Shakespeare Knew His Astro Schizz

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Alls Well That Ends Well

Monsieur Parolles, you were born under a charitable star.
Under Mars, I.
I especially think, under Mars.
Why under Mars?
The wars have so kept you under that you must needs
be born under Mars.
When he was predominant.
When he was retrograde, I think, rather.
Why think you so?
You go so much backward when you fight.
That’s for advantage.

Lol. Shakespeare knew his astro-schizz.  Sun in Taurus, Moon in Libra. Crab Rising. He was SUCH a Taurus he left his “2nd best bed” to his wife in his will. Mercury in Aries – 16 degrees, conjunct mine!  Pluto on his Pisces Midheaven – that’ll do it for the enduring “brand.”

Also, f.y.i. as i have a tonne of emails re this: Dreaming of men (Mars = Men) from your past, when Mars is Retro totally goes with the turf. It’s a neural churn process. Ultimately, you will wind up way better balanced & mentally aligned re these dudes + relationships in general.

‘For, by the sacred radiance of the sun,
The mysteries of Hecate and the night,
By all the operations of the orbs
From whom we do exist and cease to be.’

King Lear


There are hundreds of references to astrology, magic and the old gods in the works of Shakespeare and he often has his villains or weak characters denouncing it lol.  He was friends with the Court Astrologer, Dr John Dee, one of the most fascinating men of history. Like the playwright Aphra Behn, he also spied. His code name: 007.


Image: Simon Annand – All’s Well That Ends Well

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102 thoughts on “Shakespeare Knew His Astro Schizz

  1. i have the shakespeare asteroid transiting my ascendant right now; have read his (or was it ann hathaway, his wife’s co-authorship?) work.
    But, I’ve read his Moon was in Taurus, which makes a lot of logic sense b/cause he never strayed to express ideas outside of the sentiments of the times, which he conveyed with such genius, faithfulness and beauty.

  2. My insight came from film and television, after i actually went out and was under moonlight or even indoors, surrounded by glass panelled reflections at odd angles. The movie i watched also kept returning to a place in Tangiers, and the sign kept coming on screen: Cafe de Mille et Une Nuits. I was at an outdoor cinema, and the Moon and Mars rose above the screen.

    Had been watching the character Rust Cohle earlier. Having severe pattern recognition now. Oh god why are there Scorpios. It is important to keep remembering they are not good for me, even now that i think they’re long gone and i’m immune, i see i’m fascinated by the power play that i subconsciously seek. Jupiter transiting my 8th House.

    Moon and film tripped my Moon-Neptune-Jupiter conjunction in the 12th. It trines my 5th Sun and Merc. Realisations and pattern recognition. Am i doomed only for love from The Deep? Seek Lightness Now, Milleunanotte.

  3. have been having a lotttt of dreams about the bf/is he/where have you disappeareeeed….!!? a weird ‘situation’ as he is in ‘transition’ (getting clean/new job/reassessing everything). In my dreams he really wants me but he’s resisting/is scared to surrender. we havnt properly broken up, its more just…i dunno doing my head in! but if im dreaming a lot about him now does that mean he *is* my ex already without me realising it? maybe the dreams are just because im thinking about him a lot in the day also?….i dont want it to be over……(cat feels sorry for herself)
    oracle keeps telling me to focus on other things. I am! i swear!

  4. I don’t even have a best bed, let alone a 2nd best bed. For a Taurus like me, this is infuriating.

    I remember when I was so broke, I slept on a two inch foam mat three feet wide like you’d use camping. I actually thought it was kind of good for my back. But my new Pisces girlfriend kept complaining her knees hurt. Get a mattress or no more knee-knocking. So I went to the mattress store and looked at what I could afford: almost nothing. I asked about the two cheapest mattress sets, $100 and $75. I said they looked alike so I asked what was the difference. The salesman said, “The hundred dollar mattress is for people who don’t care what they sleep on. The seventy five dollar mattress is for people who REALLY don’t care what they sleep on.” I splurged on the hundred dollar mattress set, showing that I could have cared less about what I sleep on.

    • My life changed when I spent more than I could afford on a mattress . Like I was sleeping on a cloud. No more sweaty nights on that vile foamcore. No more rolling downhill into the centre to meet equally sweaty (ok yes sexy but whatever) then-bf. This isn’t to gloat, but to offer cosmic support for purchasing a slice of mattress heaven if at all possible.

