The Venus Direct Love Zombie Antidote

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Venus was Direct again. In Capricorn. The same sign as her married-midnight-texting would-be lover. “Save me from myself” he’d said, before another interminable Death Of A Salesman style whinge monologue. She had scored the information she needed to move forward again. She wished she could put her psyche through the steam and rinse cycle of her fancy new dishwasher. Sighing, she put down her rose-tinted sunglasses (so out of fashion) and waited for the Love Zombie Antidote Potion to kick in. The Shaman had said she might experience surges of irritability as it began to work but that was nothing compared to what she was feeling. Nothing.Β  She wondered: Did Love Zombies only ever experience synthetic emotions?


Image: Emma Summerton – Vogue Italia – Feb 2014

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148 thoughts on “The Venus Direct Love Zombie Antidote

  1. dammit, i should have written my relationship-as-addictive-substance comment under this post πŸ™‚

    • oh i’ll look for that – agree, they are often the bottom bedrock of addiction – peel away substance and you get this!!

    • Pi
      You coming to the party?

      Sorry I’m being a boring blog hog again.
      Trust me I’m far worse in person!

        • also i suspect i will be flat out in late March. Best to not over-commit (something I am very good at doing)

      • Hahahaha so fuqing funny Blue. I’d love to be there and watch you hog every ray of light not just the lime!
        Shame I can’t get outta the UK. It’s not that they won’t let me or anything…

      • Blue-ie, peoples that reveal vulnerabilities will often get some sort of critique, don’t allow it to bring you down or stop you writing.

  2. Thanks M – love the fairytale of a potion that can help, and the idea of synthetic emotions! Agree – these emotions ARE sort of synthetic. Of course they are real, but they are also very manufactured. I’ve worked hard during venus retro ‘descent into the underworld’ and had a few doosy tanties and emotional rides during it’s stationing conjunct pluto (have this natally too). I saw that weekend as the chrysalis stage and cleared a few unexpected ‘blocks’. Roll on zombie-free x

    • Haha
      That’s exactly what I thought!
      Philip K Dick
      Do androids dream of electric sheep?

      I think Lilith types dream of unavailable men because they don’t actually WANT a full time dude around but Disney gave us unrealistic expectations about hair!
      Till now.
      Fuck I love Angelina Jolie.
      I know Salt was crap and people dislike wanted and despise the Laura Croft movies but seeing her performing stunts, I don’t care if she does them herself. Just a being able watch FEMALE ACTION HEROINE – who refused to be a Bond girl but would play Bond (hence Salt) makes my inner child SO HAPPY. That woman gives me such pleasure and a feeling being ok with who I am rather than thinking I was a gay man in a woman’s body as I did until MM told me about Lilith. Still reeling over the previous post. A friend sent me the trailer clip the same day. Angie rocks!
      And look see, she just went off and got her own babies (she MUST have a 9th house Lilith- was that in the first astro hack? Can’t remember. Bought them both but haven’t had time to do mine or even listen to the second one yet but they are a brilliant gift. Thank you Mystic!
      PS. What love zombie tendencies?
      Venus retro was such a parasite cleanse for me.
      Ok back to my writing now.
      Editor is sooooo happy with my work.
      Says it gets better every day.
      I am up at 4am without fail and all I do is write.
      Tres antisocial but need to make £££ to get to MM’s party……and finance a back packer’s lodge nearby.

      If I manage to pull this off I will be sure to spend at least a week, maybe more in Sydney if only to justify the 23 hour flight and cost of ticket – astronomical. Hihihi

      But hey I HAVE TO BE THERE!
      Who else is coming….tell me tell me tell me!
      I’m totally psyched about meeting my astro geek NBFs in real time face to face.

      • Think i can make it, especially has don’t have to confirm till 22 Feb instead of 7 Feb because freelance work is erratic but looking good plus the astro is on-side.
        My FB is on my gravatar it seems.

        You seriously thinking of Sydney instead of Cape Town?

      • Agreed on Angelina! Positively giddy when I see her kick ass and all. Each character feels like an alter ego of my own lol!!

  3. Poetic MM, lol.

    Certainly waking up from Love Zombiedom was real confidence zap for me.

    My Scorpio Moon took it as a sign to start a journey through the dark valley of the Ego and flirt with the Ferry-Man of the River Styx.

    Everything felt it had been a lie, people’s kind nods – they were pity. The glazed-eyed sultry girls who had refused my friendly overtures.. oh!
    On and on it went.

    Did Love Zombies only ever experience synthetic emotions?
    No. They are masters at re-synthesising experiences to house their very real emotions.

