To Zap Or Not To Zap?

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Hey, Sparkles-

I loved your entry on Gwyneth and agree- I’d love to see her back in films.  Maybe behind the camera even?  Anyway. . . .

I have a Zap Zone question that might be suitable for the blog.  We’re in the Zap Zone and April is a flashpoint with Everything Square Everything, so your advice has been for us to lay low, do yoga and meditation, and stay detached from all the drama.  Mars is retrograde, so we shan’t start any fights, no matter how just, because we’ll lose.

But what if you’re one of the change makers of the Zap Zone?  I ask because a charity that I used to be involved with has had some shady dealings: not renewing their legal registration, misappropriation of funds, divide-and-conquer leadership (as opposed to collaborative or democratic).

So of course, drama will occur.  It will be compassionate and kind, yet swift, objective, and focused on end results.  What would be some strategies for those of us who have to engage in The Tower and be part of the disruption because – like it or not – our role in April might be that of Catalyst?  Any advice for those involved in the reforms and corrections that seem to be perfectly timed for April?

Also, fun for you to know: I have Mars in retrograde transiting my 11th House in Libra.  You said during a consult that I’d have something warlike with friends and organizations I’d been involved with during this time.  You suggested some relationships would fall away and there could be trouble.  Spot on, gurrl!

And also, if I could make all those corrections NOT happen in April, I would.  But no choice.  It’d be worse for society here to allow the dysfunction to continue.

It’s all come to light during Mars Rx or I would have organized the coup sooner.

Suddenly Leo

Hi Suddenly Leo,

this is a brilliant question – I think it is (sort of) answered in the April of Awe rant linked to at the bottom of the Daily Mystic email for the next several weeks.

But the answer is that you do both.  As it is a hectic time with a lot of people arcing up and acting out the tensions of the Grand Cardinal Cross/Zap Zone, it IS a good policy to withdraw a bit, not put yourself in situations where you are not comfortable, up the space clearing & meditative type practices for stability…

But it is also a fab time for whistle-blowers, drastic-sudden evolutionary changes and superb clarity. You know one of my favorite words is the Japanese “mabarosi” which we have talked about before. It refers to moments when your psychic landscape/your whole realm is lit  up as if by an intense lightning flash in the middle of the night. You see everything.

And yes, Retro-Mars is unearthing some very interesting material.

Anyway, your policy of agenting change but doing it with an objective focus and fixing on the end results is genius. You sound so together! It’s a brilliant time to be Suddenly Leo.  And don’t forget also that Lilith newly in Leo lends fierce strength and she is, of course, the ancient agitator against entrenched corruption and toxic systems.

What does everyone else think?


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81 thoughts on “To Zap Or Not To Zap?

  1. Zap.Zap>Zap… hello, why Tap, when you can Zap? For some of the femmes and hommes it’s going to be a real joy to hit the zap zone…especially if they’re seeking a relief from the ennui of introspection.
    Read: Here is the quadrangle to shake things up… it’s healthy to be shocked with a thunder bolt now and again, non? And the zap zone arises to facilitate it. Perhaps fire signs will relish this more than the other signs – (or those charts with charts that are skewed towards fire signs)? The ‘all or nothing’ personality types are the ones to watch. Tension can be a motivator to get the momentum started for good things to occur. So, why not? Yes, to the zap… *tap into the zap…m.

  2. As far as this crazy energy zap zone, I am having to be uber peacemaker in the house.
    Torro and I still madly in love, but Pisces son and him clash. Pisces son and everyone clash. It is breaking my heart. Beyond worried about Pisces son, don’t want to lose my love, trying to make them both happy. Truth is, I am very lenient and Torro wants me to be stricter. When I am Pisces freaks out.
    Caught in the middle. But Pisces son, he moves on his own waves, does not want to bend to anyone’s will. Things may be easier when he is on his own, but he is way too young for that.

    I have NO ONE to talk to honestly about this. My only very close friend here did not even bother to call me back.

    Work coming in, but pay down in some regions. Getting by, but sometimes have no idea what for.

      • Oh I so agree. I have a woman I have seen off and on for over a decade. Must make an appointment.
        I am not one to think down or weird about seeing a counselor. Outside perspective, not emotional connection, and can’t get over hearing my stuff like my friends!

          • Pisces son has leo moon and Capicorn rising. His moon is in 7th or 8th house depending on the house system used.

            His venus is in Aries in the 3rd house.

            He has a twin sister who is so different than him.

