Ryan Gosling’s Dream Therapy

Ryan Gosling

For his directorial debut, the upcoming surreal fantasy How to Catch a Monster, Ryan Gosling (who also wrote the film) hired a dream analyst to advise his actors. Let that soak in for a minute: Ryan Gosling had his cast consult with a dream analyst. It’s an eccentric move, even for a guy as eccentric (and dreamy) as Gosling. But, as with all things Quirky Gosling, it’s pretty fantastic as well.


According to Saoirse Ronan, who stars in the film alongside Christina Hendricks, Eva Mendes, and Matt Smith, the analyst was a woman named Greta. She had the actors write themselves letters each night — something along the lines of, “Dear inner self, if it is your will, reveal to me in a dream tonight what my character’s relationship is to this other character,” Ronan told Vulture. Then they let their subconscious provide the answers.
“We would come in the next day to discuss our dreams with each other, and act them out,” says Ronan, who stars in this weekend’s new Wes Anderson film, The Grand Budapest Hotel. “I’d tell Greta, ‘Listen, I don’t know what this is, but I was doing this last night, and then this person popped up [in my dream]’ and she’d make sense out of it. And that was our rehearsal.” By sharing their dreams — recurring dreams in Hendricks’s case — “it made us become very close,” Ronan said.


“It was a very new method for me, because all of a sudden, Ryan was encouraging us to incorporate our own personalities into our characters, how you feel about things, what your anxieties are, and things like that.”


New York Magazine

Hands up who would like to be in an Inception style scenario with Mr Multiple Scorpio Ryan Gosling?  I think there are many of us who would be happy to peel off ever deeper layers of our subliminal mind to access deeper psychic dimensions in his company.

So he gets dreams and is totally working his Mars-Neptune in Sagittarius at a higher level. The man is a Shaman. This information has just sealed his position as Chief Imaginary Boyfriend of Pseudo-Intellectual Astro-Bitches. Or, okay Imaginary Friend if you don’t vibe that way. Cool regardless.

As for the “woman named Greta” who is Ryan Gosling’s dream advisor – we need to know more. I mean, come on. I am sensational at dream interpretations. Surely she takes a break from time to time.

One of my strongest dreams ever came with Neptune on my Ascendant  – i was trying to figure out if i should stay or go re a relationship. It was agonizing – alternating between feeling scattered & crushed. Anyway i had this dream i found an old box under the stairs and in the box was a dead bird but it was all laid out ornately, with yarrow flowers around it and its wings folded. In the dream i was going w.t.f. at this discovery when it suddenly came alive, woke up and began chirping happily, flying around the room.

Every dream i had at that time had similar potent rebirth themes; in one i weirdly went down some steps into a pyramid and there was a sarcophagus in the corner that began to open – cue total freak-out, this was clearly a nightmare and what terrifying creature was about to emerge from the coffin etc – but out jumped a purring kitten. And then i turned around on the wall was written Bast.

I know i have mentioned these before – i cite them again to prove my point that Neptune transits are sensational for lucid and meaningful dreaming. If you have Neptune close on a personal planet (a la Ryan) then you have basically a permanent Neptune transit going on.  Every day is a chance to enter the Neptune dimension.


Oh and i wanted to illustrate this with Ryan Gosling in bed (analyzing his dreams obviously) but could not work how to edit Emma Stone out of the shot. Annoying. Also, you know R.G has Sun, Uranus, Mercury and Lilith all in Scorpio – hard with Saturn there too but voila the directorial debut. Saturn transits may not be like all effortless lightness of being but they get rad results.

Image: Ryan Gosling Memes & Virals – i can’t find a photographer credit, let me know if you are aware who it is!


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118 thoughts on “Ryan Gosling’s Dream Therapy

  1. Is anyone else’s Virgo Mars being opposed by Neptune? If yes -what are your experiences thus far?

    Personally, I just recently injured BOTH ankles (tendons). Geesh. Why can’t I just have death-by-ocean dreams?

