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So a few weeks ago, i was asked by someone what i “honestly” thought aboutt late April, the Grand Cardinal Cross which is aggravating the already in existence Zap Zone etc.  This person was not a subscriber, they had just picked up a vague idea of schizz going down astrologically at this time.  I said that i thought we would be lucky to get by without another Crimean War or financial crisis.

This person responded with “you’re so negative…” etc. Irritating, right? Obviously i would adore to be able to say that spaceships carrying peace loving aliens would land and bathe the globe in tranquility rays, that human and animal rights abuses would immediately become a thing of the past. We would all live in harmony.

But hey i would like to draw your attention to the birth chart of President Vladimir Putin; as you may know, the Russia/Ukraine situation is at flashpoint, troops are mobilizing on the border.  It is scary.  For a touch of the surreal in all this, check out this article on combat dolphins. I don’t know – wouldn’t combat SHARKS make more sense?

Anyway, President Putin has his Sun in Libra at 13 degrees – the focal point of the Grand Cardinal Cross in late April.  He is also having a Saturn-Pluto transit. Saturn in Scorpio his squaring his Pluto/Midheaven in Leo. So that would usually be bigtime pressure to succeed, to make your mark. Uranus is opposing his Libra Sun and Pluto is squaring it. He is like a Zap Zone installation or something.

This is just f.y.i.  – political astrology is not my forte.

Also f.y.i. here are the exact hits of the Zap Zone. (Uranus square Pluto) ..Allow a few days either side for your timezone differences. But see if  peaks, development and turning points in your life of late synch with any of these dates.

June 23 2012
September 19 2012
May 20 2013
November 1 2013
April 22 2014 – exacerbated by the involvement of Mars + Jupiter a.k.a the Grand Cardinal Cross.
December 15 2014
March 16 2015.

Uranus/Pluto sensitive people would have felt the shift in vibe from as early as Jan 2008 (when Pluto got into Capricorn – hello Global Financial Fuqery) and even more so with Uranus into Aries from mid-2010.  So you could in those dates if you like.

Image: Tran Nguyen

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116 thoughts on “Russia Zaps

  1. My life since Jan 2008 has been innovation-demolition shifts, one after another. Particularly mid-2009, and through 2010, 2012 was evolutionary. I’ve got North Node-Pluto conjunct at 13degrees directly oppose Aries where Uranus has been hanging, so guessing that means I’m uranus/pluto sensitive. Like the picture.

    • Yeah same here with the dates & the demo-evo. Your astro is Zzzap!

  2. This shyte is getting scary. C’mon, Russia, play nice.

    We should have a competition to see whose chart is getting triggered the most interestingly-est by the ZZ!!! I’m sure I’d be in the running, up there with Vlad Putin…

  3. bgem where are you x

    i secretly love political astrology. i think what you’ve written re putin is interesting mystic. this is the inner workings, pressures and impulsions of world leaders and public figures whose decisions and actions have consequences for millions if not billions of peeps in the world, right there for us to see in astro format!
    my pluto is on his sun. i guess if i met him he’d think i was trying to control him. WHICH I WOULD BE hah.

    • also re combat dolphins. ive read about this somewhere. i think they train them to attach mines to boats etc, or detect them maybe. clever people, those dolphins. sadly not quite up to telling the warmongers to eff off though. yet, anyway.

      • Soon the escapees will join forces, and the Dolphin Liberation Front will be staging mass Sea World breakouts and submarine sabotages. Eventually they will establish training camps in the warm waters of nuclear power plant outflow areas, which will, of course, up their powers drastically. They will be officially classified as a terrorist organization, and special aquatic teams will be dispatched to take them out, but all efforts will fail. The sea will rise!!! TPTB will run screaming to their landlocked hideyholes, and the rest of humanity will cheer.

        (ZZ positivity, rainbow aliens and unicorns and all. There ya go. :) )

    • (sorry have to think out loud here) as putins sun is on my pluto IC, *maybe* his persona would actually trigger a whole lot of hidden stuff in my psyche and i’d have some serious issues going on. note to self, find someone with a sun at 13-14 libra and see what happens.

      • Lutin has only half-jokingly implied this is Putin’s psychosexual drama, sublimating his homoerotic self by baiting Obama.

