Peaches & Neptune

Peaches Geldof wedding picture

My Gemini daughter said to me yesterday “what in the stars is killing all these people?”  And now this. Poor Peaches Geldof and those little boys of hers. It’s heart-breaking.  I remember reading Paula Yates (Peaches mother) book On Blondes in the 80s and then her parenting (yes) guide all about the bliss of babies and full time motherhood.  And then there was Michael Hutchence.

Drugs and alcohol run through this sad and tawdry tale like a poisoned underground river.  Astrologically, Peaches was a multiple conjunct Piscean – Sun-Venus-Mercury-Node – with Chiron activating the Piscean energies and Neptune on her Pisces North Node. The Zap Zone zapping her Capricorn Saturn.  This could have been amazing – empowerment and spiritual awakening to the max.

Horribly, her last days seemed to be a blur of lower Neptune crap – ghosts. Alistair Crowley for fuqs sake, maybe drugs. I don’t care what anyone says: drugs and anything occult do not mix. And Crowley had some genius going on but you don’t dabble with that sort of schizz when you are fragile, a recovering (?) addict and young mother.

This is from the Daily Mail article with the most depth but i am not putting in the alleged ghost picture as frankly it freaked me out with a cold shudder & i think it’s bad juju to even post it here. But check it in the original article if you want.

A few weeks before her death, Peaches had expressed concern that her home in Kent may be haunted.
The socialite shared a photo of herself and son Astala in the bath in December which appeared to show a translucent hand to the side of her neck.
She wrote next to the picture: ‘And no that isn’t my hand – one of mine was round his waist to hold him during the photo, the other holding the camera to take the shot. Also the hand is around my shoulder so totally weird angle if I did it myself. How terrifying!! (sic)’.
Peaches posted the spooky selfie on Instagram and told how she believed the hand belonged to the spirit of a woman who committed suicide nearly 100 years ago after delivering a stillborn baby.
She said: ‘The house was built in the 1920s by a rich man and his pregnant wife.
‘However, his wife had a stillborn baby and was so grief-stricken she went mad. She apparently drowned herself in the bath.’
Peaches claimed she often felt a ghostly presence in the house – but said it was a welcoming one rather than threatening.
She added: ‘The presence I feel isn’t malignant or angry, rather maternal and friendly – the house has a lovely atmosphere.
‘Maybe she’s just making her presence known because she loves having babies around.’


Three weeks ago she also uploaded an image of a book she was called Magick: In Theory and Practice by Aleister Crowley.
He was an early 20th century writer and magician, who wrote about mysticism and paranormal beliefs.
Peaches even started to leave her door open when she slept at night in case the ‘ghost comes back’.


This is just awful. People, whether it’s depression, drugs or ghosts in your house, get help if you need it.

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sounds like a mental illness. so sad

libran in transit

a mum with pure love for her boys.


sorry for being maudlin – it just makes me feel sad


Just lit 3 candles and read The Ballad of Reading Gaol to Peaches, Paula and Michael. Replace chaplain with paparazzi and it makes so much sense. I really do feel feel for those souls in pain who live under scrutiny. Why do we glamorise and objectivise our entertainers as we feed them to the lions?


A friend of mine was her hairdresser. I wouldn’t repeat what I heard from him a year ago out of respect for the dead and those who loved her that are still living. Not least her children. Besides which it doesn’t matter anyway. People say all kinds of things. Who the hell knows? Agree re Crawley- just not what you want to be dabbling in esp. given the girl’s family history and astro genetics … It’s a shitty situation whatever your thoughts on those involved, alive or dead, I think it signals something powerful which can be scary and sinister… Read more »


not peaches related: MM, what do you have to say about this heartbleed bug (astrologically, of course)???


Wondering as well- emailed IT guru at work re- same.


it screams uranus square pluto to me!!!

Saturn Transit Lounge

Mother of Irish twins myself here, and it is a tough gig, even minus celebrity glare, and being relatively mature and sensible. Peaches seemed to be doing it the hard way, too – washing nappies? There could have been 70 a week of those.

I love Bob. Always has tried hard to do his best for everyone xx


She wrote on her Twitter account ‘up to my ears in nappies’.

