The Monthly Moon-Saturn Moment

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surreal comic art Jean Giraud

Every month the Moon zooms through the Zodiac, making a myriad of connections and setting off constellations already hard-wired into your astral d.n.a, as shown in the birth chart.

It has recently come to my attention that the Moon on Saturn (your own personal Saturn, not Saturn where it is now) is completely worth monitoring. Closely.

It is a sombre little 12 hour transit complete with all the hallmarks of Saturn and more: it’s a time when you are lucid but low ebb, highly inclined to see the negative things and definitely packing zero tolerance for Qi Vamps, Zombies, clutter, dis-respect, the whole damned deal.

This may sound vile but it’s worth knowing when it is happening and planning around it. Should you try to glitz out and project fabulosity during the monthly Moon-Saturn moment?Β  No. Should you engage in hardcore analysis of situations you usually prefer to leave sort of blurry? Absolutely.

But do not underestimate the psychic weight of this lunation. Old wounds literally ache when the Moon is on your Saturn.Β  Long healed scars itch. Watch it. The areas in your life you feel or really ARE vulnerable become achingly, poignantly obvious and sometimes circumstances even conspire – or synchronize – to expose them.

It is a Moon for contemplation and emotional efficiency, not a shit-fest of retaliation. Nor fast-quick-fix decisions.

So to work out when this is occurring, simply find the degree (number) and sign of your own personal Saturn via Astrodienst or your chart if you have it handy. Then check the Moon signs – they are always on the Daily Horoscope page a few days ahead- so that you know when the Moon is going to be in the same sign as your Saturn.

That’s a start. You can narrow it down by taking Saturn at 0 to 10 degrees of a sign as being the first 18 hours of that Moon, Saturn 10 to 20 the second 18-ish hours and Saturn 20 to 30 the last bit of that Moon. But really, if you just KNOW when the Moon is in the same sign as your Saturn, you will soon learn to recognize and work with your monthly Moon-Saturn Moment.


Image: Jean-Giraud a.k.a Moebius

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97 thoughts on “The Monthly Moon-Saturn Moment

  1. And what if your natal Saturn is retro? Does that make the Moon-Saturn sitch more so or less so? Or does it not matter?

    • Observing Saturn Retro in others I do see that the stress around formality & etiquette & over-doing the order of things heightened, which I find really charming in some ways, kooky y’know? It’s meant to give a Uranian flavour to your experience of the moon. Maybe it will provoke weird twists & turns for you?
      Where is yr Saturn btw?

      • Thank you for these insights, Sphinx! Of all my chart placements, Saturn rx is the mystery I’m still trying to unravel. Mine’s Kataka, 5th house. How wonderful a Kataka 5th house would be, esp with the moon transiting, were it not for this rx Saturn! It seems like mustard on ice cream… but then, maybe I’m just not getting it? It mystifies & frustrates me, this 5th house rx Saturn.

        Kooky I get, though lol. Me & kooky are good πŸ˜›

    • I also have retro Saturn – at 3deg Cancer 2ndHouse. This is a weird placement, with my SunMoonNeptune in Sag.

      • Agreed: natal rx Saturn is weird. I can see how a 2nd house placement would be complimentary for Saturn, but the Kataka piece seems counterintuitive. Throw in the retro bit, & hell if I know.

        I feel you, TripleSag.

    • How fascinating, Saturn Rx in natal.

      So Saturn is about structure and discipline and TIME. Retrogrades are when the energies of the planet are “reversed” but I read somewhere before, can’t remember where, that retrogrades in the natal chart signify energies denied or delayed or inhibited.

      So… I’m merely guessing here… Saturn Rx in 5th House = Difficulty establishing routines, structures and systems in your creative endeavors? Or perhaps you find routines, structures and systems difficult to sustain long-term through time?

      What do you think?

      • Energies denied/inhibited: yes. On a very realistic note it’s no wonder, just given my years of medical & health issues. Physically my energy is blocked by virtue of the bones on my spinal cord. For starters. It’s a wonder I get anything done at all πŸ˜›

        But more importantly, when I have found the energy for 5th house matters, often it’s not returned to me– & this feels like a rx Saturn issue, that denial bit. It’s like it creates a vacuum, & what creativity/romance/etc can exist in a vacuum? It’s a matter of physics lol.

