When Aries Works Brilliantly

Jane Goodall

Ardent animal rights advocate, genius scientist, conservationist – Dr Jane Goodall is truly epic. It’s her Uranus Return in two years!  What will someone of her ilk do with such a major ‘milestone’ we wonder?

She is a multiple conjunct Aries – Sun, Mars, Fortuna and Uranus all in Aries and her Moon is Rising in Sagittarius.

“Farm animals are far more aware and intelligent than we ever imagined and, despite having been bred as domestic slaves, they are individual beings in their own right. As such, they deserve our respect. And our help. Who will plead for them if we are silent? Thousands of people who say they ‘love’ animals sit down once or twice a day to enjoy the flesh of creatures who have been treated so with little respect and kindness just to make more meat.”


Image: Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE, with orphan chimpanzee at Tchimpounga Sanctuary.

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45 thoughts on “When Aries Works Brilliantly

  1. Yes!

    Irrespective of individual food choices all animals should be respected for the generous and trusting sentient beings that they are.

    I spend a chunk of my time advocating on behalf of animal welfare and do not intend to cease until things change.

    Currently I go round and round on the wheel of deceit of live export but could easily get side tracked on the atrocities of failed income / status / dream horses that didn’t make the track and get an ugly reward for their effort and perceived short fall. Then there’s the cosmetic testers and the captive animals to entertain everyone. It is beyond words but words will continue to be found and constructed into voices to advocate for change.

    • Yay you Centaurus!
      I recently rang my local MP’s office and literally asked why do the animals have to be sent overseas and tortured? Why?

    • Phoning is great Veronica! It doesn’t matter if they couldn’t answer. Often they can’t and usually it’s spin coated and tehn sometimes it’s fun… in a different kind of animal hunt way 😉

      Indeed Pegs and I’m also a Bull riser and Goat moon… like I had a choice eh 🙂


  2. Tamarind monkeys, looked at some photos of them this morn. Some, 5, stolen from a Zoo in UK to sell on exotic pet market.
    How fuqing traumatising for them, if not recovered, then hopefully going to experienced peeps in private zoos, although that’s no guarantee. MOney can’t buy compassion now can it?
    Just what would Jane say or do? Put on FaceBook to pass on to 3 million peoples. They are so magnificent, so unusual, special that surely someone will have knowledge of their whereabouts. Pray for the Tamarinds safety.

    Got laughed at in ’78 for my ‘save the whales’ ideology in Belgium. (say no more). It worked, awareness increased 1000 fold.
    So what animal needs me for MY Uranus Return now it looks like i’m not going to die anytime soon, and having shifted my 8th house energy to the 11th.

    • The Tamarind monkeys were found 80 mile from zoo in cardboard box, only recovered 4 from the 5, sure the other will be found as all ports & wildlife orgs were notified.

  3. Strong, wild woman. What a legend.

    I’ve been vegetarian for 16 years. I’m finding it interesting lately how many people start either arguing with me about why it’s “natural” to eat meat, or lecturing me about the health implications of my choice (when I say, yeah but I’ve been vego for 16 years, surely something would have come up by now they tell me how in my old age my body is going to fall apart…). I never start arguing with people about this. All I say is something like “oh, i’ll just have this”, and they ask why, i say i’m vego and off they go. I don’t like even discussing it because of this (guilty?!) reaction from a lot of people, and my reasons are, I guess, fairly irrational and very personal. I grew up on a sheep farm, and as an only child I made friends with all the animals. I used to sing to the sheep while they were waiting in the yards to be drenched or whatever (this probably just scared them I guess, but the intention was good!). And I loved these creatures for the kind-hearted individuality, despite what people say about sheep 😉 For example, when one of them is lame or sick or something and can’t keep up with the rest of the mob when they are being moved from the paddock, 2-3 will stay behind to hang out with it. And if you’ve ever had a pet one that you’ve spent time with, you will know they can be ridiculous, funny, belligerent and cheeky.

    I still eat dairy, I use some leather, I’m not perfect, but I’m vego because this is the best and easiest (for me) way I can reduce harm in my life, and remember the animals who were my friends when I was a lonely little kid on a remote farm.

