Virgo Moon Hyperdrive

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Women Before 10am Meditating with dog

This Virgo Moon (boosted by Saturn) is like a new chip installed in our neural circuits. Seriously. Like a non-stop script running in the background of what’s lacking, To Do, deficit/surfeits, overload failure protocols – any crap that does not compute just gets efficiently recycled into a general guilt-off.

SO naturally one thinks cleanse-exfoliate the fuq out of the joint/your bod and then when that fails: Meditate.  I downloaded Simply Being and finally quelled the little Virgo Moon voice within that kept critiquing the voice of the app lady. Zap Zone Strategy Number One: Mastering meditation. No matter what. It’s hard for people like me – Aqua Rising, Mercury in Aries/third house – to do the stilling the mind schizz but the fact remains that an inordinate amount of cool people seem to have a daily meditation practice.

Then some Anthony Robbins Awaken The Giant within to go with the laundry folding (surreal, highly recommended) and then Wu Tang Clan to accompany some consults.  Modern aspiring shamanic types are allowed many tools, right?

The problem du jour is that YES meditation/yoga/being sorted at the base level is always an excelllent way to channel Virgo Full Moon/Saturn energy but the Zap Zone/Grand Cardinal Cross energy is upon us and so there is another level of consciousness turning onto high alert predator mode.

Do wolves meditate or do they just prowl their territory, all nine senses super alert?

Lone Wolf

Top Image: Veronique Vial Lisa Marie 

Bottom Image:  Forever The Lone Wolf

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115 thoughts on “Virgo Moon Hyperdrive

  1. LOVE that wolf! I can imagine what he/she looked like when they were a puppy! LOVE!!

    Timing is not of the essence for me right now.. especially after the Full Moon hit. Pisces man was extremely childish yesterday.. BUT.. I will take the heat that maybe I didn’t approach him properly! Ugh… this suck! Picked up a dating book.. that I like. Very helpful in understanding what to do and not to do.. Let’s see what happens since he will be in town this week. I ain’t contacting him. Done!

  2. So, what does it mean when the Moon is Void in Virgo at 4 pm? What do you do / not do before or after that time? ahhhhh…. Will I ever learn! Crap!


  3. Harness the Full Moon Potential (aka the witchy poo in you cheat sheet, to gettin your Women-ness on…)

    Q: What’s the best way to foster a new relationship?

    A: As the Moon comes to complete her cycle to Full Moon try and spend as much time with a person, animal or location (Mystic has discussed this topic before…. and their Sun Signs) whom has their Sun in that Full Moon sign.
    For example: Virgo Sun new bestie + Moon in Virgo = fn brill weekend for this reformed black duck.

    Now to sum up this Virgo Full Moon. Calypso (aka CS) enjoy this Pop Culture referencing, I wrote it just for you.

    Title: Do you know the wild in her? (A reimaging of Ancient archetypes dragged kicking and screaming into the Present Day).

    Synopsis: Succubus Slaying is one hell of a shit gig. Will the heroine get what she has spent her whole life searching for? If you think you know the answer. Then how do you know? Have you met this Girl? Some say they have met her but who can say. Can you slice up the Fact from the Fiction? A tale of Lost in Lust and Love and how translation is never found when you go looking for it. Who you thought you were is never quite the same as Dorian Gray would have you believe.

    Chapter 1: Breaking Dawn and The Girl (aka The Kid)

    “Say hello to my little friend.”
    Yes…get all gangsta on that imagery folks, that’s just how it went down.

    “Did you really kill all those nihilist Love Zombies and The Succubus? asked Kid.
    Yes and you know something Kid victory is mine and they can’t take that away from me.
    I ain’t sharing with you what I know. You’ll have to steal time and check it out for yourself Kid. But I will toss a dog a bone or two along the way. The trail of this past weekend was WILD.
    “Is that the end of HER story” asks Kid.

    Chapter 2: Yesterday’s coffee tastes better with today’s paper and a slice of toast or two.

    “Honey, are you on your rag….again?” asked The Goat Captain.
    When the Moon is Full you know the score with me. Do I have to spell it out for you? Oh shit is that white noise or static electricity crackling down the line.
    “That’s the White Light” said The Goat Captain.
    Just when I thought I had a read on The Goat Captain, he comes up with something like that. Normally I’d say his a good combination of corny, horny and OMG WTF are you wearing now?
    “I’ve got to get back to work” he snaps back.
    Technology in this day and age, well it’s a bit patchy at times. But this pair don’t usually chat over the telephone. They communication via Nodal Tidal Tides n Times. Which is speaking to each other from across The Seas, under and over The Worlds by Lady Luna and The Daily Sunbeams.