  4. Oh…being a kataka with a Capicorn dad and a Capicorn maternal grandfather, I had my share of Capicorn lovers as a teenager.
    Then I married a Capicorn moon.

    Not now. This one has Capicorn north node.

    I resist the love zombie urges. I did have a moment of stupidness during the venus retrograde though. oh well. It passed.

    • I have Capricorn North node too!
      In my second house

      Why am I still here?

      Are you coming to the party Catfish?


      • Blue Moon, do you have the Cancer south node nurturing bit down?
        The Torro love has his cappy north node in the 4th house. He cooks wonderfully, adores kids, is a great dad……funny cause he is a drinking Irish/Blackfoot exfighter.

        I so wish I could come to the party, but alas, I live on another continent far away.

    • I always thought that I wouldn’t mind dating a Cap. I have Cap moon and always admire the older Caps who seem to be going full-speed ahead, no-errors, inefficiency out of my way. Then again, I’m a Gem…so kinda…too flaky if not for my moon.

      • I think gems and caps might vibe well together because of the ‘dry’ personality. No drama-soaked situations. Plus caps are rather kooky so entertaining gems are nice to have around πŸ™‚

      • The Cappies didn’t work for me, not emotional enough. I also preferred the Scorpios too much. So the ex hubby was scorpio with cap moon…LOL.
        Then the Scorpio psycho ruined the sun sign for me.

        The Torro lover has scorpio moon though. I am pleased with this combo. LOL. Libra rising to balance.

  5. Mystic, your synchronicity is always ludicrously poignant – but this post OFFICIALLY has freaked my sh*t right out ( I’m a quad Scorp, so that’s sayin somethang honey)
    I actually just typed off on e-mail to my BFF saying that once my rose-coloured glasses were Bitch-Slapped clean off my face, everything became clear and today I’m actually, well I can only describe the feeling as: RELIEVED.
    I loved the Darkness, and I’m most comfortable amongst the shadows, but Dude was too shady even for me. My exit strategy was executed to perfection. When he went to work I cleaned Mr. Kinky Virgo’s house from top to bottom, then disappeared.
    The past few days were rough – spewed all my venom in writing and burned it last night. Today I woke up feeling free and AWESOME!
    I am thankful for the experience and he was very good for my ego and self confidence – he has exquisite taste, and only likes beautiful and expensive things – like me…..

    • Ooh I imagine cleaning the place would totally freak a Virgo out, far more so that ransacking it. Good work! πŸ™‚

    • That is fully forensic:-) in an awesome way.
      Closest I’ve come is just removing everything associated with me ( photos, gifts, clothes, CDs) overnight while zombie bait slept.
      Glad you got to “relief”… There’s dark interesting, then there’s dark as in black hole sucking your spirit into an inescapable void.

      And mystic is always spookily in tune.

    • Well done! I am getting together to do the same. That sounds positively cathartic and Perfection! I agree fully – Leave No Trace Behind and BE GONE. Brava!

  6. Venus retro in Cap was a nightmare for me. What a relief it is going forward again.

    However, that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped freaking out every now and again. Nothing in happening. Venusian Voodoo consult be damned… I repeat! Nothing is happening!

  7. My love life gives me automatic entry to Team Aniston. In Team Jolie you get the guy, and I am a sore loser.

    • Me too, can’t you fix things so you switch sides?
      Although I don’t think you need to pick one really.
      Jennifer rocks!!!
      Brad isn’t the prize, he’s the push chair.
      I think the whole team Angie or team Jennifer is so missing the point. It’s like the Madonna Whore complex for tabloids.

      • I don’t believe I have anything broken or in need of fixing.
        You realise that not everybody gets the ending they wished for.
        The experiences I wanted to have required someone to take them with me.
        I loath being on Team Aniston, but it’s the only why to eloquently describe my circumstances.

        • Yes. I do realise that and I’m sorry for being flip about your loss. I have resigned myself to being a spinster. I’d love to “end up” with mr push chair for my imaginary adopted band of babies but if it never happens I’ll make do with Mr Rabbit.

  8. Fuq me, what a fuqing trip – still trying to get my mind around it. No rose coloured glasses shizz here apparently (a relief because I was scared there might be), but a transit I wont be forgetting in a hurry.

      • I was hoping I would get to the end of Venus Rx, discover I was being delusional, it would all crap out, and I’d just get on with my life, but there’s more sizzle than frizzle at this stage, so fuq knows… 😯

        (I’ve also had side sagas with my two flings – was seriously expecting to have no one by the end of this, but the universe apparently approves of me having a harem…)

        • more sssssizzle. πŸ˜€ sounds great. Good onya. Venus Rx is over. No holds barred… carry on!