    • Have had no ex- men action, but on Saturday, an (looking like) ex really good woman friend of nearly 30 years texted invite to lovely dinner at a big do thing she organises, we exchange texts ending with her saying she will let me know what time etc. as it would have been today.

      Heard nothing. Sent a text asking for confirmation. Nada.

      She has flaked out on a few things in the last year, like saying shell come to visit new house, nope.

      Why bother? I don’t understand why would you bother to initiate contact, when she does, then flake out? I was quite hurt last night when I realised she was doing it again, but I’m going to have a lovely day regardless.

      But, WHY would you bother to do this shit? If she doesn’t like me, just let it go. Is it power crap? I don’t plan to be contacting her again.

          • So kind of you to say that! I suspect I come off way more prickly in real life than I do online. 12th house Sun – truth telling introvert. Something about socializing in writing works for me.But, it would be nice to have a drink or meal together too

            • actually I think you come across prickly here reasonably often too, lol! but we also get to see so much else – thoughtful depth and humour spring to my mind. that’s what might appeal to a Scorp anyway 😉

            • well, Scorps can handle it anyway. No need to be nice or sugar-coat ALL the time as long as one is authentic!

            • What stands out to me with 12HV too, is your fairness, a kind of detached honesty.

            • My very very long term friends are Scorps, that I don’t see all the time, but the friendship always there. My Scorp moon resonates I guess.

              The ‘friend’ that is
              playing games is Saggy, Aq Venus, with some cap in the mix. Has been fab to know over the years, but what is the bitch stuff about?? I simply don’t do that to people. It’s not in my nature

            • I similarly have long-term reliable Scorp women friends who as low maintenance as they are steady.

              Same goes for the Scorp Moons actually! for whom I have a real soft spot, you and the Sphinx included 🙂

            • Will reply re friend thing later this arvo. Not that I have any answers. Had a similar thing happen with an Aqua. They’re what I call Frenemies. Be my friend or fuq off is my policy.

            • YES! Some Aqua people or aqua influenced people have this thing where their diverse friends sort of fight over them because they have such a wide -ranging group of people and bring them all together, at fun events.

              Seen that happen quite a few times cos I have several aqua friends, and aqua is my 5th

              Frenemy sounds really about right, Scorpb. It seems really school -girlish.

            • hey V,

              I know I said I’d get back to you about this. I’m too tired now to talk about my situ. Suffice to say, sometimes you have to let peeps go. I’m sure you know what constitutes a good friendship. Sounds like your “friend” is turning into an acquaintance. Just treat it like that. People come and go. I try not to get too attached.

            • It’s true Scorpbot. There are far worse problems in the world!

              Uranus exact on my natal merc today, and transiting merc only 2 degrees away. Think that’s why I felt I had to workshop it online

            • Lol, love you prickly pears.
              Must be the Scorp Moon, a martial moon helps with overcoming minor abrasions. I am much more nervous of really friendly people who fuq you off when you least expect, like Ver’s friend above. THAT sux.

            • This area is a bit of a blind spot for me. There is probably something to learn here, but i can’t quite see it, I don’t know what the agenda is.

              Have been deeply hurt/rejected a couple of times by emotionally significant women/mother figures, that I have trusted and who have been good to me in the past. Hope this is a pattern I can leave behind after the eclipse.

            • V, about your friend. she’s not sounding very friendly. more disrespectful. it’s tempting to say forget about her/it, only give your energy to people who honour you. but are there layers here that you can mine for some realisation?

              do you have insights into any of these disappointing experiences? is there a pattern behind the pattern?
              I’m wondering about the emotional significance – is there an issue of dependence anywhere? I think this moon would illuminate that.

              you could meditate on where your attachment to this person is in your body – mind, heart, gut, genitals, etc. and sever it if it feels unhealthy (maybe gut, genitals).

              just thoughts sparked by your comments – of course I don’t know anything! but good luck coming to peace x

            • Thanks Cal, the image that came to mind today was of me at 15 yrs, giving my stepma a little potted azalea, not in a fancy pot but I had heard her telling dad she wanted azaleas for the garden.
              When I gave it to her, she saw that I had left the price tag on the bottom.
              Not long afterwards, for Christmas she gave us very nice, expensive perfumes and facial stuff for Christmas, and left all the price tags on. So I knew I had done something wrong, but I didn’t figure out it was because I had left the price tag on her azaleas, and not spent enough money. I thought she would like that, but obvs. Not good enough.
              That is what I mean when I say that I sometimes I don’t get why etc.
              I’m much older and less vulnerable now, but every now and then I still get hurt.

