Hyperdimensional Energetics

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Dinorah Hatta

‘Further still, all of the giant, rapidly rotating fluid outer planets of our solar system (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune) possess one other extremely significant attribute consistent with a hyperdimensional energetic model: they all radiate into space more energy than they receive from the sun (in Neptune’s case, almost three times this amount).


[Physicist Paul A. LaViolette refers to this as genic energy, and it is the result of the aether/gravity creating matter in our reality—something conventional models cannot properly account for. (To Dr. Kozyrev, stars were “machines” which obtained their energy from the flow of “time” [aether] as it streamed into them.


Ancient Pyramid Technologies of the Modern Age


People have pontificated about a unseen powerful energy medium in the universe for millennia. Ancient Greeks called it “aether” which means “shine” – the Chinese call it Qi and the Indians Prana.  People got burned at the stake for researching it.

The Dr Kozyrev mentioned above was a Virgoan, Russian astrophysicist who believed in it but was jailed for counter-revolutionary activities. When he got out, the scientific conversation was all about atomics and the very mention of this energy was considered cuckoo.

He would have been no doubt thrilled in a Virgo “I told you so” to see today’s emphasis and billion dollar research into ‘dark matter’, ‘dark energy’ and ‘quantum energy’ — it’s fine to say “dark” or “quantum” – just don’t mention the magic.

NASA – Dark Energy & Dark Matter


Image: Dinorah Hatta – Society 6

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41 thoughts on “Hyperdimensional Energetics

  1. i went to talk the other day by an astronomer who covered dark matter among other fascinating topics. It did sound like its discovery in the world of astrophysics would help to answer a lot of questions.

    I just need to vent somewhere, sorry, It’s the moon pluto rising Leonic Pisces again, who is old enough to know better. Why do people have to be such massive energy-sucking drama queens about the simplest things? To have to brace yourself to talk to someone because you know you’re going to have to deal with yet more of their entirely self-created shit. And they refuse to apply any intelligence or independent thinking, nor peacemaking, look back at the bridges they’ve burned over the decades and not examine how their behaviour shapes everything they are involved in. And you can’t escape the relationship yet. Fuq. I just fuqing want this over with. or completely changed for the better. I think it will be done when mars is direct back out of my 4th house later in the year. this has to change.

    • Mystic you said a thing in the scopes once about one sign (shall remain nameless) inventing the reputation for Pisces being flakes (or something) as a way to claw back their own reputation or something lol. But regardless of signs I can SEE her doing this. A little comment here, an aside there, all designed to erode someone else’s standing just a little bit, quietly put them down behind their back, belittle them just a little, so she can feel or look better in the situation and elicit sympathy. Such hogwash. Manipulation stemming from a gaping need to just deal with her own shit. Chiron’s on her sun now, hopefully all the chickens coming home to roost really sort that out. and yeah ftr i welcome that transit to my sun in a few years to sort out whatever shit I have left up there too (*taps head*). Bring it chiron, you fuqing sooky pain in the ass.

      • sorry didn’t mean to launch into epic grizzle session on a very astro-highbrow post. shall desist next time.

        • urgh Pi – can you absent yourself as much as possible? Or maybe just tell her a few home truths. Its good to vent. I remember that comment about a certain sign making pisceans seem flakey, too.

  2. The Arcturus Probe, a book by Jose Arguelles, mentions this planetary energy. The story is that our solar system got a bit fractured. We should have 12 planets with Jupiter like a secondary sun.
    It is a secondary sun, but somehow the rhythm of our particular system was changed. He talks about Jupiter as initially being controlled by a malefic force. The energy of Jupiter was he said once used to subjugate other planetary life when our solar system was originally seeded. The destruction of Maldek ( the asteroid belt now) lead to the demise and failure of this force. The story goes that Uranus was fitted out by higher dimensional beings to sort of repair the damage. He calls it the Uranian Timeship.
    The planets of our solar system are the great souls of this dimension. We are the sex spores that volunteered to populate these great souls with 3d life.
    Personally I’m wary of Jupiter and the interpretations of it’s energy.

      • You so do ! He is something else this guy. Such practical and beautiful information.
        For me he didn’t just give me pieces of a puzzle I’d been looking for, he opened the door to a totally different frequency that felt like bliss coming on. A higher language.

  3. And… this kind of post and the comments they garner are the reason I come here. Bring it!! Love, A.

  4. Neptune puts out more than it takes in- it all makes sense now! No objectivity with Neptune, you’ve got to be a part of it.