          • Heh, I think it’s safe to say ‘cue potential epic romance’, but I’m not doing ‘no holds barred’ until after Mars has done its Rx thing and he is on the same continent as me (he’s aiming to get here before the end of the year). Watch this space! 😯

            • epic romance. My Libra venus likes the sound of THAT!! πŸ˜›

              Oh yeah… the Mars rx. :l
              The romance simmers…

              Fingers crossed for you. I like happy endings.

                • Thanks Darklings! A happy ending would be wonderful but I’m trying to stay detached as to the outcome (due to pain in the butt immigration laws rather than doubts as to his suitability as a partner!) x

  9. Venus retro was the best thing that ever happened to me.
    That and my Pluto transit of 3 years where I went feral on dumb debt and dumb diet. Hard but awesomely rewarding.
    My point re Angelina was that she did get her prince in the end.
    Brad is the cutest push chair EVER!
    But FIRST she did the alchemy ….
    Achieved Queendom and voila, no more frogs!
    So it IS possible.
    Lilith types don’t have to be alone for ever but we DO have just do the work, say fuqit and get on with things first.
    Speaking of which……
    Laters homies

  10. I’m natal Venus in Taurus and this retro happened in my 7th and 8th house. Talk about night of the living dead … Or the dead that came back to life FFS. That’s aside from the family full frontal period. What the Fuq was that all about. In typical Aries style I have already written it all off as a total nonsense, VENUS DOES NOT no time does it move backward. Astrologers need to correct this, and maybe rename it. Venus Stock Take ? Venus Audit ? Venus Gone Mental.
    It’s an illusion, a synthetic one. So can we all agree that in the future we will not be subject to this grand illusion ? I can’t take another one of those.

    • Sounds like you got hit DL! Venus Audit… Yes, I like it. Mercury Review coming up. Initialise Caretaker Mode..?

  11. Oh, and Mars doesn’t really retro either, another synthetic illusion, and it’s position in libra opposing my sun has nothing to do with it, …well maybe a little bit πŸ™‚

  12. A surge of irritability ensues.. or is that the Aries moon? Venus in Cap native but I’m not sure the Rx was a great experience, started with high expectations but the view has become all skewed and maybe even undesirable. I can’t tell whether this is a levelling of expectation or a clever zombie spell.

      • Daresay you’re right Scorpbot.

        Still, whatever the fuq these last few weeks were it’s a little like a sudden and dramatic change of background scenery. Weird.

  13. No LZ here. No objects on the radar whatsoever! It’s work work work here at Chez Chrysalis.
    Just got the date through for my divorce and of course have done the chart. Get this: Saturn exact conj my Neptune in 4th; Pluto conj my moon-Lilith; Eros exact conj my Juno-Vertex-Eros; Pallas exact conj my Leo Asc; Neptune exact conj my Sun-Saturn-Merc in Pisces 7th. Retro Mars on the cusp of my 3rd house…Uranus squaring all my Cap. Fuq!

    • oh fab – well done! Uranus of course rules things like the internet, mobile phones, etc. Seems it might have had a role in precipitating stuff πŸ™‚ Also saturn and neptune – phew xx

      • Thanks q it feels good to know it’s got its own momentum now.This is the end of something that’s taken many lifetimes, it feels that way. Or perhaps everyone feels like this. Either way I’ll be glad when it’s over xx

    • wow. that’s like all the stars aligning over the Nazca Lines or whatever, unlocking the mayhem/magic. be interesting to stay ultra-conscious through all this phase and see what wavelengths you find yourself travelling…xx hope it’s all going ok.

      • Yep it certainly is a lot of cosmic energy πŸ™‚
        I’m doing ok…. I’m putting my energy into work and creativity. I bang on about being ready to meet men blah blah blah but I’m still so fuqing gun-shy I would probably run a mile if a bloke put the hard word on me.
        Yes, haute Neptune until the weekend after divorce day, when it will be “If you want me I’ll be in the bar” lol xx

  14. I feel like there were potential *thingies* lurking out there for me during the Rx. The advice I kept getting was to not chase or even come on strong in any way. I hid out. I had shit to deal with anyhow.

    Now it’s Direct and absolutely nothing materially has transpired. I think I was dancing on a LZ line – loads of past life stuff surfaced as personal dramas have unfolded. It kept me quiet and in my head. Maybe I hid out too hard. I’m waiting. Apparently I won’t know til end of Feb what this is all about.

