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Miles Aldridge

We should probably have a seance at the Astrological New Year Dinner tomorrow night, i mean the restaurant owner is a French Scorpio and you know how open they are, yes?Β  First we talk to Nikola Tesla and then we go from there.

Okay and we have some winners from amongst the Tarot Muses – they will be emailed early next week but feel free to email before then with your postal address details so you can be sent your prizes. I just spoke to my dev guys and Tarot is looking like being up (for the Tarot Muses first) on April 7. So Game Of Thrones Season 4 AND Tarot…

So this is the last Tarot Muse competition but if you want to become a Tarot Muse, you still can, there are benefits lol.

The Winners:

* The Amazing Cannabis Candle – Joie Von Magius

* The Candlelight Champagne Consult with Me – Amanda Davidson

* The Awesome Jupiter print – Jenefer Hill

* Pseudo Intellectual Astro Bitch T-shirts – Jenny McFarland, Joseph Nadler, Nola Klein, Sorcha Chisolm, Ivana Jivasek

Thank you Tarot Muses!

There will also be a sensational Zap Zone contest for subscribers in late April..



Image: Miles Aldridge

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81 thoughts on “Tarot Muse Winners!

  1. congratulations everyone!

    the PIAB T I won for being verbal to the Jupiter degree just arrived and my Scorp Sun embarrassment was instantly consoled by how happy the Toro bits were with the softness of it.

    Also, the note that accompanied it from the Gemini intern was precious, thank you beautiful, and thank you Mystic!

  2. Wow. What a phookaton of a void moon that was. I have not had much time to share here but I HAVE been compulsively checking my scopes. Whoa.
    Talk about superpowered dream time.
    At 2.30am I sat bolt upright from a dream.
    An ancient Egyptian lioness in human form asked permission to enter my body. At first I didn’t “get” who she was because of her human form. She could have been any scary entity and I was afraid. I knew she was in me. I could feel her inside my body. I know. Weird right? But I’d had so many profound realisations re my boundaries and men in the afternoon – they were inescapable truths so eventually I manage to fall asleep again and I dreamed she, the Lioness was standing protectively over me as I lay sleeping just ROARING.
    I get goosebumps writing this.
    I feel so different today.
    It’s subtle but so powerful.
    I’d been awake less than 10 minutes when I had to make a decision about boundaries. I responded in a way I’d never have done before. It was her, Sekhmet just roaring. Lilith in Leo maybe. Saturn in my 12th, conjunct my Lilith???
    I don’t know all I know is that I feel different on a molecular level today.

    • now THAT is a dream worth recording in gold pen in your best notebook. hugs (avoiding lion claws) xx

      • Thank you Pi. It seems my icon makeover and name change is more than just an external thing. Squeezed in an extra SRI session today and yep my boundaries re men = FEIRCE
        I love my latest incarnation. Long live Lilith in Leo :-)

        • LOVE this! What a powerful dream! And your fierce avatar — amazing. I’ve got a strong Lilith (9th house, Aries, conjunct my Venus and Mars, trine Leo Asc, trine Uranus in Sag!), but have yet to harness this transit yet — I think this Mars retro has been bumming me out, quietly frustrating me on an existential level. When does Mars starting moving forward again? Just in time for the April schizzstorm? Good lord. At least I KNOW I have July (JUPITER into Leo!) to look forward. I’m overdo a yummy Jupiter transit, I think! But I think some tapping into Lilith is in order…if I can snap out of my Neptune haze long enough to find her! But you’ve inspired me to try harder to do so!

  3. Congrats, everyone!! Totally jealous, but totally happy for you all!

    I’ve been incredibly low Neptune lately. I think the Astrological New Year is a good time for changing things.

