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So i just got a snippy email from someone saying (basically) that you can’t just say one sentence to describe each Sun Sign. I don’t think this person had actually read the site lol.

Anyway, i was like snorting my lavender infused anti Qi-Vampire venom desk spray (patent pending, this thing is still in the testing stages) and had a breakthrough. Uranus – yes URANUS – is nearing my Mercury in Aries. For the first time in 84 years. The last time this happened, i was in a past life.  It was 1932, the year that Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World was published. I have a perfume called 1932, because i love the numerology of that year.

ANYWAY so I thought, screw one sentence descriptions of each Sun Sign – let’s redux it down to ONE WORD.  I just wrote what came to mind:


There you go. Every single blessing in the good fairy bag. You could even think of these simple UP words when thinking of your Moon sign or houses of the zodiac chart.   Thoughts?


Top Image: Venetia Scott – Arena Homme

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115 thoughts on “One Word For Each Sign

  1. If Saturn is charismatic, I am a super nova on this full moon. Am triple conjunct – Mars, Moon, Saturn – in 10th H Scorpio. Transiting Saturn (Rx) is closing in on Saturn return, with Full Moon crossing and conjunct in all. This is but one reason I call myself a drowning Capricorn.

    Any advice from this wise community?

  2. Aries – Divine
    Taurus – material
    Gemini – growth
    Cancer – was
    Leo – always
    Virgo – going
    Libra – to
    Scorpio – cost
    Sagittarius – more
    Capricorn – than
    Aquarius – its
    Pisces – dissolution.

    ha ha that was fun

  3. Awesome MM! Don’t mess with us Aries. Now is probably the worst time to do so. LOL! I always need a good laugh. I say give me a reason to have one.

  4. im more than eloquent, but thats nice mystic. you’re a sadge and i understand hardly #least #compatible why you didn’t pick a more deserving title. such as “service” or. “organized” .. #critical #me. but. whatevs.

    • Yo, she’s not a sadge! I suspect because she didn’t want to limit Virgo s to service when they add so much more to our lives,; the mercury needs recognition…

      • I agree! I am bored with critical and St Virgo has already dropped the mop and bucket – elegantly communicative….much more like it!

  5. Glamour Brains Charisma.
    Merc/Venus/Sat in Intuition.
    Mars in Eloquence.
    Jupiter in Magic.

    😀 I like it! Simplicity.

    Imagine explaining a chart to someone going, “you have your Glamour in Magic in the House of Guts”.
    “Ooh you have Brains Rising!”
    Just avoiding astrological language altogether!

      • I have always liked Bravery as a word for Aries/ first house types. There is a subtle sense of the word ‘brave’ that I secretly love. Like conscious application of action in difficult circumstances.

  6. Charisma magic poise. Brains vs Candor (IC-MC)– hilarious! 5th house Intuition, 12th house Genius.

    Born with the Uranus-Mercury conjunct in Horns of Scorpio/8th house. “They see me rolling, they hating.” Adopt this mantra, all will be fab 🙂

    • Speaking of rolling/ hating. I had no idea there was an anti Lana del Rey thing on the internets 🙁 I have career and age related envy (sigh) but no hating. That makes me sad. She is a bliss bomb.

      Other than that with mm’s keywords: MAGIC SUCCESS BRAINS

      damn. I can’t not do something with this..

  7. i love this list Mystic! ?i only wish Poise was not associated with badder incontinence pads tho. :/

      • OK i did not know that. 🙁

        But now I’m beginning to understand why astrologers from that area are always looking for a catchy new name for Librans. Because who wants to be associated with pads? >:(

        But you know in the states, we have cars that were named Aries, Taurus, & Scorpio!!

        The Taurus car is a sort of plod along comfortable vehicle but I never understood the Aries or the Scorpio car at all. The Aries K car was a boxy piece of crap that was not fast and did not commonly come in red. The Scorpio car was not sleek, sexy or stealthy. wtf?

  8. Ooh, I do love it! Don’t think I could do much better, except I’d maybe modify Gemini to “Wit” and Toro into “Sensuality.”