    I’m going to take a *wild* guess(lol) that it’s nothing. Just Mr. Toads Wild Ride in Past Life LZ Thorn Forest. I might have made it out to be something more than it is. At the very least it’s made me so aware of my internal processes when things don’t go as what seemed so likely to happen. If nothing’s come up by now, it probably won’t come up in the span of this short month of Feb lol. Whatever. Im going to take it as anything that hasn’t happened wasn’t good for me anyhow. I feel like I got my Venus mojo back (talk about feeling deflated, this Rx was on my natal Venus) and Im feelin good now though. Self worth and everything. My social life seems to have kicked up by like 400% since direct action! Booked up for almost the entire month already lolz.

    • mine too with the social life.

      i couldn’t get my last love out of my head during the Rx. I don’t know why. everyone is with the “oh, I get it now”. I don’t. I suppose I just had more of him in my system. Anyway, I feel like your words sound πŸ™‚

      • There was definitely someone I couldn’t get out of my head. Except this person has never actually been my (current life) lover. I would really like to get to the bottom of this come Feb/March. I hope you find out why your last love has been taking up space with you during the Rx too Calypso.

        • thanks lovely Nightrose. i think i got my message. there was a little bout of tears in which i found myself singing aloud: “it’s all in the past now, money changes everything”. only i don’t think my insight had anything to do with $$.

          damn my fixed Toro/Scorp relationship axis starring Neptune!

          now I’m onto Elaine Page:

          “Wasn’t it good (Oh so good)
          Wasn’t he fine (Oh so fine)
          Isn’t it madness he won’t be mine
          Didn’t I know how it would go
          If I knew from the start
          Why am I falling apart”

          btw, I’m not actually falling apart. I do love a good power ballad xx

          • The words by Elaine Page are amazing.
            Thanks for sharing.

            I have an inkling what my msg will be.
            I’ve decided not to dwell on the situ and just charge forward with the parts of my life that *are* moving forward πŸ™‚

  15. This was through my 7th house and yes it did hit home, nothing hard just hit my limit. I did actually formally end on the 31st my exact stating was I don’t want to live like this. Def conscious of my leaving my lovely at the time when together in bed but still kind of pissed at you for failing about everything else life thief into need all my energy thanks working solo beauty life plan. I’m actually replacing his perpetual negative criticism with some good energy and the make over that’s coming is also a bit awesome. bootstraps girl.

    • ergh. critical partners. no fanx. go critique someone else yeah lover? take your shitty love-corrosive words with you…

      woke up this morning after the usual not enough sleep but with that fatigue comes clarity, you have no brainpower to deceive/second guess yourself (pisces here ok), so nothing left but to see clearly. I could make out the shape of the changes that I needed to make to hit escape velocity from my current mental state and inactivity. Like when the deadline looms and the project starts to happen because it has to. [Feels like impending uni exams – inescapable and Must Not Fuq Up.] It feels like Saturn in my 5th pinged something – but nothing’s exact re that in my chart. don’t know. either way it’s been a pragmatic sort of day. Review. think. phone call. assess. do a task. think some more. follow up a line of enquiry. ask myself ‘what if i tried… X’ about 30 times. anyway. not really related to your thing Ms – other than ‘don’t want to live like this’ line of thought xo

      • Yeah exactly. Need it like a hole in the head. Did lovely non toxic truth departure, nothing bitchy just honest. Don’t want to live like this were my exact words. Doing lots of positive right now. Hope it holds.

        How is Saturn in the 5th treating you? Im surprised at how noticeable it is for me. Not a casual transit, but then again these are not casual times

        • hi. saturn in 5th… hmm
          to throw some words around: i think it’s actually, for me, a damn lot of hard work on valuing myself. And working on the things that mean a great deal to me personally. No one else.
          It included saturn sq natal saturn in Leo at the same time as going into my 5th and straight away conjuncting Uranus. That included a retrograde revisit.

          it’s definitely not about sex and flirtation, but it *is* i think a little bit about getting better at believing in / trusting that I’m worth knowing, Leo-styles, to at least start to stand my ground when say, that attractive type meets my eye. Rather than run away (the usual MO).
          Still multiple crashes though. I’m not doing some power-romance thing nooooo

          in short, it’s fuqing hard work, if I think about it. Realising that ffs Pi, you have a voice. and you know you want to hear it. And make sure it’s really You saying it.
          And to get to a point where it’s actually me saying something, not just spouting an idea etc, I have to blow off all the crap and dust and get out the Brasso and polish, a lot, to get to the Me part.
          It feels quite different from my usual talky gemini channel. more visceral. Then again, it’s a Scorp 5th house inhabited by Uranus πŸ™‚ . Am learning that my preferred method of expression – at the moment at least – involves a rather obsessive process.

