149 thoughts on “Ten Redemption Moon Must Knows

  1. Like, just URANUS at 23 deg Libra & CHIRON at 24 deg Aries…
    I feel a bit apprehensive.

    • oh cool! i have Nth node at 24.5 Libra and venus – part of fortune – south node (natch) at 25 aries.

      and if he’s got another chick on his arm, he’s obviously not interested in me so I move on!! plenty of fish etc (omg, typing too fast and my fingers spell out “sigh” instead of “fish” WTF ok ok *sigh*)


      • Oh my word Pi, we are NN (Libra)/SN (Aries) twins! Exact same degrees!

        Plus we’re both Pisces sun!

        I don’t really know what that means except that clearly we must be kindred spirits of some sort. πŸ™‚

        Which houses are yours in? My Libra NN = 1st house, and Aries SN (conjunt Venus & Chiron) in 7th. Triple quadruple love stations ouch.. haha!

        • hey, cool : ) libra node in 4th house so aries 10th … am interested to see what Return Of The Nodes looks like in a few months… πŸ™‚

          • Cool, so yours more (Libra) family/home relationships as ‘destiny’, and (Aries) career/status as ‘past’.

            Yup, GOOD LUCK to us all, I hope. Head spinning and z-a-p-p-i-n-g!

            • yes that’s sort of how I see it, but it’s wierd because I have so much personal planet activity in the top of my chart. e.g venus is the ruler of Libra and she’s in my 10th (your 7th). So I think the links/feedback loops back to the other house are there somehow.
              the links to chiron are something i am still trying to work out too! not sure about your ideas for you, but sometimes i wonder if in a past life i was some kind of (male) clan leader who was a leetle bit of a power-tripper… the downfall came and i paid for the misdeeds

    • omg sphinx. you would zap my NN and “fix” (lol) my past life love issues. I think I need to talk to you?! 😯

    • Chiron at 23 Aries, Uranus at 25 Libra. At least its not Sun or Moon, right?

      • We are born quite close together! It’s gonna be interesting, I mean Uranus & Chiron.. they almost compete with Sun & Moon here. Crikey. Good luck to us both.

  2. *gulp*

    Right I’m avoiding anywhere the Cap might lurk for a couple of weeks. If shits gonna hit the fan, then it will be to do with him no doubt and I DON’T WANNA. Urghhh that guy yanks my chain. Damn him and his sexy Cappyness. I actually had a dream about him last night where we were doing this way fangled tango type Love Cats fighting biting thing … and then this old man pulled me aside and said “you do know that he’s in love with you and just fighting it right?” … fuqing dreams

    In other news I have met a Pisces. Like a man Pisces. Right age, nice looking, profesh, smart and seemingly sane … well for a Pisces. How does one handle a Pisces? I used to be married to one but it was long ago and I’ve forgotten. So far I’ve been playing it cool because I am cool about it, with him doing the chasing. Which suits me fine. It’s a nice enough counterbalance to the insane hotness in the room every time me and The Cap collide.

    Oh and I’m pelting out all my frustrations at the gym. Thanks Saturn. πŸ˜€

    • Looking forward to seeing the responses to your Pisce question. Just met one February and with my bad string of dating experience I took it down the wrong path. Yes, I am trying to walk away… but crap… I am SO tired of waiting for someone I want to get to know to show up.

      Good Luck!!

      • Maybe that’s the thing? … I just don’t care. It’s a distraction. I know it’s a distraction. And it’s ok that it’s a distraction since he’s only in town for 6 months for work and so we both know there’s no longevity. Which makes things way easier.

        • ahhh.. That’s actually very good! Enjoy it! I think my Pisces was a reset guy! Nothing really happened for me to go all LZ on him.. I think for me it’s the Oh Crap.. WHY did I act that way. A little regret! But I will get over it. Someone else will show up! πŸ™‚

          Have fun!!

    • pisces schmisces. bring me a Scorpio πŸ™‚

      no seriously good luck with the pisces.

      • Half of my dating/married life has been with Pisces men. They are romantics. loyal. a bit pie in the sky for me (i am a toro) …kinda passive aggressive .. but very intuitive and caring. the big dreamer of the zodiac … i would show you him you are interested, and let him do the rest for now! good luck!!

        • yes they are romanticists … even when they’re trying to be all scientific and stuff. But some can be so abstract that their emotional life is nebulous to say the least.

      • Oh fark no! A Scorpio? Run … run for the hills! Scorp women? Fine. Scorp friends? Not a problem. Scorp male lovers? FUQ.THAT.

          • nothing wrong with Scorp / Pisces combo. Two Scorps together (in a romantic / relationship sense) doesn’t work. Not for me anyway.
            Scorp girls however are awesome!!! πŸ˜€

            • Never gone Scorp on Scorp, never wanted to in the past but seem to be involving myself with an Sun in 8th H Cancer who has Moon and ASC in Scorpio!! It’s like I know NOTHING about astrology and I need a slap.

              • OMG that astro combo sounds like my worst nightmare!! Lol.
                Don’t know if you’ve been reading my comments but I had my first ever fling / something with a Crab. He had Merc & Mars in Cancer too. Ugh. Never again. I’m off Crabs forever! In fact, I’m over all water sign men. Not that anyone’s actually chasing me.