    • At least you can recognise that. There is great power in doing so. Probably more than you think. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Some of my greatest turnarounds and shifts came after fussing up to some really messy behaviour right here in this community. It made feel both supported and accountable at the same time. It’s a wonderful group and MM is one helluva zeitgeist. Us PIABs gotta look out for one another in these interesting times. Keep yourself hydrated, rested and nourished GFT we have a long dark moon ahead xxx may the astro bitch force be with you

      • Thank you, Invictus! Pisces Sun usually makes looking inward and being aware of myself pretty easy, and conjunct Aqua moon makes being objective about what’s going on inside pretty easy, too. And Mars in Aries + lots of other stuff in Aries USUALLY makes taking action on those discoveries pretty natural for me. But this Mars retro, it’s like it’s making me just workshop my own schizz to death, but not feeling able to DO anything. Add that with Neptune being ON my moon and then IMMEDIATELY after on my sun (which is rules!) and all it seems I’ve been capable of is hitting the BDHJ and think about how I’d LIKE things to be while I huddle under a blanket on the couch. But yes, the MM community has been amazing — I’ve just started learning more about astrology beyond the basics, just this last year, and it truly has been eyeopening for me, as well as fascinating and fun! And I love reading the comments from everyone here just about as much as I love reading what Mystic has to say. I do love all my PIABs, lol. Maybe, though, I can actually use some of my BDHJ time to actually sort out Dark Moon practice, which I’m overdo on — that sounds Neptunian enough that I might *just* be able to manage getting that done, Mars retro or no!

        • Scratch that about Neptune on my moon — *slaps forehead* don’t know what I was thinking (NOT thinking obviously!) When it was on my moon and sun at the same time, I met my husband! I just have the moon on the brain, I guess. It was only when it hopped off my moon and lingered around my Sun that I started to feel bogged down by it — or maybe it’s just how LONG it’s been hanging around, slowly poisoning me. That’s actually more like how it feels. Is Neptune poisoning a thing? I think it should be.

          • Oh fuq YES IT SO IS A THING! GFT I have Neptune on my moon and trine my Venus (in leo in the 8th) atally and I’m getting to the end of my Neptune Opposition (not sure if that’s the correct terminology) but you know, you get the big Saturn one around 30, then the Pluto one I had from 36- 39 more or less – haha the power of less i should say, Pluto transit made me a minimalist. LOL if I give her the wool will she make me one too ? oh god see what a silly mood I’m in?
            This is because of the state of my home. It is cluttered full of crap. Add to that Neptune just moved into my home sector, the 4th house a few weeks ago. I seriously feel DRUNK already from bad Feng Shui and I’ve been home for ten minutes. Actually leaning over a pile of unpaid bills, unopened scary looking envelopes etc to write this. My bathroom looks like quasi swamp/science project. And I don’t even have a husband or kids to blame hahahaha
            seriously, I may even be out of a job. Not sure…. expecting a bomb from my editor – I need to get cracking and hand in some far out bloody words pronto! But first- I need the clutter police!

            • Help- I’ve got Neptune poisoning! I need an intervention. Call, Saturn and Pluto and bring over the clutter police in a huge removal van. I want all these old vampire movies OUT OF HERE and anything connected with he who keeps emailing me but shall not be named. Bloody sage o clock methinks Ja sage o clock it is! Oxfam is not going to turn away bags because the smell like sage. No excuses. Will sage my vag while I’m at it. Whoa, talk about an exorcism ! It’s lucky I have 8 days to detox my Neptune. It will take 8 days at least to clear my inner and outer space.

              • Lol, with the sage! I’ve got my Saturn Return to look forward to later this year — is it strange that I’m kind of looking forward to it? I could use a stern talking to. I just hope he doesn’t kill the Jupiter buzz.

            • *sigh*

              I am familiar with that big pile of scary -looking envelopes.
              I am just cleaning around them at the moment.

    • Right there with you, astro-twin… way too much hooch the last month or so. Saturn is currently squaring my Venus in Aqua in the 6th. It’s like Saturn is standing at the door to the seedy club shouting into the crowd about early nights and spinach and I can’t quite hear because I’m downing another shot up front by the speakers and tossing up whether I’ll go home with the guitarist or the lead singer. Ugh. Need to regroup bigtime.

      • Oh my, your analogy is spot on, ha! Except I don’t have Saturn joining the party until later this year, so it’s just all shots and music and eying the drummer, lol. *shakes head*

  4. Just curious as to why entire names of tarot winners are published. ?

      • Right? Hope none of them have strong Scorp placements lol! Not that all of us are so obsessed with our privacy, but, yeah: just wondering, is all.

        • Maybe they’re Leos who dig the exposure, esp now that Lilith is with them, flying her flag πŸ˜‰

          • My 6th house Leo has often fantasized about my home being featured in a mag, but my Scorpio bits insist that no identifying info be included in the spread.

