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Philippe Caza

The Moon in Gemini is as good a time as any to introduce you guys to the works of Philippe Caza, a Scorpio French Psychedelic Artist, don’t you think?

When i say introduce, i actually had not heard of him before tonight, much as i would love to profess to be a long-time Caza geek.

Apart from being Scorpio Sun + Mercury, he has a honking great big Saturn, Uranus and Lilith conjunction. In Taurus.

And hands up who likes his interpretation of Saturn, bottom (lol) right of the top pic. Seriously w.t.f

I love this guy and i want to go to the Astropolitan.



Philippe Caza Anubis

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57 thoughts on “The Astropolitain

  1. So elated to see that this is finally being recognized for all its sheer glory!! Sci-Fantasy is the best!
    We love MysticMedusa and all it stands for, really interesting to see the astrological truths behind this artist and his work.

  2. Ooooh! THANKYOU for the introduction! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    That depiction of Saturn is tres Taurean.

    Or possibly a reminder that Saturn can be, well, a bit of a bummer.

  3. I have to share my bizarro April 1st. It was like one of those pics above, & I can’t stop thinking about it.

    At 7am I noticed a mouse running in a circle in my driveway. A circle about the diameter of a basketball, & the mouse had been running so much it wore a bare path in the gravel. I walked right up to it to watch, it didnt even seem to notice me. How weird! After ten minutes I went back inside, dizzy.

    At 10:00am the internet installer guy showed up. He was shorter than me & the lightest ginger I’ve ever seen. His skin looked so smooth, like porcelain. I’ve never seen a man with such smooth skin. He looked brand new!

    At 11am the garbage man appeared. Of all the garbage men, he’s my fave: he always sets the garbage can back away from the road & puts the lid back on it. Always smiling. Anyway, he noticed the mouse running circles & is speechless. We stand there in the driveway watching it for some minutes & i asked him what it means: is the end near? Internet guy comes over, looks, and disapprovingly says something about the mouse not being “right,” then goes back to his van. Garbage man leaves, I was still watching the mouse. Internet guy comes back over to the mouse & says he will make it stop, & he gently nudged the little glitched out thing with the tip of his shoe. Mouse stops running. Falls over. Appears to be dead. “Now I need to get back to work,” he says.

    Internet guy comes in my house & I see him checking out all my pictures on the walls, the art, the books. He comments on some of them, asks me about others. He sees the poster of Olaf Hajek’s Medusa & he says, “That. I dont know about the snakes.” I said, “That is by contemporary German artist Olaf Hajek.”




    By noon he was putting the finishing touches on the hook-up & he tells me it makes him so happy to get rural customers on good internet. We liken building the country’s infrastructure with internet to wiring homes with electricity & phone lines 100 years ago. He asks me what I do for a living. When I tell him, he doesn’t ask any more questions.

    And then he leaves. Dead mouse still in my driveway. My internet banging. Sun-Uranus in my first that day.

    Internet guy creeped me out & fascinated me at the same time. Why was that mouse running in circles for hours– & how did it die? Was it internet guy’s touch, & did he save it or kill it? lol Bizarro.

    I have since noticed that I don’t care for the way one of the internet lines lay on my roof. It’s cock-eyed, bugs me. Should I call him back out to fix it? Im thinking about it, but this Neptune transit across my AC-Jupiter has got me 2nd guessing my curiosity…

  4. Yes my first thought was, is this Saturn mooning us ? Then when I went deeper I realised he was depicting his Saturn Uranus conjunction in Taurus opposed by Neptune in Scorpio. Can you see that ? πŸ˜‰

  5. HIs Saturn interp? Well of course the answer to the universe, if anyone is asking, is between a woman legs.
    Isn’t it?

  6. Thought it was Peter Max’s art gone a bit deco. Peter Max from the 60’s-70’s.
    Zap Comic books remember, featuring ‘god’ with white long shirt, beard & hair?
    Wild looking Anubis.
    How about the exploration of Saturn’s Moons by Cassien and the ocean under the ice crust on top of the solid core that could have microbes swimming around.
    ANcient Egypt and ancient mysteries, always fascinating.
    As Mystic did, used to have dreams of being there and walking down a ramp to be enclosed (and being ok with that), the dreams stopped when about 15 yo but left me with a love of cellars πŸ™‚ and the Underground.

