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The Weekly Horoscopes from May 31 are up, with basically excellent news and definitely a break from Grand Cardinal Cross crap.

Don’t forget to scroll down and read/re-read the Mercury Retrograde Cheat Sheet on that page.  It’s nearly upon us!

And After The Zap Zone (my short but info-laden Mp3 rant) is here. It is a pay what you wanter.

Enjoy the zillion hour long Void Moon in Gemini People.



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25 thoughts on “Weekly Horoscopes Are Up-Up-Up

  1. Thanks for da Scopes Mystic!

    you know what else would be interesting to know? Any astro on why Lorde and athlete Minala look older than their teen years?

  2. Yep (sorta) same here. Gemini 28 is my MC. Existential angst. Period.

    Is that what MC represent? Will Google.

    Best of luck with work stresses. I SO hope your beautiful girl cat returns – and soon!

    • MC is the highest point in your chart, public reputation, life purpose, direction, reknown, stuff like that. I am freaking out. But I think its just me inside, like, not visible to others yet. Off to get ink cartridges so i can post fliers for my kitty. I hope she’s safe somewhere.

      • Thanks 12HV.

        Did bit of my own research too, and never realised MC is so important.

        Am not happy that mine is Gemini. But not like I can go back and scramble stars!

        If any consolation to you, Virgo 12th house (+Virgo Asc for me in 1st house), can lead to over-analysis. So it could be that your fears are significantly some of your own making.

        Being made redundant or fired sucks big time, even in best of circumstances. And yes, how tedious ‘playing the game’ of getting along (professionally) with people that one simply cannot stand, or whose way of work is less than the high quality you’re used to.

        I was made redundant in 2010 due to company facing financial ruin by dodgy management, and the wound, as you say, stayed with me for a long time. What if it happened again? It definitely affected me, moreso as, at the time, I had JUST bought my apartment (three months before). Thank God things worked out – it was a huge knock to my ‘certainty’ in life; taught me that there’s none.

        Please don’t let petty past politics make you doubt yourself now. Have faith in your own abilities and the endless good possibilities open to you. You are clearly good at what you do – look how fast you’ve found a new job.

        Fingers crossed for your girl cat finding you, or you finding her.

  3. Just realised that the time capsule is not automatically backing up my files but it HAS improved my internet connection massively and I can back up my files this weekend manually. It has 2TB of space so that is more than I need. Really determined to save some money as my next step forward. I’m going through my outgoings thinking huh? do you REALLY need such an expensive gym membership (maybe? the jury is still out) not deciding until post Merc retro but thinking…
    Saturn and I are finally starting to get along.
    I mean for the first time I’m beginning to see the validity of saving money and even the necessity. It’s just happening kind of organically. Little tweaks in my brain are firing up that were just switched off before and for the first time ever apart from when I was totally homeless broke I’m thinking “that’s kind of crazy if you’re not really using it. How much would that add up to if you cancelled the membership and put that amount in a savings account every month for a year?
    What could I do with that money instead of spending it on a fancy gym membership after a year of saving?
    Where else could I cut costs?
    Does this make me happy?
    Is this smart?

    I like Saturn being in my corner. I want Saturn to be comfy here. He’s a great ally. The original team player in contrast to my opportunistic and greedy Jupiter who never thinks of the negative possibilities.

    I think Jupiter could be like my receptionist/ PR and Saturn my CFO and HR

    • Good for you Ladyboss Invictus!

      Completely understand the sense of achievement re: DIY tech (with a little help from the fruity computer company).

      Agree that dark moons are bunker down & buckle-up. Introvert central happiness.

      Yes hello Saturn my old friend – Saturn’s been in my 2nd house (opposing my natal Jupiter in Taurus) now since forever; learning my lessons; waiting it out.

      Hope Saturn keeps being good to you. Sounds as if you’re asking all the right questions.

  4. Oh shit 12th H V. Your cat? I’m so sorry. Hope she comes back to you soon soon soon. The rest I hope gets easier /fixed/sorted and resolved by I’m holding thumbs for girl cat

    • Thanks. I handed out fliers and called the shelter and put out a missing pet report. All I can do is wait.

  5. I always follow the “not going out rule” during void moons.
    Actually I’m an introvert so any excuse not to be in a room full of people drinking alcohol will do it but jeez I was so happy to crash last night rather than attend a silly “should” event. I am already shattered this morning as my “early” night is 11pm early? really? meant I was up at 3.30 am and up is up for me. God I envy the nappers and go green with seething over those who can hit snooze. I mean Ugh.
    #GIRLBOSS was just so inspiring tho. I woke up with all these urgent TO DO vibes feeling like I could change the world and that it was really that important. Now it’s 10.15 am and I’m dragging around like a snail but I will get my groove back, just need a run or something.

    My time machine capsule arrived today.
    I plugged it in and all my files just wirelessly sync /sink into it so no need to manually back up. Best thing about it?
    It’s improved the internet connection in my flat.
    This is HUGE for me
    That I finally solved my tec issues MYSELF. Not via “the man”.

    And the GIRLBOSS saw that her files were backed up pre Mercury retrograde and that she had Internet and had scanned the signed papers (ok I did forge one tiny signature but a GIRLBOSS gotta do what she gotta do) to estate agent pre MRG and the GIRLBOSS smiled for all was well in the world. She remembered that tonight was the night she was being taken out to a fancy show by the cutest, tallest straight man in London who was also her longtime loyal Leo friend and she felt happy, rather silly but incredibly lucky all at the same time.

  6. Hey 12 V another virgo here with ZZ work dramas – was sacked right before Easter after a long drawn out Cold War with boss – I have now learnt about slimy workmates who entrap with boss bitchin and if you make a comment tell the boss…..it was all in the scopes for January and I finally put together what was happening and dbl bluffed them all!! 3 months later was shown the door but already in the process of getting the full time job – it certainly has been a wild ride for us virgins…..

    • I got sacked last February but my psyche is still wounded from it. Was totally about not getting along with people who could have me fired, but still makes me question the value I bring to my profession. Dreams tell me its a toxic loop I put myself in but even though I can see that I’m holding the past, I can’t let go of the anxiety.

  7. Daily Horoscope is no joke. Packed quite the punch today, Mystic. Really wish I could see if the itching for my own 4 walls is just a phase, wait it out, and lose the most intriguing option that’s sprung up in a while, OR make the transition and put a huge dent in the relationship with the live-in bf of 2 years. LILITH MOODINESS=POOR TIMING

  8. I was very surprised to read that the zap zone is nearly over!! Just when I was starting to enjoy it & getting used to it (such a Taurus thing to say lol)

    In other news, despite hot flirtations, meeting cute new men, feeling tres sexy, getting my groove back, AND Aries, toro and gem horoscopes going on about Venusian action, breaking of droughts in may, etc. my personal drought has not broken. Yet. Le sigh.

    Latest from oracle re: cute sensitive writer type I met recently via volunteering, when I asked is there any romantic potential– ‘are you high?’
    And when I asked same about very cute barista in local cafe I’ve hardly talked to — ‘yes, and soon. Be ready’

    Oracle, are YOU high? I’ve been ready for the past 2 or 3 years. But who’s counting?

    Soz for rant ppl

  9. Thank you Mystic, the Leo scopes were spot on (as usual) and I will keep my eye out for abrasive muggles looking smooth their edges on my overly available surface. I actually know who they are so it isn’t a puzzle. Let me know when Charm School opens for Leo’s please. I need to brush up…

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