        If ya can’t fuq, nuke ’em.

        • Oh dear. Didn’t mean to imply a connection to YOUR psyche! I read your comment too quickly and thought it said ZZ will reveal something of Putin’s psyche.

          I’m a dork.

        • So sorry! I didn’t read your comment carefully enough and assumed you said ZZ would reveal something of Putin’s psyche.

          I’m a dork.

  4. 13° Libra? Too close for comfort to my Pluto-Moon @ 8°/7th house!

  5. Reporting in to planet MM…g’day folks.
    Q: Where you @ S?
    A: Well I am texting from under the covers in a facility that doesn’t allow this modern technology.
    Q: So you lost your brain again Girl?
    A: Fuckn A…I blame the Man.

    P.S Mystic I’ve got to get this Jupiter out of Kataka because damn it it’s no good for me. This is lucky? Thank heavens I am rocking a Bloodstone in one paw. Now if only I didn’t put my Moonstone in a vintage soap tin in Bris Vegas town….doh

    I am back in the Looney Bin….bring it on Zap Zone. Cause fuck it I’ve been deep sea diving with the Sea Nymphs and got caught playing naked Monopoly in some kinda Eden Nodic May Pole – running from the outlaw MC you see.

    It’s totes time to ninja up and Zen this MF out of da park. The thing about crossing them State lines is, it’s geography and consciousness at the helm. Just lay back and enjoy the ride.

    Night all and hope your all kicking goals and got them stars on your back 😉

    • It wouldn’t be me with a typo = Nordic (my Danish bloodline is screaming & I can’t find home).

    • hey S, I have missed you and wondered where you’re at. I’m glad you checked in with us.

      lots of love and centred grounding to you, I mean it. I’m gunna send you some sweet healing vibes in about 15 mins, k?

      hang in there mate xx

      • Missed you too CS,
        Would you believe I’ve just been working on a global project to fix the problem (i.e problems with the current medical mental health model = aka Swiss cheese/fall through the cracks but the black holes of your circumstance/addictions/trauma is still present).
        Peace, love and mung beans…
        S xoxo

    • Agent S! The weather is fine here: blustery but no bite. No hurry on your reboot. Refresh.


      • Would you believe that my name in Hebrew means Princess….”I ain’t here for world peace MFuqer’s just the balance in my ball of wax (your brain that is.”

        got to love those Scorpians.

        How is your job Scorp Inc?
        Please don’t say it’s like money in the bank.

          • Wait: which job are you talking about? I feel pretty good in my other hats 😉

            I am a ghost sometimes, this nebulous ball of energy, that floats into a room & stays a bit by one’s side, in one’s life, then floats away into another room/another life and on and on… Every life has its own language & culture, values & biases, and I learn them all. Every room has its own heroes & demons, & I believe in them all. Total immersion.

            There are things I wished I never witnessed & others that made me glad to be alive. “Alive.”

            Where is the phoenix between ash & rebirth? I think I’m there now.

            It’s always been all you S, so I think your new approach to healing & wellness will take you where you want to go. One way ticket. Alive.

    • Dude, I’m completely jealous.
      Here’s to healing and big dreams and rocking that fire snake whirlwind across space and timelessness!!!
      Today, you are my hero. Xxx

      • HDQ – What happened with your dude?

        I got given a Bloodstone by a fellow pagan wise wonder women and I’ve been moving the stone from “The girls” to on my navel…so that sick, stink called Past Life Lost Lover Losers Snake can get the f train out of my Groove Train.

        Toot toot

        Blessings x

        • It’s a mixed bag. He’s back home, can walk and eat again, not talking much, depressed, frustrated, and agitated. Keeps running off. Apparently unable to use a computer or phone yet so we can’t FaceTime or anything. In pictures that I’ve been sent his eyes are like a little kid’s- wide open, innocent. All previous exhaustion and cynicism erased. Funny, the second day of his come, his moon progressed from aqua to Pisces and that’s exactly how it looks. He’s living in his heart, not brain. It’s simultaneously sweet and heartbreaking, and I miss him terribly. And if I could be there I would help- music, cannabis oil, touch… But I can’t be and so he’s getting cold and dry OT and yucky meds. It breaks my heart but I have to believe that he’s improving and will recover. Doubt is the enemy, and it’s a long process. Thanks for asking, beautiful. Blessings back atcha. :) xxx

            • I have friends who make it- they put it into candies, mostly. There’s some really exciting research with stroke patients and brain regrowth going on right now! Plus, seizures. But I think even here, where medical mj is completely cool, it’s illegal to make. Can’t compete with big pharma, you know. >:(

          • Been thinking of your situation with your guy too, sorry to hear it is difficult, but glad you sound so together and okay HDQ! You are a star, xx.