            • Your son will prevail, and I think as a parent although you love your partner it is really YOUR soul task…I’d advise clarity to you by disallowing anyone to exert influence on your parenting…Partner is not parent, and I agree a bipartisan person to encourage fair and objective strategies and BOUNDARIES…There may be male ego clashes, deep resentments, tests of will, etc… However as you say he still should remain with the nest to grow up with support, nurturing. The partner should not feel he is threatened, challenged, competing for your love either, he is could be assertive with calm and friendly confidence…Your son is precious and still easily influenced and reactive…You can affect his choices positively…Your daughter is watching you and will learn from how you manage the power struggle…

    • My son is off to see a councillor today, all off his own bat. We are caring parents but he is confused about his life and doesn’t know why. I am very worried and frightened but have to trust he will be OK. Been reading a lot about solar flares and wondering about how over sensitive life inexperienced youngsters are dealing with this deep shift.

      • oh honey. How old is he? What is he confused about?
        As hard as this Zapping energy is for us, it is so hard to watch our children cope and adjust with it.

    • I know that when it comes to my child the last thing I am is objective. Toro lover may have a point? The Pisces I just broke with – his Mom was so scared of being cut off by him, she just did whatever to try to play nice, even if he was being absurd and crazy. Consequently, the guy has no sense of healthy borders. Maybe you have to be cruel to be kind? I have no idea. I think talking to a pro you trust would be wise. Because unconditional love and parenting…its so hard to balance all that. I have no idea, love. Just commiserating. Good luck.

        • Yes. And she came on her saying she didn’t have anyone to talk to about the problem and I wouldn’t be much of an advisor if I didn’t poke her a bit on that one to see if she’s considered it. Some teens are crazy people who kill their parents – a mother’s love does not fix all. What do I know about it without asking?

      • He has a point yes! BUT has no constructive advice, just anger.
        Pisces son is most like me out of my kids. Torro and Pisces are actually alot alike too. But Torro was raised VASTLY different than I raise my kids or how I was raised. HUGELY!

        • There is no way I could have stayed married to my ex for that reason alone. After Pisces left, I realized I was free to get on being a Mom without someone else judging my style. I KNOW I over indulge my kid sometimes and I LOVE IT!!! Sorry, dear. Don’t know what to tell you. Single parenting works for me. I think the Pisces was just jealous, frankly. Not saying you dump the Toro, just commiserating (again)

    • Your son, your parenting style, your house. You make the rules. Don’t let anyone else dictate your mother son relationship ( or anything else ). Your son desperately needs you to be the mum you have always been now some unwanted stranger – in his terms – has come into his house,

  3. 😯

    I love this question & have found myself wondering about a lot: how much should I push? I feel like I’m really pushing for changes, which is pushing others who are not so keen to make decisions. I have Mars retro going across my 7th house where I have natal Pluto at 19 degrees so of course ZZ is zapping my relationship with Dr Aqua. I’m ready to walk out the door & Dr Aqua keeps asking me to wait but what keeps ringing in my ears is MM’s succinct ZZ advice: Stay stuck & you’re fuqed.

    BTW I love “mabarosi”, I had been talking to someone about it but forgotten the name. It came on the oracle for me one day.

    • Oh I question the how much to push too!

      You and Dr Aqua have kids right? I remember you being happy, but I know those things change.

      • No, no kids just a cute couple of dogs & cats. Yes, we were pretty happy & we have a special bond but D.A met someone new & is now confused x

        • ugh! met someone new and is confused. hmmm. Sorry honey.

          Totally agree with 12 house Virgo. No pushing just follow up on your needs.
          I had to learn that the hard way. But once I did I have had the happiest relationship. But I have 3 teenagers….gulp.

          Thanks for the reminder 12th house!

        • Are you feeling stuck because this has been going on for some time or is this a relatively new denouement?

    • How much to push? Not at all. That is precisely how much you give too. You see the difference? Your needs are your needs. You do not push them. You follow-up on them, unconditionally. Perhaps that is my Mars retro in first/second house, but its an attitude that’s proving to be very ZZ friendly.

  4. WOW … perfect timing. Being one of those (as you say) “whistle blowers,” this is helpful guidance (amidst the personal zap zone clues I catch in the above). It IS terribly frightening – as this is a corrupt boys club system within which I currently work. Bringing about change – collaboration, empowerment of all, VALUES, etc.

    My all-in tScorp (Sun, Moon, Merc) can handle it – I am prepped. Dismiss the ego driven fears/desires – venture forth as your authentic self, unattached to the outcome. It is the INTENT that matters.

    … because these folks shouldn’t ever have authority over anyone. ever again.

