102 thoughts on “Chaos Intervention Theory

  1. Omg I am terrified.
    Like cancel trip, stay in and work on my projects, go to Mysore in the AM terrified.

    I’m at the end of my rope with a couple of situations and half of me wants the conflict and is in some kind of softcore-living-well-is-the-best-revenge/prove-’em-wrong mindset. The other half just wants to withdrawl. Where is the middle?

    Breath by breath, day by day, decision by decision…*sips coffee and gets back to work and laundry*

    • hmm. if i’m reading this correctly, you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed at having to hold your position in the face of some strong challenges, opposition or doubt? and it’s a bit like “oh god not this again” ?

  2. LOL πŸ˜† this is me cleaning
    [except for the phenom legs (for now) and late-70s themed kitchen]

    • I love this image and am determined to employ it in my kitchen. My main man is going to drool… and not over what is for tea!
      As to fridge audit, what???? I never have anything in the fridge to audit. There are usually two eggs if I am lucky and maybe some coconut water but that is it. Being without dough sucks!!

      • Oh the audit refers to keeping track of what is where and when in the fridge… Not luxury related as such. I also shop frugally. Sticking to fresh produce and basic legumes, eggs etc seems to be the cheapest way to dine. No packaged or manufactured food, they say value-add, I say bank balance decline!

    • Ha, me too. I had a flashback to my old married life- I HAD that exact 70s fridge, complete with ex’s nasty Budweiser cans lying around and fugue-state stuffage (though 2 toro moons- we had that quantity but never the ick quality. Bottled dressing? Fake syrup? Disgusting!!). Also, sadly, without the legs. πŸ™

      Makes me SO GRATEFUL for my life now.

      • Hahaha

        No, this guy was complaining to me about this woman he used to know & he said, “She was like an old fridge, you know: she couldnt keep shit cool,” & I had to laugh at that. Never heard that expression before & I couldn’t wait to use it, of course. So this pic appears above & I said Eureka!

  3. Fuq complacency benders, and I don’t know how anyone could even contemplate indulging in love zombie schizz under this astro. I’m in ‘no time for dong, I’ve got shit to do’ mode and loving it (dong being a euphemism for time-wasting distractions).

    • LOL – I feel like I am on a total complacency bender, but then again, it may be that I am Virgoing out and can’t see it as such because its never enough…never clean enough, never evolved enough, never organized enough, blah!

    • Oh hell i saw the word ‘triage’ then read the words “shit spine” and thought, oh no, what’s going on with you, you poor thing (let’s not say how i first read ‘spectrum realignment’).

      Glad all is well, and you’re onto it!

      • “Shit spine”– you rang?

        One realignment, please! I’ll take the Frankenstein Special, leave the bolts on the outside.

        • πŸ˜† oh no wait am i laughing at someone in pain? Sorry, Scorpo, but you’re funny. And sorry you’re in pain! xx

          • Haha I’m always glad to give people a laugh: it’s contagious! Your reply to S was so spot on for how I’ve been feeling lately I couldn’t resist. Thanks for the giggles & the kisses, mille xx

          • @Millieunanotte Your laughing that’s exactly what I wanted someone to say.
            @ Scorp Inc
            I’d been wondering which Scorp had the spinal surgery. So many Scorpios so little time….all the brill shizz that they say, one needs a Virgo PA.

            • Aww yeah: one surgery down (cervical), one to go (thoracic). I got the good news last week that I have finally scored a surgeon at one of the top hospitals in the country: that triumph was five years in the making! The thoracic surgery is major as they’ll need to break a rib or two, deflate a lung– and that’s just to get to the spot that needs corrected. Definitely I wanted to be in the very best facilities possible for that number.

              Yours is a tremendous light, S. Keep rockin, babe xx

              • That is great re the surgeon Scorp Inc. Was wondering how you were recovering these days? Xx.

                • Thanks Andro πŸ™‚ My neck has turned out *great* & I go to see the new surgeon next month in

                  A P R I L

                  (cue foreboding music)

                  but I am so looking forward to getting my body back sans spinal interference!