                • Ugh tell about it, I dated a Crab for 8 years and I swore blind I wouldn’t go there again but this one with all his stupid Pluto contacts is literally magnetising me towards him, I feel like a fly in a sticky web and I like it. Quick!! Slap me!!!

        • Can you go into what makes Scorp male lovers so unfit for consumption? Ive heard some stories and had some interest from them in the past(though my intuition – or was it guardian angel? lol – has always steered me away from them)… are they really that bad?

          • Scorpio men seem to have an uncontrollable urge to destroy anything they mate with … it’s just this weird thing with them. πŸ˜‰

            And getting them into the sack in the first place is SO DAMN TEDIOUS … all that eye contact and heavy vibing *yawn* … jeezus give me a good flirty convo any time over that nonsense (Gem Asc). Then when you’re sort of with them … like anything vaguely considered “with” … well that’s it, you are their goddam property for life. They are so manipulative it drives me bats. They are vain. They are arrogant. And they are prickly … ughhh. Yuck yuck yuck.

            Can’t stand them … never met one I had a tolerance for. Mind you I also have Aqua Mars and Leo Merc so that probably doesn’t help matters much.

            • HA! Is it possible to feel like a Scorpio’s property even before you are together? I knew one where we were barely friends, but from the moment I met him he made me feel like I was his WIFE. And there was this weird thing where he would go around and flirt and be all sleazy but with me he put this GPS tracking device on me and bore holes through the back of my head and majorly guilt trip me if I even went over to any male for any reason.

              I was hoping that was just an isolated case of mad Scorpio-ness, but apparently I am wrong. I am going to think its safe to say that in general they are like that in the realm of relationship.

              Also, if you or anyone else knows the difference between Scorpio Sun males and Scorpio Mars males, I would so be interested in that. I know a Scorp mars, and though we are def not together(and he is not available), I definitely feel this territorial thing around him. My Jupiter is also on his Mars – maybe that exacerbates it. Do you think maybe with the Scorp Mars its more an attraction/physical type reaction with me vs. the Scorp Sun where its just a general thing where they are like that with everything?

    • Do his chart…he might be Pisces sun and be a multiple conjunct Cap or something underneath.

      My advice on handling Pisceans? Oh good lord, I dunno…only dated one and it was crazeeee….

      • Oh god wouldn’t that be just about right … a multiple conjunct Cap hiding in Fish clothing! πŸ˜‰

        I usually get on really well with Fish folk being a Cancerian and all … we just kinda get each other. Anyway not too worried – like I said above, it’s a casual distraction and a relief from the intensity coming from other quarters! πŸ˜€

    • Is Cap in your 8th house or something? Because I know I get all weak around Aquas because they illuminate my 8th. I cannot resist an Aquarian, no less a multiple conjunct Aquarian. My last ex had his Sun and Mars in Aqua amongst some asteroids – I needed every inch of him within my everything, immediately.
      Hopefully this Cap dude is not a multiple Cap with Mars or Venus in your 8th. If he is…. well, I feel ya, and good luck …

        • Oh my, well, good luck with that.

          On the positive side(for you), Im sure he feels at least some of that energy too…
          If he is having Pluto on his Venus, that cant be easy for him. Hehe πŸ˜‰

          • Plutonian attractions are really really really fuqing aggravating .. you can’t avoid them, you can’t ignore them and you can’t force them to do what they’re not ready to do. You just have to sit there … sweating it out.

            HATE. THAT.

      • Hahahaha … honestly never really had a problem with Pisces men. Earth men are my kryptonite. πŸ˜‰ …

  3. Frankly I’m scared. This is all going off in my 7th house, opposite my ASC with Moon and Mars conjunct my Pluto and Venus.

    I’m meeting up with the Aries Kryptonite ex the day after the eclipse, which’ll be hitting his Aries Sun and Libra Moon pretty much dead on. This is the day we finally have some kind of discussion about why we can’t seem to let each other go 18 years after we first kissed (a million Pluto contacts is why, obsessed), it’s a ridiculous tale that needs a climax but I’m not sure I want one yet. Add into that a situation of my own that’s been brewing long distance which is also scheduled for lift off 2 weeks later. Another deeply Plutonic affair that might honestly be the most intense scenario I’ve ever been in outside of Mr Kryptonite. Did I mention I’m having Pluto and Uranus directly on my Venus, right now? I JUST WANT A QUIET LIFE (I don’t but it’s nice to pretend).

  4. O GOD……..Libra sun, Leo Rising, moon Gemini & Venus Scorpio……. I am seriously scared – I feel nervous and extremely anxious – I thinks it’s cos a lot of astrologers are putting the schizz up everyone with their apocolyptic forecasts….I am really and truly a nervous wreck…Anyone else feel like this???

    • Jittery as!! But I have reasons enough to be, I do hate apocalyptic astrologers, a certain very popular one in particular who should just shut up and go away. Really try not to worry, it might be that this energy manifests something great for you? You really never know, or even bad things often flip round and become good a little further down the line. That’s what try and focus on.

        • Well MM, thank god you are positive and give good positive advice. There have been a few times recently, that I would have resorted to my usual Mars in Leo response (+ four other planets in Leo) to people acting like complete fuqwits around me and I have heeded your advice of keeping cool and not rising to the bait – therefore avoiding unnecessary and life-sapping stress. Honestly, I’ve taken deep breaths and repeated my latest mantra “Remember what MM says. Remember what MM says…” So – thank-you!

