Thirty Magical Fitness Tips From The Multiple Sagg Athlete/Witch

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Willow Rockwell

So i first mentioned Multiple Sagittarius World Champ Trail bike Rider, self-proclaimed Jaguar, mother (it’s a Shamanic thing)  & Mega Mystic subscriber Willow Rockwell here, when she reviewed some  super googoo witchy drops. Now she is blazing a new path for herself as sort of a super athletic modern witch and has volunteered her top ten fitness/nutrition tips. They have a magical edge, of course.

“Much of this is from my own research on myself, as well as studying fellow athletes charts in relation to their body composition and performance at any given time.”


1)    Check out your rising sign. I often find that a person’s rising sign influences the body’s disposition as well as physical appearance.  Certain types of exercise are more beneficial to certain body “types”.  Fire rising for example can pretty much out cardio anyone else.  Water rising signs need more yoga and meditative exercises such as hikes in nature etc.  Planets conjunct the ASC are equally important to take into consideration as they change the nature of the rising sign considerably.


2)    Transits to the ascendant and the progressed rising sign are equally important in determining the correct method of exercise and lifestyle for THE NOW.  For example, in the past few years Neptune not only crossed over my Piscean ascendant, but my progressed ascendant changed from Aries, the amazon warrior woman, into Taurus the earth mother goddess.  These two astrological factors literally made it impossible for me to be the heroic warrior anymore.  I retired from cycling to care for my newborn daughter and have been practicing being more Neptunian and also more goddess like.  This has been THE biggest body transformation of my life, and it has all been extremely important for me to not struggle against it, but rather go with the energy that is now being transmitted to my body.


3)    I think it is very important to not force your body into some kind of “mold”. Yin rising signs are especially prone to having that kind of discipline backfire and then their bodies hold more stress, which equals more weight. I know Demi Moore is going through a tough time right now, but I do like her, and I know she is Pisces rising.  I heard an interview where she said that she finally came to have the ideal body she had always wanted by quitting the extreme exercise and diet programs and just LISTENING to her BODY.  Not a guru or trainer outside of the self, but the BODY.  I  always say that “my body is my guru and my pussy is my psychic”.  Neither will ever lie to you!!


4)    Check out Mars.  Mars in Yang signs have a quicker metabolism and a need to “burn” off steam. Yin Mars signs have a slower metabolism and tend to hold onto stress.  This requires a fine balance between release stress through exercise but not increasing cortisol levels through doing too much.  As I mentioned before, the body will go into fight or flight and then the weight will stay on to get you through the “troubled times!”


5)    It is very important to actually choose exercise that feels good to you while you do it. No amount of exercise that you hate doing is going to bring you the results you want!  Your body doesn’t lie, and if it hates doing what you are forcing it to do you will end up paying the price: either through injury, a foul mood or metabolic confusion.


6)    Switch it up.  Rotate the things you love doing so your body is always a bit surprised: I alternate :30 minute trail runs with warm Vinyasa flow yoga, Tracy Anderson DVDs, walks and Pilates.  If I had a Barry’s Bootcamp around I would do that too!


7)    Diet: Organic Coconut oil is the real deal.  It balances cholesterol levels and gives a good long burning fuel.  It really does help you lose weight!  They discovered this after feeding it to pigs to help fatten them up but all the pigs lost weight!


8)    1 tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar before meals will help kick start your metabolism.


9)    Cinnamon is a great spice to add to anything.  Metabolism booster yet again!


10)Ayurvedic diet principles.  I highly recommend seeing an Ayurvedic Practioner to determine your Dosha and to help you with a specific diet plan. Many of the Ayurvedic principles correlate with the changing of the seasons and the incredible stress these times of year put on our bodies.


11)Don’t do fads: Raw foods, juice fasts etc.  Many of us are too sensitive to digest that much raw food and you will just end up bloated and gassy. Here again is why I feel that a specific Ayurvedic plan just for you is highly beneficial.  Spices, herbs and types of food are recommended according to your pulses and if you are deficient or over-active in certain organs of the body.  There is a pulse for each organ and a skilled practitioner can help balance you out in as little as one session.


12)Adaptogens.  Nature’s anti-stress helpers.  Stress makes you fat. Period!  No matter if it is coming from your job or over-exercising.  Holy Basil Teas, certain mushrooms, Maca Maca and many other herbs are great for maintaining balance.  I love acupuncture for this reason as well.


13) If you tolerate mushrooms, a room temperature Kombucha  tea (the sparkly kind in a bottle) will suppress your appetite and support your digestion.  Drink on an empty stomach.


14)Infrared Biomat.  Okay this is expensive, but it is a health life-saver.  It is an infrared mat full of amethyst crystals and tourmaline crystals in the pillow.  The heat wards off all kinds of infections and also increases your metabolism. I use this as my doctor for the most part!  Perfect for listening to Binary beats!


15)Fish oil.  For anti-inflammatory properties. So much excess “weight” is really inflammation”


16)No coffee. Green tea or chai tea.


17)Cacao is magic, especially when combined with Maca Maca.


18)Red wine in limited qualities is also a gift from the earth mother!


19)No gluten, even if not allergic. has great gluten free and Paleo recipes.


20)Remember that today is not the last day you will ever eat again.  You can always have some more tomorrow!


21)Kate Moss quote “nothing tastes as good as being thin feels”  or something like that….I replace thin with healthy and I think it is actually quite an accurate quote!


22)I don’t eat cow dairy but I find that goat and sheep products are amazing and satisfying.  Especially manchego cheese!


23)Identify what you love and find healthy ways to incorporate it into your diet. 


24)Natural Calm at night…it is a fizzy magnesium powder that helps you sleep and improves elimination.


25)5000 mg Vitamin D. Seriously helps your mood! Happy people are healthier!


26)Bach Rescue Remedy spray. I mean, it is the Zap Zone! We need all the help we can get!


27)Citrine crystals help get rid of cellulite. You can buy a tiny one and wear it in your bra. This really works. I love crystals in case you can’t tell!


28)Dry brushing. Yes, the models all do it!


29)Make sure your water is filtered. The water you drink and the water you shower with!


30)SLEEP!!! Melatonin 1mg will get you there if stress is keeping you awake. I believe that sleep is our best friend, now more than ever!








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193 thoughts on “Thirty Magical Fitness Tips From The Multiple Sagg Athlete/Witch

  1. Can’t believe I’m the first post on this amazing offering!!!! Super late where I live, and can’t fully express how much I appreciate this post– great for many reasons! One of which is that the zeit … geists. In the sense that I already do many of these things religiously, unconsciously, and it’s nice to get some reflection… Internal validation? Affirmation really that self-care needs encouragement and support always thank you, and thank you!

  2. This is cool. I do pretty much all of these things already but some things maybe not as consistently as I might prefer. Anyway, a great post and perfect timing.

    Curious about the Yin and Yang signs. Having studied TCM and being a fan I’m not sure I could nail each sign as either a Yin or a Yang off the cuff. Obvs fire is Yang and Water is Yin but when we get to Earth and Air….. anyone?

