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Hey guys, the Weekly Horoscopes are up...complete with psychological flame retardant and Zap transmuting infusions…Seriously, BIG couple of weeks ahead.  Just bring it with the A-Vibe. Evolve or Evaporate. You know the drill. This HAS been ongoing since 2008….it is just intensifying.

And speaking of Pluto in Capricorn – check out this CNBC clip.  It is must-see Zap Zone viewing.  it is bankers denying the allegations of Moneyball author Michael Lewis – a genius Libran – that the stockmarkets are rigged. It goes feral real fast. There is more online.

It is amazing to think, that if banks lend us “money”, they just digitally create it with a key stroke. Our interest payments in return for this “money” is real money, the stuff we earn with our time and expertise. What they lend us is invented. It’s called fractional reserve banking and it’s legal.

Image:  Fightclub

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38 thoughts on “Weekly Horoscopes Are Up

  1. hahahaha…. not surprised….. when in this grand cross/zap zone will these guys be bought to account??
    We so need a new money system – where our hard earned $ are enough for all to live, not just survive?

    Bring on the concept of Star Trek, where money is no longer the driving force and we all can follow our dreams!!
    Yes, this cap is really feeling the zap zone….

    • yeh i’ve been looking at older posts heralding the start of Pluto in Capricorn, following financial news, markets, commodity prices, lawsuits, commissions etc. And i think but when is there actual sustainable change?? (I kno about be the change you want to see and try my best money where my mouth is but i’m no banker-corporate financier.) Hoping the end of the era heralds change but one we can manage not suffer powerlessly.

  2. the markets ARE rigged. the high freak bots run the show. one such company had one losing day out of 1280+! they see the order flow see information news and front run the activity faster than a neural synapse fires in your head. times the real question is why all of a sudden all this attention? Fed is gonna use this black box as the witch trial to cover for the fact that this is the largest transfer of wealth to the uber rich Ever. String of dead bankers know. That’s why they are dead.

    ex vampire squid here lol

  3. Thank you

    And how mental is it that all over the place first home buyers are out of the real estate market, small investors are out of the share market cos it is so rigged & savers are being penalized via low interest rates to fund those in debt…Debt slavery is encouraged, as it funnels $ into Finance, Real Estate and Insurance industries…The solution to a global credit crunch is to digitally create more money and bail out big business…whilst encouraging the population to go into more debt…Not to mention switching the siphon of govt funding toward the aged whilst pulling it from education for the young…Bats

    • Totally Matrix style stuff of nightmares.
      I fuquing ADORE this photo of Tyler Durden. God you are a GENIUS Mystic.

    • Naomi Klein explains in her book, Shock Doctrine, really well the current economic/political situation – how it originated, and how it is advancing throughout the globe. There is also a documentary film made from the same book, by the same name. It should be compulsory viewing. Every step that is mentioned in the book/doco has been happening here in Europe. It is frightening and at the same time weirdly fascinating to see how easily the masses are controlled.

    • yes totally bats – i’ve always argued (Sag Moon+Rising, Merc Aries) this with my Libran dad, since i was a little girl. We get along really well of course, with grace, but we have not yet resolved this argument 🙂

  4. This astro feels so sink or swim, Mystic you are so right about bringing the A+ vibe and re-setting intention. Thank you 😉

  5. A 8.something earthquake in Chile now. Tsunami warning.

    Last time there was an earthquake in S. America then there was one up the N. American coast. Had a feeling we would be next and then just recently we had one.That Pacific Ring of Fire is no joke. We are on the same plates.


    Kinda intense I’ll say when you don’t know whether to stock food and water because the dollar may bomb or be shook to death. Just cover you butt a bit, eh? Was in the Sylmar quake in the 70’s (and others since) and so know what it’s like. Just a good idea to cover the bases just in case.

    • I was just reading about the quake in Chile, too, and there was just that one in LA a couple days ago as well……spring and fall seem to be earthquake season…. Just last week another astrologer friend of mine was looking at this grand cross/eclipse month coming up and said he thought it would bring earthquakes….and then they happened.

      I live in San Francisco, so I am feeling a little antsy, too……and I lived in Santa Cruz during the ’89 Loma Prieta quake, and that was intense……
      I really should be more earthquake-prepared, myself. I need to get more water in…..and power bars…

      Let’s send stabilizing vibes to all our faults…

      • I’d do it I reckon. Venus in aries / moon Cap loves a survivalist. water, fuel, light, warmth, communication, calories. backup power sources. hygeine products.

