Up Your Own Yang With The Saggo Moon

woman in haute couture bow and arrow

So i got a really complicated essay-email from a Sagittarius guy a few months ago – he thought when i used the word “Yang”, i was referring (somehow) to the term Yoni. And so cue a “fresh translation” of the Kama Sutra as it pertains to Moon Cycles. I think there may have been some biodynamic Dream Weed involved on his part.  The other day someone sent me an email with the term “Zeus Juice” in there – i am on a roll.

Anyway the Zap Zone rolls on – have you heard about the “holy grail” gas deal between Russia and China set to alter geopolitics forever (?) along with the rest of it, of course –  but it is a Sagittarius Moon Weekend!  We have more Yang/Fire/Rad Candor/Pro-active super-humanly relaxed and yet productive vibes to speed our momentum.

I LOVE the Sagittarius Moon…I think it is magic.  More so since mid-2013 and until July with Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) in Cancer/Kataka (ruler of the Moon) – get it?  It’s called “mutual reception” which sounds like something off the menu off a high class brothel but basically it just means that the Moon in Saggo is even more beneficial and cosmically aligned than usual. It’s good.

Archery Tip Du Jour That You Can Translate To Life: A faster bow is harder to draw.

Image: Patrick Demarchelier

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147 thoughts on “Up Your Own Yang With The Saggo Moon

  1. The woman in that picture is displaying terrible archery form. It’s cool to see women shooting but please let’s show someone doing it well…

    • Aesthetically it’s wonderful, though– don’t you think? The colors, the symmetry… very Equinox, I feel.

      • Oh that is a beautiful photo. I love the three panels in the dress that follow her leg movements, counterbalanced by those ripples that drape over her knees. Her whole body is one sinuous, rotating. There’s only one straight line in that photo: the arrow. Well, and the bowstring I suppose.

        But there is a beauty and power in a real archer too. I poked around the web and here’s a really Saggo image I liked.


    • I agree with both of you. Doesn’t look like she’d be likely to recruited as a sharpshooter any time soon, but the line of the dress is fabulous the way she has posed.

      gosh the more I look at that, the more sadge it seems… giant open horizon.. lake, mountains, she’s up high with the view…stretch clothing in an uncomplicated style… 🙂 Fab image of Steph Gilmore (oz surfer) looking very chilled / skilled on a wave popped up in my newsfeed with IT’S THE WEEKEND as the header..
      sun is shining !!

    • YES! My Virgo eye noticed this as well. The arm drawing back the arrow is all wrong!!!!

      Did some shooting last summer at the beach. So much fun(I have good aim naturally though).

  2. It’s always the biodynamic dream weed. Wait. What were we talking about?

    My AC & MC are lit up like a winter solstice tree, NN in Sagg is The burning bush to your holy moly grail!

    *Yang* Love it x

    • Mwhahahahahahhahaahahahaha
      Biodynamic what were we talking about again!
      My flat smells like I’m toking on that stuff since last night. It occurred to me that the neighbours might have issues with it but then I figured they were cool with the mutual reception, audible acrobatics of last year, they should be relieved to only have their noses assailed by my shenanigans this year jah?
      They are so posh in my building, you never get to meet them anyway. I probably ought to move somewhere less costly in terms of the rental but oh I love my view.
      Go sago moon! Onward and upward with the IC /Neptune detox!
      Have hired a cleaner via some big corporate co to pop in a few hours per week.
      Voila, no more “personal issues” with staff at home. Seriously that whole vibe of constantly needing help with my home affairs and then employing someone who needed MY help who would proceed to take over my life was so lower Kataka 8th house South Node.
      My NN says, GO CORPORATE for house help.
      It’s nothing personal. I’m just rubbish at dusting, vacuuming and mopping and I want my life back. The payment method is woken out by the quarter rather than cash in hand each week and guess what?
      Yup, it’s cheap as chips.
      Come Monday evening I’m going to have a super clean home which will keep mz Virgonits under control and my Scitzophenic Saggo can feel more relaxed about living here too.
      Now back to the clutter intervention and deep cleaning of le weekend.
      Happy Saggo moon astro Homies xxx

      • Brill to delegate what you can to free up your energy! I too put the view high on my priority list: what you see out of your windows should be uplifting, right? x

        • Totally. Especially in a city like LND where it can feel heavy and a bit depressing. I’ve noticed when I have either no view or live in a really dodgy area because it’s cheaper, I feel really low. As if all the problems of living here are 10 times worse than they really are. Whereas when I pay more but live somewhere lovely, I just feel so much happier and tend to focus on the positive aspects of the city. I’m quite excited about getting a corporate style cleaner person to help out. I feel like I spend all my time cleaning up. I guess I just suck at it. I’ve been trying to master it all my life but I can’t seem to. I guess my OCD side kicks in and I start getting caught up in tiny details. ADHD is another of my excuses. Anyway. Very happy I’ve made the choice now. Need to free up some time and take my power back re this. I’m better at making money than doing the home maker-y stuff. I’m always too generous with people I employ tho so am determined to watch this compulsion. It messes up the dynamic and makes people very uncomfortable. Also it has the effect of making the person I’m employing feel they can do no wrong. A reflection of my own inadequacy re not being Martha Steward. I usually tell them how rubbish I am. I mean they can tell!! But ja am going to not over state that this time. Need to keep a professional distance. NN vs SN

  3. there have been weirdings lately for sure. I have been not pressuring myself lately since mars is retro, and ya know I feel a lot better because of it. And also there has been some sort of change in me I am not even entirely sure about. I passed by a cute girl the other day and we smiled at each other, I was to nervous for a big toothy smile but I managed a shy grin, she was really really hot and I was into her in particular and that was really nice. I wouldnt have been able to do that at any other time previously.