    • Mars in Virgo. I let go very easily (except when there is an unsolvable esoteric problem to be sorted),
      Eiiminate every day and if a rare occasion not then Ibogast drops. Beautiful stuff that is as daily elimination of the digestive system is #1 health priority methinks.
      Virgo would be a Yin sign. keep it delicate :-)?
      Loose weight with stress or imbalanced physicality (more movement than fuel).
      I use to have what i called ‘fire in the belly’, too much information flowing thro’ me and not retained?
      Have found personally that the breath cures all.
      Howzat,spellcheck turned breath into death. I changed it back!

      Et tois?

      • Loved reading your post Pegs! Will have to check out the drops if for no other reason that I like to know more about things that will aid and assist and agree. Any blockage there quickly goes toxic to mind, body and spirit eh.

        Death.. well it might be me but I laughed. Yes, it’s true no more breath equals death but esoterically I’d say that the exhale or release is like a death of holding or stuck Qi etc. Might be my Yin yoga influence there but seems kind of natural.

        Would we go by ruling planets or the signs themselves. There would be variation I daresay.

        If Virgo is Yin what would Cap or Toro be? I have strong influences of both. Let’s call Cap Yang but if you think sea goat I think that changes the vibe.

        Libra might be Yin I think due the internal nature of creating balance. Gem might be Yang. Aquarius… androgynous? LoL 🙂

        I know my stuff tends to favour the skeleton and muscles. I like stretchy type exercise best.

        I’m tired, tis the season.. and might be overthinking it. Having to watch that a little of late.

        • But earth could be Yin (the mother) and Air could be Yang (father/sky).. bit of American Indian flavour in that thought.

        • Earth is thought of as Yin and Air is thought of as Yang. I remember it because Yang things go up and Yin things go down. However, various signs have different degrees/ kinds of yin or yang. Cap has a lot of yang firmness, Libra has yin coolness. At least that’s how I think of it.

      • Yes, mars in Virgo too, Libran rising. I really like walking, the longer I walk, the more energy seems to kick in. And yoga feels good but I get annoyed if I get pushed by the ashtanga instructor.

        I think physically I’m more Yin, and mentally very yang, wish I could cry more easily, usually get angry instead. Probably a mix of kapha and pita doshas.
        My mind wanders a lot during exercise, and I can get bored after a while

        • “wish I could cry more easily, usually get angry instead”

          Me too!! I put it down to my Cap asc.

          Moon in Saggo – Yang all the way. Chinese doctors are always telling me I have too much yang energy…. yeah, yeah I know. It’s not gonna change. Can’t help it.. get fired up way too easily!

          • Me too, Chinese Dr’s always find me super Yang and lacking in Yin, Aries ASC, 3 Sag planets and 4 in Libra. Makes sense to me.

        • I have a bit as well, and Sage Sun, Cap Moon (stiff upper lip eh) know how to work it but a lot of that’s changed. I don’t know that it’s a deal breaker. I’ve done a lot of releasing lately including tears, well they are one of the most effective ways to release on more than one level right.

          I think it comes down to working Yin time over Yang time or even Lung/Large Intestine time… and maybe different moons houses if a formula is needed.

          I tend to think that under stiff upper lip lies desire to not have to have it using my Cap moon as an example so it’s not like it isn’t there but it’s more about facilitating space where that aspect is allowed to co-exist and isn’t threatened by a perception that another behaviour is trying to dominate.

          Or, it’s just a person’s make up and that doesn’t mean anything about anything.

          Crying easily, which incidentally is something I think in retrospect I could always do but had decided I must not do under any circumstances is easy if it’s just an expression of emotion that isn’t attached to a perception of how you are being perceived.. y’know what this says about you.. weak, foolish.. whatevs.

          Think Sage moon would have an element of surface skimming perhaps and Cap asc would want to keep the appearances up on the outside maybe yeah?

          Anger first is something I’m well familiar with but I’ve learnt to transition to what’s below and made it all about myself, my wisdom, my healing and let myself be ok to be pissed at X for Y even it if is silly or irrational. I find the real wisdom of what was making the whole thing aggravating comes after a water shed (literally) moment. My disclaimer being that sometimes I just get angry, there is no need to cry or justify or anything else and that totally ok too 🙂

          • Yes, agree it’s a total release to cry, was feeling very heavy yesterday and just could not do it, though i wished to.
            I know I would have felt much better after.

            I don’t really have the stiff upper lip thing, if I’m really weeping I don’t care who sees it, but it takes a LOT of pressure to make me weep, like if something scary happens to my dog I freak out.

            Spontaneous tears come sometimes when I see acts of real bravery and kindness – softens my hard heart :/

        • I also have got that placement of mars very close conjunct Pluto, where I can just SNAP into a rage if provoked, where I start throwing things, been in a couple of physical fights (eg woke up to find a girl lifting my wallet out of my bag in a train).

          It’s not way out of control though, am not a phone on face smasher like Naomi Campbell, who I believe has that placement 🙂

          • I get the spontaneous tears for those things you mentioned. I’m ok with that because I guess they don’t make me feel overly vulnerable.

            I can get my rage on.. really quickly and it’ll settle pretty quickly too unless provocation continues. Not sure what that would be, Mars in Cap moon, at times stubborn Toro asc or Saggi OTT moment 🙂

            I am aware I gots to watch my Mars at the mo … 9 degrees zap 🙂

  3. This is just SUPERB advice!…EVERYTHING. She mentioned what sort of exercise is better for fire and water ascendants – I wonder what’s recommended for air rising signs?

    • What is the element of your rising sign?
      Earth Air Water Fire.
      Dosha’s go by these elements and more i believe.
      So what are the movement of earth, slow spin around a star,
      that’s the body movement then or similar.
      Make it up, create it carding to YOUR element.

    • Hi Island Girl,

      For air rising signs I think group activities and making it social and FUN is important….Gemini needs to learn something new all the time to stay motivated, Aquarius needs to be ahead of the times and really individuate..maybe even invent your own workout!! Libra’s would do well with a workout partner or even a romantic partner if available…. check out your progressed ASC. Also very insightful.

      • Willow quote: “Aquarius needs to be ahead of the times and really individuate..maybe even invent your own workout!! ”

        OMGoodness – that’s exactly what I was thinking as I lay awake middle of last night after first reading this whole post! Yeah, Aqua rising and I’m going to make up my own workout. Fanbloodytastic!!

        Out of curiosity I looked up my progressed Ascendant, 2 Aries – I guess that accounts for all the crazy-kill-myself-cardio Ive been doing. Ahmayyzing!

  4. This is awesome and the bit about exercise and stress and doing what feels right is just spot on. As is the bit about stress. When I get stressed I hold weight, unless I’m really stressed (like divorce stressed) in which case I become skeletal) when not stressed and eating normally I look something like a short slightly svelter version of Elle macpherson on not a great deal of exercise- just enough.

    I’d add one thing: doing incidental exercise: riding to work, taking stairs, walking more, beats the hell out of stressfully organizing yet more clothes and water bottles to go to the gym!

