Setting Your Vibe For The Zap Zone

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Remedios Varo The Juggler

Guys, the Daily Mystic email for Monday is going out in two hours and it contains an extra rant re this latest round of the Zap Zone – How To Not Just Survive But Thrive Through The Zap Zone. If you are a subscriber and you do not get it by Monday a.m, please email. I am also going to post it on the Monthly Horoscopes page.  Remain Rad!



Image:  Remedios Varo – the Juggler

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13 thoughts on “Setting Your Vibe For The Zap Zone

  1. You are AMAZING! Thanks to you and your coaching I am fit and ready to take on anything. Calm in the midst of the storm. You are a valuable person in these times.

    I dreamed last night that the ”authority” had put you in jail for being so accurate with Astrological forecast and for educating the masses about it. You were a threat to the system and the established order and they didn’t like it. You were in the media everywhere kind of like Pussy Riot. Impassible, you were like: F*** the system, stay rad!

  2. Whoa, just was at the market and saw the cops park in front of THT’s (Triple Horned Toro’s) house.

    He grows pot in one of his spare bedrooms and sells. Always thought that kind of thing was chancey. Whose to say someone wouldn’t squeal? Heck, I even contemplated it when I was po’d at him..My way tho, is to let the universe take care of stuff. I don’t do revenge. Think some of you might remember that we ended up on good terms last yr and I gave him the massage I owed him from 2011…lol

    As far as the cops, I would text him and say beware but can’t go there. I haven’t seen him for months altho have a vague feeling I had dreamt about him just the other night.

    Years ago, someone I had a short stint with was doing counterfiet money (I didn’t know until later). (Btw,me and Toro were never even a fling…just flirty kinds of friends..I never went in his bedrooms)

    With the money guy, one night, by the grace of Goddess, I awoke around 2:00 am and took a meander over to his neighborhood. I hadn’t known where he lived but I sawhis truck and the cops were there, shining their flashlights into the cars in the driveway. I was totally oblivious to what was going on but I’d say I was “saved” so to speak from further involvement.

    The next day I went to his work and told him that the cops were snooping around. Later, he was angry about me knowing/telling him and thats when he dropped the beans about the money thing.He was on three year probation..

    Anyway, with THT, his Venus in Aries, 10 degrees,12th house (incarceration?) , is in the zz w/trans Uranus. Trans Cap Pluto obviously hitting on that as well…(authority?)

    Mars currently in Libra is still within orb of his Moon. He has natal Mars square Pluto. This doesn’t look good for him.

    This is where I mind my own business and just “drive on by”. But once again Moon in 8th rolled with the underworld but got out in the nick of time.

    • \

      I should use the word “underworld” loosely in the sense that pot dispenseries are legal here in Palm Springs area. I had suggested he sell to them if that is how he wanted to make a living. Hey, I love getting high. The only thing is that it makes me too tired, then I eat….Get nothing done. My Neptune in 5th trine Pisces MC doesn’t need anymore help in “the dreamer” dept.

      One ofmy patients, an older school teacher, brought some pot cream in and I massaged her feet with it. Later thought that perhaps I should let doc know and what did he think/feel about that. Then I forgot. She’d had a prescription from her doctor for the stuff.

  3. I’ll be having my pluto square itself during this cardinal cross, activating my natal pluto/ venus square, with transit Pluto conjuncting natal Venus at 13 cap in H1 and transit Mars conjuncting natal Pluto (H9) at 13 Libra, also affecting my midheaven. Also Uranus will conjunct natal Eris at 13 Aries. I am worried and nervous, to say the least! So looking forward to your wise words!

  4. Dearest MM-

    End of week stuff-

    Had strong YES from money guru re-cash and gold-your own view from another post.

    Healing convo which amplified/affirmed goal to go back (Mars retro across all my Libra schizz esp Moon/Merc) to school and finish. Mercury/Chiron.

    Offer of support (in lieu of critique) from old friend and apology for not being there years back (whoa!).

    Super healing of uber critical family vibe- I broke the mold. Passing every test and situ so far. Seeing my younger relations on the learning curve – ouch!

    Grateful grateful grateful for you and this forum of brilliant, funny, real, generous to the max peeps.

    Xx Kat

    • …on the subscriber monthly page, I mean.
      I had already started doing one of them
      Things for me are going really well. Awesome actually. I’ve some opportunities that came up as Jupiter and Mercury went direct. There has been some weird synchronicity. But fortune is around and I’m realising how much a part of its making is also me – playing part in being a self-starter, self-directed. Mars, Lilith, Jupiter are the key players in my chart right now.

  5. Just realised today that Pluto will be right on my Mars in 1st house for this April cross thingy – I’m paying close attention to all info re zap zone – thank goodness for your knowledge!

      • My pisces moon and sag sun in the 12th still needs your wisdom – have just learnt about the power of mars in 1st in Cap from the mp3s you provided and from Kim Falconer – whole new paradigm – Saturn ruler – later in life realisations?:)

    • Let us know how it goes with the Pluto transit of your Mars. Pluto will be transiting my Mars in Cap in the 8th house in 2016-17, so I’m curious to hear how this transit plays out for people.

  6. Yay! Thanks MM! Feeling the potential of the ZZ at times, it’s really exciting. Also I love ‘Stay Rad!’ & ‘Remain Rad!’ it’s become my mantra. Might need it on a t-shirt! xx

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