    Also this girl who I quarrel with a lot and have an antagonistic relationship with and we get on each others nerves in a special kind of way, like an archer llana dynamic, might be what mystic means by things being hinted at now that might be a thing later. We can’t stand each other, more so last year, and I keep running in to her randomly. If I end up with her in any capacity for any amount of time I will be so upset, that would be such a cliche. But once I started thinking about it there is a lot of synchronicity there, to a weird degree. Ugh I hope thats not what happens, the possibility hadn’t even crossed my mind till today.

        • hahahah!

          get what you’re saying with the ‘smile at hottie’ thing though. to go from total avoidance of gaze, to eye contact and actual smile (of any degree) is a giant leap within ourselves, in my experience, even if they seem like tiny steps! can’t underestimate their value.

          • true.
            I find it really difficult to do and I’m the original Uberflirt.
            It’s tough not to come across as crazy, better to be perceived as hot but shy. It’s way more disarming than barring your fangs like a loon every time you see the hot person who you fancy. Oh and re the love/hate vibe Jah TOTALLY! It’s love. Face it you were MFEO 😀

            • I dunno about the love in the love/hate part ha. How much are you joking though guys? Is that a thing? I have heard stories about people who couldn’t stand each other then end up married and inseparable a decade later, uggh

              • Oh jah David it IS A THING. I think we are all kinda teasing you cuz you’re sweet and its cute watching you get all embarrassed and like “noooooo!” But yes there really IS truth to this thing too. I’ve had situations just like that where me and a guy HATED each other and it genuinely was just that we were both so massively into each other – honestly if we met now it would be a kind of OMG we’d most likely be even more into each other. The thing is we have these ego defences and we prevent ourselves from admitting it because it’s too “offensive” to our carefully constructed egos and the identities we have created for them. If you honestly look at how you both really feel??
                Why would you have such a strong reaction to a person. Especially of the opposite sex?
                It’s like textbook psyche stuff. Remember at school – like when you were 5 didn’t you have a girl that you “hated” because secretly you had a mad crush on her? In my experience those are the ones that last. The really strong vibes. Attraction and repulsion are two sides of the same coin. Especially where intimacy is concerned. At some point you are horrified by another person and the power they have to hurt you. To me that’s all it is. But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe you really do hate her. You don’t seem like someone who has a lot of hate to me tho. To me just not knowing you or her from what you’ve said yes it does sound like one of those really strong attraction -repulsion scenarios which can be more intense and binding than simple boy meets girl A B C of love.
                For instance, as a woman its way hotter to say to a guy “I hate you” than ” I love you”. Love is nice, love is sweet, love is pretty but “I hate you” is hot.
                Hey I’m just speaking for myself here but “I hate you and I still fancy you” means the attraction is stronger than reason or logic or ego or circumstance. But I’ve got Venus trine Neptune so I would say that. Lol

                • Personally have experienced that.

                  I hated the ex Pisces so much because I loved him so much.

                  We’d had Sun and Venus conjunct in our midpoint chart…Robert Hand describes that as a love hate thing and that the line is very thin.

                  I have Venus opposition Neptune and so guess I can say that because he shattered my illusions I hated him.

                  I used to say that he “ruined my innocense”.. and I was angry about that. But it really was about so much more.

              • I would be careful about getting into a thing with someone you already have an antagonistic relationship with – seems a bit masochistic to me. and, uh, yes, I know someone who did that, and it didn’t end well for me, ah, them 😉

                • Yeah I agree Cal.
                  Personally I’ve never experienced this hate/love thing. It’s either one or the other. Pretty black and white for this Scorp. No shades of grey. I also know pretty much straight away if I’ll fall for someone or not. I’ve also never been in a situation where I’ve fallen slowly, over time with a friend. It’s always *bang* it’s on or it’s not. I like you or I don’t.
                  Eros in Scorp
                  Uranus/Pluto/Mars in 8th

                  Psyche in Aqua – if they don’t blow my mind first then forget about it!

                  • psyche in Aqua here too!

                    do you attract some crazy mofos with that Pluto/Uranus/Mars conjunction in the 8th Scorpy?

                • LOL. hmmm. I dunno. I don’t think so. Maybe I have… What’s “normal” ? … what’s “crazy” ?
                  I’ll tell you what though – I’d put the ex Crab in the crazy category. Not psycho bats crazy but enough quirks to keep a psychiatrist entertained.
                  Took me too long to work out he has Uranus square Sun? 😯 Too many idiosyncrasies for my liking and not in a good way. Plus an Aqua midheaven. 😐

                  Anyway, my one truly madly deeply lover/boyfriend from 14 years ago was a Virgo with Aqua moon and Aqua rising. But haute Aqua ALL the way. He was amazing. Can’t find a single fault with him at all and I feel blessed to have spent time with him on this earth.
                  The biggest falling out I’ve had with a female friend was an Aqua – and extremely low one.

                  I guess it’s a mixed bag.

                  Uranus/Pluto tight conjunction – 15º/13º – in 8th, yes. But Mars (also in 8th) is 0º – too wide an orb for all 3 to be a conjunction. I thought it was still considered a conjunction if planets are in the same sign and house?

  4. My Aqua son teenager has Natal moon in Saggy. Has kept him optimistic, even when down or angry.
    BUT I am worried about him now…..getting kicked off the much longed for position on the baseball team really upset him.
    Praying for a miracle……

    Early this morning dreamed about the redheaded baby again. Sag is in my 4th house. It was a long detailed dream. I loved her beyond belief. Held her, nursed her, looked in the mirror with her. So real, so sweet.

