The Dark Moon Does Not Stall Your Upward Hustle

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Norman Parkinson

Yes yes, having the Moon Void in Taurus for practically a whole day AND it’s a Dark Moon AND Venus is Void AND Mars is still stuck at Nine degrees AND some of the news in the media is sad/crap/triggering BUT none of this stalls your upward hustle and general Awesome. You just obey physical cues toward rest/hydration and you know, processing. Moon management is like the most basic and sensual dimension of astrology and the first tenet is you don’t shriek around the place being all existential and tub-thumping on the Dark Moon. Nor – okay this is Venusian not the Moon – try to advance/catalyze relationships when Venus is in more reflective mode. Score yourself SOME sort of reflective stillness, watch for the synchronicity and omens zipping quietly around the place, check your Scopes for the more personal take on this Dark Moon/Strange Astro and just be coolly in wait for The Awesome. Everything speeds up with this New Moon.Β  So how are y’all doing out there?


Image: Norman Parkinson

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82 thoughts on “The Dark Moon Does Not Stall Your Upward Hustle

  1. I feel like The Furies are after me these days… It’s like one thing after another……first the broken toe, then work troubles, then home troubles, including today where someone tried to steal an $800 apartment deposit from me!!!!!!…..luckily I stopped the check in time….
    I’m feeling SO aggro with Mars direct, just about tore someone a new one at the bank trying to get this sorted out…..

    This all started May 9th, with the broken toe, but before then, this year had actually been going really great for me!
    It’s still going pretty well, in that I’ve successfully ‘put out all the fires’ mentioned above, but it’s like, the Universe is definitely trying to get my attention about something by shaking everything up, shaking all my foundations.

    Oh, and I’ve got that maddening new guy in my life. A little less maddening once I googled ‘Swedish dating habits’, because culturally he is so different from me in that area, so now I understand….. But…..He somehow got through all my heart’s armor and for that I feel vulnerable. I so very much enjoy being with him, and he is good to me, but it’s just another thing in my life that has shaken me up and makes me feel not on solid footing. Perhaps I don’t have any bravery left over for love because I’m having to be the warrior on every other front in my life. It’s terrifying to let my guard down, but I trust him, it’s just that I don’t think I can withstand a heartbreak and it’s like I’m already bracing for that……………………

  2. offering apples to a dark horse πŸ™‚

    That horse, though, is not that thrilled to have something tight around the top of its throat there. The dark band just behind its head I think is creating the discomfort: hmm. assume came off after the shoot tho.

    • unless it’s just a gentle collar to keep him/her in one spot, and they smeared peanut butter on his tongue like they do to make them pull faces!

  3. I almost got into argument with former artist friend, who is now a bit of a Qi Vamp. This 41 yo woman is finally being forced to grow up and take responsibility for her life, and she doesn’t like it one bit.

    She tried to blame me for shifting a painting in our new studio complex, but I was very clear that I hadn’t moved it, and would never put a painting on someone else’s artwork. Then the organising person admitted she moved it when putting in new carpet.

    ‘Friend’ later knocked on my studio and apologised for assuming I had moved it. LOL. Clear boundaries and standing up to her is my modus operandi at the moment. Never complain, never explain.

    Meanwhile the new studio is AWESOME and I’m finishing two paintings from 6 months ago. Loving it!

    • Ah yes, the not so pass agg artist community. I ran film and multi media studio’s for years and was always surprised how much jealousy and rage went on between the creatives. And the attitude to money, OMG, seriously a lot went on like criminals. Stealing from each other, stealing from clients, trying to rip me off.
      Slippery ego driven bunch.
      Co ops, communes, such a great idea, but so hard to traverse.

    • she had the grace to apologise, that is a good thing. takes guts to admit we are / were wrong to the other person’s face, in a clean and honest way.

      • Yep. If only she took responsibility for the rest of her tantrum throwing and qi vamping. But I’m on to it. Makes me laugh.

  4. Dreamt last night I was driving around in a black Ferrari . As I was burning around a huge woman , like 150ft tall giant , picked up the car and stared through the windscreen. She was quite beautiful.

