, I have had my prog sun in aries since about a year ago and some change, and it really makes the whole thing I was going through make sense. 0 degrees aries is crazy, and to have something progressed there and be suddenly concerned with arien 8th house intense internal individuation and stuff was jarring, and it happened right when I went to college. So a progressed new moon is probably a big deal, that should be interesting.

      • Hey David I skimmed over your posts here, sorry they are a bit TLDR. But wanted to say the first one about not giving a sh*t about what most ppl think about you is really the key to happiness and self confidence. You’re getting it! Yay and well done.

  12. my GOODNESS, am I looking forward to Mars Direct! This Mars Retro has driven me utterly bats! Have yet to feel the paradigm shift — I think I just need that Mars Direct. Venus and Uranus are on my natal Venus, trine my natal Uranus and Asc, and had a really great breakthrough with my husband. Started out as a rather nasty fight that did an unpleasant build, and I’m not sure who started it, but it must have technically been him, because I definitely won, lol. But am feeling really, really good and optimistic about our relationship now, after this.

    Mystic warned me in my consult with her that starting my new job this year was going to feel like an uphill battle and a slog at first and she has NOT been wrong! I’m totally overwhelmed, crazy things have been thrown at me, and it’s taking all of my energy and strength to keep things moving and together. But I’m set to completely take off once I get through this period, and I can feel that it’s true. It’s been painful and scary and hard, but I’ve been building foundations that I can tell are going to be good and set me up for later. Jupiter gets into the sign of my Leo Asc right after Mars gets out of Libra, and then it is ON with the full on Lion chutzpah, my friends!!

  13. Help me obi-wan kenobe, you’re my only hope.

    Pluto at a chart angle opposing everything good right now and trying to suck me into some kind of mid 90s vortex, the dark LZ & frenemy side of the sun-scented joyous summer youth breeze that i have been inhaling these past few months, I don’t know how to keep climbing away from this shi*. Scopes are helping thanks Mystic. But argh.

    • that sucks pi, pluto on your angle must be rough, I have it natally on my IC, but a transit must be really hard, My plutonian IC is just this thing that constantly throws certain types of problems my way and they never have an actual solution, things just kind of crumble apart and I have to end up sturdier and tougher to make up for it, you can dig deeper, you can handle this, good luck pi you got this

      • Hey thanks d5379=
        I didn’t realise we have the same aspect here – yes Pluto is also natally on my IC too. In this case it’s all at the degrees of the grand cross, with that Venus transiting opposite as well at the moment.
        I think you’ve described the sense of it really well…. In that it’s kind of hard to describe!! Being an outer planet, even if it is on the most personal chart angle we have, It’s more like an operating environment than a specific personal response, maybe. so what you mentioned is actually quite constructive. Crumble apart and kind of push through in a new stronger way, not a specific solution. Thanks … This will help πŸ™‚ “use the force, Luke”

  14. GCC ..I am going to be a gramma!(a young hot gramma)…no looking back for me :)) I’d love to do the Jupiter in leo thingy…I was told that i have the ‘windfall’ aspect of venus conj uranus trine jupiter in my natal….and TJupiter is hitting there soon after it enters Leo….mo money mo money?

  15. Well the shift for me is that my progressed Moon is moving into Virgo, following a much needed break from self-guilting in Leo. My natal Cap moon feels more efficient now: the tasks are done with a Swiss-watchmaker precision.

    • πŸ™‚ My natal moon is Cap — progressed Moon in Leo was nice — it buffed up my self-confidence. It is just that I couldn’t get anything done πŸ™‚

      • I enjoyed progressed Cap moon. I wouldn’t say it was fun, but I made important and lasting structural changes under its influence.

  16. You are bored with Uranus? Wow. Sorry to hark back to this but i would like to say that i think the Feng Shui Your Vagina think works. I have a ruined saucepan and an actual diagnosis of “sad hippy lunatic” from my daughters but it works, it works, it works! I also love the tarot and this picture. Aslan on Acid!

  17. The Uranian conjunct Venus conjunct my natal South Node opposite my natal North Node has me feeling so, so bored, bored. The new experiences I’ve had this past week have been inspiring. The other side is I can’t go back to the way my life was prior to today. Uranus has triggered something exciting, empowering, and revealing about my self-imposed and limitations that today are not even there and possibly have never been.

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