    • Maybe she already exists somewhere, someplace. 😉
      Are you just visiting or do you feel you need to get her incarnated here in this time and space you occupy?

        • Yes, I really want another, but I have had no dreams… And I wouldn’t want to go there without spiritual guidance, assurance that it would be a less stressful parenting role than my current parenting situation has been.
          I wish you luck with this! Tick tock hey. 😉

  5. Think it’s really about what you have your ~eye~ set on…the arrow is secondary!

    Aw, had long talk with Gem daughter today. Had she had Gdaughter today she would have been Sagg Moon..like both of my daughters…Gem and Kataka..

    She will be what she will be..one thing for sure…she will be born by my Aries Father’s (her great grandfather’s ) birthday, the 27th…As by that time she will be quite over due..

    I’m not going to peek at anything from here on out…How rude to intrude on the unborn..For the time being am forsaking all astro just to let be..Ears and eyes closed..x

      • It will be fun to pull her chart up that first time and see her rising and Moon.

        Her Aries Sun will be opposite her elder sister’s Libran sun. With trans Mars/her birth Mars Rx in Libra perhaps they will get on thick as thieves…lol

        • that will be so much fun! Sweetpea I know lots of siblings whose suns oppose each other, it’s interesting. they are all close.

          Also, my mother’s birthday is the same as your father’s and my daughters the same as yours!

          • Aw thanks Calypso. And yes, I remember about your daughter’s and mine birthday…And now your Mother’s and my Fathers…hey, are we related? 🙂

            Tonight, 10:19 pm Cali time, my phone rang. My daughter said her water broke. Hurray! Baby is on the way. If she is born before by 1:00 pm today (March 23rd), she will have a Sagg Moon. If not, Cap like me…I will reserve my opinion on that as it is not proper to talk about such a sacred thing as when someone is born.

            But I’ll tell you something. Just before I was awoken by the phone I was having an “experience” while I was asleep. Need to just hold that in my heart for a bit, but there is something going on with her arrival on the Spirit level. x

  6. I love the sag moon. All important people around me are sag moons, like my soulmate daughter. They teach to relax, chill, and not to take stuff so seriously. Because truly it isn’t that serious. It really isn’t, unless someone is truly sick or dying because find a solution to that. So serious with all the drama. LOL. I love the sag moon.

  7. I always imagine the future will be a Chinese Russian style future a la Bladerunner.
    Americana will be the nostalgic past. They might have the biggest army the world has ever seen but it’s only useful as long as people believe in wars, which they seem not to as much?
    The Chinese bureaucrats are interesting as they are all traders first I believe.
    The advantage of their history I guess is that they realise you have to actually train your leaders – not get a smarmy bunch of lawyers to run the farm like Australia does.
    And bring on the commodity-backed reserve currency.. harvest ye gold while ye may.. the Chinese are.

    • The ulitmate future will be “And all of the the religions of the Earth will be synchronised”…The 12 tribes of Isreal and the 12 Trumpets in the bible are all indicative of energies…

      America, China, Russia –

      ~And that, that of those of the 12 temples (Vortices) and locations of the Earth are all insignificant to that, that which is to come”.. Lord Zadkiel…

      Try to not get deluded by the voices of this earth..Think higher and in terms of sychronicity and harmony. I know it’s difficult in the face of things at times..At times I get lost too. If only you knew how I clutch at times to the angel who had come to me in 1987…I would be lost without it.

      I speak to you with absolute Truth of what was give to me by the Angels. x

      • Yes, I hope not be deluded by the voices of the fearful. But I think more that I want to accept and work with whatever comes my way… If things get bad, they do. If they improve, they do. As long as I hold my centre with clarity and strength I am doing my job, no? I don’t have to believe in a sunny future, but it’s good to not be pessimistic either as it just injects emotion into a future event, giving body to the idea. To go with the Tao, the flow of the Universe is my goal, not to get stuck into concepts or belief systems really… Yet, certain things are as they are, that’s ok too. Thank you for sharing your Angels blessed words.

        • Yes !!!! When the valleys fill with water, move to the mountains. This is the approach I have taken in my life. I attribute this to time I spent studying I Ching. There will be stormy days and there will be sunny days. Countries will be lead by unworthy people and worthy. It’s how you respond to these conditions and act. By observing nature and the way it behaves under duress and sustenance we can foresee the future, as nature does . If it’s raining in the west and the wind is strong from the west and I am in the east then it won’t be long till the rain arrives here. You can decide to ignore it or try and change it or even shake your fist at it or find a shelter till the storm passes. It’s only necessary to be one step ahead. There is no need for grand unifying theories . Even the simplest person can obtain the objectivity needed to not only survive but to thrive…without conflict.

    • I dunno if we should trust the chinese currency wise. I think the best governing that ever was was under the ottomans in their heyday(before they spent too long in the harem). They would train their sultans their whole life to be experts in everything including governing. They were actually pretty religiously lenient compared to some other places and valued science the arts and even had the best hospitals for a while I am pretty sure (might be mixing up my empires though).