  2. So how might one interpret a natal Neptune retrograde? I have Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn all retrograde in Capricorn 11th House…

  3. Sun, mercury, Venus and Neptune in Scorpio – sun conjunct Neptune – dreams have solidified each major decision I’ve ever made. I literally weigh each side, go to sleep, am shown a “movie” and bam! Decision has been made by my soul on a level I needed to access while dreaming to understand. It’s brilliant and lovely and perfect – even if the answer isn’t what I necessarily want to hear. Done and done

    • There is a line in the movie The Black Robe,
      Where an Algonquin Indian asks the priest, puzzled,
      “How do you navigate your life without your dreams??”

      Nicely described when you say “decision has been made by my soul on a level I needed to access while dreaming to understand.” Me too. Since I was a child I have been navigating by dreams

      • Love the Algonquin question – about 16 years ago I went through a spell where I didn’t sleep. I didn’t miss the sleep as much as I missed my dreams. They truly light my way. You, like me, are blessed. 🙂

    • Impressive – I am going to give this a try. Amazing that you remember the dreams too. Oh I’d love to be shown a movie every night…

      • It helps if you set the intent, to know, or understand X

        I found that while it may not exactly be dreamt of that night, but if I keep the intent, whatever the issue or person is, it comes up soon enough.

  4. Ha he is born the same day as my 6’4″ infectious disease specialist SIL and 6 days after my brother. In fact, if you stick a moon between his Saturn and Venus and an AC between his Venus and Pluto, it is my bros chart. NO WONDER I’ve never been attracted to him. I seriously wondered if there was something wrong with me as I’m clearly the only girl in the world not smitten. It all makes sense now!
    I do agree that he’s deep and talented and aware and clearly swoonariffic, just not for me. And I absolutely love the dream method!!

    • Nope there are two of us! Doesn’t do nadda for me either … way too purty.

      But I do like him as an actor … he certainly has screen presence.

      • yes, I’m not convinced he is a good actor, but he chooses roles that pay brooding wisely (mostly) and he has that presence

  5. MAJOR Neptune on my descendant a little over 2 years ago……dreamed 3 nights in a row of being tortured. The 3rd night I had 2 dreams.

    My torture dreams are horrid, terribly painfully. 10 out of 10 pain, where I black out in dream and awaken, shaking, crying. No pain when I awake.

    So after 3 nights in a row, I awoke knowing with no doubt that I had most definately been tortured to death in a past life.

    Since being with my boyfriend, I almost never have them. I call his name in my sleep, the only person I have ever sought out or called for in those moments of excrutiating pain.

    • that’s interesting catfish as I wrote above about having nasty dreams with Neptune on my MC. I wonder if i’m accessing a past or someone else’s life then as well?

      • Oh your dream sounds disturbing. I would have awaken with residue from that one.

        Unfortunately, my torture dreams are not from a transit as I have had them periodically for well over a decade. Just during the First neptune transit on my descendant did I have the 3 nights in a row. Barely have them now thankfully. Neptune just crossed over my Descendant for the 3rd time.

  6. Natally I have Moon in the 12th trine Neptune in the 4th.
    Lucid dreamed my entire life. Also was a very psychic dreamer growing up, but that has ebbed a lot as an adult. I have had multiple dreams about my babies and other people’s babies before they arrive. Have had death dreams come true too….Don’t like those.

    On the morning of the 21st had a long detailed dream about a baby girl. Still not sure what to feel or think of her popping up here and there in my dreams.

    • My sis has been dreaming of a baby girl, that she probably won’t have now. I am thinking it’s not a phase in her life where it would be easy at all, unlike when she had her lovely son

  7. oh yes I am all over this. Dream analysis is one of my favorite things to do – my neptune conjunct moon in Cap (trine mars conjunct sun) gives me wild dreams basically every night, and my 4 virgo planets makes me all about analyzing them. I try to write them down then come back and figure out my life. In another life I’m a Jungian psychologist – I read books about this kind of thing for fun.

    Looking forward to the movie. My brother has a similar impressive line up of Scorpio planets and he’s SUPER private. It’s interesting to me.

  8. Hey guys, could you please help me? I’ve booked a distant healing session for Wednesday… is it Ok for a dark moon? or is it better to schedule it for next week? Thanks in advance!