  5. I WISH I could stay home and wash floors and finish housewitchery but have been called in last minute to new job – hopefully can use tomorrow to do the practical stuff and then zen out and do some meditation

    Next week hopefully all mine to join new local yoga studio which has “$20 as many classes as you want 1st week” offer and then read the fine print

  6. My revelation is that I am TIRED of inhabiting the underworld. Done with this stuckness. Over it all. Time to start walking the path marked EXIT.
    To that end, cleaning the cobwebs, steaming the floors with basil- orange oil, doing the Egyptian exfoliation, smoke-bombing the house with frankincense, tending, pruning, and planting beautiful gardens, drinking poppy tea (I know, I know, but it’s not alcohol), clunking out old songs on the piano and facing the feelings they bring up, meditating, and rearranging everything. Generally being an isolated bundle of angry misery. This dark Taurus moon is my natal so I guess this is just me, but no!! Time for a SHIFT.

      • This : ” Time to start walking the path marked EXIT.”

        Yes. In-sync with you here. I even took a picture of an exit sign, absent minded, waiting to leave work the other night. All green-lit in the dark.. such a nice omen after the last year or so of wading through the mud.

    • Sounds lush!

      Smoke bombing the house with incense, tending to the beautiful garden, basil-orange oil, playing music on newly accquired vintage piano,

      Hoping those gorgeous sensual things might soothe your crankyTaurus moon

      • Hope so! I didn’t know it was possible to be so cranky for SO long. Pulling out all stops and making a chocolate cake. Xxxx

    • Ugh, conjoined lunar situations. Toro Moon & no milk in the house, it’s too much!
      Good luck Persephone-Dragon Queen! Well Persephone except the married to Hades bit, I was always confused why she didn’t divorce Hades..

      • You know, somehow I think she gained personal power away from her mother Demeter. Had to grow up real fast, became a Queen of Hades

        • Interesting, I suppose there is an element of being forced into independence or gaining of identity. The Triple Goddess being made of up Persephone, Demeter and Hecate as you know I’m sure, the demarcating of the identities & of the seasonal boundaries of winter etc. is I suppose only brought about by Hades’ actions. Demeter as Mother of Earth is a powerfully of the Earth, sunshine and yet lives in Olympus – I guess it is balancing that Persephone & Hecate remain in the Underworld.

          For me Persephone is just so sad and beautiful, a vulnerable, soft but warm light in the dark. Almost as if she is drawing energy from the dark to create light?
          In that sense she is Goddess of transformation & uniquely suited to her situation. I guess that is why she stayed.. no one else could have done it!

            • I did a drawing just before my Pluto transit I called the handless maiden. It’s very Persephone like. That insight of yours gave me a much needed jolt of compassion x

  7. “don’t shriek around the place being all existential and tub-thumping”…

    Ha, oops. In a nutshell that was me, yesterday. I’m never usually up nor down on the dark moon, but nearly lost the plot yesterday morning – firstly, awoke stupidly early from a horrible dream about Nazis, couldn’t get back to sleep as it was so disturbing, so I got up and decided to finish the book I was reading, which coincidentally ends in early 1930s Berlin, just as Hitler is taking power. So far so depressing. Then the (actual, real-life, 2014) news began to filter in re. the results of the European parliament elections, where so many representatives of hideous far-right parties from across the continent have been voted in. It really felt like I actually hadn’t woken up properly and was still dreaming, or that I had been channelling some awful premonition. I sometimes forget that I’m a double Aqua, but when the collective idiocy of humankind rears its head, this apparently results in me stalking around the flat raving about how humans are “so insignificant, we are but a speck in the history of the universe, we mean nothing, and we’re all the same, so why can’t we just enjoy our tiny bit of time on this magical rock and damnwell ENJOY OURSELVES AND STOP HATING” etc blah. It really wasn’t the best of days.

    Today = macaroni cheese and trying to avoid the news. Happy new moon for tomorrow, everyone! x

  8. I got quite a bit of stuff done this weekend and made it out to socialize just for a few hours Sunday after my organization binge but was so tired I was basically bedridden yesterday. For no reason? So I guess I blame the dark moon.

    Getting the candida killing supplements today and starting on the diet. I’m gonna be such a cranky hungry monster but hopefully it works…one of the biggest issues for me is the digestive drama (of course) and that I cannot stay hydrated. πŸ™ if I get improvement on those two things it will be worth it! Quinoa is allowed and so is olive oil and avocado so I plan to eat a lot of those things so I don’t get an undead meth zombie look (I’m a thin and small boned person and when I lose just 5lbs my face looks sunken in).

    I’m really excited for these astro weather changes. And just so ready to mars to move on!

  9. Dark Moon in Taurus plus Venus has me totally LOVESICK. Huge man crushes, writing to my Virgo friends for comfort, or my Cancer friends, or sharing recipe link with my foody Leo friends, smelling my old, empty bottles of Carthusia Fiori Di Capri and listening to that vampire of the people with no boyfriend or no girlfriend: Nick Cave. I want to marry Michiel Huisman, especially the way he looked in Nashville. I’m totally withdrawn and distracted. I’m in love with a Pisces.