      I think we are getting to a point tech wise with war where you can’t just conquer the world with a big enough military any more. I think the biggest thing is the world economy though, like you mention the gold standard isn’t around any more(lets not get into that whole thing, it was bad at first, lets just leave it at that) the US dollar IS the gold standard. America is so rich they can just borrow indefinitely, as much as they want, and all the other countries have to keep it up or else the whole global economy built around it will collapse, but that just lets America borrow more and more and its the only country that can get away with it. I wouldn’t go so far as to say debt is bad when it comes to global stuff, and austerity doesn’t work, and you do need to spend, but america is different, its like a spoiled child run amok but now the parents of this monster have to placate it and hope for the best. Its too late to go back now, and the only solution I see is easing in to better regulation so the financial markets can’t keep abusing this weird way things work now, but thats a huge battle in and of itself. So I wouldn’t phrase it as our biggest problem is the debt, but our ability to borrow infinitely and get away with it, outside of huge catastrophe, the only solution is regulation. There shouldn’t be banks this big, they are intermediaries and the fact they make so much profit shows there is a deep problem with the financial culture of it all. Its all deregulated and they just run amok and keep getting huge profits somehow because its all just too big to fail even if they face endless court cases for illegal shit. The logic is if its big enough, it can just get away with whatever it wants. Anyways rant over, I could keep going forever on this, you don’t even need to delve into conspiracy theories, the normal boring stuff no one knows about is terrible enough, but thats a whole other thing.

      • Well I am not financial analyst, but yes, things are changing… The US dollar isn’t the gold standard, it’s the currency in which oil is priced and traded though. But that is changing with China and other countries buying oil in other currencies, even gold. Petrodollar needs to go, wars fought over oil are really about maintaining the petrodollar… Saddam was a good guy until he announced he was going to start selling oil in Euros. Without the petrodollar, well… it leads eventually to the Fed Res losing the ability to just keep on printing new money out of thin air for a start. Bye bye, hegemony via petrodollar. Too big to fail, well China is bigger. That may not be as bad for the rest of the globe. Or it may, I dunno.

        • a re balancing of global power would be interesting, but china has been doing super crazy shady currency manipulation for a while now and their economy is probably the most unpredictable and haywire there is, china is big I guess but a lot of their success is just fudged numbers, eventually healthy inflation will catch up with them and they will have to pay their workers more and then suddenly everyone won’t be outsourcing to their country anymore and they will be in the same boat as the rest of us except probably worse off due to the size of their population and the ramifications for unnaturally forcing their economy to stay in arrested development for so long

          • “Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell”, sayeth E. Abbey. I do believe all countries engage in super shady currency manipulation, really there is no moral highground in this area. I don’t know what to say to, “I guess a lot of their success is just fudged numbers”! Well I have loads to learn about this area. (Though I am not as much a fan of zerohedge which I find a bit uneven in terms of viewpoint).

            • the name of the game of currency is pretty shady, but even compared to that china manipulates its currency to a crazy degree, which is why the dollar and euro are considered safe to the degree money serves as an investment or a means to save what you have, and no one wants to invest in the yuan for the long term because of how shady and unpredictable the currency is, if you save your money in a bank, you save it in dollars or euros or whatever. Lots of investors invest in china but they invest in more short term things, no one wants to have their saving in terms of yuan. If they took certain steps they could have a currency as powerful as the dollar, but currently don’t. They do this so they can keep wages low and be a competitive labor supply among other things, but they are fudging the numbers. We fudge numbers too, but more in terms of making it look like we recovered from the recession when really its just the richest people, but at least this keeps things chugging along and prevents a panic or depression but hides the fact the poor were not helped at all while the rich were nearly rewarded.
              Also I don’t really read zero hedge, I think when I first heard about it they were calling for austerity, which is also bad economics. In fact last year or so it turns out the people who made austerity were doing so on a excel spreadsheet error(honest to god) and some random grad student found it and now there is nothing really proving austerity works. I usually keep up with qz.com and stuff like that, America is no ideal, but china is pretty economically shady and messed up. And being that way they actively hurt their people and keep them from having higher wages, which starts at the currency level. The thinking is if it grows on its own, factories will move to the next cheapest place, which isn’t the end for their economy by any means.

              • Generally agree!

                Personally I think the euro is flawed cos they’ve got separate bond markets, but one currency. That can’t work long term.

                “china manipulates its currency to a crazy degree” – Agree, but the US does the same. Try being an energy resource producing country who wants to sell their product for currency in Euro, Yuan or Gold. 6-12 months after later, they end up magically “regime changed”.


                “The United States dollar is the de facto world currency. Accordingly, almost all oil sales throughout the world are denominated in United States dollars (USD).[1] ….This creates a consistent demand for USDs and ostensibly supports the USD’s value, regardless of economic conditions in the United States.”

                Given USD is the de facto currency, whenever there are financial or economic problems in the world, money runs back to US for protection. So in a sense, global financial and economic problems causes money to run from the peripheral economies, back to the core. Motivation for these problems to exist… For smaller countries, open exchange of their currencies can cause decimation when this occurs…

                • Open exchange for most countries would be terrible, I dont think china should out and out do what the US says they should currency wise(the US doesn’t play fair either, but thats not an excuse to just be the worst about it), just that what their doing isn’t going to make their currency rival the dollar, along with it being messed up. I do know a bit about our shady oil interests but admittedly dont know much about it to the degree it affect what your talking about.

                  I would say Russia and China are a lot worse then the US, but when it gets to the point we unravel this and America is outright totally running a trade empire and controlling key resources to maintain power, then since they are in that position invariably they will be pretty fucked up. I don’t think thats right, but I do think russia and china are worse. If the balance of power shifted, I also don’t know if that would necessarily be a good thing either.

                  Are you saying the US in charge, to the degree underneath things their is still a real politik going on, is the worst way for things to be? I do think the US is terrible, and we have done war crimes nearly every presidency and we are pretty messed up, but I really do think modern Russia and China would be worse, although I will admit there is an argument there to be had.

                  • I don’t pretend to know how that would play out & I don’t want to send my energy there really. But it’s pretty bad for Iraq, Iran & a whole lot of people as it is… Let’s chat soon sweetie!