    Let’s see, this makes me Magic Glamor Genius Magic Guts Guts. Sounds about right. 🙂

    • Yes those two are the only ones I’d change as well. I’d make Gemini “curiosity.” Cause BRAINS STAMINA BRAAAAIIINSSSS – well I suppose I could become a zombie of the physical sort, maybe someday? For now CURIOSITY SENSUALITY CURIOSITY is so much nicer!!!

      • Maybe so. I was going to explain with a bullfighting metaphor but it was too awful. So I will give you a (slightly) less brutal metaphor.

        A thousand people running a marathon is a display of stamina. A Taurus standing immobile, unflinching, while a thousand people stand in line to slap him in the face, one by one, is a display of endurance.

        Sorry for that. I’m having a very tough time lately. But I can endure it.

  9. Love them all except Scorpio…Charisma. I think they’re too secretive to be charismatic. I like Hardcore or Alchemical better. Maybe I need to look at the thesaurus and dictionary on this one. But great job on the conciseness of one word descriptions!

    • Scorpio: Goth. Maybe a secret Goth.

      I once ran a chart for a Libra friend. She was a Scorpio ascendant. She asked what that meant. I told her it was kinda Goth. She cracked up laughing. She said that in high school, she was a Goth but her parents got sick of it. They took away all her Goth stuff and forced her to be “normal.”

  10. I had to stop and take the slogan off that Tshirt and email it to my
    Genius Glamourous one! Hahahaha that works so well with your one word take.
    Me, I’m intuitive magic but I knew this!

  11. If we’re talking Sun, Rising & Moon, then I’m in. MAGIC, GUTS & CHARISMA. I could only hope this describes me ; )

    Now I want to hear everyone else’s, too, please.

  12. In honour of Sagg so-called candour, I am going to buck the trend of approval by saying that I can’t come at the reductionism of one word descriptions.

    Uranian radicalism has its place but only when it breaks a mold, breaks stereotypes. How does one word descriptions break stereotypes, I wonder (says I with my activated Uranian Aries moon at the mo?)

    Besides – Gemini – brains? I object, your honour!!!! Mental, definitely. Mercurial, definitely. Wit, definitely – and I reckon that’s the best description.

    But “brains”, nup, sorry. The brain is a very complex organ that includes millions of ways of receving and processing information/knowledge – many of which are not Gem specialities, but specialties of OTHER signs. Each sign could be said to have its own special part of the brain – and for Gem’s it MIGHT most commonly be the left side language hemisphere, whereas others might be highly attuned to the amygala, or the right hemisphere, or the prefrontal cortex etc.

      • lol, indeed. Then there’s also the varieties in forms of psychological guts: eg the kind that gets you medals on the battlefield for bravery vs the quiet kind of longer-term guts to endure, or transform etc etc. Which is why one word descriptions will never quite cut it.

        • I think you have just demonstrated that one word can have so many connotations it is never really just one word. Besides, it’s just plain fun innit?

  13. Hmm, taking my key planets, that makes me:


    Hell yes, I’ll take it!

  14. OMFG – summed up absolutely perfectly – so I am a pisces with aries rising – a gutsy witch! right on !!!

    • And I love eloquence for Virgo, that one I would have completely struggled with! (My mother being a Virgo Lol!)

  15. Aries- first
    Taurus- comfort
    Gemini- everywhere
    Cancer- empathy
    Leo- everything
    Libra – diplomacy
    Scorpio- deep
    Sagittarius – adventure
    Capricorn- commerce
    Aquarius- neuron
    Pisces- motion

    Hey. It’s not that easy.

    Says something about the recesses of my mind… Need more words. Not all caps are finance gurus but I couldn’t wrap them up in one… Back to my thesaurus.

    • Cheers Xx! (in) motion, @ everywhere and asc empathy 🙂 i like the combos of insight both you and Mystic have conjured by restricting the synopsis to one word. You’re right about cap–> commerece is almost there but not quite. 🙂

      • All the saggie gals I know are explorer types with a great sense of fun. But candour fits too. If you want an honest opinion on serious topics they tell it straight.

    • Ooh fun! ha my list turned into a “hobbies” list 😛

      Aries – sports
      Taurus- cooking
      Gemini- chatting
      Cancer- comforting
      Leo- shopping
      Virgo- juicing
      Libra- decorating
      Scorpio- sexting
      Sagittarius- travelling
      Capricorn- organizing
      Aquarius- inventing


      • Virgo- juicing LOL:-) I know three and all are in the depths of a kale/ beet root/ apple / carrot juice fest.