    • Yeah, I was dreading April because of various forecasts and most astrologers were speaking extremely dire warnings, but Ive noticed over the past week lots are now trying to downplay it – now that it’s closer and I was all scaredy-cat, lol

      Anyway, MM – loving your take on everything since I discovered this site, thanks! …and as I said the other day, April started beautifully for me

      (don’t mind the surprise shock of finding out costs for private hospital extraction of 4 wisdom teeth for daughter scheduled only yesterday, for tomorrow – her dad hit the roof re costs, which were actually more than double what we both expected… yeah…ignore that hurdle, lol)

      • can’t edit posts or I can’t see how, anyway? I meant to add that I’m also not stressing over a bit of worrisome news I got yesterday requiring a specialist appt(next month) for myself…nope…Im not letting it be a downer…

        Ha! so it seems I’m only concentrating on the positive vibes/happenings/events during April – it’s working for me, lol

        • Hey Kitty found out didn’t get the job – must be for the best as would be a lrg paycut…just brushed myself off and applied for another one –

          I was and still am nervous about the next cpl of weeks as my boss is a raging muggle CAP (in caps!) who is putting me under a lot stress – cause he can.

          Am following ZZ protocol and keeping my head down and under control – so when he tries his shizz have the answers ready SUPER PROFESSIONAL so he has no grounds to sack me

          think his plan was to bullying me out in Jan when he returned from his 6week holiday during crazy busy season – think he still has the shits cause I did a good job!

          I am living these strikes in my 2nd house and have a natal kite with libra mars 13 deg conj Uranus with lillith in Kakata NN in Aries and Sun conj Pluto in Virgo and my Scorp moon/Nep conj squaring Saturn- FEELING IT!

          • Hey Double Happiness, I was wondering again yesterday & this morning about you and the job, but I couldn’t remember what post our last comments were on to go back and ask, so I’m glad you’ve replied here πŸ™‚

            Oh damn, u never got it, but i so like your attitude – move on and try again – and recognition of it not being the right one re $ helps a lot. Good for you and best of luck with the next!

            Crappy muggle cap boss, what a shizzer! Yeah does sound like he’s looking for reasons and/or excuses to get rid of you, but stick to your plan of applying the protocols, being super professional, rising above it and SMILE… great for your work record, your well being .. and it will surely piss him off. Um.. well that might not be a good thing, lol, but you just keep playing it the way you are! Self talk yourself out of the stress, don’t let him catch his shizz, ok?

            True disclosure – I’m a newbie with the astro stuff so I didn’t understand all of what you said re how it’s all zapping your chart {sorry!} but I get a little bit of it and I’m sure you’re def feeling it. Best thing to do us what you are…following MM’s ZZ protocols and ride it out …and if course remind yourself that this too shall pass and better days (with a great new job) ARE coming!

            • Hey Kitty thanks for the moral support! Am on my l plates with the astro but wow what a learning curve!

              Big believer in fate – so ke sera sera – and smile firmly in place. The right one will come along hopefully during this extra vooooomphed astro atm

              Am so on top of the job so he is struggling to find fault – and am strong enough to deflect the bad vibes and truly is a situ of what doesn’t kill ( your vibe) just makes you stronger!

  5. So.. I am gonna say it.. “Oh Crap”… I just can’t handle this romance inconsistency.. It just throws me all over the place! My emotions, my thoughts… I just want to scream! I will try and lay low until May. Ahhh… so it will be interesting to see if the toro/gem tries to pry himself back into my life or the Pisces decides he wants to give it a try. There isn’t anyone else for years ago that would be remotely close to trying to get back into my life. The toro/gem and Pisces are the ones I consider are over, dead and done.

    Oh well… Good Luck to all who are on the same page as me!

    Virgo Sun, Libra Rising..

  6. I feel awful. Just bleak. Not sure why. No relationships to ponder. Perhaps that’s the downer. The One in my life is my daughter, who entered my life in April 2005. If it weren’t for her, I am pretty sure I’d quit this gig. F-ing pointless. iChing tells me I can be an example to other. I am NOT feeling it. People evade truth and you get to stand alone IF you’re blessed with the ability to do so. Sorry to be a downer. Perhaps I should ask my doctor to drug me through this.

    • So sorry 12HV. I know it’s a little cliche but the darkest day is often before the dawn of something sweeter, hope that is the case for you x

    • you’re free! no relationship doom to contemplate. maybe you can crack a bottle of champagne to celebrate?

      “It could be that your sole purpose in life is to serve as an example to others.” I often feel this way. the crash test dummy. It’s more fun than it looks, you get to try everything first and they always remake you each time πŸ™‚

    • its kind of like being the responsible child to the universe, you get the hardest shit from your parents yet you are the most responsible and disciplined, and you don’t get any help and its harder for you. But I guess someone’s got to do it, and on the macro level it pays off, and secretly your the favorite kid.