  5. Wow, hat amazingly informed and sensible summary.
    This is GOLD.
    Read the first paragraph and understood about doing your rising & the physicality of it. Makes sense. That’s is the hugest compliment i can give.
    ‘It just has to make sense’.
    Shall save this.
    Doing Cap rising…..must dance to feel connection to earth. Feet firmly on ground. Or driving is moving, gotta move.
    Saturn bones…gotta be careful, can slip, tear, strain muscles if not careful, and careful=Saturn.
    Problems always hips, Sagg Sun & other disturbances 🙂 like Mercury & Jupiter. My Physio is rich as is my Dentist.
    First impassions and there’s so much there to grok, bless her Sagginess.

    • Just thought I’d mention an unusual concept I came across this week from Michael Lutin. Whole house sign number. Derived from sun sign and rising but isn’t either house number or sign in the result (Scorp for me) and I gather useful for the zap and/or coming back to your core.

      I dont’ know anything about this concept and how the logic of it is worked out. Do you?

  6. Wow Willow!
    You are awesome and I totally agree with every you said there.
    How inspiring are you?
    My pussy is my psychic 😉 hell yeah!

      • I don’t blame my body parts for my mental and emotional shortcomings or lack of development. That was my not listening to her that was screwing with me. Not her fault at all. What Willow said resonated with me.
        You got a problem with that?
        If I’d responded to the coconut oil tip would you prefer it?
        Or am I just an easy target for you?
        I am not in trouble.
        I have transitioned gracefully and speedily from a fairly tawdry existence as a sex worker to a full time author in six short months. How is your pussy doing and how is your life going?

        • Hear hear Invictus!

          Seems like a certain troll may still be stuck in time warp of 6 months+ ago… Ah, muggles!

          GOOD FOR YOU on your new beginnings, writing and newly planned blog; much focus, inspiration and success to you.

          Psychic pussies – yes! 😉

          • LOL yo MIM. Shot for the pussy riot control over there!
            I shouldn’t have taken the bait. T’was stooping. My fire rising rose up and instead of breathing serenely, I benched out some flames. Qu’elle day!

          • Goddess bless the juggles! They need it. Anyway jealousy makes you ugly and cyber stalking gives you terrible headaches….
            I THINK I MAY have found a web designer I can afford. Will let you know after I meet with them tomorrow. Sounds professional tho and work is ok, good enough to start with definitely and has an upbeat, no nonsense “can do” attitude
            Leaving the photography part out for now.. sleazy vibes creeping me out too much.
            My dreadful no make up selfies will have to suffice for now…..
            Hope the web design meeting goes ok tomorrow. Bit nervy about it. Yegads what a stressful day! Feel like I’m walking on eggshells. Have missed my yoga and NC. Hopefully that will resume on Friday and between now and then I haven’t been arrested for causing GBH to some poor bloke who’s weeny likkle straw of an inappropriate comment breaks my humps my humps my humps my lovely laydee lumps ohhhhhh roll on fabulosity and bye bye douchebagerry!

            • Muggles with an M
              and I meant to say CAMEL’S BACK but my attention deficit (dis) order ly conduct and general silliness took over and I was reduced to singing a black eyed peas song. There’s only so much juggling a girl can take in one day. Psychic Yoni or not.

  7. #2. A BABY changes EVERYTHING 🙂 :-).
    For some reason i hope it was caesarian, as babies coming out between the legs is too weird for my persona.
    Don’t know.
    Don’t ask.

    Onto #3

  8. Struggling thru the mediocrity and juggles this mooring.
    Been creatively juiced up and inspired since 4am but starting to lag a bit now. Everyone I talk to about working together whether they are photographers or web designers feels either hopeless, sleazy and just plain not good enough in their work and their vibration. Wanting to mix it up and be overly friendly with me. Too many “lol’ and “you prefer red or white?” WTF?!? Getting really angry because I want to talk about work, I am serious about my image and willing to pay – not asking for freebies or favours here but god why are these men all so dodgy? Yes I am aware it’s my vibe and I’m responsible which is why I am reseting everything and just NO. Have just said, “stop it” so many time this morning.
    New page.
    Going to look somewhere totally new for web designers and photographers because my contact list and people I’ve met are going in the bin. Especially the men. Not to be hating on men but I’m allergic. I can only work with women right now. And they have to be amazing at what they do too. I need to work out. Off to lift some weights with an old trainer buddy at the gym where I used to work on reception. Need some fresh air.

    • You have become more sensitised about men.
      This is why so many woman run businesses have opened
      to avoid double entendres so t speak.
      STEALTH, my Dear, stealth.
      Read the above post on Sagg athlete 3 times.
      When it’s too hard to change a job, person, abode, then change your thinking or perception of it. It’s often easier 🙂

    • What kind of photography are you looking for?
      I am looking into setting up a photo side career to help me become more independent. Would love to talk.

  9. Absolutley. And what an earth goddess revelation.
    My body my guru, my yoni my intuition. (now retired & virginised, *sigh*).
    ‘Ideal’ isn’t that such a Piscean expression.
    To me Jupiter is more the planet of change than Uranus. Uranus would be shielding extra terrestrials, and Pisces was rules by Jupiter.
    There is a skate board park 200 meters away with 4 outdoor cross fit machines and btw way this ‘cross fit craze’ is creating large amount of injuries. Keep the masseurs and physios’ busy :-).

  10. #16 No coffee!!!! 😯

    NO WAY!!!! Not giving it up coffee… and I have it with full fat milk 🙂

    Everything in moderation I say. People are too obsessed with fitness & nutrition.

    • Yeah you’re either in a committed relationship with coffee or ya just aren’t … there are no inbetweens. And those that aren’t just don’t get it so they can say crazy shit like “no coffee”.

    • Scorp, earlier i was googling bullet proof coffee.
      It’s a ritual.
      Grass fed butter & coconut oil, frothed up? Yak butter
      perhaps suitable for high mountain range exploration.

      My inner Sicilian thinks good coffee s mother’s milk, and my gross fed butter on artisan sour dough.

      • yeah,, imagine asking an Italian to give up coffee!
        I’m not Italian but European heritage and my parents always had coffee after dinner.. they still do!

        My Leo sister’s hubby is Italian (Libran). He makes a great espresso, so naturally I love visiting. 🙂
        All four of the kids have love the taste of coffee already. Especially the Gemini 🙂

        I’ve heard of bullet proof coffee and googled it too. Sounds gross! Not for me.

        I’m a purist.. I’ll stick to my 3/4 piccolo 😀

        • I hear you Scorpalicious One: I do my coffee organic, single-origin with full-fat raw milk.
          Bring me your permeate-free, bacteria laden, nectar of Hathor’s Totem Animal!
          Only have one a day, but it’s a worshipful moment. 🙂

          • 😛
            I have two “worshipful” moments a day. And only during the day. First thing in the morning is black tea and also after dinner with some quality 70% dark choc.

            A damn good coffee just makes my day… float on a happy cloud 😀

              • OOOOOOOH
                I just bought Parasite Rex. Looks like great book to read on the tube! Creepy science fiction come back, all is forgiven! Thanks for the link x

              • Dairy actually does contain opiates (caseomorphines (sp??)) which is why it does that to everyone. It soothes pain. Notice no one reaches for celery sticks after a break up. People want ice cream or cheese.

