Lykke Li Totally Gets Saturn

Lykke Li arty black and white

“When Li talks about the difficult period in her life that inspired I Never Learn, she launches into a discussion of the astrological phase known as the Return of Saturn with the graveness of an environmental scientist explaining climate change. “It’s in every person’s life, around 27 to 29 years old,” she says, “the stars and the planets align themselves to exactly the way they were when you were born. You’re faced with yourself. There’s no running away.”


Lykke Li – Pitchfork Magazine

She is Pisces – Sun conjunct Retrograde Mercury in the last degrees of that sign – and Moon in Gemini with a spunky Mars-Uranus in Sagittarius opposing.

Her Saturn Return does not even begin until December 2015 so she is onto it WAY early – respect.

See more Saturn Return in the archives…

Image: Lykke Li – I Never Learn

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So I don’t get it. My Saturn return was my “get your shit together and grow the fuq up” time period. I had a friend (past tense being the important part of that sentence) who is/was going through his — and it was more like a life implosion. Mid-life crisis at 27. Does that seem right to anyone?


Saturn puts pressure on you to recognize your shizz when he returns to his natal position….it’s like you can’t hide from those lesson you need to learn in this life.
Your reaction (or your ex-friend’s) reflects how ready you are to take those lessons on…seems like they were not ready and instead of growing up they just said fuq you to saturn…that’s never a good idea 🙂


Thanks for your reply blackjosefine. That does make a lot of sense. I suppose I was lucky enough to run around and get that shit out of my system earlier in my 20’s so that by the time of my Saturn return, I was ready to get it together. I can’t imagine how awful things would be right now if I hadn’t accepted the challenge.


I only know a few of her remixes but I like her look when I see her in magazines, really pretty girl with a unique style. My Saturn return isn’t until December 2016 (so two months before I turn 30 in February 2017). But I feel like the fun ended last year…and now I have already started deep cleaning up the messes I’ve been avoiding for most of my life. Many days I long for the old times but you just can’t go back. And did I really like any of that stuff any way or was I just afraid… Read more »

virgo kathleen

I am in my mid-20s too and I know exactly what you mean. I think it could be Saturn return coming up but I feel it’s also the Zap Zone and also just getting older…you realize ‘hey, that was fun but now I need to think about the future’. After I graduated college I did a volunteer year, taught ESL abroad…I was all over the place and always broke. I don’t regret any of it. But now I’m thinking of a long-term career, and where I’ll live, and just thinking about what I want more long term. It’s shifting to… Read more »

virgo kathleen

Just had to go calculate when mine is. It’s February 2016. I don’t think I’ll worry about it quite yet…thank God, haha.

Honestly this Zap Zone has been tough as it is. I would not want my Saturn return concurrently. Mad respect to anyone doing both.

A girl in my class was wearing a Pisces shirt. I didn’t get a chance to chat with her about it, but I feel like more and more people are getting into astrology lately. It’s becoming ‘cool’.


Good points made.
Yeah, lets wait and see then.
I doubt she’ll pull a Britney tho LL seems way too “wiser than her years” in that uber cool Swedish way for that but you know she’s so wickedly and precociously smart I bet even if Saturn beats the crap out of her she’d put a spin and give us a Saturn Return Anthem of note.


Pisces w/ Gemini can be a funny combination sometimes…..methinks (in true Gemini Moon form) she has only superficial knowledge of the topic at hand (Saturn Returns) and is waxing poetic about it in typical Pisces fashion. Sorry kid, it’s nothing personal but I can’t give you credit for anything Saturn-related if you don’t seem to have a realistic grasp on what it really means. A Saturn Return is ALWAYS experiential by its very definition – that’s the purpose. To make you wiser via a very important test/life lesson, and you can’t learn it until you LIVE it – maybe that’s… Read more »


LOL. I agree 🙂

catfish moon

How similar thoughts as you. NO ONE prepared me for what I had to go through. I had known death before, but to have to tell my 6 yr old son his Best friend had died……No help with that one. Then during the real peak of my saturn return I was having my 3 year olds understand death, so anxious and worried. My poor little pisces son had existential crisis, at 3! So yea, she may get really shocked after all. Ditto on Pisces and Gemini being a weird combo at times. My boyfriend has mars in pisces and venus… Read more »


From a first-hand perspective, pisces/gem does wax, er, poetic quite often. Then again, I don’t really know what it’s like to be anyone else, so whether it is wierd or not is all relative I guess.