It has just dawned on me ‘she died from trying to be perfect’.
Heartbreaking it is.


yes, that’s what I think, trying to make up for her own childhood losses 🙁


Devastating. We lost a young mum in our community- very mysterious circumstances. No explanation. Left two babes under three. Agree that it’s a potent time. My eye is on the Gem trio- Jup/Mars /Moon. Endless curiosity, extenuating, stim seeking. Reluctance to say no or set boundaries. Venus entering Pisces set off something. Traditionally, Jupiter is mentioned in desth charts. Jupiter at 12 Kataka opposed that cazimi Cap duo of Saturn and Neptune. The low end of both Gem and Pisces is glamour- skimming interests, experimenting and setting aside peeps, health regimes, fads. Customers, roles, deceit. Asteroids Niobe at 4 Gem… Read more »


Sorry for typos- I meant costumes not customers. Virgo editor on vacation:) Kat


So very, very, very sad.. 🙁 Hope she leaves knowing she burned bright and can trust her family to take care of each other. I too do not like the relationship between her passing (let alone that of her mother and stepfather’s) and the discussion of the sad earthbound lady in her home.. Hope the agony her passing causes her beloved’s don’t keep her here too. She seemed lovely! Could Chiron in Neptune be pointing out how detrimental glamour and fame can be to overall health? Needing to be perfectly thin, elegant, put together to be accepted, celebrated and loved?… Read more »


Yes, the similarity is striking. That’s why I asked above whether the second male in the picture was the husband or the brother, as I’d never seen an image of him before.


Now that you mentioned the father-hubby connection, i flashed to the exact same thought when i first saw Tom Cohen, how like Bob in his youth. Tom’s band called
S C U M. BOOMTOWN….. RATS not pretty names for music groups.
Her hubby was in London visiting his parents when she died.
There is a ‘tell all’ (read too much information) being written by her Nanny & PR personages.

Scorporation, Inc.

I didn’t know anything of Peaches, except her birth. I remember that because Bob Geldof was my hero after his hand in LiveAid; as a tween LiveAid (and Farm Aid, etc) made a huge, positive impression on me. So I paid attention to Bob in the news & I remember when Peaches was born & loving her name. I remember the photo of little Peaches that she posted just before she died. This happening is very rx Mars in Libra for me. The scales, revisited. A protagonist. I was telling a woman just yesterday that bad things happen to good… Read more »


Oh, Peaches. :/ I was rooting for her. She seemed to take to motherhood so well.

I remember reading articles where she talked about juicing for a month and then eating just fries after or something. And the doctors warned she could be heading for cardiac arrest with the reckless fasting. She looked so thin these past few years even while pregnant…


i’m with you on this. Not Juju, cardiac arrest from (fashion ) starvation. She was beautiful and lovely but got involved with the stupid side of fashion. On front row at shows looking ‘beautiful’ i.e.: emaciated. This fucks me off no end that people are banging on about her beauty.
It’s fragility and what is beautiful about that? IT’S FASHION.. the harshest industry of them all. Too sad.


Latest news is suspected anorexia, that must be cardiac arrest.
There is a resurgence in haute couture of ultra thin, like thinner than before the thin was slowly phased out with/by toning a la gym i.e.’muscle proud’.
She also said she had thyroid problem which is why she lost weight when pregnant, threw up a lot like Kate Middleton.


Pegs, what was that gal’s name in the 70’s? It escapes me right now… She died from anorexia….

“And love may grow for all we know”…

A few lyrics of one of their songs is all I can remember now…(geesh 8 hours massage today…no time for anorexia…I need all the sustanence I can get 😯 )


Karen Carpenter?


Lower neptune like a poisoned underground river….perfect analogy, Mystic. And it does all look extremely lower Neptune – the depression, delusion, pressures of fame/projection, glamour, poor little rich girl, sensitivities that cry out for escape, claims of ghosts, isolation beneath the appearance of connection, not quite truths… And i can’t judge for that. I’ve been there. The hard part is the self delusion, which becomes lies to others, such as: i could have been worse, i stopped myself going too far, it isn’t the issue, i’m scared but not of myself, it wasn’t my choice, i’m ok. They aren’t easy-to-spot… Read more »


So much truth there Mill…yeah, you gotta live some of that shizz to fully understand it…x


I am sorry, I am not up to date on celeb gossip at all, so forgive the ignorant question.

In the picture, is this her husband yes? Not her brother?

Virgo Ellie

She is beautiful! Very sad! I just don’t understand. RIP!!