    • That’s a beautiful story wildwood!! I love animals and was veggie for a while, but it didn’t work for me sadly (epilepsy).
      What baffles me is that some people don’t seem to embrace grey in any conversation. It’s this impersonal binary attitude that is so disconnected from reality that so bugs me.
      Perhap our emotional/physical/spiritual needs/karma/destiny/economic situ/workload etc. all play a role in our food needs and choices?
      Personally I am happy for you and your choices! 🙂

    • It goes both ways. When I was a vegan I belonged to a few online communities and was pretty appalled at the holier than thou attitudes that seemed to go with the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle. My experience showed me that there is no point putting some kind of moral imperative on it because when it comes to food we actually don’t have a choice in what our body will tolerate and what it won’t. Some people can live on a vegetarian or vegan diet … but a lot simply can’t.

    • Sheep are totally cool little animals. They can recognise faces and moods, aggression vs peace. I’m glad that you had some wooly friends once upon a time out there. X

  4. Re dairy being poison, not for me! I suspect it depends on your genes. Mine are almost entirely northern Europe, where you didn’t survive winter unless you ate milk, cheese, yoghurt etc.

    • What is missing from this discussion is the acknowledgment that WE ARE NOT STARVING. Yes, milk will get us through the winter if need be, and perhaps it’s not an acute poison, but as someone of Northern European heritage who ate copious dairy her whole life, I can absolutely say that I feel 50000x better having not eaten it for a year. I thought feeling heavy and sorta sluggish was normal- oh cheese opiates, you’re so good- but no. It’s the dairy.

  5. This is great. I’m a vegetarian trying to convince myself to be fully vegan by the end of the summer. I really want to, but I’m also lazy (and my parents keep an entire drawer devoted to cheese in the fridge)! I really admire someone who can stand by what they believe in even though the vast majority of people disagree. I’ll look to her as an inspiration as I finally transition to vegan.

    (Any vegans around with tips on how to make the final switch?)

    • it looked interesting until I’m reading the dairy approval. 80% of the world can’t eat dairy. It’s poison and causes malnutrition through diarrhea. Eating/Drinking the milk of another species is artificial thing pushed upon humans as a result of agricultural society. Ain’t nothing “paleo” about it.

      Also when you look at longevity, predator animals don’t live that long. Animals like cats that eat a high amount of protein have shorter digestive tracts to get toxins out and even their kidneys eventually give out eating all that protein.

      • Humans have drank animal milk as long as eating and starvation has been an option only they drank from the teat, not the bottle.

          • sure people will eat other people when they are starving. That doesn’t prove it’s healthy or normal. It just proves starvation will twist a creature into survival mode.

            When you watch other mammals that are not in starvation mode, they are weaned off of mother’s milk when they become adults. They eat vegetation or eat meat. They don’t normally drink the milk of another species.

            • Well THAT was a quick dismissal. Perhaps a bout of starvation on a regular basis is the cure than? We are WAY over fed. Dairy is no great evil of an agricultural system – obesity and over population are.

            • I think what eel was getting at was the animal ethics and resource use associated with of mass meat and dairy production. Paleo is fine, …if it’s the Paleolithic era. I want to write more and dont feel like kicking off a black and white debate tho

            • Not unless you feel keeping female cows constantly pregnant is an issue.

      • Ummm … that’s not true. Where did you get that information? I quick bit of research revealed no such correlations.

    • I’ve been pretty much paleo for a year. Have lost 15kg … losing more now that I’ve got into the gym. Most important thing is that for the first time in my life weight is stable and I don’t have to starve. Eat plenty of food! Was a vegan for 6 months and it was the most unsustainable diet I have ever been on. Absolutely awful. Sorry but I don’t see any correlation between compassion eating or not eating meat. It doesn’t make anyone better or kinder … however I do object to horrific animal farming practices and only buy from growers who are committed to civilised farming practices.

      • Hooray for you prowling crab!!!! I’venever felt better either – I was a veggie for 10 years a while ago – felt like shit the whole time & was really fat – started eating meat then boom was thinner – I’ve given up carbs and sugar for 4 years now, no seeds either or flour…. Am skinny, healthy, amazingly fit and above all alert and quick. I look at women half my age who are veggie or vegan and they’re usually fat, slow witted and somewhat insipid. I feel alive and excited about life. I ain’t changing it either

        • Yeah for me grains, legumes and sugar are the enemy. They do me no favours whatsoever. I never went back to dairy because I had no problem giving it up or staying off it.

