Meditation = Digital Consciousness

Jane Fonda with cat

So okay, I have only been meditating regularly since the New Moon Eclipse in Taurus – a la our Transcendental Taurean Meditation Challenge. But, as i have Mercury in Aries, this puts me more or less on a par with Deepak Chopra.

What i have noticed: Meditation fits a minimalist temperament. I used to get annoyed at trying to still my mind and kept clutching at thoughts in case the stillness somehow meant mindless. But so many thoughts ARE JUST CLUTTER.

Also i think meditation promotes a desirable digital consciousness whereas many of us are still at least partially stuck in analogue consciousness by dint of our upbringing or being overly attuned to the more old-era dinosaur attitudes of our society.

Analogue consciousness makes your mind like a huge dusty old book shelf where guests can peruse all the spines of the books to see how well read, traveled or experienced you are. All your knowledge is there. Digital consciousness is more like the cloud – you are serene and trust that the information, response, memory or idea you need is there for the “downloading” when you want it to be.

What does everyone else think and how are you going with the Transcendental Taurean Meditation Challenge?


Image:ย  Genevieve Naylorย 

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Hathors Horns

Hi there Mighty Meditators! I just remembered that I actually put together a guided 15 minute chakra meditation some years ago. If you’re interested please check it out!


Yes so Aries and uranus in Aries! I’ve been using the words download and upgrade all the time. I can feel my mind downloading things and they are accessible via cloud. And when I improve my circumstances in any way (upgrade) everything else gets taken up a notch, too.


Yes! I’m doing a deepak 21 day meditation now and really getting into it near the end. It’s all about the chakras and finding your flow. The only drawback is Oprah crapping on at the start, but I skip her. Deepak has such a lovely soothing voice. They are doing another one soon, just sign up at chopra online and it’s free.

Feline Foe

Cloud consciousness as collective consciousness is a fascinating analogy.


We’ve all speculated on how it is that MMs posts seem to hit uncannily, exactly bang on what we’ve been doing/ reading/thinking about…CLoud consciousness??

Rebecca A. Watson

I already had a little meditation practice going on before we started, but this challenge has helped me to focus on it more. My spiritual connections are bonkers right now! I had about 7 pages of dream analysis on the first night of the challenge and I’m making crazy awesome connections. Not all of it is fun to deal with, but oh so necessary. Thanks for the push ๐Ÿ™‚


Photographer = Genevieve Naylor



thanks for the link – what a fabulous series of pics!


Love “analogue” also for a description of past life regression as meditation. Did a little meditation last night on my current scene, a tarot spread in meditation form. It’s amazing how it weaves multiple threads into one experience. Makes even the worst experiences from a very distant perspective seem like a burst of colour on the canvas of our soul’s multiple incarnations? If they don’t warp the fabric of the canvas entirely.. As for the cloud, I see good meditating, at least Vipassana style, like being in the ‘Eye of the Torus’ – the storm cloud that is our own… Read more »


Love the idea/ possibility/potential/reality for many -of our mind being a cloud .Yoga for me is like meditation. I got a speeding ticket on the way to yoga this week but by the end of the sesh could not give a jot about it or anything. I wish more peeps thought cloud like this as I find it annoying when peeps have to google everything to get a fact. What happened to the art of just wondering and day dreaming ? As an aqua rising this comes naturally to me. Google is like a religion to many that has to… Read more »


WOW! I don’t know if it’s the New Moon, the Eclipse, the Zap Zone (including Pluto passing on my stellium in Capricorn) Pluto conjuncting natal Neptune right now (like alot of my peers) in the 8th house, gives me such initiative, I have never had so much self discipline. I meditate daily without any trouble… it’s not the hardest thing to do anymore, like it used to be. I workout and study astrology daily as well! I have also cut back on the smoking weed, since yesterday, only smoking at night because I couldn’t sleep without my joint… BUT… all… Read more »


I’ve been meditating every morning since the challenge started and it’s been brilliant. Much thanks for the motivation to get this started again and totally agree with your analogy. For another one I’d say the monkey mind is also pre-Galileo, thinking that the universe revolves around it, everything referring back to the self, and the meditating mind is not anchored to self concept. That’s why I think I think it’s so good for me. I’m my own worst enemy at times.


I caved last week but started again today, with the paper and what not I caved and then I got a new book and had information overload so didn’t start again till today, I am going to have to take notes for this thing there is so much info


Yes! Doing it as much as I can, trying to make it more and more of a habit but I’m about to go away for a month, time when I’ll need it more than ever but might find it difficult.


Oh and hilarious… On a par with DC. Lol.
Too right!


This is brilliant. And SO TRUE.
I’m going to start today.


Jane Fonda is around 18 years old in that shot, just after she did the basketball movie with Tony Perkins.


she was fabulous, and is still fabulous. i’ve always adored and admired her


Love her forever.