    Talk about hiatus, I am about due for a caffination to celebrate this revelation. Is that the smell of Vegemite toast…mmmm my favourite.

  4. I am still going Virgo Max. I have been on a Spring Cleaning jag, the carpets are vacuumed and even the windows are washed. I have the urge to sort my closets and storage boxes, but I’m sure this urge will pass. Let me check.. Moon is 26 Virgo right now, hey it’s Full Moon right now.

    This is an interesting Full Moon. It’s the last aspect before the Moon goes VOC. Then about 8 hour of VOC, then Libra ingress.

    I read another astrologer that said VOC is good for doing stuff that never gets finished, like house cleaning.

  5. Oh man!!! WHAT a full moon. I got very sick and still got on my flight, would not have been able to survive that without some of the meditation discipline and techniques I picked up in the last month. I am excited to go deeper…in a way it’s hard for me to let go and I feel not as creative, or as sharp. But more connected. I feel that any intelligence I had before was built on a shoddy foundation and I am cool with just hanging out in a frame of a house for now.

    As for The Saga of Uranian Pisces he acted completely out of line and made me feel abandoned and unsafe a few hours in to being here. I had done a lot to even be able to make it up here and the disrespect was unreal. I am not one for physical violence and have never done this before but at te end when he was belligerent and restraining me from leaving I slapped him good and hard in front of his whole crew. Seriously, that is never the answer but it was so bad you guys. I cried a little and walked back to the hotel I was staying in, then went across the street to a little dive bar where I made friends with a sweet girl and guy who work together and could see I was shaky. We talked about, ironically, vipassana and dating pseudo-sociopaths, the randomness of life. The girl and I are getting brunch this morning with some of her girlfriends and it just feels good to make something positive over something so fucked.

    Overall it is good. There is not coming back from what I did and a part of me thinks that’s why I did it. Even before things heated up I felt no deep feelings anymore. It was strange. I know I’ve said I’m moving on before but it really feels real this time. I’m not sad this morning. I feel relief. What if I hadn’t gone and seen his true colors in real life and this dragged on for yet another torturous year?

      • Yeah but unfortunately a good slap given by a man to a woman can lead to an assault charge and an AVO. So really it’s better that we avoid these actions entirely …

        And that’s not any kind of sideways lecture at you Rache … I could tell from your words that this was a heat of the moment thing, where you felt quite threatened. Sorry to hear that it didn’t turn out how you may have hoped. Nice though that the situation seems to have turned around a bit now and that you feel more supported. 🙂

        • Oh yeah. If I could take it back I would. I was being restrained and surrounded by people I was uncomfortable with, getting yelled at in public by the guy who hours before had been introducing me as the love of his life and promising me nobody would ambush me like they did. It was instinctual. I literally felt trapped. But I truly wish it never happened. I’ve only done something like that once before, freshman year, when I was being bullied and surrounded by a group. In a way it felt like a flashback to that.

          Just glad it’s all over and I’m back home drinking juice and recovering (high fever).

        • Was it a sideways lecture at me? 🙂

          Good thing you told me that, cos generally I can’t let a day go by without slapping someone…anyone

          Sometimes even wish I had a cattle prod …ZAP

          • No! … lol …. just wearing my grandma pants. But point taken … will watch out for you and that cattle prod! 😉

    • Good shit Rache, harsh way to gain clarity, but at least you can move on knowing for sure you’re not missing out on anything.

      WTF is with so many of us around here hooking up with, or almost hooking up with the John West rejects of Pisces males?

      • I know, right?
        This one is old, a thing that tarted reheating again just a month ago. I did not want to get re-attached so I set some firm and reasonable boundaries but was really hoping it could work. The experience was like a highlights reel of all the major dysfunctional patterns. I only asked for a few things and he willingly agreed, only to actively break every promise. Everything felt so,uh…Neptune…before. This time I gave him a chance to show he can hold his word and is more than just words and he struck out bad three times. I went in the other night with an open mind but deep down I knew I was mostly there to see for myself that this was the end.

        I live in a place in the world where sometimes it seems everyone has open relationships. Fear of missing out. I am the opposite…Venus in 8th, moon/mars in 12th. I need one person, and I need depth and intensity. I probably tried to make this person that and he seemed to want the same in the beginning.

        This morning I woke up and had a sort of buckminster fuller rock bottom moment — how selfish have I been being in looking for validation and fairy tales and what can I do to better the world? I am really starting to believe relationships are not for me and that is okay. Maybe I will grow or change later.

