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Dear Mystic,

I am a Capricorn but I don’t really feel like a Capricorn… I kind of feel at odds with the things that are supposed to be important to them. Whenever I read about Capricorns, it always seems like they are described as conventional, logical and organized.

Whilst I think these qualities are admirable and are things I can do when I want to, I am a creative and passionate person and am growing to trust my intuition. From what I read, I should be making spreadsheets (which I am good at) but instead I am excited to be making art and researching somatic experience, asking questions and pushing the against predetermined labels and systems.

Do other Capricorns express this kind of confusion? Or is there a place with better information that explains the playful, loving and intuitive side of the goat?

It would be great to hear back from you, if you have time.

Thanks so much,

The Questing Capricorn

My Dear Questing Capricorn,

Capricorns do not FEEL like a Capricorn – they will themselves into being pure thorium-hewn creatures of Time and Saturn. They create themselves from the cellular matrix outward. Long before there were any Law Of Attraction books, Capricorns were consciously cultivating their thought process so as to more actively make something of their basic dark matter.

Okay and to be fair, i have always thought there are two types of Capricorn – a super-Saturnine one and a more Pan/libidinal one. AND remember that the ancient symbol for Capricorn was the Sea-Goat or Mer-Goat.  And i still call Capricorns that in my Horoscopes.  In fact, i don’t think of Capricorns as being conventional – my thing about this sign is that they don’t duck material reality – they fully embrace their worldly schizz and manipulate it to build the reality they want.

Any spread-sheeting is but a means to their end and that can be way unconventional. It’s just that, rather than being out there protesting or rebelling, Capricorns tend more toward the Martin Luther King end of the protest spectrum. They’ll get right into the system they want to change and end up running the whole show.

See this old post on the magical dimensions of our Sea-Goaty creatures and also this one.   In fact, see the whole Capricorn category! I don’t know if it has the “better information” you seek but it is 13 pages of posts about cool Capricorn cats and i promise you it goes way beyond spreadsheets or convention lol.

Personally i think of Capricorns as alien timelords with genius competence and sexy cheekbones.



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68 thoughts on “Not The Typical Capricorn

  1. I am also a Capricorn whom doesn’t truly relate with most all descriptions of a Capricorn. I was born Jan 16 1962#notashamedofage I’ve been told by the time & date of my birth I was born on the cusp & am actually Capricorn/Aquarius.. I relate far more to the Aquarius description.

  2. I have a 5 month old nephew who is a Cap. He’s not just a cap he has Sun, moon, mercury and Pluto within 11 to 13 degrees in his 4th house.

    I am so curious to see how his personality develops and what he does with his life, i have a few Cap friends, one from school and one at my current work place but that’s it.

    Also the fact that i have Sun, Moon Mercury in all in 0 -2 degrees Cancer in the 10th house i can’t help but see his Sun, moon and cap in the 4th as being the flip side of my chart which makes me wonder even more. Will there be parrellels? I don’t have Pluto near my Sun though. For me Pluto squares my sun, moon and mercury being at the tail end of Virgo.

    I adore his older brother who is 3 and a Gemini. He has mercury, venus and mars conjunct in Taurus in the 5th. He loves to talk, tell stories and play. i think he and his new brother will be close as all that Taurus is trining the Capricorn planets of his younger sibling.

  3. I have a Cap Moon and do relate well with Sun Caps either male or female.

    Caps leave a mark. I’ve loved one and prayed for him for years, just felt so right with him from the moment I heard his voice. A day or so ago I thought “stuff it”, he should know that I wished for him when I was a teen. A Man who could speak to my soul and be loyal, truthful, loving and respectful.
    Now having received no reply, not even a “thanks but no thanks.” It’s beyond painful just shocking that I don’t warrant a response. I got message now “NO way with you.”

    • I love me the SeaGoats, have much admiration & respect for them. Having Cap rising or moon gives the’ keep on keeping on’ factor, true grit and a lot of reliability.

      There are many reasons peeps do not respond and most of them non-personal, really. Don’t react, it means nothing, hun.

      • What the thing is Pegs. It means something to me. That my feelings are not considered. This is not the actions of a very mindful or considerate person. Honesty is not found cloaked in mystery, it’s on the level. Speak the truth (your truth) own every step of your story. It’s only natural to process this as a grief response and I am making plans to bury this once and for all.
        Thanks for your thoughts Pegs.