  5. Firstly get zapping SL !
    Personally the first couple of Uranus Pluto hits were good for me.
    I love the zap zone. Sun Aries 10th mars cancer 1st Saturn cap 7th.
    I say zap or be zapped !
    Mars retro opposing my sun ? Now that’s nasty. describes it as general disagreement, and yes the dickheads are disagreeing.
    In typical Aries fashion my mantra is .. I am the zap zone.

    My mantra for mars retro comes from Steely Dan

    Throw back the little ones and pan fry the big ones.
    use tact, poise and reason and gently squeeeeze them.

    • Haha, funny daveyl….”Aries…I am the zap zone”.. Me and you both as my birthday is the 1st as well…I am taking time off from work but it is not so much about play now but business…taking care of my life business so to speak. I feel the newness of has been a long time coming and for the first time in a very long time I am excited about life again.

      My baby girl grandaughter was just born and she will be a living breathing zz the rest of her life…And for me too…That compounds some responsibilities for me and she is a kick in the arse..

      Pop turned 81 today…He said “I used to be a doormat”…and we talked about women and stuff and how he was the oldest of 8 siblings…Yikes, he never caught a break but bought himself a new Honda…fully loaded and picked it up today. He said it pissed him off because it spoke Spanish…lol..(yes he is going to change the settings.. 🙂 )


      • My dad has actually taken Spanish lessons before anyone gets berko. It’s just he lives in Montana…English is the first language.

        • Thank you K-Gem. Sweet of you. x Am thrilled to go out of town this weekend and spend it with her and family..

  6. YES.

    And I just got word today that the local issue I had to fight at the state level– we won! Ooh you know at the state hearing the county was pulling out every stop, too: blatant lies, intimidation, drippy (fake) kindness… But I knew the rules & stuck to the objective facts, calm but firm, a quiet freight train of confidence– bam! I think it was key that I kept emo reactions on the d low & kept confidence high (which I achieved via diligent prep, attention to detail, and Qi raising music on 11).

    I think this battle/victory is just a prequel, tho: I’m convinced that an epic game-changing brawl on my career front is just up ahead, past the barricades between here & April. Regarding ethical issues, politics, finances, vulnerable people. Total ZZ shiz. Here it comes!

    I am prepping by all of the above, plus keeping my nose clean & actively looking for a different place of employment. Also, considering a new career
    entirely. Also, toying with the idea of going back to school. You know: Plan A
    B C D. In the Zap Zone, the sky’s the limit. For better or worse.

    Keep your Qi high & your wits about you, SL. Listen to your gut. See you on the other side. x

    • “I knew the rules & stuck to the objective facts, calm but firm, a quiet freight train of confidence– bam! ”

      FUQ YEAH!!!

      That’s what I was trying to tell Baristagem above – the quiet freight train of confidence does not push – it demolishes!!!

    • LOVE your work! Your advice to Suddenly Leo is much better than mine. Was gonna say that brains is brawn in the info age, the more intel the better. Where is your Mercury placed Scorp Inc?

      In any case:

      Whistle Ye Whistles While Ye May Whistle Blowers!!

      • Wolf whistle at you, Andro! xx Thank you!

        And you’re so right on: brains are The Everything in these times! Knowledge is armor & a battle ax.

        Natally have Mercury-Uranus @ 29° Libra/8th house. Transiting Mercury & Chiron are in my 1st house presently.

        • I wouldn’t mess with, play poker with, run against you in any way with THAT mercury.

          Mine is in Cancer. In the 2nd. Where is that couch and popcorn? Lol.

          • Oh poker is fun. Love Hearts: betting with a partner is twice as nice 😉

            I think good luck Jupiter on my AC has gotten me more hits than anything, though. Haha! Watch me break my other ankle next month. HA!

            Mmm couch.

            • Ugh I meant euchre, not hearts. But I like hearts too. And spades. Uno…

              ‘Night x

        • and the transiting NN is on your Mercury/Uranus! anything big being triggered? an intellectual connection?

    • Love this post, but a small correction:

      “Keep your Qi high” —

      In taijiquan, your qi (? – energy) should not be lifted. It should be sunk into the middle of your gut (dantian – ??) and through to the ground. It is the SHEN (? – spirit/consciousness) which should be lifted, as shen guides qi. Shen is risen to the headtop, as shen is like a gas which floats and expands outwards in every direction. Qi is like water, which flows downwards until obstructed by jin (? – power), which is like a solid. These are the three levels as described in the taijiquan classics.

      Raise your spirit, let your energy flow, and move your power.

    • You are rockin’ the ZZ Scorp inc. 😀
      Go you!!!
      And great Merc placement for justice!

