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Niki De Saint Phalle

People, the Tarot is Imminent. It is just a matter of resolving fiddly tech issues now. Eg: ensuring that your readings can be properly saved to PDF for later reference.  Things like that. Current ETA is Friday night Sydney time – Tarot Muses have been updated via email already. If you are a Tarot Muse and you did not get an email from me today re the Tarot launch, please check your junk filter and if it ain’t there, let me know.

Tarot Muses will get their password to the Tarot page by the weekend – barring a tech fuq-up, some things you can’t foresee until they go live – and every other subscriber will get access in May.  In case you missed a few posts, the Tarot Muses have helped to support the costly and time consuming process of making this happen and have (in return) gotten entry to cool competitions, six months gift sub to give away or use for themselves AND a head start with the Tarot – first access from this weekend.

The competitions are finished but you can still be a Tarot Muse if you would like – you get six months of the Mega Mystic subscription for yourself or a friend and the secret password to the Tarot from (all going well) this Friday!

I am aiming to launch with the Moon sextile Sun-Uranus and trine Mars!

Image: Niki De Saint Phalle – i worship this woman and her work – most of it is installations at her Tarot Garden so i do not often feature it BUT something beautifully weird and surreal just happened.  I got her scent in the 80s – invested in it when I was a student with next to zero income – and mostly because of the bottle, below. But the fragrance was actually beautiful – very Jasmine & Ylang Ylang, like if a surrealist got to redo Chanel 19 – just NOW as i was looking at a picture of her, a great big generous whiff of that unmistakable perfume, which i have not owned for years, filled the room.  Unmistakably magic.  Awe.  I know i am still high on codeine from the emergency dental procedure but still…

Niki De Saint Phalle perfume

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82 thoughts on “Tarot Is Imminent

  1. Ha, your Moon in Libra seems to give you clairolfactory MM!
    There are many saints whose presence was accompanied by a fragrance, Padre Pio’s visits in spirit and in person would often indicate warnings, affirmation of prayers heard, healing etc. and the smells he is associated with were “violets, lilies, roses, incense, or even fresh tobacco..” .

    I knew a Chi Gung healer who said entities smell like shit to him.
    Which made me glad not to be clair-olfactory sensing…

    • Once upon a time I used to smell sandalwood when I practiced pranayama. I asked my yoga teacher why that might be and she said that sandalwood is the scent of the etheric body. cool eh

    • I once went to an audience with a man who channeled (?) Archangel Michael and there was a strong rose smell when the archangel appeared. It was lovely.

      • I often have strong olfactory stimulus or action when I experience precognition or just one of those odd moments. I began to recognise it when I had a very intense affair with a guy who lived miles away (like 300 miles away) his scent would waft through my awareness and I knew he was either about to call or was there as such. Very odd. I still get it, never smell him anymore but other things relating to events or people.
        Oh and talking on this topic, main man thinks that stags on the hill smell mucky and earthy and not at all nice, all I get is the deepest richest smell of primroses honey sweet! It must be a girl thing!

        • I get that too! The smell thing! I can totally smell people even when they are miles away.

    • Years after my father passed I was walking through the city right past the entrance of the building he worked in for years, and i got a strong whiff of tobacco smoke in the breeze, I knew it was him

    • Libra Moon: a blessing & a curse re smell sensitivity! Mine is not doing me any favors in my job: as it’s an institutional setting, I get assaulted in an olfactory way every time I show up. Ammonia, bleach, shit-vomit-piss, perspiration, crap laundry detergent– you name it, it goes straight to my brain. Ugh!! I smoke cigs & it doesn’t numb me much. Libra Moon smells all.

      • LIbran Moon and led by the nose.
        It doesn’t SMELL right instead of it doesn’t FEEL right
        when snap judgments are needed.

    • Hmm, I wonder if there’s a corresponding astro sig for clairvoyance or clairaudience.

      • Ooh, I will bite.
        Let’s see..
        Moon in Pisces/Aqua Clairaudience
        Moon in Taurus/Gemini Clairsentience
        Moon in Libra/Virgo Clairolfatance/Clairalience
        Moon in Cancer/Gemini Clairgustance
        Moon in Aries/Capricorn Claircogniznace
        Moon in Scorpio/Leo Clairvoyance
        Moon in Saggi on Aya = all of the above.

        • I’ve got Moon in Aqua, I have clairaudience.
          You are good, Andro! 😀

          • Actually Clairgustance should have been Cancer/Saggi, doubled on the Gems.

