Cat Lady Karl Lagerfeld’s Leo Cat

Choupette Vogue

Karl Lagerfeld has long been one of my fave Virgoans Of Fashion – it’s the quotability, coming out with schizz like “trackpants are a sign of defeat”  automatically makes you more interesting than most of the characters in his realm, right?

But who knew he was such a big Cat Lady?  There are loads of articles like this one, detailing the luxe life of his LEO cat Choupette.  The maids for the cat, the diary kept of her life, the private jet to St Tropez – the cat flies in the cockpit, the magazine covers,  that Choupette was obtained by K.L off Scorpio male supermodel Baptise Giabiconi...

I get it. But i have four major points that are not being properly reported re this – you have to wonder what journalism has come to…

(1) A Leo Cat being possibly the most pampered and documented feline on the planet is hilarious.

(2) Karl Lagerfeld has Mars conjunct Bast (aka Asteroid Ubasti – the Cat Goddess) in Scorpio. This was inevitable.

(3) Where is the Choupette foundation for giving aid to less fortunate felines? It would be both charitable, obviously, and also a chance for doting cat lady Karl to get the cats image more out there and enduring. I am thinking an Andy Warhol style portrait of Choupette – hot pink and turquoise – and with the message Choupette Supports The Street Cats Of St Tropez. Or something.

(4) The drooling media articles re Choupette make a big deal of how her water bowls are some sort of fancy Limoges or whatever BUT every Cat Person/Bast worshipper knows that cats are supposed to have Cat Fountains – because they apparently don’t register water unless it is flowing. Which makes cats kind of oriental and Bruce Lee by nature.



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39 thoughts on “Cat Lady Karl Lagerfeld’s Leo Cat

  1. A CAT FOUNTAIN! That’s what I need! The Pisces left a Tom Cat behind who has taken over the down stairs bathroom. Leaves foot prints on the sink and toilet looking for water. I put bowls down. A fountain. Got it. Now…any idea why he doesn’t cover his messes and likes to pee on towels?

    • As a Tom, leaving the doo uncovered could be a territory thing….? (Eg. Stallions mark their territory by making their own manure pile. Rather than just going wherever. That’s the only rationale I have.) Towels… I have no idea.

      • never leave anything for them to pee on. My cat loves my bathmat but fortuntely for me does her business perfectly down the bathroom plug hole. No fuss cat is what I like.
        They will pee anywhere if the kitty litter is not puuurfectly clean

        • I got rid of the mat first time he did that. I have a female cat and she give me no troubles. Once she was angry and shit in my bed, but the message was clear. No scents left around the house, you know – a clear message. Tom cat peed right next to the litter box today – left a puddle on the floor like he missed. WTF? Because I moved it two inches from its normal location perhaps? I don’t know what kind of karma he and I have but sheesh! I’ve got 4 planets in Libra and am a multi Virgo – I can’t come home to eau du chat.

  2. “trackpants are a sign of defeat” I’ve never worn or owned a pair of trackpants in my adult life, nice one K.L!

    Only a Leo cat could possibly get this much attention, it’s fantastic! I need to get my Leo mancat & Virgo ladycat a fountain, pronto!

  3. I’ve been trying to find a little tabletop water fountain to use as a feng shui cure in my kitchen, but they’re all so fucking naff. I’m thinking a kitty fountain might be a good plan stan.

    In other news, I don’t know my kittie’s astro, but she’s spending a lot of her spare time gazing at her reflection in a mirror I’ve had sitting on the floor while waiting to hang so I’m suspecting there’s a whole lot of Leo going on. I can’t tell her about Karl’s Leo kitty though, she has enough diva kitty ideas in her head already…

  4. track pants ARE a sign of defeat – I know cos I wore them out of the house and not for exercise while I was married, lol!

    cat fountains are a brilliant idea. would water in a chocolate fountain work? I’m sure you can buy those at K/Wal-Mart for about $12.99 these days….

  5. It’s pretty hilarious!

    Also the cat is very cute. I wonder what its name means? Or is it simply a French name?

    My cat is probably a Leo–hopeless show off, big and fluffy, actually has a mane, golden ginger colour.