To me though, she is right in her comment that there is no getting around oneself with Saturn (or Pluto eh). How she experiences that for herself is the part she – no one – can figure out before it happens , but I don’t think she claims to be across the whole situation.


Can someone please explain how someone can learn from a transit that they haven’t had yet ? Surely Saturn is never predictable in it’s effect on a personal level. Is she not just ‘romanticizing’ what the effect is to somehow prepare ? Like an attempt to control ? As I head towards my second return I for one, do not for one minute assume what this transit will bring. I feel no need to second guess what’s in store. I think this attempt to control by presupposing it via cliche will only make it harder actually. Dear L, the Saturn… Read more »


i was confused about that too! if she hasnt had it yet then hooowww…??? but she started talking about it after mentioning the ‘difficult stage in her life’ so maybe its about getting clarity in saturn return? guessing here….
love lykki li though! hehe


Yes… it is definitely not her Saturn Return talking… way too early. She has other natal/transits/progressions/solar arcs going on.
She may also be depressed, as there is a lot of tension in her natal chart. She has a few squares and oppositions there.

Scorporation, Inc.

Just realized that I came out to my parents (“Mom, Dad: she’s more than a friend. I’m bi.”) during my Saturn return. Soon thereafter, my partner & I packed everything up & moved from where we had been back to my hometown. By the end of Saturn return, we were amicably splitting & she left for the other side of the country to take care of her aging mother. We are still friends. No regrets.


God could LL be ANY cooler?
Apparently yes – see above.
That woman is so far ahead of the rest on so many levels.
The Saturn thing doesn’t really surprise me but she just TOTALLY rocks. I listen to her a lot. She’s such an original and compelling artist.


I’ve just realised I’m living in the same place as my saturn return for my saturn sunmerc uranus transit. Unfinished biz?
Actually I think my exact conjunction was when I just returned and ended my engagement to Leo but all my prep was here. Interestingly it was the last time I really felt alive despite the chaos that was this town at the time.


That’s an interesting synchronicity


Whoa, Lykke is astro twins with my boyfriend….so weird. Same day and year, although he was born in the states. I wonder who came first?

Any ideas on her Ascendant??


I turn 58 tomorrow so does that mean my Saturn return is over or starting? My first Saturn return was so big I moved overseas married someone I only knew for 6 months, never got back home to see mum for 7 years. Now my daughter is leaving home in a few weeks. Really know how my poor Mum felt when I left home. Thank goodness she is in Australia.

Buckle (Aries, Pisces Asc, Gem Moon)

I just found this Saturn return Calculator.

Pop your birthdate in the little boxes to the left-hand side and the dates will be generated:


Thank-you so much Buckle. Very helpful link. At last I’ve been able to confirm my Saturn return.
I was 29, found my beautiful life partner, moved to another city and found a great job after years of drifting and uncertainty. Definitely a life changing year and It certainly set me on the right path and gave more meaning to my life. It was like a rebirth.

catfish moon



My second face to face with the Old Man is due in 4 years – yikes…

catfish moon

My village is crazy town right now. The road is blocked with cops with automatic weapons. A man shot a cop(who is fine). They evacuated his neighborhood. I am so bummed for his son. I spent one day with that family and he was kind to me. Hoping for a peaceful resolution.

catfish moon

My saturn return was rough. I’ve written of it before, my dear friend and her son(my son’s best friend) died. That was this week 10 years ago. I have felt her this week, found 2 very rare shells on her still living son’s birthday yesterday while with my son. We close on the lot we are buying on the anniversary of their deaths.