  9. “Chief Imaginary Boyfriend of Pseudo-Intellectual Astro-Bitches.” Lol, lol, lol! I do rely on him in my imagination from time to time. He’s very cool under pressure 😉

    “If you have Neptune close on a personal planet (a la Ryan) then you have basically a permanent Neptune transit going on.”

    Does that count for squares too? My Venus Netpune square is near exact, we’re talking minutes. Pluto sextile Neptune is the most exact aspect in my chart. I feel like everyday Pluto (Mars/Merc).

  10. This is so cool! I used to be an actress, and I love this idea. However, since I used to dream so infrequently, I’m not sure how good I would have been with it — I think the note to myself might have helped, though! I really love that idea, in fact — writing a note to yourself before going to bed, something to dream on. I really ought to keep a dream diary, especially after my consult with Mystic reinforced that it would be good for me. I’m a Mars-Neptune woman (square), and I’ve got Neptune sextile my sun-Merc, natally, and trine my MC. And I’m a Pisces, so I’m pretty Neptunian (though I feel pretty a lot of things, sometimes, like Martial and Uranian, and Sun (me) oriented, as well, lol.) Been having more vivid and strange and prophetic dreams the last few years, though. Still infrequent. I think because I’ve been enduring this very long Neptune transit, first on my moon, and then on my Sun.

    Interestingly, when it was on my moon, I was a mess in some ways, but also really learning to get a grip — I think because Saturn was on my Ascendant, and opposing my Sun-Moon, as well. Also, my moon is in late Aqua, so I think Neptune on Aqua moon, I dunno, not as intense. Then I got a little Neptune break before BAM, doing it’s dance on my Sun. And this transit has been…weird. Let me put it this way — my relationship to the BDHJ has gotten a little messy again.

    Question for you PIABs: when would you say transits are the strongest? I think I’ve read that they’re strongest right before, but I seem to feel them most strongly when they’re bang on, or right after, though I guess not always. Or is it just kind of always pretty strong, off an on, the whole time it’s in orb? And transit orbs are smaller than natal orbs, yes? But still bigger for things like the sun and moon?

  11. i love this, very much looking forward to seeing this movie. Gosling is my almost birth twin, he’s born the day after me and has his moon in Capricorn, mine is in Sag dead conjunct my (our) Mars and Neptune conjunction. Dreams are exceptionally vivid and important for me. Always have been!

  12. I keep dreaming that my Mr Dreamy rings me up & whispers sweet nothings in my ear… & then I wake to hot dog breath in my face. Ugh.

      • Haha It’s so stank!! My Libra moon doesn’t help me of course.

        Aren’t our hairy babies the best? 😉 x

    • This a.m. I’m driving to work & had a flash of a dream I had last night: I’m driving to work & come to a place where the road’s been closed due to an accident. Couldn’t see the scene, just a jumble of ambulances & flashing lights beyond the barricade. And that’s all.

      So what do I make of it? I think I’m coming up on a hot mess, that’s what! A big thumbs down to witnessing such. :/

      • –and the exec director of a facility my company contracts with just called me bitching about some shoddy paperwork/follow-through from my company’s admin, telling me to make sure I pass her message along to my exec director… Oh the drama. Check, please!

        • I don’t know. I know I did have a few dreams before I got fired for being a Virgo that kind of showed me what was coming. It helped me when I got sacked to know that somehow this was in line with my soul path. In my dream, I was driving to work and suddenly I realized my dog was with me and I was thinking “I can’t take him, i can’t leave him in the car” and then the windshield went black and I couldn’t see anything, I could only hear the car bumping things outside, people talking. Anyway, when I got sacked, I thought “its like the dream said” because in the dream I’d been happy to go to the client site, and in real life I had no idea that such venom was around and out for me. But the dream didn’t tell me about my next job. Kind of frustrating. Just knew I’d get through it OK because the car just bumped around, didn’t totally lose control.

          Funny that my doggy was with me. He’s my soul mate, I’m sure. He’s in my dreams frequently.

          I hope you’re day goes better than expected and you see no carnage. Just sharing my dream to share. Good luck.

          • Wow! And we were just musing about our dogs above! This synchronicity is a sign, im sure. Thank You for sharing that, 12hv!