        • I think, with my Pisces, I wanted to watch the train wreck too, to know it wouldn’t work and be done with wondering, not just about him but about romance in general.

          I had the same realization – like, why have I worried so much about having a relationship instead of putting energy into having my own life? Its not like the 2 are exclusive, I get it, but who invented the idea of soul mating as a life goal? Its bogus. I have tons of soul mates and a life to live.

          • I’ve been over the idea of relationship as goal bullshit since my 20’s and have pretty much stuck to flings/fwb type sitches to satisfy sexual needs, but I started seeing long term relationship potential with the Pisces dude (he’s a friend of my sister and was making plans to fly over and meet me) which made me re-assess my views on relationships.

            Everything was going grand, getting to know each other, making plans, bla bla. It was looking promising for a while but I went all John West on him after I spotted him being flirtatious with another woman at the very same time he was having a discussion with me – gave him the benefit of the doubt but let him know I wasn’t impressed, only to sign in a few days later and see flirtatious pic comments on another two of his friends pics. Way to seduce a Lilith in Leo woman – NOT! (the first flirting incident kicked off as moon was exact on my natal Lilith)

            Also he has this ‘thing’ of not checking his messages daily (or even weekly now apparently… I sent him a birthday message a week ago, it sits unread while he carries on playing around on facebook) which makes communicating kind of difficult.

            This has major fucking astro potential (quadruple whammy mars/venus contacts, eros psyche conj, moon conj asc, venus conj asc, bla bla) and was predicted and given the thumbs up for long term potential with just regular relationship challenges by my trusted psychic but I’m fucking over it before it’s even started. Part of me wonders if all this shit can be worked through and I’m kind of tempted to give it a go, but most of me thinks fuq it, ain’t nobody got time for this shit. #catlady4eva

            • Me too Saturnalien. Just started dating a Pisces in February and he was all into me, I pushed him away.. we tried again and things just went sour. So he reaches out to me.. goes home (1000 miles away).. and we are still in touch but I just don’t know where I stand with him. He showed up giving me a hard time chatting with a male friend on Facebook and said “Who’s your new boyfriend?”… I was like “huh?”.. so what does a girl think. He’s interested.. no? He is flirting on FB I know that so the other night I sent him a note asking who his new girlfriend was. His response to me “What the hell are you talking about”… He has never used “Hell” directly to me. So I was floored. But I walked out of it quietly. I will not contact him. He will be in town on Wednesday and I am not doing a thing. It’s hard when they aren’t nearby to see if they really are interested. He is staying with family so it’s not like I can go meet him at his place and hang out.. y’know. So, here I sit burning because I feel like an idiot thinking he wants a relationship (like he said at the beginning) and now I am not even sure. It emotionally drains me. I was up at 3 am.. stewing about his response to me. He eventually told me the story about the girl even though I already knew because I have seen her and her boyfriend.. but I was, I admit, a little jealous that he publicly announcing that another girl was picking him up at the airport. So, obviously he doesn’t think too highly of me. But is he playing games. Sheesh.. it is just an endless dialogue about men! Oh well. I just don’t know how to play the game. He will get tired so.. oh well! 🙂

              • I feel your pain Ellie, similar situation (except I haven’t met or slept with this guy so I’m not quite as ‘entangled’ as you). The distance thing complicates shit a lot, but distance or not, if a guy is seriously into you, you wont need to wonder. Being loved is not painful and confusing, if a persons behaviour leaves you feeling hurt and confused, they are not loving you, they are fuqing you around. My bottom line is simple, treat me like the goddess I am, or fuq off.

              • yes, he sounds like a game-player Ellie. Can you focus your energy back on yourself? Satcat’s points are good. If he’s going to be worth it he’ll make an effort.

              • You are right, it’s really hard to tell what’s really up when there is distance. That was a major problem with me and this guy. He would always blame it on the distance and promise to close it for good “soon”, which never came. That’s why I had to go up there — he is slick, says all the right things. I needed to prove to myself that his actions don’t line up. LDRs are super love zombie delusion-fest, I’m never going to get into one again.

                If someone else is picking him up from the airport he’s just trying to mess with you or doesn’t care. Screw that.