    Speaking of Neptune, I finally remember a dream last night. Its been awhile. In the dream I was in some hotel/resort waiting to get into a restaurant or something. I was with a man, I think my ex husband. And I realized I’d left my purse behind. So I go to find this purse and a redheaded woman has it and is going to sell it and I think about my iPhone in there (its finally unlocked) and tell her I’ll pay her $500 for my purse back. She gives it back to me and I don’t have to pay. I had a dream I lost my purse and it was given back to me once before when I was hung up on the Sag. I don’t feel hung up on the Pisces, but maybe I am? Not sure.

    • Puts out more than it takes in. I am feeling this in my work. I am this in my work. And I’m exhausted. Yes.

    • traditionally the purse = sexuality/vulva in dreams, and the phone might be communications. You think you will have to “pay” to get this combo of sexuality/communication back, but in reality, you do not have to pay. The woman holding the purse and phone is probably yourself – maybe you don’t “owe yourself” anything round these issues? Just a few thoughts…

      • This is the best interp I’ve found. I had a similar dream before, about a purse being stolen and me getting it back. Last time, a man gave it back to me. This time, I tried to negotiate with a woman. Not sure the importance of those changes, if they are good or bad. But I see a pattern with unworthy/inappropriate partners, and my purse dream.
        “The purse in dreams represents their feminine identity. When they lose it or when someone steals their purse in a dream, this means that a man will capture them, even though he is not the ideal one for them.”

  5. Do you think objective knowing about the universe would make a difference in the evolution of the species? It seems to me evolution is permanently an internal quest. Like the double slit experiment- does light turn into a wave or a particle? It depends on what the observer expects. In this way, personal desire shapes reality. The most common things, like clean air and environment for food/breathing/etc are the most persistent indicators of how “well” we’re doing, but even those are tuned out. There is nothing to seek an answer to. I sound like an anti-science nutter mystic, which isn’t true! I just don’t stress over what muggles know or don’t know. I try to keep right desire. Its fuqing hard.

    I’m surprised to say I no longer believe in what’s become the BIBLE of evolution. I am not sure what the truth is. Only that evolution doesn’t make sense completely. In stages, yeah! But as an entire explanation of fall diversity of life? Hmm. Its strange. We went to the museum and there was a squirrel thing with a plaque saying its our direct relative. My daughter had to show me to believe it. And I saw it and just said its not the whole truth, though I don’t know what is. Its true all thing are connected. But that’s not the same as calling a squirrel my grandmother. Perhaps we WERE dropped off by aliens. No idea…just certain we don’t know what we keep saying we do about our origins.

    • Well, I don’t think proving the existence and function of say dark matter is going to stop us polluting oceans and committing crimes against humanity, sadly. If that’s the kind of evolution you’re thinking of. Mind you evolution has always been kinda uneven .

      • Yeah, I guess I talked about a few kinds of evolution there. What is evolution? Its like the new God. How about peace and balance as a goal? That would really be MIND BLOWING, lol

    • No, 12th h v, I don’t think that knowing objectively about the universe would change anything about our evolution as a species. I could bang on about a lot of scientific theories and esoteric ponderings to back up my thoughts, but it would be a waste of time (though an interesting and fun waste of time). Ultimately we are where we are – here’s a fabulous poem by a 14th century Buddhist monk, Longchenpa (Pisces sun):

      Since everything is but an apparition
      Perfect in being what it is,
      Having nothing to do with good or bad
      Acceptance or rejection,
      One might as well burst out in laughter

      • That really resonates with me and my dark/new moon observations. Need to let life situations and people be what they are or will be. And since you are leaving them to develop according to their own plan, you might as well rejoice and be merry in the meantime! Thanks for sharing. Blessings

  6. So much of this is being re-calibrated by Plasma Theory, checkout http://www.thunderbolts.info/wp/ for lots of details re The Electric Universe you will not be disappointed. It is dispatching so many old unsubstantiated ideas, sweeping it away without a backward glance.

    • Thanks for this link colleen. Great site. It just goes to show that that old saying of “the more I learn, the less I know” is so true.

      • a few years ago I did some work with a nobel prize winning astrophysicist and he was very sanguine, calm and almost amused at how little they know, and that what they don’t know, is becoming a greater part of current knowledge, eg a very high percentage of the universe is comprised of dark energy

  7. Thank-you MM – great links, both the NASA one and Pyramid one. What better way to spend a grey and cold Saturday afternoon, than to read this. It’s just so sad how something as phenomenal as the pyramids has been relegated to the “flakier” spectrum of pseudo-science.

