You Start A Conversation You Can’t Even Finish

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Illuminati eyepatch

A Salvador Dali Illuminati style eye-patch – price on application in another dimension – feels perfect for Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius as is ANY quick chic Zig when everyone thought (lol) that you were going to Zag.

Now that the Full Moon has become exact (Saturn induced clarity makes you shudder but it does the job) we can get on with the THRILL of rapid warp speed evolutionary Awesome with Jupiter square Uranus.

Forget burning bridges behind us – that’s just military strategy – this is more like blowing up the comfort zone so that there has to be some sort forward momentum.

Salvador Dali had Saturn conjunct Lilith in late Aquarius – right where Mercury is Retrograde now.  If in doubt this weekend, think Dali, think Nuclear Mysticism.

Eg:  Salvador Dali became enthralled with Nuclear mysticism probably due to the philosophical concepts dealing with consciousness. Some of the philosophical claims of Quantum Mysticism include beliefs such as “There is no observer separate from reality and no separate reality from the observer.”  Others include:

The body is only perceived as solid matter, in essence made of energy and information.

The mind and body are indivisible entities.

Perception of reality is a learned action

The body transforms along with changing thoughts.

Somatic reactions of the body are a product of awareness.

There is a fundamental consciousness or intelligence that connects everyone. Time is a human perception, not reality.


Salvador Dali – Nuclear Mysticism


Salvador Dali Times Eye

Image: Salvador Dali – Time’s Eye

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144 thoughts on “You Start A Conversation You Can’t Even Finish

  1. I dig that whole outfit. Hair included. Except maybe the Dali eyepatch 🙂 obscured vision y’see

      • I do too! But I like the 80’s make up. Blue eye-liner and peach lipstick.
        Off topic, but I am having trouble with skin around my eyes since I started using coconut oil as face cream and Hauschka mascara…

        Was just wondering why I can’t stop haunting this blog today, the Moon is transiting my 3rd House. 🙂

        • Andromeda, does the problem skin look like red dots, some of them raised? If so it could be perioral dermatitis triggered by the new mascara. I have this, triggered by some new shampoo. I’ve been trying everything but found that Apple cider vinegar (diluted) is clearing it up. Also natural health websites say variously to keep oil away from the area but also that coconut oil might be a trigger too. But if this sounds like your prob then def discontinue mascara.

          • Dear &! Thank you so much, that’s it! Will do as you say what is yr astro signature? Love yr name. 🙂

            • Hey no probs! Found around the eyes it is called periocular dermatitis but it’s less common than perioral (found around the mouth) but same treatment. It can spread though, found a little spot next to my mouth a couple of days ago so watch out for that too. With the cider vinegar it will get worse and sore before it gets better but don’t be tempted to put concealer on it or anything. It will go hard and the red dots will join up into an angry sore mass but will eventually flake off. I soak a cotton pad and apply it every couple of hours. Mine’s formed a teardrop shape at the side, it looks like one of those tattoos that nutters have ha! Astro signature? Do you mean the big three? If so, Libra sun, Gem moon, Virgo rising.

              • Well a dermatitis tear drop sounds more promising than it could! Can’t thank you enuff
                Dr. &, am I glad my oversharing resulted in this guidance. *dutifully applies cider vinegar*.
                I like yr earth air combo there. You sound very sociable & refined with astro signature, 😉 .

  2. When I was 21 I went to the Dali museum in St. Petersburg, FL. AMAZING!!!!!

    I have also been to the National Gallery in Washington DC. The Last Super by Dali is there and the most awe inspiring painting of Christ I have ever seen.

    Truly, magnificent. Moved in ways that few other incredible artists have done.

    This morning dreamed of a baby, mine and my boyfriend’s. Don’t have much time left to decide whether to try for one. I was so in love with her/him in the dream.

    • I love dreams like that, that help you process things and feel feelings/access intuition with the guard down.

      Lately mine are just bizarre and shallow. Melatonin dreams. Like last night I dreamt I had invented and was teaching something called “vogue-a” which was a combination of — what else — yoga and vogueing. wtf. We even did a sun salutation with a squat that transitioned back to top of the mat forward bending but duckwalking up the mat.

      • Haha
        I miss dreams.
        No doubt they will return when I get home.
        Miss all my housewitchery “astral surfer” stuff.
        Coming here was totally therapeutic in terms of making me cherish the life I have created for myself.
        Did not bring on the “bite your lip” nostalgic vibes visits here used to in the past. I love my life.
        Just the way it is 😀

      • OH MY! You could move to LA and make some money teaching that! LOL.

        I’ve been staying up late for me, unable to go to sleep, then I sleep hard and deep. Difficult to get up in the morning and sleeping really late.