              • Yes.. Thanks guys! I am directing everything to me right now. I am digging through my thoughts on “Why do I want his attention”… After reading what you said and the book I am reading.. yeah. this guy is a bad boy and he is playing me. I don’t mind the suspense but Sunday night drew the line. Last night I got connected with a male HS friend who is in town. We are suppose to get together tonight for drinks. I was stupid enough to worry about what the Pisces thought about it because it will be announced, for fun, on FB. I know there is still a lot of little Alison that needs to heal on bad stuff growing up so again I think this Pisces dude is a lesson. PS; He was terrible in bed so I won’t miss that at all. I think it’s the “He won” is what got me AND the “I want the closing talk with him”. I have to say.. at least the Pisces responds to me when I contact him whereas the Toro/Gem was completely ignore me. Both divorce, hurt, damaged and maybe a little hateful towards women. Very sad.

                Your comments did hit home and I am holding onto them very tightly to get through the next 2 weeks when he is here.

                Thank you!! xo!!

                Sorry for stealing your show here R(aqua/tauri) I don’t have anyone to talk to about this! xo!!

    • I don’t care if it’s politically incorrect
      I’m glad you slapped him, It’s not like you broke both his legs – I mean, a slap, in public.
      I like 😀
      I would have done the same thing!
      and you’ve moved on from that now.
      Talk about closure!

    • R(aqua/tauri).. you did the right thing. God Bless you for doing it! And look at you meeting new friends. Isn’t it the best when you find something so positive after dealing with such drama. Good for you!

      IT’s too bad that men just don’t have a clue. I wouldn’t be surprised if he contacts you.. don’t you think he will? Men are always looking for that type of reaction. They want to see how strong you are and man oh man.. you got that one down!! Kudos!

      Well, this my short visit on your thread to wish you well. I just started dating a Pisces who just threw me to the curb last night and I don’t think I would be able to do what you did. Nope.


      • Trust me…I went through years of being a clueless doormat and re-entered the relationship with a lot of skepticism and reality checking. For the two years we were first together he walked all over me and I think he is so conditioned that he thought he could do it again. Nope. I’ve put in the work and I’ve changed.

        Seriously, if I could tell my past self anything it would be to let him go and aggressively move on so many times in the past. Pluto was on my Venus and I thought it was karmic but he’s just a charmer and I was a 23 year old love zombie impressed by this older guy. Sometimes gettig kicked to the curb is a blessing, really. It means you held your bottom line. Keep respecting yourself and it will all come in time. Interesting that you had a similar full moon in Virgo drama. Hope you’re feeling okay.

        • Thanks R(aqua/tauri)! Your words and lesson learned are very important to me. I agree with you. When I was a LZ with the toro/gem.. I honestly felt it was the best lesson for me. I still love him for what he taught me. But I am not attached anymore. I walked away saying “I need to respect myself hence create boundaries”. I failed a little with the Pisces but with the distance it helps because I can watch, learn and build walls. I am pretty sure I will hear from him but it’s up to me to stand tall and say “nope.. you will be on my dime”. I deserve that.

          Thanks posting and sharing. It is so important to us all! xo!!

    • Dear R(aqua/tauri) / Saturnalien / calypso.. THANK YOU!… I am happy to say I had an “a-HA” moment shortly after my last post here and being involved in this thread. This moment will help me so much with my dealings with men. No more feeling sorry for them when they hurt me.. yes.. I would feel sorry for them because they were so damaged and I felt like I deserved to be hurt. Why? Because this relates to something that happened when I was little. A car accident that damaged my older brother that I thought I caused. He emotionally hurt me after that accident when I trusted him and cared for him because he was damaged. With the men I have been intimately involved with I felt like I had to take care of them, heal them when they were damaged. I just seem to attract those types. I learned when I was little to ignore the pain / hurt forced on me hence why I was involved and tolerated the toro/gem and now the Pisces. Time to stand up!!

      WOW!!!! xo!!

      • Wow yeah! Maybe you do attract these types, or maybe it’s them sussing you out. Either way, draw your line in the sand & stick to it: eventually everyone in the Universe will get with the new status quo & you will encounter less and less of the takers, more of the balanced types. Where is your NN? x

        • NN is in Gemini which is my 8/9th houses. Interesting finding this out. If the NN activities have something to do with what I am going through right now then my 8th is being activated.. no? Does that make sense?

  6. I feel a bit sore from do the calisthenics david suggested. I’m happy with where I’ve progressed to on my self-nurturing these past few months.

