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Eartha Kitt

“Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions” Edgar Cayce

* Can Dogs Smell Disease?  – A Short, Mind-Opening Video.

* Is “Tolerance” A Trap?  Queer freedom and the Tolerance Trap. This is REALLY thought-provoking.

* The Book Of Pluto by Steven Forrest is like The Everything for if you’re doing some heavy Pluto transit work.

* Amazing new pagan-surrealist artist I have just become aware of – Solange Knopf

* Boogie Nights, Burt Reynolds and the Comeback That Didn’t Stick – What Happens If Talents Zig When They Should Have Zagged – super insightful insidery showbizzy article

A Conversation On Cool

* From my archives – Pluto In Scorp Wants To Know – this comparing-the-generations post is one of the most commented on ever here.

* Apparently I Wanna Marry Prince Harry is the worst reality tv show in history. Stiff competition but still…see for yourself.

* Hokey but fascinating article about the legendary astrologer Linda Goodman whose book Sun Signs bought astrology to a mass market and was the first (only?) astrology book to make the top ten of the New York Times best seller list. She was the matron saint of the new age.

Linda Goodman Sun Signs original cover

Image: Eartha Kitt – Catwoman

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71 thoughts on “Weekend Links May 24-25

  1. Linda Goodman was my first ever encounter with an astrology book at about age 12, bless her. Maybe my Scorpio monkey mama had it? She had some great books that I started dipping into whilst staying at her place on the weekend (we lived with our dad during the week, and went to stay with mum on the weekend, which was unusual at the time. Long story, quite sad).

    Anyway she had books such as Boccacio’s ‘The Decameron’ and Lady Murasaki’s ‘Prince Genjii.’ Vasari’s ‘The Life of Artists,’ Some Edna O’Brien. And a big stack of Vogue magazines. An interesting selection, I never got to discuss with her as an adult, but the books tell me something about her in retrospect.

    The mention of Linda Goodman took me right back to that time! Anyway generally I like her astro descriptions, but a teensy bit critical of her Aries woman one, considering she was an Aries…the Aries woman underneath childlike and not really being fully empowered despite all the courage, bravado, energy etc. Still, she opened the cultural conversation, love her work!

    • Yes my mum had this book and I remember reading bits of it. Mum was, is, a typical kataka , dad an aqua right on the cap cusp. He was always the deep thinker, totally out there. I also at one stage got into Linda’s numerology book. Can’t remember the name of it but I really enjoyed it and it led me into an interest in numerology. It was quite detailed.

      • It was really useful to find out about astrology, to be able to find a way to describe the way I perceived/ sensed people from a young age. Like I still remember someone’s star sign (like new people I meet) more easily than their name.

        I never learned to read a chart though, until I started following this blog.

      • David ,that was the one about lexigrams as well as numerology published in ’88.
        I remember i went on a lexigramming binge :-)

        • ha-ha! I still do the lexigram thing. I am also still very watchful about all the number 4s and 8s that enter my life. It really is spooky how accurate she was with that whole karmic thing about those two numbers.
          She had a funny take on colour and food as well, saying that green and blue spectrum foods make you put on weight whereas red and orange spectrum foods made you slimmer – flying in the face of the thought back then that meat was bad and fattening and veges were good and slimming…..ok, so she compared whales and elephants who are vegetarians and huge and compared them to sleek carnivores like lions, wolves, etc. Scientific deduction? who cares? She kind of reminds me of Germaine Greer – often right with amazing insights, sometimes really wrong, but always entertaining.

    • I still have the Linda Goodman Sagittarius book… browned pages… dark ages :)

      • I looked in the shed today and I still have brown pages Sun Signs, and Star Signs as per Islandgirls below :)

      • Like’ see the Sagg walking gracefully along and all of a sudden upsets the orange cart and havoc ensures whilst she’s tripping over herself’?

        • I have never fallen flat in the street for no reason. Oh no. Nor have I ever fallen off my chair in the office. Nope, not me.

