Return Of The Intrepid Aries

Intrepid Aries on Mt Everest

Do you people remember my beautiful intrepid Aries subscriber who woke up one Saturn Return morning the most out of shape and unhappy that she could ever remember being?

And that she decided to spend her 30th birthday/the April Zap Zone/her Saturn Return climbing Mt Everest?

It is all in this post here.  And voila – she did it.  That is her on the right, above. With a Capricorn friend. No better companion for a spot of Saturn Return mountain climbing, right? And you can trust two Cardinal Signs to devise a scheme like that – not a hill but a mountain. Not just any mountain, Mt Everest.

The Zap Zone (Uranus square Pluto) zapped and they responded with more Zap.  Respect.

HOLLER! Zap Zone and Saturn Return helped me get up a mountain. Really.

You might remember that at my highest weight I decided to turn 30 by walking to Everest Base Camp last month.

Oh, duuuudes – what was I thinking? Aries girl you called me, you were all so supportive.

It wasn’t hard hard, as in, I didn’t get any blisters, and my knees and muscles were all happy (I’m thanking the gemstone pendulums for that one… ). There were moments of sit down and cry and feel sorry for myself, fat girl up a hill moments (3 in 30 days, not bad). The fit trekkers all gawked at me, and one even said I was ‘ridiculous’ to try – I was by far the most chubby person I saw up the hill, and the most out of my depth, except for some Russian gals who were wearing hot pink short shorts and pony tails at 40ish.

At the start of the trip my nick name was bastari bahini (slow girl in Napali) by the end it was bolio bahini – strong girl, so I’m happy with that!

But every morning I’d be petrified of how hard the trek would be. How high it would be, how steep, how rocky, how unknown – Because I had no control, no groove, no idea; that was the struggle, for me to ‘let go and let god’ and by the time that lesson had really lodged itself in to my heart, things started turning around. Because it came down to some simple truths, every day I was walking, and I was walking uphill to 5364m. A week in to this (and I feel for my 30th birthday), a group of shy Bharal Blue Sheep walked across my path, I was in awe of the shy Rams. Then, (finally) a clear night so that I could see all the stars shimmering above Everest – GOSH GOSH AWE-some, absolutely breathtaking, better than a cake, a big party, presents, better than everything I wanted for my birthday.

 On making Base Camp itself, it was a 10 hour trek day, walking on glaciers in a blizzard was exhausting – but the view, oh the view, it was how I imagined being on a moon. It was gorgeous, and it was fine. I’d made it. I didn’t feel some big WOOOO, or some big shift, it snuck up on me and felt like a mere and odd occasion, surreal.

 Home now, I was sad that I didn’t get any birthday cards, and there wasn’t a puffy dress and some fuss. I’ve lost 8 cm off my waist, and my body wants to move more in a way that is very unfamiliar. I’m the same, and Saturn Return feels still quite quiet. But, maybe that is “it”, it is what it is, and whatever it is, becomes was. Impermanence perhaps that was the gift, or is the gift?

I hope you all had a transformative April, I thought of you all, and of Mystic and sent some mountain magics to you all. Thanks for the love.


 mystic night

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This s the most amazing thread. Nice change from LZ talk and shows the power of the mind.
Anyone know good books I can get started on on this topic?

Archer Chick

Not a question mark at the end, should be a heart cause I love what you did!

Archer Chick

V~ Thank you for sharing your inspiring story! As an Aries Rising whom has often been underestimated, (which can actually be sourced as a superpower), your adventure left me grinning from ear to ear. Also, Happy belated 30th, I found my 30’s to have been my favorite decade thus far (and will be celebrating my 50th towards the end of this year), its all in the attitude; trust me as time goes on, you will see more muggles pop out hating on anyone that defies what someone of a certain age or look is capable of doing/being…use their backs as… Read more »

Leo Princess

Well done Aries Girl. The gift you’ve given yourself will last forever.

bull with sting in tail

Congrats Aries girl. All that has been said,( i dont often read all the comments on a thread) is part of the risk and reward.

You risked much, the reward is of equal proportion. Respect.



virgo kathleen

This is so amazing! What a HUGE accomplishment! Congrats! I LOVE that you went from ‘slow girl’ to ‘strong girl’…a transformation. I hope that I handle my Saturn return as well as you.

TripleToro/Fish Rising

That’s such an awesome lady right there. Getting over the blues by not wallowing and enacting change with some determination. Such an encouragement when you see people pull it off!

Scorporation, Inc.

Far out, VFS! Well done 🙂 When I was 30, my Everest was pregnancy: far from a nice hike through the woods, uncertainty & danger aplenty. My Saturn return was over by then, but had everything to do with readying me for the adventure. Your Everest climb has paved a gorgeous way for you, no doubt! From now on you can *know* that you can do whatever the fuq you’d like. You know that all else is just background chatter 😉 Rock out. x

Mistress Gem

Oh that gave me goosebumps to read… KICK ASS GIRL! I hope you were able to flip the bird (accompanied with a huge friendly grin, of course, for balance) to the person who said you were “ridiculous” to try. Talk about QI vampire.