    A Qi vamp friend came over last night and she gave me her astro deets but I can’t figure out by the chart how she is so draining, lol! Is it her Pluto on my Mercury? I doubt it could be that – so many people her age would have that. She is Scorpio, Sag rising, Moon in Aqua – which I think would = awesome. But she is just on and on misery. And she said everything I was telling her about her borders and her attitude was stuff other people had told her before. So I demanded she explain why she isn’t working on her issues and she gave me three excuses “Time, Tools, Priorities.” She doesn’t have the time and the tools to work on her stuff and its not a priority. Swear, she’s got the same sickness as the Pisces-Cap. Only his dream is climbing Everest and hers is an ideal romance. She told me she believes God created us to find our partner. And I had to laugh. I REMEMBER believing that love zombie shizz, really. But how absurd! I said “So God created you to have your ultimate romantic experience? That’s all life is about.” I mean, you HAVE to kind of laugh at it, right? All this creation, power, and wonder, so you can heter or homo pair bond?!? lol

    I don’t know what it takes for a person to wake up, but talking to them doesn’t do it. She said sorry and that she gives me months off because she knows she drains me so much.

  7. Oh I love Meditating. I almost always pull energy into me to do energy work on myself. Talk with my two guides or work with my counsel of Angels, Teachers and Guides.

  8. I’m totally more comfortable with a Virgo-dominated chart. I feel so comfortable in my skin. Higher than stilettos.

  9. My Moon week-end was cool. I took your advice in the scopes myst, had a relaxing time. But then my Virgo Venus-Mercury-Progressed Moon on Progressed Ascendant talked me into a Virgo Moon hyperdrive where I cleared my in-box and attended to all my tasks, and I swear, it felt like a meditation where I was a million miles away.
    Funny how a Virgo Ascendant and Moon on Ascendant has enabled me to be a bit more low key and under the radar while obsessed with the gym. I’ve reduced my body fat percentage since having virgo moon conjunct my asc (progressed, mind).
    Tomorrow, the Full Moon will be conjunct my Natal Mercury. All my Virgo planets, including natal, progressed and the transiting full moon, is trining my natal Moon-MC.

  10. Out of the night that covers me,
    Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
    I thank whatever gods may be
    For my unconquerable soul.

    In the fell clutch of circumstance
    I have not winced nor cried aloud.
    Under the bludgeonings of chance
    My head is bloody, but unbowed.

    Beyond this place of wrath and tears
    Looms but the Horror of the shade,
    And yet the menace of the years
    Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

    It matters not how strait the gate,
    How charged with punishments the scroll.
    I am the master of my fate:
    I am the captain of my soul.

    • New avatar to follow shortly 😀
      Obviously I didn’t write those words
      But they sum it up.
      Voila Le New Attitude

    • one of the first poems my father taught me. Love it xx

      Good luck with this particular new twist in the game.
      This programmer guy you are dealing with seems to completely live in in his head, obviously cannot and has not interacted with human beings much lately…especially female human beings.

      he has plotted out this marry me or i will hold you to ransom scenario in his mind like an equation. Way with the ladies… NOT.
      and did Calypso say he has mars in scorp? he wants power over you, only way he knows how to interact?

      • Veronica
        I wrote a full on response to your observation I guess yesterday but my iPhone ate it before it could be writ on la blog.. You are correct. I just made it home. Sooooooo tired. But yeah. Marry me or you loose all you’ve worked on for the last 2 years. Like that’s going to work on a woman like me. Ha!
        Tomorrow I rise again. Tonight I sleep xxx
        Thanks for your comments and help guys – I don’t know how I could have navigated that situation without my astro homies….

  11. So envious! I had a mega list of stuff to do today (after an awesome list conquering day yesterday) and then I got sick today and have spent the whole day on the couch basically, it feels like a fail.

    But maybe thats what I’m meant to do with the Virgo Full Moon since that is where my natal moon also lives. The sun shall rise tomorrow and all that shiz will still be there, I will just have to jam in a full days work and aquarobix as well. Sigh.

  12. Had a project day, building my new desk and re-arranging and Feng shui-Ing my furniture and rooms.

    I feel like a whole new person today and am happy with all this further de-cluttering and more thoughtful use of space. Maximizing every inch of what I have to create more. In spirituality there is no “lack”. We have everything we need in this moment. Tapping into my creative potential and natural abundance to make more of what I need. Applying this to challenging situs I am in by changing my perspective, energy, stance and approach. Energy filtration and alchemy. Yay for creativity and gratitude. Cleaning has been my meditation. Oh, and ate at an amazing vegan resto pretty close to my house, a total hidden gem. Feeling my Mars in Virgo is super content this weekend.

  13. I pretty sure a sense of humour is my no. 1 defence in this perplexing lead up to the intense crunching of the Zap Zone.

  14. I usually am quite good as slothing about, looking at all the chores I could be doing. Today I spent four hours in a cleaning frenzy…total house transformation. I washed stairs, wiped skirting boards, dusted the fan, scrubbed two bathrooms, tidied.