                • Like, I would phrase our unfair practices in relations to china in terms of us trying to force everyone to be free trade when we aren’t, on top of the fact we basically subsidize corporations causes american companies to be so big they can take advantage of a place like china, and in a way we are basically funding that and on the flip side not allowing other countries to protect themselves from it or fund their own.

            • and its true growth after a certain point is cancerous, but think of it in terms to a certain degree growth in economics is illusory, due to inflation, a bit of inflation is healthy but also makes it look like things grow just to grow, but really its a better problem to have then deflation which is a lot more dangerous than inflation. So on paper things have to err on the side of “growth” and inflation because things can’t stay the same, so if they are going to change, might as well change in a way that causes less damage

                • But whenever they print money they cause inflation, making people’s savings worthless.. it’s stealing in a way.
                  Tres immoral.

                  • if things are so deregulated that the less powerful are taken advantage of in this climate, then yes, but I don’t think it has to be that way, if you do too much inflation you wreck the economy, to the degree there is too much inflation the economy will suffer for it, and the poor will bear the brunt of that cost, but technically money will always be printed, and the way 401ks and what not are set up most people are screwed, but I dont think that is inherent in currency I guess, but if you think that I cant really argue against that interpretation

                    • Yes, I do think the less powerful are taken advantage of and it is inherent in currency.. but alas – we run out of room. 😉 Seeya!

                    • All good david! Just chatting! Nice to talk, makes me think about it all more clearly..

    • Blade Runner world was a fictional dystopic and overly populated city, many rich citizens moved to another colony in space.
      I love the movie as film, but not want to live in a gray, polluted, overcrowded city with no real animals or pets (cloned only) with limited resources and no sun. Too damn depressing.
      The Chinese have a bad track record of environmental issues, worse than Americas.
      I know some people who love the movie so much they want to destroy nature to achieve it- that scares me. (not saying that’s what you mean).
      There will always be war unless human DNA evolves past it. It will take a long time unfortunately to achieve “world peace” if ever.
      Just look at history of mankind, bloody. I am not in favor of it either.

      • Oh, I am not a fan of the Blade Runner ‘lifestyle’! Give me the green valleys and the running waters, the clean oceans and the sunrise over the jungle… It is the nature of things to rise and fall, flower and disintegrate, no matter my feelings on the topic.
        What an amazing world it could be without a currency system, I would love to see an alternative, though I don’t know what that would look like..

        • Good sci-fi has often made more than a passing philosophic reference to the impact of technological advancement on environmental and social health. Whilst technology delivers many benefits, it also has the tendency of instilling a lazy mentality where we squander existing resources, because hey science can clone and remake things, so who cares if species become extinct and resources vanish if profit is made from that process? The influence of the financial sector can also not be underestimated, whereby everything is seen as a resource (including humans) with a dollar value attached and thus subject to being bought and sold.

          Yep the problem with idealistic visions about the future, is that they don’t take into account free will – we humans have it and we don’t know how to use it, these ending up as slaves to social, economic and political agendas. Human kind must come to the party of spiritual awakening of its own accord, each individual connecting to his or her own truth within his or her own stage of development. It’s not a top down thing – religion has tried that and become corrupt in the process.

  8. Also, been reading a lot of posts from you guys about pisces dudes being all, ya know, fickle or weird or whatever. Like, a weird amount of you guys. Just wanted to say as a pisces(with moon in gemini no less) I am actually TERRIFIED of doing the things you guys are complaining about. Like I am actually really scared of flirting with girls mostly because I can totally see myself being super into a girl and being perfect for her, then just suddenly realizing “nope” and just being totally unable to keep dating or ever see them again(I would at least, ya know, break things off properly though not just ignore someone). I have even cycled through groups of friends where I am hanging out with them a lot and everyone likes me and what not then suddenly something small happens, not small to me, and I realize I am just suddenly out for good. It only happened like twice, and I can mostly explain myself but still. Like, moment to moment I can be full on and hang out all the time, but when I realize suddenly I am expected to be there for the long haul then I go, wait I definitely don’t want to be here indefinitely and then just disappear since apparently they expect me to hang out this much forever. In both cases they were more organizations, and I became fully involved, but didn’t entirely want to be, but did anyways for the people. I cared about the people and wanted to help, so would volunteer as much as they needed me or whatever. Suddenly though I just get the sense they expect it of me, and all of a sudden I am a member of this thing and these people have been members for years and its like wait I don’t even care about this thing that much I am just passing the time and trying to make things interesting I didn’t mean to get so fully entrenched in this and then I bail forever.

    Its kind of like I am a push over in a certain way I guess, and just meld with the group because I like them and want to help, but then all of a sudden I am deep in it, if I just happened to end up in something for years, whatever, but when a structure suddenly expects me to be there for a long time and keep doing what I am doing at the time for years I just have to bail before doing so becomes a big deal.

    I am deeply scared of doing that to a girl, that would be so mean, to be super into someone spending all your time with them then just disappear, and it makes me scared of flirting with girls. I think I am conscious enough of it I wouldn’t be dick about this, and I am not trying to hurt anyone, but dangit I need the hypothetical room to make radical crazy arbitrary change just because. I am aware enough of this in me I think I will avoid doing that to someone, but its weird you guys keep talking about this its what I am scared of doing. But also I am super young and by the time I am yalls age I expect to have figured it out by then. I am definitely going to be careful and talk things out with the girls I date though, intent counts for something.

    • OK i tried posting elsewhere about Pisces generalisations but space was squishy…i even mentioned your name. So here goes:

      I just wanted to say that while I understand people’s experiences with a sign can show Low traits in common, it’s not BECAUSE he is a Pisces that he is an emotional cretin, or stuck in pubescent emo behaviour. He is BOTH a Pisces who is ALSO stuck in bad patterns of relating (er, or NOT relating as the case may be).

