Wednesday, Mercury, the Water Star & Persephone

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Pop Art Perfume Ad Pegasus

More perfumes should be like this – pop-artistic, slightly bent, with – you know – edge.  Don’t you think?

In other news, Psyche is ON Persephone in Capricorn (tres deep underworldly insights)  and Mars on Vesta in Libra – the union of guts with creative inspiration.

Saturn is hardcore squaring the Sun but if you have done your Saturn Practice of late or not been on a batty bender since late 2012, it feels FAB. Also the Daily Horoscopes for Wednesday are now posted – note that Wednesday is the day of Mercury and that in the old ways, some had him as the most powerful God of all, traditionally a hermaphrodite, you understand.

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23 thoughts on “Wednesday, Mercury, the Water Star & Persephone

  1. Speaking of hermaphrodites, does anyone else feel infuriated by tick boxes which say *M* or *F* ?!

    Seriously how hard is it to add *X* ? I take this up with companies in my new rôle as Grump Old Bat. Or maybe that should be Interfereing Old Bag. Either way, I write to them asking that they change it.

    ..and no, I’m not a hermaphrodite, but I knew one along time ago and this sort of thing used to drive them nuts.

    • Surely there are more serious issues to worry about!!!
      Do you know how expensive it would be to change forms just to include that, and for what?
      What percentage of the population are hermaphrodite? Less than 1%?

      • Ah yes but what difference should sex make? Surely in this day and age any differentiation would be sexist??
        Not that I ever mind saying I am female. I am very female!

      • It’s not just hermaphrodites — you have gender queer, you have trans. There are lots of people for whom a simple M or F doesn’t feel “right.”

    • Well so much of the time there is no reason to know the gender. And forcing transgender or intersex people to be one thing or another is a special kind of cruelty.

    • Yes. This actually raises lots of interesting questions. Firstly related to the definition of gender, but also about why gender should even matter in the context of many of the firms we are required to fill in.

  2. Just was doing some research on asteroids yesterday (inspired by the whole Asteroid Gary on Señor Cotton’s Virgo sun and stellium) and got pulled into a research wormhole on Vesta. I have Mars exact conjunct Vesta natally in Aries, both also conjunct my NN. I resonate with the whole idea of creativity as service, or a life of service…work done well as service. Something like that. Or being hung up on work being important and so important that it is a service to a bigger ideal?

    I’ve been feeling gutsier lately but in a fuck-it sort of way. Guess it comes with getting older and the Saturn return looming…

  3. Witty quip I read in Sassy magazine back in the day:

    If Fe is the symbol for iron on the periodic table of elements, then does female=iron male?!

    And yes, there should be an “x” box or something of that sort since not everyone falls in to one or the other. That would be excellent societal progress.

  4. You are RIGHT re perfume images mystic. Less movie stars reworked to the point of looking like wax replicas of themselves. More freeform and imagination. 🙂

    Feeling better about existence.. I think I was getting worked by Chiron the other day…like many of us..? Note to self. Watch Chiron. Other stuff but too much / too boring etc to share 🙂

  5. On subject of sexuality – while away at an Edward Gorey themed ball this weekend, sipping on absinthe for the first time, a self professed asexual transgender individual chatted me up. I’ve never had a convo with someone like that. It was part highly intriguing and part TMI, but 100% totally random but fun.

    Wed’s scope totally resonates. I’ve been working it as a focus but I feel it’s settled better lately. Feeling on track and lifted.

  6. Strange astro here. Have acute physical symptoms of an old war wound that is, well… ancient, over and not even on the radar. Anyway, the pain feels akin to what it was and without going into the story it’s doing a domino thing that is also an emotional dredging through silt and I hope it’s for the purpose of mining some gold. Very bizarre. In all the time since I’ve not felt this or anything like this.

    Something made me consider the anniversary concept. So I’m right, it is and the Sun is conjunct the Sun back then. Was also around my Saturn return from memory. All as the Saturn squares the Sun. Not sure what else could potentially be significant in this.

  7. I actually have been on a batty bender since late 2012 and so yes, it hurts a little, but I’ve got both hands on the reigns and the whip between my teeth

  8. MM, especially awesome quote by Brene Brown in the Wed. Daily Mystic–walk inside your story and own it. This so resonates in a Neptunian, Pisces, 12H way–get inside the life movie. Right on!

  9. Mars on Vesta in Libra – the union of guts with creative inspiration.
    Yes yes yes
    im going to need all this an more as I start a new job as a trainer . I start Monday and half the course is not ready and the communication and induction has been minimal. Will I get mad? no will I keep positive Hell yeah!
    There a lot of good reasons for this career change for me so I’m excited