This is an example of how a perceived QI vampire could be dismissed in one’s narcissism. Mystic, I think it it important not to create divides between people that might be going through difficulty. At least me more gentle in your descriptions about people.

12th house virgo

Its the ZZ – people are projectiling all over the place.


Can’t help but think the Aussie INXS recent miniseries would have stirred the pot of this dear Girl’s childhood. Her own parents relationship breakdown etc and being a parent and facing re-opened wounds.
I echo MM’s words of people getting help and successful treatment is the key to relapse retention.
Any cycle can be complete…time, healing and support are via.


Sheesus Mystic this gives me the creeps – especially since I have Neptune transiting my south node on ascendant and have been bothered by ghosts a lot, especially last week, was wondering if this zz will take me out too. I know I know, probably not but the THOUGHT crossed my mind and then I read the shocking news about Peaches.


I remember the Women’s Day/New Idea article about Bob and Paula when Peaches was born, cos I was so stoked to have another person in the world who shared my name (except I’m singular, and her’s is plural). I’ve not paid much attention over the years to her antics, but I always thought “you go girl” for what she did, and how she presented anytime I saw something. Everyone deals with life differently, and decisions made in the depths of grief and shock may never make sense to others. I went on school camp 4 days after my sister died,… Read more »


I love the name Peach/Peaches.
Great perspective on how others deal with death.
I went to work when I found out my best friend died, I did NOT want to but they refused to let me take off of work.I felt numb, and went numb so I could present a happy face to customers or lose my job.
It’s hard to why others do what they do, perhaps Bob was trying to be strong and present a stiff upper lip while he had to tend to funeral arrangements while they were in school.


Your Gem daughter is very clever and does make a good point… What is with all the death right now? I mean, I’m sure it’s no more than usual, but does seem all closer to home. I’ve lost three people in my life in the last week (!!). None particularly close relations or friends, but all beautiful people and sad losses and two of them complete surprises – an accident and a suicide. The craziness of these deaths in my world plus the backdrop of high profile surprise partings is starting to feel like, I don’t know, a trend…? It… Read more »


Yes, I was thinking same. Lots of left field stuff going on. People who you didn’t expect to hear had gone. And it just seems random. Almost a new stop and stare in disbelief moment every few days.
My other half has started yelling back at the tv when he watches the news.


“Stop and stare in disbelief” moments, yes! Like every second day. It’s weirder than weird and becoming very palpable and real. Strange times. Let us all just weather them as well as we can 🙂

Scorporation, Inc.

Me too! And if it’s not something in waking life, then it’s something from a dream. What a long strange trip it’s shaping out to be…


Absolutely — have been having the exact same feeling re: the leftfield nature of everything. I feel like ever since Philip Seymour Hoffman died, like that was the start of this, or maybe I just started to notice it then (that one hit me very hard for some reason.) It’s all so very Neptunian, as well — drugs, strange disappearances, mysteries. Yes, there’s the Cardinal Cross Zap Zone schizz with Jupiter, Mars, Pluto and Uranus, but it’s Neptunian crap that I feel like I keep noticing, and I don’t just think it’s me (Pisces, though I am.) I know all… Read more »


The pisceans I know are truly wonderful beautiful people. I would move the surface of that water for them closer to ease their swim if only I could.


Gorgeous girl. I cant say I was familiar with her much, only heard of her name, but yeah, gorge. For some reason I am wondering what her AC is. I am thinking Kataka rising. Any thoughts on what her AC might be? Also, thinking how sad she didnt even make it to 27, and could have joined the others with big names amongst the 27 club like Winehouse, Cobain, etc. But everything happens for a reason too, so *shrugs*. Anyhow, what a sad bit of news. And a la Gemini daughter: What is in the stars that is causing this?… Read more »

catfish moon

Tragic. My Pisces son got drugged this weekend, without full permission. Tough times for some Pisces. Pisces daughter is doing awesome. Both have Cappy rising.
People handle the same energies differently.