      David, i think you are incredibly gifted in the emotional realms. You often say in a manner i still can’t, what it FEELS like to be Piscean. This means that you are very well placed to examine your own flaws, to overcome them. I know i am admired for my loyalty and tenacity, my wholehearted support and my deep commitment. Despite or because of being Piscean? What about all those 12th house issues? Lots to work on, and i guess gifted with the means to do so…but noone rolls up our sleeves for us and actually gets on with it.

      I think part of the issue actually is all about sexual politics in our cultures. You are smart enough to overcome the binds of anyone else’s definitions, including us “girls” here, of what it means to be a man. I only hope you find a girl who is smart enough to keep up with you, and not get taken in by surface appearance of malleability. But that’s your path to wander, not mine, and you learn however you learn, and so will she. Pisces just means fish, it doesn’t say what kind, and there are species that know nothing of the other species, deep sea and shallow, fresh and salt. A shark is a fish too.

      • I know I know, I didnt mean to say I will be this way just because of a sun sign, but that that type of relating or those types of issues I will have to sort out and it worries me, like I will probably be something a bit similar at first

        • Yes i think i was also meaning Other Non Pisceans feeling down on All Pisces Men.

          I think i am still very much a Mutable in that hot then cold way, somehow, and with my Uranus in 11th house i find groups really constricting, with their group rules and group conformity. As for one-on-one, well yes, i’m still a Pisces, so once i go cold for whatever reason (and it isn’t a one-off thing) then that’s it, because before then i give it my all. Maybe i still haven’t grown up, either. But usually it’s when my partner can’t grow with me, so i hear you on the needing room for hypothetical crazy change. Pisceans are sometimes known as heartbreakers and maybe that’s also why. It needn’t always be Lo stuff. As long as you’re as up front as you can be (that may be my Sag talking) and never disrespect someone by not letting them know. I’d rather hurt with truth than a lie, but you can also deliver truth in many ways, and kindly is one of them. When they don’t listen and just argue, well, i hate that. You might get told you’re too clever. It means: i don’t want to listen to you.

          • That’s EXACTLY it, at a certain point I will realize, shit thats all this person is and they probably won’t grow much for decades.
            Also there are tons and tons of times people can’t even follow what I am even talking about, so when I explain something complicated having to do with the break up, I feel like it will just sound like total bullshit, like I am just rationalizing being as terrible as the next guy, to them everything is fine and I am going to look like am just bull shitting them and kind of using intelligence just to be a dick.

          • And the worst part is I totally could be dick about it and lots of people wouldn’t know the difference, I could totally be terrible and get tons of girls(by using shady means) and just use bull shit and guile and just get out of things, so even if my intentions are right on lots of people wont eve be able to tell, because seriously if I was willing to bull shit girls or people I would be pretty good at it, kind of scary to me even.

            • Uh-huh there you go again, David, you just totally express what happens to me a lot. I think less now, but also i’m far more cautious in my speech. I’ve even subconsciously changed my accent over the years.

              Well i tell you what, i’ve gotten out of it and totally had a go at the lying thing, absolutely on purpose. I’ve always had a friend around so it was for their amusement, cos they would go wide-eyed at how strangers would believe me. I can never take anything from anyone that way. You watch, your Piscean compassion will absolutely kick in and you’ll try giving stuff away to them, and they’ll just try and give you more back. Perhaps that’s the ol’ Neptune-Jupiter-Moon Rising? But if i EVER try to actually get away with a lie for myself, on any count, i get an immediate universal bitchslapping. It’s quite weird, and my close buddies think it’s hilarious but are also a bit in awe when they see it in action, as they think i can get away with anything. Only genuine accidents, shenanigans and scrapes 🙂 Never anything even remotely Low. You know what, I’m glad. You should try it out one day, i’ll bet you have the same luck!

              • haha I can see that, things fall apart randomly on their own I can totally see how being a jerk outright would just make it happen even more often. In fact probably just trying to get things for yourself in general even if people aren’t hurt I bet

      • thats a whole nother confusing thing ha, most people meet on the internet now my age but I don’t have a huge social presence so I am not even on fb anymore, or any other social media, when I was it wasn’t doing me any favors and even though that’s a major part of things now its not something that gives me an advantage at all

        • like the particular way things work now is a particular disadvantage to me, I will sort it out, it just kinda sucks for now

        • This is the only place on the internet you’ll find me. And it’s true that everyone i know regardless of age, especially the creative types, are all on FB. It takes much more effort to find out where the gang are hangin, especially if they’re not part of the gang but some totally underground circle, and i’m not out and about as much so i miss my catch ups. However, all my fanging about partying here years ago paid off…a decade later and some people remember me, and bang, there you are. Someone asked one night how all these random groups of people knew each other, and one friend announced it was me (i was trying to be quiet, i hate those convos cos they’re not objective, and i tried to smile apologies at all the people i didn’t know but they thought i was being friendly and welcoming!) So i have those moments where i realise real connections are still organic, and i’m not left out, just that the advertising passes me by. I have to be proactive texting people, which is awkward because i’m SUPER impatient and SUPER sensitive so no replies get me down. Then i’ll get a storm of replies, even weeks later from some people, all in one afternoon, like on Thursday. It’s random and comes in waves, and i realise how awkward and sensitive i am, and i’m WAY past your age, David so yeah, good luck with that 🙂

          • haha thats exactly how I am with texting ha! Like most people its normal to just blow off people and not text back and oh well, but to me I expect at least a half assed sorry I was busy whats up. I just HATE having to text someone who previously hasn’t texted back, like just seeing that unanswered txt bubble drives me crazy, how can I txt back if they don’t even want to txt me? But to most people no one gives a shit, some people dont get responded to for like 8 texts and its normal.
            Are you saying I should join social media stuff and tough it out, I feel like I will have to eventually, its just my main friends aren’t on there so I look like I have no friends, so I feel like I am waiting till I have another friend group then I will have something to work with, otherwise having it is actually a weird liability and makes things worse

          • oh for some reason I misread that, your saying you don’t have that stuff either and are fine, woops, glad its doable for someone

            • Yes, that’s what i mean. I do give a stuff, more than anyone normal, but i don’t really give a stuff enough to use social media.

