Always Verging On Deja Vu

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Batman with baby bat

A Full Moon impending in this Zap Zone climate could send us bats if we’re not embracing the Tao of Virgo.

It is the only way to avoid that irritating feeling of always thinking one has forgotten something (bat food?) or forever being on the verge of a Deju Vu attack but it never happens.

Virgo OUT with this schizz – know where everything is at – both the obvious, such as bills, appointments and passports, to the more subtle – your psyche, ambiguous intentions…

But don’t spiral into a martyr bender with your schedule and whatever or you are fuqed…Anyway, the Weekly Horoscopes from March 15 are up and if you have not got it yet, we ARE zooming into the Zap Zone: eight weeks of hyper intense, surreal, change astro.

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77 thoughts on “Always Verging On Deja Vu

  1. Had a dΓ©jΓ  vu spell this evening while putting away dinner plates;-)

    Going to get myself a checklist. Highlighters. Double check Everything.

  2. Got this great new habit of scheduling tomorrow the night before. Also a weekly goals list, so I don’t have so much anxiety about where things are/are *at*.

    I want to get all my son’s (2.5yrs) cars and trucks and construction items and group them, make an inventory.

    I am making my bed in the morning too. This makes me feel like I am king of the hill, totally on top of it.


      • beds are SACRED…Making your bed in the morning when you get up – whatever that entails – is an act of faith and self nurture – no matter what else goes down that day, you will return that evening to your bed and it will be ready and a safe haven

        • I get it! I used to think it was anal now it feels an important part of putting my life in order. Seems like a good sign πŸ™‚

        • Must be a Mars in Virgo thing Mystic. πŸ™‚

          I ALWAYS make the bed, every. single. morning. Even when I’ve been really, really depressed… and especially then!! Routine and order is comforting.

          This morning I didn’t have time to make it, was running late and when i got home this evening and looked at the unmade bed I felt disappointed with myself. πŸ™

        • yes in spite of my prev grizzling about cleaning, I am a habitual bed-maker. not sheets you could bounce a coin off each morn, but enough to come to my room, see my bed (now long-free of mountains of clean laundry) and say “hiiiiiiiiii bed ” aahhh yes. bed

        • making your bed in the morning is like tying a pair of shoes back up once you taken them off.
          Found that quote a few years back but don’t think I ever came to terms with it.

    • I started out making my bed every morning because I had two cats & it helped keep the sheets & pillows hair-free. Had them for ten years & they’ve been gone for nine, but find that making my bed is a must-do every morning. Like Mystic said, it keeps my lair feeling like a sacred sanctuary for rest & rejuvie πŸ˜‰

      • Me too scorp got sick of cat hair piles in same corner of the bed so started making it and i feels good. The SO ( formerly know as the A hole) has just requested i get a top sheet which he has and I have never gone for . too fidgety for me they get too tangly I explained to him but he is merc in virgo so he just rolled his eyes. i can ignore eye rolling.

        its my throne.

    • Holy COW!!! There are people who don’t make the bed???? I would not even want to walk in my front door, knowing the bed was unmade, like a scowl. I feel like my home is unhappy with me when it’s out of order and i don’t deserve to relax. Haha Saturn in the 6th in Taurus. Mars in Capricorn 2nd. Pluto in Virgo 10th opp Sun.

      oh and yeah i do actually know this happens because…i have a sagittarian sister

  3. I’m on track then – have emailed myself three lists since I got home. They will go on tomorrows master list!!

    • Raise shields Mr. Sulu. Prepare phasers and raise alert to level 5 . Please be quiet Mr Spock there is nothing logical going on here. Ahura, where are those astrological readings from this god forsaken galaxy.
      Captain, I have made contact with a Mystic Medusa who claims to know what aspects are relevant for today…she needs to know one thing first. Did you make your bed this morning ?
      Goddamit , Spock, make yourself useful and get down to my quarters. Make my bed and iron my Lycra sports shorts.
      Captain, … Attacking forces have retreated, energy has been restored to all levels … It’s over !

  4. Blizzard conditions at Scorp Inc HQ. No martyr re my schedule here: not even attempting to travel to the worksite today. Instead will work on my other biz from the home office. In my flannel pants. Mmm flannel.

    The astro has raised my accident potential threat level. Obeying. Emulating trees.

          • Always the pioneer S .. Leading the way so the less cojent among us can follow your example. It IS the little things isn’t it , please keep reminding us of that …x πŸ™‚

            (How’s that for mars in libra ? I’m trying for a reverse pass agg with double compliment from the high board. Outa 10 ? )

              • In ice ballet that’s a fairly average mark Pi ? but this isn’t the Olympics is it. I really value your honesty.
                And I was just thinking …if it was my ATAR ( a higher school certificate mark) I still couldn’t get into medicine. ?

                But thanks soooo much for the flowers, they are sooooo lovely πŸ™‚

                (Hmmm, how was that one ? be honest, cause you know that’s what I expect from you, the thing I admire about you… So .. Outa 10 ?