  7. It reminds me of the funky counting song on old school Seasme Street. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 tweeeeellllvvveeee.

  8. I don’t sort of the sexist thing? For me the female image is just one in which I would be having a good time! And surely we have all objectified wonderful images of the male of the species. I find her appealing and rather funny. Hadn’t heard of this guy previously but hey this site is full of new and exciting places for me to explore. Keep up the fab work Mystic.

    As to ZZ. Great change etc. I have been waiting for a kick for a while now as I have been moaning for around 4 or 5 years as to a change of career. It sort of started today. First I am not about the rejoin my professional association, I have found another way to insure and keep it legal. And I hope by this december that I can step away from my current license and go all out as an individual working as me and not under a title that binds. 27 years of that and it’s changed so much. The humanity is lost and I need to have the freedom to speak. It was seeing the post on Willow recently that sparked my drive for the change and then it all began to happen.

  9. I like thinking of Saturn that way. Has a nice ring to it, lol.

    My semi-estranged Dad’s 80th solar return yesterday. He has stage 2 cancer. No one told me before yesterday, wtf. I went to his house for cake/dinner and was stressed about seeing him and my siblings. Family get togethers and drama, ugh. I stopped by the store before and impromptu picked out a notebook with elephants and flowers and started tracking my iching throws. Got The Clan as the first throw with the last line saying head of household deserves respect. That’s Dad – he cried reading bday cards he was so touched.

    Pisces sends me status updates via email. Its a drain. I want to forget him. Iching says to go your own way, endure, meet who you’re going to meet and don’t meet who you’re not.

    I’m tired and sad.

    When’s the vitamin D kick in? When’s April over? sheesh

    • sounds like the iChing is giving you good counsel.

      you can control one thing….send those updates to the junk folder?

    • Of all divination methods, the I Ching is my only (rarely) ‘go to’ if i can’t work it out myself.
      There is an Astrological I Ching and an I Ching of The Goddess with some very interesting coloured art work depicting each ideogram.

      • Yeah Pegs, I Ching is my total go -to, I have about 5 different books, and each interpretation has a different ‘voice’ It gives great guidance.

  10. I love it! Even with the sexist under/overtones. One way ticket to Astropolitain please, as long as we’re free of the ZZ when we get there, strictly no Cardinal actions thanks.

  11. Kia kaha, kia kaha, kia kaha… Your dailies are so spot on, Mystic.

    In my work, I have 20 clients on my caseload & the majority of them are experiencing major ZZ upheaval. I must be 100% in the moment with them & completely on top of my game to be of any use.

    And I’m exhausted. On day two of being home sick with some pesky cold virus, and now my son is sick, too. So while I’m at home & under the weather, & while i tend to my son, there are 20 people chomping at the bit, waiting for
    me to return. I cannot just tune out & be sick: I hear my clients clamoring, constantly. Did I mention I’m exhausted?

    And then there’s the financial bit of this: if I’m not seeing clients, I’m not getting paid, which is stressful in and of itself. It’s a vicious cycle. Dislike!

    Kia kaha, kia kaha…

    • And one other thing, then I’ll stop with the Debbie Downer shiz: I’m confident I picked up this virus at my work site because it is a germ factory. So I will get better & go back, get emo slammed with death & other losses, pick up another germ, stay home sick, not get paid. Repeat.


      Ok done. πŸ™‚

      • ScorpInc, i was told so many moons ago in SE Asia, to wash to the elbows after seeing anyone.
        Even though you don’t actually have your hands on their bodies, same principle applies plus 15 minutes recoup time between peeps.
        This 15 mins rule between clients, i have never seen applied.Health & Mental Health personages see one directly after the other with no cleansing time out.
        My Doctor when asked about bugs passed on at work pointed to the anti-bacterial dispenser when i
        commented on how close she sits to patients compared to 30 years ago when there was a huge desk between practitioner & patient.
        You are performing an amazing service to mankind (person kind?), may i remind you about the power of water and feeling overwhelmed when not 100% well?
        Blessings & Beauty. x

        • Totally, Pegs! So totally spot on. At the end of the day I feel the energy-aura-air build up over & thru me *big time*, & shiz is Heavy. And I do often physically touch (some of) my clients, with a hand shake, or touch on the arm when tears are flowin’. And no, I do not wash to the elbows in between nor do I take 15 min breaks.