Bravo Aries girl! And take that anyone who says we’re just vapid pseudo intellectual astro bitches …

The community and empowerment that is here is sometimes so amazing. I’m so inspired by her story that I’m pumped for my own (far less impactful) slog up a mountain of work today. 🙂


Wow! I remember reading about your ZZ plans and thinking how brave a thing it was to do and also how cool. Your follow up story brought little tears of awesome to my eyes. Like seriously, RESPECT woman. I mean fuq. You did it. On your 30 th birthday during the April of Awe at a time when you felt the most out of shape in your whole life. That is just so incredibly inspiring and totally awesome. What a powerful memory for you and a great story for us. Really inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing this with… Read more »


Apt that a ram n a goat are so rapt
goin up a mountain; so high at that

Taurus Vixen

I don’t even know you but I am so happy, proud and damn impressed by you.


Thanks Taurus, I have your smarts in my rising sign. So I find you impressive too, x


What a delightful congratulatory thread. You saw Shamballa when the clouds cleared. Sealed in your memory forever.

Have just started mentoring an 39 yo Aries hiphop reactionary crystal loving, now woman, that I took under my wing when she was 18, twenty years ago ffs.

Think i will have my hands full (insert wink) in this ‘adopt a daughter’ scheme of mine. Working my true node in the 5th house of fun.
May have to send her to Nepal for rehab and keep her 3 pit bulls 🙂

Climb every mountain- swim every river? You sure did good.


Happy birthday you awesome chick! You can basically do whatever you want now, you know that right? Anytime that cop in your head sneaks up on you with some bullshit rule you can beat it down with a memory of the view from Everest. How wonderful! My hat is off to you. I’m going for a walk now 😉


Thanks Alouetta, 🙂 I hope you had a great night walk, I do love those – it’s almost too cold in Canberra now for night walks for me. Unless I get the wool hat on.


this is the kind of thing saturn transits make you want to do. metaphorically or literally climb mountains.

Suddenly Leo



You too Leo, you bloody heart breaker! <3


A big hug {{ }} You made it!! Late or not…Happy happy birthday, may your dreams come true this year 🙂

Hathors Horns

That is AWESOME. Congrats on your Triumph!! Reminds me of that song Mother Superior sang to Maria in The Sound of Music, “Climb Evry Mountain”.. Inspiring. Thankyou


Hathors! Totally, I did sing that – and in the tricky bits I sang.. Bjork – Undo It’s not meant to be a struggle uphill Oh I You’re trying too hard Surrender Give yourself in You’re trying too hard You’re trying too hard, ah It’s not meant to be a stuggle uphill Oh I It’s warmer now Lean into it Unfold Unfold in a generous way Surrender It’s not meant to be as dry (surrender) It’s not meant (undo) to be a struggle uphill (undo) It’s not meant to be as dry It’s not meant to be a struggle uphill… Read more »

Buckle (Aries, Pisces Asc, Gem Moon)

Oh my God , that’s one of my favourite songs, and I get that line “I’m praying to be in a generous mood” in my head a lot!

Oh, you’re tops.


me tooooooo! It’s such a great line, it pops up at really gifted times.

You’re tops! <3

Scorporation, Inc.

Me too! This song reminds me that if it’s too hard I’m doing it wrong, sooo good for endurance & being in synch. In the flow, baby. I hear it in my head often. Silky Bjork earworms with sparkly crystal eyes…


Everyone nose that that song comes from Monty Python, duh


Man, if I planned on doing that I would like train for years or something and you just went, props, what a champ. Like seriously, you can brag whenever you want now, no one can ever even protest that kind of bragging either, instant respect from every other human being you meet.


haha, David, it was so great saying that to people who had trained – I really value training, and using ones body in great ways, I think athletes are like unicorns, it amazes me.. And it’s so far from me and my body… Apparently not because they didn’t believe me, some were shocked. “What? You went on one walk, once to train for this? Like one walk, only ever? Have you camped before? Bush walked? Anything?” Me saying, ‘nope, just bought my boots for this trip, aye.’ That said, I am in love with a brilliant planner, and I am… Read more »


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Aries. You lived up to your Aries birth right. Awesome! You go. Now you know that you’re unstoppable, the Aries you are. Keep going, new challenges, new risks, new fun, new everything. Nothing is stopping you now.


serenity – I really really do hope so, I am going to print your comment and read it ever day. Thanks <3 <3