    • I had a dream that a friend who is Snake year was in love with me. At the same time my husband was dreaming there was a huge Taipan in the house which he was alternately batting with a tennis racket and running from, while I read books and said, “Oh, it’ll be alright”. 😯

  3. So many tasty ideas there. They enthrall me too. (Excuse if I’ve told this story before …. ) Dali also became interested in holography at that time and I was lucky enough to work with the physicist that helped him make his first hologram. The holographer was Lloyd Cross and the story goes, when he asked Dali what his subject would be, Dali chose to make a hologram of Alice Cooper, yes that Aluce. They used a technique called multiplex holography, the first film/holo process invented by Lloyd. Only a few copies exist and are today probably worth a fortune.
    Digital technology has ruled since then and has overshadowed holography.
    The youth of today need to understand that the end game of digital is slavery in a virtual reality. If holography ever gets the chance to shine it will show us the true nature of our reality.

    • Fascinating.

      I’ve seen a copy of the Alice Cooper hologram at a Dali exhibit at the Philadelphia Art Museum. And I once read a book called the Holographic Universe… your comment is sparking my imagination.

      • Lol, I just bought my Piscean Pa ‘The Holographic Universe’ by Talbot for his birthday coming up.

        Davidl is the 3-d printer potentially a step in that direction? I am totes ignoramus on this topic though it interest me!

        • Yes, 3d printing is a technology from the 80s then called stereo lithography. We tried to explain to people then, that holography was the base technology that would work best for building 3d objects but again due to the digital guys having all the money at that time, they steered it towards a digital process that really is inferior to the optical path.
          Digital vs optical is more than a battle of tech. It’s a philosophical one too.
          We saw a new age they saw a way to control and profit.
          The battle was won by digital and in many ways this has held up the enlightenment process and as I mentioned has even led to the potential of the creation of ‘machine world’ and enslavement in a virtual web. A reality nothing like the one that is possible .

          • Thanks for this answer, I am going to learn some more! Any links? xx.
            P.s. love your brilliant boy’s riddle.

            • And the life we are discussing is the one I have recently been reliving via that Venus retro and Saturn return of that time. The personal growth and mind expansion of that time coupled with the failure to push the ideas through.
              It’s all coming back to me but I have no clue how to further it.
              Still stuck in my mind cave wrestling with it.

          • Your 3 comments here have totally sparked something in me. This thread is awesome!!!

      • Keep imagining Elise, knowledge in this field can lead to bliss ! Understanding the nature of our reality is really the issue. They have spent billions at CERN colliding atoms to try and find something that actually weighs something. They have failed and were always going to because the truth is, none of the particles that make up anything, weighs anything. Zero. We must live in a kind of holographic projection that in reality is weightless. Recent studies of black holes show that they may be the projectors, the mouths of black holes a big holographic lens.
        Hope that gets your neurons tingling… That’s bliss.

        • This comment, and the previous post topic’s comments ‘re past life south node things , I think have been my fave things to talk/read about ever on this blog. Can’t express strongly enough how interested I am in the nature of, like, existence. (Don’t mistake my flippant language for a casual attitude though!)

          • Read the book mentioned above The Holographic Universe. It’s a good reference book that really shows the simplicity of our reality. David Bohm and Karl Pibram’s hypothesis form the basis of the book, and they learnt from the masters.
            The guy who actually wrote this book died the following year from a brain tumor, it was his life’s work.
            Google Bohm and Pibram …that will probably unearth some stuff.
            If you were going to do technical studies the field is Particle Physics. A cute particle physicist might just be up your alley x

            • ah thank you xx replied apropos this below…
              physicists are HOT. brainsssss a cute particle physicist? that’s like infinity Kelvin right there yaowww 😀

            • here’s the thing though.
              we all still have to eat, sleep, attend to loved ones, presumably have some kind of pastime that allows us to interact socially and perhaps live comfortably. …so… I ask…. devil’s advocate… what difference does it really make, whether or not we know what we are made from, how we exist?

              I read this just the other day. Just came back to me as I was writing. A Zen teaching:
              “When you start on a long journey, trees are trees, water is water, and mountains are mountains. After you have gone some distance, trees are no longer trees, water no longer water, mountains no longer mountains. But after you have travelled a great distance, trees are once again trees, water is once again water, mountains are once again mountains.”

              • The difference is in your cells.. to en-lighten your self is to lighten your energy field.. a physical journey. Sublime!

              • This is how I understand sun sign progression. If you live to be 30, trees are no longer trees, water no longer water, mountains no longer mountains. If you live to be 60, trees are once again trees, water is once again water, mountains are once again mountains.

            • That book blew my mind in early 2011 and re-shaped how I think about everything and what direction I took at the end of university. Regretting that I lent it out to someone.