        • Yes, I was deeply relieved not to win something as I live in terror of my name being linked to my photo id elsewhere. Call it Scorp Moon but I have written some really personal things here that I wouldn’t be comfortable with others knowing, not cause anyone cares, but just ‘cos.

          • Totally! lol hence the ducking and diving even on here:-D
            I love the way you said that tho Andro. Hilarious!

          • Totes! “Just ‘cos” is plenty of reason to keep your privacy (let alone the hundreds of other reasons I can think of)– but i won’t go there as it’s not Halloween.

            Congrats, winners! LOL

            • Actually it’s feeling a bit haloween-y around my home tonight. I’m doing Neptune Poisoning intervention strategy hardcorus maximus right now. Chucking pink sea salt everywhere and opened the magic box to burn sage but found only Mugwort. Lots and lots of Mugwort. Someone’s going to have trippy dreams tonight! Better oder some sage before I freak myself out in this dark moon declutter.

              • You’re right, Invictus: it does feel pretty spooky…

                Open your mail! Total Neptune poisoning antidote. Kills My Buzz Every Time πŸ˜›


            • Ha ha, Scorporation Incorporated, yes, CONGRATS WINNERS! Maybe it’s lucky I didn’t win the cannabis candle, I might have tried you using it as a face balm.

          • Ah exactly me TOO. Would not want name ANYWHERE. Call it 12th house Moon, call it Pisces, call it Scorp ruled 12th, Katakan 8th, call it whatever you like, but mostly safety.

            Have spilled beans here too, then cringed, but i love it as it’s the only space ever i could say some.

    • This is an interesting point you make. (Mars in libra)

      Are you serious ??? (Sun in Aries )

      This blog has always been semi private in that we don’t have to reveal our identity but choosing to, as some term subscribers have, has I think made this blog what it is. Strong, popular and safe.
      If I read an entry and know a bit about that person it means so much more. To both parties.

      And besides what are you saying that you would not like to be attributed to ?
      One persona per person, that’s enough, and if you bring it, be real and be you !

      Sure you can real and consistent behind the privacy but can I ask why ?

      • well I guess that this is a pretty esoteric blog and entirely public, some people work in certain fields or communities that are (more) conservative and things just get complicated; sometimes meriting a firm division between public and private life? People can be stupid and judgemental, or mis-use information. Or others reveal some very personal information – sure, it’s up to them – that is not something they would necessarily wish to divulge otherwise. And in sharing that information, other readers here do seem to benefit from not feeling so alone, or that helps them to find new answers to problems, and so on. I mean this is the internet so it’s not like a quiet whispered conversation in the middle of a 50ha paddock, ya know, so privacy is flimsy at best innit, but still.

        • And there is the big problem we have with the internet. If there is no accountability for what we say, in that we can’t be held responsible, then civilization becomes virtual. Culture becomes virtual , social contact virtual. That’s the land of the zombies.
          If I don’t know if I’m talking with a young single mother in Utah or an old short hairy moob featured masturbater from New York because privacy is more important then we are fuqed.

          This place is the perfect example of what the internet can be.

          • Davidl, i just have a stalker that can’t quit after over 20 years. It sucks not being OUT and PROUD to my Sag Rising self and maybe Leo MC, or even Aries Merc! It super sucks to the point i feel murderous – it would take away some of the issue! But, you know, safety first. (AND NO WAY AM I SOME ONANIST MOOB, THANK YOU.) Crikey, dl, i have a grav, you know it’s me!

              • I’ve got a violent offender/stalker to, no one to beat him except to hide under assumed identity.
                It absolutely sucks. The criminal has more freedom than me.

          • It’s a HUGE ISSUE for women on the internet, by the way, personal safety.

          • This is for DavidL. (Trigger warning, chickies. Read with care, if you have to.)


            Love u, DavidL, but you don’t seem to know what chicks live with, regardless of whether we actually have had someone nasty in our real-world lives. Threats are all over the shop, i recall men licking their lips at me when i was THREE, once holding my nan’s hand, her noticing and shaking a fist at one. The nastiness we see and walk amongst every day.

      • Gemini Rising – if I can’t have a persona I don’t want to play.

        Leo Sun – Course I am my most authentic self regardless!

