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If you’re doing magical consciousness, it is a really good idea to note which star at night seems to be sort of winking at you. You know when you’re walking around of an evening or lying in bed at night gazing out at stars and a particular light in the sky captures your attention? THAT is the star you should be looking into more. It happened to be a few weeks ago with Betelgeuse.

But we all spend so much time on our computers, it’s so easy to become adept at looking at astro via our charts on screen but to lose touch with the night sky.  My knowledge of constellations is not exactly crash hot. Enter the Taurus Film Dude with the suggestion of the Night Skies II App.

Yes, i know it is still a screen BUT it pings off  your location and identifies the stars above you. You don’t need to use the app for every single star, you can just get  your bearings from it. For instance, right now Jupiter is on the Dog Star Sirus. The Sun and Mercury are close together.  Where i live, i have Vega shining straight into my kitchen at night – frankly, i only know it is Vega because of this app. It’s also hot on the planet-most-likely-to-host-intelligent-life btw.

You can also search stars/planets on it and the app directs you where they are. Obviously, if you can’t see them from where you are, it sort of points off screen. This thing enhances magical consciousness and adds an extra dimension to everything (in ancient occult lore, stars are intelligent beings and via the law of correspondences, they connect to everything, every element, every plant, every organ of the body, every us) and so thank you Taurus Film Dude and people, give it a go.

If you feel drawn to a particular light in the sky, identify it and research its ancient metaphysical and mythological significance.

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25 thoughts on “Genius Star Gazing App

  1. Looks like an awesome app def going to get it !!

    I have been using iphemeris…it has a sky now button with many of the asteroids. It’s a moving astrology clock..I Luv it…
    I love reading your posts on FB
    Thank you for Wisdom and insight
    Makes understanding the Human predicament easier when you know when a zap zone is coming…thanks for keeping all us conscious of the things that most people are ignorant of.

  2. I will put in a plug for Distant Suns Lite. It’s free. I got it when it was titled “Comet Watch” and it was specially programmed to track Comet ISON. I particularly enjoy the Augmented Reality feature, you can hold it up to the sky, move it around, and it will show you the constellations, planets, etc.

    Also keep an eye out for special discounts. I got Sky Safari for free during a 1 week special deal. Now they have versions costing up to $40.

  3. Aww the crab and I spent all summer lying in fields with a blanket and bottle of wine and this app. Sniff sniff sniff!! Ok I’ll stfu about him. It is exquisite. I have a couple free versions, but they don’t remotely compare.

  4. Awesome! I’ve been using this other app called Star Map and it’s very weird because they call Cancer – Crab, Aries – Ram and Pisces- The Fishes. It’s like whoever designed it was anti-astrology. I’m excited to get this new one 🙂

  5. If you use android, like I do, the constellation app to use is “google sky map”. It’s a collaboration between google and android. I love both astrology and astronomy. That said, it’s always interesting to note that real time planets in constellations are not the same as astrological ones. I think Mystic mentioned this before or something. Good to know what the constellations look like because I’m interested in sky lore or stories about constellations.

    • Was wondering there was something similar for the android peeps but I didn’t have time to look – cheers for this!

      • Yeh me too, have android phone….. never had a Iphone or pad….. still way to expensive and they upgrade every year…….
        Thanks for the info

  6. OK. This is for everyone, but I’m addressing DT’s question about Time Passages app.

    Time Passages: I use the Time Passages app all the time. The astro interps read like Robert Hand, which is good for new PIABs. Love it especially if I’m casting a horary question (a system I’m still learning and LOVE). I don’t remember what I paid for it, but it *certainly* wasn’t $40. It may be a different version you are looking at. The drawback with my version is they want me to pay .99 for every chart I want to save, etc. No dice, dude.

    iPhemeris: If I want to keep birth charts and track transits from my phone, this is what I use. Cost me $10 and I think it’s worth the price because it includes a big ephemeris DB and lots and lots of additional tools perhaps only useful to serious students and professional astrologers. Downside: the graphics are small, a sacrifice you make to get so much information in a small screen. Probably looks better on an iPad.