            • Aw, thanks, andro! I think I’m pulling through, and I couldn’t have done it without you all. So much gratitude and love to you!! Xxxxxxxxxxxx 😀

              • Sending you massive hugs HDQ, you are inspiring me to organise a visit from that other green fairy (or is it a green elf/gnome?).. :)

    • S hope you are feeling good and supported where you are, hugs and all good things to you! Love that you can connect to us here in there. Stay in touch, love reading your words, xx.

      • Hello Andromeda :)

        I am actually using this time on the inside to purge the fuq out of the PTSD hauntings and try out my emerging theory of effective mental health. Teach those in distress/crisis etc to be @Home-schooled with being Yourself. Self care eliminates self harm. The self (person) has been removed from the care plan – fuq that empower the YOU-ness.

        I really want to playlist some music tonight that is good = Peaches “Fatherfucker.”
        I’ve got so many labels because of trauma from about 18 months until the day I left public service (19 December 2009). Bit like waking up from and dream and then the requiem begins or not.

        Saturn get thy career on the right track and Zap Zone – I am ready with the comedy so don’t fence me in because I am a survivalist. I am basically documenting so that I can get my Art Therapy course fast tracked (Case Study left n right)

        How is everything with you?


        P.S Your my hero Andro!

        • “Self care eliminates self harm” – yes!
          Sing it sistah.

          Yes all good here. Just fighting the urge to adopt every animal on Pet Rescue, urgently scanning kitty faces – Saturn cruising my 6th, conj. my motherly Moon. It’s so odd. Esp. given my recent attempted adoption of a cattle dog that went off the rails. I have never experienced a transit as clearly related to my life as this Saturn/Moon conj has been. It almost makes me believe in astrology. 😉

    • Ah! hi there S doll… Well there you are. I hope lovely calypso’s grounding vibes came to you clearly.
      I remember all our conversations and exchanges here and I am thinking of you while you are in your repair facility. You have a beautiful soul and you have faced big big struggles and still emerged as a shining diamond. We love you and are there with you. Xxxoooxxx

      • Pi :)

        How the Cap Moon are ya?
        It’s been intense but getting an new address happening because I know too much about the GC evil connections.

        If they ever find the Pandora’s box of me – it will be a vortex with lost socks, wild animals busting out of cages and an explosive array of vivid living colours (hold the ponchos, rainbows and unicorns).

        @ noon Pi – I hope to watch my Cats go around with a pie and sauce #GoCats

    • Thinking of you S. Hope you’ll be back with us soon. I’m also looking forward to Jupiter in Kataka moving on. It’s transiting my 7th. Too much emo! Bring on sunny Leo Jupes :)


      • Hi ya Scorpbot,

        I am living in an enigma wrapped up in the layer cake with every sub group and fringe kitten is here too. It’s a Ball of Wax.

        Better roll lock down is coming.
        No cops this time but I did see some very lovely blue eyes on so many lovely souls.

        Nightie nite
        S x

  6. I don’t know politics or much about Crimea, but when those kids and the Pope released the peace dove for Ukraine and it got attached by a seagull and a crow, I knew peace wasn’t going to be what happened next. By land and by sea…something of the warrior dolphins in that omen too, I suppose…if you’re neptune enough to go there with it, loll

    Thanks for posting the dates.

