Weekend Links May 17/18

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Jacqueline Bisset

* Atlas Obscure –  The Real World Locations Used In 14 Film Dystopias

*  From my archives – The Iron – brilliant reading for this Mars nearly Direct reading.

* Death & Taxes magazine – Tabloid Headlines Without The Sexism

* The Imageist on Font Fashion – Times New Roman is trendy again.

* For when you want a blast of surreal genius – J.G. Ballard’s short stories are all online here.

* Lion, Tiger & Bear all raised together after being rescued – one of the cutest, feel-good stories online.

* Vulture – people laughing all the way through “awe-inspiringly wooden” Princess Grace/Nicole Kidman movie – it is not actually a comedy.

* Russia severs space ties with the USA via a curt break up tweet – Io9

* Harvard Business Review – Sunspots and planet activity shown to predict stock market


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90 thoughts on “Weekend Links May 17/18

  1. Times New Roman, the subsistence font of any university student… I’m sure there is a history there that a decent virgoan font-geek can share, like Arial was invented to get around the proprietary Helvetica impasse I think..(?)


    • I’m glad the fickle font fashionistas have deemed it back though… Like birkenstocks and flannel shirts, it never really went away 😉

      • Bonjour Beautiful Pi,
        I am a stickler for Century Gothic.
        I can’t bear typing without it.
        Bestie eloping to France, and have just finished her bunting announcement to be posted when the deed is done .. in 7cm sized century gothic – looks divine and just got the tick of approval form Madame Kat. x

        • hi lovely fleecy! How apt your name for the cooler months..
          Yes that one is a nice change from TNR :)
          I was reading that sans serif fonts are better on a screen, and serif is better on the printed page.. ,

              • Pi, you are right, Ariel was invented to avoid copyright, as were all other ‘type 2’ fonts (those used on computers, but not clean enough for printing – I used to sell type faces for a living!)

                I too love Gill Sans, Garamond, and I used Helvetica Neue on my CD cover! Also a fan of Palatino.
                Just curious – who else has prominent Virgo in their charts? I’m Virgo rising.

            • Ah! I think I used to revert to Garamond when I grew tired of Times… It seemed a little more refined :)

        • I’m was on a century gothic phase with my software last year until recently. I love it. My latest though is helvetica neue thin. Good visibility, not too light not too dark, just right (except for bold which I can tell is not finished yet).
          A lot of my stuff is now on iPad, century gothic gets changed to helvetica medium and it just won’t do !

      • I’m an Arial gal myself but def gotta respect TNR.

        Flannies however completely 100% against. The SO ,who shall be known from this time as SKaaD (Significent, Keep at a Distance, Other),is a flanny wearer. I refuse to have him in my house wearing a flanny but he has a warm fluffy one I call the Fluffy.

        • I wore my old kmart $8 flannie last week and got lots of compliments, every winter tartan and flannies keep one warm and stylish. Of course it depends how you wear it lol

  2. I love the anti sexist tabloid headlines!

    With the Princess Grace movie, Grace kelly was SO singular and iconic, i do not think there is an actor who could do her justice and it looks like hubris to even try.

    There was an unauthorised biography of hers i read once that said she was deeply into the occult, going to a secret temple and everything.

    • The most secret temple we can go in to is wihin thy self.

      Perhaps she did. The world is full of distractions however.

      I strive to meditate. That is where the transformation lies.

      But tonight I went to the casino. Hadn’t been for eva…I smoked, I drank, I gambled.

      I sweated…I prayed to a machine…”give me that fuka”..


      But at the end of the day, the true transformation is within.

      I know that. So of course on the way home I beat myself up…Cap moon in 8th….Saturn square Sun and et al…

      This is physical reality,and it often sucks. x

      • Lol! love your story…….and I so hear you re the temple within – there is no other.

        Anyway, regarding the nite of fun and dipping into “unhealthy” vices is almost mandatory every now and then – it’s homoeopathic …kinda..;)

  3. Well of course Kidman’s acting is “awe-inspiringly wooden”.
    She can’t act. And all that Botox doesn’t help. LOL.

  4. I am fervently praying that Mars direct reboots like crazy.
    After a week of kidney stone and stomach bug, I have words of advice for anyone having a sixth house Saturn transit: alignment is the word. Line up a great dentist, a really good doctor, a great massage therapist, a code of conduct, a newfound love for frugality, a job (or keep the one you have — no “I’ll be a wealthy artist!” Saturn-in-5th leftovers), a nutritionist, an ergonomic specialist, a brilliant meditation practice, and a few solid friends, because a bunch of the ones you have might leave (not sure if that’s Saturn or something else, possibly my curmudgeon personality). Stock your little boat and hold on tight. Also: my 6th house is 40 degrees large in Koch houses, even more in that other system, and so this has gone on FOREVER. Happy weekend, all good people!