        Cancer, spot on. They can make my day better in an instant.

  16. Glamor Poise Eloquence

    I am taking it. Thank you AND i want that t-shirt.

    And is that anecdote the best a professional exorcist could come up with? Lesbians throwing chocolate at him? There are people out there who would pay good money for that!

    • Well chocolate is high in calories and it’s oil content makes it a bitch to get off a starched white collar.
      I’d say he was low Virgo 🙂

      Anyways, surely the stench of hell is a familiar one to a catholic priest ? How many innocents have they burnt at the stake in the name of their putrid man made abomination of a philosophy ?
      Exorcist heal thyself. Slap.

  17. Don’t you just love 1932? Someone gifted me a bottle they lifted from a fashion show as a freebie during its debut. She saw nothing special in it and i’m forever grateful for her personal drydown-letdown. I read so many reviews with nothing much to say about 1932, a few stating that it ‘blends in’ where it should ‘stand out’, but to me it does both at all the appropriate times. Always working with me and never against me by demanding the attention of anyone within a whiff or two.
    In my opinion, what it lacks in ‘excitement’ would presumably be being made up for by the achievements and play-by-plays of the woman wearing it. One review said “This is for the quiet movers-and-shakers behind the scene who abhor the spotlight and who clutch their pearls (or cufflinks) at anything as remotely vulgar as obviousness. Quelle horreur!” Also that it’s not one for “Maria Callas, Grace Kelly or any famous person for that matter”, while I agree with much of the first bit, the rest felt dismissive to me.
    I say it’s a great scent for any natural wallflower who’s got a toe in the spotlight and tricks up her sleeve. Never underestimate the art of subtlety
    (says cancer sun, gem moon, cancer asc). Anyways, I just think it’s got a natural charm. It doesn’t need a chorus line to impress. Just a couple jazz hands. Although sometimes it reminds me of a funeral.

  18. This Kataka Sun says “Big tick to Intuition”. Way to go MM. Rad post! 🙂

    Now I want to spreadsheet this into a cardinal cross…then break it down Virgo style. “Prowlin I think your housemate is in my headspace.”

    Top images = is that our PM’s pre game outfit for Budget night Tuesday? Tight arse Tuesday just got a whole new perspective.

      • Took a Scorpio to catch my comedy. 😉 My radio silent mute has been lifted (temporarily).
        Imagine how PM Tony goes through Customs…any wildlife to declare?

        • LOL. 🙂 Don’t get me started on Tony and the government. My blood will start boiling. I’m trying to have a relaxing evening

          Always thought you had a great sense of humour

          • You rock!
            It’s a revolution – time to think outside the box.
            I may not be in the Clink but I’ll be getting my paws on the Fin Review for the breakdown come Wed AM. I’ve always loved politics – good D never hurts when your prepared. 😉

            • The fin rev is best for dispassionate analysis imo. Happy to see a fellow reader here xx

      • Budget smugglers too funny Scorpbot

        Thats about the part of the anatomy they are going to pull it out of.

  19. And I take it that “GREAT LOOKS GREAT BRAINS, ALL IN ONE BODY” is the visual for the unabashed Leo >>> GLAMOR. Non?

    On another note, how does a bottle of salt …explode??

  20. Brilliant! Just brilliant!!
    Somehow this distills the essence and somehow, at the same time, shows how we are all one and we are all the signs in our essence.
    Too woo woo? I don’t think so!

  21. I love ankhtastic!

    Hey i was just reading out something funny/weird from the news to my Gemini daughter and bottle of salt she was holding exploded.

    This is what i was reading to her – it is from the Sydney Morning Herald

    “During the conference, the Reverend Cesar Truqui, an exorcist now based in Switzerland, recounted one experience he had aboard a Swissair flight. “Two lesbians,” he said, had sat behind him on the plane. Soon afterward, he said, he felt Satan’s presence. As he silently sought to repel the evil spirit through prayer, one of the women, he said, began growling demonically and threw chocolates at his head.

    Asked how he knew the woman was possessed, he said that “once you hear a Satanic growl, you never forget it. It’s like smelling Margherita pizza for the first time. It’s something you never forget.””