Heartbreakingly sad. This astro has been one long nightmare that I can’t seem to wake up from. But at least now I know why my Saturn in Scorpio has been kicking my ass so hard – I had to harden the f up, grow a thicker skin, and to be prepared for all this daily ‘Fresh Hell’. I needed to learn better coping skills and how to be able to ‘deal’ with more acceptance and grace. And I don’t think the Bitch slapping is gonna let up any time soon…. R.I.P. Peaches, and blessings to anyone suffering through these dark… Read more »


Saturn, yes. I have only come to lately appreciate trans Pluto in Cap, conjunct my Saturn in 7th square natal nodes (Aries/Libra) and all Aries points et al. Even Herodia in Aries…and Medusa…Black Moon Lilith…Even asteroid Iran and Arachne… Juno and Pallas in Libra conjunct the NN….. Natal Saturn is square all the above so a freeing up and transforming (via Pluto) of everything that has clamped them down oh, for probably aeons… There are different “crosses”…Cardinal, Mutable, Fixed…. At the center is the heart. Right now, if one were to think of it vertically, one is being drawn down… Read more »




On a lighter note, many years ago I was going to patent a product called “karma korn”..
(minus the caramel 🙂 )

Comes in a packet of 10 little seedling “korns” that are suppository like..Easily slipped and incerted up the bum 🙂

When in the Zap Zone and one heats up, the korns “pop” thus korking the hole…

And one “explodes”…

Instant transformation


Oh lord I thought that up on the way to the market… 😆

Scorporation, Inc.

Love this, Sweetpea. Especially the cross & resurrection part. x


So this means you forgive me for Jack in The Box and the double bacon burger?



So sad about this. I remember a family in my community that had one tragedy after another and there was always that question ? Why them ? Why does this run in families ?
Fame attracts good and bad juju and the details of the ups and downs of this particular family is there for all to see. But no one deserves this much pain.
The universe can be so cruel.


Yes, undeserved and a great tragedy.


Perhaps generational abuse issues? drug addictions/alcohol abuse? or emotional? not always obvious physical abuse.
I always wondered that too- and many times it happens to very good people.


Woah, Bob Geldof is in the ZZ….Libran Sun 11 degrees with trans Mars conjunct, opposite trans Aries Sun/Uranus and all Square trans Pluto.

One site states “a case of tragedy and reincarnation”..

Paula Yates chart is uncannily similar to Peaches first son Astala’s. Site says “this is a classic reincarnation case”

Also interesting, Paula Yates birithday is the same as Peaches second son, Phaedra.


Gives rise to thought again that my grandaughter’s due date was the same as the day my Mother died (she ended up three days off) and, that grandaughter ended up with my Sun and Moon signature….Haven’t really studied our charts together yet tho.

But terribly sad for all involved in this.

I found my mother dead on Saturday morning and Monday I went back to work. I was an adult tho and wanted to be amongst the living and not at home alone most probably drinking…


I too have thrown myself into work after massive loss.. It was eight hours of not having to deal with incredible pain.. I worked on days off and was fortunate to have a manager who would find chaos for me to sort through… Anything.. I did anything to run from the pain. This very subject has highlighted how people/ loved ones may deal with this rare universal demand to deal with their demons. It made me sob. I’m praying. Earnestly, I’m trying to be the best I can be In  the past there is no doubt I would of chosen… Read more »


That is lovely Ainslie…thanks for sharing.x

Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

So sad 🙁
That whole family have been through so much.




I really enjoy reading this blog and the usually thoughtful/though provoking comments, but seriously, if you think you can read the state of a relationship or get insight into someone’s life/relationships from selected pictures and necessarily slanted articles – you are deluding yourself. I have a photo of me and an ex which constantly elicits comments about “how happy you were together” and “you can see how much he loved you” – all based on the fact that we seem to be genuinely laughing and the way his arm is “protectively” pulling me into him….truth?Up until the photographer asked us… Read more »

The Leo Socialite

I think this is so awful and i do think that the stresses of the time are sending a lot of people over the edge with drugs. Never been more grateful for my sobriety then this last month! Yesh i don’t think people are claiming any insider knowledge here and what you call “pointless and disrespectful” is just people discussing an event that has, for whatever reason touched them. And I have always thought there was something a bit off about Saint Bob. Making your kids go to school the day after their mother your ex has died suddenly is… Read more »


I wonder about St Bob as well, hanging on to Tiger Lily as a way of having power over Michael H. even after he was dead.
Michael was apparently unhappy about not being able to bring her home to Australia to know his family because Paula couldn’t bring the rest of the girls! Bob wouldn’t let it happen.
Yech, if you don’t like this conjecture, skip the article.
There is no malice meant here.