            • also, yeah. like i am digging for treasure, and i had a rough map. dig, dig, dig, dig. THUNK. ‘what the hell was that’ .. dig, dig…. clunk. some timber is revealed. I leap into the deep hole and fall to my knees to shove off more dirt and try to see what i’ve uncovered. Yes, it might be The Thing i was searching for. shit, it’s bigger than I thought. Must keep digging. feverishly but knowing i might be onto something. hope. fear. distractions, exhaustion. dirty. what is IN this?!! and so it goes.

            • Ms, would you agree that the transit is also not just ‘about me’ ? As in, it’s about what we put out into the world. And because it’s about that (dare I say performance but in a deeper sense), then it’s as much about really giving something to people that is worthwhile, that is not insulting their presence or attention? So, valuing what we put together / create / do (anything, from make a sandwich to write a song) because this is ‘for the world’. (corollary- so don’t do a shit job of it.) and also recognising the importance of others self-hood, dignity etc .
              Can you see what I’m trying to get at? might just be me.

              • everyone will have a different take on this affecting them, I’d argue this is in conjunction with something sun like anon is suggesting.

                What I’m feeling is a 10th of what is manifesting. I could say a lot about what I’m feeling but it’s interesting house wise what is manifesting, and its very much the pride or gem of my heart. Love and performance. work yes because it’s related but it’s really damn strong about boundaries and becoming your own queen again. I think because we are both here that the others and community centric nature is more about our character than the transit itself. You are a pisces after all darling πŸ™‚

              • just to be clear, saturn is on my 5th house stellium right now too, just past uranus exact now heading merc/sun

                • ah, so yes, it’s getting more personal for you, with the stellium.

                  agree with what you’re saying about the manifesting. hi-energy mentor person just today has casually thrown another opportunity at me, one upon the other, i’d be sitting here as a pile of mush just doing a bit here and there if it wasn’t for this person … am balancing plates on sticks if you know what I mean.
                  feelings vs what’s happening do seem like separate things.

                  in fact you know what, i am shit at discerning transits in my life. can only do retrospectively. too vague and multi-focused to truly want to bother other than the general awareness of the possible direction of things., πŸ™‚

  16. Her coat looks like its made of icing from a cake, made of jaffa mud, caramel, chocolate inside. I really like her nail polish, rings and braclet, hair and matt-red-lipstick. I adore a matt-red-lipstick, so so hard to find.

    • Nars do a fab matte red lip colour – it’s the one in the jumbo pencil format. ‘Velvet matte lip pencil – I never wore red lips until I found that.

  17. Jeez that was weird…I still feel the lingering attraction to mr wrong but have consciously cool’d it – I have to get on with my livelihood and the ever exciting developments on Plan AAA with my soul sister – but must say I still enjoying the frisson – pass the LZ potion I think I need a swig

    • The Venus Rx was in my 5th house for crying out loud – mix that with natal Venus in 12th, 2yr drought and a brown eyed handsome man…with a very cute smile

  18. Well.. a new love interest showed up out of nowhere. I like these types of mate/date set-ups. I won’t going looking but if they show up and it makes sense.. I will give it a try. He seems a little needy so I am “trying” to not get claustrophobic with that type of personality. Having dinner with him tomorrow night!

    It’s funny someone above said something about women who actually don’t want available men. I can’t find it! I am starting to wonder if that tis me. A friend posted an article about why we are single. The answer: because we are not sure if we actually want someone in our lives as a partner. THAT makes sense to me! That is why I liked the toro/gem. He wasn’t available, he was fun and never saw each so often that we got bored with each other. It was an adventure. πŸ™‚


    • Certain things of this ring true…..

      The adventure is exciting, but can be so disappointing. I can’t attain that level of detachment with a potentail mate.

      DOn’t know this guy, but I thought as I was reading this how so many males have thought I was needy because I was excited. Then they get all shocked when they realize I know I don’t need them. LOL.

      • Yes.. the adventure gets so exhausting. So.. now with this guy I am going to try and enjoy this as much as I can since so far he isn’t treating this as an adventure. I am not sleeping with him either. LOL!!

    • >>>”The answer: because we are not sure if we actually want someone in our lives as a partner. “<<<

      Virgo Ellie,

      This was my exact AHA moment! Although I really adore Libra boy and was devastated when he pulled the rug out from under me, I realized there was a good chance I would have left him anyway had we gotten very involved. He and I are two sides of the same coin.