                • Yes also parasites love dairy (sugar/wheat). Since I have worked on that, I am strangely less interested in dairy. As in not obsessed. 😀

        • I LIVE off a bastardized version of Bulletproof coffee – double shot long black topped up with cream and a lump of good butter. YUM !

          I’m down from 8 or so cups a day to four or five, so I’m doing well.

          And no comments about my poor whacked out adrenals 😀 We’ve done this one before !! One of the reasons I’ve cut down so much is that I’ve found adrenal support which works, so no need for so much coffee !!

  11. My Grandmother used to take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar every morning in water.
    It rejuvenates the blood every 28 days she said.
    She was born in 1907.

  12. This is great! Awesome. Thank you.
    I’m very inspired and will be following more than a handful of these tips.
    Mystic, more posts like these on how to power-up your life-style, please!!! xx

  13. Something must be in the air. I just joined up with the gym for the first time in like … ermmm god 4 years or whatever. I’ve lost heaps of weight through diet alone, but those last few kilos are stubbornly resistant, my energy is shit and frankly I could do with some toning. So membership signed up and personal training sessions booked.

    I hope by May I look FAB and it pisses off the Cap … because frankly he’s pissed me off – AGAIN. He has this annoying habit of reeling me back in seemingly so he can like … sit there and watch me or whateverthefuckthedoes. He’s all friendly goo goo and just when I think we can behave like normal people for 5 minutes out comes the weird moods, the ignoring stuff all over again … WHATEVA moron! Go fuq yourself … I really have to stop giving him the benefit of the doubt that he can act like a grownup. Seriously. He’s just not capable. I must accept this and remember for the next time he comes goo gooeing at me.

    • A BOY that want’s your attention.
      Using cues that have worked for him in the past.
      The boring boyishness of the Cap man she he’s not ruling his universe.
      Beware any man that incites anger.Red Flag.

      • Crab guy use to make me see red. He was infuriating beyond belief!!! That’s why I had to let him go. Couldn’t continue to see him on a casual basis. That was the first and last time I’ll do casual without the heart being involved.

        He use to reel me back in by playing sweet and nice and cute.. and guilting me for being the baddie. Pass-agg antics. UGH. That way he got what he wanted – everything HIS way – damn stubborn Toro rising. Everyone has a “last straw”. Him constantly being late was it for me. I’m so busy with Uni I hardly have time to scratch let alone wait around for someone to turn up. Respect my time or else – so says moi – Cap riser.

    • ah bummer Prowln. Leave now before he sends you MAD! You’ve given him many chances already. At least now you don’t have to wonder – “what if”

      Katakan guy was same – 43, going on 17!!

      • I dunno if it drives me mad … our back and forth flirtatious gaming has had its moment of fun. I am a crab remember with gem asc even – we do like our games. They keep us entertained. But his scorp moon means that sometimes the games are way too manipulative for my tastes … they lack grace, wit or kindness. Hence I have to give him a good slap now and then. Fine then buddy … GAME ON!

        • Fair enough. I just hate playing games of any kind.

          Saggo moon (and I know you have that too) and I’m pretty open and honest and don’t beat around the bush. Mr Crab expected me to read between the lines. Don’t have time for it and it’s boring.

          • Depends on the game and where on the spectrum the relationship is at … we are still eyeing each other off. The relationship is clearly not resolved on both sides otherwise these odd scenarios would not be happening. It’s how humans suss each other and the territory out … I accept that. If it was an actual relationship though I’d be naming the goddam game like nobody’s business though. That’s when it starts to shit me and my Saggo moon can’t help but mouthe off about it. 😉

  14. Thanks heaps for this very helpful article! For a couple of weeks now I’ve been thinking about my current method of exercising and whether or not I should continue in the same manner

    Im on a weights and cardio programme x3 a week, plus one yogalates class per week. Basically I almost kill myself with the cardio, yet my weight is still rising. Yeah my diet is crap & probs too much red wine
    (because I’m bored & dissatisfied and have been job hunting for over a year –BUT I went for an interview on the morning of the Aries new Moon ..and I got the job, yay! So big changes for me, yay!)
    Have been under so much shizzy stress the past few years and I also think this is a big contributer, as you say.

    Anyway, my thoughts have been to ditch the cardio which kinda scares me cause I’ll lose fitness and probs gain even more weight… then again, maybe not, if you are right.. which i sense you are. I’d really like to do just weights and more yoga.

    So this article is very timely for me and I think I will follow my instincts now. And your advice!

    Also, I’m another who is wondering about your recommendation for air rising signs?

    Thankyou again 🙂

    • Hey congrats Kitty! Woo hoo! Had my interview yesterday and loved the two sisters owners and the general vibe…..have to wait til Fridsy with my fingers crossed….hoping for some of that new moon new job rays

      • Thanks so much, Double Happiness… and my fingers are crossed for you hearing good news on Friday, may you get the job and be triple happy!

        • Hahaha!!! Yeah havta change it, jeez after the craziness that was today at hitlers’ bunker I REALLY need a giant YES….thanks need all the fingers crossed I can get!

    • I think air rising signs would do great in a group where you can talk and socialize after….running group, soccer…even yoga is sort of a group environment. Basically if you have a workout partner and make it a part of your social environment I think it will make it FUN and successful!

      • Of course, that makes perfect sense, thanks Willow 🙂 I do enjoy the group vibe thing, though Ive stayed away from having a workout partner since the last one led to a crazy LZ that really just fuq’d up my life – i.e., main contributer to my said shizzy stress … though iI guess I could more properly blame the ZZ , lol

  15. Ok, this is a lot of info to digest. Off the top of my head, is Scorpio yin or yang?

    I eats my spinach every day, & drinks me coffee black. I went black a year ago (when I went gluten & dairy free) & I ain’t going back.

  16. Libra stellium- told I was very yang for a woman- Mars Gem- retro so I do runs in spurts- small goals. Prog ASC shifting soon to Cap- it’s Saggi now- on the Galactic Center-alien Aerobics?! Mars Prog to Toro- had to cut back on running- do MMA daily and yoga- Iyengar. Need more meditation-

    Awesome article- never parting with my organic java though:)


  17. Oh my goodness! I love this! I recently decided to honor my PIsces sun more than I do (rather than fight with her, which I sometimes do) and up my housewitchery. I did some New Moon specific Tarot readings close to when the New Moon was exact and set my intentions for the New Moon. I’ve also been upping my fitness, and really recommitting myself. And as a Leo-rising with Mars in Aries (cardiocardiocardio), a progressed Asc in Virgo (getting off on having a schedule and a training routine), and Lilith transiting my Asc (fierce warrior energy), it sounds like starting to train for a half-marathon (which I began a couple of weeks ago) actually syncs perfectly with my astro!

  18. Simply wow. I Love it. My thoughts today have been dominated by how on earth I get back into balance in this energetically trying testing period.
    Thank you. I’m printing this out and putting it everywhere.

  19. She is missing one thing from her list, but this is otherwise wonderful, if general, advice for an already quite healthy person.

    Love her thoughts on the relationship between exercise, the body and astrology.

      • Parasites.
        I wanted to share this with you in more detail when I had done more work done with my Autistic Cappy Chap.