        • Also I have another question , also for people like Andromeda . How do you reconcile daily life, raising children, spouse management, etc, with the sort of study and work (past or present I guess) like this that you do/did? How do you explain to your kids, do you bother at all or assume if it’s right they’ll figure it out? What about your partner? Are you guys the flake in the family who they tolerate or are they as engaged as you are? Etc.

          • No my wife is the flake in the family 😉
            I have made sure to open discussion on these subjects with my kids since they could talk. They are now quite conversant with the concepts discussed above. It’s no big deal to them.
            My youngest is now teaching me. When he was 8 he asked me what he called a trick question.
            “What would he easier to build..a human body or a time machine…
            I was stuck till he smiled and said dad, a human body IS a time machine … My synapses crackled and I knew then he was totally on to it.

            • cool. thanks dl. i appreciate you sharing.

              Hey I also noticed that Michael Talbot’s page on wikipedia is nominated for deletion, unless other sources are also referenced in the biographical information about him. In case anyone wants to get onto that.

              now i have been on the holography research trail all evening. you can buy hologram kits online, awesome. Now onto reading about the ‘holographic principle’ .. faskinating as they say 🙂 xxoo

        • LOL here is a book review from goodreads:

          Q: So the Universe is one enormous holograph aye?
          A: Uh-huh.

          Q: Does that mean that all those AmRep Dope, Guns, and F*$@ing in the Streets cassettes aren’t as good as I remember?
          A: No. And I’m not sure how they directly relate to the book.

          So every part of a holograph contains the entirety of the holograph. So if you were to cut it in two, each piece would contain the whole “image.” Suddenly you would have two pictures of a dolphin jumping over a rainbow. Then four! Et cetera!!! This books likens not only the Universe, but the individual human brain to the nature of the holograph. I will now demonstrate by cutting my brain into four segments for your consideration. I’ll just make the first cut…doon doon fwoos ged. Twooos.kflbnvskkkkggggggggg

        • Recent studies of black holes show that they may be the projectors, the mouths of black holes a big holographic lens.

          I keep reading that line.

        • PERFECT. Thank you.

          The center of the galaxy’s super massive black hole as a projector is a beautiful wonderful concept.

          I wonder about then the natire of the miniature black holes that scientists keep trying to force into existence.

    • That Alice Cooper Holograph was at the Dali museum I went to in St. Petersburg, FL.

      Alice is eating a sheshkabob while rotating. Odd choice of subject. LOL.

  4. Am in the Tolerate Dpt. my family find it really difficult to understand how to deal with me. They want to relegate me to the Loony Dept. but I always have an answer that stumps them. Sisters are very challenged by it all, but my parents are relatively accepting.

    My husband has implicit faith in me, but also feels comfortable to question my judgements if he disagrees (rare, ha!) while having no (conscious) idea how I arrive at my thoughts. He keeps it simple and has no deep interest in the questions I have. I know, it’s weird. He’s perfectly my opposite, people don’t get how someone so ‘rational’ and techie and I mesh.

    I try not to overwhelm my 5 year old and his cousins with this stuff (my sister is atheist).
    We meditate on the Source of Life and Love. We do crystal play together. Thank Mother Earth and her animals and plants for giving us life. The kids love this kind of play, they beg me to bring them into my ‘Crystal Room’ to ‘meditate’ and talk about our hopes and feelings together.
    Really only trying to impart respect for nature, love for ourselves and understanding feelings.

    I am only just learning how to navigate the world socially in this context.
    As I work in this area, I usually get asked what I do and people are a bit horrified.

    I always wanted to ask Mystic what reaction she gets from people when she tells them she is an astrologer for a living! MM?

    • It is best to speak in the most general terms about what you do,.i.e., “using alternative healing modalities”. That will stop someone who really is threatened by this whole concept…and will arouse the curiosity of those who aren’t…and if they question you further you can be more specific in your answers…

      • Thanks! Yes, I have been tempted to say I am an Exorcist, but I think I should save that for random strangers I will never meet again.. 😉

        • omg if you said to me you were an exorcist I would totally not let you leave until you told me all the amazing things (if you wanted to. or i’d at least get your number so I could call on you & your skills if i ever needed them 🙂 ).

          I love that your kids spend time with you in your crystal room to ‘be’ and to be with you. that’s sacred… blessed.

          thank you for sharing. i’ve only ever dated muggles but my friends (usually male, almost always saggi or kataka) are the ones who I talk to the most about this sort of thing.

          I don’t actually know ‘what’ you do only that you work in realm of healing/energy and much more. how are people horrified? straight people, so …. straight.

          • Can I pipe up here, Pi, as Andro has done some great work on me?