  4. Thanks Mystic and everyone for their lovely Cap related sentiments. It’s inspiring to hear about so many great Caps. I have never been particularly close to another one so I don’t know much about them except from living it. x

  5. Hi Mystic! I can relate to this and I feel more like an Aquarius and Gemini. In my chart, I’m a Cap with a 27 degrees Capricorn Rising (Saturn, Venus, and the North Node conjunct the Asc) with Aquarius fully intercepted in the first so the second house cusp would be in Pisces. I have strong Capricorn energy in my chart, as I was born in the period wherein Saturn (Conjunct my Ascendant), Uranus (Partile Conjunct my Sun), and Neptune is in Capricorn (Also conjunct my Sun). My Moon sign is indeed in Gemini. Does the interception of Aquarius in the first modify the traits or is it with the partile conjunction of my Sun and Uranus? Or is it a combination of both? I would be glad to hear from you regarding this. Thanks!

  6. I have a Cap ascendant so I ‘feel’ I am living La Vida Capa. Especially with BML in the first degree of Capricorn and now transiting Pluto up in there I’m all about the dark matter.

  7. I am pure Capricorn, with it as my rising sign as well, and my moon in Leo. I switch between the two, and earlier in my life I hit the success in my career and peeked in my first one at twenty seven. Totally unsatisfied with that I eventually returned to my childhood dream of being an artist. And have spent the last twenty years stoically slogging away on it. And I do mean slogging away, one step at a time, up that mountain. Mostly dancing on the sides with quick steps and the most lovely enjoyable life. Friends are astounded that I get to live the most wonderful life following my dreams. I can effectively do all the left brained thinking of the typical Capricorn, but I can only do that with high order right brain creative and visual skills that took me years to understand. Dyslexic in the mix, failed English at school, and in the last year I have risen finally as a writer as a means of teaching others and to publish my work more effectively. Mystic as always is spot on. Capricorn is a complex sign to unravel (well for me it was with my little mix).. Enjoy the ride where ever it takes you.

  8. My Caps are solid. Reliable. Sensible. Smart. Yes they do have the impressively strong work ethic but mostly loyalty and integrity seem key to them. But they are not conventional – they are playful, creative and bold. Funny too. Their un/conventionality is woven differently in each, but they are not in any sense unidimensional. I respect them totally.

  9. Capricorn is one of my favourite signs … except for The Fuqwit Cap who is turning out to be disappointingly low brow rather than haute. But yeah I’ve never found them the least bit boringly conventional. Logical and organised … yep. But that’s a good thing – they’re just skills Caps use to climb that personal Cappy mountain that they’ve all got going on up in their heads.

    And I know heaps of very individualistic, creative Caps. Just because they don’t “fight the system” like a Sagg would, doesn’t mean they don’t have a passionate dissent streak running through their pragmatic veins. But as Mystic said above, the one’s I have met are more inclined to either lead by example or change the system from within, quietly working the long game whilst perpared to give up aggressive, noisy plays in the short term.

    Caps just don’t need heaps of attention and validation from others. They’re their own hard taskmaster and whilst I suppose they glow from praise just as much as everyone else does, it’s not what motivates them to get up every day and chip away at those goals. And when it’s time to partay … well Caps can be the most fun to have around. And they won’t dance on your very expensive dining table naked after too much vino.

    I like ’em. Particularly when it comes to work which is where they tend to shine.

    • Yes, I love working with Caps ! We get each other straight away. The best part is they have no fear of actually making shit loads of money. No fear of success ! This weird fear of big success in other sign business partners always confused me.
      They are the only sign in business I’ve come across that I trust to share the ‘driving’.

  10. I was just thinking about Caps and how hard they’ve got it right now with Pluto in Cap. Then, I was also thinking…. gosh Saturn moves sort of fast like 2 yrs per sign which means at some point, both Saturn and Pluto will be in Cap at the same time. I wonder how that will Pan out?

    • … actually Pluto moves rather slowly and I think will be hanging around in Cap until 2024 or something? The universe couldn’t possibly be that cruel as to have Saturn and Pluto lined up in Cap at the same time. That would be just … evil.

      • Ok i just looked…it won’t be conjunct until like 2019. But at least Saturn will be in a sign it likes….

    • I have Saturn in Cap , 7th house, and for well over 2 years trans Pluto was conjunct my natal Saturn. It was possibly the strangest period of my life relationship wise but the outcome was astounding. The results perfectly opposite to my worst fears and surprisingly it turned out the message was “don’t be so fuqing conservative in your concept of relationships”. Liberation !

