Girl Scorp

Girl Boss cover

“A #GIRLBOSS is in charge of her own life. She gets what she wants because she works for it.”

“I have three pieces of advice I want you to remember: Don’t ever grow up. Don’t become a bore. Don’t let The Man get to you. OK? Cool. Then let’s do this.”

Sophia Amoruso GETS the Law of Awesome.

Am totally downloading #GirlBoss as my big Mars Direct read of the week.

A former freegan, dumpster diver, school drop-out, shoplifter and anarchist, she is now the creator and C.E.O. of Nasty Gal, a $100 million online fashion biz that blends vintage with contemporary stuff. Like a gigantic, very well styled section on e-bay.   Amoruso is super interesting.

She is either Aries or Taurus – no birth time available so it could be either – with Moon/Uranus in Sagittarius and a heavy-hitter, don’t-fuq-with-me-ever combo of Retro Mars, Saturn and Pluto in Scorpio.  The latter is trine her Lilith in Pisces, for extra “self-made-wimmyn” oomph.

Will let you know that the book is like but meanwhile…thoughts?

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22 thoughts on “Girl Scorp

  1. Inner Virgo here – that “amuroso is super interesting” is a dud link.

    And yep, she does look interesting 🙂

  2. “Don’t ever grow up,” is her sagg bits talking, surely not trans Saturn in Scorp wisdom. Would love to know how her Saturn return has been going on a more personal level!

    • I was gonna say the same thing. The last 3 pieces of advice vibe Saggie to me rather than Scorp.

  3. She is beautiful and looks to be a well defined CEO. How exciting is that with a Nasty Girl website for styling. Very creative and on the mark for people wanting to check it out. Good for her!!

  4. Cosmic!
    I just discovered this woman on twitter recently and started following her. She rocks!

  5. wait so her sun or her AC is either aries or taurus? i thought her sun was scorpio by the headline, but then got confused when i read the post. if you’re referring to her AC, how do you have it narrowed down to either aries or taurus without a birthtime, is there a way to do that? i have someone who i’d love to know for certain what his AC is but i didnt know there was a way to narrow it down to possible 2 (if thats what im reading). i think hes a sag AC… or gemini (hes a gemini sun). i have this hunch based on transits and what has happened in his life during them, as well as basing it on his physical appearance (hes really good looking) and his outer personality (almost always positive, upbeat… optimistic and very charming with people he meets… mr. friendly with everyone). but if there is another way to narrow it down based on the placements of other planets in his chart, please do tell! if my hunch is right, our angles very possibly might aspect each other along with our planetary aspects which would be amazeballs, because most of the synastry between us affects my 1H, 7H, 5H, 4H, 10H, and 9H. but not knowing his houses is a pain!

  6. She is Aries (april 20th, date of birth given at the beginning of the book). Really loved the book, more an invitation to follow your own truth and cultivate your self confidence than a recipe for success.

    • Hi Axelle,
      The 20th of April is when the sun moves from Aries to Toro, this year at 1:57pm (E.S.T) on the 20th it went into Toro. So it’s dependent on her time of birth. This is why there is the unsure question. Blessings.

  7. You are definitely on it mystic, her birthday is 4/20. Ironic and cuspy 😉

  8. Gonna download this and read it later tonight for some Mars direct inspiration.

    Had some motivating conversations w multi-Ram (who has gone full-on Uranus) about entrepreneurship, managing overwhelm, the difficulties of being hyper restive and still being productive, and dealing with the projections of others when finding and living your pirpose. I feel a bit more clear on my direction now but the next few months are still going to be some serious slog. And really humbling. I want to go back to school for my second bachelor’s when everyone else is finishing their MA or settling into stable careers. But big picture I know it’s worth it.

  9. I just bought this last week. !I followed her career for a while and I admire the fact that she built a business not only from scratch but using only her styling.
    She somehow convinced people that the clothes she was selling were worth more than they were. She was spot on with the timing of Urban Outfitters type aesthetic too ! she likely influenced them.
    Gonna use her manual as inspiration and get some business tips too as I am ready to restart my own vintage venture.

  10. Aries, Taurus whatever, those late April folk are usually a force to be reckoned with. My experience is they are powerhouses. World domination is within their grasp.

  11. Hey two things: the link “super interesting” is fixed now. So sorry. The WordPress update has an automatic insert thing for links that seems to add in my site links to outside links – will master it asap so the links actually work.

    And Axelle – yes – April 20 1984 was a day when the Sun went into Taurus so we would need to know her actual time of birth to determine whether her Sun was in Aries or Taurus BUT to me, the dominant thing operating here is the sensational Saturn, Mars Pluto in Scorpio.

    • I checked the transits for her birth date and place (San Diego according to Wiki) and the Sun had already gone into Toro the day before!

      Also, the moon went into Cappie not long after midnight, so if she was born later in the day, it pushes the moon to conjunct Neptune in Cap.

      Moon-Neptune would explain the cult following and ability to create a fantasy world through pictures on the site. Offering up a dream through the way the clothes are displayed.

      Also that Sun-Merc opposed Pluto is some serious witchy juju 🙂

  12. Saw her speak and she definitely gives off successful Saturn return vibes. She also said farts are the only thing that can still get a genuine laugh our of her. That plus other “random” moments had some people going, “WTF is she talking about?” She’s talking about the UNIVERSE!!!! Haha.

    She’s also really owned and honed her Uranian tendencies. Knowing which rules to break and which to follow.

  13. Hey I am reading the book and it is actually fantastic – i can relate to heaps of it – i still think her key astro signature is that Mars-Pluto-Saturn….