Aqua Ramette

Congratulations – reaching base camp must have felt wonderful. That said, I find it really bizarre that your experience was that: ‘The fit trekkers all gawked at me’ and that one even said it was ridiculous for you to try the hike. But for the fact that some moron actually made that comment, I wouldn’t have believed you at all and would have said that although it may have felt like people were looking at you, the only person judging you would have been you. The reason I say that is because I’m a fellow (Aries) chubbster who hikes and… Read more »


Thanks Aqua, I’m friends with many trekkers, and in the world I know them to be amazing and warm and some were on the mountain. I thought everyone thought I was a mountain goddess – no shame here… it wasn’t until some others pointed out, what some others said (hearsay.. pfft) but it did happen a few days in – I went with an excited and open minded heart with mad respect to the ‘real’ walkers, I was just the slow poke kid sister in my mind. BUt I had some blatant, ‘you’re an idiot’ and some people mad that… Read more »


LOL I bet the “you’re an idiot” people were the ones who subscribe to 18 different mountaineering blogs, had the shiny gear, rugged stubble and still talk about the time they climbed the north face of the eiger with nothing but a muesli bar and some kola leaves imported by their special contact in the andes or something (even if it wasn’t this kind of person, allow me to labour under the misapprehension)


hahah whoops i meant coca leaves..


in my heart, I really hoped it was from a place of love and care for my well being.
Coming down the mountain I stopped off in namche bazaar again, where lots of people stop for a day to acclimatise and to shop at north face 🙂
and one shop owner said ‘we thought you were a crazy fat girl, but you did it!’

haha, a few others remembered me and said I looked good now… pffft.
I get it, it was a rather reckless thing to do.


i mean you’re an aries, like you’re going to wait for ‘permission’ from some stupid expert before you do it. Clearly they did not know this. x


oh that was me, Pi, I came up as anon and the Web Identification Police didn’t pull me up!
one door closes, another door opens… huh


Hahaha that’s so funny “even if they weren’t allow me to labour under this misapprehension ”


“Russian gals who were wearing hot pink short shorts and pony tails at 40ish.”

I’d like to hear about them too! What astro were they working out?

Magnificent accomplishment, Aries Heroine!


Honestly, I think they were just not cold affected – they were such a breath of fresh air – too many trekking grey and beige pants and beanies until they arrived.
Culturally speaking, not the best to wear shorts, but they were rocking it!

Thanks Holiday <3

Aries Moon Girl

Thank you for sharing your story Aries Girl. Love your courage.


congrats! Sounds like quite the journey!


Awesome story! Aries powaaah.


Just Wonderful, V.F.S, and belated happy birthday xxx


Well done fellow ram. Now when some silly ‘other sign’ talks about their traipse up some molehill you can just smile and
pat them on the back while you reminisce about the view from base camp Everest.
(While blowing on your bent fingers and rubbing them gently on your ample breast.) yes I know, they will call you an egotist under their breath and plot revenge (scorpions especially) but they can’t ever take it from you. High five 🙂


haha, high five – you’re so spot on, haha, molehills!
Yeeeep, you got it david, thank you. <3


lol, we plot noting, This is the kind of power we respect 😉



this ****ing auto correct..



Congrats Aries Girl. Obviously more to come where that came from… speaking Aries to Aries here. Happy 30th birthday. Keep up the good work!

catfish moon

oh how amazing! Cogradulations. Best wishes on this turn of the wheel for you.
Got chills reading, but did get a good grief laugh at the short shorts with pigtails russians gals.

Buckle (Aries, Pisces Asc, Gem Moon)

That’s beautiful! Strong girl!

Thanks for the mountain magics!


Hope you felt them Buckle – full moon magics were all of yours, I should link a picture to that night as well..

Buckle (Aries, Pisces Asc, Gem Moon)

Oh yes please!


YOU ARE SUCH A TOTAL LEGEND AND I WANT TO GIVE YOU A GIANT BEAR HUG !!! Congratulations Aries Bahini. “fat girl up a hill moments” oh gosh this made me giggle. the Russians sound fabulous… I think this is why I secretly love their outrageousness (you know, when not being corrupt oligarchs and invading neighbouring countries, but let’s face it that’s not only Russia) (could be an asc newly progressed into Leo) Bringing along a Capricorn bestie is SUCH a great idea. For mountain climbing! perfect 🙂 And you saw some native Rams, paying you a visit… it was… Read more »


Thanks Pi! I’d love a hug. Oh yeah, learning the NOW – never too much banging on. I love that ‘surrendering to the next step’… my first love/ex girlfriend didn’t contact me and I was emo about it – but then I realised. It is what it is, and what it is now will become was. And what feels shitty now, will be remembered as shitty, but the next moment could be a cup of tea and a book and that is lush. Lessons that are SO obvious to my current girlfriend who doesn’t ever look back, or up, or… Read more »


yay roadtrip

cosmic fleece

Bravo and Respect Bolio Bahini,
1,000 Birthday Blessings !
I do believe you would have had Saturn kicking back in his favourite old armchair by the fire with a ”My work here is done” sigh on his has.
What an experience, what a memory.
Beautiful work, inner and out.
Keep up the momentum baby !

cosmic fleece

*on his face – A sigh on his face.
Dear Goddess obviously typed by an Aries, leaves proof reading in the laps of the Gods.