            • well, fuq. what would you expect from a 15 yr old $ wise? I think your gift was thoughtful and precious.

              people are funny about price tags – it happens in my family too, lol. weird.

              you go back and show your 15 yr old self the appreciation you deserved, and with lots of love for good measure x

    • Dreamed of the main ex the other week. I don’t know why it still hurts when I am so happy today! Happiness doesn’t mitigate all hurts I guess.
      But yes, thought of MM’s comment on this on waking, lol.

      • I haven’t dreamt of my Sag soul mate yet. I think I really got over that connection. It took me to some dark places, but I don’t feel any compulsion about him anymore. I don’t know how these connections work. Them seem to turn on and off but very few news ones made. At least, for me. Yet.

      • Maybe some hurt over the life or path that could have been? I’m still friendly with most of my significant exes.

        What seems to be coming up for me with this retro is deep, significant friendships with women, which I’ve always had, starting with my sister, but seem to be fading now as I’m I’m in deep with the Leo. I’ve got quite mixed feelings about it

        • Ok just read the 2014 power scopes and for Aries mentioned “moribund” relationships around the eclipse on the 14th, 15th.
          MM you are like clockwork!

        • I have wondered about that past life side too. I have only had one irritating past life with him that has come up. He was my husband and we were Germanic farming people. He was an angry man and he made me dress up in some white sack of a dress then murdered me in a field. I don’t recall why, but he tried to pass it off as fertility blessing to the Goddess to the community, who didn’t believe him. I think that pissed me off more than than the murder itself. 🙂 This life I guess I feel more upset with my reaction to him, I wish I had known what LZ was then! Are we supposed to be trawling for healing on exes or avoiding them?

          • Jeez, was your ex oscar pistorius? (Trying to pass blatant murder off as something else, Grrr)

            No, it’s lovely that you are happy in the now. From what I’ve read here, the best things about your ex are his female family, the language and the country. Him, pffft.

            • Well, there was this: he was just gorgeous (think Johnny D. in Chocolat with green eyes), funny, intuitive, street smart and charismatic as all get out… but yes, I know. 😉

            • Sagg Sun/Merc, Moon in Virgo, Pisces Asc, Venus in Scorp, Mars in Cap.
              Sagg rules my 7th/NN. 😯 unfortunately..

            • He sounds HOT!! and I love his astro. I had a thing with a Saggo/ venus Scorp guy. It’s a good combo – less flighty than your typical Sadge.

            • Oh yes, V! He is my hero. Not to be weird, but just.. I don’t care blogging about my ex, but my guy… Just wow, can’t express here.

  5. So that leaves Dylan as the largest single influence on the English language. “Facebook” was even coined by Dylan, Babe. “Coined” of course is from Bill Wobblerod.

  6. Oh thankgod for this post. It all makes so much sense now. Since my breakup with the aqua/toro ex last September, I’ve literally lost count of the number of times I’ve dreamt about him. This is on top of feeling extra connected to him in a heightened intuitive way, which is bad enough when you’re trying to move on. Granted I was definitely trying to skip the giving period with a non-stop daily schedule, but there’s no escaping tormenting nocturnal rehashings of the painful past. At one point I had 4 consecutive nights of dreams about him. Gah. I don’t like to indulge in dream analysis or interpretation but these dreams convinced me that he’s left the country for greener work pastures, which is something he always wanted. I’m just glad to think there might be some positive rebalancing to all this. What’s weird though is that I’ve started having dreams about new suitors and men in my life. It’s getting hard to not look for what they all mean apart from the fact that my relationship-scape is definitely bruised, battered and trudging on. Can’t help that my Venus and sun are in Aries. Well and truly zapped, stung and bitten. I call for a time out!

    • Hang in there fellow Aries! It’s been unusually trying, this stupid mars in libra retro, but it HAS to end sometime

  7. Last night I dreamt that I was trying to make a low carb almond cake with chocolate icing for my parents, and I couldn’t find my favourite fluted flan tin. I searched all my cupboards looking through mountains of tins which were the wrong shape or size, and then finally found it in a tupperware basin under the sink. By this time, the cake mixture had separated into an evil-looking pink ooze….. which tasted delicious…..

    This has nothing to do with Shakespeare, or dreaming about men. Once again I am totally out of sync with the astro….

  8. Did any of you get to watch Anonymous the movie?

    Im not too familiar with Shakespeare i must admit. I mean, I read a bunch of his texts during school but I never got into it(art major, was too busy drawing naked people).