        We just got a rope worm (over 3 weeks) 20 inches long out of my boy.

        Doing Kerri Rivera protocol. It’s genius.
        It may change everything…
        It’s also cheap, accessible and safe.

        I feel amazing on it. High vibration.

          • I have so many ?s: where did it come from, how did you find it, how was it effecting him, how did you get it out… ?

          • Well.. we all have parasites to an extent. They are compadres from way back! Parasites have parasites too.

            But it goes haywire in the kids whose immune system isn’t functioning properly. I am no Aqualola. But out of the 4 in our family it was certainly interesting that the autistic one produced a huge worm in no time.

            We eat a rich diet and no one ‘de-parasites’ in the modern age. It’s a perfect storm that has been brewing.

            • Oh, on de-parasiting: our Amish & Mennonite communities are still doing it, they have ads in their newspapers selling de-worming elixars for livestock *and* kids! They arent exactly part of our “modern” system though, are they. Might be time to take a little trip & really kick it old school…

            • Why does no one else seem to understand about parasites? I’m so glad you brought this up. Er and the tape worm out of your boy. That must be huge relief. I’m sure so many illnesses start off as parasitic infection which just further compromises the immune system, till it’s totally weakened. Perhaps because I spent the first 15 bears of my life in Africa I find it less spooky as an idea than most seem to but on my CHEK exercise Coach course and Nutrition 1 & 2 they bang on about parasites and how your poop looks so much that by the end of the course you’re just desensitised to the idea and know where and how to spot them. What to look for …
              Then again as a triple virgo my ability to digest food is the first thing to go when I get stressed so I’m such a huge fan of digestive enzymes. I can’t imagine not taking them. Ah just back from the gym and burned off some of my fire rising temper. Try to do Haute Taurus today but have to constantly keep myself in check. Interesting times indeed. Glad your boy is free of the nasties Andro xxx

              • *sigh* I wish that were all of them. It will take much more time than 3 weeks to get them out. With any luck he will be talking by the time he does. Autistic kids are low b12, they eat that straight out of the blood. Imagine how thrilled those worms are when our kids are given a Vit B shot? But yes, I have lived in tropical villages all round the Equator but I didn’t get parasites really, till I read this!
                Really, do read! It’s sick but so fascinating.

                • I will read it. Thanks Andro. Yes. I know ALL about being low in vitamin B12 and the shots and then the parasites getting stronger as I get weaker. Been thru it so many times. Ugh. Anyway it’s a relief to know what is at least “bugging” the poor likkle kid I’m sure. Quite a process tho.. Thanks for posting this link and the other one too. Very very interesting indeed. Having a proper old think about the other one you posted. Yikes. Is it me or is everything getting more intense? hihi
                  Sometimes it feels like this is the only place I can let my hair down and relax.
                  I need to chill, seriously!

            • God, i wish that modern medicine hadn’t eradicated the old wisdom of how to stay healthy. My grandmother used to make herbal concoctions every spring and made all the kids drink it. She used to say that it was to clean the body out. I wish i knew what she put in these brews. But i’m pretty sure they were to get rid of parasites.

            • p.s. obviously ASD is a description of symptoms, it could be called Idunnowotthefuq – or PDD-NOS, so people do respond differently. But I think every person should do this protocol.

              And I have a friend in hospital right now with a bowel infection from doing a de-parasite via antibiotics from her Doctor, erased her gut lining.

            • Far out! I’m getting this book & my little aspy Cap & I are getting on the program. THANK YOU Andro xxx

              • Like ‘CDAutism’ on FB. They have mods, info & There is another one for adults doing the protocol for a bunch of autoimmune issues. Some people say asthma, allergies etc 8 out of 10 illnesses are linked to parasites. But western dr’s don’t know about it. Labs are given live worms but don’t know what they are, but vets do… 😉 wishing you best of luck with it. I hope you get results. My little one is learning to talk atm. Xoxoxo.

                • So beyond AWESOME, Andro, for your family! So happy for all of you!

                  Allergies, yes: immune problem. And here’s something else of mine: degenerative disc disease– that’s the deal with my spine. I asked the docs how on earth does a woman in her 30’s wind up with disintegrating discs? “Don’t know.” Well, it’s like my body is eating itself, isn’t it? “We don’t know why, though. Just one of those things.”

                  Gonna devour that book, & make an appt with the vet. Lol xxx

                • Andro, just wondering. I’m sure you’ve already read it but thought I’d ask before this becomes a one vertical stream that is one letter wide. Have you read “The Fungus Cure” ?

                  • No, but apparently the cd protocol works for fungus too? Btw there are naysayers on the webz too. But if you get the Rivera book, she covers the concerns there. Naturally I am doing the protocol under supervision of a naturopath/doctor team. Parasite Rex is fun, but isn’t to do with the cd protocol fyi! xx

  20. Hey thanks Willow!

    gemini rising, talking is an aerobic activity.
    Venus in aries, sex is my favourite contact sport.
    prog asc Leo, bring on the Cardio.
    when it meets my Saturn in Leo: cardio via mountain-climbing.
    Hey peeps, make sure your fish oil is SUSTAINABLE. don’t buy that krill oil junk! people vacuuming life out of the Pacific to make a fast buck. don’t participate in that. and check other non-animal sources of omega-3 & 6 EFAs

  21. No quibbles with the exercise/rising sign/dosha/listening to body advice, but man do I get tired of the pseudo nutrition gurus out there. If you have spent many dedicated years training in your given discipline you would take issue with amateur advisors, no? As a trained registered nutrition professional, there is no one-size-fits-all approach out there folks, that I can tell you.

    The evidence is pointing towards the harm that complete avoidance of all gluten-containing grains is causing in those who are NOT allergic. Gluten is a protein. True allergies are immunologic reactions to proteins (as distinct from food intolerances which typically arise from overload of food components or lack of digestive enzymes, very often for carbohydrates).

    It is true that wheat for bread-making has been engineered to pack a load of gluten. This makes bread nice and fluffy and stretchy. However, at around 80% gluten almost everyone has trouble digesting this! There are, however, many gluten-containing grains that contain very important carbohydrates. Why are they important? Microbiota in our gut depend on them for food. The microbiota produce beneficial products that keep us healthy. For example, short chain fatty acids (SCFA) and vitamins which we absorb from our colon. We lack the enzymes to digest these carbs completely but bacteria (microbiota) digest them for us. The SCFA protect us from many types of chronic disease. Research is revealing exactly which SCFAs do what. Yes, research that nutrition scientists do. Yes, microbiota effectively “ferment” this carbohydrate which causes gas. Gas does not mean the food is bad for you. Shock!

    Some people have true allergies to gluten (they have Coeliac disease) and those people should avoid it at all costs. Their microbiota needs an extra boost. Rye, barley, spelt, oats (not truly gluten-containing but similar), kamut, freekah – these are all extremely beneficial foods for most people and they contain around 20% gluten. Feel free to eat them – in the manner of all things – in moderation. Surely Ms Rockwell would have to agree with that premise: a bottle of red wine in one sitting is quite different to 2 glasses in terms of impact on health.