        • I put it down to the innate instinct that is often about wanting to get the Sage stride on but simultaneously forgetting it doesn’t work so well in a confined place… It’s like watching the graceful canter of a thoroughbred across a field.. priceless, or asking it to (and assuming it does) to canter in stable…hilarious at best, randomly dangerous to self and those within collision range at worst :)

          • Extra words and words I’d have changed… is this the verbal version of tripping over a rug? Priceless? Beautiful, magnificent, gracious … yeah I went for priceless…mind the step on the way out Centauroops….

    • wow, to me that’s a totes accurate depiction of Aries women I have known (including multiple bffs/mother/sister)

      • Yes, somehow the childlike thing never totally resonated with me as an Aries woman. I found it a little bit old fashioned, which I ascribed to her being from an era where women thought they had to be more dependent on men.

        • I guess we’re all complex and maybe you’re doing another aspect of your chart more. Mine is a small sample group, it just struck me as right for these women and was something I hadn’t thought of before. Aries in general is sort of the baby of the zodiac, right? I haven’t actually read LG, so I don’t have an informed take on her take on it :)

      • howdy calypso … nice to see you :)

        yeah my first astrology read too and I don’t know … her writing kinda shat me off. I guess she was trying to draw archetypes but to me it just came off as totally stereotypical. Absolutely could not stand the descriptions of Cancer woman. I’m sure I threw the book across the room numerous times due to that. She was definitely signist. The fire and air signs got all the kudos. The water and earth signs (except pisces) copped it as being emo psychopaths or completely boring materialistic fuqtards. Very quickly moved away to more balanced astrologers.

        • I don’t think i’ve ever read a description of a cancer woman i’ve ever liked or could relate to.

        • @ Prowlncrab.
          I hear ya on the female crab description. Moody no way, just no patience for fwits and directionless fools. Get a watch and schedule your shizz. P.S Memo to the World: leave me alone to bath in the moonlight because I got to top up my lunar tank.

          • lol … yeah we are complex and fluctuating – not moody!! You try being ruled by the frackin’ moon which traipses through every sign on a monthly basis and then tell me about moody! 😉

            • it’s fuqing exhausting…no wonder Crabs have a shell – it has nothing to do with “hard outside, soft inside crap” it’s so that we can retire and take a power nap every now and then to survive the relentless changes.

            • oh god, I think my rising Moon makes me highly susceptible to this as well….and hi! thanks P x

        • Oh yes agree! Patronising description of Pisces. Eugh. But charismatically written so kind of drew you in at times.

          My First Astrology book too.

          • Yeah? I thought she made Pisceans sound really fascinating to the point where I was determined to date one asap. Was so disappointed when I found out my first boyfriend was a Cappy. I thought it sounded soooo boring. He was of course so totally not boring.

            After him I did go out with a Pisces and yeah … then I married another one and gave birth to a Sun/Asc one. Be careful what you wish for. 😉

        • It’s not easy to verbally describe Cancerian women IMO (as a non Cancerian who has had a few significant Kataka friends)

          Makes me think of the Queen of Cups card from the Thoth deck,
          ‘Her being cannot be captured purely analytically, you have to feel it and sense it to understand it ‘

    • Yes, her Sun Signs book was the first astrology book I ever read as well. She really set the tone for popular astrology with her mixture of humour and spot on observations. I was about 12 as well when I first read it. Her influence on me was huge – it was like opening a door into another universe which explained mysteries in a much clearer way than religion ever had (I always thought religion was really negative). But my favourite book of hers is Star Signs: the secret codes of the universe, which talks about numerology, colour and very “out there” theories. I think that her take on numerology is better than any other numerologist I have read. What I loved about her was her enthusiasm and zest for life, which really comes through in all of her writing – which is why I love reading Mystic as well.

      • Some of the Leo men descriptions are pretty funny, and Taurean men :) and it was the humour that got me reading Mystics stars and then her books too.

        Didnt read Star Signs til much later, LG definitely had multidimensional ideas which obviously got seeded into popular culture judging from the comments here!

        • Argh, reading all those Leo descriptions make my Scorp Moon & Cancer stellium shrivel up in shame.. Just couldn’t see the positive in those descriptions at all and was so confused why I felt like a Cancer not a Leo. At least I kept reading long enough to find out!