  7. I have retro mars in 2nd house. I have made more money lately in the bonus cash department, but the bulk money making has taken a decline. Worried about the future, but ok now.

  8. No advice Suddenly Leo … but you seem bloody well on your game so hey go for it!!

    I’m wondering how this ZZ April fiesta will affect Aus politics? For those of you not from our fair shores, you may not be aware that we have a complete fuqtard for a prime minister, with a front bench that makes my usual peaceable demenour want to fire nail guns at parliament. Christopher Whiny Pyney and Bronwyn Steel Wool Hair Bishop (is she trying to channel Maggie T or wot??!) …. ughhh I could go on but they’re really not worth the air space.

    No my question is I’m wondering how they’re latest shennanigans – the Attorney General saying it’s ok to be a racist bigot and trying to undo hard fought for anti-discrimination laws; the speaker of the house favouring Liberal members and ejecting Labor party members; reintroduction of poxy brown nosing titles like “Dame” …. I mean FUQ OFF! What century are we living in?

    Please tell me they will get theirs in April … please please please please please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I am with you guys in spirit: totally reminds me of our dark Dubya years & the rise of our religious right… Ugly shiz & we’re still fighting it.

      Social media has been *very* instrumental, from getting the word out to creating solidarity in mass numbers to getting heard. We didn’t even have vr social media then. Use all the tools at your disposal!

      • Ol’ Dubya … what a freakin disgrace to the Cancerian sun sign!! When we’re good we’re very very good … but when we’re bad, well let’s just say my mind wanders to the benefits of capital punishment.

        The rise of fundamentalism period concerns me. Any extreme position to the left or the right side of politics, religion or ideology in general always means the same thing – more of the winners/losers paradigm – less democratic process and less social justice as a result.

        I don’t like hating … but seriously I’m really starting to fuqing hate this government.

        • I just noticed your “Dame.” Lol!

          Yeah, sorry about Dubya. Hey we all have our sun sign disgraces. My list of low brothers & sisters is lonnnggg.

          Are you still working with dom violence survivors? Because that is so ZZ relevant it’s ridiculous. When higher up political shit rolls downhill– and it always does– that’s what is at the bottom of the hill: families. Women & children. Very ZZ fall-out front lines.

    • Dame. 😆

      Had a feeling what your comment would be about when I saw that. 🙂

    • Don’t ever ever believe the version of events given by the media. You need to be there yourself to be able to have a validated opinion.

  9. I see it as a time of letting go what wants to go, you know? With confidence and grace and class. No need to be nasty. Just firm. So…give them the boot, yeah?

    As for my personal ZZ, Mars retro in my first. Learned I have a vitamin D deficiency that may be causing depression. Cool to have something to improve with a pill! Not really feeling the “oh fuq!” thing I need to fix. Jupiter in the 10th – lots of work, none of it feeling problematic for me. Just my confidence problems. All bad attitudes are self-esteem issues. I see the pattern now. From the first Uranus-Pluto square – I see the progression. The first time – what was it September 2012? Anyway, I had no idea what I was being called out on by the energy of the time. I felt it, but couldn’t see it. Now I see the problem in my attitude and how its been challenged and how I’m evolving and how I can be more balanced. Like the Bible says, don’t worry about the spec in your brother’s eye, find the plank in your own. Its painful to poke around your own eye. But once you find the obstruction, you’ve got to get it out. If for the suddenly leo that means booting some people, so be it.

    • Wait…it was June/July…the first square? In any case, these long transits of outer planets come off in layers. So it makes sense that as we get deeper into the issues, more external actions are happening. I don’t see that as starting any war.

    • Hi 12v, a random thing, vitamin d synthesis is also linked to other nutrients such as (I think) vitamin k ? One of the b vitamins? Something like that. Guessing as you guys are coming out of winter, maybe haven’t had much sunlight to help with the vit D. X good luck

      • Not sure how it got so low, but it is really low. Dr. suggested B 12 to go with it. Buy one get one free sale at the drug store too! Health care is such a racket. She keeps trying to get me in for visits and writes prescriptions for what I can buy over the counter. She wrote me a prescription for some mega vitamin D pill that you take once a week for 12 weeks. Seems extreme – because if I do get more sun then too…its a lot. Anyway, prescription wasn’t there and sale was on so I just bought some D3 and B12. We’ll see how it goes.

        • remember Sun has to hit belly, thighs or underneath arms to activate – i think someone here told me that!

