Their Marriage Felt So Pluto In Sagittarius

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Daria Werbowy Black and White portrait

Their marriage now felt SO Pluto in Sagittarius that it was ridiculous, he reflected.

Looking back, he realized that everything about their rapport had shifted with Pluto into Capricorn in January 2008. The collapse of the Lehmann Brothers had been when she began to fake her orgasms.

That did not concern him so much as the ostentation with which she performed her nightly charade. He felt mocked. His Mars in Taurus craved sincerity.  Plausibility even. Never mind the balance sheets and the meth.

Who needed a wife with a libido so hot-wired into Wall Street and a demoted planet?  Not him.

Anyway the trust between them was as fuqed as their trust fund.

She didn’t believe him that his two weeks in Vegas had been for a Silence Retreat.  And he certainly did not believe that her cloning experiments were purely for personal gratification.

There was definitely something darker afoot. He was never ever getting married on an Eclipse again. In fact, he would wait until Pluto was in Aquarius.


Image; Steven Meisel – Vogue Italia – Daria Werbowy

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22 thoughts on “Their Marriage Felt So Pluto In Sagittarius

  1. Why’d that happen to me? No trust fund. No clones. A trip to Morocco and death in the family and my marriage was over. Technically, not until March 2009, but it ended the summer of 08. I’ll never forget him meeting us in Rabat, standing on the balcony, him telling me I was an idiot for not speaking French; and me responding to him, calmly, in fluent French…the look on his face was priceless, like I was a devil woman speaking in tongues. Game over. Our Marriage was very Pluto in Saggo apparently. Met in 96, married in 98, done by 09.

    • Why’s my gravatar not working? As a user experience designer, I have little to no tolerance for working with interfaces.

    • I felt my marriage slip away or was it pushed, in 08 too. I met and moved in in 98, was married 01 and walked away end of 08. I married for the security of him not for the man. So this post is so apt. Very Pluto in Cap. But when I met him I knew I would leave. Just didn’t know when. Wasn’t so up on the astro then.

        • I remember thinking the divorce would go badly….which is why I avoided it for so long!

          but still, was in by end 96, out by end 08 – spot on! Pluto in Marriage, I mean Sagg (apt, as in SN post I said his Pluto is on my SN and he still wants to destroy me).

          Anyhoo! NIce to know that era is DONE.

          • Real end of an era stuff. Previous husband was a cappi and that ended in 97 from 83 so I will have to go look that one up.

            • lol, that would be the Pluto in Scorpio marriage! so if the P in Sagg marriage was for security, what was the P in Scorp one? and does is sagg on your security axis?

              • scorpio is 8th for me and boy did he take me for everything!!! I just gave and gave. My MC is saggi so maybe I just had to go there with the second. I’m waiting for the main man and me to tie up and expect that to be in end of cap where he has his venus and into aqua which is his sun sign. He’s having a big pluto thang happening right now and it’s going over an over his pile up at 9, 10, 11 cap. But it’s all really good deep transforming just now.

  2. Her clone was trying to reason with her….

    “There’ll be other clones….but right now, it’s either me or him”…

  3. My marriage – classic Uranus in the house of Love……meet in 2008! Got married 2009 – was already seeing the changed landscape. Left in January 2012 – Mars in Virgo packed my bags for me.


    Met scorpio hubby in dec 94, moved in july 95. We were together till feb 09. But dec 07 or so told him I was taking our marriage one day at a time.

  5. It’s a tough one to call but this is my favourite astro gaga yet.

    balance sheets and meth? Did you interview my ex husband for this?

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