        Scorp Moon – Information is power, no one can have power over me on this or any other plane. *shrieks and runs for hills*

      • Davidl, I wondered why whole names were published.

        No, I would not like my name to be published. Anywhere. Only on LinkedIn do I use my real name & pic, & it’s for real work (ie, income) purposes. No future potential employer will Google my name & find “me” anywhere else & that’s the way it should be. And that’s just one example of why I prefer privacy.

        Any suggestion that a pseudonym is a front or inauthentic is ridiculous. We are all identifiable by our handles in as much as anyone can be “identifiable.” I ask, who are you?

        • And just for the record, because I have sensed some confusion over this, I do only have one persona here. Just one. That’s cool if you want to think there’s 10 of me, though! Imagine a whole army of me… Hot πŸ˜›

          • Freaking frightening, Scorporation!!! In a thrilling way πŸ˜€ (horror fan here)

        • (I wondered why because it is not usual to pub whole names. But im seriously fuqing irritated with explaining myself, anyhow. Scorp Sun & Mars: fuq off. From here on out I explain nothing & if anyone doesn’t get it, oh well.)

          • (And not only if you don’t get it, but also if you misinterpret it, are misinformed, or are just projecting your own shit onto my persona. Your deal, not mine.)

            • Who am I ? That’s my photo and that’s my name and most people know where I live and how old I am and lots of other stuff. If people google me and see this stuff I couldn’t give a hoot. It’s me ?
              That’s what answering to no one is scorpy not just saying it x

              • Women aren’t afforded the same luxury of transparency because of stalkers.
                In a perfect world we would, but stalkers have more rights than their victims.
                Potential employers also google names and anyone could loose a potential corporate job posting on an astro site.

                • Yes, as much as i enjoy what davo has to say, and I understand where he is coming from, i think he might be commenting from ‘a safe place’ if you know what I mean – a bit later in life, successfully self-employed, established family and home life, male and free from the threat of (or actual) violence and intimidation in personal…? this is how it appears to me. we all have our reasons I guess.

                  • in personal *life sorry xx
                    not trying to make silly assumptions, am just sort of interpolating all the different perspectives here.

                  • Well then I’m a good case in point maybe ?. Do you think you just find yourself there in a place of relative safety and peace when you get older by hiding when your younger ? Can I tell you a secret , it’s the other way around. Have a look at the indigenous community and their current leaders. Were they blogging behind a pseudonym to get their message out to the world when they were young activists ? No, they were out on the streets being arrested, being identified by police and government. Their faces plastered in the news as trouble makers …blah blah .
                    Now they are older most of them are adored, relaxed, comfortable people.
                    If someone judges you because you have an interest in astrology or express certain personal traits, good and bad, and you accept that that will be a negative judgement, a judgement that is valid to your survival, then your just accepting your position in node 4 of the matrix.
                    Safely peace and security is a mindset,
                    Based on how you handle your fears. Fear is mostly ego based.

                    I understand the male female physical danger issue I do, I feel that is another issue all together.

                    • it’s more than a physical danger issue, although that could be a manifestation of it, but a few of us have said quite clearly here that to make ourselves identifiable would be in some way put us at risk

              • From where I sit your “transparency” is a facade, davidl. I can’t google “davidl” & find you, & the pic of the back of your head is hardly recognizable. So, whatever.

                I take it your wife & kids are on board with your transparency, as your lack of privacy is their lack of privacy. Slack, imo.

                Some of us live in the real world & have responsibilities & concerns that apparently you cannot fathom. Ignorance is bliss, yeah? Enjoy.

                • The real world ? You mean the one you made for yourself ? That’s not my world, but I’m happy to show you mine.
                  Of course my family know I blog here. I blogged here an hour after my third was born in the lounge room, that was 10 years ago. My wife and friends know I blog here and take me to task on things I’ve said. Guess what they know who I am too.

                  And your right every day is another opportunity to find bliss. And ignorance, if it’s ignorance of all the fears that plague people, works just fine.
                  You never struck me as a rabbit before Scorpy ?
                  Twitching to the slightest sound, calling all those things to you that you know so much about.

                  Responsibility to my kids ? How dare you question that ? I mean really. Your like a twitching rabbit with a pen knife threatening to cut me. But I’m sure if I just throw up a few scawey shadows you’ll be back in your safe secure hole in the ground.