      • sound advice for someone (me) soon to deal with saturn in 6th house.

        i dont think anyone is deluded enough to think that wealthy artist is an easily attainable short term career goal…? at least i wasnt
        (that decision, now playing out in 5th house, was more a result of a uranus over sun transit)..

        thank you venus rules. x hope you feel better soon..

  5. Ok wise astro peeps, I have a dilemma and I would like to run it past you lot for your feedback if you would be so kind. So … it’s about the Virgo housemate who drives me fuqin NUTS. I read through The Flinch thread yesterday, didn’t have time to comment as was finishing an assignment – but that is exactly how I feel when this guy is around. He gives me the creeps. He is slimey. He is creepy. And to top it all off he is also just plain stupid.

    Latest incident: the other day I had a chat to him apologising for my grumpiness around the house of late. Told him I had many other things going on for me recently, most of which are challenging, and as such when I am home I just want to chill out and disengage from the world. I don’t want to talk to anyone. I don’t want to feel obliged to give to someone beyond basic human courtesies coz I just ain’t got it right now. It’s all give give give out there … so at home, well I just don’t wanna do much more of that. I say this so he will fuqing leave me ALONE instead of constantly trying to engage me and get my attention … without it being like some massive interpersonal drama.

    Anyhoo … what does this fuqing moron commence to do almost straight after this conversation which he seemed to understand? He insinuates himself next to me on the couch wanting a chat (and farts for godsakes!!!) to which point I just stomp out of the room. He tries to engage in numerous conversations of non-importance, which I’ve specifically told him I’m not up for right now. And then he DOES MY WASHING … like what the fuq??? Sorry … but that’s just creepy. Housemates do not do each other’s washing. It’s just not right.

    Previous incident: the latest bug up his arse is about home security. There is nothing wrong with our home security. But he’s decided to develop an obsession with key locking the back security door and insists on these conversations about “not wanting to come home and find that I’ve got raped” … like he says this all the time. It’s like he wants me to get raped. It’s quite … vile really.

    There are numerous other incidents which I can’t be bothered relating … but you get the picture.

    Anyway … the question is, am I being ridiculous? Am I being completely unreasonable? I don’t understand this dynamic as I’ve lived with plenty of guys before and they just don’t pull this quasi-dad-protector shit. Thoughts?

    • ps. sorry for the length and the rantyness and the off topicness. Is this where we freely discuss our non thread related isssssues? If not apologies.

      • Just tell him to fuq off and give him two weeks to find new digs, then I’ll move in. I won’t talk to you, unless you instigate a convo. Do your own dishes. There’s no way known I’m washing or hanging out your clothes. If I make pizza, you can have a some if you want. I expect you to have your own And, I won’t try to crack on, even if you walk past me early in the morning with nothing but knickers on and a sexy t, all bed-hair and that. If you steal my toilet paper- I’ll respond to that act as a declaration of war. I’m studying full-time too.

        As we are way off topic- I have a question.
        What does “Venus on Uranus” for an Aqua guy actually mean? (Please excuse my ignorance.)

        • Sorry I fucked that up. Must-learn-to-edit-before-pressing-post.

          ‘I expect you to have your own….?

        • I dunno … are you talking about a transit chart or a natal chart? Like if it’s a natal chart then it would mean Venus and Uranus are conjunct which would make you somewhat mental to be in a relationship with i.e. impulsive, erratic, pathalogically incapable of commitment. If it meant Venus was transiting your natal Uranus and they were currently conjunct, it could bring a woman into your life that embodies those impulsive qualities and shakes shit up for awhile.

    • hmm. call him on it? say exactly what you said, you have lived with numerous guys before, never had to deal with this level of interest or attention under the guise of “care” or a misguided attempt to connect. so what’s the deal. have the conversation standing up maybe (i don’t know , i feel less vulnerable standing up maybe you might if that’s a thing). doing your washhing?!! I can;t even handle someone taking my clean/dry stuff off the line. like, do not touch my underwear, what are you, some kind of underwear-feeling freak? etc

      it does seem wierd. he might have a very poorly adjusted way of trying to show he ‘cares’? (parent /s are nurses or something you said once). separation anxiety? yes i know for an adult you are not related to or dating hmm

      • thought experiment; if he were female, how would you interpret his gestures/actions?