    Any of you buy the idea they pitched in that movie?
    I find it provocative and believeable.
    And gosh darn it – Rhys Ifans in that movie is so hot. I would push Leo DiCap, Brad Pitt, and Ryan Gosling and every other male celeb into a giant pit of mud if I could have Rhys Ifans character… 😀

    Im hardly a fan girl type, but there was my 2 minutes of fan girl-dom.

    • Hi all.
      I had to own the movie Anonymous cuz I found it so compelling. I was a theater geek growing up and Shakespeare was next to god in my book so you can imagine how scandalously hat flik is but the research and the history strongly suggest that it is nearer the truth and that the actual shakes

      • Shakespeare was illiterate. The man who really wrote the plays and poems was highly educated, well traveled, and had to be a lawyer and present in royal court to know what he wrote about. The movie made a believer out of me, and if you see the movie you understand why he had to hide himself as a political move and all that stuff is historically accurate. I watched a documentary about the making of the movie and where the writers got their info…. Totally compelling. So i regret that the astro about him is perhaps not him. But that is one life’s mysteries and who really knows what the truth is?

        • Hi Nr and light fishing, I haven’t see the film at all but I loved Shakespeare growing up, and basically did a lot of reading into the whole controversy surrounding his identity. I looked this all up back in high school, but based on everything I’ve read, Shakespeare was the nom De plume of the 17th Earl of Oxford, Edward De Vere. His countenance was said to shake spears, and his emblem was of a lion shaking a spear. Everything I read pointed to this. Would love to know De Vere’s astro if it’s available. What’s the films conclusion??

          • Yes, So the film depicts De Vere as the playwright and a greedy drunk actor as taking responsibility to the public for his writings. I don’t want to spoil it too much because it is such a good compelling story based on the evidence. But there is a connection to the Queen Elizabeth that is too juicy and scandalous to believe but I remember learning about the Tudors and English monarchy in general being a little bit twisted so totally believable. Explained so much to me why De Vere couldn’t publicly be known and why working from “behind the scenes” can be strategic. It shows that art is inherently political and divisive in the sense that De Vere could say whatever he wanted as it was just “make believe” but he planted the seeds and stirred rebellion in the minds of masses.

        • Yes thanks for the contribution! I can’t believe Shakespeare was illiterate. There’s no way a man of such prose could be such.

          The movie fascinates me to no end. I haven’t made it a point to do research into the man, but reading what you and Light below commented, apparently the movie is not too far from commentary that exists.

          What a shame. We are so blessed to have the gifts and work of Shakespeare but wow at what a dramatic cost. I hope Shakespeare was able to die in peace.

          • Shakespeare wasn’t illiterate, but the man who posed as the writer was. He really could barely write his own name. De Vere was a highly educated lawyer and most likely the true writer of the plays and poems. Don’t know about Francis Bacon theory but Chris Marlow or Ben Johnson, cant remember actually, published all of Shakespeare’s plays years after De Vere died because they were entrusted to the originals and that’s historical fact. There was a writer at the time that went by Francis Beaumont…. wonder if that is a confusion?

        • I met a…I don’t know what you’d call him…empath? Channel? Anyway, he assured me Shakespeare is Francis Bacon.

          • Rather, Francis Bacon wrote the works attributed to shakespeare. I heard that theory in college too and hated it. Like – why couldn’t the lower class person make it? Why’s it have to be trickery? Shakespeare’s work is performance art. Its easy to forget when reading. But its so meta… Anyway…can’t wait to watch the movie!

    • Asteroid Shakespeare – 2985.

      Mine is conjunct my Sagg Stellium of Sun, Merc, Lilith, Uranus in the 5th but bang on my natal Uranus!

      • too funny – asteroid Shakespeare conjunct my MC. I would have majored in Shakespeare if it were an option. Majored in English/Brit Literature. I won a competition once for an essay I wrote on Shakespeare. Technically, that’s the only time I’ve been paid for my writing.

  9. Always loved how Shakespeare personified the heavenly spheres!! “Sometimes too hot the eye of heaven shines,
    And often is his gold complexion dimmed..”.
    Apparently in those times they believed they had eternal souls.
    Like maybe some of us do here.. ? 🙂 Ok, well I do.
    Tesla said that crystals had all the qualities of living beings.
    And we all live on a big hematite crystal called Gaia. Plus lately a diamond planet bigger than Earth was found.

