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Sagittarius honesty is no lie. In an era when candour has become a commodity, something to be acquired or faked via clever perceptions management, this Zodiac sign is a standout. The scourge of many a publicist, they’ll say what they think, when they think it. It’s not an affectation or even a deliberate attempt to provoke people – the truth is more baseline than that.

Sagittarius people have a bullshit phobia. To them, lies – even the allegedly harmless ‘white lies’ – are stifling and energy-sapping. Speaking their mind creates space and generates freedom. The actor Julie Delpy is a good example of the genre.

 The Academy may have honored Julie Delpy with a nomination this year, but earlier comments she made in an interview suggest the “Before Midnight” star may not be too fazed.
The 44-year-old French actress, whose “Before Midnight” script is a contender in the Best Adapted Screenplay category this year, spoke out against the glitzy Hollywood affairs that make up awards season, saying there isn’t “anything good” about the Golden Globes and the Oscars.

“It’s 90% white men over 70 who need money because they haven’t done anything in a long time,” she said in an interview with So Film magazine in November, according to the Irish Independent.

“You just need to give them two or three presents and they’re in your pocket,” Delpy said. “It doesn’t mean anything to me, so I don’t really care if there are women in the selection process.”
The “Before Sunrise” actress’ comments extended to Hollywood studios — naming the Weinstein Company — and their effect on independent filmmaking after adding big budgets to films.

“This has a lot to do with the Oscars,” she said. “In the ’90s, there were real independent movies, but they have slowly been crushed by the majors. The minute they take over something, they crush it.”
Delpy even went on to slam some of her own work, saying that “90%” of movies made in Hollywood are “crap.”

Via N.Y Daily News

We’ve discussed Julie Delpy and her awesomely Saggo big mouth before & voila. Here she goes again.  You have to give her credit for candour and guts, yes?  But her Sun-Venus in Sagittarius must constantly be at war with her Virgo Rising.  She seems to have shelved her film Virgo Rising for the moment – last i read; she intended to involve Woody Allen.

Speaking of W.A. – also a Sagg with Virgo Rising – this Slate article asks Hollywood Spin Doctors what they would suggest. Cate Blanchett addresses the controversial director’s topic, should she (deservedly) win for Blue Jasmine and have to make a speech. Cate is a genius; her Jasmine was haunting, and yet i personally am on team Dylan.  She wrote that letter on her Saturn Return.

She has Saturn opposite her Taurus Sun at the moment – pressure that she undoubtedly would never betray; Blanchett also has Jupiter conjunct Pluto, the astro-signature of moguls. They don’t put a foot wrong, no matter how hard or strange the path.

You could argue that the Taurus view could be that if everyone just free-flow told the truth, all the time, unfiltered 24-7, nothing would get done. And the Sagittarius point could be that if society was not built on layers of lies, there would be no structure so flimsy that it could handle the Saggo arrows of truth.



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Wish Upon a Star

Interesting no?, how Delpy picked up on Weinstein’s monopolising . And she came right out and called a spade a spade.

Imagine how those small budget, quality films would have enlightened us if Weinstein was picked off much earlier.

I love Saggos, they are a beacon of strength and truth in oppressive times.
And they don’t give a shit about how the cookie crumbles.


Speaking of australian actresses, I was somewhat creeped out to read that Claudia Karvan is set to play Gina Rinehardt in a biopic. Eeeeew.

Apparently Karvan said she is a unique woman in australian history…
So they are trying to do a whitewash on la Swineheart it seems, give her some good spin


yeah, I saw that in the paper on the weekend and had the same reaction. Ewww! She’s vile – GIna not Karvan obviously.
“unique woman in australian history” oh puleeese. Expecting people to work for $2 per hour while she fills her pockets. 🙄

Needless to say, I won’t be watching that movie!


and i bet Gina is financing the movie.


conditionally of course 🙂


Oh absolutely she or some other interested party is financing that movie.

“Mmm, who will I get to play the part of Me??
Oh, I know, Claudia karvan, she so reminds me of me…”


she is a unique woman in aust history tho. rich as hades, and has more (economic) power and political access than almost any other woman in this country, even if she is deeply unpopular with the public. at times i have asked myself if it is partly her gender which makes her an easier target (no woman behaves like that! what gives her the right! — part of me – and i know this is controversial – but part of me is secretly glad that this country has at least one ruthless businesswoman with a mountain of cash, all other… Read more »


WHOA you’d better hit the cheeseburgers and foie gras Claudia!!

i was reading an in depth profile of rinehart – one from the guardian one in the smh. it sounded like it was all going fine (in public i guess) until she married frank rinehart then the doom began. be fascinating to see if it’s an ‘authorised biopic’ but i hope hope hope as i love CK that it will be chewy and bitter and real. she brings so much fricken heart to her roles. i want to see how she’d do that for a film like this.


😀 about the cheeseburgers!!