    June 23 2012 – we had a strange super storm. I broke up with my best friend when she came to town with her posse, hid out at my ex’s pool working on my resume and realized I wanted to move house (Pluto transiting my 4th)
    September 19 2012 – Got my house fenged for my bday hoping it would free-up space to find the right place/arrangement
    May 20 2013 – After getting fired and getting another consulting gig, decided to get the job I wanted with the hours I wanted and got out of consulting. (Jupiter on my MC has now twice resulted in me getting fired)
    November 1 2013 – Moving day into my new house :-)

    The inner transformation is the more difficult to see in that timeline. When feng shui lady came, she in a very nuanced way said I was like an ambulance without an emergency, or a helpful, but hard and cold person. I see now how I could be that way at work and in other relationships. I really couldn’t see or hear what she was saying to me in 2012. I’m triple Virgo – Sun, Venus, Rising. I can nit pick a nit to death. Its a loving thing so its uber hard for me to see how its not. I kept having people I loved leave me and say “You’re right.” I couldn’t understand. I realized – what’s the fun in being right? I’ve got a lot in Libra – Mars at 0, Pluto at 6, Mercury at 11, Uranus at 23. Nothing in Capricorn, Chiron 23 Aries (8th), Saturn 16 Cancer (10th).

    But in the pattern, its like “do pluto first,” with 4th house renovations. Had Pluto trine my Venus for a bit a few years back – that was darkly fun. I have moon 13 Leo. Looking forward to getting my Uranus on next – Moon trine Uranus holla!!

    Happy ZZ, everyone!

      • Crow and Seagull. I thought that was telling – the land/sea connection. Crimea, as I understand it, is valued for its water access, particularly the Black Sea naval base. But once they have the water access, they’re missing a land line to Russia.

    • they’re not really warm fuzzy planets to have in Libra, you know? Your Leo Moon would be warm, right?

        • i have had important Leo friends and lovers and it’s their generosity of spirit that I love. maybe make generosity of spirit your top gear! xx

  7. I don’t think it’s up to the US to do anything. Unless Ukraine starts fighting back, or someone spurs them on and offers some sort of backing, there is no war. Ukraine taking on Russia with no outside backing would be a seriously dumb thing to do. I don’t really think it’s any of our business. Everybody knows there is war and killing enough. Putin’s posturing is not meant to be a threat to US hegemony and they should not view it as such.

    • I am so glad I don’t get to watch the global TV regurgitation that is today’s media. I am wanting to enter a witness relocation program.

      Get myself a Norgweigan Forest Cat (my fav animal) + Car (my car fixed and road worthy for my new State) + new location + a bit of coin (because I have an umbrella just in case there is a flood).

      You should try Australia buddy,
      we got corruption on a mega watt global sized scale.

      S x

      I hope I’ve got Nirvana on my iPhone…ps who the heck thinks the charger and headphone ports are in the wrong place for 5.
      Well played Mr Apple Steve Jobs…because I hope you come back and massage my paws because charging this little guy is giving my PMS feet.

  8. S – take care, take rest, take good visitors, eat vegemite on toast -Vit B for your nervous system – take your meds to get you over this hump, then see what positive changes you can make in your life with support and whatever love you can get once you feel stronger. Recovery is absolutely possible and totally recommended. Blessings to you.

    • Hello,
      Babes Vegemite its the staple of any great land.

      I might but in a breakfast order for Wholemeal toast,
      Avocado and

      Our toasted in HQ weirdorama isn’t working in the kitchen so it’s blown a fuse.

      Metaphor for life.

      • S, I had to google Toaster at Dream Moods, it says:
        To see a toaster in your dream suggests that you are quick witted and quick-thinking. It refers to your continuous flow of ideas.
        A broken toaster? Well, it’s not stopping you at least, 😉

        • No dream – it was a blown fuse.

          Holy metaphor Super Hero (insert name here)

          • Yes, but.. life is but a dream sweetheart! Well, a dense one perhaps. I like looking up the symbolism of actual events in my day in terms of dream interps!

  9. Putin’s chart is fascinating!!! Sun-Saturn-Neptune-mercury conjunct in the 12th??? Pluto-SN on his MC??? Venus rising? Whoa. Changes my perception of him completely.

    I’m hoping the troops are just bluster. The economic weapons probably aren’t. Poor Ukraine- there doesn’t seem to be a way out of this for them even if they don’t get physically attacked. >:(

    • I wonder what its like to have so many planets in the 12th.

      But that Pluto-SN on MC really says a lot to me.