    Shakespeare & I have that coveted Mars/Venus conjunction. 😯
    Plus his Jupiter on my Sun. Yeah, we could totally have been a thang..

    • Just checked it properly & Shakes’ Mars is EXACT my Venus.
      Plus my Merc is on his Asc.
      His Pluto on my Jup/Ceres/Juno/MC
      My Moon on his Pluto.
      His NN in my 7th! Oh my!

      I have found my astrological sex match.. why FATES why? 🙁 Hundreds of years apart… So cruel.

        • I think you two must be star crossed. Or dimension crossed. Time hath been cruel to this pair. We would never have heard of you again because I doubt the pair of you would have surfaced from your bed. What a synastry is this!

          • Lol, “What synastry is THIS?”.

            If the move ‘Anonymous’ (which I am totally borrowing now) is correct – I have great synastry with an illiterate actor.
            Sounds more like. 🙂

  10. I have had no dreams of men past during mars retrograde, thank heavens.
    Oh there was one dream with mulit-Virgo, but I wasn’t about me and him at all, just a moment of passing about his current life, which I know little to nothing about in real life.

    My dreams have been odd though. A strange unsettled feeling.

  11. Medical knowledge was linked to astro and the humours, then. Some of my old astro books (recently turfed – well a year ago pre interstate move) were that kind of fatalistic, heavy kind of astrology and many of the illustrations hailed from this period of history, some a bit earlier.

    Astro was very much part of our scientific and political culture. But PIABs know this is true today 🙂

    Myst, did you ever post about the Macbeths? I wonder about their Lilith placements. When the astro allows me some “research time” i will dig into an old tome (i have to sneak into the upstairs library, i kid you not – i have only the Shakespearean comedies down here) to see what astro refs there may be.

    Sometimes i think all i learned about the human psychology i learned from Shakespeare. Not sure what to make of that.

    • That you are an Aspie? 🙂
      Kidding, but I came across a website that listed Aspie girl’s favourite characters/books etc. Apparently they all deeply related to Hermione Granger & were unusually partial to Shakespeare. Sounds like me as a young teen at any rate.

      • I would be a bit suss on any such pigeon-holing of what Aspie girls like as some sort of diagnostic indication, because their tastes in literature are as diverse as anyone elses on the planet. (I think these lists are gathered by Aspies who have friends with similar interests, if I surveyed all my AS friends for literature preferences, I’d come up with an entirely different picture of what AS females supposedly like!)

        The dumbest question I ever got asked was “what sort of music do Aspies like?” because she wanted to play ‘Aspie’ music for the kids in her class to sooth them – well intentioned, but Aspies have as diverse taste in music as anyone, what is heaven to one ears is hell to another’s. Ditto with art, political, religious and spiritual beliefs (e.g. plenty of amazing and gifted shamanic Aspies, but also just as many right wing fundamentalist Xian Aspies as well…)

        Having said all that, you might find this interesting (and relatable) Sphinxy…

        • Yes, I was being a little lighthearted with that comment, living with ASD peeps makes me a little inured to the emo impact it may have on others. Soz if I offend anyone.

          But after reading that list you provide – OMG, I am so Aspie! I know I am ADD, but really.. it’s close. I also discovered lately I have mild hypermobility syndrome, v. common in Aspies also. 😯 After testing what exists in my gut, I also have the gut lining of an ASD person too. 0% good ecoli? How am I alive?!

          • I realise you were just being light-hearted, I just had to stick my 5 cents in for the purpose of AS awareness – raising. I spent a lot of time working and volunteering with the AS community a few years ago, old habits die hard soz! 😀 (Now I’m doing a degree in health science because there’s a bunch of common physical shit amongst all the females I know with it, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, immune disorders, allergies, skin conditions, and early cancer diagnosis in every single case but the mainstream are mainly focused on the social aspects and appear to be missing that AS people are battling far with far more than trying to make sense of bullshit social rules.

            Yes, hypermobile joints are common. I have that too – it’s a mystery that I can even stand up or walk, apparently I must be willing it *shrugs*. My nickname at Aikido was ‘rubber woman” because I’m super bendy and can worm my way out of any pin – I’m evil and just let everyone think it’s because their technique sucks :P.

            Lots of women get misdiagnosed with ADD because there are similarities, and ADD was the only thing that explained the symptoms before AS got back in the mainstream – that and the fact that usually takes someone who specialises in AS to diagnose it properly. (If you’re ever curious for a diagnosis, I know someone in Melbourne who is expert when it comes to how AS manifests in females and the difference between AS and ADD.)