    • Three words for you with complete love & Saturn-ness:
      Do not drink. The astro doesn’t support it esp now, & your still righting your vitamin D situation. Alcohol depletes anyone for *days* (weeks?) after the fact. You don’t need a downer right now. Take care of you xx

      • I second this advice re: alcohol, and I know you like others subs but i would venture that might also complicate. Of all the stuff I’ve read about this month the basic advice that seems to underpin everything is stay clear, access your core.

        So glad you are with your daughter.

        btw, you’re doing so awesomely well with kicking ciggies, you’re a great Mum, you just pulled off a massive house shift and maintained excellent boundaries for yourself in a brave relationship….I say you rock 12V.

        • Thanks! Daughter is going on spring break for the next few weeks starting on Friday. It will give me time to get my own ass in gear, no excuses. I need more discipline in my eating/exercising habits. Neptune transiting my 6th house…it ain’t easy, but thanks for the reminders!

          • wow, Neptune in the 6th must be so hard….I’ve had a tough time of it and I have Saturn there by birth chart and Uranus in the solar 6th. It should be all about mixing things up! Actually it is now, but it has taken 3 yrs of Uranus and 18 months of Saturn to get me there. Just gave up gluten and now I have a purpose, or structure to drive it it’s all seeming easy. Less than a week and already I’m wearing clothes I couldn’t last week.

            You are so loved here 12V. You’re one of my Pluto people, (your AC is on my Pluto) but I hope you know I love you with genuine acceptance. Good luck πŸ™‚

            • Thank you. Humbling, grateful, thank you.

              Yeah, Neptune in the 6th is challenging. And Chiron and Neptune opposing my Venus and squaring Neptune. I don’t know if anyone out there has any advice on Neptune square Neptune transit. Milleunanotte had some good Neptune advice – make time to dream. But, honestly, I don’t really care…I can imagine something and its like I’ve had it so I have no motive to make sure I actually have it because even the biggest accomplishment on earth doesn’t cure living. Hard to explain. I stopped believing in magic and seeing the point in astrology or anything today. Bleak. The site VSLR shared talks about setting emotional goals- like I want to feel excited or engaged or sexy or inspired- I think that will help me use my Neptunian powers – to go for emotive goals. And I am a Pluto-Mars woman, I know I have the power somewhere. Still, so wonderful to have the support here, really. Maybe astrology is bullshit and there is no magic (not saying that’s true, but in the darkest of moments it *could* be) but this community is real and that’s something. x

              • Neptune-Mars could explain the lack of drive to materially manifest?

                I can only say go with all the haute Neptune options…I don’t know if you meditate, but I know you do art, you’re creative in your everyday life, etc.

                Those transits sound hard, and like they’re long ones. There could be shorter positive ones that you can try and work with. Also, Saturn is the antidote to Neptune, so work that?

              • Some people have a propensity for doom and gloom more then others, the trick isn’t to aim for something crazy great(not saying thats the nature of this) but to make your day to day more healthier, smooth out your highs and lows.
                I am not sure I have ever been clinically depressed because I never checked, but I have had a period even before this sight of total bleakness that was constant and heavy and everything was terrible and I cried nearly weekly(which is a big deal for me) and that lasted a decently long time. No event caused that directly, that was just the general state I was in and I was STILL decently healthy and working out. When I stop working out I turn in to a total sad sack, or more then I already am ha, and just get generally depressive. Working out regularly or everyday or whatever will make a HUGE difference, especially if your mars pluto, there was a quote that makes me think of pluto merc that said when you dont give the mind anything to eat it devours itself, and I think that goes to anything plutonian, if you don’t give your mars something to do it will devour itself. That being said the general state you are in is a slow climb, and its daunting, and sometimes you get a peak of how far you come, and sometimes you get a peak of how far you have to go, and sometimes a peak at how far you have to fall.

                I have tons of moments, being a pisces and all, where I devolve in to my alternate theory of everything. In other words I believe in things and have faith in things, but I have really intense moments when I think the way the world works is this entirely other terrible way. I bounce back and forth between the two possible interpretations, they both can’t be true, both are really convincing. It has to do with a really specific thing I have trouble with, and my theory on it, I guess, and sometimes I have moments where I swear, for once and for all the worst is true, definitely true, after a certain event, a certain thing, how could it not be true. And that has happened to me over and over again, and every time I bounce back, I have to decide its not true and go on trusting, taking the gamble that I am right. This concerns specific views about people, I don’t want to get in to it, but it isn’t just a matter of the things I love losing their luster(which happens even more) but an actual sort of theory I would have to act on and use. I guess all I am saying is all those things your talking about, its all okay, you can’t really pick one or the other, magic being real or not. It’s why I like thomas pynchon novels so much, its not one or the other, and you just have to keep trucking along. I wish I could say, ya, magic is real and go for it ra ra, but this is the long con, you’ll bounce back, just keep betting on the right horse, even if sometimes you have your doubts, keep living the way you know you should

                • “sometimes you get a peak of how far you come, and sometimes you get a peak of how far you have to go, and sometimes a peak at how far you have to fall.”

                  I don’t know what keeps me going, sometimes I think it’s the Toro bits – stoic – anyhow, you really are a gem David πŸ™‚

                • ” wish I could say, ya, magic is real and go for it ra ra, but this is the long con, you’ll bounce back”

                  I love this.