  10. The Tao flows through the Universe like.. a worm through the earth, or a bird wheeling in flight. It doesn’t get stuck, it doesn’t get dirty.
    To align yourself with that energy is freedom, confidence, peace etc.
    I think if you keep that feeling or energy close and be sensitive to when it is time to move, you can’t fail!

    Having said all this, I have been struggling with the simple fact of the Now. No anxiety about tomorrow, no depression about yesterday, but holy crap, the Now can be hard yakka. Like continuous, low-level Mabarosi. A bit uncomfortable but enlightening.

    • Mabarosi reminds me of how I feel about having an a grand mal epileptic fit. It’s illuminating, give you a total high and yet is exhausting.

    • Your Mercury in Kataka is showing, Andro 😉 Gorgeous, putting this on the fridge. My new fridge. xx

      • Really?! Wow. I once told MM 18 years ago that I stuck her weekly horoscope from the paper on the fridge and she said she was deeply honoured. 🙂
        I am amazed!!! Congrats on the new fridge more importantly, 😉

        • There: your words in my handwriting stuck with a blue sea turtle magnet onto my new fridge that keeps shit cool. Perfect 😉

            • Kataka is my 5th. Love to you, Andro.

              (I credited you on the note too: “Andro, 3.27.14”)

              Goodnight x

  11. In the Spirit of The Zap Zone I have rearranged all my Pinterest Boards and changed all their cover pictures.

    That will be all, thankyou. Zap Zone done and dusted for me 🙂

  12. A few yrs ago the daily scopes mentioned that if I lit a fuse that day , I would be bringing down a lot of shit. (Paraphrasing of course) I had also just found out neptunian toro was shagging someone else so I didn’t give a fuq: i held the lighter to the wire. 5-4-3-2-1-Ka-boom. ( altho v drawn out lol).
    That was personal, but your sitch is obvs way bigger. If you reckon you have your ducks in a row, incl good legal and financial advice and your personal reputation mgt/care factor is about right (I guess? In case there’s blowback? Just a thought) , and these guys have it coming, then…..

  13. I was wondering the same thing as Suddenly Leo… I don’t like to sit back and let the zap zone blow around me. I want to work with it!

    For some reason I have been compelled to take this 3 week trip in my car down to the south. I am going to see my father who I haven’t seen since I was 14. I haven’t even talked to him on the phone, but we’ve been emailing each other the last couple years. It’s going to be TRIPPY.

    If I’m going to have the craziest moment I’ve had in a while, it should probably be during my Saturn Return and during the Zap Zone.

    By the way, I’ve had a great time during all the other ZZ boiling points. Ok, so there was one break up in August 2012. Saw that coming and I was having too much fun on the side, regardless. Even when it made me sad I was having too much fun.

    Last Christmas’ ZZ I decided I would bring my grey zone Libra *Vampire boy to my hometown for Christmas- even though we were “over”, even though he tortures me with his amazingness- STILL the best time EVER.

    *Not a Qi Vampire…he just is a vampire.

    I don’t avoid intensity and change….I just become it….get with it…just don’t get sucked into other people’s mentally unstable versions of it!

  14. Hi suddenly Leo. Great question. I’ve been wondering the same thing. I guess the good thing is that you have been well forewarned by this site and I presume that you have been practicing being grounded and fortifying yourself. You seem to have a good strategy and are working from a conviction that what you are about to do is right and the decent thing to do. That in itself is a Major. Anything or any fight that arises from the Heart as opposed from the ego will always win, in one way or another – no matter how turbulent the times are. If your gut feeling (Mind- in Chinese med) is in tune with your Heart feeling, then you don’t have a choice – it’s almost like fate is on your side. Go for it coz the world needs people like you now. Good luck!

  15. I vote for zap but not till Monday. Got legals organised (thank you brother lawyer who drops everything for me to write said’ back off’ legal email on a saturday.)
    will send and slide out the backdoor wih elegance and poise. No fireworks just drop and run.
    Been most horrific stressful 7 week contract ever and so glad to be over. Next plan 2 week road trip then bluesfest – go me.

  16. Re the question in the original post – has anyone ever bothered to view the financial reports that some of these very large, well known and trusted charities are obliged to provide for the general public?

    I listened to someone telling me such about several of them at Easter last year. I looked up the 2012 public financial reports of a well known charity that everyone trusts, ie; to be looking after the interests of their loved ones afflicted with cancer. I was shocked to read the figures. In round figures – out of $8 100 000 donated by the faithful public – only $380 000 went toward research in eliminating the disease, $720 000 was distributed to subsidiary organisations and the REST went on marketing and administration and real estate costs!!!!!!!!!!!