  11. Dear Questing,

    Double, drowning Capricorn here. First, your bit of multiple-personality syndrome is a bit of Saturn Rx talking.

    Sounds like you have all the makings of big success. A lot of people are creative and have great ideas, but few have the drive or discipline to execute.
    If that’s conventional, bring it on.

    Earlier in life, I yearned to be a creative bohemian (Venus in Aquarius talking), but over time I learned how to apply my creative genius (Mercury in Aquarius talking) to my very conventional work and ta-da! Big success!!

    Remember, Cap sisters-in-spirit Kate Moss and Kate Middleton are both known for their amazing work ethic. The best cheekbones in the Zodiac are worth a bit of Saturn multiple-personality syndrome.

    In parting, see Mystic Medusa, January 25, 2011, “Meet Me on the Equinox” for Yana Mokaluk’s interpretation of Capricorn. This image anchors the center of my vision board.

    Best to you, Questing.

    PS) One of these days, I am going to learn how to use a spreadsheet.

  12. My youngest is a Cappy and she’s actually acting her age now rather than being a child with adult mentality lol. The only Capricorns I knkw who act likr Capricorns were all born with a penis. Perhaps because the qualities of Cappo are very traditional masculine.

    On a different note, I’m in need of help. I’m not mentally well and I think I’ve reached the peak of that last night. If anyone has any psychological psychotherapy sources, mainly for depression, I would greatly appreciate them. I live in the US. Thank you in advance mystic guardians ?

    • There is a lot of throwing in the towel right now re mental health. I’ve had 2 messages from really treasured people (abroad ironically, depression is as normal as breathing in London) who are asking for larger help.

      I am actually finally making decisions FOR the benefit of my mental health and I would encourage you to do the same. People will pat you here and I am sure your circumstances are legit but its up to you to change the world you live in. Get help, no pills but usually its about looking at why and making changes around that.

      I’m meditating a lot despite massive work hours and I find this is helping the enormity of workload/people management.

      Good luck

      • (Sorry. Used old email.)

        Thank you Ms. I know I need help. My behavior has been reprehensible lately but no drugs or alcohol have been involved. Maybe starvation, but I’ve been so upset I can’t bring myself to eat. But I don’t want to get into arguments with every other person anymore. I know I need help. I just dont have the resources nor the money, really.
        (This is why I don’t have a subscription. My apologies Mystic)

        But your words are inspiring. Thanks to all.

        • Where are you? In Aus the first step is to call beyond blue or lifeline. They will refer you. Luckily we do have some free and low cost help available. Please take it. You are not alone. If you have any friends or family to talk to as well, please talk to them. Hugs. You can get through it and you will realise that your mind was unbalanced at this time.

        • Hi toroloco! I think Ms. meant to not expect all of your answers from a psychiatrist’s pill prescription. And that’s so true. For some prescriptions can be useful short-term in conjunction with counseling to help them get over the hump of physical, chemical imbalance. For many with mood disorders &/or anxiety, adjustment disorders, etc. (without psychosis) psychiatric meds are typically not needed at all, & can actually complicate situations. Think that’s what she meant.

          Anywho– soz– there exists lots of free & sliding scale cost mental health care in the US. Obviously you have internet access, so google “community mental health” or “free mental health counseling services” in your city/town/county: these clinics turn no one away (consequently, sometimes it can take a while to get in, which sucks, but take a stab at it). Also you can look for faith-based services (if you swing that way): they will typically not turn a person away based on ability to pay, either. The United Way is a great non-profit that supports many nonprofit private counseling centers across the country: look for counseling practices that are United Way funded. If you are a uni student, probably your school offers services to students at no cost, ever. Also, google NAMI and American Counseling Association: they have links to services on their pages, country-wide.

          Even where I live, in rural America where good mental health care is scant, there is a community mental health clinic & a private practice funded by the United Way in my county, who turn no one away for services. Sure they’re 30 miles away lol but they’re there. (See, then the issue to mental health access becomes transportation– & that’s a big issue when one’s broke. Are you in the sticks like me? If not, care is within reach, I’m sure.)

          I interned for a year at the United Way funded nonprofit clinic in my area & the counselors there were great. No one was turned away. Top notch mental health care. Look around: you’ll find opportunities to continue on your path of wellness 😉

    • Dear Toroloco

      What everyone else said which was excellent advice and I wholeheartedly agree.