    Then food shopping and then new compost mix and plants in my tiny garden. Six hours of totally reworking four floors of our beautiful townhouse. Bring on whatever this full moon is bringing.

  15. Lol, what, ithat non-stop script is not normal? I thought that was just normal for everyone all the time lol. I’m Virgo/Virgo moon/Scorpio rising – I’m actually feeling calm and “at home” with this Virgo moon and Saturn!

  16. Has anyone read ‘The Lazy Man’s Guide to Englightenment’?

    I imagine yr Mercury in Aries might like it Mystic, short and snappy.

    Re sitting to meditate, was going to suggest a beautiful quartz crystal. But I imagine being a minimalist & so Uranian, a solid earthly crystal might not be your thing. They helped me a lot with focusing and letting go in meditation, but perhaps you don’t need them.

    By the way I really LOVE the Pluto Oil, it is so comforting and protective.
    Want to get some more when my vial runs out.
    Am going to keep it on these Full Moon days for sure!

    • Hey Andro
      I LOVE LOVE LOVE the oil of Pluto from Alchemy Works. I know the one you have is different but you might want to try theirs too. The smell is totally amazing and I get a really magical feeling from those oils. Like one of protection and power and feeling really assisted by the planetary energies when I use them. I guess it is possible to just use the mind and heart to tap into the vibe too say via meditation but the oils are gorgeous props – I’m addicted to the oil of Pluto. I like Saturn and Jupiter too but Pluto just smells, well Plutonian.
      Haute Pluto

      • What are the notes in that Oil of Pluto?
        I just adored the Vanilla, White Sage, Tangerine, Mandarin combo in Mystic & Absinthe Dragonfly’s concoction.. the more I use it, the more it feels me. Actually I rarely respond to scents so strongly as I have to this one.

        • I’m not sure Andro
          I don’t have access to it here. However if you go to Alchemy Works website you should see them under planetary magic oils.
          It smells sexy in a really dark and Haute Pluto way to me 😀

          • I know what you mean. This scent just feels like UBER POWER. I’ve let others smell it and they also reacted like “wow !”
            It’s wonderfully chemically free too obviously.

  17. Is this what the wolves are doing ?

    Caught a glimpse of native birdlife Virgoing out earlier. Filled a water bowl for them, and heard a kerfuffle not long afterwards, popped my head out the kitchen window (was cleaning the stove) in time to see a young magpie pulling a rainbow lorikeet out of the water bowl that the bird was using as a bird bath, by its long emerald green tail feathers, as if to say ”You are seriously not bathing in our fresh drinking water are you ???? I won’t stand for that !! Out Out Out “” The magpie was walking him out in reverse and the lorikeet was carrying on a treat ..

    Virgo Maggie – 1
    Sag Rainbow Lorikeet – 0

    Did change the water again, so Virgo maggie could relax.

    Hadn’t thought of it before, but Virgo moon must hit all creatures great and small.

  18. Well the Virgo full moon obviously sent the Virgo housemate into psycho bats hyperdrive …. god he’s such a retard. He literally cleans things until they break and tidies thing within an inch of their poor little lives. Case 1259 as an example: Virgo decided to prune the beautiful oleander tree in the back yard. My idea of pruning is remove some leaves and cut back some dead wood to allow for regrowth. His idea? Completely massacre the fuqing thing so now it’s a tenth of its original size and looking very forelorn … big ugly empty patch in the backyard. Retard Virgo cannot see that this approach is perhaps not useful and completely unnecessary. Have subsequently banned him from touching anything in the goddam garden again.

      • Yeah well I console myself that he pays his bills on time, is generally pretty quiet aside from his poxy Indian sitar music and at least attempts to do stuff around the house … the Aqua never did squat. Still I find him so annoying. All the Virgo pedantic attention to details, but not much of the intelligence. Sometimes I swear that the guy is dumb as a box of hammers – which is unusual for a Virgo.

    • Ha! He should have completely done away with the tree. It probably bothers him that it’s not perfect. I did a similar thing….with my eyebrows! BTW, I’m all for freedom of speech but I do cringe when I see the “R” word.

      • No offense meant … simply expressing frustration at the Virgo housemate’s … fuqtardery!!! And I use that term according to the Urban Dictionary definition: “A person of unbelieveable, inexcuseable and indescribable stupidity.” :mrgreen:

        • Understand about the trees. Very unfortunate.

          A large pepper tree outside my front door was assulted just recently by the grounds keepers. It’s naturally long billowing locks, like a weeping willow had been shorne.

          I can home from work and Jimeny Christ, it had been butchered.

          Ode to a Pepper Tree…

          ~There you had stood, my sentinel..