            Only to say that I think this type of healing /energetic work, is the way of the future – working on the energy body with crystals, sound, light, smell as well as acupuncture, herbs, fengshui etc. Maybe as we all become more holographic…

            The last city I lived in, for some reason I had friends who were healers and psychics, not in my usual art circle and I got to try a few different modalities with good results.

            Speaking of muggles, the Leo was not only a muggle but thought tarot might be evil (hardcore baptist mother) but now he loves to ask it stuff, because I often used to consult to ask if I should leave him, and it always said NO. He says it’s obviously on his side 🙂

            • That’s so funny and sweet . When it really counted he dumped the church and sided with the tarot cause it meant staying with you. I like him.

              • David, he was born same day, same year as Schapelle Corby. Fire snakes,
                Leo sun, Saturn and mercury, Sag moon. Lots of Gemini. He is Scorp rising, just born in the first half hour of that day, so not necessarily same as schapelle’s

                was thinking was there could be similar themes of restriction and pain related to their family in their past. One of my medical intuitive friends did a reading about him very early in the relationship and saw his mother had something like an energetic ‘cage’ around his head which he was completely unaware of in his youth, but caused so much awful anger and damage, and he is actually a very sensitive, funny guy now that he is growing up

                • How did he heal from that energetic cage? Most adults I know are still carrying various cages of childhood. I don’t mean that sarcastically at all. Not sure how that sounds on a blog.

                  • This energy cage thing is pretty interesting – I had a visionary thing happen once where I saw my mother and father and a golden egg like shape formed and then came from around them to be separate and from that golden egg sape I became and then there was a thing with stepping out of it retaining the essence but the strand connecting to them dissolved. I thought then that we are all in some kind of force field (cage wasn’t how mine was shown) but it’s a similar concept. We all get to choose whether to step out of the force field of the energy we were created from at some point. Not sure if that makes sense but my point is that we all have some kind of boundary or field I think. Some people can break out on their own, others have the help of the people they choose to love later on. If it’s a cage scenario love can melt the bars? Cheesyway of saying something far more complex sorry.

                    • No, not cheesy. Yes, forcefield. I like the idea of breaking the bars, but I think that has to happen from the inside. In fact, I am sure it does. Love is there, waiting for that break out to happen. So its not love that does it. What does it is my white whale, can’t figure it out and can’t stop trying

                • 12HV and Anon, yes I reckon families can and do impose energetic ‘cages’ on the individual, eg this intuitive friend of mine saw a measuring rule with a stop on it on at the head, this was another girl when we were experimenting with her vision. I don’t have that type of vision, only in my dreams do I have clairvoyance, but my friend could really read energy anytime as in she would get an itchy uncomfortable sensation feeling from someone’s leg that had an injury there.

                  The Leo’s mother died unexpectedly from medical complications, then his father a couple of months later. I didn’t really get to know her, but she was the kind that would open his mail even though he was 27! I dont think she wanted him to be in a happy normal relationship.
                  He also had ‘friendships’ where they totally took advantage of his loyalty and his money. his boundaries and self esteem were very bad. Plus some anger and violence in the family and when he was growing up. He dealt with this by becoming really hardened, evasive, ungrounded, sometimes really paranoid and scary, not prone to self examination and self sabotaging in career etc.

                  The love thing is totally right, I think. And feeling safe. I demanded very strong boundaries with him, and made him accountable for everything, but he felt comfortable with that and stuck with them, so he must have wanted to do it. His life at that point was like the Tower tarot symbol!! A smoking ruin…

                  Some may wonder why the hell I stuck with it? I certainly did wonder myself.
                  MM in a consult said something like I am more interested in the difficult option with men, I assume as as my mars so tightly conjuct with Uranus Pluto.

                  • I’m glad you mentioned boundaries. That’s exactly what happened with the Pisces. He crossed my boundaries and I realized he didn’t feel safe. He actually said I’d taken his safety. Crazy, cause it just the opposite. But I know the emotional space. And I had to let him know he’s in control of his life, although now he’s sitting in his Mom’s realizing…who knows what. His Mom and sister adore him. Total enablers. Lots of Dad/authority issues with him.

                    I can see energy. I guess I’ve started to ignore it. Like, I can see codependent relationships. Its not a one-on-one thing. How groups of people, little networks, get all muddied up in each other. So, what should be a rainbow turns to mud. There are so many ways energetic forms can be imposed on someone. I try to remind people what color they are, so to speak. But who knows? Maybe my vision is bs. That’s always a possibility. I accept seeing those things doesn’t mean I know something. Its all mysterious to me. Like, what makes someone come out of their cage? I asked the Universe once about safety. Crying, all sad for myself. The Universe said “when the fuck have you ever felt safe?” And I realized I hadn’t. So, funny, I remind myself that I’ve never felt safe so I know that I am 🙂

                    Tricky onion-mirror thing we live in here

                    • Around the time of my 30’s I can remember lying in foetal position on the studio couch, feeling completely afraid and unsafe about money issues. But I never thought someone else could fix that. It took me a long time and (I still have twinges)

                      But no way is it your problem that he didn’t feel safe! That is his journey, and he has got to find it inside him to make it. What makes that happen? As Anon pointed out in the Leo’s case the death of his parents triggered something. In the Pisces case, this situation with you may give him a slap of awareness.