            Funny Nightrose, chance I am sure. 😉
            Tho I did base some of this on the abilities of some of my healer friends.
            I have a few Piscean/Aqua friends who work in this field and they are certainly hyper audient.

  2. right, so speaking of tarot – can’t wait to try to app btw – who wants to tell me all the good things about the Devil card?

    my ex is acting out right on cue for the ZZ, and I’ve pulled it 3 times now, twice myself and once online 😯

    • Passion, brutality,
      Lust and physicality,
      Red chakra, root chakra,
      Dancing and sex!

      These are all the Devil card maybe?
      The contrasts of this dimensional reality make it heaven and hell together at once. So the dark brings into relief all the incredible power of the light, of freedom.

      To me this is a card of observation, self-observation also.
      I say go atomic. Get micro, look at the nuggety, tense energies in your environment/body/mind and just move those atoms apart.. free the tension in & around you.
      Then you will see…

      • oh, my freedom! likely this is not entirely unconnected to the recent divorce….

        really, everything else in my world is swimming along beautifully. I will pull my atoms apart and work on allowing that.

        I thank you from my heart for your thoughtful reply Andromeda, it has really helped 🙂

        Atomic, ahaaa, atomic, aaaha – do you reckon that’s what Blondie was on about?

        • your divorce is official, so why is your ex still hassling you? Or are your referring to another ex?

          • no, same one. he’s using the children.

            but why? because he’s unhappy, unstable, impotent, frustrated, etc. oh, and because he has to pay child support. he wants some blood for his outgoings, lol.

            • *nods* yep, I get…. a bonafide Qi Vampire.

              Sorry you have to go through that… 🙁

              • yes! because he won’t do the work to create a centred life for himself so he wants to fuq with mine. and because the ZZ, sigh. Well, it might sort him out 🙂

                thanks scorpy x

            • My ex husband/father of my son carried on like this for 8 years. We are just now coming to a place where we can speak civilly & take care of biz without him goading me into a fight. Not that I trust that his shenanigans are over: consistency is not one of his strengths. Stay strong, calypso! x

              • that’s the MO – dude wants to fight. I’m just trying to figure out the best strategic response. substance abuser with Saturn on his Neptune. I don’t need to do a thing.

                Anyway, what’s he gunna do, irritate me to death?

                you’re my role model Scorp Inc x

                • irritate you to death … LOL.

                  He wants to fight during Mars retro…. Let him 🙂

                • I shouldn’t laugh but “what’s he gonna do, irritate me to death?”
                  oh god I hear you loud and clear on that on. I’m sorry you’re going through this. This zz is so rough. Sorry for sounding like a wimp but fuq.

                  • yes, he just might irriate you to death through stres. Block him out only respond to emails about children, ignore everything else. Put up a cold front until he begaves.

                    • Yes! Totally what I did/do: only talk about our son. No exceptions.

                    • oh yes, i haven’t engaged with him on any topic other than the children for years and he’s still not behaving, it’s just pushed him into a situation where he uses them so it’s not really much better, imo. but thanks SR 🙂

                • Yes: mine abuses substances, too! Alcohol & narcotics. Plus, he has a wicked pornography addiction. Cap sun, don’t know the rest. Havent taken the time to look, as I’ve been busy raising a child on my own & all that.
                  His astro deets don’t rate on my priority hierarchy.

                  I keep that man at arm’s length. He’s unpredictable. & esp as our son has aspies & is uber-sensitive to energies, it’s important that my ex doesn’t rattle either of us. No matter how many times he has called me a cunt, I just have to cease & desist. Detach, let him spew his foulness to where my ears don’t hear.
                  As scorps, we have stamina! Work it, babe. xx

                • Also, as I’m sure u kno, u *cannot* have a constructive hashing out/argument with someone who is under the influence. That train has jumped the tracks, is
                  tangential &
                  illogical, & usually has no regard for basic human decency. So fuq that. Don’t waste your energy.

                  • yep, all that. and thanks. I am actually drawing on you for inspiration now, ok? lol but also, I just don’t respond well to control. Pluto stuff, it is. Maybe that’s what I have to work on.

                • mine’s heading towards 6! but he’s been fuqed up for over 30 years, so…

                  Libra Sun, Gem Moon, multiple Virgo.

                • My Scorpio/Scorpio Rosing ex has held a grudge for over 18 years and I barely knew him maybe two years.
                  He still harasses me and uses any method possible.
                  Imbalanced Scorpion energy knows how to hold a grudge.
                  I try to ignore, ignore and detach.