      • @ Milleunanotte: I am doing very well, thank you for your concern. That’s actually “shit out”. Perhaps if you re:read the post again. You’ll see a sprinkle of funny and a Miss Piggy link. xxx

          • Well folks a full spectrum realignment, is whatever you need to get you back into the life your intended to live.
            I’ve been loving the writing in Rake a brill television show. “I’ll just triage my diary” was a well constructed phrase in this weeks episode. It reminds me of this Virgo Full Moon and so I appropriated that word here.
            @ Andy I must be surrounded by Scorpios at the moment. Damn it’s intergalactic heat.
            @ Scorp Inc You should visit BlueQ and order a First Aid Bag. Bloody US postal system pricing is charging me the same price as what my 5 items cost. How heavy is it to post a couple of lightweight groovy bags? It’s a shame Down Under translates to postal service screw you!

            On the bright side:
            I played in the rain at 2:30 this morning, to try and turn down my Leo Saturn roar. Please don’t tell me it’s the work of Asteroid Gaz again.

              • CS that’s a red flag…Summer rain. Will you hold my hair back while I vomit on “3”?
                I refuse to type “l” who was separated at birth by “o” followed by “l” bringing up the rear. πŸ™‚

                  • Jump don’t toss me no limp lyric.
                    You do realise that humming to bad music is an aural-colonic.
                    Sure facts are still pending on this truism but I guarantee your brain box is painting that image already. Oh no what to do it’s…*Khe Sanh on the radio.
                    *Any street cred I had has just been flushed away. Now I’ve got that on my Google search history…that can’t be how you spell it? It’s got to be a typo. #loaththatsong
                    Still love ya CS πŸ™‚

          • Thank you Andy my fellow Mercury Kataka twin.
            I used to watch The Muppets on a Sunday night and draw the characters with my Grandma’s red bingo marker pen. Now I draw images for kids with a black marker pen.

  4. Hmmm I’m organising my life like a bastard at the moment – careful budgeting and splitting money into different accounts etc and working out the methods for my research over the next 3 years… but I’m also kind of obsessively scheduling in dates dates dates with different dudes over the next few days. I’m not even sure why anymore. Because I can? Because it proves I can be desirable (post wrenching breakup)? I am enjoying meeting new people, but I’m also not interested in being emotionally available for anyone but myself and those already close to me. Is this some kind of Virgo-fueled love zombiness? Or is this ok?

  5. Holy mother of all thats holy – how to handle the people that blow up at you completely unexpectedly under this astro? Been trying to just stay cool and calm with them, but geez. And on the other hand, there is a situation that I have to get resolution on at work. Gonna get ugly I think and not much I can do about it except more avoidance and cover up for someone not doint their job. And thats not working well.

    • No cover up. Let the others expose themselves, but just try to flow with it. Mars is retrograde, so you don’t want to fan the flames. Just try to side step the burning people. Hang in there.

  6. I love this website: https://habitrpg.com/#/tasks even more than Lift – it’s really helped me to quantify and then gamify my life.

    You spreadsheet your To Do list, daily Habits you want to work on or drop, and so on. Then you assign a point value to each (including negative points for habits you want to stop), depending on how hard it is for you (so Doing 200 Squats might be worth fewer points than Filing Taxes) and set yourself up to “earn” things. What things? You decide. I put down a manicure, a facial, things like that.

    I’ve only been using it for a few days, but I’ve probably doubled my productivity. Anyway, maybe something for the community here.

  7. Been cleaning and organizing.
    Fighting off bug my daughter has had bad. Only lightly hit with stomach bug Torro has.
    Took day off work. So grateful to have it, a very virgo job and mercury is direct in my 6th house.
    Torro has work! Thank heavens.

    Signed Pisces sun/ leo moon sun up for independent study. Hope it works out well. We had horrid fight, I mean real bad, then we made up quicker than ever. I realized WE may need the homeschool aspect to rebond. He has done it before and is great at it. We worked on cleaning out basement together.

  8. “Self pitying crawl”…whoa, whoa now..

    But yes. I actually had a glass of cab at lunch time cuz I was physically hurting (8 hr massage today), and then had a cry to co workers Toro and Scorp. They gave me a group hug.

    It’s not so much self pitying because I certainly didn’t feel that sans the wine glass today…actually have been gung ho and happy, but it’s just it is truly time for a change as told Toro “I just get discouraged” being in a dark room all day and feeling like my arms are just a goin’ on a scrub board (peeps backs) with no direction.

    Then of course to make dreams come true, means I have to believe in myself, not beat up on myself, allow myself to be different and run against the flow of this shit ass world.

    Did God know I was exhausted before I even was born? πŸ™‚

    Lord…of course I gotta keep on the writing for how will baby girl soon to be born have a compass to guide her cept for Grannie’s? Not leaving her that is enough to scare the crap outta me..Felt it with my girls and first grandaughter but perhaps cuz this gdaughter is being born during the zz is incentive…I mean, hello?