                      It’s difficult too with the enabling women around him.
                      Real love is wanting the person to be whole and standing on their own too feet, don’t you think?

                    • oh to clarify what I meant by love was that knowing and feeling you’re loved – and I mean in a non destructive non-co-dependent way – and the feeling that there is someone you gets you and isn’t going to judge is what can help with the familial or formative ‘cage’ or whatever you call it. So not in a someone else has to bring it and give it to you kind of way – in a some people allow aspects of yourself to emerge that wouldn’t have had they not given the love freely kind of way. Not everyone needs it – but for some it helps and I think it can fast track things.

                      A partnership is a merging of frequencies to create another frequency that can have the effect of empowering a person to access their inner strength in new ways. I think that’s more succinct.

                  • ha! the tower card is one of my favourites – ruled by uranus. It’s the do you jump or are you pushed moment. Either way there’s no staying put. I’ve never looked at it as though it’s about ruins – I get a more electric, jump starting life vibe from it. So from your words and with that card in mind I would probably read it as the death of his parents was his ‘you were pushed’ moment and that you were the jumper leads.

                • @Veronica Replying up here cause of the skinny. I don’t know if its hard or not – the women around him. I suspect its humbling to be back there with nothing. He and I have been communicating via email. Not about the issues, just about stuff, so the connections there. We still have to confront the issues I guess, being mercury retro and alI. I just don’t know how much I have to give to this situation or what exactly will make it work for me. I miss him, but I realize I felt crowded with him here, so that has to be addressed to. Whatever. pfft. Relationships. Or not. 🙂 Love is whole, always whole and no other way. Are you happy with your Leo now? Its sounds like a wonderful story of healing.

                  • Yes we are much happier than I thought we would ever be. It’s been a really long story, as when I first met him we came together briefly and sporadically, then he was in another, really destructive relationship, then his parents died, and throughout that we kept in touch, and I used to dream about him regularly,
                    spanning about 6 yrs. we now have been living together now for 4, and he is lovely, and I can rely on him.
                    Yes, Healing for him, and for me, learning about my own strength, like how you have said elsewhere that you were pleased to know that you have the ability to support a household, has been a big lesson for me

            • that’s cute, about the Leo 🙂

              i’d agree with you I think, re some kinds of healing work. def.

              and at the same time we absolutely need straight up medical science (I’m thinking certain aspects of women’s health, emergency medicine and the rest)
              I still think about a book called Cell-Level Healing, written by a cell biologist researcher who had a NDE (very heavy object landed on her 3rd eye) and woke up in hospital, clairvoyant. With her detailed understanding of cellular function, and a sudden undeniable ‘extra-normal’ ability, she began to work on this path. really cool.

              • I couldn’t argue with that- have had appendix removed, bartholins cyst, removed, also gall bladder, a hydrosalpinx, tonsils, wisdom teeth, so many operations

                Yes, do know a couple of people who was are medical intuitives

                • I am studying a branch of medical astro and your pluto mars uranus thing is interesting re the nature of your operations mars rules surgery and most of those operations are to do with the purging or breaking down of things. Fascinating – do you mind me asking which house you have that cluster in?

                  • They are in Virgo in 12th house. Also thought the Virgo Uranus might make one seek non traditional forms of health maintenance?

                  • Anon, re : love, as ever, your definition covers it exactly

                    Scorpbot said on another thread, I am better with pictures than words in defining things, & me too, the picture of a situation always comes to mind first, then I search to describe, nothing in my 3rd house

                    • i have 4 planets in the 3rd and for me words ARE prictures. My visual diaries are full of words expressed graphically. There is a type of synasthaesia that covers this quirk can’t remmeber what it’s called fingers crosssed re this thread I can’t see any of the words 😉

            • Aw, fanks V, feeling the love. And D is right, yr Leo man made a brave jump into yr world & yr arms, 😉 .

          • Thanks Pi.. it’s my fault naturally to be so plutonic & glib concurrently, to be polite is to ascertain what makes others comfortable. If I do so much as mention a crystal many people panic, like they don’t understand how the conversation got where it did…
            As for exorcism, it just means to make an oath to leave. So nothing too upsetting. But there are great stories on the topic…not mine, but practitioners I know. 😉

    • “Meditate on the Source of Life and Love. We do crystal play together”.