              • Ummm, except an astrology blog, right 🙂

                Very Pisces, yes? And only the blog with the brilliant artwork and the real witch running it 🙂 What can i say? 12th house Rising.

    • Awareness goes a long way in preventing douchebaggery behaviour towards another no matter what your sign, you’ll be fine David. (I suspect the unusually large amount of John West reject Pisces males a few of us around here have encountered of late has something to do with the recent Venus Rx, you’re not all rotten tuna! 😀 )

    • Oh dear. You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs. I suspect you can’t find a mate without breaking hearts. I hear stories about it working out for people – love from elementary school on, but even you’re too old for that now ;-). No one likes being hurt, but that’s the risk of intimacy. You just try to be respectful and its not easy when there are emotions and people get childish. There are a lot of walking wounded among us. Don’t be hard on yourself. If your break up style is to say “hey, its not working” and disappear there are far, far worse. There’s no perfect way to do it, no matter your sun sign. And if Pisces are getting lots of attention as far as break-ups go, it is as much a sign that they are likable than that they are not.

      • hmm thats a good point 12hv. Probably I am worrying too much, I can just kind of tell certain things ahead of time, but I am sure I am making things over blown and I am sure there will be plenty of girls where this won’t even come in to play. I just know I am deeper then most people my age and girls can appreciate that, and I have talked to friends(who are like me) about this and they actually do kind of go through the exact things I am worrying about. So I don’t entirely know how to explain it, but there is a certain thing, a real thing that will happen, that I will have to deal with, and how here today gone tomorrow I am only makes it worse. Probably I am just worrying too much.

    • David, It’s really good that you are thinking about these things… I didn’t know men thought about these things. Is that sexist of me? Really, kudos.

      However, another part of me wants to hit you with a ruler and say “Hey if you’re afraid you might find something you don’t like in a girl than don’t go ‘all in’ until you know her very well!”

      But the fact that you are young and even thinking these things puts you way ahead of the game…

      Just had a man (a 35 year old “man”) with the moon in Pisces pull a similar thing on me…something must have happened to flip that switch in him but he didn’t even take the time to be honest…just got all weird and said every line in the book ” i just got out of a relationship” and ” i need to be single right now”. I’ll never know what really happened and THAT is what breaks my heart.

      It’s also what makes him seem like a coward to me.

      Fall in love but don’t be a coward. Don’t be afraid to tell someone that you don’t think something is right anymore. Saying ” my intuition isn’t agreeing with this” is acceptable in my book…

      • I think I won’t do it on purpose, like since I am inexperienced I might think I am super into someone and then suddenly realize I am not, but I will probably be careful about it and too self conscious of that possibility for it to be an issue

    • One thing that came to mind David as I read your post is that your Pisces Sun and Gemini Moon are both mutable and so it’s understandable you could have the propensity to feel hemmed in and more committed thru others expectations than you would like to be.

      There are four of you there…Two fish and a pair of twins…

      Two of them are going in opposite directions and two of them are talking to themselves which means there could actually be six.

      Who needs a group to hang with?


      Perhaps you are just sorting thru how to honor your own options without hurting others. I would have to agree with Mill in that you are quite advanced in the emo dept. and how wonderful is that?

        • With your square between the Animus/Sun and Anima/Moon, you will no doubt feel a need for internal integration…or the inner, as they call “Mystcal Marriage”.

          Ultmately it is between you and your Soul and it is usual to work toward that thru the transformative relationships that you have with others. Another words, they are a catalyst for you to do that work. They are on the outter but it helps you on the inner, obviously.

          Find the Sun/Mn midpoint in your chart. It is highly senstive to other people and transits.

          Think with the square this could be very important for you to explore.

          • Ya its something I have thought about and think about, and my sun is in the 7th too so it probably will play out in relationships. I think it makes me more irritable and fussy, and like I have to go through huge internal nonsense just to get my way, its definitely a big deal and causes a lot of inner pressure.

  9. Felt like Saggo moon was everywhere last 24 hours. After a hard core reach down to my core to keep going kinda new job I get a bomb thrown at me late friday arvo ala potential major fuq up on my part and on my useless employer’s part. However had beautiful rainforest escape already teed up withe lusty one and he took over and we sailed like an arrow to heaven. he took me to my fav camping spot in the world and on my fav country drive in the world pus lots of laughs etc etc along the way..
    He was so gentle and understanding. Its our first trip away for yonks and we do it with ease now. sigh…..

  10. I just remembered this great dream I had last night: I was standing on the bank of a river and wondering how I could get across it & to the bridge which was further up. I stood there while my eye followed the path I wanted to take, across the water, up to the bridge which will lead me to … right where I was standing.