      I love my freedom…and my solitude…I have never cohabitated with a lover more than 2 months, barely even had a solid relationship. Sticky business.

      I go for these men because unconsciously I don't want to be involved…DING!!!!!

      I still love him, though. Oops…

    • Ok.. then I am ok with that “not wanting a full-time partner. I also love my solitude. I am on the go constantly and don’t want to miss a beat. You can’t be sure you will be here tomorrow. I am living for the moment.

      It’s funny I was talking to this guy last night and he was telling me about his daughter and a worry he had. He is in another state (near me) and he thought he was going to fly home early to go take care of her. So I got worried … for his daughter. He switched the topic and he’s like “See you tomorrow”.. and I am like “but wait…”.. he says “Oh did you think I wasn’t going to be there tomorrow”.. (sigh).. NO.. I was worried about his daughter… is what I told him. He’s a nice guy but I don’t want me to be his full attention. He lives in another state.. actually my hometown. Talk about synchronicity. Yikes.. Oh well.. we will have fun!

  19. My darling husbo the Sagi-Cap/Venus in Cap rang (me, still at work. At 9.30pm, dammit) especially to tell me that he was freaked out by five (FIVE!) events with different neighbourhood people while walking the dog, and was it a full moon?? Well maybe something like that for darlings like him on this very lovely strange day πŸ™‚

    • dying to know WHAT TYPE of events. same thing going on here sag/cap. just had some guy staring in my window in the middle of snow..and another neighbor volenteering to shovel three feet free. thats a first in 16 years.

  20. Oh I’ve wondered about it – whether those emotions were synthetic or not, but I don’t think any relationship will come close to giving me the thrills of that time. Nor would I want to. The fantastic highs were just as intense when hitting the low of the roller coaster. I’d consider myself lucky in some ways……..I’d lose my mind living the rest of my life with that sort of a relationship. But at least I’d never be bored!

    • But it’s like living in a tea-cup.
      With a storm.
      It’s so boring after awhile don’t you think?

      I mean you have a pharmaceutical industry inside
      your body that can access emotional content in other ways.
      Just need to know how to get in the cabinet.

  21. Worst LZ mode I have ever experienced..natal Venus in Gem 12th house..slowly wearing off, prob cause I’ve not heard from him..I suppose I never will now, for I text him to tell him that he’s a gutless coward, with the manners of a rock ape..”no idea wot a rock ape is”..stood me up twice..I have so much more to learn in astrology..frustrates the fuq out of me reading these post trying to get my head around it all..another thing I would like to share is that I feel like I’ve been living full on bad ass lilith since I was 14..I’m now 41 and so desire to be like Eve..I want a lover, house, garden and I wanna experience marriage..don’t wanna be Lilith anymore πŸ™

    • “I feel like I’ve been living full on bad ass lilith since I was 14..I’m now 41 and so desire to be like Eve..I want a lover, house, garden and I wanna experience marriage..don’t wanna be Lilith anymore :(”

      I can relate to that. Unless you’re a total hottie and get scooped up at a young age, it seems to be pretty common for young people, and young ladies, to be filled with pure outrage in response to the injustices in the world today. Eventually that natural sense of wanting to take care of the world wears off and maybe you wonder if you’re the problem.
      Personally I think I am past wanting to be Eve though, that’s not me. The only type of relationship that makes sense to me anymore is the type that is mentioned in a comment above – detached kind of love where you don’t have that much invested, maybe you don’t even see the person a lot. Maybe with someone who is not available emotionally. The only problem I am running into with that is my conscience. There’s a lingering memory of attached love and somehow I feel like I’m using the other person if I feel glee at the idea that they are just perfect for me to keep at a distance.

  22. ” Did you get your Venus Direct message, indicator or omen yet?”

    Would the fact that the Lusty SO of mine met my family/brother for the first time EVAH! be a sign?
    I kept it a low key coffee date ( he being moon in aqua- nothing grandiose) it was very civil and relaxing we were all very well behaved. I was sweating but it was fine and just the fact he agreed with no fuss (on my part) was unbelievable. Swoooooon

  23. Truly amazing & interesting fabric in that coat the model is wearing.
    The style doesn’t do it for me but that material print is something else!

    Love Zombie? Have had my inoculation. Believe it could only ever happen to a person ONCE, that hideous- kinky- brain- melt that kicks your intelligence to the wall then paints over it?