        To me Saturn is like the great manifester; retro, more like the big tease! A constant, “Wait for it… Wait for it…” but It has been elusive. Beyond me, so far. But I keep on, you know, just because… Because maybe I’ll be an old woman in purple by the time 5th house goodies manifest, and whatever: it will have been worth the wait i suppose lol

      • And thanks for this, Silver Huang. Your input has totally helped me put this rx Saturn biz in perspective. x

      • this is very accurate for me. I have this in the 7th house. I often feel like the most unloveable person that has ever existed. That even if i get someone at all,they’ll never choose me to take that risk with.
        i feel like I will never be able to get married.

        having saturn in your 7th delays marriage to begin with. I’ve been told it just means you’ll get married after 30 so don’t worry about it. But 30 is long gone. I guess its a double heaping of delay if it’s rx too?

        • Funny EEL I relate v much to this. But I don’t have Saturn rx. I have Neptune in 7 th and only 2 LTRs. Mostly single, Zlways being told how attractive and lovely I am and ppl surprised when I say I’m single. I do get the feeling I’m scary for a lot of men who want someone easier or who they can dominate. I don’t do submissive and don’t suffer fools gladly. Almost 50. I often get accusations of manhating lesbian, but I’m straight and don’t hate men

          • I can relate to a lot of what you say as well. I feel some days I must have missed a secret meeting that everyone else attended that shows them how to get decent partnerships. It never bothered me until after 35 y.o. tbh that I was never married. Recently,I started getting little judgemental feedbacks from other women and men about “what was wrong with me that I never got married”….like being divorced was acceptable and “normal” but never being married was some kind of heinous sin. It’s really caused me to go more underground and avoid people. People calling me a “Peter Pan”. I’m not a fucking Peter Pan. I WANT to be married so badly you have no idea. The family pressure is so immense some days I consider suicide as a more respectable outlet.
            My father’s side of the family’s tribe you are still regarded as a child if you don’t marry. It’s embarrassing to still be sitting with children and not be a part of adult society.

      • Just keep in mind that retros are visual illusions. Planets do not retrograde. As I’ve mentioned before here in my view the whole retrograde interp in astrology needs updating. So delayed for example would look delayed but maybe isn’t .
        The whole reversed delayed thing is far too primitive a view in my book.
        Have a look at an astronomical explanation of say mars retro. It’s not slowing or going backwards, it’s just differing elliptical angles.

        • I kind of like what you say here, as I have considered this also. But then I think astrology is a symbolic process more than a science.
          Isn’t it enough that as we look at astrology from the perspective of the earth not say, from the vantage point of space important? That we perceive with our eyes the moving of planets in a reversed fashion means that in a sense we create a perspective about that as idea and perspective is everything? πŸ˜‰ or is this like saying the world is flat even if the horizon line is curved? I am not sure, perhaps it’s like asteroids and tarot, it may work even if it is not clear why..

  2. WOW. This makes SO much sense. I have natal Saturn in Scorp and yeah, there is always a time every month (an NO it does not coincide with PMS, but thankyou for asking) when I get paranoid and totally insecure.

    I can’t wait to start tracking this!

    • I’ve also got Saturn in Scorp, and I can’t wait to start tracking this, too! I get super restless and depressed about once a month (and also, nope! Not to do with my magic moon time!) and get this, like, acute malaise, if that makes sense? It’s more than the melancholy that occasionally gets triggered in me — it’s very deep and penetrating, like I can see through everything and I don’t particularly like what I see or I feel helpless in its face, and I just want to break free and run away or shake things up to snap myself out of it. I always thought it was my Pisces sun just flaring up or getting triggered by something, but this moon-Saturn idea sounds more like what it might be!

  3. Have to agree. Always pinged by moon contacting my Saturn. It’s good, maybe as for me my natal moon is on Capricorn I guess. Sober is a good way to describe it. Moon pluto feels a bit gnar. Moon Uranus was a trip hazard when I was seeing the Neptunian Toro – weird emotional shocks or floodlit clarity tended to descend then.