      Something so sublime in that statement that triggered something visual in me. The entire statement was wonderful to read though 🙂

    • Ha!
      Yes. When you are in the “tolerate” dept you know it.
      Am def the flake in my family.
      No question….

    • @12th House V

      I read this ‘Lots of Dad/authority issues’ as lots of dada issues – that I liked the idea of. I haven’t read a lot of what’s been going down with the pisces sitch but the things i have read seem to be about a person who was drawn to your strength but was not used to taking responsibility for themselves and suddenly what they initially loved about you inverted into the other side – what they feared or disliked about you. That’s possibly what he meant by having his security taken from him? He had projected an idea onto you and felt safe and then suddenly the reality for him was that the projection wasn’t founded on the flesh and blood you? Not sure but that’s the vibe I get.

      You expected him to be responsible for his own shit. Most people prefer to project their fears and habitual behaviours onto others. It’s easier to be lazy in that way. I’ve met a lot of lovely well-adjusted pisceans but I have met a lot more who find it really hard to separate themselves from situations – it’s like something happened at the point when babies realise their arms are attached and they are separate from the rest of the environment. For the ones I’ve known it’s tough for them and they tend to make issues that are really about them about everyone/thing they’re surrounded by. Neptune – lord of illusions and altered states.

      Have you taken any photos lately?

      • Sounds about right. He has issues and I have issues with wanting to help people out of their issues. You mentioned Uranus. I am still in shock. But its good. No on the photos. But I have been putting a lot into the house renovation. Did a painting of an elephant the other day. Odd about the photos, used to be an obsession with me. Now I am kind of (for now? for ever?) over it.

        • neptune – just wondered if the pisces replaced the photography for a while. also wondered if the photography could help with the healing xxx

        • tissue/cell salts could possibly help with the feeling of shock – they’re really cheap

          • No, I don’t think it faded because of him at all. Just, it was part of how I processed a Pluto transit, I think, the photos. I don’t know/why. Inspired. Maybe it’ll come back. I don’t worry about creative outlets. I want to write a book now. I was writing, he said it was cool to see me get into a creative focus like that but after the blow out – that is what it was like, a tire blowing out – I haven’t. Its only been a week. I go from this to that and back. I really want to write the story. If I die and haven’t done that yet, I’d be a bit bummed. Salts, yes. Did that the day after – salt soak. Realized I am out of sage, so had the girls “smudge” the house by running about clapping and shouting in all the corners. So sweet. Went to acupuncture today. As soon as the needles went into my back, I felt the pressure release. I’ve had treatments before, but not felt it release as soon as the needle entered like that. Kind of cool.

            Thanks, doll. I feel so seen and supported by you 🙂

            • you’re SO welcome – I’m glad you can feel it in that way because that’s pretty much what it is – good description x

  5. I need an eyepatch to operate as an extra eye. This week has been insane. Saturn square/merc retro arrived in the form of work completely changing our pay cycle with no notice in the convenient gap they left us in post contract. In short, no one gets enough to live on for 6 weeks now. Thankfully I have mildly planned for this ineptitude with 2 interviews on Tuesday. My valentines eve was spent costing flats in other european cities and the day a bomb scare evacuation at work in which I had to tell everyone to stop freaking out because if you want to blow something up you don’t put a small package in a building with a phone call. You hit the tube and the buses with no phone call. Silence.

      • Yes my pro email account having issues need retro and no one has gotten back toe yet. I will send you other contact. Thank you honey

  6. My evolution from miserable, life-hating ‘human doing’ to creatively-aligned, life-loving ‘human being’ is going really well. Just wish the financial side of things would fuqing well catch up.

    My comfort zone was blown up several months ago, and I’m now getting to crisis point. I don’t want to backslide into corporate wage-slavery again after all the good work that’s already been done. 🙁

  7. Have faith in the help you have had to this point in your transformation, it’s not about to desert you at the turning point. This point had to come and at this moment the ground underneath you will seem to disappear. Your at what the Taoists call ‘return’ … Slay the last vestiges of ego, give away your ‘possessions’. Emptiness is a prerequisite for enlightenment. Don’t give up.

    • I Ching coincidence as i have been carrying the coins around for a few days to prepare a throw as it’s the only oracle i have faith left in as seem to be past the Tarot.
      Even then i feel i know what the coins will say before the toss, making it superfluous.
      We shall see…….
      ‘Walking on a Chinese wall, waiting for the coins to fall’.

    • Thank you for these wise words. In my heart I know what to do, even if the chattery ego-fear-voice is trying to lead me astray.

      The superficial decluttering continues, and also on a soul level I am definitely ready to let go of things I wasn’t able to a year ago.

      Breakthroughs, both.