                  I really need to exercise. And meditate. I’m Pluto Mercury too. My mind eats everything, lol! I thought that’s how I could belive-not-believe everything. But maybe its a Pisces mutable thing.

                  • for sure, just basically don’t beat yourself up for the low points, they happen, what is important is you keep investing in yourself anyways, even if it feels pointless or like there might be no payoff or the payoff is too far away, its worth it, and you will slowly get better and crawl your way to the top, the investment is what’s important and real, the actions, not the momentary ebb and flow of feelings, you can be the biggest pessimist in the world but whats important is where you choose to put the energy you do have, the gamble you are willing to take, and that’s what you end up being in the big picture, thats what ends up being important

                  • and sorry if I am being preachy, its just something that is important to me, its hard for me to take big risks or be super risky or do wild adventurous things, but I do take risks in the sense I try my damnedest to improve and its really important to me, the long con is like the main only thing I have going for me, so I know how hard it is motivating yourself to do things that are more big picture or whatever and slowly add up

                    Anyways, you’ve got this for sure 12hv

    • Thanks for the support. I feel like I need a strategy to beat this but its so hard to motivate and discipline when I’m so low Qi. Alcohol, huh? Well, it apparently isn’t making me happy because I have some wine every day. I have to try something else.

      • 12hV you’ve already inspired me countless times. Following you’re relationship journey and how you handled you’re precious relationship like a strong tender woman was incredibly inspiring!

        What do you truly desire in any given moment: to feel feminine – go pamper yourself. Rest = that’s fine go and rest. Tune in to your core desires – I am a massive fan of Danielle laporte and her desire map book. Maybe read a few of her blog posts. Often it’s just small subtle shifts we follow through with to honour our desire which changes our mood.

        Love and hugs xx

        • So kind, thank you. I checked out her site. I’ve really been struggling on setting a goal. Like, I could stand to lose 10 pounds, but do I really care? Ultimately – no. So her message of picking the feeling you want to feel – I want to feel like I have energy and am engaged and motivated – that’s a more inspiring goal. Thanks for sharing that.

      • 12v sorry not stalking you – what is your exercise / physical activity like at the moment?

        i say this knowing what it is like to fall into a pit of despair and the only nice thing to do is lie on a pile of cushions and eat cereal out of the box while watching daytime TV.

        actually i have just changed my mind about what I was going to say.

        as an official Pisces, I say, let yourself wallow. give yourself all the time that you need: months. a year. you’ve moved, renovated, started and ended a relationship. just stop for a while. do nothing. forget ‘discipline’. this is allowing your soul to lie fallow for a while. call off the dogs, switch off the searchlights, power down the audit software. send the 12HV CEO on a holiday. leave the skeleton in charge and sleep for a while. let the feelings of crappiness and aloneness wash over you and let them go away again, you are simply a vessel that contains come-and-go feelings. a poem? breathe some air, pick a flower, give it to your girl. stare at clouds. you know. sometimes these times are not worth fighting head-on. this might be one of those times when you are the blade of grass that bends to the ground in the face of strong forces. you’re wise and you probably do this stuff as a 12th house person anyway. I can still hear that Virgo voice though, she’s on at you all the time. time for a break. hugs. all in good time. xxx

        • I totally need more exercise, Pi. But thanks…I forgot I did all that stuff! Lol really. x

    • Girl. You are going through some MAJOR shit. Anyone with half a soul would be feeling like you are right now. I am no example…I’ve made every mistake and used every crutch. I don’t have instructions or snake oil. All I know is that I kept going and that today it’s okay. Maybe tomorrow it won’t be. Many many days in a row it wasn’t. Seriously, I would have punched someone in the fucking face if they said to me what I am saying to you right now and I have no delusions that I won’t come back to that place again in life.

      But you’re a 12th house person. Your fuel and your joy and your pain all at once is those moments of transcendence in the breakdown, and probably that is your path! Don’t give up yet.

      We all love you so much. **internet hug**

      • I know somewhere in this I am just having a shitty attitude and that’s the worst of it. Nothing you say makes me want to punch you in the face. Driving to work this morning, however…lol…I wanted to murder every driver! Maybe I should telecommute the rest of the month, lol. Thanks for the support, dear.

        • It’s ok, to not think positive sometimes, just let out your angst somewhere safe and constructive whether it’s kick-boxing, jogging, dancing or painting (large canvas, throw paint at it!)

    • Hang in there, 12th house Virgo… and I second what Charley said

    • *hugs* sorry i wish i had more inspiring things to say….but yeah if you need help, get it!

    • Thank you all. I don’t know if someone prayed for me or sent me some energy or something but I feel better – like the energy just shifted in the past few hours. Do I have a guardian angel on this site? If so, thank you! The site VLSR shared helped mentally too – setting emotional goals as opposed to material ones I think will work for me. I just don’t want to be so low Qi. I will keep at it. I really do need to get back to the exercise too. I don’t care about losing 10 pounds or not. I want to feel strong. Young David got me on a good plan. This community is so amazing. Thank you. I wish I could hug each one of you!

