Courtney Does Jupiter

Coutney Love in red dress and hat

What Courtney Love did do was live wild. She took drugs and trusted others could look after themselves. She flirted with self-destruction. She got into fights. She burned with ambition. She flaunted her sexuality and was upfront with her desire. What she did, in other words, was behave like male rock stars always have.

From Love and Loathing – The Price Courtney Love Paid For A Wild Ride – SMH  by Simon Castles

So it is the Zap Zone deluxe and all of a sudden Courtney Love feels relevant again. Insanely relevant.

She has the Uranus Pluto conjunction in Virgo square Mars in Gemini – that’s like she comes with her own personal Zap Zone (non stop catharsis, automatic revolutionary setting) installed as part of her default factory settings.  And you know, her troubled and flamboyant past has been intensively documented, not least of all by herself.

But here she is in 2014 – apparently working Jupiter on her Cancerian Sun + Mars/Uranus squaring it and Pluto opposing it with massive elan. Not only that, she has Mars on her Libra Ascendant & Saturn opposite Jupiter, Neptune on her Saturn – super strong transits for anyone.

But has she degenerated into old-era Courtney, smudged eyeliner showing up at events in grunge baby Goth Doll nighties to stalk C-List celebrities? Like Beth in Black Swan?  Is she on Space Dust with Lindsay Lohan or sitting in dark corner bars bitching about injustice in the 90s?

No way. She appears to be zapping the Zap Zone straight back:

* clean, sober & serene for several years – i think maybe her Twitter is just naturally eccentric, she has Lilith in Sagittarius in the 3rd House – that’s a mouthy bitch lol.

* apparently having forged a strong relationship with her now-adult daughter – the very Leo Frances Bean.

* Reuniting her band Hole.

* Planning a Broadway Musical based on Nirvana/Kurt Cobain.

I think this is all epic – she has fought her way through SO much schizz – yes i read the full on Poppy Z Brite bio – and is still standing, still hustling, still here.


Image: Fashion Magazine Canada

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70 thoughts on “Courtney Does Jupiter

  1. Hi, Mystic. I’m a long-time reader, first-time poster. I’ve seen you mention Lilith a few times recently. Just wondering which one exactly you’re referring to? <3

  2. Ah, I loved her from day one, but then i was a grunge baby too. Live Through This will always be near the top of my list. I like her rawness, her honesty, and her mess. Like Calypso said, the messier, the better. If you’re gonna be a rock star, then by all means go all the way. Love that typical male rock star quote, and how true it is!! Women are allowed to act that way if they’re obscure, but once they get too visible, nuh uh. Smackdown by the normies. UNacceptable.
    We gots synastry too- her mars-Venus on my Jupiter-ac-sun. I would like to not be clean and sober with her.

    One last thought- Stevie Nicks is meh. Gaga should do Courtney. 😀

    • I love Stevie, but I just listened to Live Through This again and it’s a good album! Now onto PJ 🙂

      Interesting thing is, Patti was like the original grunge rocker. Am I making schizz up now? I don’t think there’s any point comparing in a who is better way….no-one can touch her.

    • Yes!! C’mon. Someone of substance please.
      Tired of the shallow pop celebrity posts – Lady Gaga, Miley, Katy Perry etc etc.

  3. I always knew she was a Cancer but indeed a dark one..really she doesn’t seem like a typical Cancer, or any water sign. She is way too attention-seeking and she seems over-bearing . I feel the Gemini craziness about her and Virgo control-freak aspect..but there must be some other stuff in her chart that is taking away from caring-nurturing-creative-secretive cancer or it could just be the over-indulgence in drugs! She looks very different in this picture…almost pretty.

  4. I agree on Courtney being sooo relevant right now.
    Didn’t know she had sun and moon in Cancer, one of the most difficult signs.
    Cancer has been on my mind lately because Jupiter there is taking part in the grand water trine and cardinal square, so I imagined the god Jupiter sort of standing at the gate, nodding “yes” or “no” when meeting each piece of information coming his way, in other words, sending it into the cross or into the trine. But could as well be Courtney calling the shots lol.