    • totally agree fabric is beautiful – styling doesnt do it for me either – something a bit more 60’s – less of the 70’s collars and details thanks – let the fabric do the talking!

      Ummmm as a natal Venus in Leo 12th houser – LZ is a bit of a lifelong brainmelt with too many wakeup calls to answer – am trying to be realistic while I wait for my divorce papers and take giant steps forward to a new and better headspace… it so bad to lust a bit?

    • Ha! While there is some debate on the real efficacy of vaccines, I do believe I have been successfully inoculated also!

      Career Love Zombies are something else.. that’s like a neurosis or trauma or something.

  24. I do get a LOT of incoming normally but there has been nothing since Venus went direct. Maybe I need to leave the house more often so my cosmic case worker can find me and serve me with my Venus direct papers. I’m in shut-in deadline mode (hence my sudden proliferation here lol).

    • Hey does this count as my Venus direct omen? This morning a woman about my age sat next to me on the bus. She was wearing a fantastic dress, looked great, I wanted to compliment her but didn’t want to overstep, you know. Anyway she just started chatting to me and within about seven minutes told me her entire story. She was on her way to uni for orientation, broken up with her husband, raised her kids, thought life was over but now she’s starting a whole new chapter and is super optimistic about the future. Then she just left. Wow!

          • Aww, that’s great. I love those serendiptious moments.

            Orientation day is Feb 17 but it’s a three day event which includes going to Cockatoo Island to observe 2nd and 3rd year students drawing week.

            Actual start date is 24th. I got teary reading the email of the schedule. It was always a “one day…” dream and I’m actually doing it. So excited!!! πŸ˜€

            • Oh wow that’s soon!! Can’t wait to hear all about it, you will have to keep us posted xxx

              • I’ll try.
                I’m nervous πŸ˜•
                With Cap Asc I can be a bit hard on myself and have high expectations. Haven’t even started yet. LOL.

                • πŸ™‚
                  crawl before walking!
                  you do not need the end in mind before you begin!
                  Even Michelangelo started with scratchy pencil sketches!
                  Make it as easy as possible for yourself to begin!
                  Everyone feels the same way!
                  I have a book you might be interested in

  25. I’ve been thinking of how I’ve been such a Love Zombie, but suddenly I wondered if maybe I’m the one inflicting the horrors on another, and they are the Love Zombie? What if all this time the Venus Retro wasn’t about me ridding myself of the toxic person, but it was about them ridding themselves of me? What do you do if you’re the villain?

    • Twirl your mustache!

      actually i think everyone has some give and take. you can choose to bow out of it and just not participate too. You are not responsible for some else’s LZing unless you did something rotten like try to put a spell on them.
      it’s kind that you think of the other person though. I often wondered what effect i had on others and one time i found out and did not like it. i felt responsible somehow…. but ultimately i let it go.

    • hey, i’ve thought about this actually. i guess my reflections included ideas such as
      – what do I get out of the relationship (whatever form that takes) – e.g. ego fix when feeling lonely etc
      – do i possibly harbour feelings for that person that i feel uncomfortable acknowledging
      – alternatively, they have strong feelings for me and i simply really like them as friends, and my continued chummy association with them is like torture as they want more and the won’t get it from me
      – so.. what do I do ? if their behaviour makes me uncomfortable enough i might be very clear, but not hurtful, about my thoughts on our friendship (etc) – no margin for error
      or, i guess it depends on the person but things like not feeding the beast – not contacting them on a whim – after all we know the sudden leap that our hearts make when a secret love object makes contact – then disappears just as quickly
      – letting them not make contact. giving the connection time to develop new space.
      – being happy for them if they have good developments etc – genuinely wishing them the best – in some energetic way, allowing them to be free from us
      ..that sort of thing.

  26. Natal Venus in Capricorn major reformed love zombie since 2012 ..2 yrs of self imposed singledom ..only made me extremely picky and completely intolerant of chi sucking men or situations in general .. Wondering if I will be alone forever . Venus retro makes no difference to the situation .. Not sure how to break the male repellant vibe or if I’m even ready to ..oh well sigh . Venus square Pluto and Saturn natally . Love is a battlefield or a prison .

  27. Not particularly interested in LZ crap lately.
    i blame Mars. But i did do some Astro Twin research/stalking.

    If you look on Astrodienst and are lucky enough to have a famous astro twin with same asc and moon, you can find out interesting things. His degrees are really close to mine as well. Mine was an athlete who was sort of famous but fell out of the spot light between 2004-2005…. like that was the same time my life went to hell. He collected accolades in the 90’s right during peak years i had mine. so fascinating the timing! I mean super exact with mine. but the one thing i wanted access to but couldn’t find was did this guy ever marry? ugh. it’s like he vanished off the internet in 2005.

