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She was incomprehensible, for, in her, soul and spirit were one – the beauty of her body was the essence of her soul. She was that unity sought for by philosophers through many centuries. In this outdoor waiting room of winds and stars she had been sitting for a hundred years, at peace in the contemplation of herself.
F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Beautiful and Damned


Venus loves to be in Taurus, sign of her Dignity and Grace. Hands up who is also loving this fresh Venusian Vibe.

Yes, it’s Earth Venus again and Hecate knows, we had Venus in Capricorn long enough BUT this is a strong Venus and she is heading toward decisive aspects with Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron, Lilith, Pluto, Juno and Saturn, Plus Mars is now Direct in the sign of relationships so things are not so covert after all. Or at least, not for long.


Image: Edward Robert Hughes

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37 thoughts on “Venus In Starlight

  1. Yes, my saving grace, Venus in Taurus. Sits between my sun in Aries and moon in gem. If I channel her correctly bliss is not far away.

  2. Venus is walking by my 7th house: marriage style relationships and biz partnerships. Looks like Venus will be in that spot and then moving towards the 7th and 8th house cusp by 6/13.

    7th House: marriage style relationships and biz partnerships

    Hmmm… Biz relationships: I start my new job on 6/3 working for a client. Indirectly a new boss, new peeps. will be there for 2 weeks.

    Marriage Style Relationships: HA! hahaha!! There is just nothing in sight. grrrrr…

    8th House: Sex, Occult, like Scorpio

    I would be great to have the 7th house Venus dance create something because then my 8th House dance would be a relief with the sex part!!

    I still feel like I am in the Dark Moon. Very heavy, tired and lethargic.


    • Same! My body hurts terribly! Real ache in the legs & can’t contact my emotions. Hoping this changes when the moon gets into Cancer.
      Wishing you flow too, VirgoEllie.

        • same ..
          it’s lethargy city over here.. keep wondering what my problem is/ are 🙂
          will blame the void moon!

          • Invictus.. what are your sun / rising signs? I should know it but…

            I sure hope this is not the trend (lethargic) until July! Ahhhhh…

            • Hey VE!
              Just seen this now or I would have replied sooner, sorry! I have sun, mars and mercury all in Virgo in the 10th house and I have a 12th house moon in Sag and Sag rising xx
              Lethargy was void moon related it shifted within a few hours xx

  3. Yes, my Moon and Rising are in Taurus. This Venus vibe feels like I can kick off my shoes, lie back and relax in the summer sun after the long, grueling Saturn classes of the past year.

    Very appropriate quote from FSF, btw, since he was such a mega Venusian.

  4. I am loving it already!!! Just as it crossed over and trined my natal Venus I got my hair done by a new person I found by chance and it turned out amazing. The hairstylist has arabian horses and does endurance riding (my childhood dream back when I rode/competed) and hooked me up with info about a barn that does lessons and lets the students compete in the endurance rides once they get familiar with them. gonna check it out. I miss horses and have always admired arabian horses from afar, they are sooooo beautiful and just different from other horses.

    I don’t know what it is about the last two weeks but all the change that was supposed to happen in the zap zone is finally really kicking into gear. The pain is all dissolving and I feel independent and fearless.

    • Ah I’m SOOOO happy to hear that Rache!
      You’ve been working so hard and making so many big changes. I was a bit worried about you for a mo there. You sound all bouncy again!
      Getting your hair done / new hair person / venus / horses / yay! It all fits.

      I’m hoping my zap zone graft is gonna pay off too soon. Feel a bit like I’m bouncing off walls. Too much energy and then not enough although I have found a more still vibe within myself even within the mania. Glad to hear you are dancing again!

      • Have you had your thyroid levels checked? I’ve just found out I’m slightly hyper. Explains the whole ‘manic depression’ thing to me. Knowledge is power.

        • I had overactive / hyperthyroidism diagnosed post partum, maybe existing prior to? Its considered to be worsened by stress. I had to drop caffeine, tea – to virtually none.

          Perhaps restlessness, too much work is also an influence. Calm environments and strategies to handle difficult situations help. Changed diet, vitamin D also greatly assisted.

          • @Aquasunbird
            Hey thanks!
            Restless is kind of my default setting and always has been but calm environments DEF help as does yoga, NC and having an actual life. The last one is tricky to get my brain around. I feel I have so much work to do as I slacked off for SO long in my life, fixing on silly guys as an avoidance behaviour. I had no idea I was doing it at all until quite recently but I really was. Now I’m quite feral in my ambition.
            I know I need a more balanced life but jeez – try telling that to my unconscious 🙂

        • No I haven’t thanks but I will.
          I’ve always, always always had major problems getting to sleep and staying asleep. As have both my parents and my brother. Our family was quite dysfunctional and tense growing up so that may be a factor and I’ve always just thought it was hereditary and also due to being on ritalin and tranquillisers during my entire “childhood” apparently it makes the symptoms easier at the time but the major side effect is that the symptoms get worse as you age.
          Yoga helps as does NC. I often have to resort to anti histamines to sleep. It kind of sucks but I refuse to take any kind of brain pharma. I have often been prescribed meds by doctors because lack of sleep can make me very freaked out after a few months but now I just soldier on and use valerian root, exercise and occasionally Night Nurse if necessary. I’m hoping that lifestyle changes and yoga, NC will work but I could get bloods done again.
          I’m not depressed just manic lol which is very typical of a chart with no water in it and so much fire.
          Thank you for the tip Gemyogi