    Natal Neptune in Sagg

    • me too!
      Awesome dream!
      I dreamed some lawyer was unboxing a treasure chest from an ex husband in a previous life.
      It was stuff that was bequeathed to me by him.
      All manner of gaudy looking gold objects d’art very Versace! Like Roman or Greek style ashtrays!
      Bit weird but I got the point. At one stage I recognised the symbol for Jupiter on an ashtray or plate thing-y and I realised that, yes it was ok to accept these gifts. Until I saw Jupiter’s symbol I’d been very reluctant to accept anything. It felt wrong to profit in this way. Due to divorce, via lawyers. It’s my Saggo blasé side. I understood from Jupiter’s symbol that I should accept these gifts as they were a gift from Jupiter. Gold maybe metaphorical? dunno ashtrays very odd lol

      • Was quite taken with this symbolism & looked it up, ashtrays according to dream moods mean: “To see or use an ashtray in your dream suggests that you are trying to rid yourself of former feelings/memories and your old ways. It symbolizes relationships that have been extinguished and no longer intact”. Also, “Seeing Jupiter in your dream indicates your need to expand your knowledge and explore your limits”. Golden things can indicate spiritual riches. When combined I see it like you are seeing the value of ridding yourself of this way of thinking/relating in a powerful way. Awesome! Btw, I mentioned in another post, ignore if you saw & it didn’t resonate, but being so about female empowerment, I wondered if you having the masculine term invictus had a special meaning to you? I think of you as embodying feminine victory, invicta! Either way you are on a winning streak with that dream. Do pardon if I am being Virgoan (Virgo ruled 3rd House, Mercury ruled chart), my latina side is coming out.. 😉

        • Oh wow Andro thank you! That is so cool. Yes, Invicta fits, I love it!
          I seldom go back and read past threads unless one particularly grabs my attention on the sidebar – I suspect I’m subconsciously afraid of what I will read! I tend to reveal quite openly here and although I really value what feedback I do get I find sometimes I worry that I’ve offended so I didn’t see that comment of yours re Invicta vs Invictus. Definitely prefer Invicta! Really interesting observation about ashtrays and my dream! x

        • ‘Invictus’ references poem by W.E. Henley as well as the 2009 film re: South African history involving Nelson Mandela: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Invictus_(film)

          Wikipedia link says that “‘Invictus’ (film) was released in the United States on December 11, 2009. The title ‘Invictus’ may be translated from the Latin as “undefeated” or “unconquered”, and is the title of a poem by British poet William Ernest Henley (1849–1903).”

          The poem was of particular special meaning to Nelson Mandela during his 27 years in prison. Mandela famously shared the poem with (SA rugby captain at the time) Francois Pienaar ahead of the 1995 Rugby World Cup – an event (and eventual South African victory) Mandela hoped would help unify a newly democratic, apartheid-free South Africa.

          Magic poem: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Invictus

    • Profound Gemmy!

      What’s that saying “wherever you go, there you are?”

      Suppose one might not bother when they are already there…

  11. I booked a camping trip yesterday, that explains it. I told my Aries-Gem-rising daughter Pisces was coming by on Sunday to say bye and she said “Why? Its just going to make us sadder when he leaves.” She’s got Pluto in Sag in her 7th house. And i was like “You are right!” So I canceled with him! No more need for diplomacy!! I’m Neptune and north node in Sag 3rd house. I have a lot to learn from my daughter 🙂

    • What a wise little lovely, aw I get a pang to hear her feelings on the situation, but she is so lucky to have you to learn from and share with. Have a great camping trip!
      Neptune in the 3rd? No wonder you have such a way with words.

    • Wise move! Wise daughter, and then of course, so are you for listening to her instincts (which reflects your own instincts deep down).

      As a natal Sag Moon conjuct Neptune, I agree that dragged-out goodbyes often just makes things worse, and can actually be barrier to healing/moving on.

      I just loved the straight-to-the-point “why”? aspect of your daughter’s response. …’Why’ being the most important question we can ever ask about anything.

      Big bold & beautiful (of the non-soap opera kind) onwards & upwards vibes to you 12HV!

    • Haha! She’s onto it, all right! Neptune AND NN…that is an intriguing combination.

      People who break up then want to come back to hash it all out…are people who don’t listen in the first place.

      • Years ago, saw my tarot card lady and she had said that if I met with my ex…like he was trying to get me to do……

        “I just see you getting into a huge fight”

        That ended up helping me a lot to stay strong because it was just really about him having control and not feeling dumped….Hello idiot….now you know what it feels like..

        Karmas a bitch…or the Universe is fair and so the universe allotted me that and I took it and ran with it…never looked back. He had underestimated me.

        Cocky Leo Moon/Mars…Sun opposite Pluto..

        In our Draconic charts (it is on the drop down at Astro.com…), he has an Aries Moon on my Natal Sun…ha.

    • As Aries Gem rising myself, thank God when she said “why?” you did not say “because I said so”.

      Just an awful thing to tell a Gem kind of person and then the bossyness to boot.



    When I realized I was really going to do it I almost broke down in tears of joy.

    My mentor called me and swooped in on my mind at the nick of time. Bitch slapped me around, told me if I don’t start dedicating my life to photography I might “end up a washed up club kid- which is fine if that’s what you want” . Ha! She’s a riot!

    She’s a Scorpio but almost certainly Sagg rising or Moon.

    • scorp sagg combo’s are The Best. Two of the most legendary women I know are late saggi with strong scorp aspects e.g. venus / merc / rising etc. take real friends and other shit seriously but also violently irreverent and can laugh at themselves given the right company.

      the outdoorsy multiscorp has simply got to have sadge rising, which would make him a 12th house multi scorp O_o, that’s also cool. it’s the sadge cheer 🙂

  13. Light day today. Natal sagg moon. Dancing in my dorm room
    Ending it productively. Love saggo moons. Parents on holiday. So happy for them. Coming to the end of week 1 of 6 of my low fodmap diet for my IBS. Hope it works…

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