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Jean Seberg

Dear Mystic,

I was wondering if you could help a girl out?

I have long hair and have had it almost all my life, except for one time I tried a pixie haircut. I knew my short hair wasn’t a good look because for some time after that my friends would stop breathing when I announced I was off to the hairdressers. So my long hair is my thing – as a Virgo-Aries I wouldn’t have thought so but it must be my Pysche in Leo (I got that from your Soul Mating book).

So I now have to cut my hair off. I’m booked in for surgery in mid-April to have a brain aneurysm fixed. I know I’m in good hands because the thing that worries me the most is my hair! I’m quite excited about the change and the pixie cut is all the go at the moment. And I can afford a much better hairdresser than I could 10 years ago. But I was wondering – just to be on the safe side – if you could tell me if there was a good time for a drastic change? I was thinking of getting it done at the end of the month but should I wait until the new moon in Aries?

Thanks for your time.


Dear Virgo-Aries.

First of all, blessings and best wishes for your procedure! Your attitude is an awesome inspiration, i am sure everyone here agrees. Re the hair, Jean Seberg is your Hair Muse.

As for timing, i think April 8/9 – Moon Waxing in Leo on Lilith trine Mercury in Aries. Venus exalted in Pisces, near Neptune and Chiron.Β  The Sun in Aries aspects the Zap Zone – it is perfect for a brave & visionary style change to support yourself through intense times.

What does everyone else think?

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37 thoughts on “Zap Zone Hair

  1. The HAIR???? Dear Virgo Aries, the best of luck for the HEAD op, don’t worry your head about the hair, it grows.

    • Although that’s the obvious thing, I think perhaps making the haircut a joyful, good event in the lead-up to the time when she “has to do it” can only be a good step.

      Doing the haircut in advance and being in control and loving the result will smooth the way!

  2. I once asked a monk I’m friends with about what to do with my hair (we have a special relationship- he’s used to this from me) and he said to do whatever makes me feel more in my power.

    Way to bring philosophy to the mundane. He totally ‘got’ the hair is part of my power and I can enhance my Qi through it.

    So cool that MM has your timing, but guuurrrrrl, you are AMAZING and you just need to do whatever makes you feel more in your POWER!

    I also think you’re going to look really beautiful afterwards and I’m sure your breath-holding friends would agree.


  3. I say, do the pixie cut, but have a couple of rocking long locks wigs on standby. Then you can go with whatever you feel like during your recovery.

    Your recovery will be enough to manage all the way around, so allow yourself a wide berth re flexibility. Pace yourself & think marathon, not sprint. πŸ˜‰

    Best wishes, babe. Nap a lot like a big lioness. xx

  4. whoa.

    i understand for things like this that the section of your head they work on is clean shaved anyway… I wonder if it might be even more out there just to go GI jane (buzzcut), and then a few weeks after the op, start thinking about the pixie? so the Dr’s aren’t messing with your lovely styled hair cut.

    wishing you a smooth recovery. xxxx

  5. I always had long hair until I too became ill and was compelled to cut my hair into a pixie style (more like GI Jane). It was truly an emancipating experience and with the right hairdresser can be both feminine and easy: the bigger the diamond studs the better. Blessings

  6. Ohhh I was just contemplating a radical hair change myself.

    Does anyone have any tips on when it would be good for me? Sagg Sun, Aqua Moon, Kataka Rising, Aries MC exact will be majorly triggered by Second Moon in March… Do you think that would be good or really bad? Assuming nothing crazy happens… Lol. Or maybe the crazy that happens will be my hair… Lol.

  7. Good luck! You sound organised and upbeat, love it.

    Have one friend who uses lots of amaazing head scarves, she pulls off the most gorgeous bright prints: 50’s betty boop style, hippy woven style, diva turbans, African prints – just love it. Just googling saw this:

    Big earrings (preferably light ones, wood etc. ) look awesome with short hair or scarves.

    As a Leo, as Scorp Inc suggests I totally say get a cute wig as they are so much fun, big hair with scarf is hot too.