            So im on my lunch break… feel like saying fuq it & heading home! *sigh* But home is 30 miles away & presently we’re having white-out snow. More fuqing snow! Where does it end?

            White out. Black out. Fuq.

            I was fired from a job once. Got “randomly” drug tested, 2 weeks later HR informed me my test came back positive for PCP & they walked me to the door. LOL pcp?! Does anyone even do that shiz anymore? I suppose they do since they test for it… At any rate, I’ve never done it.

            See, I’d been running my mouth to coworkers about unionizing just before said drug test & getting canned :/ Crooked, crooked shit.

            Running my mouth: that’s my Sagg MC right? Haha

            Don’t do drugs, kids! And *never* say the U word!

  13. Ok so i had dream erotica last thursday a la don swayze, i have had conversations with him before re patrick, had mugwort pillow in my pillow, trippy

  14. Eva Mendez again eh? hmmmmmmmmm *chin scratch, raised eyebrow* I mean they make a smokin’ hot couple. OMG SHE IS A PISCES they MUST experience ridiculous water-sign chemistry. along with .. sigh… everything else.
    ftr In my other life I too have a thing for hot, brave Central American women.

      • So curious who are the other two?!

        I took my son to see the Lego movie yesterday– which was great, very clever & chuckle-inducing– & saw a big poster of Angie as Maleficent… drool 😛

        • 🙂 I hear the lego film is fun
          other two are Michelle Rodriguez and Jessica Alba. Rodriguez I guess because she was awesome in girlfight and fragments of fast and the furious. Oh also a belated movie crush on Kristin Scott Thomas, who has starred in a number of beguiling French films.. so good to see an English actor ‘cross the channel’ for a change! while I was looking this up I realised that Francois Ozon directed quite a few of them. Voila a new director to stalk! hooray 🙂 thanks Scorp

            • Ok I’m writing all of these down, Pi & calypso… haha

              Michelle Rodriguez! Loved Girlfight, def crushing after that one.

              • hey scorp inc you might enjoy The Intouchables (unless you’ve already seen it). it’s set in Paris and very human, deals with relationship and social divides, luscious scenography (? sorry for bad terminology am not a filmologist), very funny at times. Omar Sy is HOT and Francois Cluzet is high-culture-debonair but incapacitated. check it ouuuttt

                • That sounds fab! And im such a sucker for gorgeous cinematography-scenography (same here: no clue) that I will sit thru a shit film just to “see” it.

                  Such timely suggestions as I just had our cable turned off. Fuq those people wanting so much $$ for so little worth watching!

                  • Ha, sorry to stalk you tonight Scorp! But I’m with you on this. Have you seen Until the End of the World by Wim Wenders? It makes no sense (Sam o’Neill chasing a lost love around a dystopean future millennial world and then everyone puts weird glasses on) but it’s so frickin beautiful that it’s totally worth watching. See I reckon that’s the archetypal Neptune in Sagg – glamour of the road 🙂

            • it is a great film. must watch again 🙂 she has this inexplicable blend of innocence and femme fatale, with this incredibly French demeanour.. ah yes! she starred opposite KS-T in Love Crime, a fabulous duo 🙂

    • Oh god me too me too. Eva Mendes. Yes please. Serious girl crush. She and Hilary Swank in Million Dollar Baby. Just totally!!!!

  15. My most amazing dream was the night before I had my birth-chart read for the first time…I was in my 20s, soul-searching & had questions about my relationship with my twin.
    So in the dream I am inside my mothers’ belly, its a deep dark space but I know thats where I am. I open my eyes & immediately another pair of eyes open opposite me. The whole dream is just 2 pairs of eyes, wide open, communicating telepathically in dark space. The feeling emerges of overwhelming absolute unconditional love & then the 2 of us convey to each other how much we love each other how happy we are to be in the womb together. We then both recognise that our other is in pain; we can feel her pain…we both vow to each other that we will spend our lives doing all we can to heal our mother’s pain. The dream ends.
    Not sure if I’ve shared this one on here before, but its a goodun.