Have you seen the meme of Jabba the hut and another creepy looking dude bent over him, juxtaposed with a picture of Abbott bent deferentially over la swine heart? Uncanny

But telling that they chose such a well loved australian actress to play a deeply unsympathetic figure


I shouldn’t call her that. I really love pigs


I relate to Julie: Sun conj Pandora + Mercury in Saggo in first house, square Pluto and Uranus on MC in Virgo 10th. No idea about her movies, but I am sure that Saggo telling it like it is doesn’t win you awards – but then you really don’t care. Admiration from the people who dare not speak up and/or are underneath your (temporary! since you are about to get fired! or demoted!) pay grade, though, in spades – and you do care about that, if you are a Saggo. But she is so right, of course, bout the Oscars….… Read more »


Wanted to add with the others I LOVE Delpy and the sunrise series. The stories and life questions are more or less of my time and it resonates in my heart love love love it. And all that delicious conversation 🙂 although alas no meeting of the minds on a train and the rest. As far as I can remember anyway 😉


Totes on Team Dylan after reading Mia’s book and the court transcripts therein. I don’t really understand wanting to be in his movie unless you are a mogul-ling oscar-monger. Cate is grate, but I question her judgement here. Not that I would think that it’s appropriate to mention anyone’s family in an Oscar speech either. Man, I always thought she was a Capricorn?! A Taurus then, well, I don’t know what to do with that yet. I like Julie’s big mouth. But her movies kinda suck imo. I really wanted to like her last one with Chris Rock, bits were… Read more »


Her face on the article link alone has a saddness to it.

I’m sorry but my instinct feels Woody Allen is probably a fuqin perve.

Trans Aries Moon is on my Mercury/Sun /trans Uranus…yeah I’m talking trash but oh well.

Haha…one of the NY housewives called a couple of other housewives “white trash’…They had to google it lol


Love your random ways Sweetpea, talk yr trash!
And ha! I was wondering why I have been ignoring chores all day – Jupiter transiting my Mercury.. lol.
Been yakking and tapping all day. 🙂


Cate just won but she didn’t gush on about WA except a “thank you so much for casting me” and then went on about everything and everyone else.


Thanks! I don’t have tv connection.


Just saw a clip. An Australian costume designer has more Aussie oscars than any Aussie actors.

Love Cate’s face, the eagle eyes, hooded do they say?
Reminds me of Charlotte Rampling, a chiseled visage, ageless, not Katy Perry like…lol


Yes, she looked very lovely and I noticed the Aussie costume designers mentioned Sydney and thanked the peeps who were hard at work as they spoke. Good on them!! I thought of you all…x I truly did love Pink’s rendition of Somewhere over the Rainbow…such a stong voice and U2’s song from the Mandela movie and even oldie song “Wind beneath my wings” with an appearance by Bette Midler for tribute to peeps who had died. Loved that Lupita Nyongo won best supporting actress and Mattew Mc’s acceptance speech was fun and can see why he is so stellar. He… Read more »


I loved all of those bits too Sweetpea! MMc’s speech was incredible, I loved what he said. Also Bette Midler was the only person not crying during that song

Double Happiness

Yay! Cate and CM? Or was it the guy who did all the super fab stuff for American Hussle? Will check it out

Re Cate – I agree – she is a total professional and not responsible for her workmates personal lives


Imo it would be insanely inappropriate for blanchett to comment *in an Oscars speech of all things * about farrow / Allen. Not because the subject is taboo because it is NOT. But because her involvement with him is a professional working relationship for one film only recently and I’m guessing this all came out after the film was released. I think. pls correct me if i am wrong. But to gloss right over it in a (say) acceptance speech – I don’t watch the Oscars btw have they even happened yet?- would be to be obviously avoiding a massively… Read more »


*at the time and place for most effective impact.


JUst saw a a word clip, she said re Blue Jasmin ‘i’m surprised in stayed in cinemas for as long as it did’.
Those words could mean, the public decided (not to let the man interfere with the art…shades of Polanski.


Boycotting Oscars ATM -writing cards instead. Timely and hilarious affirmation!!!! Merci Julie et MM!!!

Last movie seen-Frozen with tween and crew. Shamelessly ignorant of current movie culture. Can’t stand previews- So why pretend?!

Oscars on Pisces New Moon-Extra stardust/ glam?

Xx Kat


Candid? is there any other way to be? Saves time too.
Dylan does look like Mia, but Sinatra’s face is overlaid there too.
There is no way WA could have produced THAT handsome face in a child.
Peoples raved about WA in the late 60’s, but his films went over my shallow


With Saturn/Mercury, Uranus/Venus and Sun all in Sagittarius… The latter bunch (and Neptune) in the 3rd…. With an Aries Moon and Mars in the 1st house………

I would say candid candor is the way to go 😀 😀

My husband thinks I should try “tact” however hahaha


WA’s movies are just him whining, pseudo-intellect fart sniffer bs.


I think you mean Ronan Farrow….


Of course, Ronan the blue eyes son.
Dylan was the girl child.

The older i get, the more i know, the more there is
to be confused by 🙂


its an interesting situation however I don’t think la blanchettte shd be expected to carry the can for the woodster’s personal life. might be a time when she’d be happy to lose !!!!!


I agree with you on the notion that Cate shouldn’t have to atone for, explain, shoulder, etc. anything regarding Woody Arsehole. Meanwhile, I was getting a bit of “FOMO” (fear of missing out) from watching all the Oscar red carpet tweets in my Twitter stream. So I tuned in to the pre-shows for all of 20 minutes, then shut the TV off. I don’t care — didn’t care about it in the first place — and am going to continue to go with that gut reaction. I do love seeing the gorgeous gowns, but Delpy is right, the Oscars are… Read more »

Student movement

What does it meant have a Saturn opposition sun transit versus moon?


I am a Toro and have Saturn opposite my sun (and I have Scorp rising too, double whammy!). Empowering and exhausting are two words that immediately come to mind …

catfish moon

OH….Torro lover has Saturn opposing his 24* sun. Will be paying attention!

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