  28. Wow, Mystic… WOW. So aptly you’ve painted the picture of my life twisting feelings today… my chosen release is to express myself to you beautiful souls that understand this…

    weighted down lover pulling at every heart string to save his fall
    in a moment of silence this new day that forced away the veil
    felt the goddess rise up at Imbolc and reinstate her divine sight
    but it is hard to see with my eyes as puffy as the woman shown above
    mourning the loss of another what-could-have-been love?
    the psyche still yearns for an ultimate cleanse, the only way to know what love really is.

    To write this may have been for me but I am hoping any others feeling the energy shift are reminded of our personal power to overcome these beautiful obstacles that force expansion, especially for those in touch with the feminine. Own your power and the clearing process, it is a GIFT. Let yourself be freed through the release of pain for all the ways that we have been cut down in our entire karmic existence!

    … I say through tears… So much Love.

        • I had to do that with my lizard who died. I cleared out a shelf in the garage freezer. I made a loop with her tail so I could carry her easier. Then froze her like that.

          • Good idea, with the tail!

            This creature I saw lying in the road in front of my place, apparent road kill. From my living room window it looked like a *big* raccoon.

            I suited up & went out there with my shovel to move it off the road– a fairly regular routine, sadly– & the closer I get, I see it’s not a raccoon at all: it’s a Big hawk! It’s head was covered with snow & it’s feathers were pristine, so I assumed it must have suffered trauma to it’s head, & I was glad to be spared the sight.

            Very carefully I lifted the body with the shovel, even leaving the snow on its head & other parts, & brought it into the garage for burial later. Usually I place the deceased in the field by the road, but this bird is so beautiful & sacred… I didn’t want to leave it in the field.

            This was a couple days before Venus direct. It was very sobering, indeed. Such a gorgeous creature, no picture can do it justice.

            But the story doesnt end there!

            On the day Venus went direct, I was walking through my garage when I noticed a trail of water across the floor– shit the hawk is thawing! I go over to it & the snow is gone from its head & OMG it’s not a hawk, it’s a

            Great Horned Owl.

            I’ve never seen one not in captivity & certainly not so close up: the most stunning eyes & plumage, it left me speechless. The gargantuan hawk turned out to be a medium-sized owl. As perfectly silent & beautiful as they say.

            A close confidant keeps urging me to toss it into the field for fear the DNR will find the body in my possession & charge me for its death. A crime. But I can’t put it in the field. I just can’t. It should be kept safe until it can be buried. So I put it on more ice & hid it better, waiting for Spring.

            So this is the corpse in my garage. Shhh.

              • Yeah it is. Too though, I feel like I have a huge precious stone in my backpack, wrapped up in a sock and stuffed in a secret pocket where no one can find it. And it feels magical just being near it.

                Like it’s family. I guess that is sad. Sad and magical. xx

                • Maybe it is sharing it’s magical body with you for a reason.
                  Ask it if you are meant to take a feather for your shamanic journey/ totem/ sacred collection etc. ?

            • you know, you could report it. Some Natural Resources departments keep records of local populations of certain species where they are vulnerable or of note for some reason. For example, in the Snowy Mountains in Australia, we have a lot of wombats. They are the coolest things ever. But they come out to forage in winter time and sadly are hit by cars. National Parks staff go around most days and tag the dead fellas – it’s important record keeping. you could even make an anonymous call if you were worried. I’m sure you can’t be fined, that sounds silly…? can you check the relevant website?

  29. How spot on is the term “married midnight texting would be lover”? I met him at work (my moon in Cappy @14 degrees in my 6th house would have it no other way) 3 weeks ago, we hit it off like we’ve known each other for years..our astro synastry is brillant. I’d never met a man whose sun sat right on my ASC…this was bliss I tell you! Then comes the NM directly on my 7Th house cusp, exactly conjunct his moon. THIS IS FATE I told myself! However, as Venus turned direct the truth comes out. He was indeed my (almost) married midnight texting would be lover. Maybe in another lifetime.Sigh.

  30. The lunatics have come out of the woodwork! Anyone else notice this?
    wow-fighting online & off. I am trying to lay low until it blows over.

  31. My rose coloured glasses broke awhile back. The reality is just depressing. On a lighter note….I cannot take my eyes off of that coat! Not sure if I love it or loathe it.

  32. I love that coat. So retro – gives me a comforting feeling somehow.

    The pic:

    ‘Hello – can i help you”