I think you all have a point. I think Bob hanging onto Tiger Lily is a bit weird too, but I dunno, people’s lives are different. I think all of their lives are a bit Neptune-tinged, Bob included. I feel for them. Poor Peaches, she had a lot to deal with but gee, she squeezed a lot into her short lifetime. Sweetpea’s point about her baby’s connections to Paula are interesting. I hope they all get some peace now, or next time around.


you know what? I rethought this and it’s not Neptune for Bob, it’s Uranus, and I checked his chart but before I did I knew it – he has Uranus in the 7th.


AND, it’s at 13º Cancer.


That is poignant Caplyso.

At his age (think it said 64?) he is having a Uranus square Uranus.

Think davidl and me should be lucky that with this Cardinal Cross we also have the Uranus trine Uranus transit.




are you Cap in any way shape

or form btw? lol


Cuz I said so, thats why. Shut the fuq up… 🙂


haha, I read that without pausing 🙂 not really….only Mars in Cap, although I kinda wish I had more of Saturn’s influence.

You’re right – the Uranus trine must be a real blessing right now, bcos yes, I’m getting that the Zaps are coming from that axis of the cross.


it was when I read that thing he said about them all being bonkers as if that was their greatest attribute that I knew it was Uranus.

The way pressures about mothering played out here are really poignant too. I guess you could look at her Moon being inconjunct Pluto.


Yes, inconjuncts are SO hard to reconcile.

Arian Jen

Agree Veronica, there is no malice here. All this stuff is played out in public & we can’t help having our ideas & insights come up when we read about such things. No one is interpreting from one photo Yech – they are trying to put it together from all sorts of reportings. There is also the report from one of the INXS band members just recently, that Michael was about to leave Paula.


I’m kinda with you yesh (odd name that!?) … I just don’t see the point of speculating on this. Sure it’s sad for such a young woman with two babies to die unexpectedly like that … but people die everyday in worse circumstances and via even more depressing means. Although no I don’t see any malice in any of the posts here today …



12th house virgo

Really stunning word choice, right?


It was a strong word.

guess I used a similar one in a comment above.

I had to step away from this site yesterday… It felt like something was brewing…

12th house virgo

I think its funny that you feel you can be disrespected on behalf of celebrity, lecture others about it as if you’re on the high moral ground and (apparently?) miss the fact that you are projecting yourself onto a situation that isn’t about you, or your ex, or the lovely photos you took together.


I CAN imagine what I would have done in Bob’s sitch – and it wouldn’t be make kids go to school the next day,or keep a step child from her paternal grandparents, or call my dead child the “-estest” of all the others – how will they now feel that he thought Peaches was cleverist, brightest, whatevs? yuck again


My first thought was frail. Sad. Echo of Brittany Murphy for some reason.

As for geldof. Post Paula’s death…The kids mother had just died and he sends them to school the next day? Maybe that’s how he wanted to deal with it but it was cruel to have the ‘just carry on’ attitude imposed on his young children.


That’s a bit cold.
He might have been in denial.
But for the children’s sake that was just uncaring.


She mentioned it in recent interviews as a marker of her reaction/ inability to react to grief.
We can all be blinded by grief and children are often shuffled around as an added burden. I can’t say I’d be any better if in the same position but it did affect her for long after.
I don’t think his intention was to be cruel but it was not the best approach for his child at the time.

Jen Scorpio

While I never doubted Bob Geldof’s pain when his wife left him for Michael Hutchence, or the upheaval it caused their (Paula and Bob’s) children, I can’t help but wonder if the way that he dealt with it has helped the pain to ripple down through the generations. He wasn’t very, how can I say it, grown-up about it (clumsy expression I know). From my perspective (and I will defer to anyone else’s superior knowledge) he seemed to cultivate his bitterness through it all. And I know how difficult infidelity can be, I have been on the receiving end of… Read more »


I agree- I remember thinking he was too controlling and possessive and possibly abusive jerk.
When someone wants to divorce you just let them go.


+1 – very true

Arian Jen

Yes, that really resonates Jen Scorpio. I had the same intuition about Bob – he sent his children to school the day after their mothers’ (Paula) death…because he felt that they should just get on with it. Probably that is how he dealt with the early demise of his own mother (he was 7). He will have to truly feel it now – life has come full circle unfortunately.


Watch the media latch onto the O.T.O. and Themelic Connections. It’s already happening.

Hathors Horns

Everybody loves a witch hunt. Here they come with their pitchforks!