    A couple of years ago, in a local newspaper, I read an interview with a plasma scientist who is heading a team to build a space rocket fueled by plasma, which will, in theory, drastically reduce the time in space travel. When asked why so much money was being poured into such a project when there seems to be so much need of it here on Earth, he replied that with this new technology, we’d be able to get out of this planet because soon we will not be able to live here for lack of resources as we are basically destroying our own environment… Such craziness on so many levels…

  8. “…it’s fine to say dark or quantum – just don’t mention magic” – a brilliant observation/deconstruction – captures so much…and generates a lot of other things to think about…beautiful!

  9. I wanted to be a astrophysicist at 17. I got a full scholarship to a college with a teeny tiny planetarium and a nice telescope. I quit. Virgo rising, moon in the 12th trine neptune.

    I still love space, stars, meteors, planets, etc.

    I would astral travel through what I would describe as black matter as a 12 year old.

  10. The dark matter theory I think is just another excuse for not knowing or not wanting to know the nature of reality. The whole theory is based on the problem that they have an estimate on what the universe should weigh. So far they have only found things in the universe that weigh pretty much nothing. Hence there must be all this weighty dark mysterious stuff, a bit silly really ?
    The other day they may have found another planet in our system just past Sedna. Why can’t they see these relatively close objects when apparently they are reporting on things light years away ? Cause there is virtually no light reflecting off these objects.
    Our eyes and equipment can only see a thin band of the spectrum. There is nothing mysterious about dark matter, it’s just stuff we can’t see.
    Imagine you could only see the color blue. All other colors would be invisible. How weird would the world around us look ? That’s a bit like our vision when we look out at the universe now.

  11. I think we all need some of this http://www.selfhealgo.com it’s Scalar energy healing consisting of pathogen cleanse, nutrient therapy and chakra balancing all done by way of scalar light. It’s impressive…I’ve been doing it and have noticed great changes and so good to manifest with.

    • Hey Pandora thanks for posting this. So you’ve been doing this and found it helpful?
      I’d be interested to hear more about your experience. I just checked out his site and it didn’t SEEM very plausible. Not to be judge-y but how can he work remotely from a photograph and only once you’ve paid him to do so? Forgive my scepticism. I’m interested because my vibration shifted since I went to an event on Friday night and I’ve felt unwell since I got home. There were hundreds of people at this place and I’ve just felt really low and unwell since going. I know I will get my health back but I’ve been convinced I picked up some kind of parasite or weird entity from all the people I was mixing with. I’m really sensitive, more so lately since I’ve been doing the NC four times per week. I didn’t want to go out on Friday but I’d promised friends etc blah blah and felt obliged to meet and greet some fans so although my heart wasn’t in it I went to this big event and feel ill now. I find this concept intriguing -can you tell me more about your experience please?
      I feel as if I have a parasitic infection in my digestive tract again which is odd because I don’t understand how that could have happened but there is a marked difference between before I went out and now. My ability to digest food is shot to hell and without wanting to go into the gory details I’m just feeling “buggy” in the same way I did when I got really ill a few months ago. I’ve been sage smudging in the buff all day and am prepping to do my new moon ritual but please share what you did and how it helped you clear your system of pathogens. I’d really appreciate it. Thanks

      • Well, I could talk forever on this but he has a machine based on Tesla’s technology and it’s like energy healing via the ethers like you know radio waves or electricity but by way of Scalar light which is not a wave but a double helix just like DNA. Your photograph is your energy signature so that’s how it works. He does it all over the world. I’ve been doing it for 3mos now and am in rebuilding and renewal mode. I’ve done almost everything even a program for a year but nothing is faster and more effective than Scalar thus far.

        Go to Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/CREATIVESTRENGTH or look up Tom Paladino-Scalar Energy
        and you can hear weekly Q&A’s live on thursdays that you can call in. Since disassembly of pathogens, I know I can heal my gut without pathogen interference and am making cultured veggies and probiotic water so they can implant properly, the probiotics I mean to help build my immune.

        You should get your entity thing removed but the chakra balancing will help you attract more high vibing people. Mystic probably should have done the Scalar healing with the pathogens that can cause dental problems. He treats as soon as he receives your photo. There are special offers than his website price as well just google them and you can do a group for just a little more. It saves me a lot on supplements alone and I’m always protected from future infection if I stay on which I am going to. The chakra balancing floods you with light.

    • That’s hilarious considering the context.
      Maybe it meant flakey ? 🙂