        • How I related to my Mother when she was alive, was that after a long day of massage I was not up for socialzing.

          I called it the three H’s…

          Hurting, hungry and homicidal.

          Just had to set those boundreis.She was hurt but the morning after I was there for her…and double Leo could then read me the funnies from the newspaper and we’d have a giggle…bless her.

          I think his farting is just cuz you got Sagg Moon… :mrgreen:

          • I think it’s coz he is deluded in the idea that we have a more intimate relationship than we actually do.

            • ha, yeah. And even then I really don’t appreciate farting!

              My ex kataka/Mn in virgo never farted in front of me in his life…

              the Pisces/Mn-Mars in Leo layed a good one before I got in the car one time…Unfortuneately he put the windows up beforehand and I had to pretend like I didn’t smell it…oh dear lol

              So glad you didn’t get pissed at my remark Prowls cuz it was in good fun AND Moon was in Sagg last Friday when I posted…I checked today when I read Mystic’s astro for the weekend :)

    • also . is there a control freak element on the rise?

      damons might have a point. fuq him off if he is starting to give you the creeps. it’s your place after all.

      • Scorpio rising … but my last housemate, the Aqua was Scorpio rising and none of this bizarre shit.

    • This is pretty much straight-down-the-line Virgo control freakyness.

      Stop using deoderant for a couple of weeks (on the basis that ” its full of chemical shit”) and he’ll pretty much leave on his own.

      Unfortunately, a Virgo full of righteous cleanliness and protectivism, is as unstoppable as a runaway bus.

      Of all the signs, Virgo are the kinkiest (not Scorpios, contrary to popular opinion) and can also be the downright weirdest (not Aquarians….)… and I’m afraid you’ve got a dud one.

      If you don’t want to stop using deoderant, I’d go bugfuck on him. Literally screech at him “Fuck off you pervy fuckwit. How DARE you keep talking about me getting raped. And don’t touch my fucking clothes or I’ll rip your fucking fingers off, you fuck”.

      That should do it. Dud Virgos don’t get subtle – their heads are too far up their arses. *

      *Please don’t ask how I know this – I’ll start getting flashbacks….

      • ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!! …. ohmigod thanks so much for that DP you seriously had me in stitches there for a good few minutes … which was much needed.

        Ummm and yes well … I commenced to have a conversation with him this arvo which was meant to be polite and civilised … but ended up with me pretty much doing what you said above i.e. screeching, calling him a creep, a stalker and a fucking idiot … and umm yeah.

        Ewwwps 😳

        Well after nearly 8 months of this bullshit and numerous convos where I had tried to convey my displeasure at his control freakery in a nice way … it was time to bring out the nukes. At least I had a few lying about left ofter after the argument with the Cap.

        • Soz, but when you mention the Virgo HM, I always see a neutered Voldermort hovering about. Sorry I don’t have any answers, but what does Cedric, the Oracle or Tarot say?

        • Is the guy you had the hots for previously!? Just to clarify.

        • Now prepare for the world’s biggest guilt trip …..

          On a side note a la the annoying person Mystic recently had to deal with accusing her of stealing their stuff:

          Qi Vampires show us where our energy leaks are. Where are you leaking ?!?

    • put a stink bomb in his room and then say that this stench happens every year at the same time – alluding to some henious previous history – but that it’ll go away in a few weeks….always works.

    • As a professional writing student I’m trying to analyse this post of your Prowlin. Is it a personal essay? An article? A critique of your flatmate? I’m wondering how you’ve represented the subject, and, if you’ve done so ethically… I mean- there’s always three side to a story. Your’s, theirs, then the truth… Just sayin. All communication is political in nature too, so I wonder what the deeper connotations of the fart are. Yes, I do think he’s thinking he has a certain level of intimacy with you. Have you been sighted in knickers and sexy t in early hours of the morning with bed-hair and that? Very interesting. I’m on your side though- naturally… 😉

    • This is why I lived by myself for 10 years…

      Even briefly living with my lovely Cancerian BFF, she drove me nuts by switching on tv, walking to kitchen, switching on radio there, then into her room and then ringing up someone and having loud convo (she has Gemini moon). And always asking me to get her icecream or something if I was out. @_@

      I Could Not Handle having an intimate male element
      In My Home unless it is actually my partner, and that is bad enough (but I love him and we’ve set some ground rules).