I’m great when I’m not falling asleep


Sit in a chair, or cross legged on the floor (or with a cushion under your bum. No way you can fall asleep that way.


when i mentioned doing up my barn, thats going to be my meditation space. i find spending time with my bovine friends so stilling and peaceful, they are such beautiful creatures. oh and unisonic ascension website, the illume in essence releaf program particularly gels with me, highly recommended. some meditones and meditation tracks are like nails on a black board, its taken a lot of listening to find the ones that speak to me


and just like the picture, my kitty cat always joined me doing yoga, and has an affinity with the cows and is always hanging at the barn with us, i bet she’ll be a meditation space companion too. cats are funny, my old yoga space was under the book cafe/healing centre i worked at and the stray neighbourhood cats i befriended always rocked up to yoga class when i was there lol


It is said we have over 200.000 thoughts per day of which 1% are useful. Once you give total concentration to the inflow & outflow of the breath, listen to it consciously, with practise, puts you immediately into a transcendental state of meditation, because it prevents thinking. It’s coming out of the busy thinking mind into the more feeling body. A realisation comes about about just how often we are actually holding our breathe almost subconsciously. It’s constant attention not to fall back into holding pattens. Tapping into collective consciousness or tapping into Akashic Records would be the digital vis… Read more »


A realisation comes about about just how often we are actually holding our breathe almost subconsciously. Itโ€™s constant attention not to fall back into holding pattens. absolutely! when i did singing lessons and started yoga in my teens and twenties i realised i had not been properly breathing my whole life up to that point the ballet sounds fabulous, i’m a sag too – closest i’ve come so far to stilling my mind is actively – yoga, walking, art’ing, movement in nature – i’m pretty confident being a mature sag that nows the time for still stillness tho ah yes… Read more »


the gap between the breaths is where creativity starts it is said, in that perfect stillness. <3


i’ve been railroaded with lots of life busyness and havent officially started my practice – but am in preparation – collecting meditones (binaural beats) found so much great stuff at unisonic ascensions website, and listening out those and other meditation pieces to feel what gels with me. i have decided to delete everything off my mp3 player (tunes are so not me anymore that have collected there over the years i’ve noticed) and my meditation tracks will be all that will be on my headphones here on in. i’ve also done up the barn on my farm where my 2… Read more »


Buddah’s Birthday in May too.
2 cows how delightful!


yes, always commemorate buddah’s birthday, mays a magical month

the 2 cows are my pets, my sacred forever cows (i live on a family communal working farm – took a lot of negotiating to have some as pets) we have a herd also, and i love spending time with them too – but theyre teenagers atm and not terribly peaceful, lol a lot of typical argy bargy adolescent behaviour en masse atm. after years of studying the human psyche, animals have proven to be the best teachers ๐Ÿ™‚


i had a sample listen to one when you released here, cant remember which? and it didnt gel with me at the time, tho a lots changed for me since then – can you link them please? keen for another listen, being a sag with pisces rising they should gel lol. finding the right tracks/soundscapes/guided meditations has been harder than i thought. the releaf is really working for me – hoping the night/sleep track helps me change my nocturnal ways, all the tracks on releaf are fab. i have gathered a very eclectic mixture on my mp3 player and am… Read more »

freedom ala air

I’ve successfully had two mornings in a row and most of the rest of my waking hours on a social media cleanse… It’s great, I’m not missing much, and I’m so busy with little ones there’s no time…

Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

Go peeps!
I myself have an Operation on the go which has some similarities.

Silver Huang

Meditation promotes one’s innate connection to what I call the “super consciousness” whatever that is. That would be what you’re calling digital consciousness MM. The amazing thing about super consciousness is that thinking can be experienced as non-linear, associative and even simultaneous, which makes for fantastic creative breakthroughs. Our modern culture heavily favors linear, sequential thought, or simplistically known as left-brain thinking, and I think all meditation does is it lifts the heavy fog of “left-brain” bias from our conscious “operating system” and lets more of the “right-brain” dynamism bleed through… much like how neuroscience has known for some time… Read more »

Hathors Horns

I admit I haven’t been as diligent as I could be with this but I have noticed when my stress levels spike a bit the monkey mind actually requests a quiet moment and I remember you and a large contingent of fellow MM devotees are in it too and I feel galvanised. It’s def easier in the morning after waking and I can torally relate to the Merc in Aries syndrome!! Brw how long is the challenge again?


What a brilliant insight, Mystic! You are bang on! I’ve been doing 20 mins a day and looking forward to building up from this and stilling the monkey mind. I am about to enter a period of (welcome) instability, moving out of my house and perhaps to another country for a while, so my practice will provide some internal stability while I shake myself up a bit. I’m so grateful to Here I Virgo Again for suggesting the Roger Wells ebook Happy To Burn. He makes the practice so approachable, and has some practical tips for building a practice. Available… Read more »


Soz Mystic, I know this belongs on the Mars retro post but I can’t get over the punch up between James Packer and David Gyngell that’s all over the news. It’s just SO Mars Rx!!!
Packer now sporting a black eye ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

James is a Virgo (moon and Mars in Scorp). No deets on Gyngell, who started it apparently. If only someone had warned him never start a fight during Mars rx.


Yes, and a bonobo (DG) had no chance against a silverback (JP) in a fist fight. There are definitely 2 strains of male genome. These 2 I see as quite representative of either strain. Just look at their fathers.


๐Ÿ˜€ Yes, sons of media magnates.


Gyngel’s dad was very refined, classic 50s intellectual showman. We all know Packer. The bully boy and genius gambler.
Real fights always look so awkward, messy affairs. Embarrassing much ?


LOL. yeah, not a good look. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ
Packer in his tracky daks too.

“Bondi Biffo” “James Wacker” The papers are having a field day.

Kerry Packer was a Saggo. They love a punt.


Neither took lessons from Jason Stretham it seems, if they did he would be cringing.

EErrr ‘praps THEY could do with some meditation to chill them down.


The big question for me was, why fight in public? 2nd question, surely packer is rich and powerful to make sure it wasn’t reported in the media. It feels like some kind of stunt or diversion tactic, but of what, and why?
No I’m not a conspiracy theorist. ๐Ÿ˜‰


I love this blog ????

I am an avid meditator however I was spending a lot of time elsewhere and needed to find a grounding energetic form and voila kundalini showed up.

It’s serene and powerful energy that has is soooo good.

Good luck with the practice – as davidji says I’ll see you in the gap


Not sure about the ? Marks supposed to be a happy face but who cares

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