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Hey Spunky Subscriber Peeps – the Daily Mystic for Fri-Sat-Sun WAS sent out totally as usual but some of you have not gotten it.  These seem to be those of you with or email addresses.  The emails did not bounce back to me and appear to be being blocked by Hotmail/Live.

So…I am working with Mail Chimp (who send out the Daily Mystic email) to resolve the issue with Hotmail but this may take longer than I would prefer, due to it being Memorial Day Weekend in the states.

You can also notify Hotmail that it is not spam and sent by a reputable company, Mail Chimp, not a spammer.

Also, you can go to the last Daily Mystic email you got and click the “update my profile” link at the bottom which allows you to put in a different email. You can always change it back when Hotmail get their schizz together.

In the meantime, here is a link to read the Daily Mystic for Fri-Sat-Sun

Thank you for your patience – the initial glitch was not of my doing/within my control but i am working to resolve it and the fixes about should ensure your continued access to the daily blast!

Oh and Mercury is now in the shadow of its retrograde so i always think that if schizz like this goes down in the shadow, it is going to be a doozie of an actual retrograde.

UPDATE: This is from Mail Chimp – After performing some delivery diagnostics on this end, we are able to see that Hotmail was experiencing some temporary delivery issues that caused the behavior you were seeing, but that those should now be resolved. Going forward, we’d recommend sending to subscribers at the and domains as usual.  

Image: Visual Estetics

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15 thoughts on “Hotmail People

  1. Have literally devoted tonight (Saturday night! what have I become?) to decluttering my laptop and backing up to the cloud. Both my phone and computer are complete messes and absolutely full and I have been very lucky in Mercury retros past so I don’t want to mess around. Finally caved and purchased a gaaddamm dropbox membership, just for convenience and speed and synching with my phone mostly. I know, I know…

    Someone should make a cute article on feng shui-ing your laptop/technology/workstation. My current situation is like if Tumblr and EBSCOhost merged and then existed in multi-layers of Inception-y chaos.

    • Lol. Me too Rache
      I’m doing that this whole weekend.
      I managed to fill my entire hard drive 32GB with video (I love editing clips, find it relaxing) and silly images from my phone. I’m doing Dropbox, time machine, even purchased an external hard drive to back everything up on.
      Now that I’ve conquered my fears of being rejected by the online feminist community and finished sending in a piece to them I’m ready to focus on developing my new website again. Also applying for a faster internet connection at the AGM of the residents meeting for the block where I am a tenant.

      They might not sound like major milestones to most people but for me, showing up at an AGM of residents and raising an issue in front of other residents feels scary but f#ckit. I deserve better internet for the crazy rent I pay and I am going to get it. Likewise the feminist publication. The sheer terror of having my opinions rejected or invalidated was muting my voice as a writer and even stopping me from achieving practical goals. Why it took me so long to buy and download Microsoft Office for Mac I have no idea. All submissions had to be submitted in Microsoft word so after procrastinating like a champ for a week I finally installed the software and managed to submit my proposal at 8 minutes after midnight LND time so I was within the deadline of midnight 23/05/14 EST. The joys of automatic spell check and word count. Wow. How did I ever write copy for blog posts before? I mean was I high? Asking guys for help with this when all I had to do was use word. Insane! Even funnier that none of the dudes who offered to help me with proof reading my copy ever mentioned that all I had to do was transfer it to a word document. Lol. Oh well. Necessity is the mother of invention I guess.

      Even though I managed to get my proposal in on time and in the correct format I realised yesterday that 23/05/14 midnight EST was in fact the due date for SUBMISSIONS and not proposals so erm haha. Yes well. The main thing is I shipped on deadline. Not the right product but hey I only saw the Call For Writers article a week ago and misunderstood the due date /submissions/proposals scenario. It’s cool. Fears faced, word installed, contact with feminist publisher made. I’m still quite proud of my pitch. It’s good writing and having word installed is going to help massively with preparing blog posts for new site.
      No more second guessing my spelling or having to manually count the words. And I can always submit another proposal to Bitch Flicks next month so it’s all good.
      I’m determined to get all my tech issues sorted before Mercury officially goes retro shadow or no shadow as I think Mercury retro in Gemini will be brilliant for introspection and looking back to remember stories from my life to create content for my site.

      I’m aiming to have about 200 posts already seasoned, marinated and cooked so I can roll 100 out in chronological order and send the other hundred out at a rate of one a day once the site is live. This way there is no risk of inconsistency or my readers having an “ooops I didn’t have time/energy/inclination to post for you today” moment.

      Also I’ve managed to get my rental agreement signed by a guarantor (was not easy but I managed-phew!) on Friday and since it’s a bank holiday weekend and my printer is out of ink can only deliver it to the estate agent on Tuesday but at least it’s signed.

      Got my library membership updated last week (it’s a really nice library and I was so terrified -more rejection fears that even tho I was a paid up member, I’m ashamed to admit I’d never had the courage to go inside!)
      It felt like that scene in Flashdance where she goes to the academy of dance to enrol for an audition and then runs away. I was able to stay for 30 minutes before the terror got the better of me. I walked into the writer’s room and all these tweed jacket-y bespectacled folk looked up at me cue bolts like a racehorse. But I’ll be back. Next step, clean up the diet. It’s been fun Wheyhey ice cream but we’re done. Off to the gym now to train with one of my my gay husbands before my afternoon of working on my new website.
      As Rache said last Mercury retro.
      Mercury retrograde can suck on it!

      • Oh and this morning. calculator in hand I worked out how much money I want to save by August.
        Virgo stellium in full swing!

  2. Feeling the merc retro already too. I am a hotmail user, and did receive the daily mystic email … but at the same time my xbox hard drive is fried 😐 no fix either.

  3. We move out of state on June 6th/7th.. just as Mercury Retro gets grooving. No house lined up, hopefully a job…

    I have a vague notion of glamourously camping. We’re going to be in some gorgeously pristine areas and it would save on hotel bills. I’m well aware that my notions of traipsing through wildflower meadows with my two year old son are probably a little exaggerated 😀

    I’ve got a Sun and stellium in Sag, my husband is a Leo and our son is an Aries Dragon, so there’s no worries, but there may be some misadventuring amongst our adventuring 😀 Happy early Merc Retro

  4. I am LOVING that image… fluoro, new age, cool shades!

    Moved into new studio today HOORAY… will go in tomorrow and actually start doing artwork…

    I am SO excited by this I could scream! 😉

  5. Yup, didn’t get it – maybe easier to just provide an alt email address?
    Y’hear that hotmail?!

  6. I am a hotmail user – didnt get the weekend one, but just recieved the one for Monday, thanks. Shadow zone affects me more then the actual retro – I can feel it already. Also – people on the road forgotten how to drive…especially ‘to indicate’ where they are going.Tonight my son and I screamed at each other for no reason – then stoped and laughed at the insanity of it ( we both have our natal Moon in Gemini) “Communication” at its best! lol

  7. Hi people, first time around the comments :)
    I usually feel the retro cause i just go mouth-shut silent, but not yet, I’m still pretty talkative. How do you people usually feel when it comes?