          Through thick and thin, only you knew my state when I had walked there, beneath you.

          I had not stopped to pay homage always. I was often to caught up in me…

          But there you were, faithful always, my lovely Pepper Tree..

          And Salt of my Earth~

          I love you Sweetpea.

          Pepper Trees have been my guide before. If I have time will come back and share. x

  19. re. the laundry folding, I have really upped my game on that in 2014. I have the Flip-Fold (or a less expensive variant). everything is now in NEAT, easy to see and grab little blocks. this basic tool is the business! also, I finally mastered the art/ science of folding a fitted sheet neatly. again, so easy to store and grab.

    • Roger that!–Venus, North Node, and pre-birth Solar Eclipse all in Kataka with a nice dose of Virgo–lol

  20. A mind trained by meditation is not a sluggish mind. I Wld actually think it is ideal in times of intense environmentsl inputs. Responsive, measured, focused… With any luck? Sounds good mystic. don’t think that a reactive, hyper-alert state is very good for our nervous system. Then again that could be my prog Sun and Venusin Taurus 😉

    • Well I am an awesome meditator then coz I love loads of sleep …. can’t stand the sitting there being mindful stuff though. Bores me shitless … not interested at all. Something could alter my view though ….

    • Once Joseph Campbell’s friend, Alan Watts, asked him what kind of meditation he practiced. Campbell said, “I underline sentences.”

      The academic in me loves that response.

  21. Really trying to master this vibe right now. My reality feel so out of control and intense. Options feel so limited too. They are not really. I could throw money at the problem and run. Or I can sit this one out with all the discomfort and learn as much as possible. For now I’m sticking it out.
    And breathing….great image. Thanks Mystic xxx

    • How apt is it that even my avatar has a fuquing suitcase and is sitting around waiting for a ride. Time for a new avatar and a new attitude. 😀

        • Lol
          Ya think?
          Giggles naughtily.
          My North Node is in Capricorn and in the 2nd House. I was born to build my own financial empire and to avoid the temptation of being supported by others (sn 8th house Kataka – so my old job was tres SN no?)
          Now listening to 50cent’s audio book the 50th law.
          Feel my fearlessness rising up within me as I write this. My challenge here is not to go or stay but HOW I go or stay. Capiche? I’m beginning to get it. I think.

      • Yes, I liked that too. Did you say your NN was in Cap in the 2nd Blue? I am curious what this means for you if you don’t mind sharing.

        • Andro you are correct.
          To me it translates to the trine it creates to my Virgo Sun, Mars and Mercury all in Virgo and ALL in the tenth house.
          I also have Pluto, Psyche, Ceres, Athena, Sekhmet, Anubis and the Sphinx all conjunct my Midheaven which Jupiter is approaching …..
          I see this as me confronting my fears of standing up alone rather than seeking shelter in the comfort of others, specifically lovers with powerful connections and money who I have past life connections with and therefore they “want to help me” as they are somehow connected to me. So my challenge is to go boldly but not recklessly. I’ve been reckless in the past. Pre my 2/3 year Pluto transit I always behaved recklessly and then was rescued by some rich guy. After my divorce I lost everything and lived on the street. Was homeless and in £45 000 in debt. Rather than declare bankruptcy I paid it off and pulled myself up from there. It was the making of who I am now. That is why I’m pausing before “fleeing and repenting at my leisure”.
          I want to create a business that will support me for the rest of my life. This is something I know nothing about and DO need some help from Saturn. I’m asking for Saturn’s help right now.

          • Think you are brave for asking for Saturn’s help alone! The rest makes good sense. In Spanish they say, “You are not a gold coin”, meaning, not everyone has to like you.
            I was thinking that also Capricorn making use of Taurus’ values is a key thing, Taurus is also ethics, things of value intrinsically (I think), not just gold in the pocket, but the gold of the spirit. The alchemy of soul charisma or ethical abundance?

