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girl asleep on bed of skulls and flowers

The Hindu pantheon is not so much my thing as the Ancient Greek, Roman, Norse and even Babylonian/Sumerian ones but i think that if you are in the mood for an asteroid bingle, you might want to look up your Asteroid Kaali.

A.k.a Kali or Kalika and a Dark Goddess in the vein of Hecate, some versions of Persephone and Lilith. If Lilith is a Lady Mars, asteroid Kaali is like a Lady Pluto.

I was turned onto her by a fabulous client of mine, who said she felt empowered by how Kali/Kaali wore the skulls of her enemies, the demons she had successfully battled, as a belt around her waist. I think that she is an empowerment goddess, right?

I doubt that the Feng Shui is crash hot BUT there is something in that fierce peace won after trauma or when someone has tried to crush your spirit or take your very life.

Asteroid Kaali is 4227 if you would like to look her up in your chart on Astrodienst. Note that the influences of asteroids are minor at best. We use them for fun and to add nuance to our charts.Β  It was the same with asteroid Karma a while ago. That is, don’t freak if you find it square Saturn, conjunct your lover’s Moon or something.

Feel free to share deets here or superior info if you have it! Asteroid Kaali is currently travelling along with Chiron, in the middle degrees of Pisces.


Image: Jonny Ruzzo

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50 thoughts on “Asteroid Kaali

  1. Interesting. 21 degrees Taurus in the 8th. Inconjunct my Libra Asc at 21 and my Venus at 21 Sag.

    Was reading the Persephone asteroid post the other day and she’s at 9 Libra in my natal chart. All of Mars retro/this last year has been an underworld experience. I’m saying fuq that to feeling like a victim. Definitely ready to rise up. Maybe a good time to rock the Kali vibe.

  2. She also carries a severed head in her left hand (blood dripping into her pet jackal’s mouths). In her right hand she carries a sword/blade/katana thing, and stands atop her prostrate husband, who she was (just a split second before the depiction) about to behead, as she’d mistaken him for a demon.
    Death Metal goddess. She’s fabulous.

  3. Kaali natal 0 Aries (2nd house).
    Kinda over having so much cardinal action in my natal grill.

  4. Kali conjunct Neptune in the 12th house. sort of a Plutonic Neptune thing riding my ASC.

  5. Kaali is bang on my Moon in Sagittarius in the second house. This, coupled with Antares conjunct my Moon would explain why I’m sensing a Jupiterian joie de vivre with some combat undertones. I love the interpretation of Kaali as Lady Pluto – it makes sense to me intuitively since I also have Pluto in my 1st house in Scorpio. In combination with all these lunar influences would explain why instead of feeling like a dreamy poetic Fish (Sun in Pisces) I’m much more of a resilient and self-reliant workhorse who sees challenges as turn ons πŸ™‚ (Saturn also conjuncts my moon – making me like hard work and feeling appreciated for it)

    • I don’t know about you, but it’s a great excuse to dig out my skull harness belt to complete the look to match my ASC.

  6. Well, isn’t this interesting? You guys know by now that I dumped (using Venus, mainly, rather than Mars, which was hard for this Libra throttler) a lying, cheating, fully self-aware narcissist on April 15 (naturally, too cowardly to admit to his labyrinth of obfuscation). His AC at 14 deg Sag, mine at 14 deg Gemini. Give me some feedback, kids: I have Eros and Kaali at 9 deg tightly conjunct Mars retro in my 5th house Libra, along with progressed Venus and my true node (Gemini). My natal Mars/Venus are in Leo 3rd with BML transiting at 9 degrees also! Hecate in 8th H w/ transiting Ceres. Infidel has Hecate conjunct Eros and natal Juno in 1st H Cap w transiting Pluto, Kaali w/in 1 deg Venus conjunct Uranus/Pluto in 8th with BML transiting, Mars/Pisces in the 3rd H part of strong T-square includes, most notably, Vesta, Saturn, his true node in Sag 12th H with transiting stellium, including Saturn and his MC, Sun, Mercury. We are both Libra suns … Crikey! While I don’t need revenge, it would be sweet (insert maniacal laugh here)!

  7. This demon lady speaks to me. Kali the destroyer. She’s in my 4th house, alone, at 9 deg and my Lilith is almost conjunct at the moment (in transit).