      • Apparently lots of historical figures have 12th house suns. Universal understanding and appeal maybe? I imagine his Neptune and Saturn would balance and ground each other, and mercury- well, maybe he’s a magician. :) A reincarnated ghenghis khan shaman with that mc…
        I have 5 in the 12th, 7 if you count Lilith and Chiron, and I’m super private and introverted. I do have a strong feeling of destiny though- I wonder if he does to? Ack I hope he’s not in private all Dubya-like “god told me to invade Crimea yada yada.” It wouldn’t surprise me…

        • May I ask you – as a 12th house individual, does that mean that your hidden, 12th side of you is illuminated and thus not so hidden to you? Is that why you guys are generally private? To process all of the open and hidden data in you guys?

          I always considered the 12th house as a house of our undoing because we arent aware of whats in it… but if your Sun or other planets are there, does that mean you guys are aware of yourselves better than those who dont have 12th house planets? I ask this because sometimes I feel 12th housers can be really aware and astute or the complete opposite, like below.

          I had an ex who had Sun, Moon, Merc all in Gem. Yah. I wish I could bang on about how infuriatingly intelligent and quicksilver he was, but alas I can only bang on about how ridiculously infuriating he was…. in only negative ways. There were at least 6 versions of him, and they were all playing masquerade. And I dont suspect this was the 12th house affecting him here, but I could be wrong, but he was very much into power and his will or the highway, and had major problems with respecting boundaries. He had this infantile complex where he felt everything was public property, or just his, or that it was free for him to claim ownership of it. He stalked me for awhile too, if not still, in some covert way. We had some good times at first – when he was still veiling himself so that wasnt a genuinely good time, but bottom line was that he was psycho. Family all terribly disliked him or was disgusted, fearful, etc of him. They dared not make him upset. I think it is a very fine line for someone like him to either be benign or harmful to others.

          • Excuse me for butting in here. I have 12th house Sun and Venus. I’ve found 12th house planets don’t feel personal. Like – sometimes I feel invisible. I am clearly not, but I don’t feel seen or like I have an identity to defend. And love is more like a religion to me than a relationship experience or event. Anyway, you can go haute or low. Low 12th housers project themselves and take no personal accountability for the energy. They don’t see it. Pisces I broke with had 12th house Mars. He could see he had a pattern going, but he couldn’t see himself as initiator. So there is a lot of delusion. I’ve had periods of isolation, but he had to have periods of incarceration. So, it can be an internal experience, or a physical one. But def undoing, depersonalization, etc.

            • In other words, being a 12th house type has no bearing on personal awareness any more than any other sign/aspect. Its just its own kind of karma, imho. It does require letting go to a foggy, depersonalized thing. That can be addiction or Spirit, but nothing about self-awareness per se.

              • Putin sounds scary as fuq to me. Esp with that Pluto SN AND 12th house planets – he wouldn’t be able to see those powers (12th house planets) in himself – he’d most likely perceive those powers as impersonal. And that’s A LOT of power to hide from consciousness.

            • Yeah, I said personal below, but it isn’t really personal in the traditional sense. I think you’re right to call it depersonal, but it’s not really that either, to me. I think it’s more like metapersonal. I DO have a sense of self, but it’s not this body, it’s not seperate, it’s more like the star that is us all. That’s my sense of self. It’s not the void- it’s not the nothing. It’s the everything. This is where religion comes from and why we’re either mystics or madmen and always, always both.

          • Oh wow, that’s a really big question!!!
            I kinda wish I hadn’t just hit the dream weed. 😯

            First of all, let me just say that my sun isn’t in the 12th. Maybe 12hv or another 12th house sun can chime in with that perspective?

            I would say that perhaps it gives an awareness of the largeness of being human, with all of our collective flaws, and the inability to escape them on a personal level. Everything is personal. It’s like reading a book or watching a movie and identifying with a character, but that character is everybody- every character in every book, every passer-by on the street, every historical figure, every bad guy on the news, everybody. And you have to take the bad with the good and so maybe, yes, there might be a bigger awareness of those prisons and institutions scary dark shit in our collective psyche (cause that’s what it’s all about, right?) and an acceptance of it, and maybe this is where the self-undoing part comes in, there aren’t really filters. And I’m acutely aware that my body-personality is just this little speck in an ocean that is my (our?) soul, and yes, the personality is 100% an act, I know this every second, the self is an illusion, but it’s not at the same time, so it’s tricky and I don’t, like the therapist said the other day, inhabit my body a lot of the time. I don’t have much of a Will, I just float along passively, mostly, and things just happen for me. Jupiter rising. But I can see how if, one, you were a guy and not a talk blonde privileged chick, you might need to every some will, and doing it badly, with all the knowledge of the monster within, could drive you either mad (hahahahahaha says the March hare) or twisted and cruel. I would bet that your ex is very lost and hardened and it’s the lashing out of a wounded animal. I think infantile is exactly the right word.
            I wonder if the 12th house is represented by the Fool???!?