      • I just came into a situation where a deeply spiritual organic farm owner is providing me with professionally home slaughtered meat, so I am really happy at that. That’s about as good an option I can secure. If my lifestyle changed I might pull it back to bone broths, but I don’t think I can go full veg again.
        I would need to be meditating and living a little more like a monk.
        I love animals deeply but have no qualms at eating them. It is the nature of our reality and it is beautiful too in it’s way. Our connection to each other is so intimate, if bloody at the same time.

        • Am totally with you sphinx – I only buy beasts that have been loved and organically reared, and when the animal has been slaughtered with minimal stress. I feel a powerful connection to the world when I eat good meat, my local butcher sources the meat most carefully and almost know the animals he sells by name – i feel an almost divine connection to the earth when all the pieces fit together. I know what I’m eating is pure love, from the animal husbandry down to the retailer – that can only be empowering for everyone but mostly to the animal as the most valuable of end products.

        • This “deeply spiritual organic farm owner”– is he single? Or, is she single? Whatever: sounds like my kind of farmer 😉

          • She is not single, lol! Pity, a local Scorporation Incorporated Pty Ltd would be awesome. Feel free to up stix to down under anyway!

    • Has anyone here ever looked into the blood-type diet?
      Basically this Dr. D’Adamo attributes the chemical reactions of your blood-type with personality, stress-management, diet, and exercise markers.
      I’ve been cataloging diets, and, curiously, my relatives and friends who have chosen to eat vegetarian or vegan are blood Type-A…

      I’m not saying I’m a huge proponent of this D’Adamo guy, but it is fascinating. I tried eating vegetarian and it just does not work for me…have been blood qi deficient for years. aka. anemic with celiac. Animal protein is truly what keeps me energized, regardless of how much I’ve willed myself to eat vegetarian.

      • In terms of desire, I agree with it- I’m a type A former long-term vegetarian who believes whole-heartedly in the concept (though it’s nuanced now- devouring mothers and cycles pf life and all that…) Physically, though, I became totally anemic, even being super conscious about protein combos and all that. Every cell in my body leaped for joy the first time I ate meat again. So, I don’t know the science behind it, but anecdotally I say no.

  6. I so admire her. She is Living what I feel about animals -They are my friends, companions, co-presences on this beautiful planet. They can teach one so much if open to it, but it is a gentle wisdom, you have to slow down to feel it.

    Have been wondering myself what contribution I can make to change the way humanity views and treats animals other than in my own small sphere. I reckon that Uranus gives her extra objectivity and thrust to forge that path.

    Yep Davidl, I’ve been generally enjoying this Uranus transit as well, added to my natal UranusMarsPluto conjunct, BUT it’s in my dual -nature to really go whole -heartedly through with an exciting change when it presents itself then get all emotional about it afterwards (Saturn, Chiron in Pisces)

    • That’s cause your just a big girl 🙂
      Where is that conjunction ? Wow ! Let me guess ? Virgo ?

  7. Wonder what house that’s all in ? What a force she must be. I am loving Uranus in Aries . Since it’s arrival I have felt it’s force in my life. Like life sort of changed tempo, a new rhythm. I can only imagine how dancing to that beat all your life must feel like. That chimp is pretty cute.
    She reminds me quite a bit of my Aries nana who lived in the bush of northern nsw. She raised 4 sons on a very wild bit of land and kept a rifle at the bedroom door cause occasionally a snake would try to sneak in to their cots. She was tough but still so feminine and cuddly.

  8. Heroine.

    At home I keep my books according to subject: anthropology, psych, law, poetry, etc. Hers I keep in the Spirituality section. She is soul food, beautiful inside & out.

    Sagg NN-Neptune & MC.

  9. Wow cool!

    The wording of that plea has got me all stirred up again. Twice yesterday people tried to convince me not to be veggie. I always say my diet isn’t for ethical reasons, but I do love animals & this perfectly-expressed statement reminds me why I don’t eat meat.

    Well, Uranus is often technology, right – as well access to/from other dimensions! I see her doing something far more interesting than developing an app, but I reckon she will come up with a new and radically innovative concept to get the general public involved with animal welfare, which may well involve hi-end technology. No idea what though – I’m obviously not very Uranian! Or oh god, perhaps a campaign to set animals free from zoos, or even to get animals recognised as having intellectual as well as social equality with humans? I mean I’m sure she’s doing that already but my experience of Uranus on my Moon for the last year is ALL about setting myself free.

    • Thanks myst that’s good info. Confused re pie face guy tho. Never heard of a vegan with shallow ethics before.

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