  5. Ah, yes – nothing like a Saturn transit thru the 1st to make you get your shit together (again)!


    • I’m staying out of it.

      I looked at Saturn cycles and when I met Courtney, she was probably about 21, not even up to her 3/4 Saturn Return. I was older and my Saturn Return was approaching.

      • G’day Charles,
        Staying out of Courtney, a wise decision.

        Thanks for sharing the images of all your Mum’s art books {for a Toro stacker you made it look like work of a Virgo-Cap}. I’d happily take them off your paws if only geography and economics weren’t a factors.

  6. Spooky! I was just looking at a youtube video interview of her last night!

    Was actually looking for Malibu to listen to the riff but saw the interview and I actually enjoyed it. Yeah, she’s in your face, yeah she’s controversial and previously openly messy and not always together but I find myself liking her even when she’s shocking me. She’s rock ‘n roll.

    On an early BDO tour in Melbourne, late 90’s I think she went wandering the streets of Ascot Vale (near the showgrounds – event venue) and wandered into my mates tattoo shop off her nut (allegedly) and they had to help her call her minder or whatevs to get her back to the gig. She’s pretty invincible, last (wo)man standing kinda think and you can love or hate that I guess and I’m not sure what I feel about it all the time, hadn’t given it that much thought really, but I respect her resilience.

    She gets people talking, checking their morals, their choices, their likes and dislikes etc like a controversial paining, difference being she’ll talk back at you if she doesn’t like your review 🙂

    I’m Pluto conjunct Uranus in Virgo so maybe that’s got something to do with it all but mine trine Mars in Cap. I’m also into radical self reengineering, familiar with the descent and climb and and a rocker with an edge 🙂

      • Thank you Mystic xo

        Don’t have a linked in profile but if we go in for another website with this new band I’ll make it part of my bio… or a song eh 🙂

    • Centaurus, i could just hear this whole post in your lovely husky voice. Rocker with an edge! i hope you’re on the climb because it sounds like the last few months have been flipping hell at work. In a few weeks my space will be truly my own, so i hope to hear your rock-chick lady-voice in person again xxx

      How did i never pay attention to the fact you’re Pluto conjunct Uranus?? Awesome

      • O Millie, you have heard Centaurus’s voice?
        On youtube anywhere?
        Let me know if ever a gig in Adders. There WILL be one day at The Governor Hotel, who nourish live music.

      • Mille I’m so happy to hear you’re nearly in your new home! Yay!! Exciting times for you hun.

        It’s been rather torturous. I’ve gone to the edge and returned or been burnt and re-engineered my being. Something like that. I think that’s why the zap isn’t bugging me right now. I’ve come through a pre-zap and although I’m watching everyone else start to rattle I’m almost a bit smug. Not in an arrogant way but I know I can ride this wave even when others are trying to pull me from my board to grab it themselves hehehehe. It’ll just be a simple fuq off 🙂

        Let’s catch up when you’re settled and the zap has peaked x0x

        Sorry Pegs no youtube out there and no decent recordings live that I’d have up. ‘Scuse my vanity there lol, and we’re local so it’s unlikely I’ll be in Adders for a gig but if I get back there for any other reason I’ll head to the Gov.. which I have a distant echo in my mind I might have been in some 20+ years ago.

  7. Don’t like her music. I never got into the grunge scene. I was doing electron dance parties and raves around that time.

    There’s nothing about her that’s even remotely appealing. I’ll never warm to her.

    • I gotta disagree with you on this one (usually have similar taste I’ve noticed)

      I like her music, Live through this played a lot in my rock and roll days. And I wouldn’t mind knowing her socially, I find that rebellion and unpredictability entertaining (must be my Mars Pluto Uranus conjuct). Maybe wouldn’t want to share a house with her…

      Also, I know a few Cancerian grand -dames like this who just completely speak their minds and I think they’ve earned it, with life experience.

      I didn’t recognise her in the top photo, her nose is so different it looks like Heidi Klums nose! She had a really distinctive nose if you look at the old pics

      • It’s fine if you disagree. We can’t all agree on the same music or artists.

