Lady Gaga Does Stevie Nicks

Lady Gaga Inez and Vinoodh

This is the latest incarnation of uber Aries Lady Gaga, styled totally like Stevie Nicks, the slinky Gemini of Fleetwood Mac fame. It must be bloody annoying trying to have someone reincarnate as you when you’re still alive but you know, Aries.

i can see this working as a Madonna in her hey-day “totally reinvent every Saturn cycle” stunt.  That’s every two and a half years. Lady Gaga will turn haute hippie – next thing she will be Feng Shuing her vagina, covering some ancient hit of Fleetwood Macs and reeking of Nag Champa.

Amusingly, her and Stevie Nicks have some strong astrological synastry:  Gaga’s Lilith is on Stevie’s North Node. Her Gemini Ascendent is on Stevie’s Mercury Uranus combo.  THAT is how she is able to channel this schizz.

They are both big Fire-Air blends of chutzpah grounded by super-strength Earth Mars.

Gaga’s Midheaven is on Stevie’s Lilith in Pisces.  There is more. This is just the beginning.

Do they actually talk in real life?  Or is Lady Gaga going to channel off an essence?

Stevie Nicks was New Age way before it went mainstream  – she was smudging the stage, banging on about witches and calling in emergency Shamans ahead of the herd.  I want to see a collaboration – circles of salt – invocations to Lilith or Hecate – Pussy Riot involvement, the whole damn deal.



Stevie Nicks in shawl young

Top Image: Inez & Vinoodh
Bottom Image: Hulton Archive – Getty Images

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What’s also cool is they both have the same original first name: Stephanie! Or Stefani in Lady Gaga’s case.


not even close. Stevie is La Belle Gaga Le Bette.

Patti/Skyler Rosey

Gaga has always been a copy cat. She may be original in her costumes but she cant hold a candle to Stevie Nicks.

I cant stand copy cats :/


Lady Gaga = yawn


Yep.. I hear you!!!! 😀


Oh wow, what a great post!


gaga’s next gig in the looney bin


Yes Mystic, there is much more. One is encouraged to take a peek at the astro, hmm? It’s pretty fascinating when you look at the synastry between their charts and that they are both in the ZZ. The relevant (currently age wise that is…gaga…to the previous oh so relevant Stevie Nicks). Stevie’s Cap MC and Cap Moon in the ZZ… a sort revitilization or nod to her career by the younger “imitation is the highest form of flattery” person…gaga… Yeah, perhaps it would have been more polite if SN was dead..but heck, Aries says why wait? 🙂 Give credit where… Read more »


I say this is terms of the fact that culture followtrends set by muscians, actors/actresses, whomever. Those same muscians/actors follow others as well. So easy to bash when one hasn’t even done the astrology…And I’m not just saying this because Gaga is an Aries. It’s an ongoing theme here and one I’m tired of quite frankly. Really people do some homework now and then. You will never really learn astrology and just end up an opinionated idiot.


Hello and congrats on your new grand daughter. I took care above not to flame LGG she is not my personal taste. Live and let live. It was hotly noted by my former (older) astro mentor years ago exactly who LGG was copying, notably Grace Jones. I looked myself, found pics, etc.. highlighting same. (again, I did not link here out of kindness) I have read Stevie posts here previously, probably commented because I like her vibe, and yes her lyrics speak to me – guessing the link Mystic provided is in text is the post of her and karate… Read more »


I seek to stay impartial and with the astrology like I did with the Librans KK and G . Paltrow stream and many various other signs. There is obviously reasons why people are the way they are and that is the point of astrology, isn’t it? This time in particular the comparison to Stevie Nicks. I actuallly don’t follow LGG even tho I’ve liked some of her songs and I did her astrology here a long time ago. Meanwhile, I’ve known nothing of Grace Jones, Donetella, etc. My astrology interests and needs are obviously not in sync here. Thank you… Read more »


You are welcome, glad you have another to love. I referenced a bit of quick astro in relation to my specific comment above, but did not go into their synastry as I was on my way to the doctor, and it requires more than a cursory glance. I understand the point of astrology quite well, thank you. I am fully aware of the learning potential inherent in comparing two charts. Who LGG is or is not influenced by is just not on my personal radar today. Mystics post re: Waylon Jennings sent me into a fit of outlaw synastry many… Read more »