            Soz for ramble! x

            • This is not a rant, ’tis practical magic! Love the Rubber Woman’s secret – like mum in The Incredibles, lol.
              And I would love the number of this person as I am often asked for referrals & have family considering their Aspieness & that of their fam atm.
              Enthused & encouraged that someone of yr calibre is studying Health Sciences! The community needs you!
              I banged on about it elsewhere but I also wanted to share what we are doing with my autie Cap. It’s Kerri Rivera’s protocol & has been a freakish learning curve on the role of parasites in ASD (we are seeing rope worms/eggs). GAPS/Supps like B12 actually fed these monsters we see, so now I have an adjusted view of GAPS (which is that it is great on a de-parasited person).

              Yes, the social aspect is so far behind the health issues of ASD, love, patience & behavioural strategy are great but I don’t understand all the blogs that bang on about only therapy. It’s a fuqing health issue! The label ASD is just putting a face on a set of SYMPTOMS. Science is failing us here. These bodies are so hard to study & the issues vary person to person. It’s almost, I dunno, like a dna/environmental affected devolution of the species. But often such beautiful souls incarnating in these fragile bodies.. Locked in, but glowing like fireflies in a bottles.

            • I don’t know anyone who has followed Kerri’s protocol but I agree that parasites are a huge issue (with most people, not that they have a clue) and unfortunately GAPS doesn’t address that apart from using garlic in its recipes. (I always followed my gut and threw garlic in my bone broth to kill the little fuqers, but I’ve done regular herbal de-wormings for about 20 years, so that was probably enough for my purposes.

              Parasites will eat and grow from anything a person is consuming so the GAPS diet foods and supplements acting like superfoods for parasites strikes me as quite bizarre (I wonder if her and Dr McBride have some sort of professional rivalry thing going on after reading that theory?!) and personally I prefer a herbal regime for parasites (a mix that kills all stages, from eggs to worm) than the idea of using chlorine dioxide internally (I’m not entirely convinced it’s miraculously able to distinguish between good so only targets the baddies), but if you can do it safely and it’s working, then that’s fuqing awesome! (soz, another ramble there…)

              The best person I know of in Melbourne for ASD diagnosis for women is at “The ASD Clinic” (they have a website) her name is Sally Rigley, she trained with Tony Atwood and is very knowledgable about how AS manifests in females specifically. She may have a long waiting list by now.

              Also, Autism Victoria have a list of professionals that specialise in diagnosing ASD’s in adults and children. x

            • Soz, my impressionistic take on the feeding of parasites via Gaps is not official or useful, but B12 does feed them up apparently. I know that Dr. McBride hasn’t gone into this publicly, preferring herbal interventions which is totally reasonable, I don’t think there is any rivalry as Kerri is hardcore on diet being essential for asd people regardless of obvious signs of allergy. Ummed & ahhed over this protocol for 2 years before I tried it for myself. All I can say is that my body responded really well, like it was a high vibration drink, loads more energy etc. The science I will leave to you! Have a friend in hospital with a bowel infection due to a deparasiting antibiotic given by a biomed doc. Found this interesting, it certainly points out how dangerous antibiotics can be for people with damaged guts.
              As usual I have a naturo on board & doc’s in the know of the process. I am interested in the herbal remedies, but since this is working & feels good I will continue. But interested that you have been on this already, way ahead of the crowd. Will you work as a naturopath?
              Thank you for the number! I have contacted the clinic in the past for my aspie FILaw, but he didn’t see the point of it due to his advanced age. 😉

            • Unfortunately there isn’t much science when it comes to the topic of using chorine dioxide internally, so personally I wouldn’t go there. All the science I’ve seen regarding it has been twisted from industry research to fit the cure claims (anyone with a science degree would die laughing reading the research used to back up its use in humans), and laypeople don’t know how to interpret scientific studies so they read something like FDA DATA PROVES MMS KILLS ALL DISEASES, and don’t realise they’re reading shit waaaaaaaaaaay out of context and only being told part of the story.

              Having said that, just because there isn’t the research, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work, but everyone partaking in this protocol is pretty much an unofficial lab rat right now.

              Obviously it kills pathogens etc – that has been proven in industry use research, but there’s absolutely no proof that it’s selective in what it destroys in the human body (there is proof it can be selective in industry applications, but our bodies are not hospital floors or whatever), or that you’re not slowly damaging your brain/ nervous- system/whatever at the same time you’re killing parasites – that to me is a major concern and too risky to be experimenting with when there are herbal protocols that have stood the test of time and will do exactly the same thing.