        I have the Mars Pluto Uranus conduct too but my Mars is 0º, so it’s not an exact conjunction. I’ve also got Uranus square Saggo moon in 11th house, so love rebellion and unpredictability too. But I think other artists do it much better and with more class than Courtney.

        Patti Smith (my #1 inspiration)
        Chrissy Amphlett
        Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth)
        PJ Harvey
        Grace Jones
        Karen O from The Yeah Yeah Yeahs – she’s freakin’ awesome!!! 😛

        All strong and feisty and inspiring, not gross. I watched the video below out of curiosity. Courtney admitted to being a pig. I just find it really off putting. I don’t mind a bit of “in your face” attitude from artists and I LOVE people speaking their minds (Saggo mon and Gem NN!!!) but I don’t like Courtney’s style or people ramming their opinions down my throat, being obnoxious, rude and arrogant.

        Tracey Emin is another Cancer who’s work i don’t like and that I have a strong reaction to. The tampon in a tent. Ewww. Too personal, too much information and her drawings suck. There’s no beauty or grace in their work (Venus in my Libra)
        Squalor and filth is unappealing. My Cap ascendent finds it’s rather undignified.

        I love Cancer women, except for those two.

        PS. She should have left her face alone. She goes on about not being pretty in that video but she wasn’t ugly either. She had a unique look. Now her face looks a mess. Gotta love Patti Smith for keeping it real. She’s not exactly pretty either, nor is Kim Gordan but you won’t hear them banging on about it. There’s more to life than being pretty!!

        So wanna know how I REALLY feel? LOL. I hear that a lot “gee, tell us how you really feel”

        • I love all those chicks too Scorpy.

          I don’t love or hate CL, but she IS intriguing to me, and frankly, I only really like her when she is going off! That weird? Malibu? Meh. Live Through This? Bring that schizz on.

          • like, maybe she did more to break the mainstream, repressed mould for women than the others and I think she was important for that. I really was a grunge baby though 🙂

            • Nah Patti Smith did it before her.
              I was an electro / techno / trance baby – Saturn in Aqua.
              Courtney born same year as me but she has Saturn in Pisces. NN in cancer. That’s a lot of water!

              I think my experience with the Crab guy has put me off cancer energy. That pass agg but mainly pass. All the guilting and sooky goo goo stuff. It’s opposite my Cap asc and square my Saggo moon and I’m having a Saturn transit, so all like “toughen the fuq up and quit your whining. I don’t have time to read between the lines or read your thoughts. Speak up and let’s get a move on”. Something along those lines. Next time I meet a guy with anything in Crab I’m running for the hills. Lol

              And I wish Jupiter (transiting my 7th) would move the fuq out of cancer already. Get this wet blanket off me!!!
              Bring on Jupes in Leo!! I have vertex in Leo 14° 🙂

            • Saturn in Taurus probably = grunge, right?

              yeah, I hear you re: Patti but she’s less out there, in everybody’s face. I agree with you about her face though, love her no-concessions personal style.

              Someone below is right on about this having a MK and Ashley vibe. I didn’t realise she’d had work done, thought she looked aged with dignity. Not that having your nose done = dignity! she look like she has her schizz together and hurrah for that 🙂

            • I literally have two friends who know patti. one is of the ’65 ZZ generation and the other is not American. I was introduced to her at a young ago by my father, but I am an anomaly. Whereas every kid who was in high school in the early ’90s, and to a degree, everyone after, knows and has an opinion on CL. Mainstream boundary-pushers are necessary and good too…

            • yeah? wow. she IS my idol! I saw her live and she was trans – transcendent and transformational. Rock shaman <3

              I have a friend who looks like her and interestingly she's Cancer. It's the Yin/Yang axis? Look at CL above. Even though she's all styled and respectabled up. Strong face.

