Astro-Gaga: Not The Devil Again

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child reading tarot

Soon afterwards, just as Neptunian Life Coaching had promised, the flashbacks began. It was her as a child, before she had had her Saturn Return and become Vanadium Lightyear. She was aged nine, home from boarding school and doing her mother’s Tarot card spread.

She knew Mummy always hated getting The Devil card yet again at the start of another promising romance so she decided to lie and say it was a Cups card. Something romantic and yet not so over the top. She realized that being raised by a Qi Vampire had left her with stronger borders than most but perhaps some residual rigidity. No wonder she wanted only to study Space Archeology and Hermetic Philosophy.

Socrates, a Sun-Jupiter Taurus man who was executed for his wisdom, said always “be as you wish to seem.” and at the age of nine, before even  her first Jupiter Return, she set this as her life philosophy. “Mother,” she said, “it is the Nine of Cups – all of your dreams will come true. He has secret wealth and has traveled across time to be with you, Even now he approaches, in a porsche. Or maybe it is a speedboat” And then she ran away.


Image: Steven Klein

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26 thoughts on “Astro-Gaga: Not The Devil Again

  1. LOL Bats!

    Where did the Devil go? It’s not in the deck anymore. Think.

  2. eh..Socrates… I want to know more about Xanthippe, his wife!


      • I wikipediaed her and seems so much lost. Her edgy reputation is due only to one or 2 authors bad mouthing her. But i really dig that Socrates actually preferred an argumentative wife. Makes me think she’s got some Aquarius or Leo in her or scorpio!
        They think she is from a wealthy family based on what they named their kid.

        Plus her name pretty much means a Palomino type horse.

  3. Beware Jupiter … the Porsche might be a rental, or even worse, a lease.

    Ever Diurnally Cool,

    • Yes, absolute crazy dreams all week here. Some very confronting, and some just random and bats.

    • Yes ! Since mars direct. In one if them my family returned to our car to find 10 or more people jammed inside … Like a whole extended family. They had locked from the inside and I couldn’t get in. I said to wifey I’m calling the cops. She says.. No, I feel sorry for them, they need somewhere to live. Let’s just use our other car. We walk away and find our other car but there it is in it’s parking spot totally flat ???. Like someone with a can opener had, with precision, cut it across and down and flattened all the panels.
      An old man was standing by it laughing and asked if I needed a hand. It was so strange.

      • How bizarre! I wonder what it means? Last night, I dreamed of meeting 4 polar bears on a remote, windswept beach. Never dreamed of bears before, let alone polar bears.

      • Car in my dreams usually = my life/energy of moving forward, often had dreams of not quite being able to reach the brakes

        Polar bears out of place on a beach…Makes me think something to do with yr journey to Antarctic? Were the bears dangerous?

        • The bears were very angry indeed. But I held my ground (didn’t run) so they didn’t get me. Perhaps Antarctic connection, although there are no bears down there!

    • Yep, all week, about all my exes. Sometimes delightful, other times sickening, but with all I’m waking up and the feeling from the dream lingers well into the morning. Maybe there’s some Venus-Neptune thing going on in my chart…

    • yes! me too. dreams about chopped onions and bathrooms changing rooms in the house! augh!

    • Omg, the dreams!! The other night I had a dream that I was getting lip implants (though why I can’t imagine) and the surgeon kept giving me these goofy one liners as the nurse explained the procedure. I was saying that I wasn’t sure I really needed such a thing,… but the surgeon was adamant about me having it done, then I became the fly on the wall, so to speak, and watched in horror as the surgeon used a dead mouse as my lip implant!!! wtf!

    • oui oui
      I dreamt this morning i was teaching in a small hutch type thing in the desert ( in hutch to be under more shade than the trees could give). The sand was yellow. I was teaching a group of little children to early teens about different trees and their uses. I said ”Jesus” out loud to grab their attention and was met by a steely stare from a Satrun type teacher under another hutch, i called out to him ”It’s ok, Im teaching them this is the wood he used” …And then proceeded to show them another timber that ”we use this one for our drums”.
      In the dream the wood Jesus used wasnt for his cross, just what he preferred to work with.

      Et tu Lux ?

    • No no… No catfights ! So 20th century 🙂
      they start off with slightly frosty relations but after an exchange over a Juno and Tonic (made with Jupiter berries) realise they were playmates as toddlers at Ceres Daycare. Both strong individuals in the public eye, for different reasons, they decide to keep their renewed friendship private, but meet every now and then on remote islands to discuss progress of their ongoing plan to vanquish the qi-botherers of the world. The ones who really have it coming.

  4. “Be as you wish to seem” is that like fake it till you make it ?

    • Ha, I translate it more like, ‘be your best self’. On a deeper level I actually think we are born with the image of what to aspire to and if we hold true to that in our lives, despite adversity, we will have achieved a tangible shift in our vibratory field.

  5. Best astro gaga for me this one!! Awesome MM, poignant, EQ factor plus.

    Love that Socrates has clear pairings of planets in his chart:

    Sun/Jupiter/Hekate for warmth, power and generosity of spirit
    Moon/Saturn for logic with emotion
    Venus/Mercury for beautiful words
    NN/Neptune for ability to dream his destiny into being


  6. This is so interesting. I always wondered if the Devil had on a red or blue dress.
    Guess you had to be there…looking forward to the new dream chapter approaching. 🙂