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“A proverb from India states that each of us is a house with four rooms – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual – but unless we go into every room every day, we are not complete. The elements are powerful tools for entering these inner rooms.


Throughout history, the elements have been associated with natural balance and wholeness. Ancient people knew that within each element were patterns of energy that permeated the universe. They used this understanding to develop cosmological models to create a sense of harmony in their lives.


From Native Americans to ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Mayans, Aztecs, Persians, Celts and Hindus, the mysterious panorama of nature has been divided into separate parts that are designated by the four elements. Egyptian sages fervently believed that reflecting upon the four elements preceded a profound understanding of life.


In the mystery schools of Mesopotamia, initiates underwent rigorous rites of Air, Water, Fire and Earth to test particular aspects of their natures. Hippocrates, honored as the father of medicine, declared that a patient’s health depended upon a balance of the four elements. And the great Sufi poet, Rumi, wrote that the four elements were the foundation of life and had a profound effect on the human spirit. ”

Denise Linn – Soul Coaching

Denise Linn is pretty much the only “new age guru” type person that i rate. Her personal story is profound and compelling – if you’re in the mood for a self-enrichment reading jag, she is amazing.

The four elements ARE fascinating and having a basic awareness of your Elemental balance in astrology is a fabulous tool – you can check it out on the Astrodienst charts – it shows up in the bottom right.  A screenshot of mine is below, so you can see what i mean.

It’s really epic to note when an Outer Planet (ie: Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus – they spend longer in one sign than the others) is in an element you’re missing OR one of your key points progresses into an element you are low in.  I have relatively low Fire but my Moon is currently progressed into Leo and i can feel the extra vim.

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 2.31.26 PM

In Chinese Philosophy & astrology, there are five elements; Fire, Earth, Metal, Wood and Water. And likewise, the idea is balance, adding in what you need.


Image: Will Bendall

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Earth and Water signs do it for me. Fire and Air women are TOO pretty; they have scared me in the past. E & W have a more compassionate and patient outlook. Plus they are cute. Shoot me for sayn but its true! 4water 4earth + water asc


I am working heavily with elementals at the moment. The really interesting part is when two or more elements interact. Two elements can be friendly, neutral, or “enemies” (that wasn’t my choice of terms but it seems to work). For example, Fire and Water are enemies and will neutralize each other. Earth and Water are friendly, but passive elements so they diminish each others’ influence. I mostly do this with tarot cards, I don’t know much about applying this to astrology. In fact, that’s why I started to study astrology, for application to tarot. All cards have a “dignity” that… Read more »


Oops, edit error: Earth and Water are friendly but passive so they do NOT ENHANCE each other’s influence.

Fives scorps and a saggi ascendant

Okay , so maybe I’ve had too many wines tonight but what does the c f and m in the table stand for? And while we’re at it can someone explain the other table on the astro page….. Be ever so grateful! Up til now been too sober to admit it made no sense….

cosmic fleece

C, F, M answered just above your comment. The little box has the planets and what degrees they are at up in the sky, the green icons are the earth signs, yellow the air, red the fire and blue water. (So for instance, if you happen to be heavily Water and are feeling stuck or stagnant and happen to notice in the box that there is not much blue you can breath a sign of relief thinking ”It aint me babe” its the universe and all will be well when we get some more plnetary movement back into water signs)… Read more »

Five scorps and a saggi ascendant

In the sober light of day that makes complete sense. Thanks Cosmic!

Virgo Ellie

Holy Moly.. I learn something new every day here on Mystic’s site. That table is listed in the Astro.com chart. I never knew that. I have a lot of planets in water. So, does that mean I am better with people who have a lot planets in water or the opposite because the ones that don’t have a lot of planets in water need my energy?

Virgo Ellie

PS: What does the C/F/M at the top of the table mean?


Cardinal – Aries, Libra, Cap, Cancer
Fixed – Scorp Leo Aqua, Toro
Mutable – Pisces, Saggo, Virgo, Gemini

Virgo Ellie

Thank you! 🙂


probably that you are more watery than you realise. feelings might take priority, more or less.
I have a lot of fire in my chart. mostly aries. useful to remember sometimes.


Love this post Mystic. I use the elements to gauge workplace relations.

My current team is headed by a bunch of air (all geminis) and fire while the support team are all earth signs. The department next to mine are water signs, once again supported by earth signs. I don’t know how they can hire so many tauros. Well, we work in a bookshop.

My previous work place had 4 fire signs, bosses were water signs, so much politics. Usually the fire/water are at opposites or different camps with support staff being strangely earth again.