                  Now my last point… Is this argument leading to make up sex? Or have I missed the point totally ?

                  • Whatever is going on in your personal life, I’m not your gimp, davidl. I will never have another thing to say to you again & I hope you will do me the same kindness in the future.

                    • Look at the thread woman, you work yourself into a lather because I ask a question, then start firing pass agg shit at me and then claim I’m treating you as a gimp when I throw a little back ?
                      I’m sorry but I’ll respond to whoever, whenever I choose to.

        • I agree re: the pseudonym, and we are actually all interacting with each other energetically anyway, that can’t be faked.

          I also have good reasons to protect my privacy due to a man being unable to control himself. He’d probably be fine with visibility as well.

    • I totally understand the argument above – but if you don’t want your real name on here, don’t enter – pretty simple.

      You pay to be a tarot muse with PayPal which uses your real name. If the issue was serious I’m sure all you would have to do is email Mystic and she would take it off.

  5. Congrats to the winners…

    Hey, I just re-subscribed to Mystic. Was going to do it anyway BUT, just read my scopes and they are phe-nom accurate so I did it pronto without delay.

    Yes, my intuition has been working over time esp where Pisces doc and the Pisces Mercury/Nept are bang on my MC (it has been nearly unsettling) but also as Mystic said they are in Aries Soul Sector (I can say this because she is letting peeps view the scopes for free right now)…

    AND, had I known or paid attention to Mars going Rx in Libra I probably would have put off addressing some things to him as I had around the Pisces New Moon beginning of March…Or instead of leaving a note on his desk would have “waited and see”…as my Cap Moon is prone to do…

    One of the co-workers Aries Mars is in the ZZ…big changes are in the air. Alot of us have put up with her FOR YEARS and now, maybe I get a chance to give doc some low down…but in the right way of course.

    Subscribe to Mystic if you haven’t already or, don’t come here and blab the shit outta peeps (sorry for blabbin’ on so long with out re-subscribing Mystic…x) :)

    • She deserves better than that!

      It’s like crappin’ (taking and not giving) on The Goddess and gawd knows how I feel about that!!

    • Mystic fuqin ROCKS. My sub is part of my household budget, like groceries & electricity– plus this beautiful blog community is totes free & entertaining & enlightening & empowering & provocative daily astro sustenance, y’all! I’ve been here for 2 years or so & I don’t know where I’d be without Mystic & all of you gorgeous creatures x

      It’s no secret that I love Mystic, is it? Everybody knows that, right? πŸ˜‰

      • I mean seriously: I thought that was common knowledge. Seriously!

      • I figured it was Jack– LOL sorry, Jack! Because it’s always the intern’s fault. Hey man, I’m laughing *with* you because I’ve been there myself. Stay strong, sorry again! x

          • Lets not be self rightousness now….

            Don’t get the Bacon Infused..but after a long day gawd knows I just need SOMEHTING IN THERE..

            Jezus I think peeps get all caught up and persnickity..

            Like in the ZZ you gonna have uber choices, um? Take what you get and run with the fuquer…

            Did I instill fear? Good..you are learning.. :mrgreen:

          • Jack the Leo intern? Has everyone lost their damn minds? Where am I?

            B I z a r R o

            • \
              Hon, taking yourself too seriously perhaps?

              I don’t know who Jack the Intern is…Am I supposed to


              yeah, from time to time we’re bizarre here..We’re mostly gemini rising…What you?welcome.. :)

              I don’t mean to be a smart ass biatch but I’m playing on line waiting for my grandaughter to be born..’JACK” is the least of my concerns…laugh out fuqin loud..

              • Hey Scorporation…

                Soz, I’d had some cabernet last night and was a bit cray…

                But did find the whole Jack thing pretty hilar… :) x

  6. I would really like to purchase a “Pseudo Intellectual Astro Bitch” T-shirt. Where can I do this?

  7. YEEEHAW!!! Arigatou! That has just made my day :) Congrats to all ze Muses!! Can’t wait for the tarot to land…

  8. Have a wonderful Astrological Dinner btw! It’s a such a great idea and seems brilliant timing to have an event like this. Lots of support from spiritual kinfolk – nice! Sending happy chatty vibes!! Xx.