        • I thought of you, magical lady, when I felt the energy shift. Thank you. I feel MUCH better. Its like sometimes I drain my battery and someone gave me a jump! I still may need to fix my battery, but at least I am moving again! xoxoxo

      • Yes 12 HV, have always loved your ‘voice’ on the blog. Wishing you all the good feelings you can get xx

          • Hey beautiful just seeing tyhis and don’t know if you’ll check back, but it’s so good to read all the 12HV Love coming your way. You have been such an illuminating voice for so many, myself definitely. I remember you mentioned being tired recently, so tired. While unavoidable, it’s also unhelpful for uplifting positive gung-ho feelings of awesome, that kind of bone deep tired. Exercise is great, and at first it’ll wear you out, and help you sleep, thenit’ll bring the energy kick. How about also a round of applause for your awesome, some internet kisses and a big hug. Lots of love xxx

  7. I met a Pisces about 13 years ago.

    Well … l, came to know them. Through their writing and special knowledge and insight in specific subjects, …. actually.

    I’ ve never met them, though they are real and i can find them strongly in the REAL world, recognised for their talent and abilities, to inspire …. and to shock, to amuse and to succour.

    But most of all, to let all WE and all who read … We who would attest …. that THEY are one of the ten, you know, bucket list stuff ) people you would have to dinner with the other nine ( Einstein, Tesla , etc ) to complete the guest list, the ever bracing and bright

    Thanks MM

  8. That moon list is AWESOME. thanks. X
    humungous revision in how I deal with love interests (in my mind) in that 2011-12 phase. At times I wonder if I have painted myself into a corner, it seems no man alive right now can hack my IDGAF program v2.0
    we’ll see.

    • Love it = IDGAF program v2.0!! LOVE LOVE it! LOL!!

      Never saw that before! Makes it easier to post on Facebook when you have children on your page.

  9. I have just been going over all of my missed opportunities I normally don’t like to admit to myself. Man, I’m an idiot. And every time I am competent enough to handle things, those things don’t happen anymore, or that level of opportunity goes away. Its like a video game, its super hard, but on easy mode, and right when I get the hang of it the difficulty goes up and I’m terrible again. If things could just go back a bit, I would do great, but it just keeps going along and it always feels like I am always just ever so slightly behind the curve. So I dunno, honestly I am starting to think maybe its okay I am not good at getting girls or whatever right away, it will work out eventually and maybe its okay it has to take me a bit longer. Usually I feel like I need to be my best as soon as possible, but maybe you can only grow so fast and maybe that’s okay.

    • Dude, you just gotta snap shit up when it comes whether you think you’re ready or not. On blind faith that you’ll be able to hang, because Look: after the opportunity comes, your aptitude follows! So bide your time & when the next thing comes, go! Your ability will follow, like it always does πŸ˜‰

      • yo
        it’s totally ok. remember – everything about this is totally OK. wherever you are at is IT. there’s no other place you can be. revel in the uncertainty πŸ™‚
        also it’s fine to completely fuq up as well. best way to learn πŸ™‚

        SCorp.. such a Scorpio approach. i love this. ‘fuq you, i’m strong enough to handle it’

        I read a thing once D which changed how I saw my various work bosses.
        “At lunch, the CEO is just as indecisive about what to order as the secretary.”

        i may have misquoted and I am sure secretaries are very decisive, but the point is that everyone is vulnerable and uncertain – this NEVER goes away, it’s how we handle it that changes. or the things we are uncertain about.

        it’s acting *in spite of* uncertainty- those little steps that you mentioned in some other comment.

        i can’t think of many guys who get (or got, whatever) girls right away. i’d say you’re the norm, not the exception, when it comes to these experiences πŸ™‚

  10. My love relationship is really amazing right now, but Venus is sitting on my natal Descendant and conjunct his natal mars.
    Love venus in Pisces.

    But so worried, frustrated, tired, sad about Pisces son. He is having a hard time, horrible luck, bad decisions.

    • Aw, she did, didn’t she? Go Mystc!…

      Also interesting what they say about the American Revolution…a new series just started “Turn”..too bad I fell asleep… The eclipse is the IRS tax deadline. Think I mentioned I am heading that off in the pass on a personal level. Didn’t have time to read many posts yet but something to the effect of Charles saying he would like some peace…yes, just some damn peace while I’m here on this earth. In my old age I want to water my garden and lounge a bit (Venus in Toro).

      “Blood Moon”…eh, I am way past men-O- PAUSE…

      The only way I would have a blood moon would be if I slit my wrists over the fuqers (kidding), and that ain’t gonna happen at this stage..

      I haven’t looked at the subcriber stuff from Mystic yet, but after I posted about Jesus and the cross last night, in my sleep the light came. Spirit is with us. Don’t worry All. I just prayed yesterday morning, during my meditation to keep transforming and the answer came. Spirit ultimately speaks with energy, not words.

  11. Oh yes. But I’m going to Amsterdam for Easter instead πŸ˜€

    Mystic you were very right, I dreamed about my ex (not most recent) and it was very insightful.

  12. Hey everyone,
    I had an intense dream over the void moon and it felt significant because I remembered all of it so vividly. I know some of you like interpreting dreams and I need all the help I can get with this one.

    I was with my family in a very large house (more like a hotel). A polar bear had gotten in somehow and was on a furious rampage so we were running for our lives. My family split up but of course it chased me. My dad and I managed to trap it in a small room like an empty walk-in-closet. The door was this massive, thick oak door so we figured it would hold. We waited far enough away to run. It was thrashing around but it seemed unable to get out. So we figured we’d just let it die in there. We began going about our daily business.