    • How beautiful, to know that here on the same mission.
      My sis is not a twin (she does happen to be an earth monkey actually) but I know we came here together in this lifetime, and that we have been together before. My sis from waaaay back…

    • That is beautiful EarthMonkey. Resonates with anyone searching for their twin soul, not just physical twins although it’s a very interesting insight into that too. My father was a twin and doctors thought that I was one. My mother apparently almost miscarried and I was born exactly on due date, exactly to average/expected weight but with no twin.. I wonder if I lost my twin in there, somewhere along the way?

      • I guess for me the feeling of unconditional love for the other is a given, because I am born with it, while the dream is guiding me to recognise & heal the pain & fear that subverts that knowing.
        Its one of those profound transpersonal dreams one has during a Neptune/Pluto transits to their moon!

        • What you describe is really strong and resonant. I guess we are all on missions to remember unconditional and stay in that awareness: stay serene. But the ups, downs, forgetting and fretting are all part of the journey. I wish you well – thank you for sharing your amazing dream 🙂

  16. I adore him and I have the synastry to prove it, including amongst other things his Amor on my Psyche his Asc on my NN and his Merc on my Sun. Just swoon.

    In dream news, I had an awful dream, please don’t read on if you could be upset. I don’t usually remember my dreams but Merc/Neptune conjunction this week happened on my MC. I was plotting to rescue my heavily bruised neighbour and her young daughter (also beaten) from their man – presumed father. It failed and he found out it was me trying to spring them. She didn’t seem to have the strength to leave herself although it was clear that’s what it would take for her to get out. If there are any takers for that one I’d appreciate it.

    • Ooooh Cal that’s an icky one.
      I have to think about it.
      I love MM wanting Gretha to take a break. 😀 I second that. She’ll burn out. We should book her a spa day and take over. X

      • Cal
        Could it be an oppressive force in your own psyche maybe that is hurting another more vulnerable part of you?
        Can you isolate any?
        Sorry if that’s way off but in case it casts a beam in the right direction. . .
        I hate those heavy moments after a dream like that where it feels dark.

        • I need to rescue my inner child? maybe….I was very focused on the child in the dream. she was beautiful and serious, but also happy, she didn’t know any different, although the marks on her were terrible. I’m going to work on that a little.

          Thanks gorgeous, I really appreciate you going there xx

          • My immediate feeling was that it has something to do with you, not necessarily your neighbour-unless-

            Did you mean in real life that your neighbour and daughter are actually bruised? Because if they really were, I could imagine you taking action somehow. And the dream foreshadowing the man focusing on you.

            • Hi V, no, they were not people I know, not an actual situation. You’re right, I absolutely would act if it were the case, and I would be aware of possible vengeance as that is something I have experienced (and I am not a twitchy rabbit)

              • Yep, I think it is relevant that sun is on your Chiron today. Maybe releasing old stuff.

                but nice that you felt in the dream that the daughter was bruised, but happy anyway? She is resilient.
                And that it was your ‘neighbour’ seems to signify that you feel somehow removed from the situation.
                The man ‘finding out ‘ could be the wariness of danger and apprehension that you still feel. As a Scorp you would have sensory eyes in the back of your head 🙂 especially when your young ones are involved

                • Forgot to say I have the Neptune-Mercury thing happening on my AC (with natal Jupiter), & a Chiron return en route (Aries 1st house). In other words, I feel you! lol *hugs*

                • thanks V and Scorp Inc, you’ve both made me feel very well understood. It’s worth so much. How great are you? Love you guys!

                  • Id say the Chiron thing is totes relevant. Sorry I couldn’t comment sooner Cal. Been a bit of a run around-y sort of a day and I have a deadline so have avoided being online.
                    Yes I do think rescuing your inner child is very very meaningful. Actually it’s also meaningful to me too.
                    I had two network chiro sessions today and in the first one I just had the scariest feeling. I actually thought my network chiro was going to hit me. Crazy right? He’s like the last person on earth who would do that. But I got this really strong memory of my mom in one of her violent and abusive moods. Her sadism was exclusively directed at me. No one else so it hurt even more. I remembered this mantra she would yell at me that I was a stupid, ugly, worthless piece of shit.
                    Wow. Its hard to imagine saying that to a child. But saying it and combining it with venom and spite – like hissing the words out and beating the child who coincidentally happened to be my daughter. Wow. Quite a stretch.
                    Anyway at the time I knew it was not logical and I would remind myself that this was how her mother had treated her and that the only way to beak the cycle was to not have kids myself. I need to recue MY inner child. Big time.
                    Upping the self care.
                    Feel quite sad now but pleased this stuff is emerging for me to process. I really struggled through the weekend. The feelings of sadness and discomfort were so intense. I guess I should be proud of myself. Look how far I’ve come kind of thing. For today tho it’s just awesome to have a community like this where I feel safe and a path to travel. I love that I don’t have to pretend I’m perfect here. Xxx