    I’m a Cap with Virgo Rising and Libra Moon.

  10. Humans, with their tiny bitey teeth lol! Give me that apple, sister: I’ll show you how it’s done.

    • Scorpi, you ALWAY make me smile even when I’m feeling C-R-A-P-O-L-A like today. I was wondering what makes you so fuqin strong and fierce then I remembered how you ARE A female Al Pacinoo/ Pluto dev (elle) (ient) (eloper)
      How is the body feeling now?
      You sound in great spirits!

      • πŸ˜€

        Invictus, I am two weeks post-op & already I feel better than I did before surgery! They took everything but one ovary– uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes, an ovary– & it still hurts a bit when I sneeze/bend over/etc, but it’s nothing compared to the misery I had endured for *years*. Beyond happy that I had those defunct bits banished from my beautiful bod & getting stronger every day. What a trip, from the Scorpio full moon to now… Loving this Gemini new moon vibe! Be well, sweetest Invictus xx

          • Aww thanks, mille: i’m feeling those sweet, warm rays πŸ™‚ Hope all is well with you… I think of you sometimes & wonder how you are. What adventure you’re onto now. Love, strength & hi 5s to you x

  11. Home today with raging head cold, pondering how to move on with work and home jumble

    House is a tip, mind not far behind but Gorgeous husband bought me chocolate and the rest seems bearable.

    We joked all night about renaming the dog (Barry for some reason).

    God I wish I didn’t have so much responsibility to wake up to in the morning!! (Aka job style work to do)

  12. Ahhhh… I went through the w/e drinking a lot. Very sad yesterday after dealing with pass/agg Pisces drama. It is unbelievable how I attract these divorced men who are SO burned by their ex’s. At least he’s responding to me though! The toro/gem would just run and hide. I honestly feel bad for them. Both women were harsh money hungry bitches!! I don’t care what anyone says… it was wrong what they did! It’s just wrong. These guys did not beat them, try to kill them and/or mentally torture them. WTF!!

    any..whooo…I feel better today. I need to get things moving for my new job. I need to read up on some things to get prepped. I am SO looking forward to this!

    • yeah really. that’s what my ex would say about me, and he has threatened, abused and is still intimidating me. it’s more likely that he doesn’t take responsibility for his life. or that he has a borderline personality disorder. what my psych said: run, don’t walk. and try to think better.

    • Men who trash their talk their exes, and have been burned by them, have probably done their share of burning, or caused it by their behaviour, IMO.l

      Also be wary of men who don’t have friends, and don’t like their mothers….

      • My ex was always bitterly complaining about his first wife who ‘trapped’ him by getting pregnant. Of course he stayed with her for 12 years and had another child with her….

        He was SO passive aggressive.

    • I hear you all.. I haven’t been in a married situation that turn nasty. He does seem a little bipolar.. the toro/gem too.. Both lost their fathers when they were young and obviously have mothers. But I felt like they didn’t really like their mothers hence why they can’t keep a relationship with a woman. The toro/gem would meet women and these women would dump him very quickly. It didn’t bother him. The Pisces.. I was warned by a girl to be careful. The Pisces is very quick to “block” people who put him down. He had me block 2 people because of them talking badly about him. Both divorced guys did not have close friends. No best friends.

      What does it mean when they don’t have close male friends?

      I picked up the book “He’s Just Not Into You”.. LOL!!

      • Yes.. he told me to do so and I gladly did it.. because I don’t want the drama. So, I blocked them. I don’t want to get in the middle of his crap and their crap. It’s his issue.. not mine!

        • then leave it as his issue Ellie, don’t buy into it. Sweetheart, haven’t you wasted enough time n energy on this guy already?

          • Thanks Calypso.. His request to have me block some people was way at the beginning of us getting to know each other. Not recently. I did because I know these people. He is very unstable and he doesn’t know it. Do they ever they ever realize it? It is very sad! You just want to shake them because they have potential but they don’t know it.

      • If you don’t have friends, you aren’t very likeable or empathetic or interested in others. Not saying they are sociopaths, but there’s a lot of pressure being in a relationship with someone if you’re their only friend or source of intimacy. Big red flag to me — I don’t want that responsibility!