    The noise from the room stopped altogether after several days. Just when we thought the bear had given up or died, suddenly he punched a whole clean out of the wall. Terrifying! My family got out of the house as fast as we could grabbing winter coats because it was the dead of winter outside. Then it was later and we were okay. The polar bear was swimming in an outdoor pool.

    Then, the police came to kill it. The bear was in a metallic hallway and it had changed into a small bear cub, standing on 2 legs. He looked like a teddy bear. I watched the policeman shoot him dead with a shotgun. And I was SO upset, I could not stop crying that the bear should have to die like that. To everyone else, this was such a strange reaction that they were going to write a magazine article about it.

    So, where I live, we’d just gotten done with the worst winter I can remember, but otherwise I have no idea why I dreamed of a polar bear as I never have before and I’ve only seen them in zoos. Does anyone know what the polar bear could symbolize?? I’ve been very stressed lately and feel this doesn’t mean anything good…

    • According to my dream app (which is actually really quite good at times) a polar bear symbolises reawakening.

      • this is interesting. so the fact that I trap the bear up and then someone comes and kills it suggests…the reawakening is shot dead. But then why was the bear so angry/scary if it’s supposed to be a good thing?? I don’t know if that’s quite it.

        • Piggy-backing off Charlie’s dream app here, but if polar bear is awakening than dream is a spot-on fantastic allegory. Awakening (aka Enlightenment) as a process is scary and chaotic and not socially acceptable. And the family, family home, tradition et al, would rather keep it in the closet behind a solid oak door. But should it persist and make it out into society, society can shoot it down for not fitting in or behaving as expected. I say “it” but I mean an awakened individual.

          • Oh wow…thank you for explaining that, because this makes a lot more sense now. I had been sensing that the bear could symbolize me or a part of me. Lately my beliefs are getting so different than — yes, my family’s. For one, I’m a vegetarian who is thinking of going fully vegan (as I love animals, the environment, etc) and what has been stopping me is society’s judgement and irrational hatred of vegans. (This is stupid, I know). So at the end, the bear (the new me) was out in the open, but society came and shot it down…no wonder I was upset. Wow, I really understand it now! Thanks for your comment.

    • This is fun (for me; a dream analysis n00b) to analyze because it has such a clear, Aristotlean progression for a dream.

      It comes up, it’s addressed, it dies. But it doesn’t. And there’s a lot in between.

      Ferocious…important to you. If the veganism thing is possibly the premise of the dream…that’s interesting in its own way. The fact that family helped you at first might mean they are more supportive than you think? Or is the “bear” on a furious rampage and they helping you trap it to stuff it away and let it die so that things can be back to normal (for them) again?

      Your family ran away when faced with the polar bear. Did you? It seems from your description that you were scared but fascinated (as you should be; it is YOUR dream). How did you watch it in the pool? You knew it couldn’t hurt you so you were not afraid.

      It was a big scary deal to your family and then the police came to kill this monster and…it was nothing but they were threatened and wanted it dead. You don’t love your family less because of your habits but reassuring that you love them relieves them and gives you autonomy.

      ***bucket of salt, thanks for the fun***

      • It WAS a well-plotted, very cool dream! I actually listened to the Neptunian Nights mp3 last night. And I have moon conjunct neptune so my dreams tend to be of the intense variety.

        Well, my vegetarianism comes up most often with my family so it’s no surprise they were there. Right now I’m living with my parents and every time we sit down to dinner they are eating meat and I’m not. I get angry thinking of the animals as they eat them in front of me (but keep it to myself). They don’t ‘get’ it and I doubt they’d understand veganism. I mean, I don’t need their approval or anything, but it causes tension.

        Yeah, I was running with them, and very terrified in the dream. But fascinated looking back on it! The pool part was a weird, brief snippet…my dreams jump around and my memory is hazy. I’m not sure where my dream self was at that part, but I think you’re right, at that part, I wasn’t scared but intrigued.

        Thanks for your interpretation! I love talking about this kind of thing.

    • The polar bear is the ultimate bear! It is very self sufficient and able to survive climates that kill many other things. It is most of all an apex predator competing with humans. I think the polar bear is something fierce/wild/untamed about yourself or your situation that you’ve just been walling up. Even though you were terrified of the bear, you also loved the bear too… When the bear was faced head on, it was actually a lot smaller.

      • Oh I love this insight…thanks. you’re right that polar bears are the most amazing bear. I often have very strong emotions / anxiety so that could be the thing that feels out of control to me.

    • the awakening analogy sounds really interesting.

      i don’t know if you are in the closet, but might there there any real life correspondence with that also? no need to answer or anything, but noticed the choice of words, xx

      • Interesting because I am gay and partially in the closet, though not to my immediate family, to conservative Catholic relatives..I do tend to repress that part of myself and keep things to myself in general.

  13. ok. fuck. what is with the astro weather?
    I just got asked out on a date for this weekend. πŸ™ πŸ˜€ >:(
    Feeling it all.

    It’ll probably rain and everything will be ruined so I refuse to be happy about this. Plus I’m like 15 yrs his senior. lol. That beats my previous record of 12 yrs.

