Et Tu Mercury?

women in library hair on end ballgowns

The librarians at Neptunian Life Coaching freak everyone out.

That batty little psycho-vibe you may be picking up on is not just the Void Moon in Aquarius, though, of course, that is awakening an alt-dimensional Uranian chic detachment which helps to synch the most RAD connections and fresh neural synapse creation.

But Mercury is nearly in the shadow of its retrograde (it because Mercury is a hermaphrodite), most of which will occur in Gemini. Yes. Hyper-Bats. Step aside from your planned heavy-hitter Saturn memo or pursuit of wayward flakes and prep to be cryptic as fuq.Β  Think not so much mixed messages as beat-mixed messages, multi-layered and amusing but with the nuance left intact.

Ages ago i warned that 2014 would be Retrograde City until the middle of the year but hey it hasn’t been so bad (ducks) has it?

Think of all the recovery work you’ve done thus far – ancient angst sloughed off, addictions recognized, demons conquered, soul mates re-encountered, psychological treasures reclaimed.Β  Revenge of the Super Rad. Everyday alchemy. The Clarity Fetish.

And yes, okay, don’t sign contracts or buy big tech schizz in June.


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54 thoughts on “Et Tu Mercury?

  1. I’m sorry Mystic, but it’s been fuqing awful. I’ve lost my only close friend. I’m back in therapy. I’ve had to witness the people who have wronged me and been overall terrible people succeed. I’m trying to be haute serene Toro about it, but my goddesses it’s draining….

    And we’re not even in Merc retro yet? Hera give me strength!

    • So you found a counselor, then? Hope so!

      Mercury rx is an awesome time to be in therapy. Relax & just let it all hang out in session, progress will come of it. Kia kaha!

      • I have! And an immense amount of thanks again! Our first meeting was days ago and went pretty well. (That’s rarely happened before with previous counselors. I hope it’s a good sign.)

        And I do plan on reflecting a lot thos merc rx rather than bother making unnecessary communication. Still debating whether or not to put social life on the back burner, but we’ll see.

    • Same here! I too get to hear about my enemies succeeding and loving life. Shoving it in my face too. I know it was done to get a rise out of me which i demurely denied them the satisfaction in public.
      but going home and feeling like a loser in private tears on my pillow wondering why my life sucks of course…

  2. I dont know how to invoke Hera …. but i can hear the loss…need…and stress

    Lost my best friend last year in November, he was also my Dad.

    For what its worth, you are heard and validated in your pain and loss.

    And in my thoughts.

    • I didn’t mean lose as in death, but there is still a lot of grief. Nothing compared to the loss of a father and friend though. Know he is always with you, dear fellow bull. And thank you. I send peaceful vibes as well.

    • That is an incredibly compassionate message, stinging bull.
      I’m sorry that you lost your dad recently too πŸ™

  3. Argh! So I was all prepped for mars direct … Had minor surgery scheduled for that very moment. Now I’m still curled up in bed, sleeping, feeling sorry for myself. I’m so so so impatient for things to get moving but mars doesn’t feel direct at all. I need to get some finance/house stuff sorted before merc goes retrograde but it just ain’t happening today.

    I want my mojo back, damnit!

    • To clarify, I had my surgery, it went well, now I’m jacked up on painkillers and waiting to get my energy back to, you know, actually get my mars on! In my first house! I’m quite cranky with myself for not being able to get it together more.

      • Recovery is the toughest slog, def more challenging than the surgery itself. Wean yourself off those pain meds asap, sub with something over-the-counter to treat pain (talk to your doc for a med appropriate for you).

        Can you walk? If so, do as much as you can tolerate. Ambulatory or not, you need to keep your head busy while you wait to heal. Yes it all takes time, & it can be maddening, the waiting. Remember your body is getting Mars on, even if you can’t see/feel it. Keep your mind busy & let your body do it’s work.


        • One other important piece: drink water! All of your once-starlight cells really need life-giving water right now for flushing & rebuilding. Water’s good for your psyche, too, esp if you’re a watery type. My chart’s 80% water!

          I don’t know your deets, but my guess is to set your sights on the new moon coming up to really feel the shift into Progress. Strategy & patience. Mars direct is happening under your lovely once-starlight skin. x

          • Aw thank you for your kind words, scorporation inc! A few days on and I’m feeling so much better. Water – and it turns out a good square meal – are definitely key! Today I’m home, pottering gently about catching some sun on my balcony, washing all my sick person clothes, listening to jazz and quietly plotting. It’s nice πŸ™‚

  4. Mercury just snuck in to my first house, Joy of joys, just what I needed, a retro.
    Merc in gem retro ? This will be good.