  4. I’ve not noticed anything in particular lately when the moon is on my natal saturn but perhaps that is because Saturn is currently transiting my natal moon. So grumpy McGrumpster is my regular way of being.

  5. Saturn and the moon both occur natally in Gemini for me – 10th house- what does that mean ?

      • They are in the same house and i checked my chart but weirdly its blank where it should show that . Saturn is at 16 degrees and the Moon is at 3 degrees both in Gemini

        • My understanding is that the moon and saturn may well be preferred to be separate if there were a choice! I think you could read the transiting Moon on your Saturn it would be the same as for others. Maybe there would be some kind of resonance or ‘echo’ but moon conjunct the natal moon isn’t a bag of fun for me anyway.

  6. Ugghh…that doesn’t bode well for me, since my Saturn is conjunct my Midheaven (& opposite my IC Neptune conjunction). MC is 6 deg GEM & Saturn is @7 deg.

  7. Hmmm… did a search over the past 6 months and tried to see if there was any correlation in my journal entries. Nothing so far. But it’s a lot harder to say when the entire period has been sort of a huge shift in itself. But it’s an interesting one nonetheless and one I’ll take note of in the future to see if any trend appears.

    In the meantime, who else is loving the Grand Water Trine? I’ll bet it’s going to be even more super-pumped on 1st June when the New Moon in Cancer exact conjuncts Jupiter in the Trine!

    • Me: I’m digging the grand water trine! It’s been fluidly groovy for a person on medical leave like myself. I suspect the new moon in Kataka will temper my groove (see above), but I’m committed to optimism (and I take commitment seriously, of course) πŸ˜‰

    • I’ve been so stoked on Mars direct that I’ve barely noticed the GWT, haha! But, now that I think of it, I’ve been having some mega Lucid dreams, that have been a delightful combination of mostly-enjoyable and rather deep. I just assumed it was the Astral Projection oil I’ve been anointing myself with nightly, but come to think of it, the synchronicity of receiving the oil, using it, and the GWT is rather magical. Whatever it is exactly, between the GWT and Mars direct, it’s like a fog has been lifted, and while I haven’t been springing into action (I’ve just accepted that I just wait out Mars in Libra completely), I’ve definitely been feeling more at peace, more it’s-all-good, and less cranky and frustrated. Which I’ll happily take, as I prefer relatively laid-back to be my default setting, and getting back to that is likely due to the watery magic!

      • Me too! Though I have to really agree with MM’s Daily Mystic where she said, “… there IS action and momentum going on but it is underground, like those molten rivers of lava that run beneath some glaciers.”

        On the surface, I looked around in my life this past week and it appears that nothing is moving. Frozen.

        And yet when I tap into my intuition, it told me to stay still and wait, EVERYTHING is happening, you just have to wait.

        And I woke up this morning and finally got the written confirmation I needed. Yahoo!

    • Me! I always have wonderful days whenever there are Grand a Water Trines! I have one in my natal chart and always thought that’s why πŸ™‚

      • Ooh I’ve got a Grand Earth Trine in mine, I should keep an eye out for those now and see how I feel then!

        And astro pun… Grand Earth Trine = GET, get it? LOL

        • Mystic pointed out in my last kismet that I have an Grande Air Trine, now all we need is a person with natal Grand Fire Trine and we can take over the world! πŸ˜€

        • You should totally keep an eye on the GET days (yeah, I get’s it, thats a good one! loll) and see if having one natally enhances your day πŸ™‚

  8. WOW! This explains so much – Saturn Rx at10deg in Pisces, 12th House here.
    Always thought it was a moontime cycle thingy when I became all Boo-Hooie-Moody-Trudy.
    This now makes perfect sense – Thanks Mystic.

    • You too with the rx Saturn? Thanks for sharing this, Catzai: it helps me get a better idea of how this translates in my 5th. Moody-trudy, you say. Probably moon thru Kataka coincides with my times of dour sour re all things 5th house, like, Am I doing this right because I can’t tell. Which is totally counterproductive re 5th house stuff. Or is it? Lol! Round & round the mulberry bush…

      Productive & counterproductive: Saturn issues. Intuitive & counterintuitive: Moon issues– and Kataka, too? Thank fuq my Virgo is empty: with my Pluto-Moon & Scorpio/8th house players, I would probably over-analyze myself right off a cliff if I had fuel in Virgo too. My Virgo elders pick up that slack for me LOL.