    • Yay for you Electric Eel Libran! Enjoy the date, don’t worry if it rains.. maybe other snap surprise plans will have to be made on the spot and they will be even more brilliant!

  14. Omg i LOVE that pic above. Dripping with description!

    Im single and im thankful because I seriously couldnt juggle what I am going through right now with a guy in the picture. I guess I can safely assume I wont have any guy problems in the near future, hehe. But I hope all of you make it out ok with as little drama as possible during this redemption moon.
    Just skimmed through the comments right now and I noticed a lot of mentioning of Pisces men. What in the eff is going on with all these Pisces men coming out of the woodworks, may I ask? Intriguing…

  15. Its kind of fascinating to watch how this impacts my daughter. She’s turning 9 this week. She has Sun, North Node, and Venus between 20-23 degrees Aries, Mercury 1 degree Aries. She’s Gemini rising. She’s becoming a writer. She’s in her room writing a book right now. I adore her.

    • That’s so cool! Literary genius forged in the flames of the ZZ. My almost 10 yr-old libra rising gem daughter has 0 kataka merc, 14 k Saturn, 20k moon, and 24k mars. She is getting zapped hard. Every other day a complete breakdown… but also this new, shining maturity and depth. Amazing to watch.

  16. This sounds all so exciting! I think…. lol I thought I was done with thinking/obsessing over my love zombie person who I haven’t even seen or spoken to in almost a year and a half, but have found myself re-thinking at all over again during the past week. Don’t know if this is going to be good or bad though, but still – excitement! And I think something should come up because my this full moons conjunct my natal Venus is at 27 Libra in my 9th…

    • it could be the Mars Retro dragging up that past love stuff for reevaluation?

      I am having similar retread – just trying to detach and observe with interest how my feelings might have shifted.

  17. I would say bring it but it brought itself and that’s why I’m in the mindset. Unbelievable paradigm shifts and just ego falling through floors/rungs…self on fire.

    I had a dream two nights ago that my parents had both died and I was watching staff at the hospital I was born at try to figure out how to give me an identity. The nurse (clicking away across the room on the computer/office setup that was identical to the one at my work (also where I practice yoga a ton (wtf))) said something to the effect of “Mars…she’s quiet but she is Mars”…and then gave me a name I cannot remember. I’ve never had a dream referencing astrology before and I dream a lot so it was weird. NN/Mars getting zapped by Uranus hard and I feel less Taurean and more Aqua than I have in years. And way more Mars.

    • Weird dream R, but these are the times for it, yeah? Glad your with the mindset though!

      Ive only had one astro related dream and as I was waking up I had “Uranus is my chart ruler” repeating in my still slumber full mind. That’s it so not exciting, but odd at the time πŸ™‚

      I did dream of love zombie two nights ago, first time in a couple of years..

  18. Thanks for this! And I’ve been having weird dreams like the rest of us here….wedding dresses, drama all that kind of stuff. My dreams are like Almodovar on Space Dust.

    OK, stay cool, calm and collected. Keep it simple. HA! I’ll try.

    • OMG me too. I dreamed i was in this vast attic with my ex – there was a filing cabinet in the middle of the room that i was trying to throw out – he said look inside it first – there was a bottle of perfume with a name in Sanskrit on it that i did not understand but knew it was magic. There was a crimson Scorpion. There was a box of starlight.

  19. Also, dudes. I thought y’all may find this interesting since we talk about love-zombie-isms so much on here and because the eclipses this month/Mars retro/everything-effing-retro seems to have to do with past relationships or redefining our own boundaries (…balance…Libra): “The Boyfriend Log”.


    I’ve been dreaming about going to this woman’s workshop because she is local and it looks dreamy. Very expensive. Anyways, I’m on her mailing list and today she OUT OF NOWHERE launched “The Boyfriend Log” which is admirable for its simplicity all-around. It’s essentially an anti-love-zombie app that doesn’t tell you what to do…you tell you what to do. I think some of ya’ would get a kick out of the concept and I love that how I sometimes think everything has been done and then this happens. It’s not like it’s a truth-barometer for relationships…but for feelings and mediation? Yes. A two-sided app for busy people in long-term situations could be a game changer. And I fucking hate apps.

  20. The Sun will be, as for some others here on the site, conjunct my Chiron (and to some extent Jupiter) in Aries, which means it will be squaring my Saturn-Venus-Opposition.

    Started to feel it yesterday. Good thing for the evolution reminder in the Aqua Scopes.

  21. This lunar eclipse falls on my SN in the sixth house. It’s the end of a seven-year era in my professional life, leaving behind the grunt work and apprenticeship positions of the past and all the sudden seeing the next steps forward on my path. Yesterday the director of our office told me that I would be promoted within the next year to a position I’ve been wanting for a long time, and that I needed to start prepping myself both practically and also mentally, seeing myself in this new role, visualizing myself ready for it, etc. She also wants me to mentor a new junior colleague in the work I’ve been doing these past seven years.

    I guess Saturn (also in my sixth right now) is beginning to pay off.

    • I have a pattern too. This eclipse is setting off 7 years since my Saturn Returns, when I went to a special country that has had a huge impact on my life. Coincidently, or a matter of divine planning, I’m returning to a very similar destination, where the culture will be the same, and it’s 6 years and 10ths months later.
      Good luck with your new role!