    • I’ll have Merc Rx entirely in my 11th House starting off in Can but spending most of the Rx in Gem too.

      The shadow falls this Saturday. Deep breath!

  5. LOL at the title mystic πŸ˜€

    I’m fine with merc retro. In my 12th house mostly. Review, peace, sleep, dreams, nudge back into healthy rhythms, psych mopping up, quiet forward planning.

    Had that odd, slippy sense of ‘am I in love with this person?’ today. Sigh. Or is it that curiosity that comes from just wanting to know someone who is going to remain a mystery for proper real life reasons.

  6. Ok, maybe it’s that void moon in Aqua – I’m Aqua Sun….

    The Mercury retro will be happening in my 12th…..I guess that could get a little weird, or difficult to figure out or access?

    Also, since Mars turned direct, yesterday and today I have felt really depressed and agitated and stressed. I need to cry, just release, but can’t seem to yet……. Not feeling at my best since I broke my toe….. Interesting, Chiron is transiting exactly on my Mars/MC conjunction at 17 Pisces…

    I just feel out-of-sorts in general and as someone else here expressed, I would like to get my groove back. I’m feeling very inward and reclusive after April being very outward and social…. not digging it right now. I need to find acceptance of myself and how I’m feeling right now but acceptance hasn’t come yet….. Kind of looking forward to Saturday with that exact Saturn/Jupiter trine…..maybe things will feel better then, at least for a little while?

    • I suspect Chiron on your Mars is pinging you big time. Don’t fight the blues.. Just look after yourself.
      Physical movement tends to help me when I am feeling that wierd combination of paralysis and agitation. As hard as it can be to leave the house.
      Is Saturn scorp squaring your Sun…?
      All in good time x

      • Thanks for your help, Pi!
        …… yeah, I haven’t been able to exercise or even walk much since I broke my toe a couple weeks ago. I still have a lot of pain and it’s been difficult to walk. I’m sure that’s part of why I’m feeling down. I’ve never had an injury like this before.
        I’m sure that exact Chiron conjunction is quite significant. Also, I have Neptune exactly conjunct my Moon right now at 7 Pisces. I’ve got a bunch of stuff in Pisces and I suppose it’s being lit up by Chiron and Neptune right now..

        And yeah, Saturn is squaring my Sun too but I guess it’s moving off the exact square.. That wasn’t too bad, my year has been going really well, actually, up until this injury…..

        I’ve always had depression lurking and haunting me all my life, usually it doesn’t get full on, though. I’ve mostly kept it at bay… But yeah, movement is important and I can’t do it right now. Mars at the MC says lots of movement, even sports, so that’s frustrating. I used to be a dancer…. Once this toe heals maybe I’ll dance more..

    • I wouldn’t mind meeting another one/the next one on the list. With south node and Chiron on my Venus, my life seems to be a clearing-house for past connections. But hey. In spite of the shizz, I become more conscious each time, evolution happening. Maybe the next one will be even better. Hope so πŸ™‚

  7. Man, it’s been an intense year, massive changes, working ridiculously hard, trying not to lose my shit at work, and in my personal life.
    Work project has been key part of the struggle. people, technology, culture, backstabbing and high school style people games. After Easter I thought things may be improving…but a mercury retro is RIGHT when the project go live is. good one.
    Share a house with another fish who shares the same birthday one year apart. He is low neptuning like nothing else…I’m trying very hard to be haute, but it is tres tres hard right now.
    over this year. bring on some better and easier times please!

  8. I am too a bit dissapointed with Mars direct. It kinda – well, it has been long coming …now what? Feels more like when you hit the brakes and full on wack your face in a windscreen of your car. New Moon in Gem is right on my Birthday. On contrary – I love Merc Rx, cos I used to live with it and it works for me, giving me a bit of a mental break. I have 5 planets in Gemini – so its a non-stop ‘party’ in my head.

    • hey guys remember that Mars sits at 9 Libra all May – but it is moving forward – think lava rivers under the glacier that you cannot see yet. Once it gets to the Zap Zone point in June there will be fun indeed.

      Listen to the Grandmaster Mars if you have not yet, I will also go on a bit more about this in the next Daily Mystic…

      Merc retro in gem is RAD for ideas and creativity so long as you are not trying to launch a space shuttle or negotiate some complex very straight deal.