      I would add that this is a choice you must make for yourself. I know that sounds weird because people experiencing mental illness often feel like it’s imposed from the outside. And sure … outside influences may be a factor.

      However my observation of recovery from a mental health point of view is that somewhere along the line the person makes a decision that enough is enough and they will do WHATEVER it takes to get well and commit to the process 100%. And it is a process … there are no rapid fixes and sure fire cures. What works for one may not work for another. It’s a personal journey that you must walk, but as soon as you make the decision to commit to it you will be astounded at the forces that come rallying to your aid.

      Good luck! xx

      • I have already lost too many people close to me because of my behavior. I will spend my birthday alone because of it. I’m ready to change.

        And thank you all. I know we all come for Mystic’s awe-inspiring astrological insights and just astrology, and use it to avoid these very things, but I guess we are all human and even the stars can’t prepare us for what comes. I do thank Mystic for the constant ZZ and LZ warnings regardless. They’ve saved me more times than I can count.

        Much love to all.

        • Astro will guide you as you make your way toward better health. Take it from me, health is just another facet of living well that astro will help you navigate, physical and mental health both. xx

  13. spreadsheets are a modern invention, capricorn is an ancient symbol born of myth relating and astrology. Cap is about boss, to use, to manage. This might be yourself or a corporation, doesn’t’ matter. There is a lot of boring literalists in astro which is why a lot of the general population throw it in the bin if you are not type cast. One of the most creative people I know is a cap. Cap is massive for front men/women in rock. Its all very pan. nothing to do with spreadsheets. Like mystic says, its the suit or pan.

    I have pan rising and I’m an earth goat so I’ve always liked cap. nothing to do with excel. Like virgo to cleaning. there are a lot more higher purposes going on than tasking.

  14. Hmmm, as discussed, my mum is a cap. This doesn’t sound familiar, and I must have a look at her rising, moon etc. I’m not sure she has an exact hour of birth either. She is hard work — the word I associate with her is dissatisfied. Also matyr, my sister called her that, and my bro recently said to me, in his very low key libran way, ‘she’s a nightmare’.

    This is making her sound like a monster. She had a tough childhood and upbringing, streak of tragedy in her and her mothers lives. Her father and brother alcoholic and nasty. One brother died in an accident aged 9. Another died at 28 I think in a car accident. He was the really good one everyone loved. The alcoholic one lived until 50ish, had 3 kids, two boys who suicided young. My grandma lived to see all her children die before her except my mum and one brother. Heartbreaking. So my mum is very stubborn, judgemental, always whingeing and not doing anything about it. It annoys me. It’s like she’s in a cage but can’t see the door out. I’ve tried to help her, calm her down, cheer her up my whole life (I’m the oldest child, and ‘responsible’ for her post natal depression). She also has a good sense of humour and her mood can change in an instant if something strikes her as funny. It’s wearing. When I suggest fixes for her dissatisfaction she argues against every one. I feel like she’s happy stuck in her rut of endless fear and anger with my dad, who always just does his own thing and ignores her while sometimes doing things to provoke her knowing they annoy her. Sometimes I wonder if her example has made me choose singledom and being child free. I remember from an early age being determined to work, and not to be a stay at home mum. Dad seemed to have all the power because he earned the money. He’s an Aries and implacable, also stuck in his own rut.

  15. I always fall for Capricorn men. This is my type. They tend tohave this lovely dry sense of humor.

  16. ahhh Everything up above I have embodied. I am a conceptual designer / painter / creative whatever who moonlights as a business consultant. As any Scorp knows, life has two sides, and Capricorns use both to Become. Life for a Cap rises from the primordial ocean that Pisces dwells in and evolves a la Lamarkian style with the first breaths of reality taken. It’s truly like mountain climbing, clip yourself to something and brace for a few free falls, because the only way out is in.

    Cap with a stellium in the 12th house and t square. (bangin I know.)

    • Also Mystic! You’re soul mating book is dead on! I dreamt of him and met him a few weeks later. And the tarot is beautiful. every morning your work helps guide my day. Love, admiration, and many blessings for what you have done.

    • Too funny you mention Pisces – my ex is a Pisces with Cap rising and a mountain climber – literally. He has no concern for traditional “success” (ie wealth) but he is determined to climb in a way that is either original (first solo, first American to climb x, whatever) or to climb the most famous/challenging/rare peak (ie Everest, Changabang). The point is to make a “notable ascent.” That phrase “notable ascent” seems very Capricorn to me.