                  • Is that the stalker S-R?
                    My friend has one in Italy, from 15 years ago and even now she doesn’t want to do a FB page for fear of him getting to it, and her friends through that.

              • It is. My son deserves so much better in a father, & it pains him sometimes. It’s a hit to his self-esteem: I see it. So I take extra care to not speak badly of his dad in his presence, but to also be real with him re why his dad is not in his life. As in, “It’s not you: it’s him.” Ah, tricky sensitive stuff…

    • (My books are in boxes so i cannot confirm this but)

      Child of Matter, Lord of the Gates of Time

      is how Naomi Ozaniec, one of my favourite writers on Tarot, has described this card. Each card has a kind of speech at the end of the book, which links Tarot to the Sepher Yetzirah and so of course to numbers and Hebrew letters. In each speech the card itself n”speaks” to you as a mentor/guru/teacher. So it is not scary. I like to read the Devil card there in that book as i jump across river of fear and get to understand.

      Matter, enmeshed in matter, slave to matter, weighing heaviest upon the matter of any question rather than the spiritual. Allowing oneself to be chained to an obsession. Animus/anima, male/female in disharmony. Another card that gives the Lovers hermaphrodite in twisted bondage like siamese twins is the Alchemic Tarot by Robert M Place. Sorry image is blurry but only one of The Devil i can find on net:

      • thanks Mille – yes, I just needed a hand to jump the river of fear. Imagine pulling the Devil 3 times going into the ZZ? sheesh 😯

        anyway, the concept of enmeshed bondage could be the thing as children’s father, he’s not actually going to go away. I have to deal with him. I have long leant on my preference not to, but maybe I need to face that now? Anyway, I will think on it and separate in what ways I can.

        Thank you so much xx

    • Devil always said codependence or chaos addiction to me.
      Basically attachment or attraction for wrong reasons.

      • ha! spot on NR!!

        that is perfect. he is absolutely dependent – hello, substances….and chaos probably feels better than self-loathing.

        Thank you!

  3. Can’t wait for the Tarot, the limited Oracle questions can be a bit tricky to negotiate a question with. E.g.
    Q: Should I get a kitty cat with Saturn on my Moon in the 6th?
    A: Dawn Patrol: You will become an early riser!
    Well yes.. if I get the cat..
    A: Engage with what freaks you out – your warrior consciousness is waking up. .. Yes?

    Seriously, I have developed an addiction to Pet Rescue and trawl through it daily. I find a kitty & obsess on it then remember that I am shattered much of the time already & it’s akin to madness.
    But with Moon & Neptune in the 6th.. Artemis help me! Saturn get off my moon already!!

    • Did you read that beautiful article, Andro, in herald weekend magazine about the boy and the cat? The boy was a spy, but also has a body thing where he needs to lay flat on the ground for physical support at times.

      Anyway, they got a cat, out of two they saw together, this cat chose them and particularly the boy. The mother wrote how terrific it’s been for everyone since the cat came, he (cat ) is an immense support, if the boy was having a freak out, it would come and lie on his chest to calm him, and even come into the bathroom at bath time, as if to stop the the tantrums! This was a couple of weekends ago and I thought you would like this story as I was reading it

      • It was a lovely cat, seemed to be quite a bit of Burmese blue, with white paws and chin.

      • A spy!!! Lol, I did wonder for a mo then!! Yes, I did read that, so divine. Yes, maybe I should take little Cap to meet some cats. I think we will know if it is ‘meant to be’ that way. Thanks V! I have read the Burmese are very person oriented, while the dom short hairs are a bit wilder. Burmese blue sounds just gorgeous.

        • Animals are such great friends and tiny healers for children (all children of all ages) 😉

        • Yes, my dog chose me, I sat down with the litter of pups, and she climbed onto my lap. And we have been on an amazing journey ever since.

          Didn’t she write that she started showing him cats, and he reacted with interest? Definitely taking him to meet some will show you what could work

    • You & me both, Andro! Horses, dogs, cats, guinea pigs– I want to bring them all home. The amount of time-energy I spend on work & the money I don’t get for it, stop me. I’ve looked into what it would take to begin a bona fide rescue, esp re horses, & again, financially I don’t have what it takes. Sad. Because I’d take them all if I could.