      • Great reminder to listen to Mars Mp3 MM! Thanks! πŸ™‚

    • I have the new moon conjuncting my sun on my birthday too, it perfects at my time of birth so I am actually really excited by that. Yes Mars is slow but I just figure it’s a little bogged right now and the tow-truck is coming. Just wait until it moves into Scorpio, I think the change in the weather will be very significant. And yes, a Mercury retro is just what a Gem needs I think (and in Gemini – praise be) I like to take stock too from the speedy mental inner conversations us twin folk partake in. Maybe the Mercury retrograde is just the tow truck in disguise πŸ˜‰

  9. I’ve come to enjoy Mercury retrograde retrospectives: they’re a wacky, batty game! And I *love* that this one will be in Gem with Sun there too. My IC. Is this aspecting Uranus, also? Maybe my natal Uranus-Mercury @ 29d Libra– something’s pushing that button, don’t know what. Anyway, lots of comedic material ahead! Cryptic, comedic biz, this rx incoming. Squeee

    • nth Node? Now at 28 ish. Moon trine? Right now. Venus opposing, in about a week…
      Progression? Over the merc Uranus?

      • Ohhhh yeah ok. Don’t know re progression, will look. Ty Pi xx

    • (and I love Neptunian Life Coaching! those chicks are ON.)

      • I know!! This pic is divine. Love the captioning πŸ™‚
        And the ultra violet dress
        ……These librarians dont give you the book you want, they give you the book you *need*.

  10. also in general I’m faced with decisions splitting me apart:

    ….a dream is about to come true. something I’ve been working on for years…yet now that it is handed to me seems like there are strings attached, something unseemly i don’t know about, unsustainability, etc… something not right about the scenario. but also feeling a certain non-excitement about achieving. why? i don’t know. I kept this fire alive for 4 yrs on twigs and fairy dust but now that things seem more concrete? why am i not happy?

    ….then another piece of shit crossroads thing that I can’t choose the above option if I choose this alternate option. alternate option doesn’t seem that much better except possibly more sustainable. but it also does not make me happy as it comes loaded with Neptunian monsters from hell.

    the tarot was insightful but not helpful in choosing which one i should take.

    • Maybe you don’t want this dream any more, or never really wanted it? Fairy dust suggests fantasy? Any way don’t rush into it if your intuition is saying no, wait until it becomes clear ? Just a suggestion.

      • I’m a believer in fake it until you make it. “Fairy dust” was all I had back in 2010. Like McGuyver, I can make a weapon with just about anything which is exactly what I did.

        and i did want the dream, the way I envisioned it…but when the dream manifests into the real world it’s not quite what you asked for. That’s what’s upsetting me. But i do feel the universe heard me. I want to be grateful for getting what i wanted, but I also feel like…meh…now.

        yeah I’m waiting on it for now. Like every good Libra out there, I wait to make a decision until the last possible moment often waiting for the universe to decide for me so i don’t have to make a choice.

        • Mind you, I’ve got nothing against fairy dust! πŸ˜› Just saying what your words made me feel. Sometimes when you’ve been focussing and wanting a dream for so long, you change as well before it manifests.

          ‘Be careful what you wish for’

    • Do you prefer fantasy situ’s to reality and possiity of error-failure-unsustainabilty? Life itself is unsustainable. I say go for new mistakes.

      • Well technically, no matter which one I picked, would be a new mistake. I’ve not been to this crossroads before.

        I don’t fear making a mistake in the sense of looking the fool. My life feels very short right now…very precious…. and I don’t want to waste it…write myself into the smallest feeblest corner and not be able to get another re-do. So i don’t want to choose something with a short expiration date on purpose.

    • That sounds complex and mystifying. Can you let it simmer and wait for a merc retro answer? What house will it go through??

      • yes thanks. i am planning on doing just that.
        7th house and 8th house.

  11. Felt bad and stupid last night…………..
    Got a message from an old friend yesterday. She said she met my ex, he was obviously totally nuts. I told her I had been worried about their public comments but knew they lived far away from each other. Then she had seen him, but the public comments fell off. She said not to worry she saw he was psycho early. I knew there was more, and their friendship lasted longer than just a quick visit as she only just defriended him. She said I just have left him overseas, which I totally agree with. I wonder what really happened, but don’t know if she will tell me.
    I saw he was psycho early too, but had already fallen …..dumb ass.
    BUT I wouldn’t have moved to my village without that relationship. HEre I met the love of my life. Happier than I have ever been.
    I will continue to pheonix.

    • oh i envy you! enjoy!!!

      I have done to trips to NYC during Mercury rx. I’m gonna say don’t do anything in a hurry. Leave for things way in advance. Better to look stupid being early than being an hour late or missing something entirely. The subway construction and maintence there, I swear is ruled by Mercury transits.

      • thanks for the input! it’s bats how mighty mercury rx can be for everyone (and i’m so Not mercury ruled otherwise).

  12. You don’t need to clean up the library and get all the books back on the shelves in the right spots, until Mercury finishes the retrograde. You should get a Virgo to do that, but she’ll be useless during the retrograde.