              Soz for another ramble, I don’t intend to discredit your intuition or deny your reality that it works, obviously its doing something good for you, and that’s seriously fab – I just can’t fully support it as it goes against everything I’ve been taught about evaluating scientific research, but that’s just how I roll.

              On to your question re being a naturopath, the plan was to qualify as a naturopath and possibly use my degree as entry into to med school so I can be a subversive shit-stirring bitch in the mainstream medicial field (Natal Eris conj MC – yo!), I mean, have the best of both healing worlds at my disposal, but I’m getting old and tired and sick of living on a student income, so I’m not sure where I’m going with it right now. I’m seriously considering switching to a school who will let me escape much earlier with a diploma rather than a degree and just using the info I’ve learned to fine tune the medical intuitive/distant energy healing shizz I do sometimes and maybe open a health food shop or something.

              But, astrology/Tarot etc has been calling me back since Uranus hit my MC, so I’ve also got things in the pipeline with that, not sure if it will end up as a sideline or a takeover at this stage though (or even if I’ll finish what I’m working on if past history is anything to go by :D)

              I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up!

            • Thank you for taking the time to talk about this.. I understand the concerns, the amounts we are talking about are very diluted (well within fda approved amounts for spraying meat etc). I used to ignore parent’s testimonials, but increasingly have found some excellent information through some brilliant minds who have spectrum kids. Perhaps CD isn’t perfect, but people who have lived with severely affected kids just can’t wait & I can understand that. If a fast growing child in agony with skin, bowel, behavioural issues etc. is helped it’s natural to get up on one’s hind legs & take notice. Trad med etc has failed so many asd families abysmally, and I haven’t seen the naturopathic community jumping up & down about the parasite/asd relationship, so I may have missed something.
              There is a point where I do let go & just ‘feel’ where I should be next, which brought me to CD. My son is not doing CD atm though, we did three weeks & he produced a huge ropeworm, there are lots more where it came from I am sure. But he refused to take more & I felt I had increased it too quickly, so stopped.

              I find being a parent of an asd kid is a tricky thing in that I have to listen very carefully to him, esp as he is not ‘verbal’. Atm, I am seeing him in meditation telling me he wants more time as he is, just to unfurl at his own pace REGARDLESS of his health. Even if CD is the ideal next step. So then, I have to just ‘accept’, which is the biggest hurdle of all!!
              Having said that, if you know any good naturopath’s in Melbs who do parasites the herbal way, I am interested to learn more!

              Have been doing more distant healing lately also, quite envious of friends who are already trained nurses & doing my line of shamanic healing.
              I would like to learn more that informs on healing in a practical way, but am not sure a) if it is entirely necessary to study formally b) if it is my way of limiting myself, delaying my immersion into a deeper relationship with ‘Source’/ guides/ Higher Self etc. when I don’t feel so drawn there anyway atm. A very Gemini quality that, to want information for the sake of information, endlessly. I have SN in Gem, so try to be aware of accumulating info to the detriment of implementing it in this lifetime.
              As to “entry into to med school so I can be a subversive shit-stirring bitch in the mainstream medicinal field” LOL, that is awesome. I know they like older students in medicine, make space for them as it is a job that requires social skills many who get in seriously lack. So.. But yes, you have talents others don’t & the work you can do without that study is also precious? Funny, I am feeling drawn back to using certain parts of reiki atm. Chiron is on my Jupiter in Pisces & Sun is on my Chiron in Aries? Wishing you well with your studies Saturnalien. You are a star.

            • “they’re either, not well educated, behind the times with current health info, or have personality disorders” LMFAO!!
              Doc’s are the same.. some are lovely but useless, some are just useless. It’s exhausting interviewing therapists & dr.’s constantly, I feel like I am constantly hiring & firing on my Cap’s behalf. Some try to use me as resource on ASD? Like wtf. Others are impossible & insulting.
              Have a friend who studied with Russo so am familiar with her work. There are lots of good things about her work & it is similar to the shamanic style stuff I do. And I know exactly what you mean about reiki as a word to connect to people’s minds with, rather than specifically used as a practice alone. Lol, it is a way for me to work silently with permission as I find verbal frequencies can be used to engage negativity in some clients, it’s too confronting & limits the healing. Tho I stand by shamanic/hypno etc. being an ultimate experience for the ready & able. Love talking to you babe! My dad’s an architect, so art/architecture etc. my inheritance, plus have studied all of the above at some point too. Have been surrendering myself to working the way that is best for the energy field I am. I just think when we work that we are less likely to go wrong than if we adopt the paradigm that works for others. I said this before but there is no such thing as pure transmission of a system (unless there is a Dalai Lama involved perhaps) I really think a good healer is all about utilising all the learning, tirelessly engaging all their systems & pressing ‘go’ rather than trying to turn oneself inside out working a paradigm created by others. Thanks for the link & bless yr Scorpionc Lunar Cotton Socks Sat, Xx.