  6. Don’t be so hard on the poor Virgo for doing your laundry.! I’m a Virgo with 2 ,Virgo sisters and a Virgo lover and we are all obsessed with washing. It’s not personal – we virgos just think we can launder everything so much better than any other star sign. There is something immensely satisfying about a perfectly hung line of smalls……..

      • Maybe tell him that if he does your laundry again, you’re going to do his laundry?

            • Actually I thought of you last night D, I had a real life scenario where I was in my car at the train station carpark, in a dodgy location with no one around, when a youngish guy popped up out of nowhere and asked me if I had jumper leads as his car wouldn’t start. I think he knew I was wary, and as it happened I didn’t have any leads and I said so. He just wanted to get car started, I think he was probs legit, but I dunno.

              I thought of driving home to see if my partner was awake and to come back and help him, but he doesn’t have jumper leads either…

      • I think either he goes or you do. Give it the slip if you cannot be straight up with no effect…Honesty did not work, maybe realise since mars is retrograde no conflict, just prepare, visualise what, why – but go with the instincts. Who needs a reason? Intuition is more strong…As you are experiencing him as invasive and persistent – that is a concern…My piscean mars recommends you practice the magical act of sending confusing, conflicting but harmless signals to despose of his presence…Nothing to be pinpointed just vague vibes, with a good kind act, to ultimately then conjure up him or yourself to truly disappear…

  7. Breakthru !!!

    Have had major business collaboration and transformation breakthru, my mind is racing and i have something that resembles enthusiasm again.

    It came in the form of a challenge to my status quo some weeks back. MM counselled incubation until Mars was making nice. I waited……, then it came looking for me !

    I followed it up and followed MM’s advice, ” be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid”

    I see the way forward now, and it looks like fun.

    • I don’t know what this means but yay! Glad someone is scoring goals! 😀

      • So, that’s a maybe then Prowlin…?

        I was just trying to decipher weekly scopes for Aqua re Venus on Uranus.


  8. I just want to say that Tiger/Bear/Lion combo made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside (except that bit where they treated badly, grr).

  9. It’s almost planting time! Need to get a strapping young farmer over to till up the plot…


    I think The Farmers Almanac is my all-time fave periodical. I gift sub them! Essential reading for every 21st century nature alchemist. 😉

  10. Those sunglasses Jaqueline Bisset is wearing are amaazing!

  11. This has nothing to do with Weekend Links…..but OMFG!! You peeps who have not had the blessing of accessing Mystic’s Tarot because you have failed to learn from the ZapZone karma by not making a good investment? I have just done a spread and OMFG!!! It is like the woman (Mystic….sorry Mystic :-)) is in my lounge room with a crystal ball and a good bottle of red 😉 I was just sitting down to write my new me action plan and thought I would procrastinate and do a reading to feel the vibe and get a “feel” for the notes I was scrawling down in a brainstorming kinda way…….each card was spot on !!!…in the most gobsmacking way! Totally like I had some guiding force when I picked the card!
    Do yourselves a favour…

    • I tried asking a differnt kind of question the other day. It was more like, ” what actions can I take to help me progress and get out of this difficult position I am in.” (Rather than ‘tell me more about some love interest or moneymaking thing or other). The results I got made a lot more sense to me and being action-oriented rather than ‘explanatory’ – from the perspective of my question – is good. Have a copy saved in my phone for regular review. Pi x

      • Yes, when the question is a good one that suits a multifaceted answer the results are amazing. Got a helpful one that I wishes I had pdf’d now dang it!

        • ah, yes i have forgotten to pdf one or two…

          it’s so amazing. One of the cards , emperor in the 12th house, ‘you dream of Bluebeard’

          Mystic – if you are reading this –
          _Thank You_ for this choice of words… I instantly thought of Estes’ interpretation in women who run with the wolves, and have spent the evening re-reading…
          i think this is helping me to name this ball and chain in my life right now. inability to flourish. Also going to make notes on / journal on 2-3 of the past tarots as I have noticed, just re-reading a couple of weeks after, that they vibe similarly in some things. But first, to vanquish bluebeard, once again..

  12. Yaaaa! You featured BLT (bear, lion and tiger) of Noah’s Ark!! They do really good work and could use any amount of donations. I’ve been sending them a monthly small donation for years.