Virgo Ellie

What an interesting way to gage work place relationships. Replace this with the DiSC, Myers Briggs personality profiles! I would enjoy that so much!


5 Air (Moon in Gemini; Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Libra), 4 Fire (Sun, Neptune and MC in Sag; Node in Leo), 3 Water (Mercury and Uranus in Scorpio; Asc in Pisces); then the two weird outliers Chiron in Taurus and Mars in Cap. I can never figure out if the Mars in Capricorn is my saving, grounding grace or the wrench in the works. I do like to date earth sign men, mostly Taurus — my family has this long bizarre legacy of Sag/Taurus couples and it feels like home, albeit a dysfunctional home at times. Cancer guys… Read more »


I have a spread scope, planet in each house if you include aqua Chiron which is my 8th . 4 of each element. Sometimes I feel like the space between the dots. Maybe a fence sitter in some ways ? I have studied the iching for 35 years now and it’s ability to explain the relevance of the elements to our lives is unsurpassed in my opinion. The elements remind us of past lessons, guide us through the present and give us clues to the future. In balance within us, like water, we find our own level, our true constitutional… Read more »


Sounds like you are well balanced elemental wise…

With the “splash” chart, a Jack of all Trades, A Man of Many Seasons…

Hey Davey, just poppin’ by..I have to necessarily observe things right now as in transition (don’t touch me for I have not yet gone to The Father 🙂 ) but wanted to lend this ZZ support…

Uranus I Aries? I Beg your pardon… 🙂

What is that movie where Aries Kate Hudson is dating Scorp Matthew Mc and she says

“baby boo-boo…Baby boo-boo-boo”




And has anyone thought what might happen without Aries with Uranus to guide in this time? As far as realizim…being real, not deluded, etc…

No promises…but if you should fall…

Aries doesn’t really know a dark Moon…We may be quiet in that interim, but ultimately lead you out of it, for that is our destiny…you see…

Making some sense, where’s theres no sense at all…

But if you should fall…

Break every word, begin it all again…

Heaven sends you….




Thanks sweets x
I love Iva too. When I was in my studio business the first clip we made was with Iva. Guess which song ? Around 1985 ?
He’s a lovely man. I don’t think he ever got the recognition he deserved in those days. Though Great Southern Land was recognized in Australia’s millennium celebrations as the song that describes this land of Oz so perfectly.
Uranus is in the driving seat, yep. It won’t be denied this time.


Whoa, super cool…I googled it as hadn’t connected what you said. 😯

Yeah, Uranus isn’t makin’ no promises right noweh? But I love it and feel more free than in like, forever x


Figure that peeps who are havin’ a hissy with Mars Rx right now, just weren’t sure what to do with Mars in the first place…


And that is my sense of humor people and if you don’t….


Actually it was ~Benny~ Boo Boo…

Benny Boo Boo Boo…

moved on

Hmmm. I little bit askew but which of the elements match the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual do you think? I find this incredibly intriguing. I always learn something when visiting this blog site.


mental – air
emotional – water
physical – earth
spiritual – fire

Virgo Ellie

Thank you for this!! xo!


ha! yes indeed … my past two bofriends were Double Toro and The Cap (who has Toro Asc) … sitting next to them was like a great big lavender infused valium. :mrgreen:


Yep – I vast amounts of Fire, small amounts of Water and Earth, just one Air (ascendant). My partner has lots of Air. So much Fire is good in times where I need to be motivated but ultimately is exhausting. Need Air to disperse and think clearly.


I’m so watery it’s ridiculous. I do have a couple of earths and fire but only Venus hangs out in air. And of course I love love love the airy types. Talk to me and stimulate my brain and imagination and I’m yours. Main man is air sun of course but has vast amounts in earth. I’m seeping in through the cracks.


Love love love the picture Mystic. I can almost smell the water.
I’ve only one planet in water but it’s the one thing that I always find properly restorative, whether in it for a swim or walking beside it. Glad to be living on an island where you’re never more than about 70 miles from the sea.


I just made this comment on another facebook thread. Weird. I only have Chiron in Taurus, and mostly have planets in water. But I love to be around the ocean the most and I also prefer males with sun signs in water as well. Weird. Why don’t I love being in the country I wonder. I actually hate it.