  8. Have not managed a word this week.
    So much for not being tossed away.
    Been struggling with family stuff and feelings this week.
    Flying back on Monday
    Don’t regret staying on tho but do need to find a balance

    • Had to go. My dad wanted me to go and look and these squares of grass he’d bought for the garden. That’s what it’s like here. I almost feel like taking up smoking. I am so not a smoker but staying here would no doubt require some compromise re my health and being “cool” with stuff.
      Don’t worry I’m not about to take up smoking!
      It’s easy to loose sight of how far we’ve come as a family since mom died. We’ve healed so much but obvs we’re still totally dysfunctional and still “us” lol. I’m looking forward to being home again and having some control over what and when I eat, sleep and wash. Quite pleased with how Buddhist like I’ve been re all this. But yeah. Get me on a fuqin plane man!
      Hearing his girlfriend screech at him has ceased to be amusing and just become seriously weird. The alcoholic evenings and weird friends, I won’t miss either.
      Was good to make peace with the beach I used to live above in my Paris Hilton modelling daze. I was really frightened about feelings of regret or whatever, loss it would feel since I used to own so much property there before I got married and divorced.
      I was amazed not to be angry with myself tho. I just felt really peaceful and a lot of love for myself. Didn’t realise that it was possible to actually feel that compassion and also relief. I like my life. Transitional and weird as it is, it’s mine.
      Tomorrow will be a beach day with brother, his wife, niece etc. so looking forward to that. The braai in the evening less so but the flight the next day should be epic.
      Yay London! X

      • Have really enjoyed your posts from SA, BM and the insights/healing you’ve shared here. Safe trip home x

  9. Interesting thread guys!

    Yes, the mind is nuclear powered. Reason why the five additional chakras (12 instead of seven) were hidden as they hold the keys to creation.

    There is a hierarchy but it is in terms of benevolence and nurturing creation. Not all have or had that intent.

    • ~There can be no distortion to that original power for that power is so great~

      Lord Zadkiel

      We have alot of distortion to get outta the way!

      • Once enough is outta the way we will go thru a phase shift on a mass level. It will more than likely not be in this lifetime however. I was given specific time frames by the angels in 1990.

        But hey, never say never, eh?

          • This is traditioanlly what the Christians call The Rapture (and Blondie too .) )

            Course it ain’t comin’ anything like the Christians think it is with Jesus ridin’ at the helm of a cloud…It is energy that will lift humanity up through their kundalini into higher consciousness.

            This power is incredibly dense and beyond description. If it were to come now the earth would shake. For those who truly resist in opening up their hearts “their teeth will grind”..

            Okay I’m done now. Was supposed to be gone when I got my computer back yesterday but been playin.

            And hey, Aqua, The Water Bearer..We must give thanks…Water, energy, the gift of all life. x

  10. Love this post. My kind of post. Woke up in mega love with life like being a joyful mermaid in a great storm. Probably has to do with my Aquarius moon.

  11. I’m digging what david is saying about holographs. I think its very Neptune in Pisces – holographs, true nature of reality and all that. Here’s hoping…

    Full moon on my 5th/11th house axis. I had an excellent Valentines Day with 4 girls ages 7-10 and my Libra best friend. My Aries baby’s cousin slept over. It was unexpected and I am very happy to have rekindled a connection to her. I miss her mother, who passed in 08, dearly and the young one is a testament to her Mother. Amazing. She said she wants to sleep here next weekend too. 🙂

    I got disappointed in my “guru” online. He’s not really my guru, but someone who taught me some techniques and I realized he was being really blind and stubborn and, frankly, negative and when I used reason to point that out to him, he deleted the whole thread.

    Trying to do haute Jupiter, to understand. My Jupiter is retro, 6th house, conjunct Ceres and Juno. I can’t have a guru except the one in me. And I can’t heal someone else, as much as I would like to see that. All healing is self healing. Humbling work.

    • BTW – Rache recommended Cafe de Flore. It should be mandatory watching for all love zombies. I just finished it and am kind of freaked out by how much it resembles how things went down with me and the Sag. I couldn’t let him go and I had to know why and it was because I was the bad guy, even if I was the good one here. Total 12th-house-ness

  12. Coincidentally I just bought the Dali Tarot yesterday! Old 80s version. Hope I can read with it!

    • I’ve wanted that deck so bad for years now, it’s beautiful. Almost got it at the Dali museum in Girona but I wanted a vintage one. Now I’m conflicted because people say it can be a bad idea to purchase used cards? I am no tarot expert so I dunno. Enjoy your purchase. 😀

    • snap! I hate people when they’re not polite… has been making me smile since it appeared.