          • There was a very funny description of the drama and general operatic quality of a fight between Leo and Aries characters where each would turn up the stereo to make a point, and then stalk out of the room which always stays in my mind :)

            • Let’s do it! 😉 No let’s NEVER do it, lol, i can’t even imagine such shenanigans, how childhood retro.

    • As I’m Aries rising, I see childlike as good thing… As an artist. Also get on with all ages, drawn to young kids bc they rarely lie and are honestly themselves before peer pressure insecurity kicks in. My bro said the other day ‘you still think you’re 13’ and in a way I do. Meanwhile, abt to turn 50 lol

      • Childlike in the way you describe is lovely Gemyogi,
        We never want to lose the wonder of life!

        Possibly what I picked up from her description was that ‘the Aries woman’ ultimately needed a broad shoulder to lean on underneath the bravado cos she couldn’t quite back herself up, which I don’t think is the case these days

    • It was also the first book i read on astrology, but i found the description of Caps very dishearting….. so that set me off on more research about caps and other area’s of astrology and life and to Mystic’s web site along the way.
      Now i understand me so much more….

    • Yep, My first astro book too. Around age 12 as well.

      I only recently discarded the book during a house move & decluttering phase.
      Still have all my other astro books though – Howard Sasportas, Liz Greene, Stephen Arroyo – ‘Astrology, Psychology and the four elements: An Energy Approach to Astrology and its Use in the Counselling Arts ‘ – great book!!!

  2. Hi mm …. Have sent an email and left a message on previous thread, I have not received Fri sat sun daily email yet xx

    • Hey it seems to be a Hotmail issue – as the only people saying they did not get it are those with Hotmail addresses. It was definitely sent out as usual and if there ever was any disruption to it, i would announce it on the blog, fb, twitter etc.

      They are not bouncing it back to me – it’s leaving at my end so i can’t fix it. Soooo first see if it is in your junk filter, then add me to your safe sender list and then if possible see if you can notify Hotmail that you do actually want it?

  3. I just couldn’t read Pluto in Scorp in it’s entirely again….I flicked and picked. Epic!

    Nice to be reminded of some people who ain’t been around much or at all.

    • Wow – I missed it back then, but I’ve just stayed up till 2am reading it…..Libraquarius – love love love you!!

      • Yes, LA is awesome and is not on the blog as much these days but also under another name… as am I..lol, and not because of that post 😉

        Lol, how did you miss it if you were on the blog? :)

        Reading it until 2am… priceless! Mars direct?

        • Well, I only ever read the blog back then every now and then and never got involved.

          as for staying up till 2am – could’ve been jet-lag, could be mars and that i simply found it fascinating. I also found out from reading the blog that i’m in the so called “lost generation” bracket, which kind of gives it a slightly romantic whiff (thinking Razor’s Edge, lol!) Also being a libra rising i was torn by different arguments. I found myself agreeing wildly with Prowlncrab then completely won over by LA who was just wonderful – plus her stamina till the bitter end was awsome!

          • that was me btw … a bit slow – didn’t get much sleep last night :)

          • What did I say? What did I say??? … actually I get really embarrassed reading back over some of the crap I’ve written on here. :mrgreen:

            • nuthin to be embarrassed about prowlncrab, i’ll just quote what you said at the very beginning of your rant, because that is EXACTLY how i felt at the time. No wonder they say we’re the lost generation – we were left hanging in a completely different landscape to the one we had inherited and were primed for – almost from one day to the next – it was so weird. So here it is:
              “As a Pluto in Virgo teenager growing into adulthood I recall feeling an increasing sense of disconnect between this all consuming Pluto in Leo generational culture that we’d inherited. It was such a weird message – drop out, tune in, hippy rah rah rebirthing crap followed by extreme yuppiedom and an almost forced consumption orientation.”
              Spot on.

              • hahaha …yeah that sounds like something I’d say! 😉

                Hopefully over the years I’ve gotten a little less ranty.