Thanks cosmic fleece, I really hope to keep up the momentum – at the moment I am just getting waaaaay too into crystals.

That is such a great image of Saturn; I’m going to nurse that one for a while. Let’s hope this clarity lasts and my emo eating and ‘stuff’ will ease a little with older/wiser/wisdoms. 🙂

cosmic fleece

Oh you know who is a genius of crystals on here ? Andromeda, who i think has had a nom de plume change to Sphinx. Your story gave me goosebumps and bought a tear to my eye. I am genuinely cheering for you. What you now have is an incredible achievement on file in the back of your mind for any future hurdles ”Who i am kidding ? of course I can do this, I bloody climbed Everest, this is a walk in the park!!” And can you imagine in your old age, you will get to drive family members… Read more »

Electric Eel Libran

Congrats!! I’m so glad you had a hard earned win!

But why slam on 40 y.o.’s in ponytails and hot pink shorts? Sort of marrs the victory there that you have to take down some “old people in bad fashion” a notch. Weren’t they living their dream too?


It was more that it was was so cold, and I meant it more as ‘out of depth’ for the cold. No judgy to the ladies, more mad ups to their super warmth against the blizzard. <3

Electric Eel Libran

Ah my misunderstanding! Carry on ewe brave Aries ewe!


<3 🙂


You are my hero!!! So cool that your friend was able to go and share the journey with you.

I looked up where Uranus is and looks like it’s a few degrees away from your sun at 19 degrees…just passed over my NN at 13 degrees Aries. *gulp* No pressure.


Thanks Holiday <3
R – you seem really in to NN, I'm going to google this more.
NO PREASSURE at all – bliss all the way. What does Uranus near my sun mean? So many questions!
Thanks, I love that my girl and I hiked and didn't fight (secretly I was worried with it being major evolve or evaporate time) and it was great.

I'm a hero! YUS! Thanks lovely. x

The Leo Socialite

OI! Nothing wrong with hot pink shorts and pony tails in your 40s. Can we please not be thingist. But radical props to you lady aries. When i think of the times i have let fear of ridicule or of standing out or not looking the goods stop me from going to even just a SPIN CLASS i am in AWE of you. i would love to know if the strength from this achievement has carried over into your working and love life? And god i bet your body wants to move more. It happened to a friend of mine… Read more »


I know you and I are from different planets TLS, and you also carry all the pressures of being a beautiful LS in the ES, if you’re pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down… lol. But if it’s any help (cough) I head to gyms or do a run / workout looking my absolute worst: this way, I remove myself from any semblance of competition with whichever beauties happen to be at the gym / running trail / etc, also, I am usually unrecognisable 🙂 I save the hotness (sigh) for moments that require actual Hot. agh, then again, as a… Read more »

The Leo Socialite

Thank you, I know, i know but i am also cursed/blessed with Libra Rising.

And teenage daughters who say “you’re not leaving the house like that are you? You look like a crack dealer.”

but yes i do need to get over myself and just accept that i got to gym full of hot people because hey, it seems to work.


Leo Socialite – I wasn’t intending to be thingist, my tone in my email must have been off – it was more, look at our photo of possum socks and merino, and mad props to two ladies dancing in the face of a blizzard. And guuuuuuurl (I’m guessing), I hear you. I don’t gym it, SPIN could freak me out, yoga now freaks me out with lululemons all over the place. But, I found my place was on a mount, going so slow that I was alone and it was beautiful. Work life and love life is bliss already thanks… Read more »

The Leo Socialite

Ah i get it. Because goddamn it i gave up drinking but nobody is taking my right to ponce around in inappropriate for the weather clothing and hot pink ponytails.

two hard questions VFS – did you go to AA and then relapse? or decide your problem was not so bad after all?

And so if Missy Capricorn is your lover and not just a friend does this confirm all that i have heard about Capricorns as lovers, you start dating them and they start pulling shit like making you climb Mt Everest?

Waratah Karloo

As a capricorn lover, I would have to answer yes to pulling the kinda shit that sees you walking up mountains (yes not just one) ha!


Brava, strong beautiful Aries!!! You bore witness to your own resilience, timeless beauty, and good on ya!!

Very very proud of you!!!!

You traveled the Zap Zone for all us earthlings- and you must keep sharing the wonders!


Belated Happy Birthday! And thank you for sharing your story. 🙂

Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

Congratulations! Your story is sooooo inspiring!
HUGS and Power to you!!

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