                  • Thank you 12th House Virgo. I am safe now. That in itself makes me happy 😀

                  • So sorryyou had to go thru that as a kid! Not right.But as u said, you made it. And you’llkeep making it! xxx

                  • invicta, yr being v. brave. remember also be gentle with yrself now xx for me I wonder if the MC thing points to future work

  17. Wow, I love this! I’m totally into dream therapy and have had some profound dreams, some have been just this year! An Aztec Spider, death (I know I still can’t talk about it to anyone, I’ve only written it in my dream journal, It felt like a rebirth), following paths that lead to where I’m standing and more. I’m still blown away by some of them. I try to follow any dream themes from the night before that come up during the next day: this can be really interesting!

    I have Neptune in Sagg conjunct MC and in opposition to Gemmy Moon, Sun & Venus.

    • I think the most important thing you would get out of a dream diary is the opportunity to piece together the language of your dreams. The meta data. The data itself not so much. It’s a very personal language that I think cannot be explained and can be warped by text book interpretations.
      Once you get the language the rest is relatively simple.
      The interp of the spider … Where did you read that ? I read that spiders are symbols of communication ? What do they mean to you ?

      • For me it’s an intuitive interpretation and I feel through the meaning (Pisces Asc). I just listed themes of the dream I’ve had this year, all separate. spider, death, paths – all different dreams. For the spider one I did go hunting for some meaning because I had never heard/seen an Aztec spider before my dream & this is what I found http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Goddess_of_Teotihuacan
        BTW some of the pics were very similar to what was in my dream 😯

      • Yes I agree that ultimately one has their own specific dream language, that can be intuitively understood.

        And some dreams are prophetic, some are flying dreams where you actually visit somebody, and other dreams are tapping into a zeitgeist and aren’t about you but about an event. I dreamt about a baby alligator once in an odd place, and I couldn’t work it out, then a day or two later I read about a baby alligator being stolen from an animal park

  18. Oh thank you for this post! I had the most terrifying dream right on equinox.

    This psychopathic (but gorgeous) man was involved, holding me at gun point, insisting I help him commit crime etc. which I refused, so he killed me in a heinous torturous way 🙁 Woke up with my feet pointing toward the door (not usual, of course!) and my hands clasped on my chest. Very scared .

    I’m natal sun conjunct Neptune, dreams don’t usually worry me like this one.

    Would love your interps!! xxx

    • Have you been eating burritos before bed again Buffy ?
      Actually I do think what you eat before sleep can have an effect on the mood of your dreams. We have a family myth that eating mango before sleep leads to weird scary dreams.
      I also read somewhere that the acid content of food can effect the sleepscape.
      So I’m guessing you had a mango sorbet to wash down the burritos and nipped off to bed ?

      • Dehydration along with coffee consumption are the two big ones when it comes to sleep problems. So many people are dehydrated these days. Salty meals fuq with your sleep. Again dehydration.

    • 🙁

      I think a lot of ugly has shown itself with this equinox. My guess is that it’s more about the Zap Zone tho, than it is Earth’s tilt? Dunno.

      So many of us are having major Neptune action, and combined with the ZZ Pluto-Uranus situation, it’s like we get on some level that no matter which way we go (e.g., in your dream: acquiesce to a sadistic fuq or die), there will be sacrifice. Some sacrifice is hurtful to us, but some is ultimately good (even tho in the interim it sucks). Swearing off pizza falls in the latter category for me, as an example.