  4. Tolerance Trap. Great article. As you say MM, very thought provoking. Thanks for the link x

  5. That amazing archival pix of Eartha Kit as Catwoman. Her voice WAS a purr..
    ‘just an old fashion girl, in an old fashioned fur who just wants an old fashioned millionaire’ she sang.

    • I fuqin LOVE Eartha Kitt too.
      Tolerance Trap was brillig. Ta Myst xxxx

  6. Thanks for the Solange tip, Mystic! My venusian is totally voodoo’d by her work. Inspiring :)

  7. I’m thinking of getting the Pluto book..has anyone read it? Thoughts?

    • Me too – with Pluto back and forth across my ascendent I need all the insight I can get.

      It’s going pretty well so far – recently unemployed, I am about to pack up my life and move overseas with lower overheads for a while. Trusting the universe to show me what to do next!

    • I have read a few extracts here and there. if i saw it in a bookshop I would buy it. (not much of an online shopper i guess). if you need to deal with Pluto things, i think it would be worth it. others here recommend, can’t remember who tho.

  8. “Shouldn’t we argue that same-sex marriage might make us all think differently about the relationship between domestic life and gender norms and push heterosexuals to examine their stubborn commitment to a gendered division of labor?” APPLAUSE!

    (from the tolerance trap link above)

    • still remember laughing at the (hot) virgo I dated for a while who asked if I did my (two male) flatmate’s laundry?! why would I do that , i asked, there’s no way I would touch their manky dirty man-clothes. because one of them mowed the lawn, i guess, was his answer. he was quite taken aback at my non-plussed derision of the whole idea. [product of a nuclear family with mother and father fulfililng traditional roles]
      happy to say, never dated a man who had notions of ‘you have a vagina so you clean more than me’ thing. and these were non-urban alpha types. ultra-house-proud. then again, these uber alpha types also had traditional family structures, more or less. go figure.

      • point being. I was more of a slob than them. I became a tidier person because of their habits. an elite Army soldier, and a builder with pugilistic tendencies. they are pretty much my argument for “well if these kinds of men are man enough to be domestic, what’s your excuse, boy, …” etc

  9. I think Linda is totally right about people reincarnating into folks already alive. Would be curious to know more/have that expanded upon a little.

    When my beloved grandmother passed away (while Pluto was transiting my Sun!) I opened myself up to any of her influence/goodness/talents etc that wanted to come to me. No joking but it was a literal one day to the next thing that I was able to suddenly clean the house. I couldn’t clean before that, my room as a teenager was that typical chaotic nightmare mess and it followed me into my twenties. It may sound like not-a-big-thing but it was for me…. I could clean easily and even enjoy it.

    I think it may be more common than is thought. People suddenly have a “mantle of responsibility” descend upon them after a death of a patriarch etc. They may think they’re just stepping up their game but maybe it’s a more cosmic influence.

    • “People suddenly have a “mantle of responsibility” descend upon them after a death of a patriarch etc. They may think they’re just stepping up their game but maybe it’s a more cosmic influence”. God I hope not!!! I took on my mantle when I realised what emo-tard (soz if offends, alexithymic if you prefer) the old man was years ago.

      I think we are all one person at some level so intending to absorb someone’s good traits or abilities is quite doable (as you have done), but I don’t believe we need to know them well or be related to them to do that.

      In fact it is a good practice to be able to see a talent, set the intent to replicate it for yourself – it’s the Love Zombie antidote, shh. 😉

      • Beautifully spoken. I think that’s a wonderful idea to set an intent to achieve an admired vibration- !!

        I don’t think we have to be related to them either- tho I wonder if there’s open pathways thru relating sometimes. If that makes any sense. Like the spirit/energy may visit the places most open/easily accessible first-

        Ill have to think more on this!

      • well the incas though if you ate your enemy’s heart it gave your courage… kind of like hecate with the enemies skulls as a belt thing…

        yes my inner viking warrior is coming out again! lol

    • hhmm…not quite the same, but equally as curious, is the belief in buddhism that a soul can reincarnate in more than one body during the same time frame… imagine coming across another person sharing your soul ….