    Don’t get me started on coconut oil…….
    Apologies for the lecture (well, I am a nutrition lecturer) but as enlightened folk I feel a balanced view is called for. If anyone is still reading.

      • Seconded! I agree with her “listen to your body” message — but my body says things like “YAY PASTA.” Also, you can pry my coffee from my cold dead hands.

        In all seriousness, though, I get super eye-rolly with most food fads. A lot of it just seems to boil down to common sense. Plus, I think the thing that Sag Witch has MOST right is the dangers of stress, which I think includes stressing too much over one’s diet.

    • Hey no need to apologize – a spirited discussion is excellent…Just to be clear though, these are Willows tips based on her life as an athlete & spiritual beliefs – i posted them because i love the blend of bod and magical content – but she is not claiming to be a nutritionist…these are her thoughts on the matter and obviously anyone seeking to treat a condition would seek advice from a qualified nutritionist or doctor.

      So..coconut oil?

    • I am always wary of a food fad. open minded, but wary. love to hear your thoughts on coconut oil. I mean the stuff tastes nice but then again so does EVOO 🙂

      • I originally wrote a semi-thesis on EVOO and coconut oil for you but lost the whole thing when asked to enter my details again. At some time after midnight I took that as a message to kick the soap box to the curb and go to bed. 🙂
        Another time folks. I’m sure it’ll come up again.

    • It will probably take a decade or two before the truth about gluten is digested by the public consciousness (har har). Seems there always needs to be a food villan – like fat in the 90s. Now the “truth” can come out that fat – depending on its quality – is a part of healthy eating. Shocker! Health is about balance and balance – by its very nature – can’t be trendy. Fuq her list sounds expensive, lol.

    • What are your findings regarding coconut oil? Genuinely interested as I have had a love affair with it for decades. I sometimes cook with it as I love the taste. In fact, I just love the whole coconut – flesh, milk, oil. And it’s the only moisturizer that I use. I also have a friend who has a hyper-thyroid problem who was recommended by her thyroid specialist to take coconut oil. I would really like to know what you think about it seeing that you feel strongly about it.

    • You make some extremely salient points there Aqualota. Well done for risking the wrath of the mad astro hippies (oh no wait that’s just me:-)
      This astro feels so intense and I really should NOT still be in front of my computer …
      What’s that word b b b b balance eh?
      Seriously tho. It’s true about the one size fits all deal. Bravo actually. Turning monitor off now. This is becoming silly work avoidance behaviour for me. Am an MM zombie …
      Night astro lovelies xxx

    • No disrespect to professional nutritionists, just passing on tips that worked for me! This list was originally intended just for Mystic and she asked if I could pass it on. My main message is to listen to your body, and if these tips inspire others, all the better. As one famous Sagittarius said:

      Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.”

      ? Bruce Lee

    • Thank you for this post Aqualola … I like it when an expert debunks myth stuff. I’m noticing more and more that humans have a tendancy to create myth when they lack fact. Although I have to say I agree with a lot of Willow’s points as well.

      Anyhoo …. I have found it IS a very personal thing. For example … I have a problem with sugar. A BIG ARSED problem – once I start I can’t stop. It’s a total addict response that’s physiological as opposed to psychological. This applies to carbohydrates from grains which convert to sugar. I have discovered the sprouted spelt and essene breads do not set off this reaction … I can eat one slice without craving the entire thing. Bread, pasta and rice are just no go areas for me as a result. I feel horrible (hungover) after I eat them. I am definitely not Coeliac either. I basically can’t drink alcohol for the same reason.

      Oddly enough last night was really rough at work … so I dived into some junk food which I have not done in ages. Today I feel so SHIT. I had nightmares all night and digestive problems today. It feels like a goddam hangover. I would say you just can’t go wrong with a diet made up of high quality protein, loads of veges, moderate fruit and good quality but moderate fat intake … and loads of water. I’ll be keeping my coffee thought! 😀

      • Oh and I love my cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil … nobody will ever convince me that refined “manufactured” fats and oils are healthy or even ok to eat especially when there are such yummier alternatives like butter, coconut oil and olive oil.

    • I think the most important thing to take from willows advice is listen to your body! It’s different for everyone. I love how a mostly raw diet makes me feel. I also love a good low fruit juice cleanse once a month because it makes me feel reenergised, sparkly and clear. But a lot of her other points I can resonate with a bit more. Also, I’m loving this correlation between signs and exercise and am going to look into this some more. I think from the advice in peoples comments I’m very much yang!

  22. Agree with you Aqualola. 🙂

    # 19 “No gluten, even if not allergic”

    WHY? if one isn’t allergic.

    And who can afford to shower in filtered water??? I’m just happy to have clean water on tap.

      • Yes i have been working with a small group to raise funds for clean household water in the phillipines and brazil, and the contrast is almost like solipsism.

      • Hey guys I dunno if you already saw Willow’s post down there, I was going to reply re the filtered water thing anyway. Disregard this post if you’ve seen the post re water filter below, but they have shower filters, you replace the filter once a year. I got mine from Aquasana for around $100. There are better ones out there but that one was enough to make a diff for me. Filter out the chlorine and your skin will thank you. I had to do this because I started to have massive breakouts and it made a difference, along with changing to non chemical laden body products. Plus hair and skin get softer, less dry, and less hard water stains to clean from your shower 🙂

        • Oh of course! I’m hyperimaginative without logic at times and just imagined someone tipping plastic or glass bottles over themselves with gay abandon, then had a vision of people walking for miles trying to fill buckets and jerrycans.

          All for removing chemicals to be nicer to skin 🙂

  23. Totes agree with much of the list above!

    Except I think my pussy is psycho rather than psychic. It’s been in charge of many of my bad choices. Physical love with no heart is not real love no matter how good it feels. Saggo witch-athlete must be lucky enough and beautiful enough that she doesn’t have to make the choice of bad sex with someone who loves you (but you don’t really love back) or good sex with someone who doesn’t love you. I’ve only been presented with a 3rd option once ever…so I’m not denying its existence. It does exist for those lucky few.

    ….and bodies DO lie. Bodies get confused all the time in regards to foods they are allergic to all the time. The food you are probably addicted to is suspect to be the on you are allergic to. It just works that way.

    • I’m with you on the pussy front. Mine’s yin & yang. Something to do with having both Venus & Mars in Scorp/8th house? Don’t know.

      • hahah! I don’t have an excuse my venus & mars are 9th and 10th housers.

        Something cool i learned in my Kundalini yoga class is that the left nostril is feminine and the right one is masculine. Can you guess which one gets clogged all the damn time? I swear I was meant to be a man.

        • What?! I have a deviated septum, right side: barely have a functional nasal passage on the right side of my head & consequently my right ear is prone to blockage, too. Wow. So maybe I’m more yin than I ought to be, like off balance in a nosy way. With my allergies kicking tho, I do more mouth breathing than anything (not a good look btw lol). What’s the kundalini word on mouth breathers?