  17. I’ve observed that young Caps are kinda lost and sort of messy when it comes to work. But once they hit their 20s, sometimes mid-20s, they start to pick up their paths in life and by the time they hit their 50s, are in the no-nonsense, efficient, I don’t make mistakes mode.

  18. Weren’t Aqua & Cap both ruled by Saturn? The Caps I have loved have had that off-beat, steely quality that dissolves into a puddle of laughs when you least expect it.

    Caps feel like the grand masters of the Zodiac, the conducter of the Zodiac orchestra & possibly the composer of the Symphony of the stars! Everything they do feels perfectly timed though, even their delightful departures from reason.

  19. Capricorns are fuqing awesome. The End.

    I think learning to “trust” (the process, your inner sense, your feelings) can be a cap Thing sometimes.

    All caps I know ARE mega playful. Wry, delicious brainpower. Also: so kooky.

    I think caps have a fundamental sensitivity to The System and like Mystic says, are able to interrogate it and manipulate/use it (in a pragmatic sense) to grow something. An innate awareness of utility.


    • We are awesome! (I’m a quad-Cap: Sun, Moon, Merc and Lilith all conjunct IC).

      That innate awareness of utility is the sword that cuts the wheat from the chaff, leading all the way to the top.

      And that famous manipulation of the building blocks of life, means that we are great at manipulating even astrologers into thinking we are just spreadsheets/finances/work work work!

      But there are so many profound artist Caps taking the time to learn the techniques, do the work, and show that playful/wry/ironic sense of the world….surely changing the world around you.

  20. Silver Huang expressed the lovely high Cappieness far more eloquently than I. I’ve always wrestled with my own power (trip cap- sun, mercury and venus) but with age have embraced my unique take on the world and what I can bring to it. It also helps to have a very dear Cap friend to (re)affirm that my thoughts and feelings are not “crazy” or misguided. My Virgo sister (married to a Cap) said she thought that Virgos can’t see the forest for the trees while Caps can’t see the trees for the forest. I’m not sure I agree wholly with that but do know that most Caps unconsciously struggle with a sense of responsibility they feel to the world. We see a bigger picture and get constantly frustrated with others when they don’t. Ha! Evolved Caps have gone to some length to vanquish their egos so this is not arrogance- just fact, as we experience it. Once we know our power and how to channel out.

  21. And of course, ones other placements will effect how one plays out as their sun-sign, as well! Yes, I’m most definitely a Pisces, but with a Leo Asc and Aqua moon, so that’s going to change things a bit!

    I love me some Caps — three of my favorite people in the world are Caps. One was a hip and beautiful harp player who toured with a major indie band, was like catnip to almost every man who crossed her path, who was also mind-bendingly brilliant (1600 SATs, math major at our prestigious university), as well as a sufferer of major depression, crippling insecurity despite all she had going for her, was a serial cheater (symptom of the insecurity, and non of the men seemed to even really mind, even once they found out, that’s the power she had), and an over-indulger in Neptunian substances. No exaggeration that she would have been both a famous rock star and would have found a cure for cancer, but she died of an accidental mixing of her meds with a night of overindulgence.

    My other Cap best girlfriend is more of a typical Cap — brilliant, a lawyer, wants money and a homelife, works very hard, has a Machiavellian streak. But even in her conventionality, she’s delightfully self-aware about her shallowness, which helps her make no apologies for wanting a conventional version of the good life. She’s also a serial cheater, who has struggled with insecurity and a penchant for drama, and has had the tendency to fall for men wildly undeserving of her.

    My Cap guy friend is one of the dearest people to me. Another brilliant person, he is one of the smartest people I know. He went to the same prestigious school as myself and the Cap ladies, and even dated Cap girl number one and I think considers her the love of his life. One of the most well-read people I’ve ever known (and I only associate with wellread people!) and a sharp, reasonable mind. Despite his impressive education and opportunity and intelligence, though, he’s one of those frustrating people who you just know could rule the world and seriously be a major player on the world stage or a major thinker, but the drive just wasn’t there, or the need to feel passionate too great that he could never seem to put his brilliance into any practical endeavor — like he couldn’t find a home in the world for his Cappy potential. It took him about 6 years or 7 to graduate from said school, and then he tried to go to law school after a spell, before giving up on that. I honestly don’t know what he’s up to or what his plans are now. He, too, doesn’t have the best track record with fidelity, if memory serves. He, at the very least, liked sex a great deal!