      My aspy boy always had an affinity for cats when he was younger; over the last year he’s morphed into more of a dog
      person. Regardless of the specie, though, animals have always helped him to cope & regain/maintain his equilibrium. Same is true for me, & I am not aspy. Think we’ll be getting a cat soon… 😉

      Happy rescuing, Andro! Truly goddess work. xx

      • Could you look into getting funding to do this as a side project Scorp?
        From established rescue organisations, or alternatively youth groups. You have the professional credentials, I’m supposing, and are not someone who has no credentials.

        For youth at risk, children’s rehabilitation using an animal oriented place? There are one or two places (not many) running programmes like this near where I live.

        • I would LOVE to see horses getting somewhere comfortable to spend their later years.
          I refuse to go to the races, cos it’s all assholes who get frocked up and drunk and dont care a rats arse about the what happens to the horses that don’t win.

          • I can’t stand horseracing! I get personally attached to cars, but horses aren’t cars. I would love to see horseracing abolished world wide. Also steer & mustang riding. Hideous!

        • Yes I have looked into this: i guess you could say ive started it, actually. yeah I got the cred. Or rather, I got a good start on my cred.

          Here in the US (all over, actually: worked with some lovely women from South Africa at a workshop for certification), there is an additional, specialty cert needed to legitimately do this work. EGALA. Plus, you just want it, you know, before you get in the ring with client & horse? But anyway, to complete this is a good $2k-3k. That kind of cred I don’t have lol.

          And then there’s the biz of starting/owning/managing a non-profit, which overloads my circuits at the mere mention of. For real I would need a Board, who would ultimately call all the shots– & I don’t yet know who I would make my board up with. I would need astro deets. Shiz would take *time*.

          So I’ve been networking, doing some workshops toward certification, interned at a facility that only does equine-facilitated therapy, studied what it would take on the biz end, finished my grad degree, but I’m not there

          But it’s ok. I’ll just keep at it. What I’d really like meanwhile is to just have a horse rescue for drafts that don’t pull anymore. Especially Percherons: did you know that as they age their color changes, making them undesirable for show & consequently many get sent to Canada. Oh, Canada…

          So a Percheron Sanctuary and All would be right in my world. 🙂

          • Which gave me a thought: I’ll peruse big Percheron groups for funding opportunities… Thanks, Veronica x

          • Ah, right, you’re all over it already 🙂
            I should have known!

            Yes to Percheron sanctuaries, donkey sanctuaries, have a cousin with a Staffordshire terrier sanctuary.
            Even though I don’t love all zoos, I have this fear for all animals in the wild nowadays, as I feel they need to be protected from humans 🙁

            I wouldn’t be surprised at all if you just happen to manifest a wealthy philanthropist who has a penchant for Percherons…

      • Apparently it isn’t a job for God though, the Gem freaked out when we attempted to adopt a doggie.
        But maybe it was the wrong doggie for him..

  4. So all my email accounts have been hacked as have people I correspond with and it’s all such a mess. My feelings are just scorched right now and Chiron in Aries in the 5th is pinging the whole boring achey brakey heart shit .. oh god you know I don’t even wanna go into it. Talk about weirdness. Fuq at least I have the peeps here and NC.
    I need to do more yoga. Am learning so much, so fast and I’m just feeling sad and terrified and sad and angry, then back to sad and terrified with a bit of so uncomfortable I could scratch off my own skin thrown into the mix. Then the shooting pains in my chest. I swear it feels like I’m having a heart attack it just hurts so much.
    Have resolved to just feel it tho and not defend against it. It’s my pain, I don’t want to externalise it or blame anyone or loose this opportunity to turn shit into gold but can I please just take this opportunity to say “ughhhhhhh I feel like shit.”
    there I said it.
    Been doing the sage vag detox every night, sometimes twice a day in the last days of the dark moon. Massive one for 3 hours just before the new moon. I keep hoping to feel better but I suppose that’s a ways off still. Occasionally I realise I’m just enjoying breathing or watching the river as if I’m seeing it for the first time. I get a few seconds of absolute clarity and then it’s “back to work bitch!” ugh me no likey this at all. crikey.
    Wake me up when April is over please?

    • Ooooh, Inv. ouch! Have felt just like this before except I wasn’t as disciplined as you in going to yoga. Good on you.
      There is a Kahlil Gibran saying that goes something like-

      ” the pain is the breaking open of the shell of your understanding”

      Hugs to you xxx

    • It’s called a Healing Crisis. You will fell 1000 % better in less than a week.
      ‘Stuff’ is being pushed out of your system. Dark before the dawn biz.

  5. The top one reminds me of matiese. Was just reading about him. He likened the energy of color to witchcraft. 🙂