I have my return at the moment, and it’s great. Finally I can’t runaway from myself, and finally I see on a really deep emotional level that there is nothing to fear, and being fearless is power. My saturn is in scorpio ofcourse :D. Outward events are buying a permanent home after moving around all my 20’s and having a baby (Ive been afraid of the restrictions children will place on me). My saturn is in the 5th house, and ruler pluto is in the 4th. Im no longer afraid to put down roots and start my own family. 😀


Such clarity..totally jealous!
My Saturn return was NOTHING like that.
Then again I had no idea what a Saturn return was at your age young lady 🙂

Good for you. x



I had no idea about Saturn Return but my god did I feel it! Also found this site around the end of it, thankfully! MM’s advice is truly the best! x

Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

Having mine at the moment and it has been radical.
Soooo Saturn in every way. Lot of wisdom incoming!

I love the way non-astro peeps are slightly alarmed by how serious and earnest we are. Feels cultish in a good way.


Ooh, I like her astro 🙂 we would, like, totally get along of COURSE ( cue sycophantic Pi lol) I suppose the opportunity to understand the potential areas of activity for a transit is an opportunity to get one-up on any potential upsets or slow-mo upheavals , slo mo if were talking about Saturn not Uranus haha. But at the same time imo for some things you just have to say to yourself, look. I think I have drawn a red circle around the things that might be affected, and I guess I have done what I can to workshop… Read more »


Saturn transit to the 6th on my Moon. It feels like a kind of mini-Saturn return provoking emotional immaturity (not that that is far generally speaking in my case). Yellow Horse Man says: “First we must find the beauty of self within our hearts. Once there find the compassion. Compassion is an act of power. We are not here to heal the good and the bad, we are not here to make the wrong right, we are here for one purpose….. to find the constancy of the Truth”. The ‘constancy of Truth’ seems a Saturn concept. As much as we… Read more »


You know what else? I think there should be some type of practical course, starting as children even, about recognising and releasing emotional pain. As in, of COurse we all feel pain, hurt, for all the many reasons, but it seems to me that we need to feel it, and then let it go in order to be emotionally (and physically) healthy. Stored grief, resentment cause illness if held in over a long time, don’t you think? Like some cultures used to wail and beat their chests over the death of a loved one, and I think it’s part of… Read more »


In Judaism it is sort of spelled out how long the grieving process should continue. Each role in the process is clear. So for example if a spouse has died. First week, the bereaved is never left alone, friends take shifts in sitting what’s called ‘shiva’. Certain prayers and clothing etc for the first month. The grave is left unsealed and is visited a certain no. of times. Then after 12 months a ceremony is held at the grave. It is sealed by stone and all grieving should be done with. The soul of the departed has left to it’s… Read more »


I love Judaism for it’s practical spirituality. My dear friend who passed recently used to explain to me that throughout her life she always knew what to do in any situation because she had a guide – down to what food is healthiest. Judaism if it had a sign should be a Virgo. 😉 I feel a bit sad her kids didn’t sit shiva or do any of the protocols that she grew up with and loved. Yes, things are subjective in terms of how they are received but the discussion points out how we great it is to stand… Read more »


DL, thanks so much for this comment. your last two sentences particularly felt true for me. the death in our family had a ‘long tail’, which I believe was exacerbated by the family having no emotional centre and not existing in a (broader, and close circles) culture of care and attention for the bereaved. It was really shit, actually, and I am quite sure we were all so isolated in our grief that it was impossible to actually work up psychic energy to ask for help – how do you ask someone to just come and see you and be… Read more »


And yes V, I do agree heartily that stored emotion is the key to much illness. But there is death inherent in all healing, like the yin yang symbol demonstrates. Grief is balancing overall, but in the moment is too wild for modern society I think.

I love your idea of a basic code on managing emotion for the very young. The Ho’oponopono “I Love You, I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You” is simple & I think is teachable.
Probably a tad esoteric for school.. 🙂

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