    What they all had in common was an profound intelligence, and more than a little bit of that Mergoat-Pan randiness! They were also all very sensitive in a way, and while it all varied and would have been influenced by other planets as well, I imagine, there was a common thread in their sensitivity that I think was all Cap: it was an existential tension when they felt they were failing at perfection or at realizing some goal or dream, and the tension turned inward. Very sensitive to their environments, but just as often as not, those goals weren’t about achieving world domination, but about being a good friend, or finding love, or just worrying about if they were “good enough” — for others, for the world. Each sign, I think, has their own cross to bear, but some, I think, are heavier than others, and I think it can be a heavy burden being a Cap, sometimes, one that, looking back, especially in the case of my first friend, I wonder if I could have done more to relieve.

  22. Not forgetting that in the whole sign Cap chart, all Caps have Pisces running their 3rd house of mind/comms/routine. (!!) Not at all earthy, yah?

    With Neptune running that gig for several years, it’s High Intuition and Creativity to Make a New World, or Deceit, Delusion, and Dilettante City.

    Since Caps hate to put their hand to the plow and not see a crop for their efforts, I’d look at what seeds of Neptune you’ve got in your bag, there.

    Me personally? I’m a Cap w a Venus-Neptune square. SO hard to get a grip on my own finances and SO unwilling to work for just for the rent. My younger self was uber practical, though, and this led me to some unfortunate and limiting choices. Attempting balance now. But never a pin striped suit for me. 🙂

  23. Interesting post. I’m a Virgo with a Cap moon. I am really artistic and getting into a creative field for my career (graphic design). But I’m still not really ‘playful’ and have trouble ‘letting go’ and having fun…to me, Capricorn is Saturn in the background being like ‘you have to be useful and productive’ even as I “let loose” and create art. I don’t know if you find that true.

    I actually take offense to Capricorn labeled ‘conventional’ and ‘conservative’ as my views are different than most and I like that I’m unique. But then…my aunt is a Capricorn and as conservative (and un-artistic) as they come. The rest of your astro must have an affect.

    I love that first post Mystic linked to — about Capricorn having the only magical creature as a symbol! Caps are magic!

  24. Mystic nailed it. I’ve always associated the fully actualised Capricorn with Power-From-Within a la Starhawk. We can feel like a tornado to people who refuse to keep up. We worship Saturn, consciously or unconsciously, and as such are driven to embrace change, whether a la The Tower or The Wheel Of Fortune. Be stubborn, and you get The Tower. Don’t duck the hard truth and you ride The Wheel like a pro surfer.

    I have heard of two types of Capricorns: The Materialist and the Esoteric. I’m an Esoteric Capricorn, all of my drive, for as long as I remember, has always been driven towards self-mastery and self-actualisation. I climb the steep walls of self-imposed delusion and my hooves crumble those walls to dust.

    I used to be very rigid in my youth ie. teens and early 20s, but now I cycle rapidly between logic and intuition, critical systematic and creative free-associative thinking rather easily. I believe as Capricorns, you get whatever you want should you put your mind to it.

    So fear not Questing Capricorn, you’re definitely not alone! 😉

  25. Yes, stealthy agents of systematic change, Caps. I’ve always been drawn to them. One of my brothers, my son, & my Cap friend who indeed worked with Dr King, are some of the noteworthy haute Caps who have graced my life.

    Both of my ex husbands are also Caps, but low grade. A sad and insufferable creature, the low Cap… Ah I was younger then & fell in love with their potential rather than their motivation to transcend. Lesson: learned. 😉

    • Yes, exact conversation I had this morning. A history of choosing the people about me for their potential not their ability that has to end! Next life I am going to incarnate with high vibration peeps only!
      I imagine haute caps being discerning that way, need to channel some cap energy.

      • And astrology makes this 10x worse. “Ooh, look at that grand fire kite anchored by Jupiter… I just KNOW he’ll be the most brilliant artist ever…”
        Sigh. I want to join your here-and-now club, but I know that I’ll most likely end up trying to rescue the next lost beautiful loser who makes puppy eyes at me. 🙁

        • Set the intent gurrrl! Problem is I think that when we are on our way in to this world and choosing who to hang out with here we are too easy going & full of lovingness and like, ‘cool, you wanna play? I can do that! You really sparkly!”. Then we get here and are like, “oh well this sux”.

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