                • Who’s an advocado-colored fridge?

                  No hospital corners on your bed, then. Boxers, not budgie smugglers.

                  I know you could give a rat’s ass, but I love you, ya crusty fuqer x

                  • I love you too x

                    Crustee ?like a fresh baguette maybe ? Non ? Oh babee, come wiz me to Paree and we will smoke many cigarettes and sip on the strongest of lattes. We will take many black and white photos wiz my antique SLR…I’ll be your baguette you can be my baba ganoush, together we will bridge zee gap between zee left and right . The east and the west.
                    And each night ….oow lala..our small attic room above the Champs will become the table on which we feast.

                    (Smooth ha ? )

                    • As I am catching up on this thread…you guys are sounding like Roy and HG and making me hungry. Should I start looking for the card table for the EH?
                      @ Davidi your so kind, but I’d say pioneering pain in bum.

                    • Wee wee! I louvre set whenjou call me your baba ganoush, mon petite crustee xx

                    • Dammit! U kno I have a terrible time turning downa dare.Fine:

                      Double check the itinerary: we r not flyingto France today. En routeto Israel, the otherend of campus.

                      So there: this hand goes to me! πŸ˜€

                      Whatelse you got?


              • I know LG. It’s like get a room already.

                @Davidl – re: your scorecard results. There’s only one answers right? A, B and all the way to Z…Your an Aries. You put the “i” in Team and thus it’s got to be top marks πŸ˜‰

  5. Cue listing and health nutting bender.

    Suddenly started feeling like health was completely falling apart and now must massage, yoga, mani-pedi, epsom salt, fix everything.

    …put work into car BEFORE it breaks (crazy, right!).

  6. i find it interesting that mr mercurial from last spring, aka mr virgo moon rising, has reappeared in my life. making the 3 hour drive to visit me this weekend without either of us paying attention to the full moon (and it’s gotta be the first time in year that a full moon has snuck up on me!). the timing is trippy- my moon progresses into virgo in a month and i’ve been worrying about it…

  7. I’m wired up wrong. My life currently is just hanging out having a blissful time but having to watch other people’s crumble around them. I’ve got friends who are simply in the pits right now with things that are so far out happening. Real bottom of the pit stuff. Seems odd. I have just had three/four years of that, on every level, so that I am almost immune. I’m feeling like I have done the work and now I am here to hold hands and produce tissues.
    I have a deep inner feeling of calm. It feels like I am sitting in the eye of the storm. I know it is happening out there but for me it is all quiet and serene. I think I have been initiated into it and there fore can accept it all as process.
    So no list making, no battening hatches, no bulk buying food. I don’t do Virgo particularly well anyway. I’m out playing with my 5th house sun and enjoying Jupiter direct in my 4th/5th.

  8. I mentioned yesterday I was going to purge old journals and notebooks. Got rid of 12 so far – and a portion of those were full of angst about my ex. They were therapeutic at the time but I don’t need to keep them. I ripped them all up and recycled. I’m so glad I could let go, I just feel lighter. I see now that they were unnecessary clutter emotionally and literally.

  9. I’ve just moved making the bed in the morning from wifey’s b. list to a. List. I feel better already πŸ˜‰

  10. in anticipation of mars-retro over pluto IC and squaring / opposing / sextiling various angles and outer planets, I have scheduled the plumber (not a euphemism, i do mean the guy who comes to fix broken taps etc… no his name is not Gary…) … keeping house tidiness to acceptable levels. filth purge to come when moon wanes over IC and beyond. maybe ahem feng shui then too.

    An actual question instead of my usual soliloquy: does this *have* to be some kind of store bought sage crap? can’t I just dry my own nice garden-grown sage, Salvia officianalis? lower carbon footprint. it’s still sage.

    • Sounds almost more magical and potent to me. I hate buying stuff for rituals. It must come to me in some organic way (lilith in virgo). Shall i send your sage an extra juju blessing πŸ™‚

  11. Mercury on my Aqua 4th- husband broke my fav Chemex coffee maker. Stayed haute- did not unleash full Scorp fury- but am so sad. Aside from my unabashed addiction- to caffeine- it is my emblem of home. Bought it as touchstone to good in my past- and have unloaded boatloads of old schizz. This is the stuff that makes you google family law experts…,

  12. i think i went full into vu. got rear-ended while at full stop on my way to get curry. handled it with aplomb, since, whatevs, no ones hurt. however, 40 hours later and i’m still awake and keep getting emails from ghosts. room with the vu.

    • You are in shock, adrenals on overload. Been there also. Get massage, do not work, smudge & breathe etc. Your soul needs time to reunite with your physical so to speak. Take care, xx.

      • yes, perhaps even a mild concussion, since i don’t remember the curry.

        resting certainly. no need to make the bed today πŸ™‚

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