Just realized what day it is.
You know I love you right ?
Hope your day is/was beautiful, x


Think miki’s post below is pretty hilarious after all that…

“gaga’s next gig in looney bin”

Thanks for hanging in there w/me while I had a zz “fit” I know you don’t even post here very often anymore and have your own extensive site with astrology and tarot. Wasn’t really just at you…I read the whole thread. .I mean I didn’t really register your name without the Moon part…the face looked vaguely familiar…

Anyway, thanks for the other well wish. Love you too. xo


Hey we’re all getting zapped some way or another. We’re cool. I’d show up on Jesus Mt in a heartbeat w/a fresh cuppa and open ears if ya needed. Mine today was when x-ray lady handed me the lead vest, asked me if I was pregnant. BwhaaHhaaaHhaaa NO. Honey I’m double digit single, ain’t no fooking way I’m pregnant. She says you oughtta see the faces on the 12 yr olds I have to ask ! eww cooties ! We laughed, then later… Pity ? Party of One ? Your table is ready. ZZ in 1st 7th yee haw !… Read more »


Aw, Jesus Mt., you have a good memory Ms. Virgo with Sun-Uranus and Pluto conjunct on the MC…right? X-ray…..Hope you are okay? Yeah sometimes I wonder if I would give another relationship a go but after ten years single, just don’t feel ready…lol ZZ on 1st/7th…Cap Rising if I recall? “Party of One”…tell me they didn’t call that out! But then you can just swish your tail as you walk by as if “ha, see I don’t need anyone…so there…” 🙂 (tho maybe like me that is not always true…) But hope the xray thing is okay? I’m prying just… Read more »


You get A ++ all correct. Ankle probs w Saturn transit over natal Neptune in 11.(Aquarius, ankles)
Persistent sprain ?

Will find out soon. Thanks for asking.

Rather be single than with the wrong dude. Ego took a hit, but hearts ok. Brain though, all kinda jingle up there, it’s a toss up ! haaa


Persistant sprain…ouchie…Hope it’s not serious.

Ha, as far as the brain as opposed to the heart, Aries dad (recently 81), said he had some tests done and they said his brain was shrinking…

😯 May be an Aries thing huh? lol


she does have that Gem ASC!

Liked both your analyses, and Sweetpea, thanks for making those comments about Landslide which has been a meaningful song for me for many years.


Thank you. Afterthought, Saturn in Sag square Jupiter seeks to understand/achieve by exploration of those who came before.


That is a sweet thing she sings in there, isn’t it and a great song.


sure is – and a happy solar return sweetpea 🙂


Happy birthday, Sweetpea. I learn so much from you. Thank you xxx


Thanks guys. Office part today (Wed, U.S time) even tho it was yesterday. Pisces doc and all are so good to me and well, we to each other really. The pass-agg Aqua/Mn in Gemini/Mars in Aries….her Mars is bang in the ZZ…is having her meeting with the doc last this week. Scorp Sun/Saturn in 12th/Leo Moon/Sagg rising..haha…of course I did all of their astrology…had her meeting Tues and guess doc was ~pissed~ (Aries Mercury in the ZZ) at some of the things he found out. Just stuff we have been putting up with for years and so he’s heard alot… Read more »


To expand just a moment am actually dealing with very deep issues about self worth etc., with this ZZ and all it entails. Yeah, I go on at times but that is only Mars/Asc in Gemini…and the April Fool… ~Who would you like me to be?~ Good question…But right now I am working on the voice that says “be what you want to be”.. And it’s hard and scary to take it up that notch. I apologize to anyone I have offended lately. I’ve been playing out a bit and being a zz brat. But hey, whats not to love?… Read more »


Funny how the “born this way” philosophy she speaks of is displayed by constantly emulating others….madonna, donatella etc. Now Stevie? HA She is always out to play dress up in someone else’s drag! Yeah, baby she was born this way!


Grace Jones esp.


I didnt want to say Grace’s name in vain! haha

As grace herself said regarding lady G ” oh honey, i dont have time for imitations!

Electric Eel Libran

this is a step up from the meat dress.


Meh, she’s running out of ideas.

Doesn’t even look like GG. Think she’s had surgery.