    Her due date one week from tomorrow….fingers crossed!! One of my Gemini patients made her two pairs of the cutest little knitted booties…

    • So yes Mystic, today Toro and Scorp were my “chaos intervention” peeps.

      At the end of the day (literally) and talking to Toro
      as we washed up, she was trying to get home to her Police Officer husband who is now working nights and feed and bathe two children. We all have our burdens which of course keeps it in persepctive.

      Hey I love “When the Stars Go Blue” by the Corrs…listening to it now. Just promise you don’t stay there luv, k?

      • Immediately follow with their “we are so young” or “keep me breathless”…


        • “Leave me Breathless”…I suppose “keep me breathless” would be quite unsustainable..Altho couldn’t blame a peep for tryin’, eh?


    • 8 hours massage is a long long day, Sweetpea. Here’s a hug from me, and a virtual glass of red xx

      • Thank you Millie…Since Pisces doc took over we are busier than ever. I made $4,000 more last yeat than I had in the previous six with the other doc. 8 hour days were not the norm on Mon and Wed (our full days). They are the norm now. Of course I’m grateful to be working and supported but I am going to go into business for myself….and start that transition this year. Need to get licensing, a new table. My massage table had been stolen out of me and Mom’s storage unit some years ago.

        Anyway, Happy Friday! In the next few weeks I’m taking some days off. x

  9. everything I’ve tried to do has been a mess today, and I’m more organised than ever, I even made my bed this morning! it’s not me….what’s going on? Wah! I just decided to stop trying as everything I touched ended up worse than before I tried it. Moon Sq Saturn do that? Neptune conjunct MC?

  10. To do one thing I have to forfeit the time doing another.
    Today I didn’t do the dishes but I organised the paint/spare toiletries cupboard. I threw away three bags of old chemical filled creams & sunscreens.

    I feel a little bit high now.

    • love a bathroom cabinet cleanout. throw, toss, chuck, bin, out, blech, wtf how old is this, etc.

  11. Went on Pinterest quote bender…

    Have been making dainty, girly, frilly teacups. Made one with tentacles – feel much better now πŸ˜€

    Was on an organisation bender – Mvelopes, Google Calendar, Weekly Schedule, Nested to-do lists……

    ….then realised I was making myself frantic and unhappy. Then I got sick…. So I have taken a step back, knowing that its all simmering away on the backburner for when I am ready to pick up the reins again (to mangle a metaphor….)

    • Yeah, I am feeling the need to rest right now. Not super do-er mode. More like a dark moon, oddly. As for your pintrest quote bender, were you creator or consumer?

      • I found this:


        And I’ve been mining it for quotes for about a week πŸ™‚

        I’ve put some of my own photography with quotes I like, but unfortunately I tend to like wordy, complex quotes expressing profound ideas*, so not the sort of picturesque soundbites which get repinned. Not that’s there’s anything wrong with picturesque soundbites….

        *The search for enlightenment is a distraction from the truth that we are already enlightened. Anything you do to get enlightened is a denial of the fact that you already have – and are – what you seek. Whole beings do not seek outside themselves for completion. The notion that we must become perfect is an illusion. All that needs to be healed is the belief that we are broken. Perfection is not attained; it is realised…In truth, we do not become whole; we simply recognise that we have always been whole

        Alan Cohen.

        I just can’t think of making this any shorter than it is, without losing something important…..

        • Agree about the dark moon. I’ve just gotten over two weeks of the worst cold in the eons of memory. Drained and weak.

          Gorgeous quote!!!!!

  12. The wisdom of letting go, mixed with the graces of self-love that cultivates a better nature… best bender I’ve been on!!
    Every distraction from this invites off-balance chaos,I have noticed of late.

  13. I was just looking at my refrigerator this morning. I need to clean it. The Pisces might be coming to stay with me! Ahhhh…. Not that he would be living my refrigerator but …. it needs to be cleaned as well as everything else in my place! OH that 2nd bedroom with all the junk! LOL! Just needs some tidying up and it won’t look as bad!

    Paid off 2 credit card this week!

    Waiting to hear from my lawyer from a couple of years ago (I know.. a couple of years ago???)… I haven’t paid him for his services but our work relationship was extremely casual. I couldn’t send him a check at the time but now I have it. Sent an email and no response. I am thinking of taking that money and through it into a profitable stock that I have been watching. This stock is amazing. Build and if he contacts me… I have the money! LOL!!