            I have no idea if any of this is even coherent, and I’m sorry to have made it dragon queen day on the blog, but that was such a good question. Thanks NR!! xxxx

            • YES – everything can feel personal, which is the same as nothing being personal at all. Borders don’t exist for the 12th house planets, imho. It like, you learn to witness it, but can never put a cap on it.

            • hdq- I wish you and the kids could come hang out with me and mine and we grown ups could smoke dream weed by the fire pit out back. x

          • i knew a Gemini like this – this guy was not into power but he was a trickster, quicksilver smart, lied a lot, thought everything was his to the point of embezzlement and living in people’s houses and never paying the agreed rent. He would buy himself new furniture (presumably with their rent $) and move their old furniture to the garage and move his in. He’d buy a new leather jacket while they had holes in their shoes. It was despicable and all so visible. I guess he couldn’t see it either.

            but i don’t know his house details, so can’t say if it was related to placements in the 12th or not.

      • I have taurus sun and mercury in 12th house, Aries moon in 10th. I read somewhere it’s similar to hitlers chart not sure if this is correct or not but I certainly thought that was a bit scary.

        • Ok so he has sun in taurus not 12th house, Capricorn moon. So not similar at all really! I didn’t think I had what it took to be a dictator or any cruel intentions.

          • I have hitler’s exact same Saturn, and his ACDC is my nodal axis. I KNOW I’ve got what it takes to be a world-destroyer. That’s sorta what I think Nightrose was getting at above. I can’t ignore or deny it. But, the thing is, we ALL do. We all have that potential, we do.

            • I guess that’s true. Scary, but true. Was talking to someone the other day with loads of life/people experience and he said you know what’s scary? The most kind, normal person sitting next to you can sometimes actually be the most cruel, sick & twisted person you ever came into contact with & they hide it so well you won’t ever know… Or oneday you will find out and it will send the creepy craw lies down your spine. Sometimes it’s in us all I guess and it never gets activated & sometimes it does.

  10. Yo whats with the combat dolphins. Thats just disgusting to me. They prob used them because they are smarter and maybe “Easier” to train, but fuq keep the dolphins out of shit like this. Its bad enough we as humans have to deal with each other trying to pull stunts like this.

  11. Hahahaha. My Sun is in Libra at 15 degrees. My life has undergone incredible transformation since 2008. I know there is more to come. I am now so ready.

  12. Looking over those dates, the theme of my zap zone has been “finding a home for myself”. In 2011, I was suddenly uprooted from my apartment, and it became obvious that the way I had been living month to month had provided no real stability. In June 2012, I was kicked out of the home of a friend where I had been staying. Admittedly it was my fault because I stole from him. That summer I proceeded to be kicked out of 2 more friend’s homes. In October 2012, I was kicked again!! Very similar situation as before, but no stealing had happened. Then all through 2013 my mom threatened to kick me out and make me live in a homeless shelter, which is crazy talk. How I will find a home for myself continues to be an issue…

    I think that these troubling times are helping me to become tougher and take on less problems of other people, and also expect less help from others. I have to worry about myself! Its a fasten your own mask before assisting others thing. I’m such a deep thinker and I understand people and what they need on many levels, and I try to help them, but in the process, I have majorly neglected myself. People are always telling me “you have to start living your life and get a place of your own, etc.” I know, but it seems like that is such a challenge for me. I was reluctant to have to play what seemed to me like a man’s role in life, but that’s apparently what I have to do, because there’s no man in sight who is going to save me… that’s for sure lol.

  13. Saw this discussed on another site. Amazing what you learn when people actually step outside their small minded boxes…(Not you Mystic…)

    Yeah, the zz is direct on my Aries South Node…13 degreesn 11th, and PofF…12 degrees 11th …trine natal Uranus 3rd. Am having trans Uranus trine natal Uranus.