  13. I’m having the most textbook Mercury RX I have ever had. From an electrical storm fried sick MacBook, ex hauntings, ridiculous miscommunications, missed connections and malfunctioning electronics. I often get away with being less troubled by it (born during a Merc Rx and no Mercurial motifs in my chart) so maybe it’s just my turn. OR it’s Mars RX shadow looming, hells teeth.

    Anyway, quite like to not be solid matter right now and just dissolve into the atmosphere for a few months.

    • Charley, it’s the weather you are having! Enough to short-circuit everything!
      Hang loose til Spring, honey.

      • Pegs you are SO right. This weather is just exhausting and scary, I’m on the frontline where I am too.

  14. This is not a conversation. An observation. On a Sunday morn in downtown Adders aka Delayed or called Adelaide on the map.

    Have been watching-listening to singer Raphael Sadiq this morn (you-tube) and discovered Joss Stone. (Aries & vegetarian since birth).
    Compare her singing in a singlet & low slung jeans, flat shoes to Miley’s new Bangerz tour outfit.
    Of course have heard of Joss Stone but had NO IDEA how good she was.
    Can i also compare Bruce Springsteen’s performance to say Kayne West???
    Jeez i love my musicians in jeans.
    Just heard Beyonce’s ‘Drunk in Love’…..huh? Has she lost her voice?

  15. This thread is fascinating.

    When my son was 5 and in kindergarten (first year of school) the teacher asked the class to draw something that every person had one of. He drew a squiggly outline of a person. When she asked what it was he answered :a soul”. No child had ever done that in her class.
    He and I discuss all sorts of “realities”. I especially like the one that we are actually all dead on Earth and in death we have to work out all sorts of things so we can enjoy the times when we are truly alive and not bogged down with working, cleaning, cooking, sleeping, travelling and on and on…

  16. “this is more like blowing up the comfort zone so that there has to be some sort forward momentum.” yeah baby
    This new job is blowing every boundary imaginable and I don’t start till tomorrow.
    keeping so calm and getting on with many hours of unpaid prep time to make sure everything is in place for my first day in the classroom for 9 years. Jeez
    Hair done
    Style chosen
    Attitude – zen
    Bag packed
    Contingencies in place
    off I go on a new adventure after 6 years of a comfort zone
    start the engines

  17. Uranus is in the house – literally and so welcome. It’s about time the stagnant thing shifted + suddenly it’s like the breakthrough card in the osho tarot.

  18. Hey guys, really loving the space and comments here. On a completely unrelated note, someone once posted a link to a website that sells natural herbal concoctions with everything from toothpaste or some kind of tooth balm to shampoo and moisturisers.

    It’s an America couple, very sixties look and vibe to it. Does anyone know which site I’m referring to?

  19. On a more related note, had the most surreal, yet clear trippy dreams last night. So much so that every time I felt myself waking up, I actually pulled myself back into dreaming so I could remember all the info that felt ‘given’ to me. Really need a journal close by to scrawl msgs I get in dreams.

    They were way too fuzzy to recall by the time waking consciousness finally closed in on me. It was so weird though. All I know is that I was given ideas for a new biz venture that would work. So unexpected but so needed right now.

    Finally ready to reclaim my life, outgrow love zombism residue from last breakup, and actually act, not just plan around the fact that I can’t live the corporate 9-5 life or pretend to escape that by working menial casual jobs.

    Thanks to everyone for the minimalist links and the Fastlane millionaire recommendation. This is my new, well and truly zapped in every aspect of life direction.

  20. Speaking of starting a conversation I can’t finish, while Mercury Rx is aspecting my 8th house Aqua Moon: Grey-Romanticism.

    They have words for this. I’m speechless.

  21. Trash talking! Talking smack!

    You’re saying a lot
    but you’re not saying anything
    When I have nothing to say
    my lips are sealed
    Say something once
    why say it again??

    I hate people when they’re not *aligned* — I know the word’s polite, but it’s always sounded like aligned to me so that’s the way I sing it. Also, “alike”: I hate people when they’re not alike. Listen. It works.

      • Naw gorgeous, I’m cool 😉 Just a lil Mars transit in my 7th soundtrack.

        It’s flippy floppy, ZZ Uranus Pluto ZZ time! No sooky goo goo. We ain’t got time for that now.

        • It can be fun to trash talk between friends, don’t you think? Stimulating? Hot.. ?

          Not that we have time for that now. Because we don’t. xx

          • o hai 🙂

            soz was in middle of unannounced cleaning binge

            Sah-priiiiize, bedroom carpet! Betcha never thought you’d be seeing me again eh

            I love scorps.

            I ALSO love trash talking.

            time n place for everything. mmmmars thru 7th, sounds tricky m’lady xox

    • TALKING HEADS! Thaaats where its from, I kept reading the title of this post and getting all upset, I just couldn’t remember where I had heard that from