  6. Love the last line of the video “there is absolutely no point talking to somebody who is just throwing dust in the air”

    Isn’t that a mantra for this period – baffling people with bullshit is gone and authenticity the new currency

    BTW great Cap weekly

  7. I’m a Libra sun with transiting Mars right on top of it, and the description of how retro Mars can allow you to take a more objective view if your own image really resonated. I’ve been reading a book called “The Art of Seduction” by Robert Green. Very entertaining. Whilst I wouldn’t advocate getting all Machiavellian on people the way it describes (authenticity being the watchword for me these days) it does give me an insight about how other people might pull that crap on me and how I might then see myself as a victim instead of a willing (though sometimes unconscious participant). And how my own Machiavellian tendencies can play a part though I have not been consciously aware of what I’m trying to do. I recommend the book for anyone interested in the art of love/war.

    I is taking the power back yo.

  8. I need to rein it in, bite my tongue, etc., etc…. I have been speaking my mind a lot the past week or so, and in a way that is right up to the edge to telling people off, both in person and online. I need to shut it, I think.
    I do actually think it’s been good information I’ve imparted to people but the delivery…..a bit b*tchy, for sure.
    Yesterday and today had bad PMS(PMT) and now started my cycle but man, I’ve been gnarly the past couple days…..beyond irritable.

    I really want to get it together before the sh*t hits the fan this month so nothing irreversibly bad happens.
    I’ve been practicing grounding and meditating, and have been doing my chanting since this antsy and annoyed mood kicked in. I’ve got to move this energy….. I’ve got to be able to muster up some diplomacy because it’s really important for my career right now. I’m moving forward with my business and doing a lot of networking and I feel stressed enough already, so if I can connect with my ‘charm’ I’ll be better off, no question.
    Perhaps I need to investigate where all these bad moods and all my b*tchy-ness comes from, too……

    I have 10 degrees Crab rising, so this grand cross will be aspecting that, for sure! One thing I was thinking is that I should be aware of physical safety and try to avoid accident and injury at this time, with Uranus and mars squaring there. Would that be a sound interpretation?

    • Wow FC you and I both going thru what you mentioned. I had to investigate where this b*tchyness comes from myself and for me I’ve realized it has to do with 2 situations that are not good for me. One is being affected by Mars(home), and the other is affected by Pluto(long term arrangement). I can’t truly be myself around these scenarios so all this resentment had built in over time. That then translated to me just spurting out snark, bitcherisms and the whole lot. It’s not a real reflection of who I truly am but it’s a very real reflection of how miserable I have been. I’ve decided to take better care of myself and deal with the situations at the root. Some things will have to go…

  9. God those banker guys are so aggressive and sleazy yet he manages to stay so cool and unflappable in the face of what would make most people get so angry. What a brilliant clip.

  10. Just had to abort my run. Epic wardrobe malfunction!
    Have a back pack that is also a water carrier.
    Don’t know if it’s broken or if I over filled it today but eeeeeeeek got totally drenched ……..

  11. On a budget and clean up bender – found a letter from Uni Super from job 100 yrs ago – they had traced me to change address – had $16000 didn’t know about – woo hoo gonna transfer to my proper superannuation a/c

    Am just following your advice MM…..winner!

    • How awesome is that!! 🙂

      Good on you for putting it into your super. I’d be tempted to spend it on a holiday (moon in Saggo) Hehe.

      • taxed at an epic tax rate if withdrawn, until one reaches retirement age, I think. expense of ageing population (as mentioned above) is a Big Deal. Superannuation didn’t exist until the 1990s ish. Before then it was up to your husband to have saved enough money for the two of you. Still now women face risk of poverty in old age at far higher rate than men on average. time out of workforce due to kids, lower average salaries, longer life expectancy. invest / put the cash aside 🙂 Older You will thank you!

  12. Mystic is it possible to LOVE the Zap Zone? I feel really happy, like the thrill of being on a roller coaster but its ALL GOOD

  13. Had a Venus North Node moment today….totally unexpected and spontaneous and took me off guard somewhat but that was more about divine design than anyone’s conscious choice and I have to be amused because I didn’t have any time to get my armour on, even though it’ll typically auto activates lol. The day started first up with a shift of events and then wrapped with an impromptu meeting. Hmmmmmm…..

  14. Yeah, well when playing to the man better we be pulling on their strings than otherwise.

    We’ved always been high here….what is the prob darl?

    • When I get disgusted with shit is’s usually about me and my expectations and where I’m falling short in my own ~ vision of self~

      You just need a Uranus shot…sorta like a B12 but works faster and you will but scarsely remember the pain…

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