    Happy shopping & many blessings!

  8. there’s always the Annie Lennox transformation and also Agyness (?) Deyn. mind you, bone structure . ntl I am sure your no doubt beautiful face can rock it too xoxoxo

  9. Not sure of the timing for you dear, but I wish you all the best for your surgery and fast, complete, easy healing.

    This morning I dreamed of combing my little girl’s hair BUT she was my future girl and not my daughter or stepdaughter. Her hair was red, thin, wavy.
    Then I dreamed I was cutting my real daughter’s hair.

    Best wishes!

  10. getting a pixie cut was seriously a big turning point for me. like, they say a lot of a woman’s confidence comes from her hair and I found that to be true, as I had never had self esteem until I cut it all off. it was very liberating. but short hair really suits me. hmm, I wonder what the astro was at the time, as this was years ago, but I digress.

    my college used to do a buzzing for change charity event where people (a ton of girls included) got buzz cuts for charity and the thing is, EVERYONE looked amazing with a buzz cut, even the ones who you never expected to. short hair draws attention to your facial features, in a good way. so, hopefully you’ll love it short.

    I hope the surgery goes well. xx

    • ah yes that’s right, you can donate lopped-off locks to cancer organisations who make them into wigs for those who really do lose their hair from cancer treatments.

  11. I’ve been ultra short hair many, many times. I always look neatly coifed and it’s amazing the amount of stress energy is saved by not having that to worry about. If you color your hair, you might have to do that more often as the roots show sooner. So many women have said oh, if only they had to guts to try really short hair. Do it! I swear, it does grow back if you don’t like it.

    Let us know how great you are doing after your surgery!

  12. Very, very best wishes….you are brave and I’m sure the short hair will be beautiful. I think if you’re not a natural pixie, be sure to give it volume with good products and have some fun with it.

    If you’re a music fan, look to Rosanne Cash for your muse. She had brain surgery and came back better and more beautiful than ever.

    My Zap Zone hair, as Saturn scrapes through Scorpio (my sun sign) and has left me unemployed and worried for far too long? I’m letting the grey hair grow in. It’s going to be a long process, but if I can stand it, by the time of my second Saturn return in a couple of years I’ll have very chic and bohemian grey streaks and still have some of my natural very dark hair.

    • Ah I am trying to gracefully grey myself. Have very dark curly hair & letting the silver strands flow where they may… I don’t know how fly it looks when I pull the front up or back; I think it looks best down, the way im greying. I want to try some natural things like running coffee thru my hair or whatever for full color fab, silver & dark. Im really over trying to cover up my hair, or much else!

  13. Power to you girl! Blessings and good healing vibes for your procedure and yeah…what everyone else said!

    Go for it and yeah, as a short haired woman I love it!

    It’s super easy care and a bit daring and different! plus you can have lots of fun with colour if you want cos it grows out so quicky.

    Plus if you wear a wig for fun/dress-up reasons (as I do) it always looks good coz there is so much less lumpy hair under there!

  14. Amazing post to usher in the era of Lilith in Leo, Mystic. Seriously, so powerful.

    Virgo-Aries, a million blessings for your entire process. Welcome the New You!!! Xxxxxxxx

  15. Best of luck with the surgery and the ‘cut! Pixies are a great look and so easy to enact a colour change if that’s your fancy. Very freeing too if you’ve had long hair for a while. Yay you!

  16. Charlize is another hair muse!!!

    best wishes for your recovery i hope it does all it is meant to and more

    I know a rugby player who had to have similar surgery after he got crash tackled and the fracture caused a clot or something HE TOLD ME HE THOUGHT BETTER AFTER THE OPERATION. His memory got really good and his vocabulary improved.

    • I wrote a long bit about my own horror stories with a cranial surgery and I decided she doesn’t need to hear it. So I deleted it.

      But I will give a piece of good advice I heard from a surgeon (not my incompetent neurosurgeon). She said that research shows that patients who visualize a calm scene, their “happy place” as they are going under the anesthetic have much better surgical outcomes than patients who are given the old style “count backwards from 100” routine. This surgeon actually quizzed me on the details of my visualization, and would not proceed until I told her specific details of a quiet glade in the woods, shady, with a cool breeze, and soft, green grass to lay on. That surgery turned out wonderfully.