    Really just have no time for superficial bullshit.

    • Hmmmm, right on south node for me too !
      Maybe we’ve been zapped in a previous life and now we are the zappers !

      How’s that new baby girl Sweets ? Is she Pisces or Aries ?
      With the cardinal cross like us ?
      I told the 18 year old the other day that I’m looking forward to grand children.
      Stunned silence :)
      I am, I just love those little beings.
      Congratulations granny xxx

      • Absolutely… 😉 Am not shit..Peeps go ahead and have your jealous hissy…

        Soz, don’t care…We’ve obviously earned it…

        All the bluster aside…yes, of course in my heart I’m knocked me down too many times to not be BUT! Magic…just forgot my magic for a spell, thats all…

        Davey, been up and down the freeway for baby girl so “grannie on the go”….Off again tomorrow..You will SO love it…xoo Love you too..

        • Oh, she is Aries, Cap Moon… 😉

          “What have I done to deserve this?” Obviously enough…

          • Cap moon ! Omg she is going to rule the roost,
            Venus in Aqua, Uranus in Aries ! Saturn in scorp !
            A force to be reckoned with. x love you too sweets

  14. Predictive anything is a bit of curse. People judge intuitives by predictive abilities, yet they don’t want to know anything ‘bad’. That is annoying!
    You can only interpret this massive astrological event so many ways.

    I only hope the Cardinal Cross etc. deflates like the balloon of fear that hung about 2012. But it’s also a Horse year, so…

    This beautiful picture is so apt for describing how I think everyone feels when they read the news – I just want to go foetal in a ball of feathers while it is raining doritos outside too!

    • Love Doritos Andy! That and Puffed Cheetos…

      A carb weakness..

      Hey how about this one for Pukin’ and Bam Bam?

      Adore the Pet Shop Boys! x

      • ~What have I done to deserve this~

        No 1….You were born…

        No 2…..You have voicemail eh?


          • ~And as mankind would humble themselves before Her, She would welcome them into Her heart..~

            ~Lord Zadkiel~

            See, She was the first to be

            • That does not just mean women exclusively..all are her children. They tried to rape the light of her children as to sustain themselves…

              No, I am not talking about Bam and Pukin’ goes much further back than that but that is what we are trying to heal..

              The rape of humanity’s light. I am not up for giving up that light, hmmm?

              I would not have decided to be here if that was so…

              Sorry to be heavy..but this is my life…x

  15. Oh, I just realised! My Vesta is near 15 in Libra, Lady of the Hearth Fires, the Spiritual Home. I found out I was pregnant early 2008. Big change!
    Never thought much about Vesta before.

  16. No combat dolphins make more sense because they are so smart. You can’t train a shark to not attack its trainer if it goes into bloody feedin frenzy. Dolphins are aware of environment and can target specific people. I’ve also heard of seals being used to do this too.

  17. Yo – very happy to report that spoke to Air Force Scorpio who thinks Putin is sabre rattling, sees Ukraine as part of mother russia, would like them back in the fold but unlikely to actually invade

    • I think the soldiers with no insignias on the uniforms were exploiting a loophole in international law that deals with rules of engagement?

    • Not to diss the Scop, but I think Putins got more moves to make. Crimea was too easy and he has the black sea navy now. And, to go weirdo woo-woo, the omen of the birds was first by water (seagull attack) which the bird recovered from. Then the crow, which pecked to death. So, I think a land movement is coming that isn’t going to be so easy breezy as Crimea has been. But, you know, I’ve just got some half-assed facts that may not be factual at all.

      • Putin is being forced to this sabre rattling situation by NATO, no? Obama wants sanctions & to kick Russia out of various groups, but the US who has hypocritically just destroyed Iraq, Syria, Libya etc. suddenly are terribly worried about the Ukraine? Western Europe is bought & paid for but many nations are siding against Obama’s schemes understandably.