  13. Spent this US holiday weekend having an (in retrospect) hilarious misadventure in the woods with my husband. Despite so many things going wrong, I did end up feeling recalibrated, which is something I sorely needed. Had a fight with my husband, but it was a productive one, and we actually decided not only THAT we need to talk about things in our relationship, but HOW we need to address them and WHAT we need to do. This is quite huge, and we both are feeling good about our needs being addressed equally this way. I think it’s appropriate relationship action, with this Venus energy, because we’re planning and reflecting and figuring out, not trying to blaze ahead. Very positive steps for a spontaneity loving Aries man and a passion and romance and drama loving Pisces/Leo gal!

  14. After being in front of my computer in a semi fugue state for days working on my article and then my new site my brain and bum were turning to sludge yesterday.
    The tarot (WHICH BTW IS FUQIN AMAZING) told me to GET OUTSIDE. So I did. Instantly felt better. I actually realised I didn’t even know what day it was. I’d been in workaholic writer mode so long I’d actually lost a day! It was a bank holiday weekend tho and I have been known to get days muddled up what with my erratic sleeping patterns and fiery, mercurial, overly mutable brain so not exactly cause for alarm but I treated myself to a reflexology session. Wow. Awesome. I qualified as a reflexologist about 20 years ago but seldom practice and have never received a treatment in my life. Definitely doing that again. The dude who did it is a Reiki master too, same guy who I got the massage from when I was jet lagged from the trip to the states. It felt like the right thing to be doing with a dark moon in Taurus. I find I write better when I’m on the move and get stuck if I stagnate too long physically in one place. Figured out that I could work on my site from my iPhone yesterday. I’d always known I could in theory but there was something so liberating about updating my media library whilst not in front of my computer. Doing it in the coffee shop near the gym really suits my fruit fly like concentration span.
    Off to wander and write…. Love to my astro homies and thanks for all your help and support guys. You people help me so much! x

  15. Just sent an email to someone who may turn to be a potential interest. The tone is light, friendly, non-committal, nothing too out, nothing heavy.

    I thought hard about if this would be a good time to write, if I could wait for the New Moon, etc. At the end I decided that I didn’t want an email and its potential tone to clutter my mind — I was afraid of a trace of LZ-ness in my psyche. Now that it is out, for whatever it is worth, I can concentrate on cleaning the house and on my intentions forthcoming.


    • Actually, it is the wondering if they are going to reply or not that clutters your mind. I have no idea if you are dealing with a male or a female here but if it is male, remember your Darwin! I personally follow mystic’s relatively rare “go for it with the communication cues” and get excellent results. I also love the very leo visual of myself as queen of the castle, incommunicado, doing noble deeds or thinking noble thoughts. Or, i am afraid, watching real housewives.

      • It is a male and yes, his response comes with pigeon mail. I also counted “waiting as mental clutter” trap.

        As soon as I sent my email, I deleted all traces, my reply, his mail etc. Since then, I smudged the house with sage, exfoliated, set the TV for a spy movie, gathered the cats around me and turned into a lounge-lizard, thinking if I should order Chinese for dinner. πŸ™‚ what is remember Darwin? I totally missed that clue ..

      • Yes! queen in her castle. I relate to this. Far more digified than wondering ‘if’ he is going to respond…

        I’ve got a couple of flirtations/romances brewing at the mo, but I’m doing my artwork, contacting old colleagues and networking for my ideal part time job (I didn’t get the 3 month contract, bah!) and generally being busy nurturing mySELF. And not giving these guys too much thought apart from thinking, when you finally decide to make a move, I will have probs gone with one of the others!! too bad, so sad.

        Esp. one guy who was totally full on, friendly, gave me his email address and said to ‘hit him up’ on FB. Meanwhile he hasn’t even accepted my friend request. I’m tempted to delete it, it’s been over a week… but I can’t really be bothered. WHATEVER.

        ‘Keep your invisible crown on’ The Oracle

  16. Im in the mood for communicating, albeit safe and with a self help kinda bent. Merc retro hit me in the last couple of days, phone died, internet connection died, yet somehow it helped, prevented unnecessary comms! I have three essays to complete, the astro appears favourable for art history. Im in the middle of implementing your genius dark moon protocol for Pisces girl and then an epsom salt and bicarb bath with lavender for deep sleep…

  17. It’s all coming together! I’ve been hating my job and casually looking elsewhere in another city…BOOM something amazing has come up (fingers crossed), BOOM all set to move in with a friend, BOOOOOM today I got made redundant! All kinds of awesome! If I don’t get this job, there will be another one. I’m packing my stuff up next week! Super synchronicity like whoa.