Once again she copies Madonna who was Stevie like back in the late 90s.

I guess there’s room for multiple expressions of icons.


Stevie Nicks is my ultimate. Gaga not so much. I quite like the styling for this shoot, Gaga looks good this way but musically I’m with pi, NO.


it’s like mixing, I don’t know, Brahms into dubstep. you could only achieve some kind of hideous facsimile that mines the original for its own soulless benefit. there are two different machines at work a la maison Gaga vs maison Nicks. GETTING THE SAME HAIRCUT AND WEARING COTTON MUSLIN AND LACE DOES NOT PUT YOU ON THE SAME STAGE clearly I feel very strongly about this ok.

I reserve the right to change my opinion, but …..nngghhhh sheesh it will have to be good.


but by golly we love our blonde, mellow, hippy types don’t we. what is that? are there any anthropologists who can shed light?

Scorporation, Inc.

I minored in Cultural Anthropology. My guess is the image of the Angel (good) Archetype that has been passed thru Euro generations? Fair & blonde. We’ve all seen the pics for generations. IC collective unconscious stuff (astro-Jung-anthropology piab interpretation).


hey, that’s a good point. angel = glowing, benevolent, ever-loving.
i’d love to know if there’s an equivalent in other histories. north or south asia, the caucasus (I suppose they had the orthodix religions quite a bit?), as in is there a cultural archetype that is perennially cool or ‘aspirational’? not nec in a material way.


Quan Yin, Lakshmi


ah yes..


Lakshmi is more about “commerce”


An honorary anthropoly degree to all w/ a planet in Kataka–LOL

My gal Stevie has Venus in Kataka–like me–we rock the poncho…LG can’t touch that. 🙂










With you on this Pi
there is only one SN
there is only one LGG




Oh my gawd – no. From the sublime to the cor blimey.


Hmmm, same sun and asc. Till my Saturn return at 29 I’m not sure if I’d ever stopped once to ask myself if what I was doing was right or wrong or where it would lead me. A total confidence of purpose… To win by my own power ! Couple that with absolutely no reflection and you have let’s call it ‘slice’. That got me places, but when I got to these highly sort places I was less than satisfied. During my Saturn return in cap, I left it all behind and renounced everything I had and had done and… Read more »


that’s the total opposite of me (not that this is about me lol). It’s interesting to read about other people’s mindsets in youth. I mean I’m sure I was as callow and self centred a teen as anyone. Although I wrote out my career / life goals at 15, along the lines of championing womens rights, helping to make their lives better, and probably something about the environment. I’m sure I kept that piece of paper somewhere. It was a pretty heartfelt life goal. Not really in that realm at the moment but life moves in mysterious ways.


aha, but this “The prize was finding me and I had to start from scratch.”
I’ve had a bunch of this as saturn’s transited the base of my chart. hmmm interesting.


And an appearance by femen ?


Femen are fake feminists. The group was formed by a nasty Svengali type of guy who treats them like shit…very twisted indeed.


Did not know this… Warrants further investigation. Google time!


Loved Stevie in this years American Horror Story: Coven – playing herself as a bonafied witch!


and weirdly enough I dreampt about Gaga a couple nights back – there was this HUGE effigy of her towering on stage (like she was on stilts) she wore all black and gave birth to herself on stage – the real Gaga being birthed from the effigies vagina. Lots of blood and slime and very Performance Arty.


Stevie is amazing, soOoo High Priestess.
Totally dig her vibe when she gets into it – raises gooseflesh every time. eg. acappella Wild Heart rehearsal


Yes, this a million times! I love that video — I could watch it over and over again.


Me too – she shines, radiant in that vid ! Gypsy, Storms, Crystal, I just love and love. Stevie is a true original. She is mesmerizing onstage – pours her heart right out in her voice, her face, her moves, clothes, boots, aura – everything.
I remember as a young girl I was trying to find the (out of print) Buckingham Nicks lp in Illinois to no avail, when it turned up in a second hand bin in Colorado – I was beyond thrilled ! Venus/Jupes Leo/Colorado, squares my biggie Neptuner in 11.

Lux etc

oooh. Yes, a collaboration would be awesome.

Will she have to change her name to Lady Woo Woo?

Nush Ciel

Nah, just “Desperate”

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