  5. I recently discovered this article, which is the best articulation of the Venus in Taurus journey I have yet come across.
    She really nails the experience of being a female Venus in Taurus struggling to fit into beauty standards & trust the body.
    I have a beautifully placed Venus in Taurus conjunct the midheaven, right at the top of my chart, making flowing aspects to Neptune & Mars, but opposed by Pluto in the 4th. I have never seen my Venus accurately reflected by: “you like good food & candlelight & snuggling up on the couch”. I mean, I like beauty & intensity & adventure & being treated respectfully… love is an all-consuming experience for me, never merely comfortable.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to Venus conjuncting my natal Venus in a few days’ time (like Rache, I’m thinking it’s time for a hair upgrade!) Hoping that will bring some biz/ career clarity as well.

    • Ariel Love .. Awesome Link My Taurus Soul Sister! I’ve been feeling all these new crazy emotions but all good! Definitely growing forward and full of adventurous new roads!! Miss ya girlie!! <3

  6. “you like good food & candlelight & snuggling up on the couch”. I mean, I like beauty & intensity & adventure & being treated respectfully…
    lol exactly like WHO DOESN’T?
    Gonna check out the link

  7. This is so not a diss because I spend way too much time here as I LOVE this site but does F Scott Fitzgerald sound like a bit of a misogynist?
    Coming from me this is going to sound odd because I’m such an incredibly physical person but to suggest that a woman’s beauty is the essence of her soul is kind of invalidating the timeless quality of her soul. no? I realise he is probably speaking about a particular woman, probably Venus and …
    yeah ok I’ll shut up now.
    I have work to do. This site is my favourite distraction!

    • Yes he was a dick to Zelda. And had a bromance with Hemingway, who sounds even more misogynist. Read Z by Therese Ann Fowler

      • a dick to Zelda and a bromance with Ernest eh? Makes a lot of sense to me!
        Not that he was/ did but that he would say something like that. Just popped out at me like “whaaaaaaaaaaat? ”

    • I’m no literature student but “a woman’s beauty is the essence of her soul” sounds like a load of paternalistic bullshit to me, unless he meant that it is one’s energy that creates beauty. In which case it applies equally to men and women.

        • I totally think it means that your energy is what creates your beauty! A man said to me yesterday that men don’t care about how a lady objectively looks that he thinks it is ALL about their energy & attitude. He said he has told so many women that though & not one believes him, lol.

          • yeah, well, he sounds like a decent bloke but I don’t think the majority thinks like he does. Why else do middle aged men cheat on their wives with the beautiful and spunky young thing at work.. or whatever.

  8. My initial thought/guess is that Venus in Toro will be a challenging time for me, as V in my 2nd will be opposite my Scorp Mars & Sun-Venus in my 8th. Not envisioning the opposing energy to be good or bad, just… challenging. Don’t even know what to think of the other aspects V will be making that Mystic mentions, and with the current Sun & Mercury rx haunting my IC, well, I feel like the only thing to do is go hard core hermit, hold seances & smudge often.

    • (And to those ends, I’ve been focusing my efforts on powering up the beauty & energy of my abode.)

    • Ah, but what of my 2nd house?! By Jove I need some alchemy there. Now that Mars is direct & the moon’s waxing, I’ve allowed myself to Go There, & it’s just a corn maze of scarecrows & cobwebs. So I need to sweep it out or just toss a match in, but how? Saturn in Scorp sez, “Thou shalt not burn thine livelihood no matter how meager without having secured a new means of sustenance of equal or greater monetary value.” So at the onset of Venus in Toro I’m excited for some action, but realizing it will be opposed by The Board, I’m just thinking, “More labor, no tangible fruits.”

      So, I’ll be needing some fun for all of this slog on my astro schedule. Fun for free. Cue creative forces…

        • Will it tho, being opposite all my Scorp biz? I don’t know how to anticipate the oppositions.

          Maybe it’s a Mercury rx thing, but as of yesterday I discovered my work place may very well be trying to screw me out of a paycheck– see? That or the CEO lied to me a couple of months ago re a discrepancy in my pay… ? I’ll get to the bottom of it for sure, but it’s shit like this that makes me wonder about oppositions & how *anything* in Toro translates for me.

          Ps: Love is delusional. Sweetly, crazily delusional 🙂 ENJOY lol xx

  9. My natal Venus in Pisces 5th House, now with Venus in Taurus 7th House, yeah? I’m so f’n ethereal I could fly. (I’m out here Jerry and I’m lovin it, lovin it!).

  10. All of my close planets, Venus included, are happily in Taurus. Over the last few days, I’ve been reading about how to be more feminine, planning some home beautification, thinking about a shopping excursion to Sephora or clothes shopping,and finally resting, listening to my body, and letting a nagging injury heal.

    • Letting a nagging injury heal is always for the best (she said somewhat redundantly)
      But no, it is a much better idea than training on it hon.

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