  18. Found out , that my job, that I was hired 2 weeks ago will end ‘soon’ – no date set up yet. I am chilled as! I know, that something better is on its way. Tomorrow is my Birthday and I am planning on a house witchery over the next 2 days – sage burning, letter writing, list making. Cant wait to see “Melificent” on Thursday and very busy social weekend with all girlfriends wanting to see me. Life is good, thanks for asking!

    • Disney gave us unrealistic expectations about horses!
      My gorgeous 4 year old niece was kicked in the teeth by a pony yesterday and lost two teeth. The little angel has already forgiven the pony bless her. We haven’t “we the adults” lol
      she is so brave and amazing. This is the beautiful child of my super amazing virgo ex girlfriend now turbo boosted family member sister in law and my almost identical but younger and much nicer Cap with Pisces moon brother.
      Times like this I wish I was in Cape Town.
      The dentists were awesome too tho. She is fine but “we the adults” are still recovering from the shock. Lu (my gorgeous sister in law) is due on 15 July with a boy.
      Bless them. I love those peeps so much.

      • Lord, poor little poppet!! What a sweet, sensible girl to forgive the pony.

        I dreamed obsessively of owning a horse growing up – it was like an illness. Then this dream more or less manifested in me having 30 or so horses foisted on me & I was also required to do tours on these half-wild creatures while having no practical experience.

        Make no mistake about it – a horse is a tonne of flesh that has sharp hooves and teeth, whose survival has depended upon adrenalin production and who have the mental and social ability of a farm-yard chicken. But my God are they pretty!!!

        • “Thirty or so horses” is insane! You’re incredible, Sphinx, but that is beyond overwhelming. Like you said, just one horse is a lot of animal.

        • They sure are!
          I also had horsey obsessions and dreams as a little un. It could be due to my Sag moon and Sag rising that I’ve been nicknamed “the racehorse” by an ex. As in, “don’t even THINK about fencing me in!” and the smallest odd little thing can make me flare up, kick the door in and just BOLT!
          I think horses represent a wildness and freedom which is (less and less due to feminism) but was mostly denied to girls growing up and seeking role models and archetypes. I had a boyfriend who also had a Sag moon and Sag rising who competed in equestrian events at 50 purely for the love of horses. He’d made enough money to be able to do this in louche style. Tres glamorous and boy was he gorgeous. Nothing like being thrown off a bolting mare onto an icy country road to shatter fuzzy delusions of horsey disney eque love!
          30 horses foisted on you!
          Wow Sphinx – that is a whole lotta horse! x

      • I’ve never had my ass kicked by a horse, but I imagine it wouldn’t diminish my passion for them should it happen. I have encountered bitchy ponies & generally speaking the rule is the smaller the horse, the more of a wild card it is. Bless your sweet niece & her loves xx

        • Thank you Scorpi
          Yes, that is my experience too.
          The more like me they are (skittish and female) the bitchier and more volatile, dangerous and difficult to ride but fun I guess if you really bond and know how to ride. The horse I felt safest on was a big Irish beast of a horse. Slow and steady, reliable, dependable, just an awesome horse. All heart! Aforementioned boyf actually GAVE that horse to me (well offered me “ownership” if we got married post his messy mid life crisis and as a kind of transparent dangling carrot lol in the hopes I’d see past the web of deceit and insane trail of infidelity on a worryingly massive scale. I’d already kicked the door down and was bolting like a harpy mare by then but I do still love that man. We are and I hope always will be still friends. He had a problem with sex addiction and I had/ have a problem with denial and falling for alluring but distant, emotionally unavailable men with sex addiction.
          Aint love grand?
          Oh and thanks re my lovely niece. She is doing fine. Brave little angel x

  19. Been busy tidying up files and admin, digital and physical, Virgo Moon totally getting off on that LOL but in general, totally heeding the resting vibe to slow down and take it easy these few days and BREATHE.

    There is a part of me that wants to scream, “Hurry it up already!” but the general overall intuitive sense is to WAIT. To sit. There’s something happening alright, it’s just not yet visible on the surface and to do anything premature now would be to disrupt that natural creative process that’s taking place now out of my control, {out of my control being the operative phrase here}.

    Patience is key. In the meantime, attend to the small details and prep the mind, body and systems.

    • Doing about the same as you Silver πŸ™‚ Double checking my data is backed up, getting tax stuff settled and moving my blog to a better hosting service. It must be done! Also, getting to be early, drinking tons of water and doing yoga/stretching along with meditation. Overwhelmed with stuff to do, but it’s all my own doing so trying to have fun with it. Thanks for asking!

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