      So, Grand Water Trine these days… Hang ten, Catzai πŸ˜€

  9. Interesting you posted this today, as I will be experiencing this over this coming weekend when the Moon transits my Saturn at 8 Aries.

    I have always felt a bit irritable when the Moon transits in Aries, yes, I have always noticed this transit and, tbh, never look forward to it, as I tend to be irritable in general and this puts it a little over the edge, but I’ve learned to try to surf it and just tell myself, yeah, Moon in Aries time……..

    Thanks for elaborating on this type of transit, MM! It’s good to know there is more to it and to understand the constructive parts of it, and to also know I’m not the only one who feels this transit! I mean, I didn’t really think I was the only one, but it’s nice to read someone else putting words and meaning to it.

    • I have natal Moon-Saturn conj in Aries, so MM’s description is like *baseline* life for me. It’s saved me from a few ill advised ideas that other parts of my person wanted to indulge. πŸ™‚ Other times just casts me as a cynical grinch.

      Saturn no likey being in Aries. On the other hand, “No” in this sign is the equivalent of an eco-industrious toilet flush: one pump and WHOOSH! You gone.

  10. I yakked on about it last Scorp Full Moon, but it was just exactly, “zero tolerance for Qi Vamps, Zombies, clutter, dis-respect”.

    And not in a ‘I’m too good for this’ way at all.
    More like, a dawning realisation of all the subtle manipulations underneath the surface.
    The shadow selves with all their icky behaviours were so clear!

    That was a transiting FM WITH Saturn conjoining my natal Moon, but same same.

    • p.s. I will no longer leave my house when the Moon is Cancer. Next Saturday 31st is going to be fasting & zen day.

      • I hate Moon in Cancer days too. It’s like the perfect day to play hooky from the world, eat a mountain of croissants, and cry at sad films or stupid shit your ex-bf did to you.

        Scorpio Moon is also shitty for me and that’s my natal moon.

        but really my best moons are: Aqua, Libra, Pisces, leo, virgo

        not bad moons are aries, gemini, sagg, cap,

        toro moons make me restless. i never seem to know what to do. everything i do feels wrong.

        • Where is your Saturn electric libran? Is it in Cancer also? Mine is at 11 deg in the 1st house, I think it is punishing placement esp as Aries (1st H) & Cancer make such NATURAL friends *not*. But I do have good cheekbones.

          • It’s in gemini. so you’d think that would be when I’m miserable but noooooooo! gemini moon is ok for me.

        • Oh, I meant to say, I totally agree with you on the Moons & moods you describe. Toro Moon is just uncomfortable, Kataka Moon is a headache, I need to study the rest better. Actually I am beginning to think if I was to pay attention to one planet, the moon is the only one that really rates discussion.

          • sometimes i think i might be miserable when moon transits cancer because my south node is there. But then you’d think maybe as it goes across NN i’d be miserable again? nope.
            I’m assuming Too moon sucks for us as it is the opp of scorp moon. i have nothing in toro.

            • I don’t like the Toro moon much as it squares my Leo/Scorp signature.
              But I always fall in love (!) with Taurean movie stars, which is so weird, ‘cos in real life I haven’t met one Toro I find interesting. Maybe Neptune is doing something there…

              I am surrounded by Taurus Rising people tho, I find them extremely difficult but it can be emotionally satisfying (my moon on their DC) anyway.

              Taurus women I think are remarkable – fortresses on the energetic sea of life, the Mont St Michel of the zodiac!

            • I always feel miserable when the Moon is in Saggo because it conjuncts my south node in 12th house. It’s a pattern I noticed years ago.

              • Where is yr nn then? What does it mean that your moon opposes your nn? That’s interesting!

              • yes moon over my south node always feels horrible! moon over nn not so bad…not great either but not bad.

  11. And I looove Moebius, if I could have anyone illustrate every post by Mystic it would be him! (Well in a world where genius artists do the art for blog posts ‘cos that would be financially viable).