  6. I don’t know…think the whole affair is sorta PITA

    Pain In The Ass..


    I have a fountain in my massage room. Had it for seven and a half years so far as fed it only mountain spring water. Guess this means this pain in the ass cat is going to survive if not longer?


    • I mean a fuqin shrimp birthday cake. Funny as hell..

      When I left work today asked Pisces doc if he had gotten his birthday desert to take home. We had a little office thing today.

      He said yes. He and his Pisces wife’s birthday were BOTH yesterday…He is two years older.Their birthday on the Full Moon in Virgo..He has Virgo Moon, Mars and Pluto/Ur.

      Actually said in the card “the world is a better place because of you both”…

      x Hey, I’m just playin’…it’s my speciality

      • Was just reminded that the Moon squared Pluto yesterday. Yes, it was felt.

        I noticed a change in Doc’s demeanor after lunch.

        Could tell he was more low key. Like his Virgo and Pisces/Toro Asc retreated.

        One of his adjustment rooms is next to mine and I can hear how his Aries Mercury usuallly greets his patients when he walks in a room. Up beat and like “hey, how are you doing, so and so?”..

        About ten days ago, Toro therapist and Aqua receptionist had it out. Toro said that was it. She was justified really.

        In any case, she and the Scorp (I am close to both, but not as close as they are to each other…I stay a bit in my own world…I am the oldest in the office and well, some stuff is just silly)…

        But they did not tell Aqua that we were doing a pot luck thing for his bday. Toro had instigated it so it was her responsibility to follow thru.

        Bottom line is that they were getting back at Aqua (whose Mars in Aries is passive aggresssive), for scheduling Scorp on her birthday to not be in synch with anyone else.

        Lord this is sounding like a soap, but hopefully today things will feel lighter with the new aspects.

        I just feel that Doc did not deserve that drama on his birthday. It was obvious and I told Scorp so. “We still need to be professional”…another words, rise above and Toro should have told Aqua about the pot luck. (Hell, there ain’t no gold in that pot…lol)..

        Told Toro that when Aqua walked in and saw me with food, what was I supposed to say? It put me on the spot.

        Told Toro “you can’t expect me to fight your battles for you”

        She understood. It’s all good but this kind of thing is where this little lamb draws the line.

        • Yep, knew it. Could feel it before I even came into work today.

          Doc posted a notice today “In the next three weeks will be having a meeting with each person for a thirty minute meeting..or so”.

          Dude ain’t stupid. Told the girls to rise above, be professional…

  7. Hmnn- my kits don’t mind still water, but I replace it many times per day. My Bast is conjunct my Moon/Merc et al. Always had sibs- a matched set and had a 3rd at one point. We still get visits from our previous cats- just a glimpse. Kids see them too.

    Ours are Aries Gingers that boss the kids- herding them to sleep. They’d love fountains- must explore!

  8. My cats have a fountain! They think it’s just ‘okay’. They do love water though and tend to drink by splashing a paw into one of their two large water bowls and then licking it.

    I recently got this HILARIOUS book ‘Guys Can be Cat Ladies Too’. So funny and very sweet.

    I LOVE CATS!!!!!

  9. Are you kidding, I LOVE tracksuit pants. To me they denote action and fitness, not sloth. Particularly because I hate the clingy lycra thing. And there is nothing hotter than a fit guy in trackies. he’s probably just been for a surf or relaxing after the gym, y’see. And: No zips or buttons. If you see where I am coming from .

    • Other than that however, I do love KL’s pronouncements on fashion. His brief stint as an agony aunt was sublime and I could read his responses for decades.

    • I suppose Virgo types might value composure or appropriateness just a mite over smokin’ hot tho.

    • I do get where you are coming from there..
      Anyway, heaven is a pair of toasty warm tracky dax on a cool day, on me or another’s smokin’ hot bod.

  10. Oh my goddess, I love this so much. A pampered Leo cat! Amazing. Can’t believe I’ve never thought about the astrology of pets before. My dog is an Aquarius. I’m an aqua moon, so it’s a good fit.