            • She’s mine too, hands down, the rest of the world can go home. Oh patti. Rock shaman for sure- that must have been INCREDIBLE to see her!!! I don’t think she’s leaving this lifetime soon though (knock knock), so hopefully I’ll get to experience that too.
              In the documentary about her, the name of which escapes me, after Robert and Fred died and she’s sorta wandering about her home, she has a Frieda kahlo photograph, and I’ve had that same photo on my altar for years, and I broke down sobbing with the weight of love and connection. We have reversed acdc axes, patti and I. I introduce absolutely everybody I can to her, and consider it to be service to humanity, without a doubt. Oh patti!!! Yep, I see the facial strength resemblance too. Yin strength. Beautiful!!!! (As must be your friend…) 🙂

            • I am currently navigating a Saggi sun/asc with a Kataka moon and I believe I understand some of what you speak. I’m finding it really frustrating. For all the Saggi directness there is an indirectness and a shift of responsibility (really refraining from using the word blame here .. but I said it anyway) from him owning his own stuff to me being responsible for his reactions. Wtf?

            • I feel your pain 🙂

              That moody Cancer moon must diffuse the indefatigable Saggo spirit.

              Then again, Saggos have also been known for shirking their responsibilities.

              He must have a high emotional intelligence with that moon?

            • I think so, or I’d like to think so. Being a Saggi I agree on the shirk thing. Put two together and well I don’t know. My Cap moon opposite isn’t always up for catering either 🙂

        • Further to that list.. which absolutely has some influential women and talent I would also include Adalita in the mix. I got to see her and a few other bands including Stonefield, which were impressive actually, at an industry cd launch courtesy of a friend late last year. The woman has presence, just her and her axe and that voice. Everyday Venus.. it’s good 🙂

          • of course!! Adalita is HOT!!

            She was on my mind as I was writing the list – which wasn’t meant to be definitive.

            • I had a bunch of ladies my mind but out of them all she seemed to fit that list so I stopped myself 🙂

  8. I’m a crab with mars square uranus/saturn conjunction. I can sorta relate to the painful rebellion. I love the song Violet too. She looks great here.

  9. Ifl Courtney. Thats some great styling going on there. The intensity is still there in the face. Live through this was my soundtrack in my late teens. And fuq yeah, to behaving like a male rock star. There are a few out there my lilith in 11th house lives for. Abbe May a present day example! And yes PJ Harvey . It’s my secret burning desire to be this person. Ahhh

  10. Courtney is so tragic, like she comes from such place of painful rebellion. But her astro sounds Uranus-Pluto squ Mars sounds really intense. After reading a few pages from that book linked, I feel a bit more for her.
    And I didn’t realise she had Moon, Sun & NN in Cancer, that’s really intense!
    Maybe her past life she was a mogul & this time round she was meant to understand nourishing others. Maybe that’s simplistic, but I love Kataka energy for it’s gentleness and femininity.
    They mention she may have had a touch of Asperger’s in that book, certainly it’s harder to detect in women. It might explain her excruciating honesty & lack of ability for artifice? Anyway, I am happy she is moving forward, she has such loud, unstable energy which I would like to see what will become of in her 50’s & 60’s. Such a great time in life for a woman of character.

    Jupiter is on my Saturn, while Saturn is on my Moon. I feel Saturned out atm.

  11. Saw her live.. Absolute rock god.. In the likes of paddy smith, pj Harvey..

    I know wild : ) it takes insurmountable courage to flirt so closely with danger and win : )

    Looking forward to women collectively recognizing the power entrusted by the universe ( sex and survival of our species).

    It’s time : )

    • To be true I don’t think Courtney is anywhere near the calibre of Patti Smith…artist, poet, trailblazer, wise woman & capricorn!
      Courtney is way more haphazard & is pretty damn scuzzy when it comes to media & artifice. That pic of her is so generic, its making me think the day has come that Courtney just got real boring. The only reason she’s buzzing about is coz its Cobain’s 20th year anniversary of taking his own life.

  12. “Live through this” sounds like something Pluto might say….

    she looks great and good for her too. I like the perspective that quote gives, it takes a lot of criticism of her to task.

    • Yes, Live Though This is my mantra. It’s not easy being Courtney. There is a great vintage pic of Courtney with Aqua Anita Pallenberg..count me in.

      • Ahhh Anita Pallenberg as the Black Queen in Barabarella, smoking the ‘essence of man’, a scene never to be forgotten.

  13. Her sun is conjunct her south node. I think that’s why she tends towards the cray cray in the past. But seems like she is growing out of that. Tori Amos, a Leo, never liked her and even wrote a song about her.

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