7 planets in earth…mid heaven and mars in air (yup, I’m a writer) and Chiron and neptune in water. I’ve had mostly air and fire friends but, no surprise there, almost all water boyfriends. Yup, love me my water boys. Though my fire — Neptune and Venus in fire mean bf’s are always a tad surprised by how I am vs how I seem — can be a problem…


Hey Bea, we’re pretty similar – I, too, have a midheaven and Mars in Air, and am also a writer. My Virgo moon likes my writing to be perfectly structured and grammatically correct. 🙂

I also agree with lots of air and fire friends, but all my boyfriends – yes, all and hubby too – have been water. They’ve all been equally mystified at how quickly I think (almost all air) and I’ve been mystified at how deeply they feel. 🙂


Oooh this is an interesting astro topic. My only planet in fire is venus, really low on fire. On top of that its terribly terribly aspected and all beat up. And on top of that, using Jeremy Neal’s technique to find how strong each planet is, venus is my weakest by far, even in the negative(which is a really big deal apparently). Otherwise I am all water and air, a weird mix, and technically low on earth too, only have uranus-neptune in earth and those are outer planets, better then nothing I’m sure. So yah, definitely true to me, really… Read more »


so really good at thinking and digging deep, but then there is this other side, this aries 8th house thing yelling OH MY GOD JUST GET IN THERE AND AAGHGGHHAH. And its supposed to be venus, love and socializing and charming people and I just have this super intense stuff I have to work through within that, its kind of funny even.


I’ve pulled up my graph.

Heavy on the Air. Not bad on Fire, but having a hard time accessing it, maybe because the sign/house the majority is in is intercepted.

I’d say about equal on Water and Earth, which are both low compared to Air.

Acupuncture-TCMA-etc-Dude told me I was too much Yang. Problem is, I know the energy is there but if I don’t do my Yang MA, I am a vegetable. I need to access that energy.

I usually balance doing other type of Yin stuff. Or taking a nice long bath.


Hey an so done tell me what the other axis C F M mean?


Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable



Lots of C’s

No surprise it’s weird very low on fire but almost all planets are in 1st and 9th house I’m very fiery.

Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

I get this with the prog moon–never thought about it with outer planets, but I get it now!

Since Neptune in pisces I have been extra neptunian


i find people often crave the element they have the least of through their partners.


I do that initially. I’m often attracted to the energy and enthusiasm of fire signs as I’m low in fire, but it’s usually not long before the novelty wears off and they wear me out to the point I can only handle them in small doses. Long term, I prefer to hang with another earth/water type person.


I am all air/fire with scant bits of earth and water. My relationships with water men have all been defined by their un-availability; my one relationship with a mega-earth was horrifically abusive. My best romantic relationships and friendships too- even my best ever tattoo artist- are all other air/fire types.


yep! … my personal life is full of earth signs which is the element I have least of. Especially Virgos. And it’s interesting that since Virgo is probably the most “airy”, intellectual and least staid of all the earth signs – and I am dominant in air – that I would be drawn to them. Even though I’m dominant air, I don’t particularly like other air signs as close personal friends or partners. And even though I’m a water sign, not that big on other water signs either …. pisceans mostly and then a smattering of scorpios. I’ve started to… Read more »


Am heaviest in water, then air, then fire.
Only Mars/Vertex in earth, and it’s the only element I have never dated!
I like watery air or fire signs best like myself. Sentimental crackerjacks.


True. I only have one in water, so all my lovers and closest friends are super watery. I’ve often wondered if it’s because I’m unable to feel things as deeply as they do, but I can merge energy fields like nothing else, so maybe I unconsciously vampirise their feels qi. Hopefully while feeding them something in return- yikes that sounds bad.

cosmic fleece

Hmmm, I have found with the closest of friends and sister, that we have all ”consciously coupled” with our rising signs.


They chose their friends based on their ascendant?
I would like to see these friendship interviews as much as I want to watch astrology speed dating! 🙂

cosmic fleece

Hello Lovely,
School hols have kept out of date with the posts on here .. got a quick peak in at 5am whilst the lads where all sleeping .. I hope all is well with you and your merry tribe !
Re above –
We are in relationships / marriages / made children with men of our rising sign. xx


Ah! I am Gem Asc & hub Gem, so true for me also. Actually I was thinking of a ‘conscious astro coupling’, argh, types doesn’t checks.

Yes, all is well! I am always deep sea diving, sometimes I come up with seaweed, but mostly pearls that I have no time to string on a necklace…
Hope you are doing well too!

cosmic fleece

I would love to read posts on friendships astro wise too, who we find ourselves surrounded by / attracted to / attract to us too !
I’ve have 3 ”bam , she’s the one” friend wise in the past (still close close with 2 and broke up with one years ago) …

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