    I know I have been a warrior and killed people in past lives. One was a Roman soldier — I met someone who was there with me and he reminded me of it. My strongest memory was the maggots in the gruel we were eating (on the march!). I’ve always been fascinated by the Aztec/Inca civilisations, and would love to travel to S America and Peru… the idea of cutting out someone’s heart as a sacrifice to the gods ! amazing.

    The whole ‘wearing your dead enemies sculls’ appeals to me. πŸ˜‰

  8. My 20yo daughter has Kaali in Scorpio in 1st house conjunct Venus, Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, NN….. She is FIERCE!

  9. This totally reminds me of this chapter in ‘The Things They Carried’. I hate war stories but the one called “Sweetheart of theSsong Tra Bong” is really really good. It’s a story I still think about that we had to read years ago in high school.

    In it a vibrant American girl becomes one of the Vietnamese and she hides out in the forest wearing skulls and tongues. Chic. Definitely Kaali-esque

  10. MARS IS DIRECT!!!!!! ????????????????

    Greetings from Brisbane astro friends

    love from
    Very happy Aries gal

  11. Funny that you should bring up Kaali Mystic, for I just looked her up last week as well, along with all the other asteroids I was binging on that night LOL

    I’ve got Kaali conjunct South Node at 11 Aqua in 7th House {oooh am I a Kali in relationships perchance haha} trining my Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in my Libra 3rd House.

    What’s really interesting right on the other side of my chart in my 1st House at 10/11 Lib is Siva conjunct North Node sextiling my Saturn-Jupiter conjunction again.

    And everything square Chiron LOL

    Both Shiva and Kali are creation-destruction-recreation cycle deities. More pertinently they are the destructors of the great unreality, lord and lady of liberation from illusion and delusion in all spheres of life.

    So Destruction of Illusion + Destiny + Wisdom/Wounding/Healing? Sounds about right to me LOL

    I find it interesting that I have Siva and Kaali in each of the hemispheres of my natal chart, Siva for the inner + self half, and Kaali for the outer + others half.

  12. Kaali 8 deg Virgo conj Merc/Pluto/Uranus 7th house AND exact conj my Virgo lover’s Virgo Sun/Merc. His Kaali is exact conj my Pisces Asc. Our chemistry is off the scale πŸ™‚ And I’m loving Mars direct in my 8th house – just got out of bed….

  13. oh shit i have kali rising. Is that why when people fuck with me i cant back down and i have to give them shit. like just today i brought my phone to a computer/phone repair joint and instead of fixing my phone they broke it. then they fucked me around for over a week leaving me feeling soul destroyed with no phone very hard to live a life. So i go to the shop and the dude says i have to pay $80, i speak to the owner who is a cunt to me. so i do what any self respecting kali rising would do, i say i am taking the phone and the guy freaks out. sure i sound like some kind of outlaw but it was do that or be ripped off. fuck yuppie cunts your not getting the better of me EVER

  14. Kaali, Lilith and Unukalhai (the snake) all conjunt at 21ΒΊ Scorpio in the 7th house
    What could it mean?

  15. uh oh… seems that whenever i read about some dark goddess asteroid it must absolutely conjunct something in my chart. So, Kaali conjunct moon with pluto transiting all over it….(in capricorn)
    and lilith conjunct pluto and astarte and sun and vertex, and persephone conjunct saturn (in libra) and hekate conjunct venus(late virgo)…. hmmm

  16. Although I have been a subscriber to MM for years, I rarely input on the blog…however since my name, giving by my guru in 1978, is Kalika, I cannot resist the invitation to lend some personal insights and understanding…

    Kali/Kalika was first described to me as “master of time” by a senior Indian swami…the final KA having connection to KALA, time….so as master of time one is the master of patience, of learning how to wait to allow fruit of all thought, intent and action to ripen in its own time. As someone who grew up in New York city, where tension and the race against the clock, where there was never enough time…this was one of my greatest life lessons…learning how to BE and let life lead and unfold its
    program of inner and outer revelation…
    Kali is also very much feared as she is known as the Destroyer…and as with all powerful female archetypes, she is completely misunderstood. She is the destroyer…of ignorance…
    and the skulls represent the demons, who embody ignorance and try to impose it on others under the guise of knowledge that she has unmasked, seen through and otherwise done away with…
    She is considered the mother of all goddesses….as Master of Time she is
    the creator, sustainer and destroyer of all life, all cycles…She is the Womb of Time within which the entire manifest creation takes birth, is sustained and reabsorbed thereby.
    Mahadevi….She is the supreme Shakit, the ultimate creative power…from whom all lesser deities and powers emerge….

