“Qi Is Just Iq Spelt Backwards”

Melanie Camp in Mars Skirt

“Qi is just Iq spelt backwards”



This is Melanie Camp – some of you may remember her from Being Aries in L.A. – Mystic Medusa, subscriber, actor, multiple-Aries and enthusiastic Psuedo-Intellectual Astro-Bitch.

The t-shirt is worn with a Mountain Of Mars dress for extra Aries oomph and to fend off any more pass-agg schizz from the interminable cathartic Retrograde Mars in Libra.

“Qi is just Iq spelt backwards” really is Zen P.I.A.B. genius – thank you Ms.

Who else has single-sentence Pseudo-Intellectual Aphorisms they would like to share?

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Pisces Cubed

Dearest Mystic, years ago I emailed you about somesuch + whatnot and I signed off with “Love and Luna Sea”. I still use it to this day…although only for appropriate P.I.A.B. recipients. xxx


I want that shirt! Where can I obtain it?

Mel C

You used to be able to get it on this site. I don’t know where they went! Sold out may be?


“Don’t harsh on my Neptune”

“I’m not agoraphobic its just a dark moon”

“Leave me alone my moon is in Cancer ”

“I swore off Scorpios years ago”


“Take what resonates and leave the rest.” This phrase is not exclusively PIA, but popped up in a comment or post here and it’s become a good deflector for people trying to take you down on a notch while feigning interest in anything PIAB. For some reason it is also very calming. ‘
Crab dancin’ is cancers trying to date each other, pass agg/”psychic” communication (‘it’s your turn to take out the trash’, ‘i still love you’) or (basically anything) each other. click clack mthrfckrs.


I just read the Being Aries in LA post, and was so great. Gosh, I do love the Rams. Husband is one, first boyfriend was one, all of my most intense celeb crushes are Aries. I have a lot of strong Aries in my chart, but too much Piscean self-doubt and Aquarian over-thinking, so I never pursued my real dream of being an actor/singer/performer. Shame, too, because Leo-Asc sure does get depressed about not being able to shine sometimes. But I’m happy with my other path, have a great job, and lots of opportunities to shine in other ways. Love… Read more »

Mel C

I think LA would LOVE you 🙂

The Leo Socialite

I like what i read on here once – nostalgia is history with a sigh

OMG i love the Jupiter idea – i was so excited when i saw the email as i had a dream that said i would be told a city to go to for a holiday and it would be SO lucky.

I also thought it said Lucky Mofo at first lol. Melanie, i love your style, mountains of mars dress, legs hair !!!

Mel C

Thank you beautiful Leo!!! I always love reading your fab stories and brilliant thoughts!! 🙂 x


Love it Ms!

This one came from a wonderful saggi rising katana friend, it’s had currency on this site in the past and was one of the (many many) stepping stones out of love zombie-dom for me:

Never make somebody a priority, when they only make you an option.


this seems very Merc in Gem.

Yeah, but what does it meeeeeaaaaan?


‘Bad Pisces Romance’…. was it EEL or Catfish who first coined this phrase?
And I also have an abiding affection for Scorpbot’s typo ‘beadwork’ 🙂



Think I was talking about crab sun & Mars dude then but Beadwork really relates more to a mars in Virgo I reckon.

LOVE ‘Bad Pisces Romance’ too!! 😀



Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

Ha! Love it!

“If you run red lights when thinking about them, you’re being Qi-vamped”

“trust the synchronicity”

“If you have Leo in your chart, inspipration is the cure for everything”


Inspipration is the epiphany you get while munching on mandarines.


Ooooh, very close to the bone here…ran a stop sign (not at great speed, but didn’t pause long enough) and didn’t see the police lady lying in wait, lost the last 3 points of my licence. Was most defo being Qi Vamped!


Shit ! That’s not good ! You live in a rural area ? Maybe you need to throw yourself on the mercy of the court ?


No thank goodness this happened 3 years ago, D, when I was going through a lot of crap with the Leo, I was helping him move house just the two of us, and the whole thing was a disaster. I lost licence for 3 months and he had to drive me around. I still say it was his fault!


And the other points you lost were obviously his fault too, I’m guessing 🙂


Yes. Even though I hadn’t actually Met him when I lost those ones.


Maybe I was being Qi Vamped! I’m banned from driving for two years (four months to go)- after I was caught driving while suspended for one year- just after I got my license back from being suspended for eight months, for driving under the influence of low levels of alcohol, three years ago.
Bloody Qi Vampires.


It’s a cracker Ms, really. I <3 it.


Are there 2 MS?
Thought MS was a Scorpio in London, not an Aries in LA?

What a bunch of gorgeous women gravitate to MM.
No quips too early.
Ecco terrorism is not decaffeinated coffee?


Yes we are 2 different people. I think Mystic is just putting a PIAB post together. Sadly I am not an actor in LA lol


You still can’t work out your rising sign ?
Hold on I’ll just grab some puppets and crayons.




It’s not mine. Leo Socialite said it: “I am occasionally psychic when not mental.” Fits me so well though. Maybe others can relate.


Thanks for the love M
If I have any more I will let you know 😉



Ms. I love you! x


love you too gemmy! Ive never seen anyone who communicates so fluently in emotocons.

secret gemini language skills. emotocon



You’re pretty good too! Of course they feature in all of my text messages 😀 xx


Shear Poetry Ms. Love it. x


How’s that for a P.I.A.B auto-correct typo?!
SHEER not shear… 🙂


I love it! — now back to reading mode: I can’t produce anything to match the brilliance that will be pouring through the comments 🙂

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