  24. I know we’re talking about food here, but what about the body havoc that all allergies create? Many moons ago, Dr. Rapp wrote a great book on the ways allergies effect behavior/mind/mood in kids. Myself, had an allergy test done when I was a kid & came up positive for grasses, trees, weeds, & dust; every Spring & Autumn, I’m hit. Lethargy, depressive symptoms, digestive shiz, headaches & the irritability that comes with them, all thanks to pollens & dead skin cells (food allergies aside– I have those, too). The equinoxes are my fave time of year, but it’s no easy ride for sure.

    • I personally made my allergies go away by doing liver/gall bladder flushes. YMMV but I really tried just about everything from shots to acupuncture to potions and this was the only long term “cure” I’ve come across.

      • Interesting. I’ve only ever tried OTC antihistamines & avoidance: drugs don’t work for long & i can’t stay inside with the windows closed for long, either. Raw honey from the local area is purported to bring resistance, but there is none around here. So I have seriously contemplated keeping bees. Seriously, I could do that.

        • Seriously, I tried like everything. What scared me was when my friend’s flonase stopped working for her. Her doctor told her that they’ll just switch her to another med. He said it’s normal for her kidneys to get damaged a little from it too. WTF??? He said that it’s normal for people’s bodies to adjust to the meds so much that they stop working. You have no idea how much I NEEDED those meds back then. I had to sleep sitting up so I didn’t drown in mucus. STOP WORKING was NOT what I wanted to hear. I panicked and was like fuq this, get me off the rxmeds cycle. The cleanse is disgusting but simple and not expensive when you consider other cleanses. You really only need many apples, olive oil, and lemon juice. Magnesium helps too.

          • Do you have a link to a your gallbladder flush? I do notice a difference after I flushed out my liver with supplements- fel better and skin looks so much better!

            • naw. I just went on curezone website and snooped about. There are like multitudes of variations. I tried the most basic one for 3 days. There are ones that are like 21 days and gentler for people who can’t fast as well as one day ones. I say get it over with if you can.

              and yes…my skin looked so good!

        • Dooo eeeettt, keep bees! WIll be fab for your needs – and the bees need all the help they can get before Monsanto products kill them (OK, i haven’t got proper proof it’s their fault, but in my mind it is!)

  25. Does she wear a bike helmet? How’s she got hair like that? What are her Leo planets? One must have some Leo to have that hair, amiright?

    Good for her, but that list is wack. Go for your bliss. My bliss includes coffee.

  26. Hi all,

    Thanks for reading! Just to clarify these are TIPS not rules….everyone is different, this is just what has worked for me during (and after) my 17 years as a competitive athlete. One thing mentioned to Mystic but forgot to include on my tip list is to get a blood test for food allergies. Some surprising things came up for me like bananas, broccoli and pineapple…

    My biggest tip out of all of them is to listen to and respect your own body! Your star chart is also a great way of reading your energy field and I have had amazing results for myself and others by incorporating this information when it comes to diet and exercise! For example, Mars in earth signs can tolerate coffee and stimulates better than Fire Signs. Fire has enough stimulus already and the coffee can lead to adrenal fatigue. I have Mars in Leo and this is super true for me!

    As for the Astro, I have sun, neptune, venus and midheaven in Sagittarius, Pisces rising (sensitive!!) Jupiter in Cancer, Mars in Leo, Saturn in Virgo, Uranus in Scorpio, Pluto in Libra conjunct North Node, moon in Capricorn and Mercury in Capricorn.

    Yin=Earth and Water. Yang=Fire and Air. This is old school astrology but I find it quite relevant, especially when looking at rising signs and Mars.

    All the best in your own discoveries regarding your body and what works best for you!

    Willow xo

    • I have Aries Rising and Mars in Sag, can’t even drink a cup of tea without feeling like I’m going to have a cardiac arrest ha!! Love the tips! Have to say almost all of them are in my daily life already but the exercise stuff is super useful, I’m finding that gentle running is helping me no end but I’m wary of going too often as I’m super Yangified and high cortisol prone.

    • Thank you Willow! It’s a great letter, I really enjoyed reading it. Really inspiring – also you look fab!!

      There is a link above about yin and yang signs I enjoyed that looks at the midpoint sign between your Sun and Moon. In order from most Yang to most Yin the list went : “Leo, Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer”.

      It says, “If your Sun and Moon sign placements are evenly split in terms of Emissive and Receptive, a third factor has to intervene as the deciding factor. And that deciding factor is the Sun / Moon Midpoint”

      Do you use the midpoint? Or do you think the Ascendant is more powerful as an indicator of being Yang vs. Yin?

      I have Yang Sun/Yin Moon, Yang Asc/ Yin Mars. My midpoint being Yang. Now confused.. Thanks!

  27. Health! Fave topic! Did two weeks of strict fodmap diet for IBS. Has made me.more bloated and sick. Need to sleep at a reasonable time not at 4am. So i should work on that. Also, the list above like most list doesn’t cater to those people trying to keep their weight on not trying to lose it. The most i’ve weighed has been 40kg. Lowest 34kg. I’ve had cupping done, taken chinese medecine but daily eliminatiom is still a problem. Virgo disposition and stress really gets to me. Social situations can be difficult because of gas etc.

    Running out of hope to be honest.

    • I have no useful advice or suggestions vslr but just want to say, don’t lose hope! I’m sure an answer is on the horizon and will come to you soon…hold on!

    • wow I identify with what you write. I think I have IBS, but can’t see a doctor to get diagnosed…I also don’t need to lose weight but maintain/gain so I kinda have to make myself eat even when I never feel like it. I’ve read that virgo relates to digestion and I’ve got four planets in virgo…I feel that because I am not digesting foods properly my health is suffering…my energy levels are low constantly and I can barely do what I need to do and I have so many goals. It’s frustrating. Anyway I sympathise.

  28. What about bad breath? Fecal smelling. Been to dentists and all is clear. How does one eliminate it if its chronic?

    • if it’s not caused by rotting teeth, it is caused by imbalanced gut flora. Probiotics help and also stop eating anything you are allergic too. Stop dairy if necessary. Make sure bowel movements happen often. chew (well…like 50-100 mastications per piece) and swallow a tiny bunch of parsley and drink some chlorophyll to deodorize breath temporarily. (Works for several hours.)

  29. Amazing post! I’ve found that yoga works for me. That’s after years of struggling with running. Nooo running…scorp rising. But long walks are ok. I think air risings are good for wandering around, scavenger hunt types of exercises. As a Gem I like those things, exploring new places, going to parks, etc.

  30. If carbs are so bad – how does one explain this to Italians? Pasta for breakfast, lunch and dinner? I’m not exaggerating – I’ve been to Italy and have Italian friends. Yet, on the whole they are a pretty healthy lot compared to a lot of other nationalities. Or the other conundrum: the French consume far more fat (cheese, butter in everything, meat of all sorts) than other Westerners, yet have one of the lowest rates of heart disease in the world? If you eat real food as opposed to fast or processed food and eat and drink in moderation – there should be minimal problems (barring allergies). Maybe society should get back to basics. And ban all processed crap – which is non-food anyway – and of course that isn’t going to happen because there’s just too much money to be made from it – firstly from the selling of it and second from the money their consumers spend on medication after they get ill from consuming the poisonous crap in the first place.