      But even coming from a Leo Ascendant like me, always proud of my luscious hair, I remember the times when half my head was shaved and every day was the worst hair day of my life. And none of that made any difference to me. It did not matter at all. What mattered was healing inside. May the fates protect her and keep her safe from harm, and may she heal rapidly and become whole again.

  17. Excuse my ignorance of the practicalities, but there’s always the strategically placed undercut or side-shave to consider. All the very best!

  18. Hey, VA..sending you love, light and super human healing for your procedure. I agree – the fact that hair is your preoccupation means you’re that comfy. I’m no Jean Seberg, certainly don’t have the bone structure but in my early 20’s, I got semi-obssessed with pool diving.

    At the time, you had to powder your rubber cap and pray it didn’t break half your hair in pieces, which it almost always did especially after the chlorine. I ended up having to cut it insanely short. I couldn’t do pixie so I ended up with what looked like a boy’s cut with the back shaved really high.. it WAS NOT my best look. Howevs, it was my most liberating.

    I was in and out of showers in no time, plus because there literally was NOTHING I could do with it, I rocked devil-may-care like you wouldn’t believe. Plus knowing I did it for a sport I really cared about gave the look a purpose and a story..vs. you know..I got pissed off one day and lopped it all off.

    Regardless, I know you’ll have fun with it. Any THING can be your thing once you vibe with it. All the best again..

  19. Go VA!!! I totally get this being an Aquarian with a Leo Moon. Hair is super important! And it sounds like you quietly just know you are in good hands for the brain op. Mystic’s timing suggestion sounds PERFECT! Jean Seberg or Mia Farrow pixie cuts suit just about everyone and are super easy to grow out if you don’t sync with it after a while- took me 12 months to get a cuter longer pixie version and in 18 months it was shoulder length. DO IT!!! A rainfall of blessings to you and your fabulous head πŸ™‚

  20. Way to go! Whatever you do with your hair VA, it will be a therapeutic symbolic magic. Love Mystic’s fabulously healing planets in PIsces and the rebel Lilith in Leo for timing. Brave and visionary, yes!

  21. I’ve never done a huge cut – my face is totally lopsided it’s ridiculous – but I know many people who have and they have donated their hair for wig-making. Good hair karma!

  22. Best of luck! I agree Jean Seaberg is a fantastic muse, and that scarves and big earrings completely rock. All the love x

  23. I hope all goes well for you and lots of best wishes for a speedy recovery. When you get your hair cut make sure you get it done at a really good salon. They will always do a great job. I have learnt over the years that you get what you pay for with hair cuts.

  24. (((big hugs))) and calm thoughts for your journey VA.
    I’ve been watching lot of operating theatre youtubes this week for a course I’m running and the staff and surgeons are amazing.
    Just the preparation of the theatre by nurses is awesome. The attention to detail is like listening to the Berlin Phil playing Mozart on the best stereo possible.
    Love and healing chants

  25. I also wish you good luck with the op and may it be PERFECT and go beautifully and your gorgeous locks be more gorgeous than ever before!!!

    I can relate to your ManeAngst a bit. My hair is currently a MESS – I have struggled to get a hair appointment with THE hairgoddess herself for weeks and when I finally got that appointment I had to cancel because suddenly the damn Prime Minister was coming to my workplace!!!! And now the hairgoddess is on holidays and DAMMIT I can’t believe that guy,h ow dare he??!!! I now blame HIM for the stocking state of my appearance, bah add it to the list. I have Leo in Saturn but that freaking Lion is ROARING.

    I am now taking up that advice of visualising that calm and happy place, that is a super advice, thank you for sharing that one.

  26. Many many thanks to everyone for your beautifully positive messages.
    I particularly liked the advice to nap like a lioness πŸ™‚
    I’m booked in for my cut on the 9th and feeling super psyched!