  12. Yeah it’s fun time then for me and it’s a happening now lunar Pisces in my 12th. Conjunct Saturn!

  13. I have moon conjunct saturn in sagg in the 9th house natally. Can’t say I am big party animal, but I’m certainly not sombre all the time either.

  14. ok, well here we go then. Saturn in Aires 22…
    Going for a quiet introspective weekend. Potentially doing tax and long overdue work documentation.

  15. Saturn in Aries too – thanks for the heads up for this weekend.

    • Half way through and familiar patterns are being seen. I go hyper critical (intolerant ) of my amazing Aries man over stupid stuff – why aren’t you different / more pleasing to me sort of dialogue.
      Love the illumination – now I see it I can choose not to be a slave to
      It! Awareness is king

  16. Saturn in Airies at 21 degrees also in my DC- 7th house. Hmmm… I wonder if my breakups where during Moon-Saturn moment. Thanks MM – from now on I will ‘observe’…

    • Ha! Just looked up my 16 yo son’s Saturn placement and his is exactly the same as mine to a degree! No wonder we fight at least once a month. I always said, that he has ‘monthlies’, when he will ‘go off’ in a split second.

  17. Hi mm… Sent an email earlier today, have not received the daily email yet today… Has there been any issues with it today or is it just me?

  18. Last time moon was transiting my saturn I ended up in the emergency ward at the hospital and I thought to myself, gosh darn it, I really must take note of when the moon transits my saturn, and then I read this post!

  19. Oh this makes sense and is something I’m also going to take note of in future, thanks MM

    My natal Saturn is @ 5 Aquarius in my 12th. I don’t seem to enjoy the Moon transiting Aquarius, which mystified me since Aq is also my rising sign and I thought I should be rocking that transit πŸ™‚

  20. I’ve tracked this for years, and used to hate it. Since last year’s Saturning, though, now I look forward to it. It’s the only time of the month that I know I’ll be grounded, clear, and able to accomplish anything!

  21. Woah. Explains so much. I think I just had the void moon pass over my natal Saturn (one degree off, I think?) Had serous sensation of total free falling gloom and doom which seemed to pass as soon as the moon moved into Aries. I could have misunderstood, but this makes complete sense. Am being raked over by two Saturn transits anyway, but the last 28 hours or so have been particularly Saturn … sorta sad, seriously somber and sucky.

    Feeling markedly better now.

  22. Think when Trans Moon hits Saturn it’s the time when you realize you are outta Kotex or Tampons…

    Course that’s why (with Cap Saturn in 7th….and a Cap Moon), I sent Kataka hubby out to buy Kotex after Gem was born.

    Don’t say Persian men don’t comply or all are, you know, against women…

    • Ha, and just realized…

      “it’s time”…Saturn…

      American gals say “it’s “that time of the month”….

      Do you know that “only women bleed” (Alice Cooper old song), because they carry so much karma?

      I am not talking right or wrong here…just fuked energy is all..

  23. I have Moon square Saturn in my natal chart. 10th to 1st house. I live in a cottage not far from the Sea with roses and beautiful things so it lightens the real, raw, edge of the aspect. I also have and love a creative energy and am highly imaginative. Lots of Libra in my Chart, with Leo and Neptune in 5th, Uranus in 3rd – fun, artistic, creative can lighten the luna-saturn mood. But yeah, I can be ‘too serious’ at times for my own good. ‘Older / mature for my years’ = me as a moon-saturn child. xx

  24. I have no inclination for Chaos Agents, Qi Vamps or Toxic themes. I just walk on by.

  25. Anyone notice more road rage, loud fights & arguments, drunken brawls on Aries Moon?
    I get very annoyed by the aggressive energy on those days & nights.

    • Notice Aries Moon at 4 degrees right now. My Mercury is 5, 10th….trine natal Sagg Jup 1 degree in 6th.

      i don’t know. I’m feeling quite pleasant.

      But then again…The Car Crash…was at work this week.

      Aqua, Moon in Gem, Mars in Aries the ZZ was busted wide open by the truth of new hire Saggie gal. Saturn coming up Sagg in the not too far future eh?