    Seriously w.t.f. Chocolates? Not even some brimstone? And how the hell did he surmise the woman were gay?

    Okay i may do a post on this but in the meantime, the Christian Devil is a mash up of the Pagan Gods Pan and Dionysus. Hence the cloven hooves. The word “Lucifer” means light bearer and comes from guess who – VENUS – in her guise as Morning Star she is called Venus Lucifer

    that is just fyi.

    • The devil smells like pizza?

      Ash, flesh and maybe a waft of sulphur but tomatoes and cheese on a bread base???

      C’ mon….

    • The devil is any god which begins to exact obedience

      As Linda green shared in that Pluto article you linked to.

      Mind you, was he praying aloud? On a flight? if some sanctimonious person started doing that around me with pointed references to my existence, I might growl and throw whatever I had handy at them too 😉

    • ” The real grace and the real heart-stopping evil, was right inside the human mind.”
      I thought of Good Omens (by Neil Gaiman/Terry Pratchett) when I read that article:

      (full quote)
      “There were people who called themselves Satanists who made Crowley squirm. It wasn’t just the things they did, it was the way they blamed it all on Hell. They’d come up with some stomach-churning idea that no demon could have thought of in a thousand years, some dark and mindless unpleasantness that only a fully-functioning human brain could conceive, then shout “The Devil Made Me Do It” and get the sympathy of the court when the whole point was that the Devil hardly ever made anyone do anything. He didn’t have to. That was what some humans found hard to understand. Hell wasn’t a major reservoir of evil, any more than Heaven, in Crowley’s opinion, was a fountain of goodness; they were just sides in the great cosmic chess game. Where you found the real McCoy, the real grace and the real heart-stopping evil, was right inside the human mind.”

      • Yes, Lucifers original request was for personal freedom. He was not struck down to earth, only given a space to see how the idea of personal freedom works out. That’s where we currently reside. The lucifer quadrant of this galaxy. We are the angels that followed his lead.
        Our perception of isolation is not just a perception. We have been isolated so as to decide for ourselves whether personal freedom is all it’s stacked up to be. (And to not infect other communities happily agreeing to group mind)
        Ask any person on this planet what their most highly held treasure is. Yep, personal freedom.
        In every soul is the struggle of 2 basic directions. Surrender to a higher source or maintain our own judgement of good and evil. There is a fine line between co creation and anarchy.
        The ultimate goal ? A new breed of universal soul that takes responsibility for it’s actions and chooses benevolence over malevolence with out fear of punishment from an overarching creator.
        Let’s face it we have a way to go.

          • Thanks lovely x I was so worried about you ? you sound like you have a smile on your face today ? thats better x

            • Yes I got my smile back. Had to get through a major day. May 9 and I did. Stood tall and found my wings. I’ve never drunk Redbull either 😉
              Thank you Davidl xoxo

        • so personal freedom lets us watch people starve and die on the nightly news? This is our karma? Isolation is freedom?

          • Exactly, we do terrible things to each other in the name of personal freedom. And hence continue on the wheel of karma. I personally have downgraded my view of freedom.
            It’s over rated. I look forward to a time where I live as one with all others. I yearn for it.
            I have lost my sense of ownership of anything or anyone.
            I’ve also come to terms with the fact that this place is set up for these lessons and may never be a world I am proud to be a citizen of.

    • Yep,
      that Padres also notorious for..
      I’ll quote :
      “I LOVE ….the smell of gluten in the morning….”


      I dunno.. theres some funny Synchronicity going on there because just just earlier there was a post of a stunningly svelte looking mile high cocktail from some company recycling dolly trollies or something..

      trolleyD , I think

      Anyway, it reminded me of a long haul flight I was on where I was privileged to party with the Australian womens soccer team on their way home; 12 hours after beating the Brasillians on their home turf…

      hardcore spirits indeed.
      lots of them.. mainly rusty nails.

      back in the day when you could spin the seats around to face each other like in a train..

      Those gals would have thrown more than chockies at that kook.

      • * scusi,
        I meant to say up there that there was a ‘post on my instagram wall from…trolleyD..etc etc

    • I Am A Aries,And I Think That The Word Gut’s That Was Used To Describe A Arie’s ,Was Rite On The Money!

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