Very very sad. So young, and her children are just babies, so young to lose their mother. 🙁

So many people taking their leave lately….. I guess that is one outcome of these big changes and shifts with the current astro… has been the final big change for some folks…. and for those who had a very long and full life, well, good for them then, to move on to the next world …..but for others lately, it’s just been tragic, lives cut short and so sudden…

Happy cappy f

That’s a lot of Pisces – like a walking talking ocean.

Hathors Horns

So much weird juju surrounding this woman. Agreed, drugs and ritual DO NOT go together. Add Crowley and a tormented mother-ghost into the mix and one wonders whether poor Peaches was scared to death by this so called “benevolent” spirit who perhaps wanted her babies for herself. Yikes – it gives me the creeps too. That house ought to be pulled down or at least some heavy duty clearing performed. That family could also use a serious jinx-clearing.

Hathors Horns

God my imagination definitely ran away with me there. Whatever the reason was I pray for her and for her grieving family. What a nightmare 🙁


Wow….I read about this earlier and my first thought was that creepy photo of the hand in some trashy magazine I read in the bath a couple months ago. With all that Pisces, i’d agree that it sounds llike a wierd drug/alcohol/spirts mix that didn’t go well. My husband died of terminal cancer that we found out about 2 months before he died. He was in such good shape before we found out that he had climbed half dome in Yosemite in March and died in June. We also had some weird stuff happen at our house right before this.… Read more »


While her early death is very tragic, I seriously doubt her membership to the O.T.O killed her. I know many Thelmites, all good people.


Thelema on the whole has become what Crowley would’ve despised. A semi corparate fundamental religious org.
The only Thelemites I know advancing on the foundation are the Horus/Maat Lodge.


I am devastated. Such a tragic loss.


A picture show the ‘ghost hand’ on her neck. It WAS a small hand, a child’s hand that COULD have been her sons. Didn’t look ghostly to me.
So sad, those beautiful soulful Piscean eyes. What devastation for her sisters.
Am truly shocked.
My thought was an H-overdose, taking just a titch, just once, for a mental holiday from it all and accidentally ended in a permanent holiday from it all.
Where was hubby i wonder?


haunted, certainly. but maybe not so much literally. her hub doesn’t give me good vibes in the pics I saw of them together. he is working the camera, she is often leaning to him or reaching around him. I don’t think her time as a mum and a wife were as healthy as her teenage years. as wild as she was, she seemed to have a confidence in herself/ her body etc that really shone through. but since she paired with that fellow, she shrunk visibly. I’m not saying he did that – but maybe the pairing itself or just… Read more »


I remember the Selby feature about Peaches and she is a different girl then.
Yes, the hubby freaked me.
Practical Magic used to be big in the music industry London away back so probably more intense now.
This whole Tragedy has a spooky theme to it, especially the posting of Mother & Child the day before.


yes so very very sad – I agree about marrying in the same church *yucky* but what gets me, is the huge presence of Bob in the wedding photos!! he’s looming in and symbolically, at least, not to mention all the stories, suggests a total control freak around his kids. yuck. My mother lost both parents by age 11 too, and she never recovered from this. Makes one wonder about people in worn torn countries and the indigenous communities, with generations of systemic loss.


I reckon that hand could easily be adult. Certainly doesn’t belong to the child in the image. Look at the distance between the knuckles. The size doesn’t suit the child and the structure of the fingers isn’t probably chubby enough actually. It just looks a little disconnected with where the rest of the body would be even if not all in the frame. I had that book many years ago. I had a few of his and various other books in a collection that went missing. All boxed ready for a move and everything else got from house A to… Read more »


I agree with your ouija board theory. There are tests and the choice to stay or go seems to be pretty common. I wasn’t given it, but I have friends who were. I’m not sure that I agree with the “don’t mix drugs and magick” thing, but I absolutely agree that it’s not something to be played with (since there is no “dabbling,” actually) when one has babies. No no no.
So tragic. I’m having a hard time sitting with this- it hits really close to home. Poooooor beebies. 🙁


I think I understand what you mean. I guess there are ways… and there are ways and I definitely take the view that there are no absolutes in anything but yeah, that’s my view. Maybe for some things or some people it’s fine. I’m not sitting here etching the stone tablet of law on it all 🙂 Most drugs diminish or distort ability to discern in general as well as open someone up more than they’d typically be aware of and can reduce natural intuition and instinct but can create an illusion of enhancing it. I’m not saying they don’t… Read more »

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