Mercury Retro Tip Sheet

Salvador Dali

Yes, seriously. Mercury is about to be all slippery and Retro again. I know, i know. It was Venus then it was Mars. BUT i have just put a handy little Mercury Retro Tip Sheet up on the Weekly Horoscopes page. It includes the dates and some of the weird but cool schizz unique to this particular Mercury Retro.

Image: Salvador Dali

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5 thoughts on “Mercury Retro Tip Sheet

  1. hmmm I am starting my new job as of tomorrow – just for a few days sign the contract tomorrow, I found out just before the shadow began, feels right!

    really start smack bang Mecro retro…..

    still great as my super casual work is all over red rover as of yesterday, enjoyed the change of speed and the unexpectedness of it all, but wow it was exhausting juggling two jobs with less hours some how

    just spent day cleaning washing and having lovely afternoon tea with sister on the lawn out of a teapot, very taurean moon, the change of pace a la zapping along in the zone.

    • meeeeeee!
      HATING this last few hours of it.
      Feel like my feet are stuck in concrete blocks.
      Cranking on my site.
      So much tec stuff to learn and come to grips with. So many psychological land mines around me.
      Feels like I never accomplish anything and I am just super crap. Lol.
      But seriously

      Oh and can I just say, having Saturn in your soul sector is as much fun as the Hex reaction!
      I do a small “naughty” on myself i.e. something which just 4 months ago would have been fine like be with a new someone physically that I’m not really into physically because it boosts the coffers and provides a distraction and I dream for four hours that I’m still there with him even tho I’m not anymore i.e. I’m still psychically bonded to this person who is you know, a less than brave /optimal choice / old behaviour pattern then I wake up in a sweat feeling like I have to throw up.
      Did not throw up in the end but did realise yet again with absolute certainty that particular way of life, even occasionally is just not viable or even possible anymore.
      Off to Feng Shui my vag again.
      It’s like I have suddenly developed a form of sexual snobbery which is forcing changes and compromises like budget cuts and a level of accountability I’d so much rather avoid.
      I know I’ve been banging on about this for a while now so sorry for bringing it up again (lol no pun intended ) ugh but I thought you know, just this once, no one will know, a bit of cash, it could turn out to be fun but I knew when I met him at the place we agreed to meet, my heart sank. He wasn’t hot. I really wasn’t up for it. I did it anyway.
      I guess it’s cause for celebration really as sometimes its good to revisit things to really know we are done with them. My ego is gutted and another part of me is inextricably gladdened.
      still, meh to the DM. Off to Feng Shui my vag

      should I post this?
      probably not….
      ducks to avoid potential avalanche of snark

  2. I think I’ve figured out that Mercury Retros don’t really effect me that badly. I can see that they effect schizz around me, but I don’t think they really screw me up that much. I wonder if it might have something to do with a Merc in Pisces. My Mercury has one of the strongest placements in my chart (conj chart ruler Sun), but it being in Pisces, where its “detriment” in Pisces, I always kind of think of it more as being comfortable with more abstract forms of expression, and greater ambiguity, reading of the things that go unsaid. And just a general acceptance that strange things happen all the time *shrug* (I think that’s just Piscean, in general.) Less reliance on typical forms of communication. So in that sense, I feel like I can kind of ride the weirdness of Mercury Rx because it’s a weirdness I’m comfortable with.

    Wonder if any other Mercury in Pisces peeps have a similar feeling, or if anyone else (and what some of their relevant placements are) doesn’t get too tangles up over Mercury Retros.

    Mars retros, on the other hand, as I have just learned…..

    • I am also mercury in Pisces and I have had similar feelings and experiences. Everyone makes such a big deal of it that I’m always aware of the dates but I haven’t noticed any exceptional snafus during mercury retro periods. Venus and Mars moreso.