            • Thank you for this Cosmic Fleece! It’s incredibly similar to the website I’ve been developing with this dude here in Madrid. Mine is calle Dominatrix Fitness. It is about dominating your world, your life, one workout at a time. It’s also automated and the structure of the site is incredibly intricate. It’s built architecturally in a language called bootstrap which I have no idea about. Code is just not my area. So now this web dude is threatening to find another woman to represent me since I’ve already input all the data from my studies required to create the automated system. So there is method in my madness of staying here to see what happens if I don’t flee or react. Yes Andro. I do feel VERY Tarean right now. Just sitting here in this flat refusing to budge. I know if I bolt I loose power. He keeps waving this red flag, saying stuff to make me mad. I’m just sitting this out.
              I let my ex husband push me out of the house, so I got nothing. Also I took bad advice from an ex offering me a “way out” my getting back together and moving to the states with him. Another ex said “use this crazy expensive divorce lawyer and I will pick up the tab if I can see you naked again.” I’m not even kidding. Anyway I just got to a point where I needed to break ties with every guy in my life with the power to “help” me and clean up the mess I’d made. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do but it was amazing. I learned I COULD survive alone. I got back into shape, physically and financially. Now the challenge for me is staying in shape financially, emotionally, physically, on every level and moving forward SLOWLY. No one can copy me and expect to have any degree of creative longevity. I’m a massively creative person and I’m FEIRCE. I just need to stay in my power here and figure out what the smartest strategy is. I know that hiring a lawyer and fighting this guy is a stupid idea. Law suits just cost money. Plus mars is retro. So I sit tight and I ask Saturn for help. Jupiter is not the problem. Saturn is what I need to ground me in business and in life. Pluto taught me about bottoming out and going fight club on the world. Now I need to learn something else. I don’t know exactly what that thing is but I know Saturn has the key.

  22. Wolves….”they just prowl their territory, all nine senses super alert” Awesome statement and awesome pic!
    I have always been drawn to images of wolves. This last week at work has most definitely been “prowl their territory, all nine senses super alert” OMG – is the Zap Zone gonna get more intense?!

  23. Far out: that looks like my girl! Except she has a more square-ish chow like snout. Also, she may be part honey badger: she attacks flies like honey badger does snakes. It totally grosses me out but she doesn’t give a shiz.

    My mind gets noisy sometimes; at other times it’s so quiet I hear pins drop. Ping ping ping — like water torture. Empty third house, Gemini. Sometimes I need silencio, sometimes I need voices. A guitar. Some kind of melody. Melodic ritual.

    The doors are off the thing & I saw an old nun from the church ride past my bedroom window on her bike. She tried to take my honey badger but my wild girl bit her good! Gemini wild. Totally trickster.

    We need to stick together. x

    • And that top pic: love Lisa Marie. This photo is so fiercely fem, with the nod to both Virgin Mary & Barbarella. Chihuahua baby/little mutant wolf/fledgling fem energy. Brill.

    • Guitar grooves tonight to sooth the emotional body and empty the head out. I get that!!

      Your girl sounds wicked 🙂

    • Your girl is lovely Hubble!
      Always had a soft spot for wolfy dogs, I had a German Shepheard that was so wolf like, really meditative and calm. Actually maybe not terribly bright.. lol.

      Now I have a soft spot for Dogo Argentino’s, so handsome.. but illegal in Australia. I saw a link about one that saved it’s family’s two little daughters by killing a wild puma though, so not a dog that is strictly necessary for an urban family.

  24. Ah Mystic, as my parents get older they become more like their moon signs. My mom’s moon in Virgo and she’s been noticing all the rubbish on the street and being disgusted by it. She also notices plants, our own, the neighbours’, the field across the main road…we’re having a drought at the moment and the other day she took water (from the melted ice) from the beer cooler to water the plants at our friend’s place.

    Nah she doesn’t meditate, she’s an aries, do they meditate? I think she’s just too busy.

  25. I’ve been so sick over the last few day & at the same time I’ve felt really chilled out. I don’t like being sick, I know who does right!? I just hate sitting around & get irritated by it but this time I’m just like … meh

  26. What I if everything is meditation, the only difference being the energy and focus you bring to it.

    Well .. that’s my take on it and that might be partly because I am often challenged to chill my mind but mostly it’s because I believe it. Turn everything into a ritual, dance or meditative focus and you’re there more than trying to schedule it. Wolves.. yes, I believe they meditate.

    • Yes, this. Everything is mediation. And the wolf is moving mediation. There is no need to prepare for being when you are being. Just beingness, Happening.

      Do those words even make sense? lol. True. Close as I can say/see to true.

      • Agreed, but I reckon that actual “sitting-still-on-a-cushion-meditation” just witnessing the drama is the rolls royce of meditation. It’s the short cut.

    • Been house-witching, smudging, purging a little and nurturing the bod. Doing my 4th house full moon.

      The ongoing energies are erratic and quick to change and me not so quick to adjust at times. The people I deal with daily are so densely in their funk it’s hard to skim but I continue to work on the perpetual moving meditation thing. Maybe I should just howl (as in bay.. not sob although a lot of clearing there too)… and hunt more? lol 🙂

      Full moon blessings to you all xo

      Yep 12hV, made perfect sense.

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