  14. Strangely, my relationship, which has been 6 years of love zombie with Lilith chasers has suddenly morphed into a “real” relationship…. ??? Maybe the zap zone has a reverse effect on that which has already been longtime schizz, or zapped us into a reality focus that was lacking….. unless something really weird is about to happen in April……

    • I get this, I thought I was wired up wrong. But yes as the world crashes around others my life seems to be plain sailing??? Now that is Weird!

  15. If there’s something in the ethers it’s flying right over my head … epic bender of boredom going on here more than anything. Just could not give a crap about work or “duty” right now.

    • Same here, honestly. I’m so ready for a weekend of doing absolutely nothing. I just want to veg out. I take MM’s advice as far as taking stock of how much I’ve gotten done. Its been a hectic year for me. But, right now, I do not give one f**k, I want to relax. That’s it. Must not be with the astro.

  16. The Chaos Intervention Theory of the Vic Govn’t is pure Zap Zone WTF?
    So we can no longer protest, eh?
    The illusion of democracy reveals itself as the net is closing in slowly but surely… *sigh*.

    ‘Dance like a butterfly’ I say…

    • Maybe the Govn’t is cleaning out their cupboards? Y’know oiling their drones, polishing their warheads, uncrinkling all their maps of Protected Forests to see what can be done with them…

      • No illusion of democracy at the Daily Terrorgraph Grrrrr. Or the ‘Australian’ newspaper.

        Every chance they can to have a dig at the ABC, to any bleeding heart lefty deluded climate delusional scientist gay single mothers and to anyone in the Labour Party.

        The columnist Miranda Devine words are so evil…she totally is the character of the evil magicians in the Harry Potter series. Miranda Malfoy. What a piece of work.

        • Yes, now I am looking at “Australia the Concealed Colony” it’s a report that shows our “government” has been apparently a de facto government masquerading as a constitutional government since 1919. It says that “in more recent times it has morphed into a foreign-registered corporation”…

          They deduce that “our legal/court system has become a private system of roman law operating as a franchise of the BAR association of the Inns of the CITY OF LONDON.
          Australia the Concealed Colony is a 400 page document compiled by lawyers, researchers and eminent legal academics from some 14 universities. It was submitted to all member nations of the UN”.

          *blick* 😯

          • Cripes!!! I get furious about the state of the nation, and I’ve only been looking as far as the Telegraph!

            We are in the zap zone, aren’t we?

            • Deep in the heartland of the Valley of Zap situated on the border of several countries called Chaos, Decline, Control, Disaster, Evil, Power and Sin!

              But we are butterflies, non?
              Ze net cannot contain ze butterflies!!!!

  17. I went to see the official school psychologist today. She told me that I have not fully incarnated yet. Which resonates, a LOT, but it’s not exactly what I was expecting to hear… I think I need to sit with it for the whole virgo full moon period.

    • that sounds like such a great but unexpected insight from someone in that sort of institutional setting!

          • Me too, Andy!! Meeee too
            She said that the soul is incarnated by age 7, and if something happens in the child’s life around then, you don’t fully inhabit your body. Which, I don’t. I’m only 3/4 here on the best of days, and I constantly find labels and take silly quizzes and project this false ego-self to convince myself that ah, I am that! And that! – cause I’m really not sure that I exist at all. Pfft SRP (sun rising problems). Anyway, I looked back through the fuzz and couldn’t find a thing traumatic about my roller skating, Barbie-playing, 7-yr old childhood, until I looked at the astrology. Ah. Pluto through early Scorpio. So basically, maybe there were the last bits of self still waiting to finish incarnating, and they took one look at that Pluto transit and were like, nuh-uh. Fuq that. And I’ve been mucking about in the ethers ever since. I dunno. It fits…

            • hmmm, this is resonating for me. my Dad is totally not here. I may not be either only better at pretending πŸ˜‰

              • Yes, we learn acting skills by watching our parents flounder, don’t we. Xxx

            • Pluto was on my Venus when I was 7 😯

              but also, does not being fully incarnated mean you still have good connections to the other side? I distinctly remember “knowing” things more when I was sub-7.

            • Trauma causes us to not fully inhabit our bodies, to be partially there.. I don’t know about the 7 age theory, but the goal of integrating the Higher Self into the physical body is age old, it simply means we are in our power where nothing can unbalance us.
              Read that some African tribes believe if you distress a child their spirit leaves and you might have to walk an hour or days to bring it back.