      She saw some things on Aqua’s Facebook that were down right slanderous to Pisces Doc, his Pisces wife and Toro co-worker who is married to a Palm Springs Cop.

      Okay, so 6’3 Toro rising Pisces doc picked up little bitty Toro and swung her around….

      He’s always done that kinda stuff with her..And yes I know about what Patty Stanger of Match Maker Millionaire says about big men and “Thumbalina”..

      Have been oblivious quite frankly and thankfully so…

      In any case, add her derogatory remarks on Facebook to all that has transpired in the past and fingers crossed the ZZ is doing it’s work..

      She told new hire Sagg that she does not like the Scorp, Toro or me…

      The Kataka…eh, she shimmied her hand half heartedly in mid air…”so so”…lol

      Told the girls that if she is fired (which we are all praying on…me after seven and a half years…don’t ever say Cap Moon Saturn square Sun don’t perservere…we do…till the ship goes down…that is us..we wait, pain and all for the lesson to reveal itself…sometimes we know it is not our lesson…you know? But becasue we doubt, we wait…that in the long run is our wisdom…)

      Let you knowif she gets fired…

      Told newSaggie gal “it has been a nightmare”…

      And “I think you are our hero…thank you for your honesty”.

      She extended a hug…And I took it.

    • Yes! They are like alcohol fuelled post apocalyptic ZOMBIES
      I was invited out to drinks with some friends of a friend in the city and although they were all genuinely nice people I had to leave after 2 hours. The amount they and everyone else in the square mile was consuming was insane. Like hell bent on poisoning themselves in a lemming like camaraderie.
      No one was in the slightest bit interested in getting food and after one woman lost her phone the highest priority was moving to another bar????
      I tried to help her find her phone but even she didn’t appear concerned about it. Just “which bar did they go to ”
      I’d have been gutted. Not just at loosing my phone but hello my friends just left me here and went to another bar???
      I’d say finding your friends should be the last thing on your mind honey.
      I took her to the bar and politely excused myself feeling more stone cold sober than I’ve ever felt in my life and as I stood at Bank tube station I watched in horror as women staggered about in heels, alone, with half closed eyes being helped onto the tube by random giggling strangers and sat half passed out in their seats. I wondered if the working like drones in jobs the hated was a contributing factor in their collective nihilism and the binge drinking a desire to compensate for the amount of feeling denial they must be doing to play nice at work or something.
      It felt so zap zone polarity ish if that makes sense. Oddly I had had a few drinks myself which is why the sensation of being so stone cold sober felt so creepy.

      I did not want to relax or be a part of that tribe. I did not want to get stuck there. I wanted to be at home and eat, listen to soothing music and rest in PJ’s.
      People say I should get out more so I am trying to but that is so not my scene. I need to meet people with similar interests, like yoga, fitness, blogging etc. my trouble socially is that because I’m diverse in my interests I do find socialising tough. Being compulsively honest doesn’t help!
      Not many people who do yoga are into the other things I’m into (are they?) and lately I find the whole fetish social scene a bit one dimensional too.
      Maybe I should start my own meet up group?
      Or just accept that I’m a freak and focus on work. Seriously late for the gym. Marcus is going to thrash me for being late!

  26. i have this natally. do yourself a favour and abandon any overly controlling notions of “tracking”. Whales use sonar and sharks use electromagnetic sensory organs. Lesson: Go meta instead.
    The only exception is if you are having a strong saturn transit.

  27. Asteroid Dark Chocolate conjunct or opposite your natal moon. πŸ˜€

    poss someone else having a shitty transit sharing with you…. :d

    i wish i had answers…

    • omgz there is actually an asteroid called Coco! i just checked it.