  18. I dreamt last night I saw a beautiful, unusual butterfly just on the windowsill by my side (in dreamspace) it had black and white wings. It turned all black as I reached out to let it walk onto my hand, and at the same time its larger than usual body sort of stiffened up and I realised it might try to bite me. ” well, it’s a butterfly, it won’t be that bad” then bam! It was a proper insect bite to my right hand, and suddenly my hand and arm up to my elbow went pale and numb. Shock! I showed my friends who were sitting with me.
    Next dream, I was with some other pals who irl are a fit, dreamy couple. The space was orange-hued. I was having conversations with a couple of nice guys here and there. One went on for quite a while… I was on the arm of the couch chatting away, it was all quite relaxed. I don’t recall his face but there was a hunky vibe :) anyway then I noticed a cosy space had appeared next to him on the couch cushions, fairly sure I slid into it after a moment’s hesitation , just before I woke up :)

    • I read this, thought of it, and had nothing to say but that’s a badass dream. Orange = sacral chakra. That’s all I got. Opening to emotional fulfillment. The black or white, good or bad is perhaps paralyzing? That’s the kind of dream it may take decades to realize. But this is the zz…maybe the snuggly romantic one is right around the corner.

      • thanks 12v, yes i was wondering about right hand/arm, not very pleasant outcome from what i thought would be a nice exchange, shiny black butterfly being unexpectedly aggressive / me underestimating the force of a defence strategy from something ‘attractive’. Maybe the message is leave well enough alone? ‘not what it looks like’ or not what i think it is.

        I thought orange = 3rd chakra too. that one was the nicest, yummiest dream I have had (remembered, even) for ages.

        • There is something very polarizing about the colors, right? The black-and-white turning to just black before it bites and turns you white. Pale, you said. But it seemed to me your arm turned white and there is something about white that is “good” in the black-versus-white thing, but to be white you were also numb. Then, the warm gooey sacral socializing bit. Maybe its time for you to vamp it up and own your dark side? Perhaps I butchered your dream :-)

  19. Greetings dear astro-friends,
    I’ve been working full time for past 5 weeks with long commute… haven’t had the time or energy to check-in here much, have been skimming occasionally. I’ve been missing out on some sleep, now have a few days off and totally exhausted… Epsom salts and lavender bath and early night coming up!

    Love and hugs to all who need them, actually to all of you! XXXXX

    • Ah epsom salts and lavendar! I had hoped to do that tonight. But it was friends over, cooking, girls sleepover, chaos. All its own blessing. See you on the other side of the moon.

  20. Hello everyone :)

    My life has been upside down and full of whizz since late 2009 so of course I’ve been dreading the ZZ and the month of April as a whole. However after reading MM’s 2014 zeitgeist guide last night (which is all kinds of fabulousness) i feel somewhat relieved. Now my thoughts are that yeah, it’s gonna be a long month and difficult month…but, perhaps all is not disaster and frustratingly desperate, tricky times. Maybe there might be some good in it after all. I bloody hope so! Anyway, I was soooo relieved to read a glimmer of hope about it that I now feel more empowered to woman up and cope with whatever happens, and not moan and groan and cry and sob ( oh ok, I’ll probs still do a bit of that) , and basically just want to hibernate for the entire month. so for that bit of help, I’m so very grateful dear MM. Thankyou!

    On another note, I say they should leave the dolphins alone for fuqs sake!

  21. Libra 13 Sun checking in.

    Had a four year plan crumble with lightening speed a short while ago, one minute I had a four year plan, the next minute I was homeless, jobless, postgraduate courseless, relationshipless (weird traumatic love triangle shizz hopefully peaked and over now – God laughs)

    So now I don’t know where to go or what to do. Tears averaging about 3-4 times a day.

    Honestly, if I just literally survive April that will be the biggest accomplishment that I can hope to make in the next month.

    • Well, you’re getting all your changes done at once, yeah? Sorry…at least you know astro to know this is something larger going on for all, right? I don’t know what to say about losing a whole life plan at once. Here to the new better plan that I hope will be with you come end of April! Hang in there. If it can crash so quickly, it can turn around just a quick.

  22. NO – combat dolphins makes wAy more sense. Sharks only attack when they feel threatened cause your in their space. Dolphins are netoureous rapists and random attackers. They are the animalifcation of what I always think one should be most wary of – the “charming” being

  23. Just a thought on current affairs, the 100th anniversary of the start of WW1 is July 26th of this year. No chicken little here, just a observation.