              I don’t mind this lady’s theory, but there needs to be a solution when one makes a comment like this. Does she have one for you or was this just fun conversation?

              • It makes so much sense on an intuitive level, without a doubt. I love the awareness of those tribes. Walking for days to return the wandering soul. Really beautiful. It would be so wonderful if all traumatized kids could get intensive nature therapy or something. Make it a part of school and the foster care system and such…
                I’ve just never thought of myself as a traumatized child. But I am- that was when I became aware of the world, saw my first tv and movies, social circles expanded… And I hated it. It horrified me and made me sad, I didn’t want any part of it, and all I wanted to do was hide from it. which is what I’ve been doing ever since, though seriously nobody knows it. It must have been Pluto activating my moon- Uranus opposition, pure and simple.

                Ack journaling on the site- sorry!!!

                She told me to ground, and meditate only with the breath, and to find a rhythm to my days. I need much, much, much more advice that that!!!!! 😯

            • I’m really really resonating with this… I don’t know how true the 7 year timetable fits in my past but I was abused and watched abuse since I was a very small child. It makes sense of why I’m not “around” on lots of days. Grounding has been my biggest learning process for me

              • Oh yeah, I can see how your soul would want to be far, far away. I’m so sorry you went through that. πŸ™
                I’m wondering about the shamanic soul-retrieval. Can you go journey and find your missing pieces and say, come home, it’s safe now…? πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™
                I guess every time you ground you do that a little bit. Rebuilding, molecule by molecule? Xxxx

                • Yes, I guess that is where I was going with that ‘not incarnated’ idea too HDQ.
                  If this psych does shamanic hypno or whatevs, then the idea of soul retrieval is a something she may be able to help with. If she isn’t offering that then I am a bit leery of such a pronouncement in all honesty, because it isn’t helpful if you feel alone in processing it true or not.

                  And Nightrose, no words love, just so many hugs. You are super lovely and I am so sorry that happened to you, xx.

      • Yes, the official college mental health counselor!! Her phD is in depth psychology, she’s into Jung and goddesses, and I suspect she is a PIAB.

        An interesting choice for the college, though I imagine it has more to do with this area, like all rural America, being a service desert. The county has to fly in a psychiatrist from NEVADA whenever a diagnosis is needed, if that says anything…

        Anyway, yeah, one one level it did feel a bit unprofessional, but truly, it’s been helpful, so… *shrug*

        • yeh yeh it is fascinating and i get that it’s helpful – i just thought shrinks had to follow a sort of rule book in this situation, wow…because to me detachment and disassociation makes sense but not fully incarnated is not a concept i’ve heard of before….

        • Process Psychology. Well.. am assuming that is the Australian equivalent. They also do dream work and yes are more inclined to include the sou/spirit in their work.

  18. Dear MM,
    Ever since I saw this post I’ve been wondering have you used this image before say in on another post? It’s a great image but I can’t help thinking I’ve seen it here before.
    So this is how the Virgo Full Moon likes to play out in my chart: a bit of fact checking.

    • i think there was another image once of a woman’s bum sticking out of a fridge. guess it says something about women….

      • it was on a post in 2009 that was deleted so i re-used it as SO apt for Full Moon in Virgo/heavy Saturn vibe of the week

        I don’t see it as sexy – everyone knows that full on proper Virgo-ing is like a Vinyasa, yes?

        • I don’t see how you can get around the “sexy” factor. this image plays with ideas of women & domestic service and women and sexual service for sure, and it is reflective of our culture, it doesn’t come out of the ether. Not that I necessarily have a problem with sexiness or service, like if emg wants to serve herself up to her main man for tea in this way then go girl and have heaps of fun playing with it. but at a cultural level I guess I think the association of women with sex & domesticity & service (& beauty) does operate somewhat differently. maybe this image is also playing with it, but still, that’s what we have to play with. the sexiness of women’s bums and women making you sandwiches πŸ™‚

          • I think i am SO Saturn transitting at the mo, i look at it yes i know bum-red shoes-legs etc but i see the radical potential for decluttering that damned kitchen. If i can find as high quality a pic of a guy decluttering the fridge, i replace it

            • ha! awesome response Myst πŸ™‚ but to confirm, I really wasn’t making a personal attack on you in the first instance, I was just sharing S’s (is that right? grammar nazis?) sense that she’d seen it before and thinking yes, of course we have – if not here then somewhere else -because it’s part of our collective cultural legacy. so more of a cultural musing than anything else. ps. good luck finding one of a man tho!