      I find your dream positive. You will not be bullied– kudos! What could happen when we don’t fall in line can be anxiety provoking, esp if you’ve ever been on the receiving end of such dark control-freakery before in real life. It’s totally natural to feel some apprehension but remember that You are in the driver’s seat & the past is in your rear view mirror…

      I hope you are a subscriber cuz Mystic’s interps are really helpful for navigating this Zap Zone, dark moons, astro shitzones & opportunities to *thrive*! Lots of esoteric & practical suggestions for living well in trying times.

      My best to you. Stay strong. xx

      • Aw, thanks scorporation! I like your point about making a sacrifice whichever way you move, that feels very true.

        And LOL – No burrito’s guys, but will up the fluids and hope for better 🙂

      • I agree with you Scorporation about starving yourself of some illusions being what’s needed to move on and the suckery while you’re going cold turkey. What an amazingly useful image too with being in the driver’s seat with the past disappearing behind you. Thanks for that!! 🙂

        What you are saying about the anxiety of facing a bully head on rings true for me too. What do you think, Buffy? I had a dream of having to fight big black wolves with my bare hands a couple of years ago. I killed one and the other ran away. Later the ‘brothers’ of the wolf came back in a big black shady looking SUV looking from the one that survived – apparently he’d last been located in my area. I was so scared they knew and what they would do. Same anxiety?

        IRL the dream was about standing up to two people: and it was a premonition that I would and would do it swimmingly. Maybe Buffy, as Scorporation says, the old self is being sacrificed to reveal a stronger, more enduring you? Believe in what makes you stronger.

  19. Oh good lord almighty.

    No comment I can make will justify what runs through my head when RG comes up so I will leave it at this for now. And, I love Emma Stone, but I just dont see her balancing all that sultry RG energy, but thats just my opinion 😛

    Im heading to bed with RG on my mind and Mugwort under my pillow.
    Lets see what comes up.

  20. What’s a gosling that’s all grown up ?
    _ _ _

    Seriously, a dream consultant for the cast ? Shit, the things money can buy.

    I do like his acting, and he does seem committed to his roles, unlike a lot of ‘stars’ , who seem to play ‘themselves’ in every movie. I hope it’s a great movie, we need more of them .

    • I used to be jealous of Gwyneth Paltrow cos she could afford to have a macrobiotic chef to plan and make all her meals, AND have a personal yoga instructor.
      Had not even considered outsourcing my dream analysis…

    • I think there’s scope for a film about the film in this case. And who would play Greta? Surely NOT Gwynny! Argh, the jealousy would be too strong.. and no she would not have an affair with RGoz.. NOT.. no!!! (pool of green envy)

  21. Yeah, but Emma Stone is ALSO amazing. I mean, I got a pocket got a pocket full of sunshine-

    GREAT post, MM. You inspired me to start a dream diary a few years ago and it’s crazy looking back at it now because I don’t remember *any* of them the next day.

    • Same re forgetting, I must start a dream diary!
      I have William Buhlman’s ‘Adventures Beyond the Body’ and it is cracking good read.
      My dreams are sometimes vivid/prophetic, but it’s so irregular.
      Where’s yr Neptune?

        • Did not know that! That’s amazing. You are a Water Queen alright.
          I have Neptune in the 6th, conj the DC. :-/
          On the upside MM says it brings Neptunian stuff into my working domain on a daily basis, so my hypno/shaman work is supported by it.
          I guess having little kids doesn’t engender loads of dreaming.. what’s REM sleep again?

          • yep, I think I mentioned that before – Neptune in your 6th fits your line of work.

            My Neptune in 10th house. Mystic did my chart back in 2003. “Sun/Neptune in 10th = mega ambitious and mega creative. Eventual renown through following your creative bliss” That would be nice!!! 🙂

            Gave me some very good advice too. “Repress arty instincts at your peril”
            oh yeah, I know, I know. I’m doing it now… following my path… innit 😀

            • Sounds dreamy.. AND rooted in the real world. Yay you! Don’t stray away from your ( surely luscious) dreams 🙂

              • oh thanks LotusFlower 🙂

                Definitely rooted in the real world. Head in the clouds, feet firmly planted on the ground – Cap ascendent!! Can’t avoid not being real with Saturn as your chart ruler.