    • I dunno if it’s pure, real carbs that are bad. The thing is that so much of carbs are processed, refined, etc mostly in the states. And it’s those things that are causing health problems, feeding that avoidance for cards – creating a loop. In many foreign countries they don’t do that stuff. I went to France years back and ate my way through their croissants every day for a week and came back 5 pounds lighter. Avoiding carbs is a general piece of advice I think, and a very sensitive subject at that.

    • Hear hear – processed foods are a killer but as you say, too much $ involved with global corps for them to take them off the market. Damn the convenience of them because I think that is the thing that’s going to stop the majority of peeps buying them.. that and ignorance or a don’t care attitude of their dangers. I mean even my family don’t want to hear anymore how bad processed crap, sugar and most everything in modern supermarkets is

  31. This is so great. Thank you Willow!

    I have somewhat conflicting needs in exercise (and life 🙁 )because I am moon/ascendant conjunct but then I have Mars in Aries…in the 12th. My new love is Mysore style Ashtanga. I love the discipline/structure/stillness/quiet (moon/rising in Taurus) but that it also is a fairly intense style of yoga and I feel the stress just evaporate out of my body by the end of it.

    I also agree about ayurveda! A lot of the ashtanga peeps are into it and eating more aligned with the recommended foods for vata-dominant people has helped me. Raw juice and mostly greens in smoothies are great but I was eating way too dry and water-y for my type. And spices and herbs really are magical ways to re-balance.

  32. This is excellent! I don’t practice a lot of it but I do see the patterns in my regime changes over the last few years. I’m an endurance lover (Mars conjunct Saturn in Virgo 6th house) so when I started swimming ages ago I would swim for kms every single day. I took up cycling after that & would ride kms every day & now I run so I run kms a day. I’ve recently taken up Tai Chi because i need to expand myself from the inside out & my Pisces Asc craves inner peace. I don’t put on weight when I’m stressed my body does the opposite, that’s probably my triple conjunct Gemmy planets. I can’t eat but my energy levels are still there. I can easily drop 5 kilos during stressful times. As for coffee, well we all know where I stand on that 🙂 . Seriously inspired by Willow!

  33. Hmmm. Thought provoking post. Thanks.

    I can’t see any other Virgo ASCs posting here but here are some of my random thoughts.

    I love dancing but I don’t do it regularly enough.

    I can’t handle the thought of going to a gym and at 42 the idea of jogging does nothing for me either although I used to run when I was at school.

    Recently I have got a job which involves a 15 minute walk up hill from the train station to the office and I have also started using the stairs more at work too. This has been great for me.

    I also practise Chi Gung. But I think that’s it for regular excercise.

    Any one else got any ideas for Virgo Rising?

  34. “I always say that “my body is my guru and my pussy is my psychic”. Neither will ever lie to you!!”

    Best advice ever 🙂

  35. OH MY GOD Willow, write a book! I’ll buy it! I was wondering why my high cardio job as a bike messenger was making me gain weight. This explains a lot!

  36. LOVE this!! I’ve sort of recently come into my own physical strength and ability and am eating up anything and everything that can get me faster, fitter, healthier, etc. This is such a beautiful blend of magic and gusto. Can’t wait to put it into action.

  37. Dr Steven Gundry, heart specialist here in Palm Springs area, author of “Diet Evolution” (mentioned it here before…lost 55 pounds on his way of eating…paleo mainly)..

    He has a new book coming out in the not too far future but my massage patients that see him have let me on some of the changes he’s made.

    He no longer advocates almond milk but coconut. I find a coconut creamer for coffee at Wal-Mart…am not going to give up coffee either but have coconut spray for the frying pan and coconut oil for baking, etc. He does stevia for sweetner…

    He is into goat, not cow as cows here in U.S are pumped with too much gunk. Can’t do goat tho so will stick with greek yogurt.

    He is into european cheeses and butters as again, U.S dairy products are too full of stuff. He says there is no such thing as a healthy chicken.

    He has changed over from almonds to walnuts as a snack…More Omega 3’s.

    Am waiting for his new book but will follow as best I can per some photo copies patients have given me. Have had splended results on his original plan however. Am going back on it tomorrow actually.

    I have not been to a doctor (except for my back injuries in 1998) since my Kataka was born…she is 27.

    Have not had the flu since I was 14 yrs old and only missed two days of work in 7 and a half years. Not to boast but I don’t fix what ain’t broke. Think the more one obsesses about health the more it is an issue…of course when sick the body is actually trying to get well and when we repress emo’s we often get sick as well. Moon in 8th doesn’t usually get away with repressing much. Look to how you process your emo’s…Do you over intellectualize? Stuff like that…

    • When we repress emo’s, they have to manifest somewhere obviously. They can’t flow. This is the first step to decaying health. People have heart attacks because they refuse to feel or process their feelings. I have been damn lucky as I repressed some painful stuff thru alcohol. Sun trine Uranus…damh lucky.

      Not the way to go…but hey…had already done so much work I wanted to check out…yeah, sure…

      What Mystic said in that one stream about her hair was blonde for her aura…If that were true, kinda sad, eh?

      Teacher said that peeps that work with the chakras are usually just moving the karma around…One needs fresh energy from Source/Spirit to actually create a transformation.

  38. Yes, yes and yes!
    Some of these I do, some I’ve lapsed on and some I’m wanting to try.
    Gonna post these on the fridge and incorporate
    Thanks for sharing xx

  39. This post gives me lots of think about…I haven’t had a consistent exercise for a while now and I KNOW I need to get back into it. Part of the reason I haven’t is I have no energy — but I realize exercise would help with that.

    Cancer rising, and Virgo sun/mars so lots of yin here. I do find I love yoga and that type of thing and I really need to pay attention to my body which can carry HUGE amounts of stress. My progressed rising has been in Leo for forever and I used to run a ton, so I enjoy cardio too. I guess it’s hard to decide what routine to stick with but this post helps with that. Some cardio, some yoga, some walking, etc.

    I’ve been having digestive issues lately and I know I need to change my diet but I don’t know how to fix it when so many foods seem to irritate me, and I’m vegetarian. I’d love to have an ayurvedic plan. I’ll look into that.

    • May i say that 10 sessions of Pilates gives you skills for life.
      As when waiting for lights to turn, you do the ‘pull navel to back bone’ and the full exhale as you do. It becomes part of your walking and waiting in cues, in the car at lights.
      You can do your PC pull ups at lights. (The yoni squeezes).
      A few classes of yoga will show you the power of the breath for life.
      Then you will find you HAVE to stretch because of your new and exciting body awareness.

      • You’re absolutely right. I’ve gotten really into yoga in the past. It’s hard to do it lately because I have carpal tunnel in my wrist but will find ways to go around that such as dolphin instead of downward facing dog. I should stop using it as an excuse as I can wear my wrist brace etc. Pilates is definitely something I want to do regularly as I feel I’ve always had a weak core and need to resolve that. I think I will do yoga/pilates as my main form of exercise, continue walking the dog, and cardio a few days a week too. Okay I will start tomorrow!!

  40. so it looks like at least one person in my house is coeliac. if that’s the change the ZZ wants to bring us, it’s welcome. minor upheaval, paths to healing.

    any advice from you good folk who might live with/know about it is welcome.

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