  28. I have Saturn natally in Gemini in the sixth. No wonder I feel positively hermit like when the moon is in Gemini. And oddly I LOVE Gemini’s. Then again doesn’t everyone? But hmmmm will watch out for that. To me how Saturn in Gemini feels is best represented by the dynamic between Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe. I still get really sad seeing photos of them together. I think he was such a jerk with her and she so badly wanted his approval. Daddy issue central. But I remember reading about how he found her embarrassing socially after a while and it just reminded me so much of my relationship with my ex husband and how he’d critique my flaws after every dinner party in a really cruel and demeaning way. Am considering psychotherapy ATM to deal with my parental and self worth issues. I say considering because another part of me says “there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with you at all woman. You rock”.
    I just don’t want to loose my newfound sense of self worth in a love interest. It’s a worry. I recently ALMOST got involved with a beautiful French photographer. He’s very wifey. A real homemaker type. Loves to cook and play the piano and drop dead gorgeous. The same guy I re connected with back in CT in Feb when the Jupiter/Chiron/Venus thing was happening too. But now I just feel like it’s too South Node Kataka in the 8th vibe. As in he’s got no money and lives in CT and has a ten year old boy who he co parents so is grounded there. I was going to get him a ticket to come visit me and line up some photo shoots for him so he could pay me back for the ticket and make a bit of cash too but then last night I stopped and thought “hang on. What are you doing? This REEKS of low self esteem. You have your writing to focus on and your own bills to pay. Forget about men. Focus on you!”
    It’s something I need to be constantly vigilant about. As soon as I finished work on the Bitch Flicks piece I felt so good and it made me realise what a drug men and their approval and feeling validated by them is for me. So I’m back on the North Node wagon. X

    • Ha ha the penniless wife. That’s what i need, except rich smart and successful. Lol

      • Haha! Gemyogi I used to want rich but now I would find that a deal breaker.
        I don’t even want successful. Smart is a must but basically I want a male surrendered wifey.
        I’m not even kidding!

        • He is dreamy tho. And theoretically single although the co parent thing means “she” will always be a part of my life if he and I get serious. He mailed me last night. On Facebook messenger FFS Do you remember that movie “he’s just not that into you” (not the book. It’s a Drew Barrymore film and she is fuqin adorable in it) -other well known actors too but she is just so splendiferous -anyway at one point she is telling one of her gay male colleagues about this dreamy artist/musician guy who “my spaced” her and the gay colleague makes an ewwwwww face – the point being that MySpace /Facebook is like dating Siberia and displays a level of laziness which points to not really giving a fuq. As in he is probably on MySpace /Facebook telling SEVERAL women what beautiful and unique snowflakes they are. In the film this is exactly what happens. He writes a song for her and plays it to her answering machine and halfway through he realises he’s gotten her name wrong. So he’s probably singing the song to several women! The tarot says I should drop the cynicism and accept that he has strong feeling for me. I’m constantly getting the two of cups and all the romantic cards. But yeah. Who says it’s him. I need more than photos and voicemails on Facebook messenger. So far only one personal email from him vs four from me to him. And he recently asked me if I knew of a place to rent for 3 days in London for a friend of a friend. A couple with a kid.
          I gave him the names of some b&bs and
          I didn’t like that.
          I got shitz to do. Laters homies love u all

        • Yeah. When I say rich, I mean independent with a job and able to pay their own living expenses and not expect me to support their lifestyle.

          So basically, solvent and not a sponge.

          • An equal and independent partner. Who also likes their own space, and is happy for me to have mine as well. And probably maintaining their own house/apartment. Not sure about living together full time.

            • Yup. I’m with you there. I seriously worry about my ability to co habit with a lover at this point. I’ve been on my own do long and Sag moon in the 12th needs a LOT of space. Fuq. I blew off the gym cuz I was late and watched the film Boys Don’t Cry. Still wiping the tears off. Shit. Hardcore movie. So fuqin sad. πŸ™

  29. Hi.. I think the New Moon is this coming Thursday.. I thought I read that decluttering / cleaning should be done this w/e but wonder if I can get away doing it this week. This w/e.. was just not going to let me do such a thing.


  30. weird thoughts:

    I’ve been renaming the zodiac in my head:
    Scorpio is now “Goth Lobster”
    Libra is now “Metal Weigh Pans”
    Sagg is “My Little Pony-human Chimera”
    Aquarius is “Water Cup Refill Dude”
    Pisces is “Limbless Scaly Water Puppies”
    Aries is “Fluffy Head Butters”
    Gemini is “Too Many People in here”

    i should probably get a better hobby…