    Magikal Clock: Great if you need to look up Planetary Hours on the fly. BIG drawback is the reminder function still does not work. But super easy to read and use, and graphics not naff.

    Sky Guide: cool app for stargazing! My daughter loves to look at it at bedtime because is has a mellow (optional) soundtrack to go with it. Probably not as many bells and whistles as above, but it’s really beautifully done.

    Will definitely check out Night Sky 2. LOVE this new universe of innovation and discovery. 🙂

    • Yah – there is a free version, but you have to pay for every teensy thing on it, instead.

      I *can* just use Astrodienst and Cafe Astrology…. but an app would be kind of neat-o….

      I use Star Walk for actual star gazing. Love the trippy music 😀

      • Yeah, I got the free iPhone Time Passages. It is irritating how it charges you for every little thing. So it’s mostly useful for checking your own aspects, that’s always free. I once hit the wrong button and it charged me 99 cents so I contacted Apple and demanded a chargeback. I got it.

        I use the Mac app of Time Passages, it is a really good piece of software. The interpretations in the Mac app are the same as the iPhone version.

  7. One has to know where one stands in the universe. There is nothing more grounding and exhilarating for me than to be very still and lie under the universe and just breath it all in. Preferably when I’m floating in the spa!!.
    It’s nice to be able to see a constellation and think -Hey that’s where I’m from!
    There is a twinkly bugger to my south that has me stumped though!!

  8. Mystic, you are seriously psychic. This is not the first time you’ve done this. What I mean by that is a lot of times I will be drawn to a particular subject or start doing a practice etc… and then you will write about it on your blog or something. Just started doing this practice and noting that Jupiter and the red orb in the sky (Mars) were really calling to me. It actually got me going so much with the app that you cam search how the night sky looked when you were born or any date of desired time travel for that matter. I found that the sun was in Virgo( I’m a Libra Sun western astro) most of my Scorpio planets were actually in Libra. So this of course led me to Vedic Astro and down that rabbit hole. Turns out one of my patients is a Vedic Astrologer and sent me and chart and reading with all my nakshatras etc, sooo spiritual/karmic btw. My point is: drum roll please……That even though all my planets are placed in different signs in the different symptoms what I know to be themes in my chart from both systems are the same just being said in different languages. The Vedas don’t really consider the planets that much actually. The most important part of their readings are the Asc. and moon. Turns out I’m Saggo Rising( my Jupiter ) fixation lately, with Aries moon in the 5th house! So amazing how everything is connected. I love the western system of astrology, i mean LOVE. It was very interesting to see what a little sky gazing brought me too.

    • So sorry for all the typos above. Just saw them all. I was so excited to share that my little fingers were all over my little phone keypad. Good luck sorting thru that.

    • I am beginning to think that Mystic is the head while we are her little snakes – our thoughts worm their way into reality through the web converging here on the face of her page. 🙂

  9. And while we’re doing star-y apps – any recommendations for an Astrology app ? There are a couple out there that I like the look of – Astro Gold and Time Passages, but they’re $40 !!!!!!!!!



    Which is an INSANE amount of money for an app. Damn things should make me coffee in the mornings for that !

      • I have one called Astrolgo, I think was about $15 and it seems to work ok for me.
        I also have an astronomy app called Sky Walk which sounds like the one Mystic is taking about. Not sure how it compares price wise but it’s bloody awesome!!! Was out in the bush last weekend with no reception and it still worked. The stars were incredible 🙂

  10. I love this app. It’s beautiful and technically brilliant ! For a few bucks it’s one of those products that offers a priceless service. Cause it’s sorta 4th dimensional you can use it anywhere at any time and be transported into the cosmos. I sit in bed some nights and look at planets moving on the horizon in the northern hemisphere. You can also identify satellites and reference their names etc.
    This is a powerful tool that extends the view for normal planetary citizens and embodies everything that technology promised it was about from the beginning.

    • Ha ha i love it, from porn star to sky star. this is why i keep coming back.

      i got the app and rushed outside, hoping for a mystical star encounter but guess which star i found first right above my house?

      SATURN. Shudder. But i did identify it as being near Antares which according to Wikipedia is also a Serpent Goddess Serkhet in ancient egypt.


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