            • I hear you on the MMS use, and parents not wanting to wait for research etc – I’d be doing exactly the same if I were in your shoes.

              Sorry, I can’t recommend any naturopaths in VIC. I’ve come across plenty but I wouldn’tpersonally trust any of them with my health because they’re either, not well educated, behind the times with current health info, or have personality disorders.

              All the brilliant, ahead of their times alternative medicine practitioners I know are in New Zealand. (I personally found education standards higher over there – more thinking and innovating, less spoon-feeding of information, so perhaps that has something to do with it, or maybe I just didn’t meet enough naturopaths to get a good sampling!)

              The last VIC naturopath I spoke to got mega shitty with me because I dared to suggest that bentonite clay was probably the safest way to remove heavy metals from the body, she ranted on about how unnatural it was to eat clay and that colonics were the oldest and most natural way – couldn’t be fuqed informing her that indigenous people were using clay to heal long before colonic clinics came into being…

              Anyhow, you probably don’t need a naturopath, you can do your own herbal de-worming protocol using this stuff:

              (Not sure if you can buy it in Australia, but there are places in NZ that sell it online cheaper than the Malcolm’s actual site, so if you want to save some $’s, google is your friend! Also, get the largest size bottle you can buy because you go through quite a bit of the stuff initially – tastes crap, but doesn’t take long to get used to.)

              I hear you on the study for informations sake, I tend to do a bit of that (was studying health science, interior design, feng shui and reiki all at the same time at one stage, but if I’m not learning, I’d probably be abusing drugs or something to save me from boredom so I don’t beat myself up for being an information whore 🙂 )

              I could call myself a seichim and Usui Reiki Master as I’ve got training and bits of paper to prove it but other than when I was learning, I’ve not used Reiki techniques on anyone and most of the theory I learnt with it was new age LOA psychobabble,that I already know and am bored shitless with (Law of Awesome all the way for me)

              So yeah, overall a waste of time for me to learn.

              I think my main motivation for learning Reiki etc was to have some sort of healing modality that people recognise, rather than trying to explain wtf I actually do (which I can’t…) but then I figured Reiki would get the credit for being something that works while I’m not actually using it…

              Then I came across Maria Russo who has innovated her own energy healing system, and I thought fuq it, I need to be like her, innovating, and working with spirit more, not learning old school shizz just because that’s what the public expect from an energy healer!

            • SA, does AS manifest in a different way between male and female? ‘cos I read that list and recognise a lot of those traits in the ex Crab

            • Yes, it does manifest differently in females, but a huge amount of that list applies to both sexes. (Females are better at adapting to social bullshit, more empathetic, tend more towards depression and self-injury than acting out with violence or temper tantrums like a male aspie might do – things like that, but the basic issues are the same.

            • From that list on wordpress,I would qualify as an Aspie, but not diagnosed as one. It’s very similar to creative children display as well.
              I particularly relate: doesn’t relate to female peers prefers to play with boys. 🙂

            • Yes, me too! I would create games so that the boys & girls would play together as I was not sporty enough for the boys or .. subtle enough for the girls. It worked quite well for a time, I became the events coordinator of my primary school. 🙂 But in the end I retired to the library to read Shakespeare. If you can’t change them, ignore ’em.

            • Hi Saturnalien, wondering if I can get contact info for the individual that can help with AS diagnosis, would super appreciate it!

            • Info in reply post to Sphinxy a few boxes up! Sally is lovely 🙂

              There’s also a book called “Aspergirls” by Rudy Simone, which a lot of women have found helpful (given that pretty much most of the information out there is male oriented). x

  12. Two households, both alike in dignity,
    In fair Verona, where we lay our scene,
    From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,
    Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.
    From forth the fatal loins of these two foes
    A pair of star-cross’d lovers take their life.

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