          Ten years ago I didnt have this build-up, heavy reaction. I don’t know why it’s different now, but probably several different things at play. I have a few ideas…

          I will be more conscious aboutΒ taking time to clear my Space in between clients. Could make a world of difference. Thank you x

  12. agh ok yes love these, at first, then saw saturn and thought, sigh,
    a flash across my mind:
    french scorpio of a certain vintage, women are there for fuqing, to be controlled, and for admiring him, non?
    wonder which way the saturn-lilith-uranus in toro swings. control issues with the sex goddesses or groundbreaking gaia worship.
    sorry i didn’t mean to be a cynic! the sense was just there in my head, am i being a negative nancy…uber-presumptuous based on just one titillating image

    • No i get it & i almost did not post due to sexism concerns etc but could not resist…And yes he is definitely a french scorpio of a certain era…or maybe he as very unique Saturn transit experiences…

      • Yes it wasn’t the image itself but the mode of thinking it might represent based on my snap judgement of probably too many things. as I can be cool with this sort of visual depending on the context. Xx

    • Pi, i too have been long-term put off certain so-called genius artists due to their sexism and objectification BUT i like to pretend the bottom picture is an old-school selfie the woman herself painted after a mighty Saturn transit from hell. A kind of ‘kiss my ring’ if you will.

      *sigh* i guess pretending and not seeing what you don’t want to is very lower Piscean…but i’m trying not to tripwire my Mars aspects lately!

      • in my imagining the artist is playing with an image that he saw somewhere (can’t imagine where he would have seen an image like this in Paris, can you?) by plopping some rings on it. it’s so 70s pop art fun I can’t begin to be offended! she looks pretty happy, and even if it’s because she’s making bucks out of it, I don’t care.

      • yeah i mean i am among the last to call offence and that’s not the point i was trying to make. maybe i’ve just been dealing with too many (two is too many lol) men who when you scratch the surface are just apes in a tie, this hit that nerve. totally don’t know why, i never normally leap to strong reactions qquite that fast i couldn’t care less about provocative sexual imagery or voyeurism in general as a thing bla it’s complex i guess.

  13. Saw some naughty kid’s homework posted on the netz that had the question, “why does Saturn have rings?”
    Kid answered, “God liked it so he put a ring on it”.
    Teacher’s reply, “Saturn is NOT a single lady!”.

    Clearly the teacher is wrong according to Caza.

  14. How fab! Those top prints would be great in an astro lounge/woman cave. Love it.

    I wish I had a planet in Toro, or in any Earth sign. Also some planetary action in Gem, Leo, or Aqua would be nice, too. Oh well.

    • A bit of Aqua apart from Lilith would be nice.
      There are sooo many in my life and we are so similar yet.. NOT.
      I would like Moon in Libra not Scorp. But then I wouldn’t be here I imagine.

      • I think I might enjoy a moon free of Pluto, myself.

        But you’re right: we are where we ought to be. Cosmic wisdom in motion. x

    • I have actually cried over my lack of earth in the past haha, it’s pretty annoying at times. I’d just love a few other signs in my make up to spice things up, having all the planets in 3 signs and the corresponding houses is intense.

      • Yeah, like good luck on the being balanced front! Sometimes it feels like even the stars are stacked against me. Who the fuq shuffled this deck? Haha

          • Haha! The only earthy types in my life are the people I was born to & yes, I’ve incited them to bats on more than a few occasions πŸ˜›

            That’s cool you attract earthy balanced types into your life: you must be balanced well enough yourself to manifest such, lopsided natal chart or not πŸ˜‰

            • Both my parents are earth less too and we all have Mars in Sag, can you imagine?

              I think I attract them so they can teach me stuff and I them, seems to be that way. Lots of Caps who LOVE to tell me what I ‘should’ be doing with my life haha.

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