    She dwells within the heart of every being, the knower….

    • Thank you Kalika, that is a wonderful understanding of Kaali! You helped me define what she means to me.

      Today I was reading about Wubbo Ockels (who just died, R.I.P.) and after going to space he believed that “time is created by human beings, as a way our brains can make sense of gravity”. Ockels said, “the speed of light is constant, because it is made by us: its the clock by which we have calibrated our existence”. I hadn’t understood the Master of Time title of Kaali’s which is so powerful. When I think of these ideas together I think, Kaali herself is perhaps a function of our being/how we create our reality? Definitely part of the I am-ness of the Universe: silky, potent and always moving.
      In the sense that she is the Womb of Time I guess she is more like the Wheel of the Zodiac than any planet or asteroid. Which I quite like and I will interpret her as Potential, Cycles, Timeliness, Wisdom, Creativity, Change, The Wheel of Time.

      • It would be fairer to say that we are a function of her timelessness…that Life on earth, in time, is the contradiction and complementary component to the timeless…we are the form of the limitation of the limitless…and our purpose is to find that part of ourselves that is one with the timeless and to live from that emptiness/fullness…being timeless within time….

        • Had to read that a few times.. The problem of this understand of Kali in this binary existence here on planet earth, is how the heck do we translate that into a soundbite to interpret in a chart?
          Any ideas? πŸ™‚

  17. Angry parent/s or unpredictable behaviour can be very fearful for a young child and has been associated with anxiety and low self esteem. Being ‘terrified’ by ones own mother (or father) , more than once too, is a pretty monumental experience for a little tacker. The harm isn’t necessarily physical.

  18. Although, given that you’re conscious of it and can offer a platform to talk with him openly and consciously about your experiences, maybe this will help. Is his moon Pluto forming easy aspects with any other inner planets maybe? X

  19. Oooh! Exact conjunct my Eros in Gemini and in my 7th house. (I never realised I had Eros in the 7th house, duh. Thought it was just Saturn jollying up that part of my chart!). They’re conjunct my South Node too – by an orb of 7 degrees mind. Not relevant? Or does that mean I’m attracted to past life / karmic loves more than average? Not least when I have to fight-the-demons-ize them?! πŸ˜‰

  20. At 26 degrees Libra in 2nd house…Opposite Mercury at 26 degress Aries in 8th house (and Vesta in Aries), trine Venus and Mars and square North node

  21. My chart states that: Kaali in Gemini in the 7th house (transits in Pisces) square Mars, sesquiquadrate Uranus, opposition Neptune, and trine Pluto.

    I have no idea what this means, but it looks complicated!

  22. Kali in my 7th House of Taurus would explain how stubborn I can be and enraged if anyone betrays me.

  23. My Kaali is at 10 Cancer, real close to my Mercury and square my Jupiter in Libra- bit too, eh, temperamental for me to quite know what to do with it (says she with the Saggo Vibes Everywhere).

  24. 14* Leo in my 12th house, not in aspect to anything.
    Mine is conjunct my twins’ moons at 15* Leo.
    Torro lover’s is opposite my venus exactly and conjunct my descendant…..hmmm

  25. Oh, this is awesome!

    Conjunct my 8th house Mars, in Aquarius.

    “Wait long by the river, and the bodies of your enemies will float by”

  26. Kaali currently exact on Chiron. is that what prompted this post, I wonder πŸ™‚ Pammy comments seem to fit with this.

  27. Fiona Horne uber witch formerly of Def FX once penned a song called “Accelerate Me”, about invoking Kali. I have one of the remixes, it is still an excellent thing to listen to to feel the iron in your blood, or something like that πŸ™‚

  28. These posts are fun to me. I can’t pretend to know much about Kali but I read a book about Hinduism and Kali was my favorite god. The fiercest female god I’ve come across. I’ve got her in Sagg, 5th house, no major aspects except square my Mars. I kinda like that she’s there adding her fire to my house of creativity and fun…

  29. Mystic, you should check out this book called “Red, Hot, and Holy” – the author had a particular fascination with Kali when she was in school for religious studies. This goddess sounded seriously Plutonian to me as she described it!