                • I love Saturn for that. I have Neptune conjunct my Ascendant in the 12th. Makes me almost grateful for endless Saturn squares to my Sun, Venus, Mars.. you name it.. stellium!

                  • Neptune conj Asc and in 12th. Wow. A very Piscean flavour. You def need Saturn.
                    I used to hate my Squares (I have plenty) but as you get older you learn to appreciate them. Diamonds are made under pressure. 🙂

                    What’s your sign is your Sun, moon, & Asc?

        • My natal moon loosely conjunct Neptune in Scorp, 2nd house. My cousins used to call me moon head when i was a tween, cos I preferred reading or drawing to playing with them.

          I love MM’s comment of every day being an opportunity to enter the neptunian dimension. It would be wonderful to do haute Neptune for a living 🙂

          • And I do have vivid and prophetic dreams also. Have been writing them down for years, and just rereading them lately, a couple of them describe this new house I’ve moved into, and how I would be at home trying on my old pretty dresses, which i was!

            I find I remember them most clearly in the morning if I’ve slept in a bit. But that happens a lot less often now I’m not living alone. I could always count on remembering my dreams on a Saturday morning, and dreaming of a solution to something I was. Worried about

            • I started a dream diary when I was 16. Kept it for 20 years and then threw it out during a massive declutter. Was obsessed with lucid dreaming as a teen. Had so many books on the subject.

              My dream diary is sporadic these days. I just chuck dreams scribbled on scraps of paper into the book and only ones that are really vivid and that I feel might be prophetic

        • Natal Neptune-NN-MC Sagg, & natal Jupiter-AC Pisces, here. Is that like a major square of mutual reception? Feels like a thing 😛

          My (good) dreams are irregular too. How are your sleep hygiene & dream diary regimens? Admittedly, mine could use some work. So there’s that for me.

          • Funny you should mention sleep hygiene, as this morning there are two dogs in bed with me, (the littlest one likes to sleep on top of me and take up as much of the bed as poss,
            and my partner has taken off to work really early.
            And his alarm is so annoying, I feel like throwing it across the room some mornings. @_*

            No wonder I can’t tune in to my dreams much these days

              • Very challenging! 🙂
                Part of why I was single for 15 years

                I figure I’ll just go with the chaos for now, I would really miss them all, dogs, dude, if they were gone. And I have time out, where we sleep separately if we’re feeling too stressed, that works quite well

          • Hey Scorporation, we must be born close together. I’ve also got Neptune on NN and just shy of my Sagg Asc. It’s in my 12th house. So I’ve also got the mutual reception of Jupiter in Pisces… Only Jupiter is also the ruler of my chart to wham it home. It definitely feels like one of the keys to my chart – I sometimes read Pisces dailies in conjunction with Libra & Sagg.. and the Piscean ones are uncannily accurate. Do you find that? I don’t focus on the square so much as on the synergistic energy of mutual reception, but maybe I should: they’re only one degree off exact square

  22. That’s a pretty cool method.
    But I do agree with Marlon Brando there are only so many movies you can make, only so many characters inside you that you can realistically portray.

    Ryan’s method well, I don’t know how you can integrate the script with the actor and then see them again as another character – imo as an audience member. But the film might be good!

    I like Ryan, but I don’t have any fantasies about him.
    I checked our charts (he has a birth time!) and there is a lot of Moon, Pluto and NN conjunctions with various planets, but our Venus and Mars aren’t really doing anything.
    Also he’s a Monkey and I am a Tiger. I find Monkey’s tricky.

      • My only Monkey friend (way back when) was a cocaine addict who took coke while pregnant. She was a Scorpio Sun with her Moon in don’tfuqwithme.
        Entertaining & funny, but..

    • He has a birth time? Where!? I am a Tiger but see no problem with the Tiger-Monkey opposition thing that some astrologers do. As long as they don’t get too heavy blamey, I’m ok with not taking myself too seriously. I don’t generally find them the sexiest things in the world though… unless they are called Ryan Gosling. (What is with his armpit? Sexy fuqing armpit. mwrrr!)

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