Magical Tools For Better Living Number 1

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If you have not yet tried the Neptunian Nights Binaural Beats, this Dark Moon with the magical Grand Water Trine operating would be a brilliant time.  I commissioned them off Jandy Rainbow from Unisonic Ascension, an acknowledged genius in this field.

The brief was that they be trippy, relaxing and dream enhancing – apart from that i fall asleep too quickly to listen to all of it, i find it definitely helps with chilliing the fuq out and remembering my dreams. And i have a really racing Mercury in Aries brain, it can be totally hard to shut it down at night, even if i am exhausted.

On a deeper level these beats are meant to help evoke Haute Neptunian consciousness – a substitute for Lower Neptunian substances such as drugs & alcohol. They make you feel slightly out of it but in a really cool, shamanic way.  Apart from the beats (Alpha and Theta brainwave enhancing) and the cool music, Jandy folded in actual sounds from Neptune. Transmissions picked up by NASA.

Binaural Beats are TOTALLY not to be listened to whilst you are driving or trying to do stuff. You need always to lie down in a quiet place and listen to them with headphones. Some say they enhance neurotransmitter release (check out Jandy’s site for more of the benefits) so they are anti-aging, others use them to “cheat” with meditation.  Basically they are little pulses that coax the brain into its more desirable brainwave rhythms of Alpha (super relaxing, like right after an orgasm) or Theta (more like creativity and problem solving.)

So if you don’t have them and want to give them a crack, this is a good time.

Note that if you get these or any Mp3 and it does not play all the way through, it means you have not downloaded it, you are just streaming it. Some iPads are set so they automatically stream – not download – so you need to just change that setting and voila. But remember Neptunian Nights is best used pre-sleep. I used it once in the middle of the day and floated around, serene and happily zonked with cosmic insights but massively unproductive for the rest of the day.

Image: Solange Knopf

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5 thoughts on “Magical Tools For Better Living Number 1

  1. I got this Neptune Nights Beats on a random whim and experiement and LOVED it ! It totally introduced me to meditation and am always doing my cheats meditation to it. I have become way more relaxed, it’s opened up my dreams … Thanks Mystic for commissioning it … Are there any more beats in the pipeline ?

  2. Solange Knopf’s work reminds me a lot of Australian aboriginal art.

  3. downloaded and used this last night – wowee – deeper better relaxation and sleep than I’ve had in YEARS.

  4. Downloaded and played before bed last night.
    I had very muck-filled Neptunian dreams (now this is a GOOD thing, I am quite Plutonic in life and my work and go for the psyche power-cleanse!). Lately my dreams have been set at night, mucky, murky, inside old decrepit dusty houses, dirty sepia etc…

    * Ocean liners in a dark sea colliding, one with “demons” that would “possess” people. (I keep saying that I turned my life around like an oil-tanker over many years – is this the last of the ghosts?)

    * My partner and I in a bath full of dirty water – guess where the muck was coming from! (Moi, dammit)

    * Vile, confronting images in general….

    It has been a Dark, Dark, mucky moon…
    And I’ve been house cleansing and ejecting garbage (literal and psychological) that you wouldn’t believe. Picked up a head-cold yesterday, it’s been a very intense process! New moon, are we there yet? :-/